It’s a Miracle. Really a MIRACLE…

I met up with Gloria on Saturday morning and we…well we walked. I don’t know why. But after walking a ridiculous amount of miles we both parted with agreeing to meet later that night to run. Why? Because..okay. Here it is.

I don’t talk and run. I can’t do it. I don’t have enough air. So Saturday I was on a bit of a roll and she also had a dilemma and the result of this was lots of talking and thus no running. So we met up that night for running.

The running went better and I was much relieved. I actually…

…ran two WHOLE miles. (angels are singing…I swear)

::dramatic pause::

Oh, you thought I meant TOGETHER???


But it was still two miles COMPLETELY DONE. Mixed in with lots of walking. So there you go.

I definitely felt the need to celebrate. 

I haven’t yet but I will schedule that sucker for sure.

2pm. “Celebrate not failing completely~ check”

I am nothing if not a positive bright shining star. ::rayofsunshine::


My runs were lacking last week. I ended up taking too many unintentional  rest days. Hopefully I’ll be better this week.

I am going home to MT (thestate) to help my mom and Bill (the amazingbonusdad) and really to get some get away from the world time. Don’t worry. I always like Sean. I mean, who doesn’t like Sean?

So I’ll be ditching Miss Gloria for a few days to do it. I’m not positive when yet. It may be as early as tomorrow and it may be later in the week. SO much undecided. 🙁

This morning we walked three times around which is a little over 4 miles and then I came home and walked the dog. I’m tired from lack of sleep and lack of life. Tonight I’m going to run for realies (it’s a word) when it’s cool out although rare of rare, it’s nice right now. Cloud cover and breezy. Can’t beat that for a perfect day.


I missed my dad this weekend.There were a million Father’s Day posts on FB. He’s been gone a long time but still. I missed him.

That was just an aside.


I was quizzing my mom about how much data she has and she thinks it’s 3 Gigahertz. Well I’ll be honest I started googling so only my computer knows for sure just how dumb I am.

And guess what.

I’m not alone.

OH my gosh the searches.

How many Giga in a hertz.



How many..

how fast…

Which came first…

How many Mega?

What’s a Hertz? (a car rental place. That’s what I know for sure. #thankyouOprah


I decided they were legit so I’m ditching the computer and asking Sean. At that point even the computer was confused.

I have friends that live in Cleveland. Do you suppose they can even FUNCTION today?

Cavaliers win NBA Championship as LeBron James has  game of his life 

I’m pretty happy for my ridiculously proud friends and all of Cleveland. If ANYONE deserves this, it’s Cleveland and LeBron James.


I realize this is going to cause some chuckles, quizzical looks at the computer and even some “eh” shrugs like…”this will totally not affect me”.  But I’m going to cut back and only do three posts a week.

Of course I’ll totally change that next week when I get another wild hair when I’m back to feeling wild like that. 🙂

This way maybe my content can be improved (shut up, I heard that), it will give you more of an opportunity to miss me(you know you do), and frankly lately it’s what I’ve been doing anyway since half the time I’m sleeping.

That’s right. You’re reading posts I’ve written while SLEEPING> There’s no actual warning label for that so good luck to you. Enter carefully.


Run on…

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When your kids are too big for their britches.

My kids grew up and I celebrated.

I celebrated the milestones.

I celebrated when they went to school.

I celebrated when they had the big birthdays.

I celebrated when they graduated.

I celebrated when they each moved on to their jobs or military choices…girlfriends…husband…grandkid…etc.

I celebrated.

Because as parents we are understanding with the phases. And there are many.  SO many. They are never NOT in a phase. And phases are just not enjoyable. Nobody likes a phase and each phase bleeds into another phase and it’s like an amusement park…huh…what’s today going to bring? You just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. The neverending ride you can’t ever get off of.

Each one reached that point as teenagers when they were certain I was stupid. Because they are teenagers. And I’m just a parent. And I mean..MOM…::inserteyerollwhateverexasperatedsigh:: What could I POSSIBLY know? It’s really a miracle I can even turn a doorknob without assistance, right?

And now they are older. They are older and  I’ve noticed tiny little things that quietly slip in and subtly say ~it’s time to relinquish your role now. We’re the grown ups~.

But I have to tell you. I’m not there yet. Sorry kids.

I’m not giving up my role as grown up and you can’t make me. It’s not happening.

I let it go as just obnoxious  when you were 16 now I’m nipping it in the bud.

Now I know you’re all thinking the same thing. Do I give my own parents this attitude? Well I lost my dear sweet innocent dad 9 years ago. And if you think he was innocent you are seriously mistaken but I occasionally tell lies.

He was seriously cute though so I allow the innocent to slip through.

How about my mom? Only when she’s sassy and treats me like I’m sixteen. That’s not often but occasionally her “momitude” slips in and takes over and once it does she’s in it to win it. It’s quite painful. I can’t tell you. There’s no digging out of that hole.

We just walk away and wait for it to pass. It’s pretty dark in there.

I think I just need to be a little more vocal about how I do things. And say things. And get things done. Because the next time I get that attitude my grown kid might just have a come-to-Jesus meeting with me.


I went to dinner yesterday with the beautiful and kind Miss Solongo and the very incredibly pregnant Mrs Norma. I would call her Miss but she’s married so she’s Mrs. And she’s 38 weeks pregnant but measuring 42 weeks, that’s how big she is! Seriously though, her beautiful daughter is measuring at over 8 lbs and not even due for a week and a half. Cue the gasping.


Yep. I did it, too.

This is her first. I pity the girl that has subsequent babies when the first is a 9lb baby. She’s amazing. And yet, still a mermaid, still beautiful. Though she does waddle and we got a great laugh out of that.

So I missed my all important run because of dinner and it was VERY worth it due to dinner out. Tonight I must. I must.

It’s Friday. I don’t get to run with Gloria on Fridays. She works super early. So I’ll run later when it cools off.

It’s going to be incredibly Hot here this weekend, reaching 100* on Sunday. Yes. That IS Hot with a capital H. I have real issues with that and I’ve spoken with the man upstairs. He said no. I didn’t appreciate that and he said “I’m sorry but that’s the way it is”.


Well that’s just wrong.




Run on…or walk on..but keep moving…love your face!


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So this happened. And I pretty much came unglued.

Monday was a rest day so I just did the steps of the Shrine of Cabrini with Andrea and Sean.

Tuesday I met Miss Gloria and we ran/walked nearly 6 miles.

Okay…technically it’s four times around the park. We ran into a  lady we see walking all the time but her walking partner was gone. So she stopped to talk to us and she asked how far we walk. Gloria said five miles and I, being who I am, said, “well it’s like 5.83 miles”.

Because it is.

I want credit for my .83 miles which is nearly another mile thankyouverymuch.


Wednesday was a rest day. I was going to do a little three mile run with Miss Gloria but I didn’t wake up naturally like I usually do, my alarm woke me angrily and I was super exhausted so I bailed on her.

At the end of Wednesday I had no post done.

Why you ask? Well because I slept.


Motion, People. Motion is the key. It’s when I stop I’m in trouble. As soon as I sit at my computer or stop to read a book or really just….stop.


I’m asleep.

And to reassure you all…I did finally snap yesterday.

I called my doctor. Yes I did.

I got her assistants voice mail. I like her assistant. She’s nice. She seems to believe me. So I left a message that essentially said I’m up to two naps a day, I’m using the lab order I’m supposed to use next week, if you have a problem, call me back. You know what…call me back anyway. I’ll be sleeping.

I was really very nice about it. The assistant called me back. She was awesome. She said she agreed. Clearly SOMETHING is wrong. Get the labs done.


After my blood test I came home and guess what I did?

I slept. Yep. I fell asleep.

So here’s where it gets weird.

I am the world’s lightest sleeper. If you blink too loud I wake up. Sean came home while I was napping, came in the door, came upstairs, into the bedroom and apparently played with my feet to wake me up. And I slept. 

What the hell else was happening while I slept?????!!!


It gets better.

I addressed a letter to Sean’s grandmother and when I went to address it…I completely blanked on my own address.

Yes, that’s right. My street number is 1204 but I went to write it and could not for the life of me remember what order the four numbers when in.

Blank. I had to ask Sean. You should have seen the look on his face.

Yes Folks. That was a new low. Is there a vitamin you can take to make your brain work again?

Meanwhile I’ve misplaced my sunglasses and I’m pretty sure I’ll find them in the freezer.

This morning Miss Gloria wasn’t well so she bailed on me.

I’ll run later when it’s not 100*.


Oh Heath…we miss you. 

Meanwhile, in MT (not the child, the state), it’s got a winter weather advisory. Yes. Folks, they’re getting SNOW.

I love the West. 🙂

Are you guys surviving the heat okay? 

I read an article, breaking my rule on trash articles…and this is a strict rule…on how Candace Cameron Bure takes care of herself to stay in shape and how she eats. Why is this a trash article, you ask? Because it was on Cosmopolitan. Ugh. I followed a couple of links that I was down the rabbit hole. So wrong. I actually really liked the article…simplistic though it was. It was a “day in the life” kind of thing. What I liked about it though, was the tidbits. You know like how you read sixteen different organizing books and you may only actually learn one little tip at a time but oh that tip is MAGIC and so worth reading that book. This was great to read and also kind of a good reboot for my brain. I also know realistically that the chick has a lot of money and can pay a trainer to work with her four times a week. #lifegoals

The diet was good information. I am that person that gleans information from what everyone tells me and I try to put it together for what works best for me.

The Skittles are my own. 😉

What is your favorite meal? Your favorite healthy treat and your favorite not healthy treat? I should make a carrot cake for my birthday.


Run on…the world is magic….


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Sweet List <3. Even now, we get a Sweet List.

  1. Breakfast with my kids on Sunday at LePeep. I got flowers straight from Shaughnessy and Adam’s garden and a small box of gummies and life is happy. Theboy was on his best behavior and breakfast was it’s usual awesome.
  2. Alex is building me a new mailbox. So that’s awesome. I’m in the middle of staining it so I’ll have to update you as we go.
  3. Megan (Alex’s favorite girl. Yes, I’ve been replaced. But I’m okay with it) gave me Skittles and Starburst, the most beautiful candle  AND returned my dishes. Alex never returns my dishes so I’m kind of excited about that.
    alexeastershirt        IMG_20160614_123509
  4. Spending my day at the Shrine of Cabrini which is so beautiful. Andrea went with and asks a million questions and I always forget. Every single time. And then I read and remember and forget for the next time. Too many drugs probably.
  5. Monica Sue bought me pretty things.
    freckles courtesy of Kent Veatch, thanks Daddy.
  6. I’m getting my miles in every day. I know a lot of them are walking but I am gettin’ ’em in.
  7. Letter from MT and that is my favorite.
  8. Getting my nails done today because well…I like to. and it’s June. Two very valid reasons.
  9. I’ve been very successfully selling things off from the party and the garage shelves. It feels clean #moneyfromthesky #thisisaparttimejob  #ifonlyImadeasmuchasSean #seanwishesthattoo
  10. I got a new travel size foam roller for a birthday present. Yeah, I bought it myself but doesn’t that make the most sense?I know what I want. 😉

    The next three things are odd to find on the Sweet List. But in this tragedy of the weekend I’m going to find good to get us through the mess. 

  11. John Oliver speaking so well and giving us just a little bit of hope right now. #westandwithorlando
  12. Chik Fil A stepping up in Orlando #westandwithorlando
  13. Jet Blue is offering flights for families who need to go to Orlando to attend to their family members #westandwithorlando


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The unspeakable.

                                     Our hearts are with you.



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I’m fighting off my lowest point, revisited.

Did I ever tell you my lowest point ever? Like..the worst ever? 

I had just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I was sleeping ALL THE TIME. I had gained 30 pounds in two months. TWO MONTHS. And I was…predictably (cause that’s me)…eating virtually nothing and was very frustrated. My doctor told me I was totally eating everything in sight and was basically lying to everyone because there was no way I could gain that kind of weight otherwise.

I mean, he’d fixed me, right? He’d put me on thyroid meds so…ALL BETTER.

Of course, now all these years later (15 years maybe?) we now know I have Celiac disease so those meds were not being absorbed thus not working. He actually said I was eating everything and sitting on the couch all day.

I reported him.

But meanwhile, there I was struggling every day to feel attractive, to run, to fit into my clothes, and to have some sort of energy and I will admit, it was the closest to depressed I’ve probably ever been.

So here I am…20 pounds overweight…my clothes don’t fit…struggling to run, to feel attractive, to find some sort of energy and Ladies and Gentlemen…

it’s definitely straining me.

This evening’s  run was awful.

The absolute worst.

I walked every twenty feet for the first mile and a half and for the second mile and a half I still walked…not as much but it was there. I wore my too tight workout shorts and my loose shirt that I still felt conspicuous in and I was uncomfortable, unattractive and I couldn’t run.

I pretty much wanted to cry the whole time.

The ironic moment came when for the first time in the entire time I’ve lived here some guy actually stopped and said “it’s way more fun to ride, Baby”.

After coasting along next to me for a little while and seeing I was ignoring him, he kept going.

No Mom, I wasn’t afraid. I was on a very busy street and there were a lot of people out enjoying the evening. It was a nice evening.

The interesting question is was he asking because he was interested or was he asking because he thought I was dying and needed a ride.

I mean, that’s a legitimate question.

What an awful terrible horrible run.


On the upside…

My beautiful son MT wrote us a letter and we got it today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.  He told me happy birthday and how crazy perfect is that? He said I should do something fun for him on my birthday.

The ideal thing I should do is go to the firing range. He would think that would be awesome. But that would entail some serious work. So I think breakfast out will be fine.

I was pretty excited to see a letter. Pretty much the best gift.


Alex Michael is building me a new mailbox for my birthday. Our old mailbox, which I currently do not have a photo of but I’ll try and remedy that, is very tired and has been for about 19 years. How long have we lived here? 19 years.

So he decided to build me a beautiful new one.

IMG_20160611_143249762 IMG_20160611_143238307

There’s been a lot of discussion about design. Alex is very detailed.

It’s going to be cool.


The end of the week workouts:

4 miles Sunday
rest day Monday
unintended rest day Tuesday 
3 miles Wednesday
6 miles Thursday (we walked a bit so very conservatively let’s say 4)
unintended rest day Friday but we walked
3 miles Saturday + 25 strength workout
total= 16 miles


Run on…


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I’m not sure how I’m supposed to figure this out.

So let’s do a comparison. A little side to side so to speak. Except I don’t know how to format that on my blog so work with me.

To be fair there are SO MANY symptoms I couldn’t type them all out reasonably. However I managed to capture enough to make my point. A comparison of Celiac Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Menopause.


  • Anemia
  • diarrhea*
  • Constipation*
  • hair loss
  • Energy loss*
  • Fatigue*
  • Difficult to concentrate / foggy brain*
  • Heavy painful/periods
  • fluctuating weight*
  • joint pain/muscle spasms*
  • irritability
  • Depression
  • dizziness*
  • anxiety
  • itchy skin*
  • digestive problems (understatement much)*


  • Fatigue*
  • Weakness*
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight (despite reduced food intake)*
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle cramps and aches*
  • Constipation*
  • diarrhea*
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss/inability to concentrate*
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles*
  • Decreased libido
  • brittle nails*
  • dizziness*
  • anxiety
  • itchy skin*
  • digestive problems *
  • tingling extremities*
  • anemia

People might complain that it’s very hard to get up in the morning,” Dr. Bianco says. They might fall asleep quickly once they sit down during the day.~source

story of my life.


  • irregular periods *
  • loss of libido
  • fatigue*
  • hair loss
  • difficulty concentrating*
  • memory lapses*
  • dizziness*
  • weight gain*
  • brittle nails*
  • irregular heartbeat*
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • joint pain*
  • itchy skin*
  • digestive problems*
  • tingling extremities*

I had to stop but I really could have found many more I’m sure.  If it’s highlighted in red it’s on all three lists and if it has an asterisk it means I have this. So I have a confirmed diagnosis of Celiac Disease, a confirmed diagnoses of Hypothyroidism and I’m guessing on the menopause. I have no symptoms but…do I?  Let’s look at the list. oh, that’s right, every single symptom is on at least two lists and most of them hit all three. And can I say gratefully, I do not have all of these symptoms. Whew. But I definitely have a majority.

How in the world do I diagnose THAT?

robots aliens halle berry extant so confused

And thus you have my problem.


Hypothyroid Mom
Endocrine Web
Gluten Dude
34 Menopause Symptoms



I did a lot on Thursday so I kept Friday to just a walking day.  I really wanted to get to the gym and elliptical/stairmaster but I had appointments that just didn’t coincide well. Also, Sean and I ditched and went to a movie. Ha. So…today I’m running.

And…it’s my birthday week…can’t forget THAT.


Run on…and have cake. It’s my birthday weekend! (psst. It’s actually Monday but I pretty much claim June)


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I am REALLY on the ball here.

I got three miles in last night and this morning I met Miss Maria Miss Monica Miss Gloria for a run. I can’t seem to get the name “Maria” out of my head and that’s what I keep calling her. I know. classy, right? She even named her phone Maria we’ve joked about it so much. Now someone at her church is calling her Monica. Like A LOT. And she spent an entire event wearing a very large name tag that said GLORIA. This chick doesn’t get it. Meanwhile, I think the real issue here might actually be Gloria’s name. I think we’ll have to talk about that. Just a thought.

4 miles Sunday
rest day Monday
unintended rest day Tuesday 
3 miles Wednesday
6 miles today (we walked a bit so very conservatively let’s say 4)

  • Dawned on me about twenty minutes ago…I guess I could maybe consider thinking about possibly writing a post.
  • I sold a box of DVD’s ~that nobody had any interest in ~on Craigslist. There were 62 DVD’s and on a whim I decided I wouldn’t donate, I’d sell. I threw a $20 pricetag in the ad and got a hit pretty quick. The guy I sold them to is disabled so when I met him in a very public parking lot for the trade he came up to my car and said in a raspy voice “you got the movies?”. It was very cloak and dagger.
  • I have twenty-eight windows up on my computer. Twenty-eight. Articles and ideas and research and just daily things I need to take care of. It speaks to where my head is that I normally don’t have any more than five up.  I am definitely not working on all four cylinders.
  • Here’s the thing…I still feel pretty awful. Sleeping a ridiculous amount. Forgetting a ridiculous amount. Nothing fits. Can’t run a mile so 3-4 is slogging pretty bad. I’m still on my original plan of see my doctor and give her one more chance but at the end of the day I feel so crummy I have bad thoughts about that doctor and I don’t really ever want to see her again. Then I have to remember why I like her. And everyone makes mistakes. But her mistake is leaving me feeling bad for far longer than I should have to. I’m bitter.
  • Today my goal is to get myself together.

    And do some research on natural ways to control your thyroid. Some foods hinder it and some foods boost it so I need to remind myself what those are to make sure I’m not making any mistakes. I think I’ve said I was going to do that before but then I fell asleep so…no.

    So maybe today my goal should be..stay awake.

    Run on…


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Sweet List <3

  1. Mini Perfect Bars Almond Butter
  2. June. I mean is there really just a better month? I don’t think so. I hear June and I think birthday, Gemini (that’s me), weddings, barbecues, green grass, flowers (not in my yard), strawberries and salads, deliciousness and summertime.
  3. Tazo Passion Tea. It’s pretty, it tastes delicious and it’s caffeine free. The trifecta.
  4. Summertime afternoon rain showers. Because it’s the perfect time the spend the afternoon and it smells good.
  5. Wine glasses. Isn’t drinking pretty much anything way more fun when it’s done with pretty glasses?
  6. Letters from MT. Even when they aren’t filled with joy, they are still letters and we are pretty glad to just hear from him. Let’s face it, boot camp has to be so hard. He’s doing good, just missing us. And who can blame him, we’re all such a great time. 
  7. Watching The West Wing on Netflix. 
  8. Listening to The West Wing Weekly  podcast By Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway which is a recap of each episode of The West Wing.  It’s great to listen to them go over it after you’ve watched the episode. Very revealing.
  9.  Every single time I get rid of something… be it donation, gift or sale or when I organize something just a little bit more I can breathe so much better. My garage is going to be SO HAPPY. p.s. I totally just made a sale. RIGHT NOW. While I was typing this! Did you FEEL the energy?  I know you did.
  10. My garage is getting SO organized.  Feel the joy. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m always always ALWAYS cleaning and organizing.
  11. Today the bunny won! Remember the bunnies? sigh. My puppy and my cat LOVE bunnies and I occasionally have to deal with that. Today my puppy brought me a bunny and I managed to get the bunny away from him. Why is this on the sweet list? Because the bunny is okay and got away. That is a good day.
  12. I lived! The biggest ugliest fattest meanest spider was crawling on my counter last night and he crawled all over my water glass and over my paperwork and everything. What was I doing? Hyperventilating thankyouvermuch. Um…no I’m not kidding. I was on the phone with my mom and she freaking had to tell me to breathe.  Why is this on the sweetlist? Because I lived. I know, overreact much? He got a house dropped on him and is now really most sincerely dead. Listen Mr Spider’s family…you stay in your house and I stay in mine and we’ll all be better off for it.
  13. New workout clothes. Anyone else have issues with this? I I love new workout clothes but sometimes I do not have good luck. I’m a hard fit and I’m also picky as heck. But I do love trying.  And when they don’t work for me, they will sometimes work for Shaughnessy so bonus! I just bought these:
    And check this out…I look JUST like that. Same butt and everything. 😉
    I also bought this…..
    which was a CRAZY splurge but I’ve been having a devil of a time with sports bras lately. So frustrating. So I spent the money on Lululemon. My favorite Champion from Target has been shifting and chafing. Something sports bras never do. So frustrating.
    I suspect the real culprit is that I need to run more. SHOCKING. Once that ramps up things will fit better. But until then…new clothes are pretty 🙂


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I blinked and it was Monday.

I spent the weekend working on a writing post and I did SO well with it that here it is Monday morning and you aren’t reading it (now it’s Monday afternoon).

Classic. I’m pretty on the ball.

On the other hand, I did get my garage cleaned.

My run in on Sunday.

Hiking with Sean and Theboy.


And of the 472 things I have to sell I got about 15 of them listed.

feelin’ pretty productive right now.


I took Skosh in to get his annual (18 month?) check up and ended up spending far too much time chatting with the doctor about politics (Trump…scary), the news (so many car accidents, kid check every time I see one), and how we’re going to die (please  don’t let it be from some idiot driving stupid). Pretty sure he also gave me another break on the vet bill.

I really do like our vet.

Skosh does not.

I’ve been rewatching The West Wing on Netflix (God bless Netflix) and it’s so interesting to see the references they make through a series  that ran from 1999-2006 that have direct bearing on our lives right now. And some of the references talk about what our future concerns will be only to see that that is in fact what our concerns are. 


Today I’m going to do some light strength training and walk. It’s a rest day so no running.
push ups
And don’t get excited about the pushups. I get about 20 a day done…on a good day it’s 30. I’m workin’ on it.

Why light strength? Because I’m still not me so baby steps. Hopefully soon? Who knows. We work with what we have, right?

Run on…and bring the effort. 


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