What kind of a driver are you? I’m pretty patient but there are these three things…

  • Starting my day with hot water with a lemon slice is my favorite thing to do. It makes me feel amazing and I swear I feel so much better when I do this.
    11 benefits of lemon water you didn’t know about
  • Are you a road rager? I am not. However…these are three things that bug me about driving. First you should know…I’m a really patient driver. So it’s not like I thought…I’ve got a LIST of things that bug me about driving (RAGE)…no. That’s totally not true.  I just kind of encountered two of them on the same day and thought…yeah. these three things would probably be irritating.
          1. When you’re driving and someone drives just UNDER the speed limit. What is that about? Why? You’re allowed the speed limit and truth be told even a few more. Go the few more! Be wild! If it’s 40…do 42! Maybe 43! Do not drive 35 or 36 in a 40, it just makes us all nuts.
         2. When someone waves you to go first but they’re annoyed with you. ?? What? Why? thanks? I kind of don’t WANT your favor now. How exactly did I annoy you by just SITTING here waiting for you to go first when it was your right of way and then you get irritated because you let me go first. I got nothin’.  That really bothers me and the irritation totally negates the kind gesture. Sorry People!
         3. When you’re in the far left straight lane (now try and follow me here…) and there’s a turn lane next to you with an island next to them. The person in FRONT of you for some reason leaves like…two car spaces open without pulling forward (to what…save it for a friend?) and because they don’t pull forward, YOU can’t pull forward so all the people that need to pull into the turn lane can’t get into it. So the turn lane light turns green and then red and they all watch it and miss it…all because weird guy won’t freakin’ pull forward. You honk…you pull really close to him and stalk his bumper but nothing. Seriously Dude. What the hell?
    Do any of these things make me yell at people? No but I will occasionally talk to them and say, “why? why do you do this? I don’t understand you.”  So far, no one has answered.
    Image result for I don't understand you gif
  • Taylor Swift!  Taylor Swift gets a giant ~hell yes~ from all of us for how she handled this whole situation with the groping DJ. She had absolute grace from the beginning to the end and what a great outcome that the jury came back in her favor. Although I don’t see how they could have done anything different. The evidence was so terribly against him, the pervert.
  • So I’m leaving the country next week for approximately… 47 hours (how crazy is that?) to do some family history investigating with my mom. I did a little ~do I take my running gear or don’t I~ with myself today. I ALWAYS take my running stuff. I never ever EVER don’t take it. And the chance to run in another country is pretty awesome. I love running in new places and a new country would be so cool. We lived in Germany for six years so I’m not new to the international scene but I’ve always liked the idea of adding places to the list. If I thought I could get a run in that morning before I left I’d leave it at home but not being able to is a true let down. So both days with nothing…I’m leaning towards taking the running stuff. Just so you know, as I wrote this paragraph I changed my mind twice.
    Image result for changed my mind gif
  • It poured rain with wild wind so I did not get to run. Even Sean was bummed for me. Every day…hope for tomorrow.  I always say a little rain is good, pouring rain is just inconvenient.  It’s a nice way to end the day though.  Theboy and I hung out at home except for a few small things. We’ll talk about what we did tomorrow.

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Run on…

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Suppose he still loves me after I did that?

  • Yesterday I posted I quote from GlutenDude where he said, “I think having an autoimmune disease means your body is in fighting mode much of the time.”  A follow up comment from one of his readers to that said, “Basically having an autoimmune disease means your body will spontaneously attack itself, sometimes for no apparent reason.”   As someone who doesn’t like puzzles, you would think I would hate the very idea of this. But I totally get it. In fact it explains it so well to know I’m always in fighting mode explains so much~ I feel better when I’ve done everything right and I still feel bad because it tells me it isn’t something I did.  I am reassured that time will pass and I’ll feel better soon. Maybe even later that day but sometimes just in a few days. #alwayslearning

  • In the land of  Tess is a little off this week…my brain is foggy, my stomach is BAD…my head hurts and I just ache all over.  I can already feel it passing though. Lots of water with lemon. Meanwhile I went to bed last night about midnight, closed up the house and went to bed. About 3:45 we heard crazy barking and Sean got up and headed downstairs all calm like. HE woke up to it. I DIDN’T. That’s pretty key. I wake up if the cat sneezes downstairs. I realize as he’s opening the sliding glass door that I left my poor dog outside. That’s right, I went to bed and left the dog outside. What do you suppose he thought as he saw the curtain close, the lights go out…?? What the hell? I’m still out here! I’M THAT PERSON> I suck. I’m terrible. I met Sean on the stairs and I said, “I left the dog OUT??” and he said very casually, “yeah”, as he passed me and headed back to bed. LOL. huh. okay then. The dog meanwhile was having a BLAST. He’s so freakin’ cheerful. It’s hilarious. He didn’t seem upset at all. I’m still wearin’ the guilt though. Pretty sure he still loves me. I do a lot of the puppy walks…
    Image result for terrible person gif
  • 94-Year Old Widower Installs Backyard Pool For Neighborhood Kids

  • Mid-Life Exercise Could Jog Your Memory

    Can a new exercise regimen boost your brain health if you’re over 50?  Possibly, suggests a new research review that found middle-age folks can improve their thinking and memory skills by adopting regular moderate-to-vigorous routines involving aerobic and resistance exercise. ~source

    Image result for amy poehler just do it gif
    Image result for amy poehler just do it gif

  • I have this guy all week and this is how we started his morning…what a lovely little guy he is to just want to hang out and enjoy the morning…

    On another note..I read this on someone else’s blog a while back and laughed pretty hard. It does remind me of a few people…who shall remain nameless. But it’s pretty hilarious.
  • In case you’re wondering..nopeI didn’t run. I could barely function by the end of yesterday and theboy and I were super busy running errands and visiting Miss Norma and baby Margaux. I did get that cake made though. #priorities
    I’m hoping for tonight because I MISS RUNNING. I ran in MT but not a lot because the road my hotel was on was like…if you run here you’ll take your life in your hands with traffic. Good luck. They were short runs and I mixed them up with yoga. I’m feeling mushy. Oh! I bet that’s contributing to my not feeling good! I better run tonight for sure. #lightbulb
    too often - we forget to take care of ourselves first. Then we wonder why we run out of gas.
    Run on…


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What it’s really like eating out as a Celiac.

The nightmare in Charlottesville is terrible and I feel like that’s such an understatement. My heart goes out to Heather Heyer’s family and all those who were injured in what is a huge stain on our country. It’s so shameful. These nazis and our president who took his own sweet time with his address…(it came out today..sadly). It was all just really really bad. As you can see I am not great with the words today.
So…I went to the land of no internet for a few days…the land of MT (#thestatenotthekid) and I had an amazing time and I had a frustrating time. Mostly great though! (if only the weekend had stayed that good, right? ~giant shadow over the country)

My sister is the superintendent for the art department for the state fair. She works INCREDIBLY hard. It’s ridiculous how hard she works. She is up at ridiculous hours and goes to bed at ridiculous hours…in other words she’s keeping my hours but for valid reasons and not because she’s a chronic insomniac.  (you can find her work here…Fairy Ring Beads and Things) All of this while in a constant motion of creating her own beads and jewelry that are in demand almost daily. I don’t know how she does it, she’s the busiest person I know. Fair week. Her daughter is getting married next year right after the fair, I’m not sure if that will be the year she breaks or the year she gets her wonder woman costume because she really is a superhero.
Image result for she's amazing gif
Warning, this is long. You can skim. ha… Or skip the whole thing! Tomorrow’s should be better…yeah, I can’t promise that. In my head it always is but then I get obsessed with topics like this an I write a book.

MT needs to step up and get some gluten free places to eat.  I made due with what they had and was pretty happy. I know for a fact a lot of strict Celiac’s would not have done what I did. I ate out every meal (really just three because I don’t eat much) and it was at the same place every time…Red Robin. We have zero to zero choices in Billings for gluten free. I always get a salad (and sometimes french fries) and I always give them a lovely and very polite talk about what I have while also pleading with them to be especially careful.

Someone close to me told me it’s no fun going out to eat with someone who won’t eat and just orders a glass of water with lemon but I have to counter that with it’s not really fun having this disease and I’m doing the best I can. It’s difficult being the person who can’t eat anything and feeling the pressure to eat just so someone else doesn’t have to eat alone.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago and once that happened the days of going out to eat to enjoy a meal with family or friends really became completely unrealistic. This doesn’t mean I don’t go out.  It means my intentions are decidedly different and the philosophy eat to live don’t live to eat  (either Socrates or Benjamin Franklin…no one seems to be able to decide) is my new way of living.  I go with the thought that I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with these people and I get to enjoy the company I’m with and really that’s what I’m in it for. I’m excited to be there with my family and friends and great conversation.  I carry protein bars with me, I grab bananas and fruit and I eat things that are easy and fast.

In the midst of  the day to day normalcy, however,  of “let’s grab lunch” and “where can you eat”, the lines become blurred.  I of all people know how frustrating it is to do the restaurant search and in their zeal they can forget that the most important thing here is that I take care of myself.

It’s stressful to me.

Most of the blogs on Celiac are dedicated serious gluten free bloggers who mostly cook and eat gluten free at home and seldom eat out. They are careful and very strict. They exercise, they take care of themselves and a lot of them are on other restrictions like no soy or no dairy and they eat paleo or they eat all organic. These are people who take what they put into their body very seriously. One blogger in particular is so careful about his vacations he hires a chef.

These are not people that eat at Red Robin. They don’t eat at PF Chang’s and they don’t eat at chain restaurants in general.  They call the chef of expensive restaurants ahead of time and have conversations to reassure their meal will in fact be safe to eat or they eat at exclusively gluten free restaurants. If that’s available. NO MEAL will EVER be easy again.

I know people that carry a cooler in their car and travel with their own food. They refuse to ever eat at a restaurant because realistically it’s just.not.safe. and this is the best way for them to stay healthy.

On the other hand, I know Celiacs who go to your average wing restaurant (or really any restaurant that jumped on the bandwagon and threw a “gluten free” label on a couple food items) and just ask for “gluten free”.
There’s nothing safe about walking into just any restaurant and asking for gluten free and calling it good. Most of the time cross contamination will be extensive and you are definitely not safe. I think 50% of gluten free has to be cross contamination from other foods, utensils and the general kitchen area,  servers who uninformed, and serving dishes that can be cleaned but not deemed safe for Celiacs. These are people who haven’t been taught how to eat Celiac safe and I’d bet they aren’t safe in their own kitchens from lack of information.

We can all blame our GI doctors for this since we all got the same diagnosis. “You’re Celiac. Just eat a gluten free diet and you’ll be fine.” Yes…those exact words. But we all know there is so much more to it than that.

Gluten Dude was just writing about a most wicked of sickness he got and he couldn’t imagine how he’d been glutened. Of course, anything is possible, however the best line I have heard yet is when he wrote, “I think having an autoimmune disease means your body is in fighting mode much of the time.”
Yes.  Right there.  And you just have to figure out how to handle it in a way that works for you. Some part of me almost always feels out of balance, I just have to roll with it because that’s life.  I manage my own self. That’s the big thing with me.
In a perfect world I will get to run tonight…(cross your fingers!! I have theboy all week for #babecamp so it’s a busy busy week)
You get what you work for quote

Run on and be healthy.


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Some days we’re pretty and some days you get the real thing.

  • I felt so much better on Friday I ran a ton of errands. It came back a little in the afternoon like a bad boyfriend but I took some Excedrin and kicked that sucker to the curb. I talk big. I never had a boyfriend like that. Hey, I read Pinterest.  I got my HIIT workout in which felt AMAZING and headed to bed fairly early so I could rise and shine at 4:30 to do the Manitou Incline with Michelle.  I took a good half hour off my incline time which was awesome. It was way cooler Saturday than it was in June when I did it and I felt so much stronger climbing I would love to get to do it again.  Solongo wants to try it on Saturday and I might give it a shot. I do love climbing. Check out this hair…hahhahahha. I love it. When we got to the top Michelle WHIPPED out her camera and I took one look and said NO WAY. My hair was all up in funky clippies and I looked totally whack. So I grabbed my clippies out and shook my hair out and gave myself two minutes to recover from climbing 2000 ft in one mile and just had a good time with my friend who looks this beautiful ALL THE TIME> Every picture. Always beautiful. Here you go People. The real me. ha. Don’t be scared.
  • I went to church on Sunday morning ~they haven’t seen me in a while and are always surprised when I show up. I’ve decided when I go to church now and they express surprise I’m going to look at them and say, “I was just here last week!” like they should know that. So far it’s going well.
    Image result for we're not stupid gif
    Image result for maybe gif
  • Our priest spoke about The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and how when Moses comes down off the mountain he’s been stylized. How hilarious. If God is thinking of providing divine intervention and styling people I could use some stylizing…
    Image result for charlton Heston the ten commandments source
  • My dad was a hairstylist and you couldn’t leave his shop until you looked like this. ha. As a matter of fact my dad looked like that. Here’s a photo of the three of us…Alex Michael, me and my dad, it’s pretty tame but my dad could be wild. So.much.hairspray. My poor husband’s hair wouldn’t move for three days after getting a simple cut.

    My dad was ridiculously handsome. Look at my super round ~what the heck is wrong with me (before we figured out I had hypothyroidism-Celiac) oh look you’ve gained 30lbs~  face. ha. I still love the picture because I have his face and my kid has his face. Family. I do love family.
  • I didn’t work out on Sunday, I wanted to go to the Shrine of Cabrini but I was waiting for Sean to get back from camping and that took way WAY longer than I thought. When he finally did come back into town we ended up going to a late late movie and seeing Detroit. This is a true story of what happened in Detroit during the riots of 1967 and the Algiers Motel Incident when three black kids were tortured and killed by police (allegedly…) and nine others were beaten and emotionally abused during the entire incident. I highly recommend it to everyone but my mother (it’s okay, she really doesn’t like movies). It is a hard watch. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I actually got nauseous and physically ill and what was happening on the screen and felt chills. I couldn’t imagine one of my own kids having to go through what these kids went through. How terrified they must have been. An amazing movie.
  • MT’s girlfriend, Allie, just came over and while I was in the crawlspace getting something for her she found THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FREAKING SPIDER RIGHT NEXT TO THE CRAWLSPACE DOOR HOLY FREAKING COW.  So then she called a wonderful friend to come over and kill it and he was awesome and he said WOW THAT’S A BIG SPIDER alerting both of us that wow. that’s a big spider. huh.  So yeah, I was on the phone with the pest control guy telling him how I was being held hostage by THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SPIDER>
    Nick is my hero. You’re my hero Nick. Nick doesn’t read my blog but he’s my hero.
    Image result for hero gif
  • I have my Botox appointment today and I’m very not excited, especially since I have to travel today. Every time I fly…I get a migraine. I’m optimistic that the Botox will help and some preventative assistance from my doctor. He’s pretty awesome. Not looking forward to a repeat of last week.
  • I didn’t run again today, It poured rain and I was ridiculously busy. I’ll see if I can get something in before I get on the flight tomorrow but even tomorrow is tight. Worst case, I’ll do something after I land. It’s a short flight.
    Run now, there may be time days, weeks, months when you can't...
    Every day. I feel like this every day. The need the pull the force. I know how necessary it is and I have to do it.
    Run on…

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It was a little scary but I lived. Solve the puzzle. Also, what is your irrational fear?

Sean went camping with the family and I had to take care of Malachi (someone has to be the drug pusher here and let’s face it, I have the most experience in that department) so I stayed home.  Hey…that’s not an easy job…trust me. It’s like Cirque de Soleil in this house when it’s drug time. I took the opportunity to go out with my friend Solongo. We went out with the intention of drinks and a movie but instead we went out for drinks and dancing and sitting on the patio talking until midnight because that girl cannot hold her liquor. One glass of wine and she was sleeping. But she was just turning away those guys that kept telling her she was beautiful all night.  It was loud and crazy and we were people watching and listening to the music and laughing and this guy came up and said something to her and when I asked what she said…”um…I don’t know…something something beautiful something”…totally dismissing him with a roll of the eyes.
 I laughed pretty hard at how quickly she tossed away the beautiful comment. For how dismissive it was, she’s very hard on herself and thinks the people she’s interested in she’s just not good enough for. She has two college degrees, one of them in a very complicated engineering something (there are a lot of engineering degrees, don’t judge me) that required the highest calculus you can take and it wasn’t hard for her and she’s beautiful and she’s funny and speaks two languages fluently and she is always super down on herself. Chick. If YOU are hard on yourself, I should give up now. Just sayin’. She’s amazing and well…just amazing. Wish she knew it.
When I got home it was very late so I pulled into the garage and waited for the garage door to completely close before getting out of the car. Silently reminding myself this isn’t how I wanted to go, forgetting to turn off the car while the garage door was closed, I took the opportunity now to turn the car off (ha…I joke but ya’ll know me and my broken sass self) then I texted Solongo that I was home. Had a two text conversation and got out. Stumbled through the door in the dark (I didn’t drink…I just stumble) and closed up the house with the animals. Cheerfully puttered around for another half hour or so and then went to bed.
When I got up in the morning I went to the garage to feed the dog and…
the garage door was open.
Can you solve the puzzle?

Image result for what happened gif
Image result for what happened gif
What is your irrational fear?
Sean, the jerk, doesn’t have one. He told me he’s afraid of putting his hand in a dark rabbit hole.
Dude…that’s not irrational. Who would do that? That is a legitimate concern. Don’t do that and you’ll be okay. ::eyeroll::. An IRRATIONAL fear.
Here are my irrational fears.
1.  That when I go to the garage in the morning to feed the dog, the locked and dead bolted garage, I will find a person in my garage waiting for me. I always open the kitchen door to the garage with a little care…you never know what’s behind it.  #disturbiainmygarage #justmyimagination #thatsongisasoldaswellnevermind

2. When I’m done putting gas in the car and I’m driving off I’m afraid I have forgotten to put the gas pump away and it’s still sticking in my car so I always look back a million times to make sure I’m not driving off with it still in the car.  #notme  #wasntme #heymycarsonfire  #heyladyyougotalittlesomethingrightthere

3. When I back out of the garage I’m always terrified I’m going to drive through the garage door. This one has merit. I’ve done it. Keep reading before you judge me! We had a van with a roof rack and the roof rack caught the red safety rope and released it and the door fell on the van as I was pulling out. There is literally no way I could have prevented that but somehow people always seem to look at me funny like my bad driving did it. Yes, I purposely hooked it as I was pulling out, carefully maneuvering back and forth making sure it actually hooked…because I’m made of money and felt like replacing a garage door and a van door that week.
Image result for you think you're all that gif

4. In the olden days (most of you don’t remember those times), we’ll call them the “days of yore” because we’re just that old,  we used to have laundry soap in powder form in laundry boxes. I KNOW. crazy right? I was always afraid that reaching my hand into the laundry soap box…there would be spiders in the upper corners of the boxes…not in the soap, duh…just in the upper dark corners.  Because, as Sean pointed out chuckling, spiders love to make their homes in boxes of chemicals. Hey. We’re talking irrational fears, okay?

5. and I didn’t really have a fifth one except I don’t ski. I don’t ski because I will fall off the ski lift. Like seriously. Now, this isn’t legitimately an irrational fear because you all have proof I can’t even walk across the room without hurting myself so a ski lift? I really will fall off. Also every person I tell that fear to says, “oh ski lifts can be scary but really they’re fine. Super easy! You’d do great. I mean I totally fell off that one time… (turning to spouse, friend, mother) remember that time I fell off and broke my (insert part of body) but I love skiing/snowboarding and I bet you would too. You should TOTALLY do it!”. Percentage of people that have said that to me…easily 50% or higher. Full disclosure not all of them broke something but higher than 50% fell off. I’d put money on it. Not Sean’s paycheck. He won’t let me do that anymore. So…no. I won’t be doing it.
It’s pouring torrential rain here today and I want a good run REALLY bad so I might stalk the weather station to find 45 minutes of down time for the opportunity to sneak in a run. Yes, 45 minutes, I’m slow, okay?
Otherwise, I might just do the treadmill which would kind of make me sad because I’m loving the outdoor running right now.
Yes! (Of course, that's much easier here in Southern California, but I'd still run all year if I was somewhere else.)
Run on…

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It’s me against the insurance people and I think I finally won.

I DID IT! Yeah BABY…I got the job DONE.
I know Ya’ll are thinking…did she win the lottery? Did something AMAZING happen? Did Oprah give her a new CAR???
Image result for you get a car gif
After seven hours on the phone, one really rude customer service specialist, at least five days of dealing with this directly on the phone and countless days off the phone but on the computer (seriously I have no idea how many days on the computer I tried fixing this) I have fixed the insurance issue AT LAST. And I think for REAL this time.
For those of you that need a super brief recap:
They charged me a large  amount of money ($950) right before my surgery in anticipation of what my deductible would be back in February. But I had like…$85 left from a doctor bill a week before so they mixed two charges (the death sentence of insurance issues). We figured out the $85 no problem. But the rest was refunded by the hospital to my HRA in April, they just didn’t see it because it wasn’t $950 and they are a machine. So they have been harassing me for a receipt RIGHT NOW or they are denying my claim and demanding I pay back the money. Um..Dude. YOU have the money. They gave it back to you in April. Look at the page. It’s right there! I kept saying that to people and they would send me to someone else for another piece of paper.
Today I got Abigail. I love Abigail. Abigail said, “I see it. I’m going to screen shot it and send it to the claims dept it. If they still don’t get it, they’ll call me and I”ll call you directly but it should be fine from here. I think you’re good. Have  a great day!”
I wanted to send Abigail flowers.
Image result for when it all comes together gif
MT’s friend came over to visit yesterday. He hung out and chatted with me and ate pie. That took a big chunk of my afternoon. Between that and sleeping a ridiculous part of my day I didn’t get a lot done.
I did a little bit of yoga to see if I could loosen up whatever is screwing with my head and I did some squats and planks and called it good so I wouldn’t push my luck.  It did just dawn on me that the wind was pretty wicked today and since I’m pretty sure that’s what caused this migraine to begin with I’m not too surprised I still had issues today. It’s too bad, too, because it’s such a pretty day for a run but my body said no no no.
Image result for no no no gif
So I opted for this:
I'm just going to put an "out of order" sticker on my forehead and call it a day.
It felt really good to get the squats and yoga stretches done though. I won’t deny that but that’s about as much as I wanted to do.
Those days when you reach down deep for the well of power when your feeling rough and there is a sign that says, "out to lunch." Yep.
so…there’s a lot of posters today. I was on a roll.
Hopefully today I’ll be able to get it done. The weather today is back to 90*. So mean. On the bright side the whole rest of the week starting Sunday is 70’s and rainy!
….aaand it just dawned on me I’ll be out of town. Dammit.

well that joy was shortlived.
Image result for what a let down gif
Inspirational Quotes For Runners | POPSUGAR Fitness
run on…

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strawberry rhubarb pie and you know you want some, too.

I was feeling mildly better by last night and thought I might be able to run but I ended up messaging with several people right through my running time. Probably for the best to rest one more day considering I was just down most of the day. I made a rhubarb/strawberry pie and had a small piece of it with some vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t finish it and five minutes later I was losing it. One more rest day is definitely in order.

Image result for that was not good gif
When you’re shopping online for shoes (endlessly wedding shopping) and you come across the CUTEST pair of shoes and you think DAMN those are so…oh. I own those already.
Believe it or not…I don’t own that many shoes so clearly …
Image result for I have a type gif
My husband is a giver. He donates of his time and attention and as is true of most introverts (a most tired and overused word I’m afraid but it must be used. My apologies) he is quiet about it. This means the people on the receiving end are quiet about receiving said gifts and Sean usually ends up unappreciated. I know and understand this phenomena so well as I always put far too much time into work and they would have to make me leave because I was on the clock way too long. But I would get sucked into a project and I really liked my work so I didn’t want to leave. Or I was doing something for someone that I could finish if I just had a few more minutes.
Notice people around you. The people that give the extra, the really hard workers, the people that are taking on the jobs nobody wants…are you recognizing them for their dedication and time?
Inspirational Quote about Life and Relationships - Visit us at InspirationalQuotesMagazine.com for the best inspirational quotes!
I went to the store the other day and when I passed the produce section I saw rhubarb ~ immediately invoking childhood moments of grabbing the wild rhubarb that grew in our alleyway and bringing it indoors to wash it and dip it in sugar. Wild child I was. We didn’t live in the country, we lived on the Southside… the bad side of town… so I was a city girl but I could find country anywhere. I immediately had to have it. I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. I’ve never made one before, I’ve never even tasted one before but knew I could do it. Grabbed the strawberries and the gluten free crust and headed home.
I didn’t get the chance until last night and it was ridiculously easy. Pinterest didn’t fail me…I found this recipe quickly.
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

I had to change the crust because my store bought crust didn’t want to be a top crust very cheerfully so I made a crumble topping out of this:
strawberry/rhubarb crumb pie recipe

from Taste of Home

Shutthefrontdoor it was so good. My husband LOVES apple pie. When I couldn’t get the top crust to cooperate he said…”no problem. It’ll be good for an apple pie later”. He’s already planning my next pie, that’s how unimpressed he was at the thought of this one. No really.
But tonight he tasted the pie and said it was so good it could win awards. Wow. That’s like…the nicest thing he’s ever said about my cooking. I mean, I’m not a terrible cook but still, that’s impressive. I asked if it was almost as good as apple and he said it was maybe better.

Well there you go, Folks. The world actually stopped turning.
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It’s a cool day today and feels gorgeous outside. For those keeping track, I do still have the migraine. I don’t know why but I’m up and dealing with it.  Yesterday was the anomaly day where I spent a few hours sleeping and moping around the house but today I have a million things to do.
I have enough to do that I got this post out incredibly late.
I’m going to run as soon as I get the chance…which will be early evening hopefully. IT’s just too pretty although…windy. And we all know that’s not friendly.
But it’s interesting that just a few days of not being active has made me feel sludgy. #itsaword
"When in doubt, go work out." - Jackie Warner on the School of Greatenss
Run on…


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When your migraine takes over your whole damn self.

I’ve had this low lying migraine for the better part of a week. It’s more than just “a headache” and it’s more than just the average migraine (is there such a thing?) that so obviously debilitates but the pain is centralized and it’s understood what’s happening and what needs to be done. Instead the pain has spread out and I seem to have an overwhelming feeling of ache but it’s underlying so I don’t get up thinking I’m dying I just sort of carry through the day feeling unwell. Every half hour or so I remember that I feel unwell. I do somehow know that it’s related to my migraine though. Like the nerve endings are all connected to my migraine so all aches go there.

It just leaves me feeling very exhausted. I haven’t done much but straighten the house and run necessary errands and then sleep.

I’m hoping it’s over soon. Every once in a while I get an anomaly migraine like this and besides wondering how?? I also have to wonder how to get rid of it. In great fear of rebound migraines I stop medicating after just a day or two of meds and try powering through. Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes I go to a higher power. My neurologist.

You thought I was going to a different higher power? He’s always there, I’m calling HIM from the get go.
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I’m supposed to be doing 14 things today and instead I’m just…not.

I should go so I can pretend I am a productive member of society.
I may work out today and I may not. We’ll see what my head/therestofme says.
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Things I want to talk about but I don’t have the energy but you should read because they’re so interesting…
They trashed their wedding photographer over a $125 fee, so a jury told them to pay her $1 million
So this lifestyle blogger  doesn’t thoroughly read her contract about a small $125 fee and gets angry about paying it. Refuses to pay it. And then publicly defames the photographer on her blog and Instagram and then takes it to the news. They don’t do their due diligence and the world goes crazy after this photographer who then loses everything. In desperation and righteousness she sues and wins. Its cases like this we get to be thankful. Thankful that sometimes the little guy wins and the horrible person who caused the hurricane in the first place gets what’s coming to her. It so never happens that way but it is so great when it does.
Hey. Turns out I did have the energy after all.
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I think I like these lessons on living with a Navy Seal…I live by a lot of them what the hell…why am I not a Navy Seal? Sure there’s that whole…kill a man with my bare hands thing but whatever.

What I Learned from Living with a Navy SEAL

I’m pretty sure my husband will never be seen again if he ever gets to this spot. Otherwise known as “heaven”.

Welcome to the Quietest Square Inch in the U.S.

There is truly nothing about this I don’t love.

 Maxine Waters inspires a new anthem: ‘Reclaiming my time’

this is my whole life.
peace quotes Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.

Okay, I should probably go. I have a million things to do and I’m not doing them. Sleep is on my mind though.
Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the hell out of them. Clap for your damn self.

I know I’ve used it before but it’s good. I’m using it again.
Run on…

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#allthestairs of Red Rocks.

Friday I volunteered for a race that was taking place on Saturday. I didn’t run it, I just did some volunteer work.

It was the most unorganized situation  and 90* so it was utter and total chaos in the hot sun. I have only volunteered a few times for racing events, as much as I love volunteering the racing events always seem to be unorganized. I’m not sure if it’s a world of people with order issues or if it’s the world of racing. The organizer in me wants the answer to this question.

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Totally worth watching.

Sandra Bullock – Go Find Your Joy

Sandra Bullock reacts to criticism in an inspiring way

Posted by Goalcast on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Saturday I had such a migraine I don’t even remember what I did. I just stayed drugged. I’d started it on Thursday and nursed it through Friday. By Saturday I wasn’t really able to focus on anything and was pretty sick. I crashed early so I could be up at 4:30 to head to Red Rocks for massive quantities of stair climbing with Michelle. I wanted to be there by 6 and I got there at 5:45. Then I drove around for 45 minutes trying to find her. It was a damn good time.
She got there first so she got the winning shot…

Nothing beats sunrise at Red Rocks.

I did finally find her and we started our prep for the 9/11 Memorial Climb.

The 2017 Colorado 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is a way to honor and remember the FDNY firefighters who selflessly gave their lives so that others might live on 9-11-2001. Each participant pays tribute to an FDNY firefighter by climbing the equivalent of the 110 stories of the World Trade Center.

We learned it’s 11 times around so we did 8 times around to start and see how we healed. Afterwards we both felt like we could have done more. I was feeling pretty hungover from migraine drugs so I struggled but I wasn’t sore at all yesterday and I’m not sore at all today so I think we’ll be fine.

Meanwhile it was a BLISSFUL 57* this morning when I woke up at 4:30 (not sleeping great) and it stayed 57* for a while. I didn’t run because I was really really REALLY tired and I feel like I need to just chill out for a few hours and maybe even…

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take a nap.
A much much needed nap.
Before I tackle my incredibly full list.
I’m so tired.
But I felt pretty grateful for my fake fall morning… #fakefall all the way. hmm. #alternativefall?
just look at these boots and laugh accordingly. Or shake your head shamefully…

Forever 21 Privileged Shoes Denim Boots 

(how do you like that name?)
In fun political news…
Scaramucci is out after TEN DAYS!! I’m gonna miss that guy. He was like the Jersey Shore took over the White House. It was entertaining as hell. To everyone but his wife I guess. I really feel bad for her.
Tomi Lahren admitted to still being on her parents health insurance at 24 even though she’s totally against Obamacare Being able to stay on your parents health insurance until you are 26 is a GREAT benefit of Obamacare and  two of my kids have totally taken advantage of it and the third will be following right behind. One would think she would be highly vocal about it’s benefits as she is being so critical of it.  Apparently not. Tomi, Darling, this is why people tear you down. Well, this and your incredibly horrible belief system.  We don’t get it. Keep working on it.
I feel pretty damn strong right now and that’s pretty sad because I have a long way to go but that just shows you how far gone I was. hahahhahaa.
Keep moving forward, right people? Keep moving forward.
Running tonight. Strength today. Pushups, lifting. Planks planks planks.
It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. FitBodyHQ.com for more motivation and inspiration.
Run on…

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Just keep climbing.

I have found a great white t shirt. 
I bet you thought I was going to say whale.
no. t shirt. What would I do with a whale?
I have a hard time with t shirts. They’re either too short or too long.
Too cardboardy (it’s a word) stiff or they’re that super silky material that’s supposed to be great but instead it hugs every curve and I have to say not all of my curves need to be hugged. Really, lovely of you to think of me but…please don’t. Just hug the important ones and uh….leave the others alone. Thanks.

So I picked up this little number and it seems to be quite perfect. It’s just right for a little soft but not too slicky. It’s long but not too long. The “V” is deep but not too deep. I love it. I bought it in white, black and a funky gray color. They were on sale for $5. A great price and I am always looking for a white t shirt I can wear with everything. #basicwhitetee #tshirtsandjeans 

Yesterday I was supposed to go to Castle rock for a good solid incline climb but one thing after another stalled me and then BAM when I wasn’t looking I got a migraine superfast and I ended up in bed at like…one o’clock in the afternoon. Nothing like throwing up and sleeping the afternoon away in a drugged out stupor. Good times.

I woke up feeling a bit better and attempted to get a run in later but I thought I’d take it easy so I took Malachi for a walk. The pouring rain broke us up and I mean POURING RAIN. You know…TORRENTIAL RAINS TOTALLY SOAKED US.
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this was us only without the umbrella and I was in short workout clothes.
My poor dog. He doesn’t like to get wet nor does he like to run. It was an experience. I called Sean and he met us at the nearest road and gave us a ride home but trust me. The damage was well done.
I did get push ups and squats done so there’s that. Mini strength training… yay me.
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I went to Castle rock tonight instead but I got there pretty late so I really only had time to get four climbs in before it was too dark to see anything but the snakes and they were really tree roots. There were a lot of people there for a soccer game so I was fine and willing to stay that long but by the time I was done the people had dwindled and I was desperately lonely for companionship and also I didn’t want to get mugged so I left. I know the last time I did the incline I only did three times and I didn’t hurt the next day so I really wanted to get five climbs this time. The goal is always to not be able to walk properly the next day and that was just not happening. What a let down. I had to settle for four. Some people run the incline and that is my dream. That would be pretty kick ass. There’s also a good chance I would fall straight off and hurt myself but still, I’d die feelin’ pretty badass.

Michelle wants to climb Manitou next week and I will freely admit to being very nervous about that. I wish I was much stronger and ready to do it again but I guess the best way to get stronger is keep climbing. #justkeepswimming
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I love sarcastic people with high vocabularies. via (http://ift.tt/2rQvoas)

I cleaned out our yard shed so I could sell it and I posted it on Craigslist. I got a text tonight from someone telling me they didn’t want to buy it but they appreciated the giggle. ha. That’s what I’m going to do for a living. Write smartass Craigslist ads. #entertainingthemasses
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Tomorrow I’m just going to do a run when I get the chance, probably in the evening. I’m volunteering for a race so that’ll take most of my day and in the evening someone is coming to look at the shed (wish me luck there…). I mean, it went together pretty easily but does it come apart that easily? Only trying will tell.
I love dancing. I hope someday to take a hip-hop dance class. Today, I was not looking forward to my workout. I decided to run on an incline, which I never do. But, I found myself doing my five minute walk warm-up and dancing and in a much better mood. Dancing on the treadmill is a lot of fun. You should try it. Low settings though. ;) 1.5 points for my hardest workout to date.
Run on…

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