Hysterical laughter, because life just happens like this sometimes.

I couldn’t sleep on Wednesday. I was supposed to meet Gloria for a run but I have this killer eye pain that just shoots through me. It woke me up and the tears clued me in..I should probably drug/ice up and give it some time before I run.  Enough time to not want to cut my own head off. Not that I would wish for any injury but due to the high levels of migraines in my world, the universe could have given me a different injury. I mean, come on.

So I hung out doin’ the ~6am in front of the tv with my computer waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in~ thing.

What? It’s a thing.


It kicked in just in time to figure out that Skosh HAD to see the vet. His leg clearly had an abscess. Now we’ve reached critical mass.

Sean is the cat whisperer so he helped me get him into the cat carrier…is it ridiculous to say I’m currently a little afraid of Angry Cat?

Short version:

He has an abscess that is really REALLY deep and everyone is confident (they hope) it isn’t in the joint. ::prayersappreciated::

He is heavily drugged and heavily bandaged and goes back today for clean bandage wrap and then Sunday…

he gets it surgically closed.

Yes, that’s right. That’s how crazy bad it is. It needs to be surgically closed. This was unexpected for them, too. But I’m so glad I took him in when I did.

By the time I got home it was dark. So…no running.


We took care of all the animals, gave love to Skosh, and went to bed.

This morning when I woke up,  Sean said…”I think we have a problem”.

Now, that is never a good way to wake up. In my house it means something is flooded, something is broken, and animal is sick…could be anything.

Cue the dollar signs.

And this one was a doozy.

No heat. 

The universe has found my personal nightmare and brought it to fruition. 

Do you know what a new furnace costs?

I’m not going there. It nauseates me.

But we called and it may not be terrible. We’ll have to see. They are coming to look at it and hopefully fix it this morning. To save me from a weekend at a hotel because if you think I’m going to be cold all weekend, that is SO NOT HAPPENING>

Bright side…my eye is looking and feeling MUCH better. Still throbs in the morning so I’m living on Ibuprofen but it’s nothing like what it was. I no longer scare people with one withering look. And I’m confident when theboy comes over tonight he won’t run in fear when he sees me.


I’m heading out right this minute to run the dog. Then when I get back I’m going to run myself. Because at this point…running is necessary. 

I haven’t strength trained all week and I do miss it. Who knew I would miss something I can’t stand at the same time?

I think on Monday I’ll start it up again. It’s been so hard with Sean home for surgery, the cats, the dishwasher. The whole convoluted mess I just think…Monday. Because on Monday I will wake with a new resolve to conquer the world and train like a beast!

Or…I’ll just drag my tired ass over to my workout area and get through it as best I can hoping I’m doing some good.


When I’m super busy and we’re stressed with worry and there are so many things going on, it’s important to keep getting that


Run on…

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The dishwasher that wasn’t. And the run that was.

We got our new dishwasher yesterday. I bought an out of box dishwasher which was hundreds of dollars cheaper so I was able to get a screamingly beautiful top of the line machine for pennies. PENNIES I tell you.

Admittedly it does have a tiny little dent on the left side but it’s so small it doesn’t matter. I was under instructions to check it out when it arrived to make sure that was the only damage. When it arrived, I did just that.

No damage. It looks beautiful.

The gentleman installed it and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I called Sean down to see it and we both started peeling the blue plastic off the front.  Sean was working on the dented side so when he said, “is this the dent?” I said yes…without looking.

Then I looked.


We had the door open and holy freaking cow. On the inside of the door there is a crazy ass dent with a matching one on the actual dishwasher. And yes…it’s leaking on the floor. The installer left it running to test it.

Yes…I was a little panicked.  I’d already signed everything.
So I immediately called the store…as soon as my brain could focus and I could google the store’s number because I swear I couldn’t even think straight… and gave them a quick update. They are being very gracious and are attempting to fix the situation. We have to wait until tomorrow when the manager gets in. I think it’s a conspiracy to keep me from having a dishwasher.
My eye is healing. It’s now very bruised with a cut rather than just a big nasty mess. I figure that’s progress. Still swollen and sore but I think less so than yesterday.

I’m hoping I’m not scaring people anymore. The dishwasher guy introduced himself and said, “what did you do to your eye?”

Oh the things I wanted to say…

Alas, I’m such a rule follower I just told the truth which really couldn’t be more ridiculous.
I’m the crazy cat lady and they turned on me. It was bound to happen.
Grumpy Cat:

I got 3.5 miles done yesterday and that’s just a run. It was 20 mph gusting winds and averaging 15mph regular winds. It was windy. I was slow. I was gaspy (it’s a word) and weary. I pushed on and loved every step.

I’m hoping today I can get some strength training in. Also…I’m meeting Gloria this morning (I know, right? She decided to venture out in the cold) so my run will be done first thing.  Lord willing. I love that.

Feeling productive. I need to get things done.

Best half marathon training plan??  Ideas??

I usually just grab Hal Higdon’s but I figured I’d give someone else a shot at ruining their average. hahahha.

Come on. That was pretty good. You should laugh at that…


Run on…


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Sean update…and whoa. This selfie.

So here’s what happened:
Catsitting for the kids.

Bosley and Sister ~ and we have one (Skosh) and our puppy (Malachi) who is SUPER excited about all the new people (re:kitties) visiting. So each cat goes to his or her corner and the dog is in heaven and tormenting them all with his joy and we’re like..hmm. Close the doors and maybe all will eventually settle down.

Thus began the domino effect.

Sister was upset by everything so she hissed and growled thus putting all the cats on edge. Bosley ran off scared and bumped into Skosh, then swiped at him and gave him a gash on his leg (or something, Skosh has been limping for two days so definite war wound).

Skosh later tries to hide his injured self in Alex’s room but I know that Bosley is hiding under the covers in there, so I quietly walk in there, pick up Skosh and tell him we’re going to go in a different room. At this point, Skosh figures out there’s a cat under the lump in the bed and FREAKS THE HELL OUT!

As I was holding him.

And thus…I now look like this.


Please forgive the really really bad hair and the shiny face. I’m headed out for a run so I’m not dressed for cute, and my face has no makeup, just coconut oil. Thus…the shiny.

We had Sean’s doctor follow up this morning and his surgeon took one look at me and was all..~WHOA~

Yeah. I know. I’m not even trying to dress it up with “it’s not as bad as it looks!”. Nope. It is. And it hurts. It narrowly missed my eye (thankyouGOD) and it’s swollen and I feel it every time I blink. I also scar if someone looks at me funny so I’m totally going to scar from this. Just what my face needed! Alex saw it this morning and said, “that’s totally going to scar”.

Thank you. As my child, isn’t it written somewhere you are only supposed to say NICE things??

He’s out of the will.
Sean had his follow up and he’s doing really well. They took out the drain (sorry to gross anyone out!) and hopefully healing keeps going as well as it has been. The surgeon said..oh yeah. The gall bladder was definitely bad. It was bad. So okay, there. Hopefully that means Sean has at least some relief from two freaking years of pain.

For his sake and mine. hahaha.

No, I’m just kiddin’. Mad love. He knows that.


We stopped for lunch at PFChangs on the way home and I was able to make myself silly happy on Spicy Chicken. Which I could eat buckets of and not get tired of it. Ever. I love it so much. I know some Celiac’s have not had luck there but they are always really good with me so I’m still in. #fattuesday

Sorry for the random blog today. As opposed to all the fascinating stuff that’s USUALLY on here. hahahhaa. Not a lot of interesting stuff but just a quick update because I’m so late in gettin’ it out there. Yesterday was so chaotic and kind of awful I didn’t get anywhere near my steps in. I felt so lazy. So today I’m hoping to throw some extras to make some up.

I am way behind on my strength training (I blame Sean) but I haven’t slept in days and days and days so I’m giving myself another day of sleep to see if I can feel like a human bean.

I bet when you read stuff like that you think…yeah. She was definitely a stay at home mom. ::shakeshead:: Chick can’t even speak real sentences.

Yep. I was. And spiders are pieturds. And headaches are head-icks (Montana came up with that one. I always kind of appreciated it).

None of this is the point. See? I need sleep.

Running the puppy. Then running me.


Off to run. Just a 3 mile today I think is on the training. We’ll see. I need to update the list.

I’m running a half marathon in Pittsburgh May 2nd? …something like that. And I’m meeting my friends there for our annual get together. Annual because we did it last year, too. 😉

Anyway, they are all on FB and saying “I’m all ready! I ran 12 miles on Sunday!” and “I did nine miles and I’m biking and swimming so I’m super fit and ready to go!”*

*no one actually said that. I’m totally making that up but it’s my unbelievably distorted version of ~I’m working out like a fiend and definitely ready for this race~

I twice now have looked at the calendar in a panic thinking it’s next month. I’ve never  been afraid to run a half marathon under trained until I started to really get hit with Celiac. It just wears me so down I can’t run two blocks. The thought of thirteen miles is so not happening.

I have two issue with this.

  1. who is that ready 3 months PRIOR to the race
  2. Are they training for the marathon?
  3. shut up…I know I said two issues. But my third is, do you think they’d let me just meet them at the finish line with coffee and donuts because clearly they are going to be there way quicker than I would. I might as well just ditch that sucker. sigh.

    Stupid fit people. #allthelove #theyknowIlovethem #thisistotaljealousytalking #outofcontrol

Now I’m really off to run. Clearly I’m easily distracted.




Run on…and work on that inner peace. 




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Monday Sweet List <3

It’s Monday morning and it’s a well deserved Sweet List.

  1. Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Now…if you’re not IN the Super Bowl, you don’t care about this. You went to bed early and probably made a comment on FB about that. And if you don’t LIKE football, you probably did that, too. After years of not caring about football (that’s me, I really don’t care much about it) I will say this. Denver LOVES it’s football. And I’ve been listening to Denver people volley back and forth for the last few years between complaining about Peyton Manning and how old he is and loving Peyton Manning for being the great man that he is. So far he hasn’t shown anyone he isn’t a good man and for being so old, he seemed to hold his own. A team effort got them there last night and they did good. Nicely done, Denver.
  2. Sean’s surgery went well and now we get to hope it did the job it was supposed to and he doesn’t have anymore pain. Follow up appt today sadly, tomorrow…they rescheduled….I feel so bad. I totally spaced making the follow up appt until Friday afternoon after 2pm and the office was closed. So when I called today there were no appts.
  3. I bought new sweats. Yep. Finally got the job done. Unfortunately, they are black and they are this fabric that seems to attract animal hair rather than repel it. Sad day. So I don’t know how long they’ll last but they were super cheap so you get what you pay for. Thank you Target.
  4. I’ve gotten a pattern down for getting up and getting my workouts done. I didn’t get my strength done last week (just once) due to Sean’s surgery but steps steps steps. Moving is the key, right? The more you move the less you feel like sludge.
  5. I bought a new dishwasher. Though I do not love spending the money and for sure that does not belong on the Sweet List, who doesn’t love new appliances? yep. This girl does.
  6. You know that feeling when you are so deeply unbearably tired you feel it in your stomach and you finally get that moment to lie down and your bed is so soft and there’s your favorite pillow and oh man you love that blanket…and you close your eyes. #blessedsleep
  7. Everyone came over to watch the game yesterday~ Alex and Megan, Shaughnessy, Adam and Eliot, MT and his friend Marianne. Sean came downstairs and hung out in the family room and we had Shaughnessy’s award winning chili and jalapeno poppers (some of them were…surprisingly hot~ LOL) and total and utter ridiculousness. We laughed our asses off and made far too much noise and it was great hilarity with zero photographic evidence. I do believe that Megan took a picture of Alex in her sparkly Broncos headband and Swarovski crystal earring but alas, she kept it on her phone and didn’t share it. Trust me…that one  was worth a share. It was charming. 😉  Most fun ever.
  8. Candles. Candles are my best friend. At the Family Dollar I found Skittles candles for $1! They are delicious and pretty.  I currently have three cats and a dog living in my house (I have Shaughnessy’s cats for the week). I need things that smell good. And in case you’re wondering if I have a problem…you can stop wondering. I most certainly do. #tastetherainbow
  9. Listening to the Serial updates. I’m totally behind on season 2 but season 1 updates with Adnan Syed are so good.
  10. I scammed MT’s old iPod from a “I just don’t know what to do with these electronics but hell, let’s throw it in here” drawer and am using it in the kitchen for my much needed music and podcasts when I’m televisioned out. Shut up. I do too get televisioned out. It’s happened. Yes, it’s rare, but sometimes there is the occasional I just cannot take one second more of “How I Met Your Mother“. And I really have no interest in “Naked and Afraid“. I have standards.
  11. Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the monkey~
  12. I am halfway through four books. Maybe by next week I will be all the way through at least one. I think I am going to buy a new audiobook today. I need something fun to listen to while I run.
  13. LaCroix Natural Berry Flavored sparkling water. It’s kind of delicious.
    Run on…


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The second Agreement and finishing my list…(don’t forget…that Superbowl thing)

Remember my list?  Wonder how much I got done?  Let’s take a look…

Today I’m going to (this was yesterday’s list)

walk/run the dog
Strength train
clean the kitchen
attempt tomorrow’s blog (it’s in my head already)
yoga my kinks out
sign up for a class
get out my sewing machine and start a project (I brought half the project in from the garage, does that count?)
write a bill for congress (I called Congress, no one answered. Really, are you surprised?)
sign up for the Peace Corps (wait, I need a degree for that)
buy a dishwasher
buy dog food (harder than you think, it’s a drive)
sweat pants
grocery store for cat litter, paper towels and dinner. Forgot the sweat pants
Take care of my husband…he is recovering but he is tired and sore and he had terrible headaches. :(

The guy I bought the microwave from was not at the store and the guy that greeted me was…kind of…well I didn’t want to buy a dishwasher from him. So I opted to return later. Kind of a bummer. So I attempted that errand but it’s not imperative. I know how to wash dishes and I actually like to do it.  Half credit. 😉

So today…
back to the store to grab those sweatpants. Holy smokes I’m cold. Also..snacks for the Superbowl because I wasn’t thinking.
Run the puppy. It’s going to be 50* today.
Buy a dishwasher. Hmm. does this list look like yesterdays? (already called, my sales guy is there. Probably thinks I’m stalking him. Awkward.)

I must yoga for a minute but I always do that before I strength so that shouldn’t be hard.
tomorrow’s blog because it’s Superbowl Sunday and hello…Broncos.
maybe try and get order done on that project. It’ll be a task for sure.

Today is Agreement #2. A reminder on The Four Agreements
In  The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz shares the deepest reaches of his heart to help us understand the ancient Toltec masteries of Awareness and Transformation.

Agreement number two:

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Oh man, this is an important one.

What’s even funnier is you will hear me say that many more times. Oh man, this is an important one. Because with each agreement I think it’s SO important. I think it’s critical to not take things personally. I have a really really sensitive family. They get it from me. Sometimes I am fine and sometimes I’m not. The dumbest thing will hit me and it’s not the thing you would expect. So working hard on not taking things personally is really important. We cannot control anyone’s life, anyone’s DAY, anyone’s attitude. Therefore we can only control our own reaction to what they say to us. And really, most of the time the things people say aren’t intended to be hurtful, it’s off the cuff and dismissive and we take it as hurtful. It’s on us to not take it personally.

I’m watching The Terminal. Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks??

It’s just a great little movie. Sometimes it’s better to watch the lighthearted movies that aren’t violent or painful or vulgar or ugly or heartbreaking or sad or anything. They’re just…two hours of happy.
Did I mention Superbowl 50 is tomorrow???

I got over 11,000 steps in yesterday so even though I didn’t get a workout in, I definitely made up some steps. Today I should make up some more. Holy smokes my head has been killer but I’m attempting to push through so I don’t become a slave to the couch and the drugs today.

I’m looking forward to a good workout today.

So is Malachi…


Run on…


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It’s 3am. Do you know where YOUR child is? and other random stuff.

  • We have a deal. He’s a grown up. When my kids turn 18, they are grown ups. However, they have to be courteous and if they will be out until all hours, they need to leave a note, shoot me a text, something. Just to let me know they aren’t dead on the side of the road. Our family has history of accidents, etc. It’s important. I would do the same so do it for me. Otherwise, you get to do what you want and I’m okay with it. MT is THE most responsible person. Until last night when it was 3am and no text, no email no nothing. So my migraine drugged self, distracted with Sean, sidetracked by life, woke up in a dead panic because I don’t remember my phone dinging. I grabbed it and saw no text. Ran to the window…no car. Called him frantically…he calmly said he was still with his friends. Dude, not cool. He said he’d be home soon and he was sorry. Okay, well, STILL NOT COOL> My heart cannot TAKE THIS.
  • Sean had surgery yesterday…so that’s where my head is. We went in around noon  and the surgery started late and ran late. The doctor is awesome. Fits right in with us…greeted us immediately with a movie reference and he was off and running. He talks a hundred miles an hour, I love it. It went great. A little different than they expected but not bad. Sean is recovering nicely and has really good narcotics. I’m jealous. They just don’t give out those good drugs anymore.
  • Throwing in a little political note: seriously..someone nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. Mull that over for a while.
  • I had to to pick up a recycling bin from Lowe’s a few nights ago.  They have one style. One. It’s made out of recycled material, it’s blue, it’s a little small (32 gallon) and it has a whopping $65 price tag. NO JOKE. I almost died. My sister almost died. We talked about it  as rationally as we could but would stop and say SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS every couple of minutes. Turns out my friend Miss Andrea already knew the crazy price of this because she owns TWO. Gasp. No way. Yep…Sure enough. That’s apparently the going rate. Nice huh?  Guess I own a $65 recycling bin. ::momentofsilenceformymoney::

    this gif knows my life.
  • Yesterday was pretty busy so I just jumped on the treadmill and did a quick mile and a half so I could say I ran and I could feel like my metabolism got a tiny little boost. Okay. A pathetic boost but whatever. Don’t judge me.I was hoping to come home and get back on the treadmill but the surgery ran really late and by the time I got there I had a migraine that ruled my world so completely I couldn’t think and I still had to go to the store. By the time I got back from the store I just wanted to sleep. You should see my kitchen. No really. It looks really really bad.

    Today I’m going to walk the dog
    Strength train
    clean the kitchen
    attempt tomorrow’s blog (it’s in my head already)
    yoga my kinks out
    sign up for a class
    get out my sewing machine and start a project
    write a bill for congress
    sign up for the Peace Corps (wait, I need a degree for that)
    buy a dishwasher
    buy dog food (harder than you think, it’s a drive)
    sweat pants

    I think that’s it. Probably enough.




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I maybe should get outta these pajama pants.

It is crazy late in the day and I have taken far too long to write this but I have been doing a million things and true to my personality, not any of it was what I was supposed to be doing!

When I have company coming, that’s when I’ll choose to organize the closets.

Last night the dishwasher said, “oh…not paying attention? Perhaps instead of just … flooding…I’ll spend the whole NIGHT flooding so then you’ll HAVE to pay attention”.

And yes. we did. Water water everywhere and yuck.

slight exaggeration

Then I started the cleaning process for  EVERYTHING for Sean’s surgery tomorrow. Clothes, sheets, vacuum, dust, everything. It may be an odd request, but I don’t mind. It’s just time consuming.

So in the midst of all of this mandatory everything…I chose to clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

I don’t know why. It’s where my brain went. So my kitchen is spotless. Can’t go wrong with that.

And in the midst of it I am still in these stupid pajama pants because I don’t have sweat pants. I must go buy some.  I am the person that wakes up in the morning and MUST GET DRESSED NOW.

But I’m SO cold ~thank you winter~ I’m instead doing the “I’ll wait until I workout” thing. That always ends up happening later so I spend the whole day in my pajamas feeling like a smuck. A SMUCK. I think I spelled SMUCK wrong.


There you go.
I got my strength training in last night but my boys have been plowing out Colorado for two days so this up in the middle of the night to make sure MT is getting out the door okay, has warm clothes, is a functioning member of society about to drive somewhere, is screwing with my system so that’s about all I got done. I’m hoping today I’ll be a little more on.


But you know everyone was a beginner once. | 19 Things Only Women Who Lift Weights Will Understand:
That’s me…the beginner.
Run on…and be brave…


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I bring a whole new meaning to “slacker”.

So we’re having a snow day.  MT and Alex Michael have been out since 3am plowing and shoveling.

update: MT just got home so he’s only been out shoveling for 9.5 hours…yikes. 

I’m surprisingly not tired considering I was up half the night.

I put on my workout clothes first thing so I can be guaranteed to get it done today.

Yep. That means I didn’t get it done yesterday. I did have a migraine yesterday so that counts to a certain extent but nothing makes me feel worse than ending the day with 2000 steps on my day.


That is incredibly sad.

When Sean got home I was all set to start my workout but I was SO cold, and I felt so…bad…I opted to go lie down and take a nap to see if that helped. It didn’t really help my head but one thing led to another  and I was at the stalling level. I got sucked into the news (I really don’t like Cruz but I’m so freaking against Trump…there’s just no happy there) and from there I ended up watching the last half of Michael Clayton. If you haven’t watched this movie you should immediately do so. yes, I’ve seen it before but it’s just SO good. At which point I remembered I needed to be up at 2am. Hmm.  I should probably sleep. I may not again after 2..

And thus my ~non workout barely moved at all yesterday ~happened.

Remember how I love fresh starts?

So I have a goal and even though I never like to tell goals, I’ll tell this one because what the hell. Let me blow it right out of the park. My goal is to get my 10,000 steps in every day for February but here’s my caveat.

I know…there’s a caveat?

And…you know it’s February 2nd, right? You already blew it…

Yeah, I know. So I get makeup days. So maybe my goal should be that by the end of February I have at least ::doingthemath:: 290,000 steps. At least.

Whoa. That’s a lotta steps, People. Can I possible POSSIBLY do that??  I don’t know but probably. And it’s leap year so I have that extra day. Hopefully I get as many of them in daily as possible but I need to have makeup days in case of migraines and such.


In  The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz shares the deepest reaches of his heart to help us understand the ancient Toltec masteries of Awareness and Transformation.

I know. It’s a mouthful. But let’s just stick with this. The Four Agreements. They are clear and concise and just. so.basic.

Agreement number one is:

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love. source

This is so powerful. If your word isn’t to be counted on by yourself or by others there is no truth. There is no honesty in a relationship or in business or within yourself if you and everyone else cannot count on your own word. This means you must be accountable within yourself first. Otherwise what do you have? You don’t have anything, really. No relationship worth having. People can tell if you aren’t being true and honest and they don’t really want any part of that person. It’s a simple sentence that speaks volumes. Be Impeccable with your Word. Do that.


I am off to work out…see?  progress already.

And you’re genuinely conflicted when it comes to hitting the gym or hitting happy hour after work. | 21 Signs You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Working Out:

Run on…and put those miles in…


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Sweet List <3

Once again I missed my anniversary of my blogging. I’m classy like that. I loved re-reading it and how I was talking about eating a gluten filled cupcake. See? Classy. This doesn’t go on the Sweet List. It goes on the “DOH!” list. Oh man. I should so have that list. And yep. I don’t even WATCH The Simpsons but whenever I hear “Doh!” I immediately think…

~giggle~ yeah. Every time. I know. I swear I’m a grown up.

  1. My mom called her realtor to check into my little house (the upstairs my husband and I spent the first summer of our lives together 30 years ago and I long to own someday if it’s meant to be) and her realtor had actually sold it herself just this week! She’d sold it to a little family with three kids who had grown out of their own house. I think it sounds like the perfect family to get my house and I’m so glad it’s going to a family. It needs some work and the man apparently has experience in that area so he’ll fix it up. It made my heart happy. Well, as happy as it could be. They might have issues with me calling it “my house” so we’ll just keep that between us.

  2. Sean and I are watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this morning and it’s about The Four Agreements written by Don Miguel Ruiz. I love this book so much. I read it years and years ago and I bought the little pocket book and I have it stashed as a reminder. I typed The Four Agreements and laminated them and posted them on my wall. But as I watch this, I feel like I’m back in my Assembly of God church where I grew up because I’m periodically shouting out “YES! THAT!”.  I’m surprised I’m not giving an “Amen!”.  My Episcopal family is probably wondering what’s up. Read this book. Make your life better.
  3. Sean and MT and I went to see The Finest Hours. It was SO good. It was dramatic and wonderful and heartfelt and heart attack inducing but oh my gosh it was so good. I high recommend it.
  4. I got Theboy for the day Saturday and he was such a little punkin delight I could have stolen him for a whole week. He would have missed his mom in twelve minutes but for as long as he didn’t it would have been great! We took him to Target and from the moment we walked in the door he was totally spoiled. Because I can, that’s why.
    Workin’ with his Legos…
  5. Outback takeout for MT’s birthday. And I love Outback. It makes me very very happy. UPDATE: So we ordered takeout and I was able to write a note and let them know that I’m Celiac.  I was really nice in my note and very very clear. Turns out the cook knows someone Celiac so he was great about it and actually came out and spoke to Alex (he picked up the takeout) so I’m sure my meal was gluten free. Here’s the glitch. I get my steak medium well (I know, shut up. I get it). We are pretty sure they forgot my steak on the grill because the sucker was BLACK. It wasn’t edible. I really couldn’t eat it. It was pretty bad. Everyone seemed to think I should call, FB, make a bit of a fuss, but he had been so good about the Celiac thing and they did takeout for EIGHT PEOPLE, I felt like whatever, grand scheme not that big of a deal. The sweet potato and the asparagus were awesome so it’s not a crisis. And it was kind of funny. That sucker was a hockey puck.
  6. Theboy gave me a valentine. How cute is that? I’m so framing that sucker. I think they KIND of look like the aliens from War of the Worlds but I’m going to try not to over analyze that because it’s a Valentine and no one was obligated to give it to me, it was given because he likes me. That’s pretty freakin’ cute.
  7. My workout on Saturday was so hardcore I still feeling it today and wow. Seriously. I’m very sore. I’m pretty excited to workout today. I like feeling the pain. I wonder if that’s normal…
  8. source

  9. Sean is having surgery this week. We are putting a lot of hopes in that this is going to make him better. Not all of our hopes because we’re realistic people. But a lot of hopes. Re: prayers.
  10. Miss Erin over at Make.Believe made me these knitted cuffs that are SO CUTE.
    I wish I had that kind of talent. Alas, not. But hey…I clean really well. AND, if you need anything organized, I am your girl. That’s no joke actually. She also makes these great headbands that you can find over on her Etsy shop.
  11. Chipotle has gotten a clean bill of health from the CDC (I think they totally deserved it, I think this has been completely blown out of proportion by crazy ass commenters) and now I want Chipotle for like… a week. Why haven’t I had it? Because Qdoba is much closer to my house. LOL So now I need to drive a little farther because I love both but I want to support Chipotle right now.
  12. MT’s birthday. It LOOKS like a small fire but it’s really just 19 candles. He’s 19!!  That boy is all grown. He’s so freakin’ grown up.


  13. It’s February 1st. I love the first of every month. It always seems like a fresh start and a new beginning. Beginning of what, I”m not sure. But it always seems promising. Several social occasions are happening this week if the snow doesn’t take over, not counting surgery because that’s not exactly a social occasion. Ha.  I’m going to hunker down today and just do my workout. But the rest of the week is BUSY.

    Run on…


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In the light of day…

I’m not going to buy a house in MT.

Someone very close to me said, “you’re not going to buy a house”.

I said, “How do you know? We’re actually looking into it”.

And this person said, “because I know. You’re not going to”.

And I read that as…because you never do anything.

And I no longer wanted the house. Isn’t that kind of a bummer?

Yeah. I kind of think that, too. But someone passionate will buy it and love it and hopefully take down that AWFUL rock wall.

And I will do something interesting eventually. Probably. or not. But I’ll dream about doing lots of stuff because I have a head full of really really cool things and I can’t be stopped from that.

I have theboy today so I’m keeping this short today so I can throw a quick workout in and go for a ~life affirming joyful uplifting endorphin filled~ run.


A quick note:  It’s MT’s birthday today…yep. He’s 19 years old and I’m pretty sure he’s been 19 for like…most of his life. He’s totally a grown up and is so over the kid thing. I’m not sure he was ever a kid. Really.

He’s working today and tomorrow we’re going out to dinner and we’re having presents and Outback and cake and family and delicious and all that is good and right with the world. It’s a good day.
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Reaching goals takes hard work! This quote can motivate you to keep up the good work...it will be worth the effort!:

Sometimes you stop in life and think that you can't do something. But actually, you can. Trust that. Go for it. It's worth it. Work hard. Do what you need to. It's worth it in the end.:

Run on…


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