thoughts on the ballet…

Andrea had two tickets to the Colorado Ballet and her date bailed on her for a better time.
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I do not know how that could be…she’s the best time ever and it’s THE BALLET. Here are my thoughts in my favorite format.

    1. It’s been way too long since I have been to the ballet and I need to go all the time. #weeklyballetsessions
    2. little girls are not the only ones that dream of wearing long flowing tulle…#bigdreams #keepdreamin’
    3. I am possibly too sarcastic to be an appropriate date to take somewhere nice. #whywecanthavenicethings
    4. I freely admit I don’t always get art. 
    5. The beginning was my favorite. It was very traditional. #oldschool
    6. The ending was my favorite. It felt like a grown up Peter Pan and Tinker Bell event. Scarier but amazing.
      Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, dancing, night and shoes  photo source
    7. The middle was…odd. I got nothin’. #kindaweird 
    8. Andrea loved the middle. I don’t know why we’re friends. #oppositesattract #iloveher
    9. I am apparently very shallow and am swayed by pretty costumes.
    10. They had like…four intermissions. I got more exercise in that evening than I’ve had in the last month and that includes church. #Episcopalproblems
    11. Watching the ballerinas get lifted they seem to be lighter than air ~ it’s breathtaking…
    12. People watching is probably the best part and I love to look at everyone all sparkly. #alltheprettydresses
    13. Moonlight winning the Oscar after the La La Land was announced…really incredible ending. Incredible. So happy for Moonlight. I can’t wait to see it. #surpriseendings #oscarbuzz

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Run on….

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We need to be better behaved…

This is a really painful time for us here in America. Friends and families are finding themselves at odds with each other in a much more painful way than they ever have before. The words “Democrat” and “Republican” have become fighting words and “Liberal” and “Conservative” have been turned into ugly little words like “Libtard” and “Trump lover” and of course…much uglier verbiage.

As I’ve said before, I found myself in this very kind of situation as not only a few family members voted a different direction than I did but friends…close friends. I just did a cursory count and well over 25% of my friends list voted for Donald Trump.

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Sean tried to reassure me that statistically that is not bad and I agree in principle but I still find it alarming because I really want all my friends to make  choices that show we are unified in caring about all people everywhere and equal rights for everyone.  It kind of wears my heart down. Truth be told there’s probably about 20 people on that list that are obligatory.  There’s a good ten that I really feel the pain on and I am completely conflicted about the wisdom and the hearts of the people who would put this man in the office and agree with his philosophy on…well…everything.

I am encouraged by the news that so many Republicans are struggling with their decision as they watch the unfolding every day. I am discouraged, however, and that’s a huge scary understatement by the news that people are randomly shooting other people because they don’t think they belong in this country. I have to be honest here, if there’s someone I don’t want in this country it’s gonna be the guy shooting innocent people just sitting around having a beer with friends.

I’m not interested in mocking their votes.

I’m not interested in calling anyone names, including the president.

What do I care if he’s orange. Although that photo of him hugging the flag…he looks completely looney in that photo. If I were him, I would veto that picture. (in my house everyone has veto rights on photos. This right has bitten my ass as they have become adults because now they won’t even let me take their picture OR they veto them all and now I have none…they don’t appreciate me enough). There, that was my aside. Done making fun of that. Sorry for the aside there.

It’s not helpful for anyone who is trying to make a strong point against the Trump administration to do it with hate or violence. This doesn’t help the cause and I’m not joining that fight for sure.

I just want to feel confident someone reasonable and sane is at the helm. I definitely do not feel that way now and I don’t think we should be led by a “me me me…me first” agenda and the 1% multitudes.
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I feel like that seems to be the factor in this presidency and the people that seem to really be strongly following him. It’s all about them. Where is the common thread of “kindness matters”. Could we get a little kindness please? That would be great…
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This article is a terrifying reality right now. Great read…

Bannon vows a daily fight for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state

You should follow Cely’s blog because she is an educated voice on all these matters and also she’s hilarious.

I had my doctor’s appt and I was not cleared to run. I am brutally honest with my doctors and I totally confessed that I had a rough day a few days ago. This caused me some bleeding and pain that neither of us thought was great or really very normal. Exam came out normal with a few very minor glitches so she said…nope. You have to wait.


She’s so great I don’t even care. I mean, walking is ridiculously boring but I am listening to podcasts and books so I am trudging through it and these weeks will fly I’m sure of it.

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She showed me the pictures again and now that I’m not in a narcotic induced stupor they are even more shocking. It’s impressive to me that my surgeon is shocked. She asked me if I feel much better and if my clothes fit again. I told her about how I don’t have cankles anymore. How every part of me was swollen and hurt and she said, “it was cutting off your blood supply. It was HUGE”.

It made so much more sense then. That explained everything.
She said she was so glad I made the decision to have the surgery, it was the exact right decision.


So on that note, let’s celebrate walking. (this is me being excited about walking)
her walk is like a shot of whiskey. Neat and Strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch. - JmStorm.:
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we’ve lost the ability to talk to each other.

I enjoy a good phone conversation. Years ago, long before the age of the cell phone ~yes, that’s how old I am~ I would spend my days taking care of my kids and doing the unthinkable. I would talk on the phone to my friends while raising them. I KNOW. I was not a Pinterest mom. I did terrible things. I would talk to my friends about what this kid was doing and that kid was doing. Our hopes and dreams and what color we want to paint the bedroom and damn if only we had enough money to take all the kids to the zoo. We talked and laughed our collective asses off.
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Those phone calls were just the absolute best times. My kids would interrupt incessantly and we let them. We would attempt to give them the old “don’t interrupt when I’m on the phone” line but really it was safer to take the interruption. Lord knows what was being set on fire and frankly it always spiced up the call anyway. They had a lot to say and it was usually funny. All these years later and they still do it, it drives my mother crazy but damn if they aren’t still funny.

Then the cell phone was invented and with that electronic device came social consequences. I believe most of them are positive but some are negative and like the lost art of cursive writing we have lost the art of speaking to each other. I have read too many blog posts, tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook statuses about people who proudly proclaim they don’t answer their phone and don’t answer their voice mail, they prefer to only communicate through text.
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I love text. I use it far more than the average person because I have it on my computer so I type text and according to “Mighty Text” I’m a “super user”. I mean, that is impressive.  Quick messages, conversations with someone who is in a meeting, at work, trying to be discreet, pick something up while your out, text is great. Even at lunch or dinner, as long as it doesn’t take up your whole meeting then an occasional text is great. It’s my second favorite way to communicate, but you can’t really delve very deep into a relationship via text.  This is so wrong on most intimate levels of conversation. Text can be misunderstood, misread, auto-corrected, and misspelled. A good conversation creates a bond, you hear inflections…you can tell sadness and joy, interest and distraction. When someone is done, you know they’re done. You don’t wonder at the last text…are they gone? Did they walk away? Are we done talking? How long should I hang out before I can drive somewhere because I don’t text and drive and sure as I get in the car that damn text will go off. Text conversations can take hours….a conversation can take ten minutes. The telephone leaves no doubt when you are done. My grandmother used to just cut you off mid-sentence with the quiet exclamation that it was time to go and goodbye. It was disconcerting and I never got used to it but it always made me laugh when I hung up.
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I’m so grateful my boys are telephone users. Shaughnessy prefers text and email, its the writer in her, I’m sure, or she takes after her dad which is absolutely possible. I’m mad for that guy but he’s the worst on the phone. It’s just really important to not lose all sense of closeness and connection so I enjoy all those little phone conversations I get. That moment on the phone is that one moment with that one person. They have my undivided attention. I’m talking just to them. I’m focused on that conversation and it’s all I want at that moment. It’s really gold. What a gift.
#callmemaybe #textme #cursiveforever

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Customer service really is everything…

  • If only every business realized that. Some businesses have decided they just don’t need to care. They can do what they want and you have to give your money because they control the situation. Why don’t these businesses have any kind of accountability?
  • Montana got a bill in VA for the Expresstoll for his truck and the process of paying it has been the most painful experience ever. First…he never GOT the first bill so the second bill immediately doubled and was sent to a kind of ~collection before collections~ which of course freaks people that care out. He’s frustrated so I tried to take it and they wouldn’t talk to me because “you don’t have the information, he needs to give you authorization” which is easy to do considering it took me an hour to get on the phone with them and finally I gave it to Sean who did a beautiful impersonation of MT and they cheerfully agreed to take his money (six phone calls later) and now we’ve been on hold for like…twenty minutes. Sean is missing his morning meeting and we’re like…we’re going to die here on the phone waiting for expresstoll. God help me.
    james corden irony apple keynote keynote 2016 tim cook
  • Thinking about escaping for the weekend has become…we just don’t know where to go or when or how and it’s all just too much so maybe later. We have SO much going on and there is just nowhere to go right now. Maybe later… ? Priorities I guess.
  • I got sunburned the other day on my walk and yesterday when I walked Malachi there was a girl sunbathing in the 76* weather at the park. It was so beautiful. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 42* and by Friday…30*.
    We are confused.
    bored,britney spears
  • I’m typing in my little sunspot. I really really didn’t feel good yesterday, hence the short two mile walk. I feel better today but I’m going to try and get some of those little things done that have been on my list that have been hangin’ out for awhile. I ran a million little errands yesterday. Feelin’ the superhero blood pumpin’…
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  • February is almost over and that means Valentine’s month is almost over. I know you guys thought I was over it but no.
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  • Favorite line of the day, “I got the fuzzy end of that lollipop”.~ Josh from The West Wing.
  • One of the things people struggle with the most is following through on projects. I was thinking about this for my business post today and it really rings true for so many people. We have big dreams to get stuff done and the list grows and grows until we become overwhelmed and nothing ever gets done. I’m not that person. I’m really really good at follow through. I finish projects. I just have to make sure it’s on the list and the tasks get crossed off as they get done. Then I do them. I’m a little off my game right now so today I’m going to rewrite, re-prioritize, and start again so I can gain control.
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quotes about walking | Zen quotes, If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do ...:

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Can I have your life? Or just a a little piece of it.

  • This is a phrase I use a lot because I love to see happy people. This doesn’t mean I really want your life. Mine is pretty good and I’m happy with it. My friend travels a lot on a whim…picks up and takes off with her family on a road trip…::drool::. I love that. Or maybe flits off for a weekend somewhere fabulous…I’m jealous. I though..I have a dog. A high maintenance dog.  She has a dog but her husband stays home. Dammit. MY husband wants to GO. So rude.  There’s no saving me, it’s okay. I cannot do what she does. So I ask her all the time if I can have her life. Her family is big and fun and lovely and loving and and beautifully happy. It’s not perfect and she responds often…”you don’t want my life”.
    Nobody has a perfect life and if we could grab bits and pieces of everyone’s wouldn’t that be lovely?  I have another friend that flits off to the Turks and Caicos Islands every year. EVERY YEAR.
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    Rough life. I went to New York a year and a half ago for a weekend with my husband. That was my last vacation.  We have a dog…didn’t I mention that? 😉
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    Everyone has a little joy… I live vicariously through everyone…plus…I really really like my husband. And that’s no small thing. I do not take that for granted. Also…he doesn’t read my blog because he’s super busy these days so now I can talk about him all the time and he won’t know it.

  • After I lost my little charm  I decided to head out yesterday and walk my five miles again on the off chance I find it. Two things happened. The first thing was this: I came across a gentleman in my neighborhood whose car had broken down and apparently his heart also. He stopped me to tell me his plight (dead fuel pump) and also the story of his life. An hour and a half later I was on my way again. He did not give me the creeps, he was polite flirt but not creepy flirt.  He seemed more like someone who didn’t have anyone to talk to and boy did he talk fast. After I successfully managed to get his completely lost cousin to the neighborhood (gps anyone?) to rescue him I was on my way and check it out…I found my charm!!  Yep. Found it. Good karma right there. Success.
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    I would like to point out that my two boys had this to say about my encounter with the guy with the broken down vehicle.
    My younger son mistook what I was saying in my description and thought I was picking on the guy…which I was not. He said, “don’t pick on the sad guy!”.

    Rest assured…I would never

    My older son said, “You are a very nice person”.  While that may be true, I liked that neither of them made fun of me and neither of them made fun of him. Good kids all around. 

  • My dad would be proud. I took a Facebook test on Bible hymns that said if I guessed 10 out of 15 hymns right I was a true Southern Baptist. Sadly…I got all 15 straight up right. I am definitely not a Southern Baptist nor do I want to be. I dead on knew ten of them easy and the other five I should be a detective (my alter ego) because I deduced them. I don’t know why they don’t just give me a college degree. I’M JUST THAT SMART.
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    Sean said it was a broken test…definitely not scientific at all. pfft. What does he know. THAT WAS SCIENCE.
  • MT is coming home for a short visit in March and Sean and I get to escape for a weekend while he’s here. I know you’re thinking … what? Why would you leave while MT is THERE? Because HE can watch the ANIMALS! We’re geniuses. Also…I seriously haven’t been away with my stressed out husband in I don’t know how long so…we need a break. Now I need to figure out where to go for a long weekend. The world is my oyster and I have three days including travel days. No pressure.
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  • I watched an interview with Angelina Jolie from yesterday and had no time to escape the screen when they showed her and the children cheerfully eating scorpion and tarantula. #nightmaresfordays #lifeincambodia I straight up have to remind myself if I want to see the world there will be things that will totally terrify my delicate self. And when I say delicate self I mean that right there would put me in therapy. #notjoking #callingnow #Icouldskipcambodia
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    (side note. If you google oh hell no gifs you will get gifs of giant spiders. sigh…lessons learned)
  • I‘m going to switch up my walk today…if I keep walking the same direction my neighbors will think I’m stalking them. And I’m obviously still tired since I napped immediately after walking yesterday and I’m so tired I sleep in every morning. I’m tired. This girl is tired. Healing though…that’s a good thing.
    In my attempt to find a good, strong, thought-provoking quote about walking (so many to choose from…I couldn’t decide) I came across this one and really…this was the one.
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    Run…or walk…on…


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Monday morning…isn’t that a song??

  1. Image result for can't find it gif
    Mondays are okay…they’re just as good as Tuesdays… 🙂
  2. Photographer captures the mysterious life of cats through black and white photos
  3. I am continuing to be encouraged by the media who seem to be fighting back against the President and his crazy ass administration as his insanity becomes more apparent to the world. Including Sweden.
  4. I watched Cristela Alonzo on Netflix yesterday and almost died laughing. Good Lord that was entertaining… Those are the moments I’m grateful for Netflix. She was hilarious.
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  5. I got over a hundred likes on my business Facebook and I’m pretty excited. I then posted a really unprofessional post saying, “SHUT UP! Look at how many likes!” LOL. I’m sure my daughter was like…geez Mom. Professional much? Here’s the thing. I knew what I was doing. I can be as professional as the next person but if someone hires me they will get the ~unadulterated excited boundless energetic let’s tackle your project and get it done~ me. Did I mention I have a lot of energy and I like to organize? Yeah, I actually have to reign it in around people.
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  6. I lost something (yeah, this part isn’t good, we aren’t counting this). Nothing expensive or exciting, just a little charm. It’s not replaceable. It’s not exciting to anyone but me. It was just something I picked up years ago and I really loved it. I’m pretty sad. You know, we lose things, over the years, and it’s natural. Right? It just happens. But every once in a while we lose something that just really is special and you think…damn. That one stung. Okay. I mean in the grand scheme I’ve lost worse. I lost my wedding band. Still don’t have THAT replaced… (he won’t buy me anything else. He says I keep losing them. Not my fault my fingers are skinny.
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  7. So yeah…I walked five miles yesterday. I wasn’t feeling great Saturday (mostly tired) but Sunday I felt okay so I walked five miles in the crazy ass wind while on the phone with my youngest Marine. He really hung in there because it’s HARD to talk to people when they’re walking in windy weather. Anyway, today I’m going to do the same thing (maybe I’ll come across my missing charm..probably not…it’s okay) but it’s worth a shot and I will get my exercise at the same time.

Working on by myself, for myself. Motivational quotes about positive thinking, happiness, grateful, work and love. Tap to check out more! - @mobile9:
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Energy gets stuff done…though it comes across as crazy…occasionally.

  • My dog spent the last month and a half blowing his coat and now looks all fit and trim. Anyone that saw him over the winter would comment on those “extra pounds” he’s picked up over the years and how he’s an older dog now. We would defend him and say he’s the same weight (though yes, he is older) and they would look at us like we’re delusional owners. I’m so grateful he’s nearly done with the fur. #somuchfur
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  • Sean doesn’t sleep well so he wakes up at like…4am. Quietly gets out of bed and creeps into his office so as not to wake me. I ask him if he’s feeling okay (because I’m awake) and then I go back to sleep for a little while. He stays in his office quietly reading and working in the silence of the morning and I wake up…throw my pillow on the floor and moan about my head a bit. He comes in and says good morning. I tell him good morning and say I hate the pillow. I hate this pillow. That pillow…this pillow over here and really ALLTHEPILLOWS. He says he thinks that’s HIS pillow. Oh. Okay. Well…where’s MY pillow. I think I need a new one. We come downstairs, meds, pets, food for pets, etc. A few minutes later I quietly say I’m really sorry his quiet lovely morning is disturbed by his highly energetic wife who wakes up to ALL THE PILLOWS. He just laughed. #truelove
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  • Today is #randomactsofkindnessday. So do that. In my opinion we need to be doing this every single day. Being kind is vital to our humanity. #Reciprocity.
    gif relatable be kind my-teen-quote
  • There’s a story making the rounds on Facebook the Associated Press found a memo that #45 is considering activating the National Guard to round up undocumented immigrants. The follow up story says this is false so the jury is out. Nevertheless this is alarming. My husband was National Guard, this is how we started our family. The National Guard is an honorable and critical part of our military family. According to the story the White House is adamantly saying this is not true so we can only hope because I foresee a civil war if it is. I cannot see people standing for this at all. The marching will definitely become giant fierce screaming protests of anger. We will not cower in fear. This is anger. This is fierce powerful anger happening here, People. We are not going to cower no matter what nonsense you dream up. And we aren’t going to be fooled by the bait and switch. We’re always watching. Geez. It’s like a two year old is in the White House and we have to constantly have eyes on him…#shepersisted
  • Aliontherun writes a blog and has a podcast and her Valentine’s blog talked about Cely’s blog AND it talked about the things she’s loving right now and one of them is this:  Keeping a daily list of “3 Things I Did Well Today”Frankly this is another kind of gratitude list (thank you Oprah…possibly before your time) but still, I like her style. She talks about how she almost got the dishwasher loaded! Yay! So…yeah…been THERE. Yesterday I did not get my walk in. However I DID get the following things done:
    Ace Hardware
    Vet clinic
    Grocery Store
    Vitamin Store
    Paid three bills I’ve been stalling on
    MT’s plane ticket (kill me now)
    laundry(to be fair, I still have to fold it)
    blog (of course)
    business (ThinkClear…)
    Gift card and thank you to a friend
    AND…I talked to my mom…wait. That was the day before. Scratch that. No…I did text her so I get partial credit.
    and finally I spend several hours on the computer trying to find somewhere to stay in Evergreen when my kid gets married. sigh. That’s turning out to be harder than I expected.
    Image result for I'm awesome gif
  • Today, I’m walking. It’s a beautiful day and we have a crazy ass president so I’m going to try and walk it off. Do your best to protect those who need protection.
  • Read a book. That is on my list today.
    Here is my TIP OF THE DAY….
    Posters and Charts | Rebel Dietitian:
    Run on… and be kind…

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I am DONE…

….talking about Valentine’s Day!

I know how happy Ya’ll are about that.

  • I got more than the average ~recovering from surgery so I’m a complete sloth~  amount done today. That’s not saying much but I’ll take it. I managed to get some business done. I got my blog done (hi Guys!). Sean and I got a TON of recycling cut up and stacked for recycling day tomorrow. I made dinner. Yay me.  I finished a few over the phone “errands” and I did a ton of reading …nothing fun. All political. The need to stay informed is sucking the joy from my life. I also talked to MT and that is keeping the joy in my life. One must have balance.
    Image result for zen gif
  • I walked the dog and since he is slower than…well I have no comparison. He’s really slow. We walk two miles and it’s slightly excruciating. So I came home and dropped him off and went back out and walked another 3.5 miles sans the dog. It feels SO GOOD to get moving.
  • I have an acquaintance who felt the need to lose a little weight to run. Let’s say this, if she needed to lose weight, my gosh it’s shocking I ever was allowed to buy running shoes. Ever. But she followed a very clean diet (something I mostly do ::sheepish look) and she works out and strength trains a LOT and her results are nothing to sneeze at. Damn. Here’s the gist. I have been sick for more than a year. A YEAR. I missed a year of my life. I fought for six months+ just to get someone to listen to me (kind of wrong after the whole fighting for the Celiac thing) and then I had to wait for the surgery for 6 months. It feels validating to know I wasn’t making it up in my mind and also to know I already feel so much better since the surgery. So if I can work hard and feel good I might be able to get back to feeling strong again.  I miss it. That’s my goal.  So I’m sad that I missed that time but I’m beyond grateful it wasn’t longer and I feel so much better already.
    Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Victoria's Body Shoppe Favorite daily-motivation-fitness-success-Quotes #motivationquotes:
  • So I wrote that last night, right? This morning I was doing my ~how am I feeling this morning~ inspection. And check this out… I don’t have cankles anymore. I know I know…weird right? No joke I had the fattest freaking ankles EVER and I just figured I had gained SO MUCH WEIGHT I couldn’t even control it anymore. This morning I thought…”hey ankle…I missed you. There you are”. And on Valentine’s Day I was wearing my mother’s wedding band. I wear it on my ring finger because I don’t have my own so I swap out lots of different rings. Anyway, it’s a really wide band and it fits me really well. Some days it’s been tight. I haven’t worn it in forever because it fits justright so it can feel a tad uncomfortable at moments. Yeah…the sucker flew right off my hand. Twice. I took it off and put it away. God forbid losing THAT (and thus you have the reason I don’t have my own band).
    Image result for stop judging me gif
  • Is anyone else completely overwhelmed with all the politics and what issue to I stand up and scream about today? Because I need to know what’s most important. Seems to me it’s the immigration issue today but I also want to make sure it’s not a smokescreen while they slide something under the damn radar. Meanwhile…I really hope the immigration walk out is a raging success and people can’t get what they need because hello…this country is run by immigrants.
    Image result for i don't appreciate your tone gif
  • I think the United States Marines and the Airlines are in cahoots because MT asked for 10 days leave for March since he’s not in school until April and he’s just sitting around. He asked for this right after he got back in January. They’ve been sitting on it forever and it just got approved today. TODAY. Now that plane tickets are $700. I could fly to Paris for $700. Ridiculous.
    Image result for i don't appreciate your tone gif
    ~ ~~~~

Image result for I do not appreciate that gif
That’s totally wrong. Everyone appreciates my sarcasm. Except my sister. They don’t do sarcasm in her house. bahahahhahaa. Whatever. 

It’s a REALLY beautiful day and I am off to enjoy the sunshine. 70*!!!!

Note to self: None of us are getting out of here alive... Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you're carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There's no time for anything else. Positive quotes & sayings #inspiration:

I have officially done ALL of these things…to the mild irritation of my husband…hahhaa. Sorry Babe.

Run on….and have a beautiful day!

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The day after Valentine’s day- Redemption…did you forget?

  • Because I have had many many day when things don’t go like the movies (and why the hell not, I ask sarcastically), I offer you redemption days. Like birthdays… you have the whole rest of the week to redeem yourself because I’m certain some of you have not done well this week. And really, yes, you have all year to step up and tell your significant others how much you love them (the main argument against Valentine’s Day ::eyeroll:: Becuase you’re all so awesome about THAT) but who really does that? I mean..really?  So don’t be a schmuck and do it. Step up and take ONE DAY and spend a little extra time or money or both and make sure your “other” knows you think he or she is spectacular. If you screwed this up…the rest of the week is your make up work. It’s for those people who didn’t do well on the test. 
  •  Sean struggles with this day. Who knew? Did I mention he’s cute?

    I mean…it’s MY FAVORITE DAY. I freaking decorate for this day. Tastefully..don’t worry. I write about it. I talk about it. And still come Valentine’s Day…he’s surprised. “Um…you got me a card?”  Um…yes. I always get you a card. I always do something. It’s that day. Geez Dude. I had to go run some errands and while I was gone…THEN he went to the store breaking every rule I’ve ever told him (okay, not every rule). NEVER go to the grocery store the evening of Valentine’s Day and get me grocery store flowers and a lame card because by then nothing is left and it’s clearly last minute and duh…you know I know you forgot me. I’d WAY rather you give me a sticky note that says something really nice on it. Well he felt bad and while I was gone he went to the store and got me grocery store flowers and a lame card. And I mean…I harassed him. The card says “you’re the best!”. thank you? He also got me Starburst jelly beans which may or may not have been produced in a factory that cross contaminates with wheat. Juries across the board on the internet are out on that one but mostly seem good so I’m eating them. It’s a very low risk but I wanted them. He said he weighed his options and figured he’d be in less trouble if he went to the store on Valentine’s evening than if he did nothing. I’ll be honest and say that was a bigger risk than the jelly beans. But it was cute and I forgive. Mostly because I liked him anyway.
  • On a side note…I told him WEEKS ago he was buying me something and he was off the hook…

    Her name is “Heavy Heart” and the sculptor is Lorri Acott. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. It totally sums up what I’m feeling right now in the midst of this political crisis. Just heavy hearted. I have her on a shelf sitting next to my dad’s picture though…so that’s appropriate, too. She fills lots of spaces in my life. But she’s pretty so that’s okay. She needs a name. Another buyer referred to  their sculpture as a “him” and I thought…oh yeah. theirs does look kind of like a him but mine…she’s definitely a girl. Lorri included the following information…“The long legs and the big feet symbolize one’s ability to rise above life’s challenges. The cracks seen on the surface refer to the fragility within each one of us. The experience of being human sometimes includes carrying around a heavy heart.” Lorri donated part of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood and that’s when I figured there is seriously no good reason to deprive myself.
    It was kind of expensive and he was off the hook (in other words…just a card was fine, acknowledge me… and he’d be good. Dollars to donuts he forgot. I haven’t reminded him. LOL. If he read my blog he’d know this. hahahaa.
    evil laugh
  • I do not like the flavor “watermelon”. I do enjoy the fruit…watermelon. But the flavor…not my favorite. Problem of the day…when all of your jelly beans are red but one flavor isn’t your favorite…how to pick that flavor out so you don’t eat it…it’s a struggle for sure.
    Image result for my life is hard for sure. gif
    I really don’t. Just the watermelon jelly beans
  • You know when you’re driving down the road and your water bottle hits the floor just out of reach and rolls all over the car whacking itself against the different sides slowly driving you insane and each time it wacks you think…I have GOT to remember to get that water bottle and then when you stop you forget to get the water bottle until the next time you are driving and you turn a corner and WHACK the damn water bottle goes again…
    Image result for it's driving me crazy gif
  • Valentine for my knitting friends out there…
  • I had lunch with Miss Andrea yesterday and four hours later she tipped the waiter a little extra for refilling our drinks so many times and for being so nice as we sat there for so long. At least this time we were in the restaurant. One time we had lunch and then sat in her car for six hours. Nope…not kidding. We are ridiculous. We talk about husbands, Valentine’s Day (she makes meatloaf with a heart in ketchup on it…bleah, I legitimately have never had this … unless my mom made it and I blocked it out), kids, politics, books, traveling, running, your hair is so cute, you get the gist. What we all talk about.
    Image result for girl talk gif
    our version of this is…how many pair of black loafers do you OWN, Andrea?
  • It’s a gorgeous day today so I’m going to walk the dog and then walk myself and then run my really REALLY exciting errands. You know you’re jealous. YOU KNOW you are.
    Image result for walking workout quote
    Run on…


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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! <3

  • This is my favorite holiday ever because even though the whole world seems to think you have expectations and rules…diamonds, flowers, chocolates and dinner out….I think it’s the perfect day to just tell people in your life you love them. Even if it’s just on a sticky note. People like to hear you love them. No Strings Attached. Be a doll…spread the love.
    Image result for love smiley
  • Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a big event. It just has to be a day where we appreciate each other. Be nice to one another. Tell a stranger to have a great day. And if you’re having a rough day, know that I definitely appreciate you and you should email me. We’ll have ridiculous chats because I do not make a lot of sense most of the time.
    Image result for I love you gif
  • This morning Sean hung out with me for a bit longer. Was it because of Valentine’s Day? I think not. I think it was because he really didn’t want to go to work. Then he made me laugh so hard I pulled something on my left side. No joke, my left side hurts like the dickens. I love him ridiculously 98% of the time. That is a hard score right there. And I am confident he loves me 65% of the time. I’m a little harder to live with. I have a lot of energy…I talk louder, faster, more excited…he is overwhelmed frequently by my mere presence and he’s just like…sheesh. I’m going back to my office. What the hell was I thinking with her?  Then he remembers I’m charming and delightful.
    Image result for I love her gif
    pretty sure this is how he feels about me. Yep.
  • I was in a bit of pain last night… stomach  muscles really sore. Sean and I ended up having a conversation about how we both just really keep forgetting this was a major surgery and mine was even more major than usual so…duh. A week and a half out I’m bound to be a little sore. Also, I have a lot of energy and I totally overdo it so I need to be really careful to watch my own exercise limits.
    Image result for overdo gif
  • I LOVE The West Wing so much and randomly came across this GIF which sums up my feelings that are happening right now…what a coincidence.
    Image result for I'm a maniac gif
  • I had a Botox appt yesterday. For anyone that doesn’t remember or just doesn’t know, I get Botox shots for my migraines, not to keep me adorable. They put 30+ shots all over my head and it’s rather excruciating. I’m apparently a wuss. I’m sure some people don’t think so but shots right where my migraines are is like…damn. No. My doctor says I’m not that bad but I feel bad because I am his only patient that has nearly thrown up and also passed out. So…yeah. It hurts. But hey…give me major surgery and I don’t even take pain pills. Random.
    Image result for pain gif
    Yesterday he offered to give me a valium next time but I’d have to have a driver. I can deal with ten minutes of pain. And he said some of his other patients yell and scream and curse at him so hey…I’m not doing too bad. But wow…when he gets ready to inject at this one point where I get the worst migraine pain I burst into tears at the thought of how much it would hurt. He’s very patient with me.
  • My friend Monica Sue, is one of the lucky people (sarcasm…or not) evacuated in Northern California due to the Oroville Dam spillway situation. Runningoffthereeses has a crazy great blogpost describing what’s going on. Let’s keep those positive Valentine thoughts going that everything goes according to plan over there in Californialand.
  • I have a lunch date with Miss Andrea and then I’m coming home to walk the dog. I need to exercise or I will lose my mind. Don’t laugh, it’s already begun.
    Run now, there may be time days, weeks, months when you can't...:
    Run on…


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