High Maintenance

Yesterday was a rough day so today I’m going to strength a little, yoga a little and see if I can rest a little.

I got off work and ran over to my nail appt in a hurry (she’s off on vacation so I had to get in quick).

Here’s a random story that will entertain you not at all but what the hell... …the lady next to me said her day was so hard she’s so going to have a margarita when she gets home. We started talking about it and I said I can’t drink. She was lamenting my world and I made the mistake of saying I am allergic to chocolate and hey…no caffeine either. Oh man…my life was pretty bad in her eyes. I usually laugh it off by this point because I hear this a lot and I don’t mind.

Something came up a few minutes later, though~I can’t remember what~ and I ended up saying I was Celiac and oh my GOSH.  Why am I even alive? My life is SO high maintenance.

“Girl…You are high maintenance!”

So then I felt bad. Yeah…I didn’t fall apart or anything but I did kind of feel like wow. My poor family has to deal with such ridiculousness.

Next time I’m saying, “hell yeah…I’m so going home to have a margarita”

Cause that won’t bite me in the ass. I’m sure it won’t.


By last night my left foot was swollen pretty significantly so I went to bed early, elevated my foot and slept as long as I could possibly sleep. I just slept the evening and the night away. I think Sean thought something was wrong with me. But I figured if I don’t have something pressing I might as well sleep and attempt to heal whatever is wrong with me and put as little pressure on my foot as possible.

This morning my foot seems much less swollen but who knows if will last.


Off to get my haircut tonight (Yay! Princess Anna!)

And when I get home…I’m going to yoga and maybe…(ssssh maybe) depending on how my foot is I might sneak in a tiny run to see how I feel. If it’s swollen I won’t.

I don’t think this is a running injury. I think this is a something else thing going on and Lord knows what that is.  I am starting to just think it’s some Celiac side effect. Random. So I’m giving it today and if I’m not better tonight I’m calling my doctor in the morning.


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Run on…


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Not every run is going to be pretty. But every run is a gift.

Sean and I are just both off today. Not with each other, but with the universe. It’s been a rough morning.

I don’t even think this is really what we are focused on but it spoke to me at the moment so I grabbed it. Because who doesn’t feel like this sometimes?

"Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong to." -Ephesians 2:19-22


This run was not pretty.

Miss G and I were slogging. Walking equally if not more than running. That’s unlike us at this point. We tend to run a lot of our time now. But it’s super humid now (as opposed to super human which, yes, we are…) and it’s very warm. Oh man…it’s warm already.

***checking the weather****

okay…it says humidity is 68% and the temp is a high of 87*.

I would have expected worse I guess. But it’s hot and icky. We were  slogging.

Moving on…we only did three times around (I guess now that we know how far we’re going I guess we don’t feel the need to work as hard?…yeah, I figured I’d address that situation on Wednesday when one or both of us possibly felt better).

The good news is we still got it done.

The bad news is it was shorter. It was painful. And it kind of bit.

This is really just a fact that everyone has to realize. Occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) you are going to have a run that is not great. You’ll question it and take it apart and analyze it to death but the hard cold truth is that most of the time all the cards will fall into place and the run will still have been bad. Because sometimes you just have a bad run.

At least you got it done.

Tomorrow is another day and another run.

Enjoy that you get the opportunity because what have we learned over here on my little corner of the world?

Running is a gift. 


Oh…yep. I forgot my Garmin again.

On the way there I had that ~what is WRONG with me?~ moment.

bridesmaids animated GIF

And I think I got it.

When I run I always run with a little pile of electronics…

my little red phone

my iPod

and my Garmin

Well we changed phone providers so…no more little red phone

and I’m running with a friend so no iPod…

hence my brain has now forgotten all electronics. No Garmin.

I’m going to send myself an email to remember. I don’t know how else to do it. Nothing wants to stick in my memory.


So this is whack. I was doing some yoga stretches last week and I told Sean…now this is embarrassing so don’t judge me…

my ANKLES are fat.

I know. That sounds ridiculous.

I’m not saying I have fat ankles.  Even though I’m saying I have fat ankles.

I’m saying they’re swollen…my feet and ankles. What the hell?  My feet go right into my calves. It’s really noticeable when I’m upside down doing downward dog. But also when I’m in sandals. I thought I was imagining things last week…all week long…then I did yoga and could hardly contain myself with my ~what the hell~ ing.

My husband thinks I’m nuts.

He may be right. But it’s really weird though. It freakin’ looks REALLY weird.

Not gonna lie.


running motivation


Run on…


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“EVERY day should be PTSD Awareness Day” ~ Sean

That was his reply when I said, “tomorrow is PTSD Awareness Day”.  Then tomorrow happened and I was super busy so here it is the end of June 27th and I’m just posting this. Sad because it deserves its day of attention. 

Following trauma, most people experience stress reactions but many do not develop PTSD. Mental health experts are not sure why some people develop PTSD and others do not. However, if stress reactions do not improve over time and they disrupt everyday life, seeking help to determine if PTSD is a factor is important.

“Greater understanding and awareness of PTSD will help Veterans and others recognize symptoms, and seek and obtain needed care.” – Dr. Paula P. Schnurr, Executive Director of the National Center for PTSD ~source

I want to also say that it’s not just veterans who suffer from PTSD. I’m close to someone who has PTSD and the cause of the trauma was not military related. Trauma can come from any direction. The important thing is recognizing it as soon as possible and getting help for it.


I ran with the fabulous Miss G. this morning and we had a rough start. 

That was an understatement.

It was early.

It was cold.

We didn’t feel great.

I was super tired and super cold.

tired animated GIF

She had broken her weeks long tortilla fast and feasted on enchiladas.

tired animated GIF

I could have looked harder but this picture made me laugh so hard I had to use it. (I feel bad for the poor guy though…he should be on a kitty diet. No enchiladas for him)

That’s really a lot of spicy the night before a run. Yikes.  Good luck to your stomach.

So here we are at 5am attempting to run and the whole way around we just wanted to turn around and go back to bed.

Jokes were made.

Small grumblings were heard.

Encouragement was passed around..sort of.

Then came the  second time around. Once warmed up that girl was good to go and out came the cheerleader.

movie animated GIF

Okay…she’s actually FAR more appropriate than that.

But once around..once warmed up and sure enough my ~excited about running~ partner was all “this is GREAT!”

She’s pretty freaking hilarious with her joy. She balls up her fists and thrusts them to the air and says, “Yes! one more time around!”

minions animated GIF

I love her.

She is out of control.


The first time we ran together I wore my Garmin for the length of the route and our time but it was a quick ~ let’s figure out where you are fitness wise~ kind of meeting.  I never went back to check the stats.

Since then, I’ve completely forgotten to wear it. 


I wear that thing when I walk the dog (hey..I want “credit” for those miles, too).

I wear it for all my miles to help track my shoe mileage..

I mean..I wear it and I’m faithful with it.

But for some unhelpful reason I keep forgetting it. 

So one morning on the way out the door (why didn’t I just grab my GARMIN??) I stopped at the computer and mapped the park’s circumference on walkjogrun.net.    It says .8 miles. So wrong. It TOTALLY feels farther than that.  We were sad.

But instead of mapping the route we run (which is a much wider circle…sigh) I mapped the exact circumference of the park.

In my defense.  I mapped it at 4am. That’s very early. 4am comes very early. I was tired.

The ACTUAL route we are running is 1.4 miles around. 

Every morning we meet and we go four times around and are kind of bummed at the lack of time we have that we can’t go four miles.  At .8 miles we are only getting in 3.2 miles a meeting. Her goal is at least four miles a day.

When in reality I’ve been forcing the poor girl to go 5.6 miles. LOL

She’s doing a great job~ I’m totally surprised she hasn’t revolted by now.

But as we all know…she’s too freaking happy to do that. #happydance

dancing animated GIF


Miss G told her boss (side note…he’s a crazy marathoner) I had forgotten my Garmin every single time and he told her, “ohh.  Miss G…she didn’t ‘forget’ her Garmin. You screw up her average. She doesn’t want to run with it when she runs with you.”

How wrong is THAT??

I’m sure he’s very nice but that right there is a testament to the fierce competitive nature of some runners. That would NEVER occur to me.

As I previously mentioned…I wear the thing when I run my dog. And if HE doesn’t mess up my average NO one will. Damn dog. Good thing he’s so cute.


Stop start stop start stop start.

I am the least competitive person in the world and in fact…I find that is a character flaw. I don’t push myself enough and I should so work on that. Hence the need to strength train more than I do. If I did that, I’d feel like I was doing as much as I could.

Other than that I don’t feel any need to run faster than anyone…beat anyone…be  better than anyone. I just need to be the strongest me I can be.

Sorry for the lame commercial sound bite.

Also, I need to remember my Garmin. 


My mother always said "no one will thank you for it" - meaning don't bust your tail trying to make everyone else happy, do it for yourself.

Run on…


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And I thought I knew running joy

Anyone who reads me knows I love to run.  I love to run by myself, with my headphones on listening to a book while the sun is just thinking about setting. The lighting is perfect and the city streets are thinking about quieting down from rush hour…and the air is crisping up.

I cannot begin to tell you the happiness this gives me. Settling into a quiet pace and breathing that lovely rhythm as the rest of the world just goes away and all I have is me.

This week I’ve been running with Miss G. Her and I meet several times a week at a local park and we do a little running and a little walking. And we do a little talking. ha. Most running partners are like that. Miss G, if you remember, is new to running. She’s new to fitness and is determined to get healthy. She’s lost 30 pounds by walking and the elliptical and wanted to start running so I said I would run with her. She took me up on it and we are having the best time.

She is the happiest beginning runner I’ve ever met in my life. As we run in our little circle she loves to say “oh, this is so great! I love this! isn’t this great!”  Sometimes she follows that up with “I never thought I’d be able to do this!”.

How much do you love that?

How much do you love her absolute running joy?

Me, too.

And it’s several times a run.

And it’s completely spontaneous.

She’s just so happy to be running. And feeling good. And strong.

I’m so happy for her because I know that feeling so well and it’s one of my favorite things in the world.

Motivational Running Quote: The Joy Of Running - Runner's World Magazine. This is awesome! At least once a week I leave my music AND my tracking tools at home to just get out there and feel the day!

Run on…


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This is on you. Own it.

I woke up this morning and my head screamed at me. I attempted to decompress for about ten minutes and there was just no moving. I finally texted Miss G and bailed on her. Man I felt bad. But sometimes there just is no moving when my head hurts. Weird though. I haven’t had a morning headache in a while. I’m still blaming gluten.

Maybe I can still say I’m oxygen deprived. I’m using that for awhile. Thank you Leadville. :) (Sorry Miss G)

I stopped at Qdoba after work yesterday….I was STARVING and really really needed food.

I suppose that’s redundant as I already said I was starving. huh.

food animated GIF




Here’s a fairly interesting cost analysis/taste analysis comparison on Chipotle and Qdoba which really is moot because I just stop at the one that’s most convenient and for me…that’s usually Qdoba. But I’m so not picky.

I waited in line as the people in front of me had quite the order.

Now…as someone who is gluten free…I appreciate Qdoba and Chipotle. They have really delicious food, I can get it gluten free and it’s mostly healthy as long as I make the right choices…

So there you go. I make the right choices.

Ugh. Life can suck, now can’t it.  It’s so much better when it’s all about cupcakes and skittles.

And yes…I’ve eaten more than my share, I always admit that, don’t I…

So there I am in Qdoba and the people in front of me are ordering burritos. This is what they ordered….


White rice

Pinto beans

pulled pork


Pico de Gallo

Corn Salsa




and sour cream

The flour tortilla did not want to close…it was a snug fit.

The grand total according to the website? 49g of fat 1295 calories. Literally twenty calories OVER my daily allotment of calories.

This is what I order when I go there…

Burrito bowl

white rice

black beans


pico de gallo

corn salsa

light guacamole

light sour cream

So there’s no way to say “light” on the website calorie measurer but they are always careful to just give me like a Tablespoon of each. I don’t like either of them enough to have more than that. And I like hot food…anything more makes the food cold.  The meal as it’s presented there is literally half the calories.

590 calories/25g of fat. And I know it’s less than that due to the sour cream/guacamole serving size.

And if I don’t eat the entire thing I have control over my own calorie intake.

see how that works???

I realize that was one really really bad example of eating out but when people tell me “I’m traveling so…yeah. It’s going to be really hard to eat healthy while I’m traveling” … I always struggle with that.  I think these days there are so many options out there for healthy eating and it’s all about making the right choices.

This is on you. You have options…but the buck actually stops with you.

With restaurants giving you calories on the menus you get to make smart decisions that suit your own caloric needs. Alex is constantly weight training and needs a LOT of calories.

We don’t like him.

I’m 5’2″ and  get like…1300 calories a day.

This isn’t a huge amount of calories and I am pretty careful what I eat.

Make your choices wisely.

Myfitnesspal is very easy to use and helps you with your decisions,  to include allowing you to scan food with your phone. At the beginning it can be a bit tedious as you find what you ate and plug each thing into your meal but eventually it’s helpful and eye opening.
It can be shocking to discover your breakfast was actually that many calories and perhaps that’s why you aren’t losing weight?  and if you aren’t trying to lose weight, it’s just nice to help you see the percentage of sodium you are taking in…sugars, etc. I always struggle with that.
Also…it’s nice to be accountable.


Sports motivation http://sulia.com/my_thoughts/8a9bf275-06e2-442e-9afe-ed86fdb7abe8/?source=pinaction=sharebtn=smallform_factor=desktoppinner=125850823

Run on…


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In so many more ways than one, I know you are ALL thinking that.

You can just keep those thoughts to yourselves. Geez.

tina fey animated GIF

I think my leg is on the way to better.

Miss G and I ran this morning and my leg was definitely feeling better. It has moments of twinge but I was careful and then came home and properly stretched, foam rolled and prayed over it.

why animated GIF


I may go to yoga tonight or I may just do a little home yoga. Either way I need to get my yoga on.

Yoga Inspiration: Photo | Come to Clarkston Hot Yoga in Clarkston, MI for all of your Yoga and fitness needs! Feel free to call (248) 620-7101 or visit our website www.clarkstonhotyoga.com for more information about the classes we offer!


I really struggle with balance.

Not just in yoga (clearly core is something I need real help with) but in life. I get really motivated to work on something like running or yoga or just working out. And I’ll be very proactive, scheduled and excited. And I’ll do three or four days…sometimes even a week and then my Celiac body protests greatly and crashes completely and I can’t do anything for a good week or two.

Because I didn’t properly balance and I over scheduled myself in my excitement.

I’m learning.

I don’t sleep well.

I’m going somewhere with this…bear with me.

So I’m up really early. But I am not usually out the door and running at 5 on a regular basis. I’m usually puttering around the house or writing to you guys or just…hangin’ out cleaning.

Running with Miss G means I must be up and my Celiac self must be ready to go by 4:45 so I’ve been very realistic about getting sleep or I know I’ll crash.  I am allowing myself time to rest if I feel I’ll need it later. I’m recognizing that I should sleep even if I don’t feel tired. And right now I”m deep in my glutening recovery and that seems to last several months because I’m still really tired. So I’m trying to go to bed early … er. Let’s be realistic. I’m not really the “go to bed at 9pm” chick.

This is all part of my balance.

I am allowing myself more sleep.

I want to fit yoga in.

and I am getting in my strength training.

Something is gonna give if I don’t schedule this right. I can totally see myself thinking I can do it ALL in one day! And I’ll feel GREAT. And I will..I know I will. For the first week. And next week I’ll feel awful.

I need to spread it out so I don’t overdue. My personality, my energy level, my natural instinct can handle the level I want to do but my Celiac/Hypothyroid body says no…you need to take a step back and give yourself rest.

I kind of hate it.

That’s the understatement of the year.

frustrated animated GIF


let’s be honest, I’m just whining.

My point is this. Life is about balance in everything you do.  Taking one step at a time…balancing your workouts is important or you’ll find yourself exhausted and soon you’ll find yourself not working out. Completely the opposite of your goal.

Do you ever overdo?

There’s a difference between overdoing and pushing yourself. Can you recognize the difference in yourself?  How do you keep control of your own workouts?

Words to Remember! I love this Quote. Be Stubborn about your Goals, and FLEXIBLE about your methods.


Run on and keep your balance…


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Bet you thought I was done talking about Leadville…(almost!)

Well I mostly am…

I just had a few extras to throw in there.

The leftovers as it were.

After the race we right away didn’t feel great. I’m sure it was the altitude…we were both a little nauseated and the thought of beer (ha. like I could/would/should have beer) pretty much was not happening. So we gave a token walk through the race finish area and then left right away. It was crowded but super excited with people and the charm of small town Leadville.

Sean and I had toyed with staying in Breckenridge a second night. We’d stayed the first night at The Village At Breckenridge..we had a kitchen (bonus for me) and a view of the mountains that looked right off of a calendar.  I’d taken far too long to book the hotel (mid May) and had few choices.  I could have gone to Frisco but we’ve stayed in Frisco before and everyone bragged about Breckenridge so I thought…hey. It’s not that much farther.

Hey…it kinda is.

john krasinski animated GIF

It was almost an hours drive and apparently I chose to not read the map when I made that reservation. Rocket scientist that I am.

And it really isn’t that far since the race started at 8. The kicker was after the race.

Do we stay a second night or just drive home…

I really kind of wanted to be home. I know how I am after anything endurance…and sure enough…

I had a migraine. 

It was bad.

I know. You’re shocked.

shocked animated GIF

So we opted to drive home because what the hell good is being in a fabulously FAR TOO EXPENSIVE hotel room with your excellent significant other when you feel like mud?

We drove home and oh man it was not fun. Sean was SO uncomfortable. We were both covered in sweat (it was now called salt though…) and mud…oh the mud….and our shoes. I won’t even tell you about my shoes.  I took my socks off because of my sprained ankle and I had a blood blister between my toes. That there is a good time and DAMN it’s sexy.

By the time we got home I just wanted lots of drugs, a shower, and to sleep.

Sean wasn’t even looking at a shower..he just wanted to sleep for a little while.

Walked in the door and hey nowthat 18 year old child of mine does NOT look good. 

He has an ice pack on his ear and he looks … ill.

Actually he looks remarkably like this…

sick animated GIF

I questioned him a bit and then hopped in the shower, dressed and rushed the kid  ~nearly grown ass man but still a kid to us~  to Urgent Care.


Now he and Sean both have it.

The real question here is…why don’t I have it or am I a carrier? LOL

Yeah…I’m probably the carrier. I’m so high maintenance.


So here it is two days later. We are definitely walking carefully. My muscles aren’t TOO bad. I definitely feel it. I did some squats yesterday so it didn’t completely incapacitate me. But I definitely feel it.

Sean feels it a little bit more I think. He took today off work (must be nice…some of us have to work!) and every time I saw him he was walking.very.carefully. He looked uncomfortable.

Baby steps. Every day gets easier.

Again, this was an amazing experience and as the days pass I get braver.

I want to work much harder on my strength and quads for sure and if I felt a lot stronger I think I’d totally try it again.

But just one more time. 


Stay Motivated Everyday!


Run on…and do brave things. 


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The girl who lived….otherwise known as “I survived the Leadville Trail Heavy Half Marathon”

So. That was hard.  There was some praying. Not gonna lie.

The Leadville Trail Heavy Half Marathon is 15 miles.

Here’s the course…

The race started out with beautiful temps in like…the 50’s. The bluest sky you have EVER seen and the gorgeous views of the mountains. I swear it could not have been more perfect.

Out of the gate I had no air.  This sucker is no joke. It is straight up right away.

The race course is out and back through the historic mining district on the east side of Leadville.  The course is primarily on old mining roads and trails, topping out at 13,185 ft. at Mosquito Pass. ~source

Sean started right away to run (completely not intimidated, what the hell?) and I said “whoa. I need air”.   In other words…I’ll be walking this, thankyouverymuch.  I attempted to run/walk but my little backpack was bugging me quite a bit. I didn’t think it would but it did. I had put my little jacket in it and two little snacks just in case the aid stations wouldn’t have something I could eat (they did) and they bounced around in there the whole time. I usually hike with the same kind of backpack but this really did shoot me in the foot.

He hung back a bit and tried to walk with me but his WALK is really much faster than mine. So at one point he’s powering up this serious hill and I finally just stopped. I could not do his pace. I told him this lovely girl I was now walking next to had a much better pace than he did and I choose her. It’s called slower. Once I slowed my pace just a bit…I could breathe much better.

This was pretty much the routine. Pace as best as you can and as you go…talk to whoever is standing next to you and it helps the situation because this sucker is no joke. We would “stop and admire the view”. It was totally worth that, for sure.



There was an aid station at 2.9 miles. It was amazing. They had watermelon, oranges, chips, pretzels, m&m’s,  gatorade, water…I don’t even know what else. It was better stocked than my kitchen on grocery day. I saw no cross contamination so I felt completely comfortable eating a handful of chips, downing some water and continuing on. They were all incredibly nice.

There was a little downhill here but I didn’t get excited because I knew I’d have to go up on the way back. That was so not going to be friendly.




(this was trail…)

photo 5

photo credit: new friend Jamie

At mile 4.4 there was another aid station…

And here is where it gets serious.

It’s about here I picked up Jamie for company. Talking to someone is a great way to get yourself through the tough stuff. This was definitely the tough stuff.

Here is where the trail stops messing around, it gets steeper and rockier.


As we get closer to the top we have a very narrow pathway for our last two miles…(last mile for sure)

It’s really more a path for one but it’s two way traffic and there is a lot of it. Runners are coming down as we are going up. We’re all trying to encourage each other as we climb and also try to give each other space.  This was definitely the tough stuff.

If you’re on the outside..try very hard not to fall off the mountain.

this was a very real possibility.

I don’t have any photos of that because it was precarious and packed with people moving very fast. If I stopped to take a photo, they would have actually thrown me off the mountain.











If you look close…those are little people on the switchbacks… okay…not little people. But regular sized people they just look really little.

Check out the view from what has to be the highest aid station ever…


Reaching the top of Mosquito Pass was amazing though freezing cold.


We didn’t want to stay there. We took a few pictures. Most looked really really bad. We both vetoed them and moved on.

We headed down and Sean predictably flew past me. He really wanted to run and I really wanted to not die.

So there you go.

Side note: I have no grace. I would love to have grace. I admire it so much. But none. zero. I attempt to hike and invariably twist my feet this way and that on the rocks.

And that is exactly what happened VERY badly a short ways down before that aid station again. My weaker ankle gave an angry little yank and oh my gosh…I was in some pain. I remembered the last time I twisted it several years ago I knew I had spent the whole day on it before the pain set in for good so I hoped I could do that again and it would get me to the finish. That theory worked.

Fortunately I hooked up with a darling girl from Colorado Springs (Heather) who also had no intention of running and we talked our way into the finish line. We gave a token run over the end but really…we walked the whole way.

I knew this was going to be hard. I just really wanted to finish and I knew I wanted to take lots of pictures.

Halfway through it I knew I wanted to run it again next year.

At the finish, I’m pretty sure I don’t.

We’ll see. Sean says he would run it again.

I am definitely a hiker and definitely not a trail runner and I’m sorry to all the people out there who are trail runners and swear by how awesome it is. I have no desire to run the trails.

I realize this puts me in the severe minority and as I am a strange person…I am accepting of this.

I don’t regret doing it one bit because I love to do things I’m afraid of, this sucker was SUPER HARD and I did pretty well considering.

I see what I need work on (really for sure I do)

and I met great people.

What an amazing event, too. I love to participate in events done SO well.

OH…side note:

I needed more sunscreen than what I applied and oh am I sunburned (Sean, too).

It’s SUPER pretty. I have the cutest farmer’s tan.

It took Sean and I just under 5 hours. I think Sean did it in 4:51? and I did it in 4:55.  He was ahead of me for the majority of the time and occasionally would wait for me just to check in.

Shout out to Heather from Colorado Springs for the entertainment on the way down and Jamie on the way up!

If you are a trail runner…this thing is totally for you. It’s awesome.

If you are a 5k city runner..I would advise a bit of training.

I’m sort of in between.


Own the trail. Cover any distance.

Run on…


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Here we go.

Sean and I are in Breckenridge staying in a fabulous little condo (which we paid an outrageous ~you don’t want to know how much~amount of money only to sleep for twelve hours and then check out for…how sad) which has a little kitchen and everything. This is what happens when you are completely consumed by funerals and graduations and such and make the reservations a mere month and a half in advance. Learn from me.

It’s a great hotel. We love it actually. For these twelve hours.

Tomorrow morning we’re heading out to “run” (commence smirking) the Leadville Heavy Half.  I think the only thing we’re really nervous about is preparing properly clothing wise. Will we be too warm? Will we be too cold? I can’t decide and he can’t either. Too crazy.

I spent the day chatting with my co workers about it so on the way out the door they all told me to have a great race and have fun but be careful.

My last words were “I’ll try not to fall off the mountain”.

How funny would it be if I really died falling off the mountain?

Okay, come on…that would make a GREAT eulogy. You know it would

I mean, yeah, kinda tragic. They would have to say “remember her last words?”

Anyway…I’ll try.


I left a small pack of gummie bears in the car (I bought several for the race) and when I got off work my gummie bears were in fact…one gummie. That’s what happens when it’s 93*.

I’ve never seen that happen in all my gummie eating years.

Seriously. One giant gummie.

It was kinda gross.

Still cool though. all smushy and like.


Okay…gotta go. gotta sleep sometime. Plus all this ~lousy punctuation and no capitalization has to be driving people nuts but man I’m tired.

.There is no app for this. #Running #Motivation


It's not about what you are capable of, it's about what you're willing to endure.


Run on… see you at the bottom…


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Ulterior Motives…

The Fabulous Miss G and I headed out for our morning run and we already blew the couch to 5k plan out of the water. She’s so good with her fitness that she’s becoming a runner SO QUICK. Also, she’s a people pleaser so she runs until I tell her to stop. Girl would probably run a half marathon if I never told her to stop. She’s really pretty awesome and we are having a great time.

What she doesn’t know is my ulterior motive. I’m grooming her to be my new running partner. The plan is coming together perfectly…

mr burns animated GIF



Yesterday was a bit of a miserable day. I didn’t feel well all day and mildly mentioned to my boss as she was talking to me that I was passing out and it was just a heads up so she wouldn’t freak.

She freaked

reaction animated GIF

They all freaked.

Fortunately my officer of the day  did not freak and he calmly offered me  water and a Jolly Rancher and I felt MUCH better after about twenty minutes.

Noting this and yes I’m telling my doctor, Mom. I promise.

I didn’t run yesterday…I never quite came back after that.


Sean and I leave for Leadville’s Heavy Half tomorrow after work.

I was pretty nervous.

I’ve reached a new phase. Acceptance.

It’s going to be awful. But I kind of already want to do it next year anyway…HA

Let’s see what I think of that after this year.

I talk big.


My new runner tip of the day.

Breathing (if you were ever in choir in school this will be familiar):

When you breathe you want to breathe in and fill your stomach pushing out like your stomach is filling with air.

Then to breathe out…your stomach will empty of air…

Three to two rhythm…three in…two out three in two out.

If you are climbing or straining or racing…any kind of extra effort

your rhythm should become two to two

This may not work for everyone but it’s worked for me for years and over the years I’ve found the runner tips and articles reiterate it’s a common breathing technique. Most runners fall into it over time. 


Run on…


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