Chicago is HERE! Michelle is running it and rocking it!

Michelle leaves for CHICAGO TODAY!!! I am SO excited (and not gonna lie super sad I’m not running it with her. Running a marathon is HARD and running is alone is HARDER.  But she is awesome and has totally handled her training like a rockstar so I am excited to be giving her text message support in the form of obnoxious signs I should be holding up that she would totally be missing as she ran by and also in the form of Johnny Depp images. Because Johnny Depp.

Flashback to NYCM and you know what she’s going to miss???? That awesome Dunkin’ Donuts hat of mine.  She was super jealous of it. She had to settle for her NYCM hat…she was forced to buy the last one. It was sad. Mine was free off the streets. Clearly God loves me. (Michelle…text me! I’ll bring it to the airport if you decide you want it for Chicago!  77* is perfect weather for it!)


Miss G and I headed out again this morning and it’s such a lovely way to start the morning we decided to meet again Friday.  The walking is great and I feel really good getting out and moving.

Although in all honesty I’ve had migraine after migraine. I’m pretty over that.

I’d like to say it’s the Whole30 but I don’t think you can have a migraine when you’ve only been eating this way for 24 hours. LOL  Especially when the migraine has been around for a week or so on and off. Feel free to move on Migraine Guy…

Maybe I could blame it on the Blood Moon.

Super Blood Moon

~photo by Tim Durkan (isn’t this INCREDIBLE? Here’s an interview he did on how he took this amazing photo I randomly came across while searching for a smart ass answer to my migraine problems…if you’re interested…cause I was)

On a side SIDE note:  We get to pick insurance today. Or should I say, we get to sign up for the insurance company they have today. THAT was scary. We’ve always had choices and this company (fabulous though they are) only has one. Hope it’s good.  I know…beggars can’t be choosers and I should be grateful and oh my gosh how elitist do I sound…yes. All of that. I am completely all of that. I’m mostly just thinking..okay. How much do I have to rebuild my personal healthcare if my own doctor group doesn’t take my new insurance? But they do take it so that’s one giant step forward.

Sean spent the day trying to figure out the best one that would work for his super high maintenance wife (now that’s love…forget diamonds) and finally decided he needed to call them.
So tomorrow morning we try again. I have faith. Tomorrow we WILL have insurance.



Tonight I made baby steps in the house. I started sorting some projects that hopefully I can finally get organized and finish. FINISH.

Yeah, I’m not TOO hopeful but I did get some little things done. I had these little homemade picture frames that Shaughnessy and Adam gave me a few years ago and I didn’t have photos I really thought worked in them. I did finally get some that suited them and I found a good spot.  THAT was a good feeling. Ridiculous I know. But I felt so bad not hanging these before as there was much love put into them.

And if there wasn’t well at least there was time and attention. HA.

Baby steps on those GIANT LISTS of projects.

I need to foam roll and trigger point my Achilles so I think I’ll ditch after this quickie and go take care of that. I’m feeling sad tonight so I’m hangin’ out in my beloved sweatshirt.  Before you know it…it’ll be tomorrow .

Or maybe it already is.


With the Whole30 we’re hoping to do a little of both. Hoping. Sean so far is not on board. Starting day 3 today…

Run on…


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Everybody and nobody has the answer.

I have Runner’s World in my Facebook feed.

Today they came up with an article that was entitled “What Runners Need To Know About Achilles Tendinitis”

Feeling a moment of… relief…interest…whatever…I open the article…

As I’m reading I notice there are additional suggested articles about Achilles Tendinitis.


Yes Folks. In case you needed some extra information ..there are 38 articles on or related to Achilles Tendinitis.

I should have NO problem figuring this out. There’s clearly an easy way to heal myself.

Good Lord. No wonder I’m not fixed.

If this didn’t work…I can go to article number TWO.

Maybe article number THREE is it.

Maybe it’s because of the hills I run

Maybe it’s my shoes.

Maybe it’s because I pronate/overpronate.

Maybe it’s because I look at the moon every third Tuesday.

Damn that moon looking.

Maybe it’s because I stretched too much.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t stretch enough.

Maybe it’s because….and thus you have my world of questions.

And yes…I’m probably going to skim the articles.

shut up.


Sean has been sick. Not deathly ill can’t move sick but he really doesn’t feel good. He’s been dealing with this for a few years and the doctors have been awesome about giving him DRUGS.

Now, yes. Normally I’m totally on board with this and believe whole heartedly in better living through pharmaceuticals.

But in this case…no. I think less is more.  The cleaner he eats I think the better. 

So today we’re starting the Whole30.

Now I know what you are all thinking…

um…aren’t you like two years late to be on this bandwagon?  Yes. Yes I think we are.

But since I live completely gluten free which means mostly whole30 anyway (except for those Skittles ~ Taste the rainbow)

It’s not too much of a stretch for me.

It’s a little harder for Sean but only because he doesn’t eat much anyway.

He is very much a grab it if he can find it kind of guy so the cooking aspect will be new for each of us. I’m glad I’m home right now. It’s the perfect time to do it. I hope it makes him feel better. I’ve heard great things about it.

Alex Michael is not thrilled and only wants more meat. Vegetables are NOT carbs! He’s all about weight gain for training.  And MT isn’t thrilled…please remember to buy bread and cheese for grilled cheese and yes…waffles, too.

I live in a complicated world.

The Whole30 diet has some basic rules.

  • Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial. No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. Read your labels, because companies sneak sugar into products in ways you might not recognize.
  • Do not consume alcohol in any form, not even for cooking. (And it should go without saying, but no tobacco products of any sort, either.)
  • Do not eat grains. This includes (but is not limited to) wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, millet, bulgur, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, sprouted grains and all of those gluten-free pseudo-grains like quinoa. This also includes all the ways we add wheat, corn and rice into our foods in the form of bran, germ, starch and so on. Again, read your labels.
  • Do not eat legumes. This includes beans of all kinds (black, red, pinto, navy, white, kidney, lima, fava, etc.), peas, chickpeas, lentils, and peanuts. No peanut butter, either. This also includes all forms of soy – soy sauce, miso, tofu, tempeh, edamame, and all the ways we sneak soy into foods (like lecithin).
  • Do not eat dairy. This includes cow, goat or sheep’s milk products such as cream, cheese (hard or soft), kefir, yogurt (even Greek), and sour cream… with the exception of clarified butter or ghee. (See below for details.)
  • Do not consume carrageenan, MSG or sulfites. If these ingredients appear in any form on the label of your processed food or beverage, it’s out for the Whole30.
  • Do not try to re-create baked goods, junk foods, or treats* with “approved” ingredients. Continuing to eat your old, unhealthy foods made with Whole30 ingredients is totally missing the point, and will tank your results faster than you can say “Paleo Pop-Tarts.” Remember, these are the same foods that got you into health-trouble in the first place—and a pancake is still a pancake, regardless of the ingredients.  –source


There are a lot of extra bits of information but these are the basics.

So far we’ve already broken the rules. Each of us. We had gum

yep. We blew it already. Classic.


Well I’m not discounting it. We’ll do it for 31 days. It’s just gum.

Starting fresh tomorrow with no gum.

I assume this is like going gluten free. You figure out on day 5, 9. 14 and 28 all these things you’ve been doing wrong the whole time. But hopefully you still benefit from it.  I’m still finding gluten issues and I’ve been hard core gluten free for over a year.

We’re going with that.


Miss G and I walked this morning.



It was dark.

She isn’t quite ready to run outside by herself and apparently the motivation to work out has lapsed. So we’re walking in the mornings and it’s SO beautiful. The weather is incredible here with the fall being so cool and the light just coming in.

We all know Fall in Colorado only lasts twelve minutes so we’re enjoying it while we can.

It started out dark this morning but quickly turned to this:


Yeah…I’d TOTALLY rather be sleeping…


Is that not the most gorgeous morning?  It makes me want cotton candy.

Tonight I’m off to walk the mall with Miss Hollie and Miss Norma in a misguided attempt to get in miles that way. That is not a workout Ladies. ::eyeroll:: That is called strolling through the mall while shopping.

Norma’s response was “don’t H8”

after several messages similar to this (I swear she’s an adult) and several messages that seemed convoluted I realized she was not exactly paying attention. She was reading two things at once.

So wrong.

fired animated GIF

I’m meeting them at the mall tonight. To shop clearly. Because that’s so not a workout. Ha.


Schedule "me time" and stick to it! As moms we don't have the time, we have to make it! YOU are important too!:

Run on…


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It’s been an emotional week, but I’m still happy. Is that possible? I think so.

I spent some time today just going over what was bothering me about that little business thing I had to deal with yesterday.

I’d tell you the details but they weren’t really important. It was more the outskirts of the situation that mattered.

What mattered was this:

I presented a situation I wasn’t clear on and what came back was defensiveness. Instead of recognizing I should be heard as a customer and listening to my concerns, she said, “In five years no one has ever criticized my form before.” 

I’m sorry?

I was summarily dismissed and made to feel like it was my problem. I presented this to my husband who is notoriously objective and he agreed the form we were discussing could definitely use some clarification.

It was disappointing. It was really…really disappointing. It clearly bothered me the whole day and that just doesn’t happen very often so I had to talk it out a little more. Thanks for hearing me.


I was supposed to walk with Miss Hollie Lollie Coconut today but unfortunately she got violently ill and decided throwing up would be her thing instead.

OR…it’s the best excuse EVER not to walk four miles with me. WhatEVER…

I’ve got my eye on you Miss Hollie.

So I didn’t get a walk in…nor my steps. But I’m going to do some yoga because I’m super tight. Always. I’m always super tight.


Sean started his new job today and it’s world’s away from his old job. For the first time in nearly 30 years of marriage I can call him on his cell phone at work…he won’t have a pager (yes Folks, a pager) to be reached.  He worked in a vault. It was the only way to reach him in there and hello..sometimes even that didn’t work. I technically can see his office if I want to..THAT’S never happened. And he can wear shorts and flip flops to work. Although that would be a sight. I’d like to see him go to work in flip flops. Ha. It’s quite the atmosphere.

The biggest change??  it’s a Mac world now People…a Mac world.

He seems to be adjusting quite nicely…are we surprised??  Nope.  Just a new toy…


Lets talk Cheerios.

A few months ago Cheerios announced they were going gluten-free. Like seriously big deal Celiac gluten-free.

They shared how they were making the process happen.  They were open about it because they really wanted the Celiac community and their support.

Gluten Free cheerios are made of gluten-free oats instead of normal oats.

This means they are contaminated with wheat and barley and they have to mechanically remove the grains until the result is 20ppm (parts per million)  or under. This is the legal limit.

which cheerios are gluten free


Then to test this General Mills has chosen, unfortunately, “mean testing”.

They take multiple boxes of Cheerios and mix them together then test that batch. So let’s say you have 10 boxes at 10ppm and one box at 80 ppm. Doing the math (10×10=100+80=180/11=16.363) this comes to 16.363.  Under the allowable 20ppm. So all the boxes are allowed. If that 80ppm gets onto the shelf…someone is sick…very sick.

This is an unfortunate choice for testing.

Then we get to today’s announcement. 

Embedded image permalink

This was tweeted by Cheerios today. And on the news. And on Facebook. And I’m sure everywhere it can possibly be. Because hello…that’s a LOT of cereal.

I have not eaten Cheerios. I don’t and I won’t. I don’t love cereal anyway, never really have and eat it very VERY rarely. But when I do, Cheerios was never my go to choice. I’m certainly not comfortable with how they have chosen to produce it, however. I think their heart is in the right place but that doesn’t give me much comfort that everything is being done to make sure my health is first and foremost their top consideration. Exhibit A would be the recall.

It’s just not worth it.

Please be careful of your choices out there. Just because it says gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean it has been done correctly. Do your research. Eating less processed food in general is the safest choice of all.


Generally speaking I’ve had a mixed emotional week. I think that’s been obvious.

The history with my dad’s family.

I am beyond not running, my legs go back and forth between not hurting and hurting so it’s a roller coaster.

This ridiculous business thing that obviously weighed on me. I clearly put too much stock into these things.

And really I don’t even want to talk about what the hell my hair is doing right now.

But hey…

we can choose to be happy. These things are inconsequential things that do not rule our world.

Well except that no running thing. That’s important.

But the other things…NOT IMPORTANT>

So I may come on here with a down day. Or two.

But I am still ridiculously happy, don’t ever doubt that for a second.

Happier than a bird with a french fry...because happiness is a choice I make, based on a grateful heart.:

Run on….and go an extra mile for me, would you? Thanks!!


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My Vivofit is angry at me and I don’t know why. Story of my life.

First let’s tackle this.

My blog apparently has had a grudge against me and we NEVER KNEW IT>

I have a friend who has been trying to subscribe for WEEKS and every time she puts her email in and anxiously awaits the confirmation email back…it doesn’t come.

So I had MT (always handy, those children. I knew there was a reason to keep having them. See Mom? You questioned that third one) try with his email and surprise surprise…there was no confirmation email.

They both use gmail so we began to get a little suspicious of Google.

So Sean tested it with HIS email and it worked.

So he tested it with his OTHER email and it worked.

So now it looks like I have more subscribers. I’m going to open 100 more emails under pseudonyms and subscribe under those so I’ll be super popular. And to up the interesting I’ll even selfie under disguises… HA! You know that would be fun.

The WHOLE POINT of this is if you have TRIED to subscribe and it hasn’t worked if you could shoot me an email at or comment below that would be great. Then I’ll know if it’s just this one friend and MT who are having trouble. Or if it’s just gmail. or if it’s just the planets being out of whack..the Blood Moon.  Whatever.


I bought a Garmin Vivofit2

First I tormented all of my friends that had one to see if I should by the Vivofit2 or the newer Garmin. I mean…really. they are SO different and will I use all the different features? But my ~I don’t work anymore and my husband’s car is dead and we have to replace a computer and oh yeah we have to go to NYC this weekend because we forgot and this month is Shaughnessy’s birthday, then it’s Adam’s, then it’s theboy’s, then it’s Jesus’s, then it’s Sean’s then it’s MT’s~ budget is not cooperating with my desire for that dang Garmin. So I shall wait. I am patient and my need is not great. Truthfully my want is not great either. It’s just one of those hmm…that would be pretty. I can’t even use it right now! Easy decision.

So I bought the Vivofit2 which is supposed to beep at you when you stop moving for an hour I guess? It’s a reminder to get off your butt and move it move it.  But for some reason I get like a little beep/vibrate thing when I’m full on booking it through the house doing laundry or something. What the hell? Also…I have no idea what those beeps mean. I keep googling. It keeps not answering.  I definitely feel like it’s unhappy with me.  But it must be a man because it won’t open up and tell me what it’s feeling.

I’m going to keep googling and reading. I have a lot going on. My life is complicated right now.


My goal this weekend was to find my house and I really truly did find a lot of it.

Last night I cleaned my second bathroom and decided to start painting it. What a relief. I figured I’d work on it some more today.


So..I had a business call to make today.

It was awkward.

It had a little business and a little personal to it so I opened with talking to her about her running, something we had in common.

We went from there to talking about why I called.

I ended up feeling so uncomfortable I was really sorry I even attempted the call.

It was one of those situations there was no change to be had. You were simply criticizing and that is the only way they would take it.

I was disappointed in the direction they took and I’m sure they are thinking…whoa. Chick is high maintenance.

No. Chick just likes things done very detailed. So if you have one customer that has an issue, maybe that’s something that should be addressed. Just a thought.  Customer service. Respect.
personal animated GIF
Yeah…that’s about the attitude I got, too. “so we’re done here?”
um…I guess.

Pretty sure I got dismissed.

She tried to ease things up by talking about MY running and I thought…no. I’m not really into this conversation. Are you seriously trying to small talk me? No. Not after that dismissal.
My goal today is to get some exercise (probably take a mind clearing walk) and do some yoga to stretch my legs out…my ever and always tight legs, finish at least one project. ONE PROJECT.

Montana left for his second class today and saw me standing here in sweats at 11am and said…”I wish I could do that!”

Yeah…I feel gross so I won’t be doing it long. But this morning it was perfect. 


Good luck to Sean today..first day at his new job! :)


Run on…

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Ridin’ the Rails…

We have theboy for a few days (they are actually getting him today) so he and I have been hanging out.

Yesterday I was running an errand to return something and decided to ride the light rail!

So I asked theboy if he wanted to ride the train and oh man that was a hellyes.
excited animated GIF
So…he’s four so maybe it was more like this…
Supernatural Yes animated GIF

Well,he might have but he didn’t. Instead he said, “when can we ride the train? can we ride the train now? Now? Now? When can we ride the train? Now?” pretty much every fifteen minutes until we did. I told him on Thursday night. We went Friday around noon.

Rookie mistake. Not sure what I was thinking there…

I’ve never taken that route before, we usually go downtown. To be sure I wouldn’t get lost with a four year old I checked the schedule online…AND I called customer service and checked with THEM to make sure I had the right train.

Packed our little backpack and headed out. We had a bottle of water and snacks and a fully charged phone. I realize this is 2015 but this is a whole day with a four year old and I don’t care if it’s 1975, 1995 or 2015…if you don’t have snacks…you are screwed.  And he ate those snacks, too.

We got parked, got our tickets and picked our train.
IMG_20151002_120422005 (1)

I even double checked, made sure we were right and we hopped on the train. This was one excited boy.


His hair is SUPER curly and really really soft. But when he sleeps on it the curls go flat so you have to wet it and get it going it again. I did it that morning but I missed his little sideburns. The child looked like Elvis all day. I kept trying to get it damp and curl it up but I just couldn’t seem to get it.

Hence I rode the train with Elvis.

We hopped off (shortest train ride ever) and over to our connection…

Right on time…perfect connection…

Rode it like clockwork…

Waited for our stop…

and waited…

hmm…it’s been awhile…(meanwhile theboy is freakin’ THRILLED to be on the train)

We finally got off the train at a random stop (theboy was not happy) and looked at the map. So not near our destination.

I bought a ticket back to our stop as my ticket wouldn’t work for where I was now going. I was out of my zone. Then I called Customer Service AGAIN. Asked pointed questions to make sure I had the right trains…she was very careful and said oh yes..your train (gave me the letter)  is coming in three minutes Southbound. Take it to such and such a stop (very specific) and you’ll be good. I was set.

Train shows up. We hop on it with 2.3 seconds to spare. I double check with the lady on the train and she says…nope. Wrong train but it’s okay…you can totally transfer at the first stop onto THIS train it’s totally easy. She walks me through it. I look at the map. She’s right, it is easy. I thank her and we get off the train. But theboy doesn’t want to and I have to physically drag him and I’m laughing my ass off at this point because all he wants to do is ride the train!

We easily make the transfer. Whew. Sitting on the train we are watching the stops go and they go and they go….and eventually…we are back to our second stop and well on our way back HOME> We never hear our destination stop. Ever.

At this point I decide I’m so over trying to find the freaking stop that takes me to our destination I figure it’s divine intervention. The goal today was two fold. The main goal was theboy gets to ride the train. The secondary and least important goal was my errand to return something. Eh. I can use the car tomorrow. I voted to do that.

Our day in numbers:

Three customer service phone calls making sure I had the right information

Three innocent bystanders who seemed well informed on what they were talking about

Five trains/five transfers

$13 dollars

two tickets

Zero returns to the store

Perfect day ever because he was SO HAPPY the whole day

My view of theboy pretty much the whole time…


Sean’s last day of work was yesterday, he had a going away party last night at a BJ’s Brewery. I couldn’t find my keys anywhere and as I tore the house apart trying to find them, Eliot sat on the floor playing with legos and not getting his shoes. I went to the car to look there and Eliot declared he was coming, too! By then I was already out there so the door was left open…and Malachi followed.

So now Malachi is running around loose, I can’t find my keys, Eliot doesn’t have his shoes on, I’m already 15 minutes late and I’m pretty sure I could use the alcohol I bet they are all consuming right now.

Deep breaths.

One thing at a time.

I come in the house, grab the spare keys from the drawer.

Go to the front door and open it, leaving it open.

Malachi makes his way in because he’s lumbering like that.

Back to the car with the shoes…Eliot gets in his car seat…I put his shoes on…

one thing at a time…

Lock the house…straighten up…get in the car…breathe deep.

It’s been a day. 

We back out, drive down the block and around the corner and stop at the stop light and theboy says, “this is taking a long time”. 

Am I still on the train? I think I’m still on the train.


This article is very me. Not right this second because I haven’t been right since I gave my notice at my job but I feel like today and tomorrow…I’m going to find my groove and get myself back. I miss me so much.

The 12 Habits Of People With Homes That Are Always Clean

I generally do #1-8 but #9-11 is a little iffy. I definitely think #12 is good and I use that a lot.

For the record…my house is never always clean. But when I’m on schedule it’s definitely better than it has been.

I’m ready for chaos to be kicked out.


If I get a chance I’m going back to the gym today and some yoga and cardio. Big dreams for the day and lots to do.

We’ll see!!

Alex said I can skip the squats and do the leg press instead because the squat bar keeps  giving me a bruise on my spine.

Am I doing it wrong? Possibly. Is it just me?


At the very least…we’re doing cardio today because walking with Miss Hollie feels SO GOOD.

We need to moveitmoveit

animation animated GIF


Yep. That.

Run on…


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Back to the gym to strength train for the first time in weeks….how many weeks is so not an important detail…

So…this is Friday, right?  Tuesday I went to the gym to do some strength work and get some cardio in. But since I haven’t strength trained in several weeks it wore me out completely so there was no cardio to be had.  I just did a warm up mile on the elliptical and then did the weights.

I did:



Two leg machines that most personal trainers have voted are ~totally worthless and why waste your time good Lord DO find something else to do~

Hmm…Good to know.

Must research better I suppose.

I walked with Miss Hollie for three miles and felt MUCH better.

Wednesday I woke up about 5am feeling really REALLY GOOD.

5:15am I thought…hm. There’s that muscle. Not like I didn’t expect DOMS to kick in. I’ve actually not really been looking forward to this. It’s the crummy part of working out. Sigh.

Yep.  About 9am I was full on into ~ohholycowwhatwasIthinkingtoworkout?~

Remember, that was Wednesday. This is Friday. I still hurt. I’m not very happy about that.

Maybe my days are off. I feel like it’s been longer. Maybe I worked out on Monday. That’s how bad I hurt! I’m sure I’ve been in pain for like SIX MONTHS.

On the bright side, I don’t care about my Achilles anymore. Worked like a charm.

When I would complain about something hurting my dad would offer to hit me with a hammer or something to take my mind off the pain.

He was such a generous loving man.


I have a pair of jean shorts I bought at Kohl’s last year. They’re a Kohl’s brand and I am PRETTY sure I bought them in the Junior section.

Don’t get excited…they aren’t THAT tiny. But for some random reason I ignored them for a whole year. This year I tried them on in a quick ~hey, I need shorts~ and they are soft like buttah!

Needless to say, I’ve been living in them.

Every day.

No seriously, every day.

I never wear pants. I just wear these shorts.

When I worked, I would come home and change into them.

Geez I’ve worn them so much I’m thinking I need to tell people I have three pair so they don’t start wonder how I’m possibly getting them washed that fast and then wearing them again in so short a time.

Are you wondering why I don’t just go BUY two more pair? I TRIED. I’ve even looked online. Not to be found. SO wrong.

I told Andrea this dilemma and that I was “concerned” I would get a hole in them thus “outing” me that I really only have one pair and she wisely suggested I tell people they came distressed.

This is why she’s my friend. She’s a thinker, that one.

I “misplaced” my debit card (only not because I knew I had put it in my back pocket I just wasn’t thinking as to which back pocket) and had to wear…gasp…jeans one day. I couldn’t find it. I just couldn’t find it. The next day I was getting ready to head out and thought..dammit. I really need to find my debit card…oh wait. Reached into my back pocket. Yep. There it was. Because I was wearing those jeans. Ha.

I need jean short intervention.

I would say it’s quite sad but I REALLY LIKE THEM>


I walked with Miss Hollie again last night…we had theboy with us (he’s spending a few days entertaining us!) and we went to the runaroundpark so we could walk. He made it 3/4 of the way before he stopped to look at a bug.

Good times.

He did finally make it the rest of the way and MT was there to take him home because our pace was definitely slow.

Hollie and I walked two more miles and made plans for next week. My body is thanking me for movement and my Achilles are not.


This morning he asked me for breakfast. I made him a smoothie and he wanted toast with it. I said Just toast? He said “Toast with a great deal of butter”.

Ha. Okay then.

We are taking the train to the mall and then back to Aurora because it’s Papa Sean’s LAST DAY OF WORK! Havin’ a big get together and we have to show up and pretend we care. WhatEVER. ::eyeroll::

We like him. We care. We’re showin’ up. :)

This is big news…Last day with the same company for 18 years.

He’s pretty awesome and they already told him he can come back. He said he’ll be escorted out after being debriefed. I said wow…that’s a whole different kind of escorted out then I got from that job I had…(not my last job…job before that..I don’t think I made a lot of friends there)

Ha. Clearly he’s more of a rule follower than I am.

He starts his new job on Monday and we’re TOTALLY UNINSURED for two full days. TWO FULL DAYS. He said he was going to bubble wrap me and keep me in the house. Paranoid much?  LOL


last thing…I opened the fridge this morning and found a grocery bag with…random unidentifiable stuff in it. I sent out this email to the men that live with me:

Okay: What’s in the bag…and is it contagious?

Alexander came back with info:  it was leftovers from Mike…it’s actually pretty good. 

Sean came back with this:
whatever it is, don’t eat it.  we don’t have health insurance this weekend.
I love him.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. #positive #life #quote:

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What’s in a name? This is not about running. Today I have to talk.


What is it…that makes a name mean so much?

Years ago when I named my kids I didn’t think about long term. I was young.

My sister gave her boys our maiden name for their middle names and by the time I knew that I already had two kids and they had their names and it was too late to change it. But oh I thought that was so smart. I was so envious she’d had the foresight to do that.

We’ve always been so proud of our extended families.  We are proud and loyal to each other. As girls…we don’t get the joy of passing on our dad’s family name.

My dad remarried in his last few years of life. He adopted the woman’s teenage son. I tried very hard to fit in with them and never felt very welcomed. When my dad died his daughters were virtually ignored as everyone was concerned for his wife and son. It was very painful to experience. There was a difficult falling out when she made it painfully obvious in a letter she wanted nothing to do with me so I separated myself from the family. It took years to get to the point where I could think about her without being angry and bitter.

I thank God for that gift.  It took prayer and a lot of running.

Her son just got married, I found out tonight. And after all of these years of feeling virtually nothing for them…finding out he’s married, his new wife has my dad’s name and their children will have my dad’s name…I burst into tears.

I felt it deep in my soul. My stomach hurts.

This one is hard to process.



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Sweet List <3

  1.  This story about a family that gives up their whole life ~jobs and all~ to take their family (three darling kids) on a 13,000 mile trip from Argentina to Pennsylvania to see the Pope. I mean…I can’t even. Oh wait, you want the best part?  He’s been reading their blog  (which you can get in English…mostly haha) and he actually asks to meet them! ::warmfuzziesandhappiness:: What a great story.
  2. Weekend with my mom and sister hanging out and having fun. Eating ridiculously unhealthy foods and laughing at ridiculously stupid stuff until I’m afraid the neighbors are going to come knocking on the door.  Ha. It was fun…we’re doing it again.  #getaways  #kindofastaycation #doeswyomingcount
    fun animated GIF
  3. I turned on the television tonight as I was going to bed and one of my favorite movies is on…Unstoppable. I am a train nut and hello…Denzel Washington? Apparently I won’t be sleeping tonight.
  4. Burgers at Five Guys.
    Why are you shocked???  Seriously how could you not know by now that I love burgers and cupcakes? I mean, really. Also…I do love a great Cobb Salad.
  5. So randomly…Five Guys does not offer a gluten free bun for your burger. They do everything else but not that. I personally see no use for a lettuce wrapped burger, so I took my own gluten free bun in. I KNOW. Crazy, right? Nevertheless, worked well.  It’s also a surprise that they only have American cheese, is that even cheese?
  6. Sitting outside enjoying the moon this evening, the air was so beautiful and crisp…cool and clean. I think I need to go camping. I haven’t gone in years and I think it’s time to go again. It’s easier without toddlers.
  7. In Casper we stayed at the Best Western Plus  which was BRAND NEW and hello…is there anything more fabulous than a brand new hotel SO new the hotel right next to it was still being built. The best part of that is you don’t walk around wondering how many years of ick is in the carpet. I love that. Nathan at the front desk helped me.  Thanks Nathan!
  8. I got the best piece of jewelry from Blue Door in NYC. I got it at a street sale but with a business card found them online. Sadly it looks like their inventory is drastically low online from what they had at the street sale. They had SO much and it was all unique and beautiful. I love unique jewelry. If you can’t see it, there’s a little man sitting on a bridge and the moon is out…it’s a scene. I love the whole concept. I almost got a rectangle one with a bicyclist. It was SO charming. They have a little round one with a cyclist I didn’t see before. It’s pretty cute. I’d take that. Really, this jewelry is so up my alley and I’d own all of it.
  9. Miss Andrea sent me flowers to thank me for coming to her party. Because that’s who she is. She sends me flowers. To thank me. For coming to her PARTY. She won’t send you flowers though. Because I’m her favorite. They are a favorite flower of mine and so beautiful. I love her. Of course…now she set the bar pretty high so I may never ask her to another party because I don’t want to have to order her flowers. Geez. No pressure.
  10. I was doing some reading earlier today and came across a list of things people like in bloggers. It was nice to see it laid out…I like things nice and clean like that. I mean, I don’t actually follow those rules and I’m pretty sure that’s why I have what my darling friend Norma refers to as a “baby blog” ha. But that’s okay. I have a good idea of what I want, where I’m going and what I like. And I’m a rule follower but only when I like the rules.
  11. I think I’m going to get a new tattoo. I actually want a few, nothing big, just little ones. But I definitely need to schedule an appt and just schedule one and get it done.
    Interestingly enough…after speaking to my neurologist he told me the Botox shots hurt far worse on my right side than my left because the right side is where I get my migraines. And that’s the side my back tattoo hurt the most. So I guess I can only get a tattoo on my left side.

    From now on…I’ll be the left side tattooed lady. I definitely don’t think that will look strange at all.
  12. Last week before my trip I spent the whole day running errand after errand and feeling very organized. Of course, there are many more to be done. Today I spent the entire day on the computer trying to get computer errands done. I didn’t finish but I got a lot done.  It’s that kind of week. Get things done. That has to be the up side to not having a job to go to. Getting caught up on life.

    ~that actually does make me really happy***
  13.  While I was gone, Sean vacuumed. If you have read me for any length of time you know that saves the chaos in my brain from making me crazy.
    It’s the little things.
    Sometimes the smallest things... - Winnie the Pooh:
    For lack of running ability we’ll be encouraging other kinds of workouts. Mostly to motivate me. Ha. That’s for another post. Meanwhile…Get off the couch. ~Again..that was for me~

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What is your greatest commodity?

First of all, I dare you to watch Stepmom without crying. Sheesh.

When I left the house yesterday The Karate Kid was on. I should have stuck to that.  Can’t go wrong with cheesy eighties movies.

Oh hey…it’s on again! I need to change the channel…can you hold on a second? Thanks


I absolutely need to move soon.

Not from my house… I just need to be a moving body. I am going slowly insane not running. I’m not complaining about the not running but I will say I’m much happier when I do run. I’m pretty much in a funk right now.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m unemployed.

I need a job. And I need to go to school.

And I need to run.

I’m going to mention NYC for a tinybriefsecond and then we’re done.

We ate somewhere that was rated well, Celiac friendly, and upon questioning was we were reassured they could handle my salad and fries.

Yes, I got salad AND fries.

Don’t judge me.

I’ve eaten there before (it’s a chain that shall remain nameless) and also gotten sick but I assumed it was the service.

I think whatever they are doing they THINK is Celiac friendly…well…it’s not.

Because I have been sicker than I’ve ever been this week.

It’s okay…this isn’t a sympathy post it’s a dawning realization post. Who knew I could get this sick?

I got the usual miserable symptoms a Celiac gets…

You know…all that TMI ..

and then on Monday I added unbelievable muscle and joint pain.’s easier to stay in bed then move.

Oh my gosh…I would wake up in the morning and think…what the hell is WRONG with me?  But I knew what it was because I got sick like..30 minutes after I ate there and it went downhill from there.  I was able to continue seeing NYC but I definitely had uncomfortable moments. The pain really didn’t kick in until a few days later. Thank heaven.

So I’m starting to come out of it a little bit. A week of eating clean has helped me. I’m drinking a TON of water. So.much.water.

and I’m sorry to put this out there but Advil is my friend. My fingers are killing me.

If pain is in the mind could someone tell my fingers??  Unfriendly.

I think another week and the worst should be over. Especially if I continue clean eating and lots of water. I really think that’s the answer. And now that I am home I can make sure all that happens.

But that’s why there hasn’t been one single word about exercise this week. I was lucky to walk down the stairs.

I miss it so much.

I’m going to start walking with a friend on Monday.  Someone who is normally full of joy but currently is trying to find it. I miss her joy. We’re going to look for it.  But I think the gym with a little elliptical and adding strength training back in is in order.  I need it to help power through those days when I do get poisoned.

Eating out is hard. It’s way more work than I ever want to put into it and frequently I just would rather not eat. I’m not that hungry anyway I’d rather just not do it. I’m there for the company, I want the company.



What is your greatest commodity?

Commodity:  noun com·mod·i·ty \kə-ˈmä-də-tē\

something or someone that is useful or valued

Andrea and I talked about time and family being our greatest commodities.

Interestingly enough…we both felt like we’ve always appreciated those things and it’s not our age. It’s just who we are. Probably why we connected so quickly as friends. Neither of us take anything for granted. Every moment is important.

Someone asked her last week if she was happy. She said she is ridiculously happy.

Yes.  Life presents struggles and pain, transmissions break down and kids get in car accidents.

But when it comes right down to it we are so incredibly blessed by what we have. And even when you’re having those awful days, the days where everything hurts, you flunked a test, your co worker sucks, the checkout girl was rude and the guy honked at you….how blessed are you? Supremely.

We are in fact unequivocally joyful.  Enjoy those minutes. Do you have to love every one of them? No. Some of them have caused great pain. But the whole package is happiness.

"Don't waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window—or break down a door." - Brooke Shields // #WWWQuotesToLiveBy:

Run on…

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Still Brave…

I really loved the 25 Small Actions That Are Actually Very Brave list on Buzzfeed so I’m going to grab another five and highlight them today. It’s important to recognize the big moments of bravery AND the little moments.

On the last post we highlighted numbers 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. I know, random. But those in particular had resonated with me.

So today I’m going to grab the following:

8. When you start up a conversation with a stranger. Sean will tell you I do this all the time.
I will talk to the person in line at the grocery store.
I will talk to the person in the seat next to me on the plane.
I will talk to someone sitting by me in the waiting room.
But there’s plenty of times I’m flat out rejected and I get the “don’t talk to me” look.  That’s not embarrassing at all. 

rejected animated GIF

And from RUNNERS no less. One time I was given an opportunity from the local MRTT group to attend a very popular  runner author/blogger speaking event. The room was filled with women. Women that were runners.  It should have been inspiring. Instead I spent two hours without one person speaking to me. I attempted a few conversations ~and for the record I think I can safely say I can make small talk pretty well~ and no one would speak to me. No one. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable. Even at my advanced age, it was middle school cafeteria all over again.  Those are the kind of situations that send me retreating. 

But if I retreated every time I was uncomfortable or scared I’d never meet the Christina’s of the world. I’ve had the best conversations and made friendships I would never have connected if I hadn’t been brave enough to just speak up.

 It’s hard.

It’s worth it.

10. When you say no to something you really don’t want, even though it’s going to upset people around you. This is REALLY hard for me. I do not like to upset people. I’d way rather suck it up and do it then say no and make waves. But recently, I’d say in the last year, I’ve found my voice. Or maybe I’ve started finding my voice. In some circumstances I’m able to say unequivocally…I will not be doing that. The answer is no. It’s not good for me and I don’t need to process that kind of stress on top of whatever else is happening. I don’t know if I’m feeling all powerful but my soul is strong. I’ll take that.

no animated GIF

12. When you stand up for yourself and your valuesWe all have personal beliefs we hold dear. Some we are vocal about. Some we are private about. Some are maybe a little of both depending on our audience, right? Making the choice to stand up for yourself and your values…it can be a nothing moment that becomes important in that instant or it can be a life changing moment…whichever it is be proud of yourself for standing strong.  This is not an easy task right now and putting yourself out there is risky. Brave indeed. 

An addendum to this: I personally have great admiration for someone (that rarest of creatures) who changes their mind. I KNOW…Did you know such a creature exists? Someone who becomes better educated. Hears discussion on both sides…Maybe only heard one side before and after hearing the other side stepped up and said….I get it. I never knew that. I understand. This is not only brave but this person I have such respect for. Because they exposed their most vulnerable selves and admitted they might be wrong. 

or not.

13.  When you’re the first to reach out and say I’m sorry.  Let’s keep this short and sweet.  Just freakin’ apologize. Is it REALLY THAT IMPORTANT?  You and I both know it isn’t. And in my experience…once you apologize, the other person does, too and then BAM (didn’t mean to scare you) you have a conversation. And check it out…the misunderstanding is explained and hopefully avoided next time. All because what???  You were brave.
**below are some examples of how to apologize…Like Sesame street…some are better than others**  

supernatural animated GIF

emma stone animated GIF

tina fey animated GIF

14. When you accept that you just can’t control everything, even though that thought makes you anxious.  Oh MAN was this one written for me. When I was leaving work I had piles and piles of file maintenance I was desperate to “complete” before I left. But I can’t do it if these six other people don’t. So I have no control over it. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think straight.

I worked ridiculous hours trying to get as much of it done as possible. And at some point I realized I had to get whatever I could get done and just prepare the rest for the next person because I didn’t have any control over it. I didn’t love coming to that conclusion. I don’t love settling. But this was what I had to work with and my choices were either never sleep again, don’t quit my job or freaking learn acceptance. 

Sigh. I learned it. It was a very very hard lesson. I didn’t like it but I could breathe again.

So there you go.  My next five favorites. In case you’re wondering why I’m skipping around and not following the list completely it’s because these were the point on the list I personally really found that grabbed me.


18 Reasons Amy Poehler Should Be Your Role Model | Celebrity News |

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