Martin Luther King, Jr day…stand up this day and be heard…

Recognize this day. It could not be more important right now.

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My son is getting married. You may remember. (Alex Michael)

Weddings are a gift. They are beautiful. They are  love and spirituality.They are families coming together for a day and  a lifetime.

They are a challenge.

They are stressful.

Raise your hand if you do NOT think they are stressful. I want to meet you.

We are just a few months into wedding planning for my son and his fiance (Megan).

I haven’t had to plan at all…this time I’m the mother of the groom…(yay!)…newsflash..there’s still work to do!
Image result for who knew gif
Families bring their own things to the table, they’re own emotions, they’re own traditions, they’re own loves and frustrations, they’re own insecurities.

I am sure this occasionally produces a lovely family that blends with joy and compassion into one big happy family but I think the more realistic family says hey…this needs some time for adjustment. We all just met and we need to tweak some things before we figure this out.

We like each other but…it’ll take a bit of work to get to that good place.

yes. Life requires work. It requires effort.

It requires grace.

I don’t usually need to be reminded to “go high” but occasionally there’s a moment in my life that comes up that requires it. We all have them and I almost always know it. That’s when I take it to someone else so they can remind me. It nags at me for days..or weeks…and then I take it to someone and they say…you know you need to do this. We both know it sucks. But you need to be the bigger person. You need to go high.


And that is how I always wanted to live my life.

With Grace.

Families. Family dynamics. Weddings. Events. Holidays. We have love/hate relationships with them. I’m not one of those ~everyone is welcome because they’re FAMILY~kind of people. I actually expect someone who  wants to have a relationship with me to put the time and effort into the relationship. If they don’t, they have made it very clear and we can move on. But sometimes…it’s about inviting that person you just really really don’t want to invite. That person who has made no effort to be in your life. Or that person who has gone out of their way to be divisive to the family. Do it anyway. Grace.

I cannot control anyone else. I cannot control how people behave, think, feel, speak or treat me. I can control me. I’m going to be honest here and say…I’m usually accused of being too nice.  Don’t worry, I’m not bragging. They’re not complimenting me. So when I do let my guard down and I give away my true feelings, the responses I get are usually shock, disappointment, judgement and perhaps….a lesson. I’m always, 100% of the time, sorry I did it. Stick to the high road. God knows what he’s doing. Grace.

My goal from this moment on is joy and grace and to push away any negative thought that tries to wiggle its way in. Only joy and grace. I refuse to discuss anything else from this moment on. It will all be positive. God is in charge and I am putting everything else out. No negative thoughts, words, actions, nothing.

All positivity. That’s all I care about.

I have no control what anyone else does. I can only control what I do.



Grace Not Perfection:

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It’s Friday the 13th, Baby!! Have a great day!

I went to the dentist and the dentist replaced a filling that was already filled perfectly fine he just didn’t like the color. I suggested pink but they didn’t think I would like that. What do they know.

I went in anyway and they have all brand new fancy ass equipment and they said, “we’re going to numb you now”. I took that to mean…~prepare for the needle~. I don’t mind the needle. They don’t usually bother me that much. Instead.. they started what sounded like a drill and next thing you know I felt an electric ass shock dammit and then a minute later another electric shock and it HURT and I politely expressed my pain.

The dentist asked if I was okay and I told him yes…I was quite well thank you.  There was a minor twinge but all is good.  holy hell that hurt . Well…I didn’t say it quite like that but…I did say it really really hurt. He said that’s how they do it now. It’s like a shot of current to the nerve or something like that. Holyfreakincowthathurt.  I was…unhappy.

Filling prepared. The girl comes in and apparently needs assistance.  My mouth is small. It just is. They tell me all the time and she is clearly having issues. SO…she puts a freakin’ yoga block in my mouth. Because that will help her. Then she drops something. Then she has a conversation with someone. The whole time I have this giant yoga block thing in my mouth. I wanted to be somewhere else.

And next door? I could hear them telling my husband, “ cavity? Your whole life? That’s amazing! We should put your picture up or something! you’re an example! Great job!”.
Image result for I don't really like him gif
Whatever. I went home with him didn’t I?
Pfft. men.

After THAT experience I took my numb self to downtown Denver to buy really great stools! I LOVE them. The woman gave me the address but…well… parking downtown…huh…wow. I talked to her on the phone and apparently her son lives in a high rise down there working for a very high end financial company. He was moving out as soon as he proposed to his girlfriend, an anchor with one of the news agencies here in Denver. Yes I’m purposely being vague here. Anyway…MUST BE ROUGH. She talks to me for like…ten minutes about what street I must be on and that’s why I’m totally in the wrong place and even though she’s nice…well…she’ll just have to come down and help me. She’ll be the one waving her arms. When she gets down there I point to the street sign (duh…see the street sign?) and she says, “oh. Well he used to live in that building (points to building a block away) so I got the addresses mixed up”.

Image result for ya think gif

You are the reason men think we have no sense of direction.

Well…that and I really have no sense of direction. But come ON…that one was a gimme. I mean, we’re not STUPID.

I just saw an ad on Craigslist that said,
“Part Time Work in a Fun Salon”
Depending on where you put the emphasis in that sentence…I’m a little scared.

Please enjoy this great video I found on Running off the Reeses because she clearly has more time to find cool stuff than I do. So I steal from her and credit her find. Thanks Cely!


Okay, this is crazy day because it’s MT’s early birthday. He is leaving us tomorrow to go back to Virginia so tonight we are having dinner and cake and presents (if I can go buy them…geez) and I have a busy BUSY day of errands so off I go.


What are you winter “rules” for running.

Do you run only on the treadmill?
In a blizzard?
In light snow?
never below 40*?
never below 0*?
anyone tried yak trax? I haven’t heard enough good info on them to try them and Denver’s snow melts so fast half the route would be clean sidewalk…not comfortable.
I’ll run when it’s pretty cold. I like to run in the winter but I do not like ice…I think when I fell a few years ago on the rocks and I was out for a few weeks it messed with my trust issues.

Lol, in my case - train out in the cold...:

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Multiple Choice.

A. It’s the wind.

B. Or it’s the fibroid hormones…? Who knows about THAT one.

C. Or it’s something random I ate I haven’t figured out yet.

D. Or it’s Tuesday.

E. Or it’s the way I slept (I think it’s this, frankly)

F. Maybe it’s B and D.

G. Maybe it’s A and C.

H. Maybe it’s A and E (not the network)


It’s the worst migraine ever. Oh man it’s bad. It’s so bad I can’t cry. I can’t move. I just want to sleep but it hurts to breathe. Every part of me hurts. here’s the kicker. My neck hurts from sleeping poorly. So that’s shooting straight up to my head. I can feel the connection and BAM there it is. Which isn’t to be confused with Whoomp! there it is! because that’s way more fun.

I’ve taken a lot of meds. I’ve rested. I’ve slept. I’ve had plenty of liquids. I’ve prayed. There were dark rooms involved. Not the camera kind. The sleeping kind. And the results are my migraine is at an 8 or a 9 and no longer at a freaking 12. I know you guys are thinking that’s not a thing but trust me…it is. It’s been a rough couple of days and I’m super ready for it to be over.

It escalated and I took more meds, slept more, got sick, got nauseaus, got dizzy, needed to pass out and eventually just went to bed for good. This was the migraine of all migraines. MT’s girlfriend was here and learned all about me spending time on the kitchen floor with the kitchen trash can next to me in case I threw up all over it. Let’s face it, Sean doesn’t want me throwing up on the floor. That’s a real mess. I cannot tell you how the room spun. It spun if I turned my head. It spun if I looked to the left. Or the right, it wasn’t picky.

I didn’t enjoy it. For sure. I went to bed.

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking…AGAIN? Another post about another migraine? This chick needs a life.

Yeah, it’s not my favorite either. Sorry Guys. BUT…(a little foreshadowing…very little)

Here it is Wednesday morning and I’m remarkably better. Am I 100%? nope. But I’m 80% and that’s giving me Snoopy dance time…

Image result for Snoopy dance gif
igh…how awesome is Snoopy. He has such style…

Today…I am going to the dentist for my third appt. Sean thought…yeah. You shouldn’t go. But if I don’t it’ll be the third cancelled appt and THAT’S not good so…no. I’m going. Sunglasses on and drugs at the ready.

The first week…I forgot. I totally and completely forgot. The second week we had a storm and a MAJOR accident (a very small sports car, an SUV on it’s side…several emergency responders attempting to get people out…it wasn’t pretty) were blocking my way. I was ten minutes late. They rescheduled me. I’m thinking maybe I’m not meant to have the work done.

I vote that.
Related image

They are bad bad people.

I’m trying again.

Pretty. darn. excited.


Last night President Obama spoke his farewell address and it was, as usual, eloquent and thoughtful and perfect.

I feel so thankful and proud to say I voted for the man that was our president for 8 years. President Obama has so much character and grace it shows in everything he does, in his family, in his works, we were lucky to have him represent us.

God help us all.

For your enjoyment, here are some awesome memes to entertain you. The tidbits on the side are pretty good, too. I’ve seen some of them and some of them I haven’t. All are worth it. Because it reminds me of the good.

Hilarious Obama Meme’s. 

Obama and Biden. That is friendship.


I’m off to run this morning. The wind is FINALLY dying down thankyouLORD. yay.
Its So Cold I Just Farted Snowflakes:
an unusual one for me but I love the minions and I love snowflakes…win!

Image result for run when it's cold quotes

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Christmas in July…

You know how the sun shines through the glass in that way that the beams give the glowing lines of morning glory and they show all the dust that’s floating in the air and lying around? and the compulsion to immediately clean takes over? No? That’s just me?


Okay. Well That’s why I own an organizing business and you guys all go to Mexico.

Maybe you could call me while you’re in Mexico and I’ll organize your homes. Then I could go to Mexico. ha. I like this deal.


Andrea and I have decided to get together and drink on January 20th.  I don’t drink but maybe I’ll start. We’re hoping we can talk Obama into declaring it a National day of mourning. Probably not though.

Image result for sad day though gif

I actually found the perfect gif that had Trump saying it was a sad sad day for the United States and I couldn’t bear to look at him. I had to delete it. 

I started to take the Christmas stuff down and I couldn’t. I got a lot of the little stuff down but unfortunately our downstairs lights stopped working again. Remember when that happened a few weeks ago? We aren’t sure what that’s about but I left the tree up so we could just…see. Good heavens. It’s dark down there. I’ll probably have Christmas in July. hahhaa.
Image result for Christmas in july gif

Hopefully we’ll figure it out in the next few days and I’ll get to move on to Valentine’s Day.

I’m finishing up now and walking the dog because it’s a little windy but it’s pretty nice outside. Global warming you know. And then I want a lovely run if it’s not too windy. I have some serious neck pain I’ve been dealing with for weeks and weeks. My yoga helps considerably but I think it’s the way I’m sleeping. I’ve upped my yoga game.

I have to find some relief soon or I’m going to curl up in a ball of misery.


Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor and text source

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Surgery update and Christmas is over. Did you know that?

So. Here’s the first of a couple of scoops.

No, not of ice cream but damn does that sound good.

I woke up at like…four something and it was 55* and I thought…huh…did my Weatherunderground get all whacked out with Florida or something? I refreshed it and re-programmed it and re-everythinged it and surprise. It’s freaking 55* here. At 4am. Weird anyone?

Global warming wins again.

It’s okay. Don’t get too excited. The wind is gusting up to 26mph so we’re not actually having a great time in case you thought we were.
Image result for we are not having fun gif


I had my doctor appt ~finally after six months~ and I still love my doctor even though she’s seriously got to be in high school what is THAT about geez she’s young? She’s adorable and incredibly nice. I told her none of my clothes fit and that is not an exaggeration. None of them fit. I am now living in yoga pants. She said it has to be the fibroid because I haven’t gained any weight. That is shocking because in my head I am like…twenty or thirty pounds heavier. My imagination had totally built that up so much I put the scale away. Fear struck my heart at just the thought of getting on the scale.

She ordered another ultrasound so she could see what it was doing before we order surgery. Just in case it has grown and it is too big for laparscopy or something else is going on. That’s in about a week and a half. We’ll go from there. I’ll keep you guys updated. Meanwhile I’m still running.

I did tell her she could go in the old fashioned way and feel free to give me a tummy tuck while she was in there and she told me I looked great for my age and I totally didn’t need that.  I decided to keep her. Then I paid her the previously agreed upon bribe money.

Image result for Bribe gif


Do you know what today is??? It’s time to take the Christmas stuff down.


Time to take the Christmas stuff down. Christmas is over, Folks. And in my house, that’s a sad day. My husband loves the Christmas stuff. sigh. And first weeks after Christmas he has to go back to work and that’s doubly hard for him. I wish I had cake or something. But he’s on an elimination diet to figure out if he has food sensitivities so frankly, this January has been rough. Poor guy.

I need shower twinkly lights for inside the house. The Christmas lights need to come down but we love them so much.

We had everyone over for Sean’s birthday and I bought the most amazing delicious stop the presses unbelievable chocolate cake you’ve ever seen in your life. It was incredible. Sean and I couldn’t eat it. hhahahhaa. Ridiculous.
Image result for sad day gif

But everyone else thought it was one of the best ever. I don’t usually care but man, that cake looked good. Even Sean was like..damn. It looks good. 

Image result for sad day gif

this is life.

Sadly…cakeless. LOL


It’s super unbelievably windy today. Colorado Springs reported a wind gust of 101 mph. I may try and walk the dog. Maybe. It’s…crazy windy. But I’m not going to run. I’ll do the treadmill and some yoga because…yeesh. Wind is my nemesis.

Many things on the agenda. Business. Cleaning. Organizing. etc. It’s all on the agenda.

What’s on your agenda today??

How are the resolutions coming along? It’s been a whole week….


I AM GROUNDED. My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, strong, centered and peaceful. I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am eternally safe. I am worthy of all things BEAUTIFUL. Such a beautiful affirmation by Carly Marie:

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The workout of the weak Celiac

Don’t get me wrong…I’m positive there are strong healthy Celiac’s out there who aren’t having these issues. We’re all working on our own thing. This one seems to be mine. Took me forever to figure it out. I just thought I was lazy.

Image result for lazy gif
Ria sent me a 10 week workout and I’ve been trying to stick to it as much as possible. I did have to miss a week when I had the migraine so my dates are off. But otherwise…I’ve been working on it. Yesterday’s workout was 4 miles running and strength training.

Ria’s strength training workout is pretty basic for a normal person.  I’m relatively certain most people could complete it with great success.

Image result for I'm not normal gif

So I took one look at it and laughed outright.

I forgot to tell her.  Yesterday when I worked on it again I thought…damn…I really need to remember to have a chat with her about strength training and my serious lack of …well…strength.
my life crane my face myface relevant
Anyone who has been to yoga or who does an exercise DVD knows there are “modified moves” for those people who aren’t prepared to do the full workout.

That would be me. I am not prepared to do the full strength workout.

Ria has me working on the following:

For each move start with a medium weight (8lbs) ….skipping ahead perform same move with slightly heavier weight (approx 10lbs)… moving on to heaviest weight yet (approx 15 lbs) and then down to the lightest weight (3-5lbs)

Obviously I skipped what to do with the weights and all the moves but what’s important here is the weight itself.

Yep. The weight. I have no upper body strength, first of all. And second of all I’m Celiac. So building weight is really difficult. I can lift the 3, the 5 and the 8 and even occasionally the 10lbs depending on the move I’m doing (anything over my head…nopenopenope).  But there is no way I can do the 15lbs. Nope. No way. And as I lift, my heart rate races ridiculously and I have to do it slowly so as to hold off a migraine and or passing out.

Yep. That happens.

And squats…don’t get me started. They’re my favorite. I love squats but oh do I have to be careful. I can lift way more with squats but my heart can’t take too much. Don’t panic, Mom, I’m not going to have a heart attack. But I’ll totally pass flat out. I can feel it. And a migraine is about 12 seconds away. So as much as I want to push the weights and lift a little more and kick a little ass strength training…I have to go excruciatingly slow. And with the world’s lightest weights.

So instead of the weights she asked of me…I lift 5, 8, 8 and 10 (sometimes if I can take it) and then back down to 5. Still with the lighter weights my heart pounded. My head pounded. I was dizzy. It was unsettling. It’s not the usual “pushing yourself to lift” situation. It’s more…watch yourself so you don’t pass out situation.

These are exciting times in my house.

A few years ago I had Alex take me to the gym to train me. He tried but did not have much patience. This is why. I had to go so slow and I got really dizzy. Now we know why! I’ve learned so much in the last two years.

Image result for I'm so smart gif

I’m still working out. I’m still running. I’m still following the plan as much as I can and I’m hoping for a good outcome. I just have to remember it’s going to go slower the way I do it and I have to not get discouraged.


Beginner status just means you're one step closer to reaching your fitness goals. | Find more fitness tips, motivational quotes, workouts, exercises, food recipes & more at

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We’re having a blizzard (correction. Snow. We’re having snow)

  • So there will be no running outside. None. Nope. Nada.  I am getting on the treadmill the minute I finish this post. It’s so cold my pipes froze again. I KNOW> I know. We totally left the sink dripping. It was seriously cold. But it froze anyway. Not too much. About ten seconds of the hair dryer and it was good.
    following yes gif friends gif yay gif jennifer aniston gif
    Interesting factoid: he uses the blowdryer in the crawlspace and I stay upstairs and stomp when the water comes out. This morning when I stomped the remnants of my migraine were still there and I actually got so nauseaus I almost lost my breakfast after stomping. It was wicked painful. So weird. I didn’t even realize it was rightthere...this is how used to them I am.
  • I am at 90 LIKES on my business and that’s without me totally tormenting all my friends (No, I’m not hinting to like my business this is just pure excitement because it’s cool)! I did torment them a little. I sent an invitation to a lot of them. But I have’t posted every single day hounding people. I figure that’s the quickest way to irritate people. If I ever figure out the whole Instagram/Twitter connection I might improve even more. Has anyone hired me yet? well…no. But hey. It’s still cool.  I mean, I’ve only been live for five days…really
    only four. So there’s that.
    Image result for pretty cool gif
  • It’s Sean’s birthday and he has to work. I’m sure he’s one of the only people at work because of the blizzard but he volunteered to take help desk duty this week so he had to go in. He was up at like…5am. Took the trash out, shoveled the walks, cleaned off MT’s car, then went to work. The guy’s a machine.
  • Does anyone else struggle with burpees?  Seriously…they are the worst. The worst! Not only do I struggle with them incredibly but I do them at slower than a snails pace. It’s ridiculous. And I won’t work out when my family is home because I know they are going to critique my every move. I have three members of the military in my house for heavens’ sake. These guys know how to do burpees, they will totally put me in my place.
    the west wing wrong insult youre wrong stand there in your wrongness

I have to go run now or I’ll never do it. And make lunch. I need to make lunch. And cookies. I need to make Sean cookies. 🙂  And clean the house. There’s a lot to do.

Refuse to hibernate!  9Round in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! Visit or call (734) 420-4909 if you want to learn more!:

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What’s your temperature gauge for running outside?

It’s 10* outside.

People…that’s cold.

But the snow is just lightly falling so I want to run outside anyway.  I probably won’t. But I want to. Let’s see what I can drum up..the energy to run outside or getting on the treadmill.
I love winter running. Getting out the door is tricky…you have to convince your head you will warm up. But once you’re out there it’s so worth it.

Throw on your skull cap & some gloves. Get out and run. Oh and a keep a tissue in your pocket for a runny nose - it's inevitable!:
I’ll run in the cold pretty cheerfully and even blizzards. I don’t like the heat. Running in the heat is killer. 50* makes me deliriously happy. What’s my limit? For heat…70* is pretty toasty. I know, I’m a wuss. For winter…I’ll run down to 0* if it’s not windy.

The wind is my nemesis.

It is Wednesday though, I think I’m supposed to do a HIIT workout today. I should maybe do that. 

I have a consult appointment tomorrow morning with my doctor about my possible upcoming surgery so even though I’m supposed to do the HIIT workout I see my running days as numbered for a while.  Not lying, this is influencing my decisions this week.
I'll do what I want.

Schitt's Creek poptv schittscreek i do what i want emily hampshire


I slept wrong again and my killer neck/shoulder pain is back with a vengeance. It shoots pain right up into my head and my head says, “oh I remember pain!” and bam. Migraine. It’s a vicious cycle.  So I’m babying it today. As much as I can because I have a dentist appointment. I KNOW> how wrong is that? They’re replacing an old filling I have because they apparently don’t like the color. There’s nothing wrong with it, they just want it to be … not that color.  I’m pretty excited for it. You should know I am going in my sweats. There will be no dressing up to leave the house. I don’t care enough in this 10* weather.

Then when I get home (very late this afternoon) I will be attempting to figure out this ~I need a business license and so on and insurance and a CPA and…why did I start a business again?
pixar awesome brave like a boss merida

It’s possible I got sucked into the GIF page. I’m easily distracted.
Off to my appointments and then…run. I really need it. And some yoga stretches for my poor shoulder.

One of the most asked questions I get from people who don't run is - What do you think about while you run?  I don't listen to music. I don't listen to podcasts. I mostly run solo. After:

Run on…

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  1. Build my business.  I’ve always wanted to own my own business and I am going to put everything into it.
  2. Read one book a month. ONE> This shouldn’t be hard. I’ve been known to knock out a book in a few hours. Taking (or finding)  the time to do it? That’s another story.
    Image result for reading gif
  3. Complete two big projects I’ve been planning for far too long and they are half done. I had this on my list last year and I did it so this year I’m doing it again.
  4. I could say “run more” but that’s so obvious. So I’ll say pick a race and train for it even if it’s a 10k. I have a lot going on this year and I need to stay focused. Especially now that I’m possibly going to be feeling up to it!
  5. Work Ria’s (Motivational Mom Personal Trainer) program. It’s a great program and I’m determined to complete it.
  6. Once a month find an event in Denver (or surrounding areas) and attend! Sean and I get in a rut and we either go hiking or go to a movie. I need to do more.
    filmeditor halloween ashley olsen mary kate olsen olsen twins
  7. yoga three times a week for sure. At least. Yoga yoga yoga (my legs and shoulders will thank me)
  8. Eat. I know, most people don’t have THAT on their list. But hey…I need reminders.
    Image result for I need to eat gif
  9. Do the Manitou Incline. I swear I can’t seem to get this done. Procrastination for sure. In my dreams I’d do it once a month. We’ll see.
  10. Check in once a month to see how I’m doing on the resolution list.

    Image result for IT's a new day gif

    This is it. It’s my list of resolutions. Do I think I will succeed at every single one of them? Nope.
    Do I think I’ll maybe improve a little? Probably. That’s what I’m going for. Improvement. Time management. Succeeding at being a better me.
    Should I have “do a random act of kindness at least once a day”? No. Because I try to live by that every day anyway. Kindness matters.



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