Hey Guys… we’re just around the corner now.

How’s it going?  I have definitely felt the loss of writing in the last two weeks. But my mind has been on so many other things and sometimes it takes over your senses. You know?

Did you miss me?

stana katic animated GIF

Andrea, Michelle and Cody and I all leave for New York in TWO DAYS.

Okay…it’s really one day because it’s one o’clock in the morning on Thursday.

Am I ready?




Does that count?

idk animated GIF

I’m excited because NEW YORK.

new york animated GIF

I’m bummed because it’s only three days in New York and most of that will be racing with 50,000 other people.

New York City Marathon

But still.

New York.

I’m ready because it’s been a long journey what with two months of injury stressing me out.

But I’m not ready because

48* and 20mph headwinds for the first twenty miles.  TWENTY MPH HEADWINDS.

nervous animated GIF

So the rumor is we’re going to plod along at our slow ass paces and stop whenever the wind blows the right direction so we can have photographic evidence of our misery. :)

A vicious rumor but probably wicked true.

I’m … I have to admit… kind of excited.

I’m also completely skeptical that it will all work out.

Years ago Sean and I bought a house and I thought….shut up. They’re going to let US have a house??

Foolishly they did.

Now I think…shut up. I’m going to run the New York City Marathon?

Hell yes.  And I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a fairly miserable experience mixed in with awesomeness beyond compare.

Let’s hope.

hope animated GIF


One more day.

Thanks for stickin’ with me.


Strong Mind! Oh yess!

Run on….dream on.

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Don’t leave me…I’m just going for a run.

So…I am taking a very VERY short hiatus from my little partner in crime, my diary of late.  My blog.

I’ve found the very common issue people have of wanting to voice their true selves in their words and the people that read them and interpret them their own way tends to limit what I feel like I can comfortably say.

If I have a bad day or a painfilled day I think people just read this as all negative all the time or they imagine me curled up in the fetal position barely able to move or breathe.

I’m a super healthy incredibly strong 47 year old who gets chronic migraines and has Celiac disease which on it’s best day offers a wide variety of joy to choose from. The most common of which is chronic diarrhea. Let’s put it right out there.

But I’ve been dealing with this for years.  Years.  So I’m kinda used to it.  Some days are worse than others, this still means I’m used to it.

Some days I’m going to have a horrible kick me in the ass knock me down migraine. More often these days because we made a medication change.  I’m still here.  I’m still going to work every day. I’m still running and training for the NYCM and I’m still not cooking for my family.

Okay, I do every couple of days. But I have the worst family to cook for so I don’t feel too bad about it.

The gist is, I’m normal. But whatever issue I do have that day does affect how my day goes and what I do with it.  Writing about it, though, seems to offer conflict.  I find myself constantly rewriting something or editing so what I say doesn’t sound so bad to someone who may be reading it.  Though to be perfectly honest I really want to say I have a kick me in the ass migraine.  I want to say that!  I want to have it validated by saying it “out loud”.

I’m still okay!  People are up and dealing with cancer for God’s sake.  I think a migraine is probably not going to kill me.  People have serious chronic pain-every-minute diseases and I am so fortunate that what I have is manageable.

But I still get down sometimes. For normal ~very normal everybody has them~ reasons. I have a lot going on and my mind is busy.  I don’t want to bring my pretty little blog to sad world by posting about my daily worries.  Though they are small and unimportant, they affect me.

Because of this I’m going to step back for a week or two. Or until I get a wild hair and come back and that might be earlier. Ha.  You know me. I have my own mind about this.

Thanks for being awesome and I’ll see you soon :)

Meanwhile…some of my favorites.



good vibes

Run on and see you soon :)



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Just a day.

I did nothing yesterday.  Not a thing.  I had a kick butt migraine so I just went to work and came home and watched Harry Potter.

Because I love it and could always watch it.

harry potter animated GIF

I’m going for a run this morning because running in the morning is always the best thing ever.

Then I may come home and eat my weight in cookies.

harry potter animated GIF

Fine.  We all know that won’t happen.

But only because gluten free cookies have no joy.  Otherwise I would totally be on that train.


Jennifer Lawrence called gluten free “the new, cool eating disorder”.  I love Jennifer Lawrence but girl needs to get educated.

Health.com has an interesting article about the point she makes. The whole article is good and contains a ton of links to more great information. But this is pretty on point.

Your only reason for going gluten free is weight-related

If you’ve tested negative for celiac disease, the autoimmune disorder that requires mandatory gluten banishment, the primary reason for cutting out gluten is to alleviate symptoms of gluten intolerance. This condition, while not a disease, can trigger unwanted side effects ranging from bloating to flu-like symptoms and brain fog, which gradually resolve when gluten is removed. If you didn’t experience any of these symptoms and eliminated gluten simply in the hopes of losing weight, you may or may not see any results.

The people that see results are usually the purists.  No processed foods, just veggies, fruits, meat.  Healthy clean eating at it’s finest.  After a regular diet of processed foods, switching to clean eating would most likely result in weight loss.  Gluten free processed foods can have even more sugar, calories and unhealthy additives than non gluten free and does no body good.

I wouldn’t be gluten free if I didn’t have to.  Life is about balance and if gluten free isn’t medically necessary it’s far more stressful than anyone would ask for.  And it completely confuses the world of gluten eaters and gives us a rep.


Serious motivation! Love this- (except the wanting to eat a hamburger). I actually enjoy my vegan lifestyle. I do it for my HEALTH and well being and of course for the animals. Everything else rings so loud and clear.

Run on.  And good job.


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It’s all about balance.

Life is so easily swayed one direction or another in waves, it’s important to remember to keep things in balance.  A mental checklist to remind yourself life is all about the good AND the bad and if we didn’t have the bad would we recognize how good the good really is?

Some days…the bad can feel pretty ugly.

It was a rough day today.

mornings animated GIF

I’ve never actually had a mid life crisis but there’s a really good chance I’m smack in one now.  Except for that mid life thing.  Someone close to me pointed out there’s no way to know if I’m midlife.  What if I live to be a hundred?  Then I’m not there yet.

We just don’t know.

Feels like a crisis though.

zooey deschanel animated GIF

the big bang theory animated GIF

I know I want more than marathons.  And I want more than going to the same place every day and trying my best and coming home feeling … less than.

So I’ll keep searching for the meaning of life my life and I’ll let you know if I find any secrets that might be worth sharing. :)

life animated GIF

My kids are pretty awesome so I hung out with them, and Alex and I went to the gym for “leg day”. *side note* Sean is always awesome…just sayin’.

Alex Michael promised to take it easier on me today so I can walk tomorrow.  It felt so good to work out today.

I came home and drank my protein shake like the good little strength trainer that I am.

He is BOSSY.  That boy was ordering me around. I think he’s taking this “personal trainer” business straight to heart. He’s pretty good at it.

None animated GIF

None animated GIF

The things they expect of us.  So rude. 


Not meaning to be a sad panda today…just contemplating the meaning of life. No biggie.

Shakespeare. Wise words.

Run on, Friends. Honor your gifts.

And if anyone sees mine, could you Fedex it?  ~When you absolutely positively have to have it overnight~


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We ran a race and we had fun ~

Shaughnessy and I ran the Louisville Trail Half Marathon on Sunday.

I signed up the morning of and met Shaughnessy there.  It was early. It was cold.

morning animated GIF

It was insane trying to get registered and eventually they decided to start five minutes late so they could get everyone registered and through the restroom lines.  We didn’t make it. We had to just run without the restroom.  We stopped at the first mile to use the restroom there (and yes, we needed to).  This held us up for like…SIX MINUTES.  Sad day.

We both had our headphones and the trail was not really advertised as much of a trail.  It was mostly pea gravel which is pretty basic and not much work at all.  So we ran with each other and spoke occasionally but really just tried to run and have a good time.

It was SO BEAUTIFUL.  It was like…Colorado at it’s finest.

It turned out to be a bit more than that what with single track trails that were barely single track and some down slopes of rock and tree limbs.

running animated GIF

Mostly though…pretty simple trail.

We had a great time running together and we ran really well considering we kept trying hold back so I could be doing a long slow run instead of a race.  Hence…inconsistent splits.  We were aiming for 11:30 splits. Ha. Not.so.much.


It’s a little blurry…try squinting.

On the last mile, Shaughnessy took off.  She had lots left in her so she gave it.  She finished a full minute ahead of me so that last mile was like…9:29 or something.

Our chip times were:

Tess:  2:25:33

Shaughnessy: 2:24:44

And I’d like to announce…I’ve found a race where the finish line is NOT uphill. I didn’t know these even freaking existed.  Does it make up for the 13 miles before? Probably not but hey…use what you got.



10k, 5k, and half marathon…all ran simultaneously.  Through a maze of trails that turned and crossed and twisted.  And the markers were not distinct…and the bibs were crossed over because they didn’t have anymore 10k race bibs.

It was confusing.

confused animated GIF

We ran, we finished, we would run together again. Not necessarily this race.

I do still need an ACTUAL review but this was a short version of our Sunday fun.


Sean, Alex and I all headed to the gym tonight to get my strength training on and…

it’s Columbus Day.

Military base gym…closed.


I don’t usually take a motivational poster from a site that just used it that day but this was so good I’m breaking my rule:

Run on…you’ll be surprised at what you find.

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I broke all the rules…I know you’re shocked.

I had a long run today. Sunday is my long run day.

Last week I ran just under 16 miles so this week it was 18.

surprised animated GIF

Shaughnessy had a half marathon so I thought… hey now…why not?

We ran the Louisville Half Marathon (I’ll put a review up tomorrow….it was an experience in confusion).

The grand plan was to run the half and then kiss Shaughnessy goodbye as I took off for another five miles.

Well…the heavens did not agree.  It was about 50* and chilly already (I ran the whole way in my arm warmers ~thanks Mom!) and at the end as we headed to her car oh my gosh.  Pouring, torrential~ could there BE any more rain?~ Rain.

mean girls animated GIF

And it was cold.

So I opted to go home and run it on the treadmill.  I get it. Not the most optimal situation and it pretty much negates the endurance part of the endurance run. But I got 18 miles in and it wasn’t even hard.  It had it’s moments for sure. But mostly I did okay.

I’m WAY less sore than I was last week…

god animated GIF

Shaughnessy kicked ass.  Girl is strong. At mile 12 I told her to go ahead of me and she flew.  She finished a full minute ahead of me.

Sean took me out for a steak because I was starving for protein. STARVING…

food animated GIF

Ruby Tuesday has the best steak and grilled Zucchini I could die it’s so good.

Also, I opted to not use punctuation at all in that sentence.  It feels more rebellious, like the rest of my day.

And finally….

No migraine.

Yep. That’s right folks.  No migraine.  Can I get a What What?

I’m pretty happy about that.  #understatementoftheweek


For more  Flickr Running Motivation Posters go to: http://www.runnersblueprint.com/blog/11-flickr-running-motivation-posters/

Run on…


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One Sweet List. <3

I’m feelin’ like a list. 

I always feel like making a list so this is nothing new.

1. Strength training at the gym with Alex Michael. Hugless…but good. :)

tom hanks animated GIF

2. Sports doc is awesome and my leg pain/hip pain is nearly gone.  I almost feel like I shouldn’t keep going but why jinx it?  I only have about three weeks!

3Alex cleaned my garage.  I clean my garage a lot but it’s been a mess since we got new carpet and man…it was bad.  I sometimes really like that boy.

cleaning animated GIF

4. Movie with the man.  Gone Girl was VERY good.  Heads up…a tad bit gruesome at one part but a serious mystery for sure. 20th Century Fox animated GIF

5. Lost photos of Jackie and John Kennedy’s wedding were found.  If I could have one ounce of that woman’s grace…

       The negatives were discovered in the photographer’s darkroom after his death, and will be sold with prints.

Photo credits: 1st photo I cannot find the proper credit. Anyone please?   2nd photo:  Arthur C. Borges/RR Auction

Note the little girl…that would be me.  She can taste that cake already. Hurry up and cut it!

6.  Listening to a good book on my Ipod.  I love the feeling of not wanting to stop the Ipod because you’re so caught up in the story.  Today…I bought three more. #readerproblems 

book animated GIF

7Fall boots.  Fluffy sweaters. Skinny jeans.  Pretty scarves.  I am in love with this weather.

Jean Jackets Beyond 8th Grade... Blake Lively       skinnies blazer big scarf. #fashion #beautiful #pretty Please follow / repin my pinterest. Also visit my blog http://fashionblogdirect.blogspot.dk     cute fall fashion ideas | STREET STYLE: FALL FASHION photo Ashlee Holmes' photos - Buzznet

8.  Cheeseburgers. I’ve been craving one all week.  Must have soon. I think there’s a recipe for gluten free hamburger buns and it’s probably time to start attempting baking gluten free.

fail animated GIF

9The Flipbelt.  I got mine in the mail and am giving a second run with it to see how much I like it.  Maybe Baby.

10.  It’s time to start marathon planning and New York planning. It’s getting real out there.

new york animated GIF

new york animated GIF

11.  Baby shower shoppingI mean cuteness overload.


::gratuitous photo of theboy when he was still so very tiny::

12.  Spur of the moment half marathon in the morning with Miss Shaughnessy.  I’ve never added mileage after a race before but I have to have more miles.  Prayers to the running gods.

13.  Malachi and his successful surgery…. the cost of several small cars.  Vet receptionist said…”well one, anyway”.  I said, “Hey, I’m from Montana…we could get three small cars for that price…”.  Pretty sure she thought I was whack.  But we know the truth.  #Montanarules

drifting animated GIF

Truthfully, I always wanted a tractor.  I swear we could buy real actual cars and not tractors. We aren’t THAT redneck. #stilllooksfun


Run on…


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The gym is not for HUGGING!

Lesson learned.  LOL

Alex Michael and I were laughing our butts off and I said something he grimaced over I think and I instinctively did what I always do… I said “ohh.  I LOFF you” and leaned in for a half hug.

That was not happening.   He immediately set me straight and said there was no hugging in the gym.  The gym is not for hugging!

I feel so much smarter now.  I am totally gym friendly.

Man, it’s tough to keep all these gym rules straight.  Good form, hips down, relaxed stance, no hugging.

jennifer lawrence animated GIF

My arms want to fall of now.



This was my run this morning. 

I’m awesome.

Now let me stress…I was on a major street so I stopped at stoplights for sure. This was not a stopfree run.  But it was

still me pushing to get it done.

Snoopy dance for sure.

snoopy happy dance photo: Snoopy Dance dancing20snoopy.gif


Run on…


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Thoughts and stories from the day.

The FBI arrested a teen at the Illinois airport on his way to join ISIS.  I don’t know what my thoughts are on this.  Well, beyond ~are you freaking kidding me?~.  I do not know why anyone would think that was a good idea unless they were completely brainwashed.  Oh…well yeah. That’s probably it.  Any way you look at it… #sowrong

Hey…we don’t KNOW he’s taking the Lord’s name in vain. He could be seeing the Lord right now and greeting him. OR…he’s calling to him because of the shocking nature of the story.  That’s totally possible.


A man confronts a panhandler who he catches driving away in a brand new car.  An anger most of us have one way or the other expressed over giving to the homeless.  The other school of thought:  Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~Hebrews 13:2.  I think a lot of people choose to give based on the pay it forward or benefit of the doubt theory.  But the disappointment when this happens…it really can give you a moment of pause on society as we know it and society as we wish it could be.


The wonderful story of Devin Still’s daughter Leah, her amazing strength and obvious joy at life even in the midst of cancer, and the unexpected love and support that surrounds her and her family.  From his own football team (Cincinnati Bengals) keeping him on the team even though he doesn’t play, just so he can keep his health insurance to care for his daughter….to the tribute from the New England Patriots.  If I wasn’t a Broncos fan… #classactPatriots

yes animated GIF

I just told Sean the other day at Red Rocks…I want a remote control car!  How fun would that be?  Pretty damn fun as it turns out.   It’s a little long (3 minutes) but hilariously entertaining.  Though it’s common knowledge I’m easily amused.

laughing animated GIF


I know, you’re thinking…there’s nothing about running in this post.  Well I’m sorry, there was a lot of interesting things today.

Also, Alex forgot me until it was too late to go to the gym so I really got a much deserved rest day.  Tomorrow I run.

Online run club: weekly email tips/motivation/workouts + a private facebook group for support. Perfect if you've been wanting to train for a race but need a little motivation! #running #fitness #fitspo

Run on…


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awesomeness that was my weekend.

On Saturday we went to Red Rocks.

If you know anything about Denver, you know Red Rocks.

It’s so beautiful and has amazing trails for walking and climbing.

IMG_20141004_145317    IMG_20141004_151332IMG_20141004_150906   IMG_20141004_145719

It’s not really possible to capture it but a girl can try.

In case you’re looking at those stairs and thinking…hmm…didn’t she say her legs were trashed?

Yes. Yes I did.  Stop harassing me. Geez.

There weren’t THAT many stairs.  ::nowthere’sabitofalie::


After that we met a guy about a horse. bicycle.

It was  a good meeting and now my husband has a “new” bike.  He’s pretty excited about it.  Bike riding is one of his great loves.

After me of course.


This morning I was up bright and early to go meet Shaughnessy for a long run. She had eight miles to do and I had 15.

I’ll be honest…my legs hurt.

food animated GIF

And I’m sure the climbs at Red Rocks didn’t help but really it wasn’t very far.  I felt since Thursday how much ache and pain there was.  It’s very very strange…I never have those issues.

So I started out and let me tell you…the first two blocks I knew I was in trouble.  But I powered through….stopping every four miles to grab some water and gummy bears.  Shaughnessy had mapped out a four mile route for us.

By the third lap I pretty much hated the park we run through. It’s so SO hilly.

I only had 15 on the table so I cut the obnoxious hills out of the run and went straight across.  Leaving me at 15.5 rather than a 16 mile run.  I shouldn’t go that far anyway, trying to keep the mileage at a reasonable level so my legs cooperate.

This was  an incredibly hard long run.  I hurt.  And I hurt at the end of it. So I kissed my little grandson, kissed my daughter and headed home for an ice bath.

frustrated animated GIF

Sweet relief, let me tell you.

Advil, ice bath, foam roll and a shower. Much happier…


I actually ended up taking a killer nap and drugging up to prevent a migraine.

how i met your mother animated GIF

Running/long runs….they kill me.

And yet I continue to do them.

I got home and met up with Sean who had just had a good long bike ride on his new bike and we decided a movie was in order.

Walk among the Tombstones.     It was good. Can’t go wrong with Liam Neeson and for a “violent” movie, it  could totally have been a LOT worse.


Miss Michelle did her twenty miles today and on the treadmill no less.  Pretty kickass right there.

exercise animated GIF


kingmotivation.com | Yesssss Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise

Run on…


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