I blame theboy

I have a cold.

So does Sean.

I blame theboy.

I feel mostly fine…just incredibly drained of energy and …

some icky dripping to make my throat raw.  Good times.


So this morning I did this:


and now I feel like this:


Pretty sad since it’s not even that far.  Geez.

Work and then…sleep.  Must sleep this cold off.

And vitamins. So many vitamins.



Yoga, Running, Pilates, Zumba... What about a walk? Just Do Something!

Run on…


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This guy.

I have my husband back. Life can resume.


Standing there with him was like finally being able to take a deep breath.  It was so right to have him with me.  While he was gone I just moved forward.  Forward motion.  Drive to work. Chat with people. Clean the house.  Get things done.

Now I can actually feel and breathe again.

When I have a migraine the light, the sound, everything hurts. Everything. Sometimes after working just hanging around the house, someone will turn off a radio or a light and it’s like…oh my gosh.  I had no idea how much that was affecting my head and causing pain. But the relief is so so great.

That’s what it felt like. Just going through the motions.


After settling in for a few minutes, we headed into the backyard to try and coax Malachi from under the deck. He came out, but it took a few minutes before he accepted it could really be Sean.  He’s been a happy puppy all day.

I’ve been kind of absent the last week or two.  It all started with a new duvet.

Lord help me when I buy something like that.  I am off on a project. Ours was just tired and needed a refresh.  Well I bought it but the color just didn’t want to work like I thought it would.  So…

I bought new carpet.

Yes, I know.  Overkill. But ours was BAD.  It was long overdue. …after 17 years it was beyond time for new carpet.  That took a good week to get figured out.  But if you’re getting new carpet, you should paint.

So paint I did.  At that point, it was clear the zen bedroom I have been reaching for the last year was finally coming together.  Before, it didn’t want to click in my head. But that darn duvet just tied it all in together.

So we were painting and moving every single thing we own out of the rooms and into the livingroom and garage.  We practically moved.  It was insane and so.not.fun.

But oh my gosh so worth it.  I can cross it off the list of ~things that must be done to the house thankyouLord~.

And I’m glad Sean didn’t have to be here for it. It was so disrupting. He could just come home and it was done.

Here are some photos, but really…it doesn’t do it justice.  The room turned out so beautiful.  I got a ton of stuff on sale or clearanced which is awesome. Side note: Why can’t bedding be reasonably priced?

You can’t really see the colors unfortunately.  We keep the bedroom very dark.  It helps Sean sleep and my migraines dictate one room that I can go to for pure darkness. So the blinds are blackout shades.  The walls are a dark green on three walls and the fourth by the windows is a taupe/grey.  The carpeting throughout the house is a grey/beige color so it goes with anything.  the duvet is a dark grey.

On the walls behind the bed are “winter trees” of vinyl. That turned out SO cool.
In the corner is a handmade rocking chair that’s come through my family. And the desk the television is on is a library desk.  I bought it at a little antique store years ago. I love that desk.



I love this room so much. It turned out exactly what I wanted.  I’m going to add a few more touches but clean and crisp is the goal.


So on my last note:  I woke up with the worst most awful migraine ever.

I’m going to contact my doctor about trying Botox.  Botox is used more and more often for migraines.

How Botox Is Used to Treat Migraines

Botox to treat chronic migraines is given at intervals of about 12 weeks as multiple injections around the head and neck to try to dull future headache symptoms, the FDA says in a statement.

The FDA says it’s important that patients who suffer chronic migraines discuss with their doctors whether Botox is appropriate for them.

Allergan Inc., the maker of  Botox, says in a statement that the FDA’s approval applies to people with chronic migraine, which it defines as a “distinct and severe neurological disorder characterized by patients who have a history of migraine and suffer from headaches on 15 or more days per month with headaches lasting four hours a day or longer.”

The company says that when treating chronic migraine, qualified medical specialists administer 31 Botox injections into seven specific head and neck sites.

It says that Botox, when injected at labeled doses in recommended areas, is expected to produce results lasting up to three months depending on the individual patient.  ~source

I need to make sure my insurance covers the majority of it before I venture in. But I’m definitely researching. These last two migraines totally floored me. And today of all days.


Run on…


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Sweet List <3

I’m late with a sweet list but I’m throwing it out there anyway!

1.  Hot Tamales.  I just ate too many of them and now my stomach hurts. But I’m not holding that against them…I bear the responsibility.

2.  Audiobooks and podcasts on my iPod.  I don’t know what I’d do without my iPod.  NPR all the way Baby.

3.  NCIS.  I know, it’s been on forever. But when you’re hanging out at home and there’s not much on television, thank the LORD there’s an NCIS marathon. Really, does that show ever get old?

ncis animated GIF

4.  On that note:  Friends.  It’s my late night savior.

friends animated GIF

Bonus points if you know the next line…#easy

5.  Last month I hired a small neighborhood team to take care of my yard and it was totally the best decision I’ve ever made.  My yard looks so nice and green.  I haven’t wanted to spend the money before this but these guys are super affordable and I do not have the time to put into it.

6.  My boss told me last week they appreciate me and recognize my talents.  That’s pretty nice to hear.

love animated GIF

And that is totally how I feel about work. LOL

7.  Fall.  I LOVE fall.  It’s so beautiful outside right now and the air in the morning is so crisp and clean.  #favorite.


8.  I get to see my husband soon.

love animated GIF

I know, shouldn’t that be number one?  Um..when I get to see him it will be.  I’m forever skeptical. Ha.

unsure animated GIF

9.  I’ve been spring cleaning the house.  Don’t you love that ~getting rid of the clutter~ feeling?  It makes me so happy!  And yes…in answer to your question, I am always cleaning.

cleaning animated GIF

10.  A little donut shop opened up near us. I can’t have them of course but how awesome is that?  Fresh baked donuts on a Sunday morning.  Reminiscent of picking up donuts for the family after church.

television animated GIF

11.  I needed a work shirt and headed to Kohls to find something. They had a great clearance rack and I got three shirts!  Anyone else love the Kohl’s clearance rack at 60-80% off?

blonde animated GIF

12.  My sports doc is totally awesome and I’m pretty sure it’s a  huge contributor to healing me.  Thank heaven.

13.  Running is going really well.  I’m always cautious but it’s going so good.  #happiness

Run on…


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Some days apparently life is a challenge…to simply function.

I have so much to do and I can’t seem to write my name without getting it wrong. That is talent right there.

I was closing with a co-worker and since I knew a pain-in-the-butt task had to be done the next morning and I had a few seconds…I did it for her.

She said, “oh, Teresa. That’s so sweet!  I wouldn’t do that for you!”

what animated GIF

I had no idea what to say to that.

I tend to be helpful bordering on annoying.  Sometimes not even bordering.



My plan is to run six miles today but since I got about 4 1/2 minutes of sleep last night I may be crawling instead. Good preparation for the marathon I think, eh?

tired animated GIF


Also…fall/winter has arrived and it is COLD here.   Seriously…what happened to summer? It was here yesterday.

frozen animated GIF


I worked at my other branch on Wedndesday and our bank president is very chatty.  He’s the nicest man ever but once he gets started…oh man. I’m getting ready to clock out and leave when he comes to my desk and asks if I have a minute.

Yes. But only one.

NO really. Just one.

Watching the clock, Dude. Don’t get too settled.

Sure enough…an HOUR AND A HALF LATER…

really I like him a lot. But I’ve learned two very valuable lessons:

1.  Don’t make it a conversation. Any input you have leads him on another path. Stay mute. Nod accordingly.

2.  Let someone know where you’re going.  Safety is the number one rule here so if you tell someone where you’re going they can send an emergency “get her out of his office” phone call in about fifteen minutes.

Nicest man ever. I’m so lucky to be in a job with good people.  But precautions must be taken or my part time job becomes full time!


Run with your heart and your feet will follow, our favourite quote, read more about in this blog post!

Run on. And take care of you!


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This post borders on inappropriate~

So first let me tell you my Target story.

I’m at Target talking and walking. I’m talking to my friend who is adopting twins, they are about to be two in November. She’s laughing (as they scream and holler and cause general ruckus in the background) and says they are in the bathtub (they’re still young enough) and her little girl is thinking her little boys um…business…is a piece of well..for lack of a better word….poop.  So she’s pulling on it to try and get it out.  Ha.

My friend says, “Don’t pull on his penis. Leave his penis alone”. As she laughs. 

I’m walking and looking down at my list as I repeat her lauging and say, “right?  Don’t pull on the penis.  Leave the penis alone!”…as I exit the aisle. 

Head comes up so I can navigate and there in front of me, sitting in one of their display chairs, is a totally TOTALLY hot guy.  He’s pretty fascinated by what I just said and smiles at me like…yah. You got busted.  I’m sure he’s also thinking…not everybody is on board with that advice. haha. 

I just smiled and kept on talking but hey…note to self.  Look around before you’re talking about private body parts. Just sayin’.

ryan gosling animated GIF


Did you ever notice running capris, when you gain a few pounds, quickly become compression capris?  LOL.  That just wasn’t a fun day let me tell you.


Yesterday I did two miles on the elliptical and did some leg strength training that wore out my poor legs.

Today I started the day with some serious yoga stretches for about 20 minutes and then ran 4.5 miles.  (yay me!).  It was a rough 4.5 miles because of the strength and the yoga.  My legs were heavy.

It’s done though and I’m pretty excited about that.


Run on.

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I am so close…

to feeling strong and normal.

What is normal?  I think the old normal was me grabbing my shoes and heading out for a run.

My new normal? 

1. dynamic stretches before I run.

2. run

3. stretch/yoga stretch

4. foam roll

5. ice

In that order…

Will I have to do this forever?  Maybe not. But I’ll have to do most of it in order to run healthy.


Eight miles today and it went amazing.  Being the natural skeptic that I am, I am still not declaring myself “cured” and ready to face the running world. But I’ve had several great runs and that’s huge progress to me.

Tonight I took a route that has given me so much trouble I have been known to, many times, ditch it and turn around and come home.  Between the hills and the weeds I’m a complete mess.

Tonight was a huge difference. I haven’t run this route since my Celiac Diagnosis.  Now that I’ve been eating gluten free for nearly five months, I have noticed some little differences.  I mentioned that a few days ago on one of my posts.  But I’ve really noticed it in my daily runs.  I have so much more energy and I no longer have to stop on the hills, breathe, start again and stop at the top.  I killed the worst hills I can encounter and didn’t have any problems doing it.

I totally credit yoga and gluten free.

transparent animated GIF


Here’s my splits for the run. My goal for long runs is to slow it down at least a minute and hopefully more.

I was able to slow it down by about 30-45 seconds.

Clearly I suck at this. BUT…

check out how pretty consistent I was.  Yep. That’s cool.


This was a good strong run and I feel really awesome.

that is all.

how i met your mother animated GIF

Have a beautiful day.  Be strong in your faith, whatever you believe.  Give yourself a few minutes of quality time and clear your mind of anything that can pollute it.

Continue to be a strong happy you.

i-came-to-a-point-where-i-needed-solitude-and-just-stop-the-machine-jack-kerouacRun on.

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Simple Sunday.

I ran a little over 5 miles.  Felt really good.  No pain and I went at a really nice pace.

Gotta love that.


Run on.

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Recovery is painful.

This morning I got ready for work in a totally crazy way.  Exactly the same as every other day.  But when I got to work my boss asked if I was wearing make up today.

Um yes.

As I do every day (note to self, maybe better makeup?  Makeup tutorial? Get a better mirror?)

Then one of my regular customers comes in and says, “you changed your hair!”

*sigh*  I see a trend here.

Nope. Same hair. Same face. Same mole.

Whats a girl got to do to be ignored around here?

the breakfast club animated GIF

I have GOT to learn the hair flip.

OR…I have to get longer hair. That would help.


I did a quick run with the dog this morning and after that my brain stopped working and so did my body.  So incredibly tired.  I have a ton of things to do and I just need to catch up after being down for a few days.

I could totally do without the migraine hangover.

hangover animated GIF

Mine isn’t tequila but I imagine the result is very similar.


Check it out…I got a bill from Direct TV!  It included a past due amount of $39.99, and added the $39.99 onto the new bill AND a $5 late fee!

30 rock animated GIF

Yep.  I had to call them back.

frustrated animated GIF

The very talented agent (I’m being generous) I got heard my story and then repeated it right back to me. I think she thought she’d fixed the problem by just explaining what they did.

Nope.  Try again.

So she looked at it again and they credited the two months worth and I said, “now, what about the $5 late fee?”

Yes, she explains.  That would be because you didn’t pay the $39.99 so you owe a late fee.

Um. no. Think about that.

She disappears and comes back and says she’s “waived that fee for you”.

I said, “thank you for taking that unwarranted fee off my account”.

smile animated GIF

Waived my ass. (it’s the little things)


Run on… it’s not over yet.


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Sometimes it controls my life. Then I get over it.

I’m not sure exactly what my trigger was…it was pretty unusual to have to deal with the fallout of whatever I did. But I got hit with a freakin’ 12 migraine last night.  *on the scale of 1-10.

It was bad.

It was…crawl to the bedroom, throw up through the night bad.

I took one of my stronger meds and went to bed at about 8.  I was sick all night. I woke up at 5 with maybe a 7 or an 8 for a morning headache.

Some maintenance meds and I was okay to go.

Just another example of how a migraine can run your life.  I had so many things planned for last night and instead I went to bed and got nothing done. The joy of it is that it’s not the flu. It’s not a cold. It could happen again tomorrow or next week or hell…both.

So…sorry to ditch you guys. But I’m here and guess what?  I didn’t do anything for exercise today. I’m in recovery mode.


Let’s talk about Celiac a little bit.

A few years ago I noticed my running had become really difficult.  My heart wanted to run but I had no energy.  I could get dressed, head out the door and start the run but I cannot tell you how many times I got a block or two and sheer utter exhaustion overcame me and I turned around and walked home. Feeling so defeated.

When I did make it on a run I was slogging my way through it.

When I headed out for my run the other day …when I ran six miles…should I say it again in case you missed it? Yep. That’s me. I ran six miles.  ::bigcheesygrin:: transparent animated GIF

I digress.

When I headed out for my run the other day I felt so good.  I wasn’t dreading it knowing I would feel exhausted.  I didn’t stall for two hours knowing how awful it was going to feel and then I would feel.  I was so light and strong when I was running. What a huge change that’s taken place since I was diagnosed and am treating the Celiac.

My biggest issue with Celiac was the unbelievable feeling of needing to sleep. All.the.time.  No energy. Ever.

sleeping animated GIF

Running this week was like night and day. It was so much fun.

Fighting to know what was wrong with me was worth it.  Totally and completely worth it.

It’s always worth it when you don’t give up on yourself. When, more importantly, you trust yourself. It’s not always going to be perfect. Sometimes it won’t work out. But if you follow your instincts you’ll discover you actually are heading in the right direction and you should keep going.

You shouldn't give up. Fight for yourself and who you are. You've got to go through the worst times in life to get the best. by deeplifequotes, via Flickr

Moving forward now…

Run on.  and relish in the joy of the run.

*kudos to MT for taking good care of me.  Water and an ice pack mean more than you know.


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My kid kicked my ass today. Totally worth it.

My sweet son stepped up and today took me to the gym to help me out so I can strength train.

He’s cool like that.

He freely admits he doesn’t love the task of “personal training” because he loves the gym. It’s his happy place. And if he does it as a job, it takes the fun out of it. Then it’s work.

I see that so I was letting him off the hook for a long time. But I got desperate and he heard me.  Frustration in finding someone I’m willing to pay was just not working. He was cool though and didn’t work me too hard.

I totally just lied you know. I left the gym wiped out and I’ve been so exhausted all day.  We probably did 45 minutes of strength and then I did two miles on the elliptical…and tonight I walked the dog for two miles.

I am SO ready for bed.

On the happy side, my hip hurt much less today. I think it’s what we did in the gym that helped it.

Or, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.  Good Lord I hope that’s not the case. I may cry.


I spent the day organizing and cleaning and donating.  It was GREAT.

happy animated GIF

Could I please have a few more Labor Days?  Please?

I got a ton of stuff done today and  I’m ready to tackle my next project.


hallelujah animated GIF

And can I get an Amen?

how i met your mother animated GIF

christina aguilera animated GIF

It’s entirely possible I’m overly excited about this.


Beachbodycoach.com/coachx2 #fitness #workout #motivation Check out Dieting Digest

run on…and keep working on you.  It’s worth it.


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