So…Happy Thanksgiving?

Yeah. Even I know it’s too late for that.

But I hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL day!  

We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because MT had to work tonight and Shaughnessy and Adam spent most of the day at his mom’s house.  So we have opted to celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday when everyone can be available and it can really REALLY be a family gathering. It’s nice to have everyone together after five years.

And also so we can run to the store for the butter we forgot and not feel guilty. Ha.

I don’t like shopping on Thanksgiving. I’m one of THOSE people.  ;)


But I started the morning with a run at Miss Shaughnessy’s house.  There is nothing better than running on a holiday. I think we did about 4.5 miles and we have no record of it because she’s related to me. She paused her watch and forgot to restart it.

I didn’t wear mine because my brain stopped working two days ago with day one of this freaking migraine.

Oh…yeah…that’s the reason for no post this morning.

Love this:
29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand~Buzzfeed

29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand

I can’t relate to all of it but the following…oh man so true.

#8, #14, #16, #17, #21, #22, #23, #24 and #28 pretty much are me. Very much. 

I felt better yesterday but it came back last night pretty bad.  It plagued me all day, progressively getting worse.

I hung out at Shaughnessy’s house for awhile while she made theboy chocolate chip pancakes. Jealous.

And he entertained me by being beautiful.


He just woke up and came to sit by me.


The devious little smile…



Have you met Darth Vader?

Shaughnessy, too.  And all she did was make pancakes ;)



Not bad for ten minutes after a morning run!  I do not ever look that cute after a run.  


More drugs at home, then  fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy for our makeshift Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone chipped in to help. It was SO fun.

Montana headed to work while Sean and Alex enjoyed apple pie.

I reached my limit and took Dilaudid and went to bed. My doctor gave me a VERY limited scrip for this to keep me from the emergency room and I hoard it, locked up, like nobody’s business.

Sean and I spent the afternoon watching My Cousin Vinny and sleeping.
I slept. He watched.  I got to see the best parts and then…back to sleep.


I have a girl crush on Marissa Tomei.

I’m headed to bed now and tomorrow is a whole new fresh day.

But coming out of it and feeling like you can conquer anything now that you've conquered that!

For anyone who has ever been sick but not really sure what…a laugh for you.


<3 Norman Rockwell - Cousin Reginald Catches the Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!  Love you all.  

Run on…

OH!  And for my mom…


those dark circles…yikes.  


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I got home from work yesterday and almost immediately was sick.  We had stopped at Sprouts on the way home because I have a million things to do and never seem to get there.

They’re ACROSS THE STREET from my work.

That’s just wrong.

Remember, it’s not my favorite store to visit because it’s always always always crowded.   It’s a compact area, smashed between a few other big box stores, and the parking lot is tiny.  Get a few grouchy people behind carts and they start growling at you if you get in their way.

karma animated GIF

We stopped anyway, I was in severe need of vitamins.

On the way home now and decided to fix my phone.

Last week I did this:

That is not my phone.  We are an Android family.  Also…I don’t know how to take a picture of my broken phone. With my phone. My camera battery was dead.  ::momentofsilenceforcameraandphone::

Did I mention my phone broke?

I get it. It’s my fault.  I refuse to have a case on my phone.

But I can’t stand how thick it makes the phone.  I’m so used to a little tiny phone I just can’t adjust to a smart phone.

I know, it’s ridiculous. Move on. It’s nearly 2015.

Whatever, I can do what I want. And if that includes breaking my phone then so be it.

the office animated GIF


*sigh* I know.


So we stopped the T-Mobile store to fix my phone and Sean’s. His was trying to update and instead it became a paperweight for four hours before just shutting down completely.

The cute little girl at the T-Mobile store said, “ohhh. That’s too bad.  Please call technical support.  NEXT”.

Okay, that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration but not much. She pretty much said we have to go online to do it all.  But hey, she’s really sorry.  And in her head she’s thinking ~

yes animated GIF

It’s possible she did a Snoopy Dance after we left but I didn’t actually witness anything.

They were a little busy.

Then as we left, Sean decided to contribute to society and Denver’s homeless.  Or some fool who happened upon the

$10 BILL he dropped and it blew away…

Remember the 50mph winds?  Yep. That sucker was gone.

Our evening was NOT GOING WELL>

Walk in the door…do a quick change…and off to the gym.

Wait…let me stop here to note that I took drugs first because


I was getting a migraine and FAST.

So I head off to the gym, do a mile on the elliptical, downstairs to the weight room and….

so not happening.

I sat. I rested. I went home.

Walked in the door, took different meds.

Chatted with MT and Alexander (Sean was busy) and decided the floor was a better place to be.

The boys sent me upstairs.  I stopped to throw up first and then went to bed.  

There it is. My wild night in a nutshell.

party animated GIF

party animated GIF

Did you miss my workout??  Definitely got my heart rate up for ten minutes! #FAIL

Today I’m feeling the hangover of both the migraine and the drugs.  The migraine really likes me and wants to stay and visit.

This morning…I have a dentist appt.

excited animated GIF

I’m going for a run later, I’m pretty sure my head will be better (see that positive thinking??) and that will feel SO GOOD>

I have to foam roll and yoga.

My Achilles hurt.


 Run on…


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Nearly blinded… ;) *no exaggeration to be found in this title*

>warning: full on sarcasm ahead<

So I’m at work…finishing up for the night and preparing my clocking out experience (this is definitely an experience because the company that does it for us somehow has figured out how to torment my life via my computer).  This is not the point.

The point is, I’m staring at my computer, concentrating on what dark magic might be required to get the little man inside my computer to allow this to go through when


I got WHACKED in the EYE with a RUBBERBAND!….

friends animated GIF


It was really quite traumatizing.  

We use a lot of rubberbands so flinging them is sport for some of my co workers who are apparently still 9.5 years old. ;)

I don’t curse. UNLESS…I hit my head (this happens often. I have zero control of this appendage) or I get hurt in a sudden incident.

Such as a rubberband flinging at my eye.

Yep. I said S#%T!! very loud.

My co worker, She who has Mermaid Hair that makes Ocean Sounds …


(otherwise known as) , came running over under the pretense of caring ::whatever:: and declared it wasn’t, in fact, a rubberband.

But it was a BINDER CLIP.

Who the hell randomly flings BINDER CLIPS at people??

Really.  It boggles the mind.

Now I look like this:

skeleton animated GIF

Maybe a little younger. But definitely damaged. DAMAGED.

Good thing I love her.  Because I was immediately able to forgive. ;)  >please say in mean girls tone<

I only hope I can somehow find the strength in myself to get past this tragedy and move on, despite the circumstances.


Who doesn’t love the Clydesdales??

In my world you didn’t hear “what are Clydesdales?”

Yeah, it was Budweiser but really it was all about those beautiful horses.

It was on the news yesterday they are sending the horses away and not featuring them this holiday season.

I can’t imagine why they would think this was a good idea.  I don’t even DRINK and I know this is a bad idea.

Budweiser’s commercials that feature these strong beautiful horses are my all time favorites.

My kid didn’t even know what they were. CRAZY

After I showed him he said, “Oh. The horses?”

Yes. But they are so much more than that.  LOVE THEM>

We watched a commercial together and as he walked away he said, ” ‘Merica”.  

Yep.  That’s how they make you feel.


They will feature them for the Superbowl but they are now aiming for a younger, hipper audience.

Whatever. Still sad.


I did some yoga yesterday morning and then spent the evening trying to plan a gym workout.

Pretty successful there.



I also made a crockpot Jambalaya for dinner.

Pretty successful there.



Maybe I’ll stick to what I know.

Planning a run today.  And some yoga.

I have some killer achilles happening.


☺. ☺  ✿ ☺

Run on… you’ll feel better.



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Snowy run.

I threw out a quick (that’s relative, right?) four miles tonight.  It was really just an easy run that anyone else would blow off as no big deal but as I ran it I took a secret thrill in it.  The hills were so easy for me. And it was a very easy run. I didn’t push it at all.  The result?


That mile “3”?  I pushed the wrong button on my Garmin.  No clue what happened there.  So there weren’t five miles, just four. Ignore mile “3”.  :)

It was about 30*, felt like 20* and snowing. So quiet and serene.  My perfect favorite run.


Today I cleaned the yard.  Yes..I cleaned up after the roofers. We’re trying VERY hard to like this roofing company but they are so very busy since the hailstorms they rushed in, threw the roof up and rushed out.  In the process there are nails all over my yard and my landscaping has definitely been disrupted.

We’re so not happy.

frustrated animated GIF

I couldn’t leave all those nails out there where Malachi and Skosh roam.  I cleaned as much as I could.


and finally…

A Knight’s Tale with MT and …almost Sean. He fell asleep and we sent him to bed.

Probably our 150th showing of this movie. My love for William (Heath Ledger) and Prince Edward (James Purefoy), it grows each time I watch the movie.


And that tingle at the back of your neck that runs down your spine to remind you that you're the only thing alive out there!

Run on…even if it’s cold.  Enjoy the run. 





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Sweet List <3

1.  The Family Dollar across the street. We totally thought it would be the worst thing for our neighborhood and instead we pop over there all the time!  It’s like a small town grocery, they always seem to have the thing we need.

None animated GIF

2.  We got our roof done.  Now…I hesitate to put this on my Sweetlist because the roofers were…well…in a hurry.  They didn’t leave a good impression on us. But we did get it done and that’s all I care about…today.  Tomorrow I’ll deal with the aftermath.

3.  We are spring cleaning (shut up. I know it’s fall) and have stuff on Craigslist.  Selling=winning

reaction animated GIF

4.  I got my new shoes in the mail today and wore them around while I ran a few errands. I know you aren’t supposed to but I do to see if my legs like them.  Those suckers are so pink.

morning animated GIF

5.  I spent today doing virtually nothing until the evening when I ran seventeen errands (I exaggerate but it was a lot) AND made dinner. Ha.  

friends animated GIF

6.  It is so beautiful here this weekend.  I’m grateful for Colorado’s break in the winter freeze.  We are getting snow tomorrow but for now I’m happy. It was perfect today.

7.  MT got his braces off and could NOT be prettier.  I mean, he’s seventeen so he still gives me attitude but he’s cute so I try to overlook it.

He has always looked so much like Sean it’s strange to look at this picture and see my dad in him.

8. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to return some curtain rods. I shouldn’t be allowed in that store.  Of course I didn’t leave empty handed. So much cooking joy.  I left with Anchor Hocking 6″ pie plates in thanksgiving colors.  Individual pie! How freaking cute is THAT?  I actually really love cooking and baking and preparing. But I have no room for all the stuff that makes it way easier.  So I just don’t.  Bed Bath and Beyond reminds me of all the joy I’m missing. LOL

Product Image 1

9.  I am SO excited for the holidays this year! No explanation. Just excited about the decorations and the baking and the family time and the general over all JOY. 

10.  Michelle and I are already planning our races for 2015!  Ha. I’ve totally sucked her in.  :)

Ultimate Running Motivation » I Love Running Magazine

11.  Target used to sell Gummi Bears in little individual packages.


They clearanced them out and I was sad. They TOTALLY brought them back.  #nowImhappy

12.  Asparagus. Random, I know. We are talking about a Brussel Sprout recipe for Thanksgiving and all I can think about is Asparagus.  I love it so much.

love animated GIF

I also think pizza is delicious and yes we’re having that on Thanksgiving, too.  Life is good.

13.  I got my Run for God Devotions book in the mail!  I’m pretty excited.

stephen colbert animated GIF


"Today I will run for the pure, absolute joy." #Runner. This is something far too many runners forget to do. Sometimes you just need to leave the watch at home and ignore your splits and your mileage & do it for the pure bliss that accompanies you on a run. Just do it for you.

Run on…










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It’s my face.


OH man.  I hear this all the time.  ALL THE TIME>

My co worker asked why I was mad…in a fierce whisper because she thought someone had ticked me off.  Uh…no.  I’m just filing stuff. I didn’t know I had to be “on” while I was filing.  ::confused::

Yesterday another co worker said, “Teresa is all ways irritated about somethin'”.

I have no idea what he was talking about.

But in all fairness he curses like a sailor and I throw paper clips at him every time he says a sexist comment.  That COULD be what he’s talking about. ;)


Going for a run this morning. I have a billion errands to run and we have a birthday dinner at my cute daughters house so this is a busy day.

Oh…did I mention that yesterday strange men came to my house and asked me “what color you want your gutters? same color?”

Um. Who are you?

Apparently they are the roofers and the roofing guy forgot to call and say, “Hey Teresa!  We’re gonna do your roof on Thursday!”

So. yeah. THAT was unexpected.


My shoes come today.  I am trying not to get excited :)

How’d I do?

I had to return the extremely bright pink ones (I was so SO disappointed, I know you can read that in my “voice”) because they screwed with my leg pretty bad in a little two mile treadmill run.  My achilles still haven’t recovered. Ridiculous.

But I went back to Brooks Adrenaline’s and GUESS WHAT?? Yep.

They only had them in extremely bright pink. LOL


Apparently the universe wants me to have bright shoes.

Wish they were orange. I really like orange.

The sacrifices we make…


Off to Runner’s World What to Wear feature to figure out the best option for my run this morning. It’s 33*.

I have to switch up some of their suggestions because Denver is not your average town.  At a mile high we’re warmer than your average destination. But it’s still pretty handy. :)


Check out this fun playlist…perfect for the holidays.

Holiday Running Playlist.jpg



Don't let the weather keep you from getting your sweat on!  @espnW

This is a new kind of motivation. It’s called bossy. LOL

Run on… and enjoy the crisp cool air. 

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I am average.


Middle of the road.




I have always known this.  It’s not a newsflash to me.   Don’t we all wish we were better than average?

       1. I’m a bank teller. Though I usually joke I’m “in banking”.   I lost count at the number of friends who have commented they also were bank tellers…when they were in college.

movie animated GIF

       2. I never finished college and now that I’m older the pull to finish waffles between ~must finish now!~ and ~it’s going to be so much work…do I really need it?~

yep. I know college is overrated. The people that say that have degrees. Just sayin’.

       3.  I run.  Nobody else does THAT.

tom hiddleston animated GIF

     4.  I run marathons. Like…every other person who runs.  In 2013 there were  583,502 marathon finishers.



     5.  I write a blog.  I KNOW.  That’s a total new one.  ;)


Hmm. Where was I going with this?

confused animated GIF


Oh yeah.

I read so many blogs written by twenty-somethings and as much as I love them,  there never seems to be a blog written by a forty something who is just an average runner.  Guess that’s me.  Seriously it would be awesome to read about a dedicated strong runner who is not exceptional. She doesn’t run  7 and 8 minute miles.   Just normal miles.  Is that normal? Maybe I need to up my game. Maybe I’m below average. Yikes. That’s not a pleasant thought.  

So here I am. Representing the Average People.  ::maybe?::

the office animated GIF

I should rename the blog.

The Average Runner. 

Check this out.  This is how I roll.  I did a search and there are a few blogs out there titling their average runner status.

The Average Woman’s Running Blog

Tales from an Average Runner

Then there’s this one:

It’s kind of hilarious.

Romance for Athletes

I have to admit..I was laughing.  So yeah…I might read it again. It provided some mild entertainment. 

Diary of an Average Runner

And here is a perfect example of how the bar for average seems to have definitely been moved up.  This girl, who ran an ultra, was in a marathon and someone offered to pace her.  She was stressing to them that an 8:30 average was a little fast for her to hold a conversation WHILE she ran.  It would be enough for her to run that for FOUR HOURS>  

I would be dead at mile 1.  pfft. 8:30 mile. That’s insane.

Starting to think I’m not average.

Now I’m depressed.

depressed animated GIF

I love Charlie Brown…

Here’s my thought.  (one of them? So many I am convoluted today)

Be strong. Be your own runner.  Be your own athlete.

We hear this all the time but it’s said for a reason.

Try to remember you are good enough. You are strong enough. You are capable and frankly you are setting a good example. Keep up the good work.

And if you get a wild hair, write about it.

Not average, awesome!

love it

Run on…it’s a good day for a run.  Unless you’re in Buffalo. :( (good thoughts for everyone there)

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Anyone ever do an ultra?


If you were going to run an ultramarathon, what distance would you choose? *an ultra is technically anything farther than 26.2 miles

I’ve kind of always wanted to do one. But I don’t like to do things that are popular so…kind of not, too.  Although I do that marathon thing  so I guess I’m sucked into the trend. #dontspreaditaround

why animated GIF

The 50k appears to be the most popular, there are a billion of them. And I’m in the freaking running capital of the world here.

We have some of the most kickass ultras and they are much farther than 50k. I mean, the whole world knows about the  Leadville Trail 100.  My friend’s dad has done it a couple of times.

It’s an incredible race that has to be completed in under 30 hours (less than half complete it in that time limit) and of course, you must run 100 miles.  Through the mountains of Colorado. At serious SERIOUS altitude.

Now…I think that would be freakin’ cool. But there’s no way I could complete it in the 30 hours so I just wouldn’t even want to attempt it.  I’ll admire from afar and put it on my list of things I’d love to do but my body says I don’t think so. #nobostonhere

One of my friends, okay, it’s Michelle, is trying to talk me into doing an ultra. She’s thinking I’d be pretty well trained because of my current fitness level.

I would probably choose the 50k because it is so easy to find.  And also, hello, it’s already freaking 30 miles. LOL

I may do it. I may wait until next fall or spring of 2016. I’m already on board for two races in 2015 and I don’t want to screw those up but I also think a marathon in 2015 would be good to keep the training up.  And I have a lot more work to do to upgrade my fitness and be ready for that task.  It does sound like my kind of thing though.


Crazy, but on that same note, my friend Kat forwarded me this Runner’s World article about an ultra runner (clearly far more talented than I could ever hope to be) here in Boulder who was bit by a rattlesnake. Her story is SO unbelievable. Some people are just gifted with strong.

Read the article. But beware it’s a little graphic.


My friend Erin has started writing a blog. It’s called Make.Believe. And since she’s an incredibly talented teacher, (she’s currently teaching ESOL), and she’s fluent in Russian. Hello…total envy.  And she has really good taste. In pretty much everything.

She’s a runner, a teacher,  she knits (you lose me there) and she posts pictures of her cute outfits and her cute dog!  I love her dog. He’s SO pretty.  I told her how impressed I was she was posting photos of herself!  I am so self conscious I never do. She said she was trying very hard and putting herself out there. It’s scary!

In honor of Miss Erin, here is my outfit today for work.




Run on…and brave new worlds.


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Rookie Move

  • An estimated 1 in 133 Americans, or about 1% of the population, has celiac disease
  • It is estimated that 83% of Americans who have celiac disease are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions.
  • 5-22% of celiac patients have an immediate family member (1st degree relative) who also has celiac.
  • A 100% gluten-free diet is the only existing treatment for celiac today.
  • 1 in 22 first-degree family members (parent, child, sibling) and 1 in 39 second-degree family members (aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandparent, grandchild and half-sibling) are at risk for celiac disease. Your risk may double if your brother or sister has celiac disease.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:


Bloating and gas



Itchy skin rash

Tingling or numbness

Pale mouth sores

joint pain




discolored teeth



Sean and I went to breakfast after his appointment this morning.  We found a darling new restaurant called Three Little Griddles.  I found it on Find Me Gluten Free. It’s a handy little app I’ve used many times, especially handy in New York.

This place is so great.  It’s a family run breakfast/lunch/brunch place and it’s darling.  Really small (that would be the downside because apparently it’s packed with a wait time on the weekends) but cute.  Waiter was SO nice.  Menu is awesome.

I ordered French Toast.  I could die I was so excited to get gluten free French Toast. I haven’t made it myself nor had it since I was diagnosed.  I did specify that I needed gluten free. 

When it came it looked so decadently gluten filled I was nervous to eat it.  But I did anyway.  I ate about 1/3 of it. Then I thought of the syrup.

Holy smokes. Was it gluten free? Why didn’t I ask??  I called the waiter over and inquired about the syrup. He said he’d check but he was sure it was.  A few minutes later he came back to reassure me it was gluten free and that’s when I knew.

I just had a bad feeling.

I asked if the gluten free French Toast was prepared on a different surface or the same as regular French Toast and pancakes.

He said the same surface. 

How could I have been so stupid?  What were my mistakes?  Pretty basic rookie stuff.

  1. Greet the waiter and then state very clearly that “I’m Celiac” and ask if every precaution could please be made?
  2. Question where and how the food is prepared based on the next information.
  3. When I order, make sure all ingredients are gluten free. 

Remember we are still in the “gluten free trendy” diet phase.  So people will order their meal gluten free and promptly ask for a cinnamon roll to go with it (this place is famous for their cinnamon rolls. Often sold out very early). Though that’s simply an example, it leads to the next issue. If I’m simply ordering gluten free they don’t know how serious I really am.

I have to give an actual medical diagnosis to be taken seriously.  I have to share with the world, “so, I’m Celiac.  Can you take extra care on that preparation to avoid cross contamination? Thanks!”

I don’t love that. I don’t like walking around shouting my diagnosis from the rooftops. But unfortunately it really does touch every part of your life.

Anyone that chooses to go gluten free to lose weight should be embarrassed to order that incredible French Toast.

I sent it back with the waiter.

I’m not sure I’ve ever known in advance without a shadow of a doubt I have been glutened but here it is. I know it now. So frustrating, something so basic that could have been controlled.

They were so nice and even took it off our bill for us. Reassured me if I had TOLD them I was Celiac, they would ensure it was very safe for me.  I guess that’s a good thing.

I’d go back.

It was still counted as a bad morning. My fault. I know better.


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Definitely not Elsa

So I ran outside today.

It was the first time I put the shoes to the pavement (or treadmill) since the marathon.

I gave myself a full week off and then I got sick. Ha. Life, right?

So I finally felt pretty good today and talked myself into winter running.


A little backstory.

Last year when I was running my 13 half marathons…I was struggling.

To find the energy…to feel good enough…to just get it done.

I didn’t run nearly as much as I should as we headed into winter. It felt harder than usual. Colder than usual. I had way more aches and pains than usual.

I actually ditched a race that was SO cold I thought I’d never recover if I ran it.

Now in all fairness it was like…-7* or something crazy like that but still…I felt completely unprepared to deal with those temps.


Back to this morning, I was pretty ready to go even knowing what I was heading into…whaaaat???

shocked animated GIF

mean girls animated GIF

I headed out and finished six fabulous miles. It was 14*.

frozen animated GIF

It was gorgeous and snowing giant fluffy flakes.

and it was cold.

Yes I would have preferred it to be even ten degrees warmer (am I greedy if I ask for 15?) but I did it and felt pretty awesome.

Score one for the Celiac.

excited animated GIF


What I wore to run in the cold…

NYC Marathon Favorite™ Long Sleeve

In particular, this was my New York City Marathon running shirt and it’s awesome. That is all.



Very similar to this one only slightly more fitted and a black hood.  I got it at Walmart clearanced for $9.95 and I love it. I’ve worn it to death.  Running gear does not have to be expensive.  You can get great deals at Walmart and Target and I’ve totally bought running clothes at thrift stores.  Utilize your resources.

Don’t scrimp on shoes.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Under Armour UA Mesh II Skull Cap

similar to this one…but it says “Colder Boulder” on it from a race a few years ago

Run Mitt, Black, dynamic

  • iPod (c’mon, you thought I’d go without?…also, you don’t need a photo of that. Self explanatory :) )
  • neck gaitor


And it goes without saying I had my running shoes on.  The New Balance.  They hurt.  Shopping for new shoes now. I think I’ll go back to my Brooks. They never steered me wrong.

After I changed my clothes it occurred to me I should have taken a photo but because it was after the fact, this is what you get. Sorry!


I spent the day having an Amazon Prime Parenthood marathon.


Yeah, it's cold.  Run anyway.



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