A productive day …

It’s got to be a bit confusing that I write my posts at night to post the next day. How strange.

My eating was terrible today.  You remember that whole…check in thing?

Didn’t do it.

Zero accountability right here.

BUT…I did eat jelly beans and hello…no guilt there. None.

They were delicious.

I ran a billion errands today (yay me!) and besides feeling completely accomplished…

thumbs up animated GIF

I managed to get my run in, too~

Okay, I only got a little over three miles instead of four. But I was on the treadmill and my right leg got super sore while I was running. Probably just the stress of running on the treadmill instead of outside.

It’s been forever since I’ve been on the treadmill but I’m always grateful for it.


Friday I have four on the schedule I think…

I have to check my schedule…

I am having dinner with friends from out of town so I’d love to get the run done early.

I’m super anxious to hang out at home and paint. I KNOW.  More painting.

Yes. More.

I also am feeling the need for yoga yoga.

Shut the front door…I just remembered I was supposed to strength train today. Geez.

I’m so freakin’ smart.


Run on…


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Red Rocks didn’t happen. It was closed…who knew?

So apparently Red Rocks Amphitheatre closes at 4…

I know, right? I was shocked, too.  Apparently those are winter hours.

Considering it’s clear across Denver and I get off at 2..this was not a feasible place to go workout.

Color me sad.

sad animated GIF


I figured the gym it is…stairmaster and all.

There’s an art to using the base gym.  We are pretty freakin’ grateful to have access to certain facilities on the base  but the hours at the gym are relatively unfriendly.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

They close at 10pm.  So when people get off work the gym is pretty well  packed until … oh… 7:00 at the earliest.  8pm is the ideal time to go…but it’s a short window.

Sean got home from work around 7:30 and I like him.

most days… 

When he works this much he becomes very single minded. I have to remind him he’s married. And I like his attention, thankyouverymuch. :)

So we all hung out and chatted about hiking and trips we’d like to take and plans for the summer and I chose that instead of the gym.

Wave your arms frantically if you see the problem. 

Or…you could just roll your eyes.  That’s what I’m doing at the thought that I might actually have a schedule AND a marriage.

harry potter animated GIF


Yeah, I don’t see it as being very realistic either. Dammit.

So I’m not completely off schedule. I did do yoga again this morning (so good) and that counts for something.

But clearly a change is in order.


My schedule calls for four miles and a strength training workout on Thursday. So that’s what I’m going for.

And as usual, I’m going to have to start tracking my eating again because all hell broke loose with me in the last month. Kind of depressing that I can be this off track when I’m gluten free. ha. Yeah. sigh.

emma stone animated GIF

What, Skittles for breakfast is a bad thing?  Not in my world. ;)

And since my schedule did call for yoga twice this week, maybe I’ll switch up the days.

I can be wild like that.

emily blunt animated GIF



How much do you love this story?

Joy Johnson, a Marathoner to the end. 

I love her and her story so much. She didn’t even START running until she was 59!  That’s incredible.  What an amazing woman.


So remember that little conversation Sean and MT and I had as we hung out at the kitchen counter chatting about hiking and trips and such?

Those are my favorite.  When everyone just gathers at the end of the evening and chats about nothing in particular or about important stuff, either way…it’s good.

it’s the little things.


I know, I’ve used this one before. But I just love it.

Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY


Run on…


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Here’s what I PLAN…let’s see what actually happens.

On my training list was yoga for an hour.

I was late.

So I did yoga for 20 minutes.

Hey…I still did it.
emma stone animated GIF


Tomorrow my plan is to run the stairs at Red Rocks.

This is a big deal for me, I’ve never done it before and I always get turned around there. I have no idea how It’ll work out but I have faith I can do it without hurting myself.

we make plans and god laughs quote - Google Search


Did I ever tell you about driving to Boulder?

When I first moved here (full disclosure at least the first five years…at least)… I would end up at Coors Field on the drive home. That is clear and the hell the other side of Denver. Not at ALL where I wanted to be.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, and  I was never afraid to do the drive, but I would get so frustrated knowing I’d take way longer to get home because of some obvious mistake I was making.

It’s a little disconcerting and I’ve been quite lost making my way home from Coors Field. I’m pretty thrilled to have figured THAT out.

Needless to say I’m totally confident in my ability to drive to the amphitheatre (and back, don’t forget back) without getting lost.

Side note:  It’s supposed to be rainy/snowy tomorrow so I may end up at the gym on the stairmaster.

Pray for good weather  (looks cold…43*)

And confident navigation. LOL


Have you read this story?

Angelina Jolie Pitt:  Diary of a Surgery

I think I’m the only person I know who likes Angelina Jolie Pitt. I think she’s kind of amazing.  She’s talented and beautiful and knows what’s important. She knows her priorities and really doesn’t care what people think of her.

I was so impressed she made this decision. It’s so brave of her to not just choose this path but to be so vocal and public about it.

The beautiful thing about such moments in life is that there is so much clarity. You know what you live for and what matters. It is polarizing, and it is peaceful.

It is not possible to remove all risk, and the fact is I remain prone to cancer. I will look for natural ways to strengthen my immune system. I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family.

Good for her.


I love this.                 (via A Cup of Jo)


I had quiet time in the house today.  MT had to work, Alex is at a friend’s house and Sean worked late.  Though I never like the idea of Sean working late, it’s lovely to just have quiet time in the house.

it’s the little things.

This was me today,  Completed Abbate.  A hero WOD dedicated to a young Marine who died in 2010 in Afghanistan.


Run on…and no excuses.


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I’m not flirting with you…I’m just permanently skeptical

I got 3+ miles outside this morning and it was cold, windy and fairly miserable.

I didn’t really want to go.

I got a half mile and thought…
I’ll turn around and run later on the treadmill.

Then the wind took a break and I pushed through…

You know, if I go to .75 then flipping around will give me a mile and a half.

Look how close I am to the edge of the park…that’s over a mile.  I could turn and do the two mile loop…I should do that.

I made it this far, it’s only another block to my turn for my 3 mile route, the one I headed out to do.  I bet if I turn, the wind won’t hate me as much.

That was a great run…



I had my six week follow up for my Botox today.

I have noticed a significant decrease in my migraines so that’s pretty awesome right there.

Peanuts animated GIF


I saw the doctors PA and she asked me if I’d had any problems with it…

well…my left eyebrow is in permanent “skeptic” mode.


Or…sarcastic (it naturally belongs there)

It’s pretty hilarious and she said she noticed it right away.

I’m not sure anyone else has, I’m usually pretty expressive with my eyebrows so they all probably thought it was normal. Ha

I told her I entertained myself my looking in the mirror, pulling it down to normal and…

watching it pop back up…

We had a good laugh about it and then she got the doctor who said, “really?  and only one eyebrow?”

Ha.  Yes, leave it to me to be abnormal and whack.

He said it happens sometimes (though usually to both sides evenly…)

and he quickasthat touched it up so it would go back to normal.


I made a training plan.

this is the surest way to either..

A.  completely screw with my training and not do anything


B.  get injured.

I’m hoping for neither and my “plan” is very loose and tailored for me so I think it’ll be okay

I hope.

hope animated GIF



Run on…


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We deserve a Sweet List…don’t we? <3

March has been rough.  I know we’re still in it, but I think it’s wrapping up. So let’s check out our happy things today:

1.  theboy came to see us yesterday.  Spaceships out of Legos with Babe and off to the park with Papa Sean.  Ending with a Superfriends movie because life is better with Superfriends in it.


2.  I finished painting the family room!  Yep. Technically I could totally stop now.  Except I promptly started the bathroom and I still have some trim that needed repairs to work on but I’m instead going to do the kitchen cabinets.  I’m going to Sherwin Williams today for paint. Do it while I still want to I say.

3.  The painters came and painted my house. Yep. My entire house. I started the day with a kind of yellow house and by 1pm I had a lovely beige/green with cream trim.  We love it, it’s so pretty. I still have to paint the front door but it’ll be easy. (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!)

4.  I’m in a crazy ass baking mode.  Gluten free, not gluten free. Doesn’t matter. I just want to bake all.the.time. Yesterday~ brownies.  I never make brownies for them and they were pretty happy. And the pan is empty.

hungry animated GIF

5.  I bought some vinyl gloves (size small, very hard to find for me) and it’s SO NICE to not have to worry about the gluten all the time in my kitchen and my nails constantly being torn apart at work.  Plus…I can play with them when I’m bored.

television animated GIF

6.  Sunday breakfast.  Pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc.  The whole thing.  Favorite way to spend Sunday morning.  The only things missing was…well…half the family.  And this is totally theboy when he gets his pancakes and whipped cream.

breakfast animated GIF

7.  I rearranged my kitchen again. Yes, again.  My kitchen organization is an ever growing thing.

8.  My deep and abiding love for online banking.  Being able to see my accounts and my transactions at all hours of the day is priceless and when I can’t get into it..I panic a little.  LOL.

panic animated GIF

9.  I am craving salad so I think that’s what I’m having later. A big delicious crunchy salad with maybe a vegetable or two. Yum.

parks and recreation animated GIF

I am part rabbit apparently.

10.  My OCD kids.  Gotta love the insanity. They get it from me.  This is MT’s latest project to keep track of his schedule at work and school.

image (23)

11.  I got Alex Michael to stand still…on his way out to a Garth Brooks concert (what a great night, huh?)



12. These soup/pasta bowls are our favorite dishes. We were several short so I went on Replacements.com and put in what I was looking for…and I found five more brand new beautiful bowls!  I was so excited. We use them 90% of the time instead of your standard plate, everything gets served in the bowls. They aren’t anything fabulous or beautiful. Just sentimental. It’s so good to have enough for everyone now. 


Does this mess with my OCD brain? Yes. But this way if I break one I have a backup. 

13.  The quietest Sunday, ever. It’s the perfect way to spend the day. Windows and doors open.  Sun warm.  Puppy sleeping on the tile. Sean napping in a chair. 

it’s the little things. 


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude


Run on…with grace and gratitude. (two of my favorite words)




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So…this just happened.

And it is SO telling of who I am, it’s ridiculous.

I was at work and popped into the back to take some Advil.

Sean and I are hard core fans of Advil Liqui-Gels so that’s what I’m used to.

I’ve had, I’m not ashamed to admit, a few Skittles this morning.


So my absentminded self just grabbed the Advil my work buys (yep, they provide me drugs, pretty awesome right there) and they are the regular little brown pills, not the capsules.

I’m off doing something else in my head and I popped those suckers into my mouth and bit right down and started chewing.

Yep. I did that.

Surprisingly, they don’t have that awful bitter taste that Aspirin does.

Still not really very fun though.

Not Skittles.

There was a hard lesson to learn.


MT just brought me a soda to my work.

That is true love right there.

He knows I will hardly drink any of it and yet he still rushed to get it to me, I am beyond grateful.  I’ve been craving carbonation.


It’s a GORGEOUS First day of Spring here…

Sorry to anyone who just got snow.


Run on…




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When you’re the only one left…the grass is looking pretty green over there.

We bought our first home.

Don’t get excited. It was 18 years ago.

We were just getting out of 10 years active duty and making the transition to civilian life while still maintaining reserve status.

Someone planted the idea of buying a house and holy freaking cow.

They’re going to let US have a HOUSE?

what animated GIF

We’re just … kids.

We aren’t real grown ups and we definitely don’t have any money.

But they did. And we did. And here it is, 18 years later and we still live in this house.

We still get a calendar every Christmas from our realtor.

We had one day to find a house and God really helped us in our search. We did it. We were pretty excited for our choice.

Since then…of course, many things have gone wrong with the house we fell in love with.

It turns out it’s really expensive to own a house.

The shine has worn off a bit.

Sean, especially, doesn’t have nearly the love for this place as he used to.

snowing animated GIF

Our “wonderful life” was expensive, required constant maintenance and was just not quite up to “popular”

It’s like buying a new computer. As soon as you do, it’s out of date.

I remember when we bought it, it was 1997.  The house was built in 1982.  Someone said, “oh it’s an older home…”

What??  Since when is that an older home?  Where I come from an older home is like…50 years old or more. But we were out of date before we started.

Oh the disapproval at my popcorn ceilings. Hey guess what?  I know how to get those off now. I haven’t DONE it. But I know how.

I noticed that my friends that bought homes referred to their homes as “a good starter home”.

What the hell IS that?

I mean, I raised my kids in this house. All three of them. 

In 1700 sqft.  Crazy, I know! My gosh how did we not bump into each other. ::sarcasm::

Two bathrooms and one of them barely worked.

I watched my friends move to high price neighborhoods with HUGE homes …with matching mortgage payments…

and all the best schools…

and all the trendiest restaurants …

and all the cool stores in new shopping centers…

Some of those people lost their homes during the recession.

Some of them are divorced and moved again…

And to be fair, some are thrilled with their move…

I was ever grateful that Sean and I didn’t ever even have a twinge to move.

We still have a small mortgage payment.

We’re still close to everything. Our neighborhood is so ours.

the streets are mine to run when I please.

Last week the last of my friends moved completely away.

It’s okay. She went from being one of my closest friends to being someone who doesn’t return my messages.

movie animated GIF

This girl is VERY popular and there is some part of being a girl that makes you say…

but what’s wrong with me?

And then my rational self steps in and says…

I’m okay with this.

Oh, that didn’t happen overnight (did I make you think it was an easy journey? this person right here wants to be liked). But it does feel pretty good now that it’s here.

OH man, she moved BIG. Her new home is gorgeous.

She lives in a beautiful area of Denver with a great view of the mountains. The drive is as far from industrial as you can get.

There’s wildlife and land and it’s just amazing.

One can’t help but be a little bit jealous.

rachel bilson animated GIF

Or a lot jealous if you’re the type and I’m certain there are some out there.

Except I’m really not.

Am I judging her?

Am I looking down on her?

No. I wish her only the best.

I do wish the journey to this place wasn’t so painful. But isn’t life always a little painful?

You can be upset about these situations and lament the relationship you once had, becoming bitter and mean, or you can decide that God gave you the relationship as long as you needed it and now that you don’t you are safe to move on.

Trust that.

I have been blessed.

with friends…

with family…

I am thankful.

for my little house….

and my little house payment…

and my familiar neighborhood…

and my favorite streets…

There’s something to be said for staying put. 


I did get my morning run in yesterday.

It was a great run…

A little over three miles

It was pretty freaking awesome, actually. I spent the day feeling pretty freaking awesome.

Over three little miles.



bonus points for me that I left later than I wanted and I still went.

I have a thing that says I can’t do it. I can’t go, I won’t have time…

I’ll just run later.

Later comes and I’m making dinner, emailing family, messaging friends back and spending time with Sean and before you know it…

It’s late and I’m tired.

Cheezburger animated GIF

But yesterday I got the job done.


And finally…

yesterday at work a co worker looked upset.  I asked if she was okay…

she pretty much took my head off and it was not pretty.

I slinked (slunk?) away and hoped to hide in a corner for the rest of the day to avoid the next hit, however…

about an hour later she sent me an email apologizing for her behavior.

Now…she tends to tear you apart very publicly and the email was very private clearly.

I don’t care.

I got an apology.

Miracles do happen.

It’s the little things…


the simple running life, inspirational running quotes, run art.

Run on…and be happy with who you are and what you have. Joy.


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Time to get down to business. Like for reals. Oh…I’ve been sucked in…

I’ve been sucked in to the internet world. Reals.

If I ever shorten anything else just reach through the computer and slap me. You have my permission.


I am busy.

Is everyone else this busy?

working from home animated GIF

I’m also going through a period of supremely bad scheduling of my time.

Like…really really really bad.

My brain doesn’t seem to want to work properly so I’m not getting ANYTHING done.

For someone that has a lot to do…this is not good.

I must get moving.

Ha. Literally.

My friend Erin, from Make. Believe. schedules her life out throughout the day. She allots “x” amount of time for Facebook, “x” amount of time for writing, etc.

I need to do this. I just need to.

I’ve never done it before because I’m one of those people that gets a LOT done in a very short day.

And then I didn’t.

So I’m going to attempt to schedule my day a little bit.

And write things down.

What is WRONG with me.

I have had a week of stress eating.  I am not usually a stress eater but let me tell you…I’m mastering it. Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

I  just today had the worst migraine.  Stress?  I don’t know.  It was pretty bad so that would surprise me.

They’ve been really pretty good but today’s was evil.

I’m going to calendar myself now…

Yes, I made it a verb. I think it works.


I bought Kind granola.


Kind Healthy Grains and Clusters.

Can you tell me what it is about “granola” that is so freaking good?

It’s like crack.

You get hooked on it with one taste and you just can’t stop.

I could eat the whole freaking bag  and I don’t even like it that much! I think it’s just the crunch.

I made myself sick eating it today.

phone animated GIF


MT needed a baby picture for the aforementioned graduation.

I’m assuming it’s because they like to torture their students.

Unfortunately there is no torture happening here because is this not the cutest baby?


He was pretty freakin’ adorable.

I don’t know what happened.  ::shakeshead::

He’s really quite hideous now.


And because it’s bonus day…I have Shaughnessy and theboy! (full disclosure, I stole this from them)

photo credit…Adam 

Now I need Alexander. That boy is hard to get. He does not like to get his photo taken.


Listening to a podcast today, it hit on exactly the subject I’ve been worrying about.  There are messages and signs that just keep popping up telling me I am not alone and God is with me in everything I do and everything I worry about.

It’s the little things. 


our weather turned cold again (thank the LORD) which should make for a good morning run.

Have a great day.

who cares about the hour commute and how tired you are...get on that treadmill!


Run on…



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My lost words. But I found a little thing to write about anyway.

Yesterday I spent an hour on a pretty damn good post. It flew out of me with my angry typing. I had a lot to say.  I wasn’t angry. I’m just a passionate typist.

I was feeling what I was saying and felt the need to share.

Those are always good posts for me and only some of the time have anything to do with running.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog.

I definitely post about life as much as I post about running.

I had a lot going on and I was emotional about my weekend.

I finished my post with a flourish, found a perfect quote and then, because I hadn’t proofed it yet, I hit “save draft” so I could proof it at work really quick and then post it.

I ran upstairs to finish getting ready for work and then headed out the door.

When I got to work I did my morning routine and then hopped over to post my blog.


Everything was gone.

there were no words.

I kept searching my drafts but nothing was there.

It’s such a huge empty feeling when you’ve really put your heart into something and it’s just gone.

sad animated GIF

I mean, this wasn’t a post about what I ran this week…

really…how often do I post THAT.

This was a confessional.

I mean, it wasn’t The Great American Novel or anything. It was just a decent blog post.

I was not WordPress happy.

When I got home from work I checked my computer and my WordPress screen said,

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Uh…I guess not.  But too late.

Words gone.

So…moving on, right?


I bought a pie so we could be several days late with Pi Day.  Ridiculous? I think not.

My family seemed quite happy about it. They don’t get dessert nearly as often as they used to since the whole Celiac thing.

It’s just not as convenient I guess.  I usually only bought dessert when I had a craving. So why buy them dessert I can’t eat?


I bet there’s a therapy session in THERE, what do you think?

food animated GIF


I did several little tasks that desperately needed to be done…

Found the baby photo for my kid because he’s graduating…

ordered photos for my kid because he’s graduating….


and ordered invitations to his party because…he’s graduating.

Did I mention my kid is graduating?

Check this out…

Next year he graduates again.

His life is slightly more confusing than everyone else’s.

But we’re just going with it and celebrating the major steps.

This year…high school.

Which technically maybe should have been last year.

But legally won’t be until next year.

When he gets his college degree.

Confused yet?

confused animated GIF

::sigh:: You should have seen us when he was telling us. LOL

And this is just because he’s pretty…

confused animated GIF


I am headed to bed so I can try and get up in the morning and run. I’m super tired and have zero energy to run this last week.  My workouts have been quite sad.

sad animated GIF



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Run on…and enjoy the process



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Happy Pi Day :)



Eat pie and run on…


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