Day one done… hopefully I’ll get much better at this.

I spent three hours yesterday working on my bill spreadsheet. It’s an Excel spreadsheet I’ve had for several years and I just pop in periodically and update it. I change the colors…add more dates…tweak what bills need to be paid. This particular time I added an extra year because I always budget a year ahead so I took it out to January of 2019. Great time and energy was put into this before my computer ate it and spit out the original causing me to wonder…did I dream the last three hours of budgeting, typing and bill paying?  I want my morning back please.
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I went to King Sooper today (Kroger for those of you outside of the area) and came across this little item… from a local company called Rocky Mtn Provisions.  I wanted to pick them up for Sean, not me, to be clear…for those of you wondering why I was looking for chocolate. ha. It looked right up his alley. I flipped that sucker over right away to see if it had soy in it because my poor husband has an allergy (sad day) and what do you think I found??  How good ARE you guys?? Hmm? Let’s see if you can spot it…

First person to spot it wins the prize… !
Look what I found!

Does that look like the best running guide ever??  I’m pretty excited to dive in. From 5k’s to Marathons…I can just imagine the magic inside…

What a great story…Edna Kiplagat, women’s winner of the Boston Marathon, wife and mother of FIVE kids (two biological, and three adopted…I mean seriously) plus she owns a farm. This woman is amazing. Plus, did you see her killer time at the 20 mile mark? I die..5:02 (that’s crazy). I love her quote, “We do not run because we are poor,” she says. “We run because it’s our passion.”. Right? Side note: our awesome country wouldn’t let her husband and coach in. No visa for him. Nice huh? He’s been here many times but now that we have this administration..nope.

I completed day one of the ten week workout but really…once you get into a work out plan the goal is to not quit. The goal is to keep moving and keep working out for a healthier you forever. I’ve worked out my entire life with the exception of a few injuries I’ve had here and there and this last year which was miserable. My work today was lousy and hard and I very nearly just laid down and napped on the carpet rather than even finish a lunge. And I’m still working on the rhythm of it so I felt very out of sync with the whole thing. Nevertheless…I did it and I lived through it.

Last year when I tried doing the HIIT workout I couldn’t pop up at the end of the burpees at all. I just dragged myself off the floor exhausted and thought…damn. Now I have to do another one.
Image result for I was pathetic gif

Today I hopped right up and threw myself into another one. I may be hopelessly out of shape but I’m far ahead of where I was five months ago.
Image result for Im' amazing gif

Today I got my HIIT workout done and 10,000 steps which isn’t nearly enough but I wasted a considerable part of my day on the computer trying to get the budget thing done and then back. So tomorrow’s lesson…do it first.
Now I have to figure out a menu so I eat more than…a banana.

Tomorrow’s workout is running and strength training… I’ll give you the list tomorrow.
Not Every Day Is A Good day Show up anyway.
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So I’m a banana. Who knew?

I have to start looking for a dress for Alex and Megan’s wedding (I may have found one but I’m not getting my hopes up just in case) and being as ADHD as possible my brain traveled and traveled and traveled (squirrel!). Eventually it started to travel back and on the way back it landed on this…


Image result for female body type ~source

The most accurate description of me from this graphic would be banana…I’m probably curved like a banana but I don’t want to think about it. I don’t even like bananas. I do eat them, however, because I’m chronically short on potassium. ThankyouCeliac. Also, I’m chronically lazy about eating and just don’t want to and bananas are the original happy meal. Meal in it’s own packaging.

Doesn’t help me shop for pants though…Everything has a waist and I will just never have a waist. It’s quite sad really. Banana.  
This is a thing. I’m sure you’ve all seen it already but just to recap…

 ~ source

buy yourself your very own pair of jeans that look like you’ve spent the day working in the mud…Only $425. Nordstrom is the worst. Who comes up with this stuff?

Janae over at Hungryrunnergirl posted this yesterday. Her mom found it on Facebook and shared it with her. I loved it and had to share. I’m hit and miss with HRG these days but this was pretty funny. Maybe her mom should write a blog. hehe. Sorry Janae… We all still love you.
13770386 1732330783651010 7436185857344825890 n


I’m starting my 10-week workout plan today. I woke up yesterday and I had a pretty terrible migraine so I drugged up completely and mostly rested except for walking the dog. Today I am feeling a million percent better. For those of you who know my history you should remember that most of my migraines, especially the severe ones, they are 3-day migraines every time. I could set my clock by them. So I can say the Botox definitely works in multiple ways, one of them being lessening the length I have them. It doesn’t always work but sometimes…and it’s so worth it when it does.
Back to the plan…

Today’s plan is this:

Run (I’m still in my “you call that running?” phase) and I’m going for a little over three miles. It’s just one of my regular routes

It’s also a HIIT day so running isn’t on the schedule but I want to.

Mountain Climbers
Jumping Jacks 

Walking Lunges
Push Ups
I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can still walk…
4fitnesssake:Daily fitness motivation :):
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Running with the wind in my hair…well maybe not. Maybe I’ll just not. Hmm.

All 100 senators have been called to the White House for a rare briefing on the situation in North Korea. I hope we’re all paying attention here. It’s not unusual for senators to be called to the White House, it’s unusual for all 100 of them to be called together to the White House.  They actually don’t have room there, they’re going to make the room. This was Trump’s idea. Photo op? Media play? No one really knows for sure.  North Korea is not a situation we need to be messing around with. It hasn’t gone well from the moment the president spoke and got us into this. Decorum and diplomacy and government…the man needs to learn. And my heart goes out to the families of the crew of the USS Carl Vinson, the carrier that Trump ordered to Korean waters because as a mom I just wouldn’t sleep at all if my kid were on that ship.
I JUST came started catching up on Stephen Colbert (WHY do I put this off?? It’s so good?) And seriously…I could watch it all day and catching up I probably will. I was dying it was so funny and yet so scary.

It’s the 50th anniversary of S.E.Hinton’s The Outsider’s. I love this book. I read it so many times when I was younger.  Of course, when they made it a movie it was only that much better.
Image result for THe OUtsiders quotes
OH my gosh the wind! Colorado is having the worst winds this season…I totally blame global warming…it’s the worst. This season has been terrible. The winds have been like…25 mph gusts every day.
Image result for I'll try anything gif

It’s crazy. I have zero desire to be outside in that. Tonight…at 9:30 pm the weather was perfect. No wind and 50*. It is so lovely and I wish I was out running in it. I think I’m just going to have to aim for great weather and if it’s not going to be there, I’ll have to treadmill it or try a different workout. I’d rather run hills than run in the wind. Running in the wind is evil and I don’t even WANT to do it. Zero desire.
I’m a deadbeat.
This is when I get the whole “a real runner would push through and head out in the massive gale force winds no matter what”.
So there’s a bit of a letdown there with my pride but it didn’t take long for me to get over that and reassure myself I was fine with staying home.
Image result for I'm a great person gif
Today’s wind isn’t AS bad currently so I’m going to walk the dog this morning and then come home and try a run.
I’m telling myself this will help with the wind…what do you think?
da mo 1420 Daily motivation (25 photos):
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What was the march for? Saturday’s March for Science.

On Saturday we marched for Science. The pouring rain was killing my marching vibe.  I had a migraine that kept me up all night. I ached all over for some random reason (thankyouCeliac) and I just felt out of whack. It happens and it’s okay and truth be told it usually passes with in a few minutes but the pouring rain and cold was not encouraging me. But I really felt like we needed to show the hell up.
We need to show up and let the administration know that they cannot cut our climate and science budgets like this and we’re just going to sit still and take it.
Science is in everything we do. Everything we are. If we stop learning about science, we stop growing and we go backwards.

Some people may argue that we have to cut the budget SOMEWHERE. That we have to stop spending money SOMEWHERE> However, Trump would like that money that he’s so carefully and thoughtfully cutting to go to the military and to building his wall. So, if you think he’s a great savior you are clearly not doing your research.

Here’s a link to the Washington Post story that shows us who is losing all their funding. Here’s a link to an infographic from the same story that shows the proposed cuts. I’d love to show you the infographic thus putting myself at risk for copyright infringement but alas, the Washington Post has totally found a way to lock down their page so I can’t.

Image result for dammit gif
I’m sure there’s a more talented person out there that could manage it but that person is not me.
If you love the mountains, the stars, learning, math, Bill Nye the Science Guy, cooking, coffee, beer, making beer!, being healthy, good health care, I could go on and on…then you love science. Think about that. Think about what we want our kids to love.
The Alt National Park Service is the biggest supporter of science and clean air.
These are some of my favorite signs from the weekend.
Image may contain: one or more people and text
(this one is my favorite)
Image may contain: 1 person, text
not a sign but in the comments of Alt National Park Service. Loved it.
Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor
this one says, “Introvert in a crowd. It’s that bad (I wanna go home)”
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
That was a pretty good one, too.
So there it is. Signs are great but the deal is thousands of people are trying to get outside to shout and demand that we be heard. We aren’t going to go away. Science is important to everyone. Get over yourself, quit being self involved, just imagine there is a  bigger picture that involves an entire planet of people.

I sprained my leg once several years ago, right before a marathon on a morning training run. It was a very bad sprain and I was out of running for two months. My doctor said I would have been better off breaking it. It would be a long time healing. He also said I’d be more prone to twisting it again and it would never be as strong. So it comes as no surprise that I twisted it while hiking.  It’s very stiff. It has zero flexibility

Last Tuesday when I went hiking with Michelle the swelling was a lot  more than either of us were expecting so I needed to back off. After last week’s complete and utter misbehavior on my ankle’s part I dealt with it with a week of little to no activity which pouring rain and gale force winds helped enforce.  This week I need to up my game so my ankle better behave.
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Last night I watched The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on HBO. Sean watched “The” but he fell asleep for the rest of it. Oprah’s performance was intense. I felt so involved in her whole emotional process. I read several reviews which said, among other things,  this story should have been a mini series and told with more details, that sort of thing. I really loved the story but I did want more. I felt like I needed more details on Henrietta and the medical history of her story..this was very much a story of Henrietta’s family and mostly her daughter Deborah. The movie was definitely lacking in that area. I was disappointed there. It was still really good and now I want to read the book because I imagine the book has all the details the movie is actually missing. I want Oprah to please produce a sequel or yes, go back in time and create a mini series.
Image result for you had one job gif

I’m going to run a really short run today and maybe (maybe) even bike a little just to give it a try. But MOST important…must start a good strength training routine. Let’s see what we can drum up. I have a great program but I might wait another week or two to get down and dirty with it.
I’m not sure I’m up to Pre quotes yet but I like the message. Move through the fatigue.
Image result for running quotes
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Hey, didn’t I tell YOU that? Yes, yes I did. And somehow I’m still poorer.

I took my jeep in to have some work done on it. I knew what was wrong, I had taken it to O’Reilly’s to have the engine code read. Praise be for that cool service. This was work I had pretty carefully researched before I took it in so I had an idea of what it would cost beforehand….about $175. I dropped it off for a 12:30 appointment on Wednesday.
They had my car for 24 hours and at the end of it they said “that’ll be $485”.


Um…no thank you. I’ll just come get the car. Don’t fix it.
So at the end of the day I went and got the car and surprise! (it shouldn’t have been, I just wasn’t paying attention and they did a little bait and switch…I blame myself) they charged me $146 for telling me I needed a new O2 sensor.

Wait. Didn’t I tell THEM that?

Well, yes, yes you, did.
At this point I just didn’t care anymore. I paid it, I was unhappy, I let them know that and I left.

Had I just took $200 out of the ATM yesterday morning and then lit it on fire I probably would have been more entertained, spent far less time and still had the same outcome.

I’m going to turn the radio up. (shout out to Daddy).
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My appointment today got cancelled so I stayed home, completely wasting a rental car thankyouverymuch, and worked on finishing up some projects so I can put stuff away. I know you’re had a rental car and you stayed HOME? Why didn’t you go do something?

Man…it was COLD.

I was seriously being a wuss. I have a list in my head of stuff I have to do and this stuff is at the top.  If I was out playing I’d be worried about getting everything else done. I have a lot to do this week.

I know, life is short. But if I finish today, then I’ll play tomorrow…with the car that has a bad 02 sensor.

I’m runnin’ on borrowed time.

Image result for it's a risk gif
At least it’s not winter.

Denver and the Aurora police department just today had a huge drug bust like…three miles from my house. I actually rented my car across the street from the store where it happened. This little Mexican grocery store is apparently a crazy ass huge drug center. Pretty excited about that. Cocaine and Meth just runnin’ through the place. Right next to Jack in the Box. Ha! I don’t spend a lot of time in that area so I’m okay but I drive past there probably every day or every other day. It’s very close.

Image result for holy crap gif

I was pretty shocked.
A great essay about body image and seeing yourself through someone else.
My boyfriend weighs less than I do

Yesterday’s weather app said it was 30% chance of rain. They said that at the end of the day. They are a bad app.  It poured all day long… And it was SUPER windy making the cold really REALLY cold. So unfriendly. Today is supposed to be 40% chance of rain and “much colder” than yesterday. I’m afraid of how cold that’ll be… LOL…I am pretty resentful of the wind and I would like to know why we are so windy. It makes my desire to head outside and run not so strong.



I’ll be honest, I really don’t mind the cold and I don’t mind even wet so much (as long as it’s not pouring), I just don’t love wind. It’s awful. It makes me want to put sweatpants on and curl up with hot tea and read. This wind was the ~flip a semi~ kind of wind.

I have to return the rental car I didn’t need first thing this morning and I’m bitter because…cold.
I also get to have my eyebrows done and that ranks right up there as just as fun. Rip that wax right off my skin why don’t you.
I have GOT to find something more fun to do. First thing on my list. Find something more fun to do today.

Here is a list of companies that have pledged to support clean athletes. Support clean sports with your wallet. I have a really hard time not buying Under Armour (I LOVE Under Armour) but I am totally not purchasing their products after their CEO gave such strong public support of the president back in February. I know he walked back that support a week later but Dude…we all know your PR firm freaked you out and made you do that. 


Praying for a collective great workout today! (for sure some yoga…the tightness in my legs..yikes! ha. Yeah, that’s probably not funny. I should stretch more)


Run on…

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Sixty Five Thousand Dollars. SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Gasp.

I took my car to the shop and they said they’d call in about an hour with the diagnostic. That was five hours ago so I’m super excited for how long they’ll have my car.

I got a ride home from the shop from a sketchy guy in a van with no windows.

Okay, he was a lovely (slightly) older man who was driving  a company car from the dealership and he had lovely taste in music (Springsteen thankyouverymuch). It was only mildly uncomfortable.
 awkward mr. robot small talk GIF
update: they never called. Does this mean I get a free car?
Image result for you get a car gif

So now I’m home trying to get all my “home projects” done and I’m half successful and half not. There were more work projects than time. Where is my time machine??
Note: If I had a time machine would I use it to do my projects?
I really really hope not. #travelmuch #kidadventures #kidtime #love #husbandtime #notakebacks
I was looking up some medical bill stuff to file and I came across hospital bills that came in late. My hospital bill for my surgery was actually…

brace yourself…

Image result for gasp gif

That is ONLY the hospital. That is bandages, etc. That is NOT for my doctor or my anesthesiologist or anything else. Just the hospital.
There are actually two bills, one for $55,000 and one for $64,000 and change and I can’t tell if one is getting ready to be cancelled out by an updated one or if there are actually two. But seriously...$65,000!

That is half of my house…when I bought it twenty years ago but STILL>

Shaughnessy sent me an email this morning and I realized that writing a post late at night makes your brain not work correctly: I have edited this post to say…I did not have to pay this. We purposely waited until January to schedule the surgery so my insurance year would be new and my deductable (which is in fact, ridiculously high) was paid already from previous issues and the surgery was completely paid for. I recognize every day the privilege I have and the grace I have been given. The year I had was miserable and it wasn’t life threatening it was soul threatening. I can’t imagine people that live without basic medical care every day and don’t have even basic needs met. I have immediate family members that have felt this and it’s frightening to think of their every day and their future. Things we take for granted as a simple “just make an appointment” they do not have that luxury.

I think everyone has projects they have their hearts devoted to. My heart is well devoted to health care for everyone.   I’ve been given so much. I want everyone to have the same basic needs met.

I bought jelly beans. That has nothing to do with the hospital bill. I’ve moved on now. Stick with me. I missed the entire Easter event and bought no candy. So I grabbed jelly beans at the store and I am a fan of the original Brach’s. Also, they were out of Starburst. Sadly. I do not enjoy the black licorice, those are the devil. So I separated all the beans by color, threw out the ones I didn’t like, ate all the white ones (I LOVE those) then started in on the red ones of which there were three. THREE. I felt so ripped off. On to the pink ones and YUM those are way better than I remember! When I finished those (don’t judge me, Brach’s jelly beans are HUGE and that bag is small. It’s not like I ate 807 jelly beans. Shut up. I totally heard that.) I was stuck. What to choose next? Well, it’s not really a choice. All that is left is orange, yellow and green and I’d have to be hung upside down and starved to eat the yellow and green. So I ate the orange. Eh. It was okay. I didn’t really like them. I left the rest for Sean and when he gets home from work he’s going to look at the bowl and think…

Image result for typical gif

I’d be happy to buy you your own bag of jelly beans next time. Don’t pick on me.
*for the record he came home from work and didn’t even flinch at the candy bowl of green and yellow jelly beans. I totally have him trained.
I bought new running shoes…and then I immediately wore them and got them muddy and wet and gross. I know I’m not supposed to wear them hiking but I’m a rebel and I do what I want.
Image result for you can't make me gif
Also, my hiking shoes just don’t love me as much as my running shoes do and it’s really all about the love. So I don’t have a photo…maybe tomorrow. I know you’re on the edge of your seat about it.
There were some not so friendly colors available which made me very sad… but I love orange and pink and you can’t go wrong with black so I warmed to these pretty quick. I mean, in a perfect world they would be all black. We can’t all have what we want. I run in Brooks Adrenaline so this year I bought the 17’s. I had to buy the current year because the 15’s and the 16’s got terrible reviews and I don’t want to take a chance on screwing myself up so I skipped from the 14’s straight to the 17’s. There you go. The price you pay.
How I feel when I get new running shoes!

Today the weather is 80% chance of rain and a high of 60*.  That’s a pretty good chance of rain right there but it’s going to hold off until the afternoon so I can walk the dog in the morning and get a run in maybe. (yay). Perfect weather for it. Then I must attempt to lift something as I haven’t lifted anything at ALL for three months. Milk has become even heavier. It’s quite embarrassing.

Always make time to run. Get outside, feel alive.
Run on…


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Tuesdays with Michelle

I spent the morning with Michelle (no photo…I did not feel good, sorry. Here, look at this one to remember us by. It wasn’t that long ago….)

hiking at Red Rocks (insert amazing picture of Red Rocks here so everyone will be appropriately jealous because they so don’t live here…SO sad)

photo by Michelle because her phone is ridiculously better than mine. Now I’M sad.
We did a hike that was nowhere…this bears repeating…nowhere near as painful and mean as the hike Sean and I did on Easter Sunday. We were able to hold a conversation nearly the entire time with me only stopping a few times to gasp…again…I’m woefully out of shape so please do have mercy before you pick on me too much. And it was hot (nearly 80*!)
Image result for hot outside gif
name that movie! ::swoon::

I was smart enough to put sunscreen on part of me…the facial part of me (ha!) and my neck…but I stopped there apparently and didn’t think to do the rest. Why? Ladies and gentlemen, we are sponsored by ADHD week! I’m relatively certain I was working on it and then…

What’s that??

Image result for squirrel gif

So my upper back looks pretty damn red.
Image result for sunburn gif
Let’s be real here…my skin is far more freckle (thanks Daddy!) than lily white but it is in there somewhere. Now it’s pretty in pink.
Meanwhile…Miss Michelle said she read my blog and saw the photo and said, what the hell is Ingress. She googled it and it didn’t tell her anything! I thought that was odd. I’ve googled it before and it told me exactly what it was but whatever. I’ll update the blog because I do talk about it. So here you go for everyone that has forgotten how Google works. 😉

Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game developed by Niantic, a company spun off from Google.[4]The game was first released for Android devices on November 15, 2012,[2][5] and later for iOS on July 14, 2014.[3][6] The game has a science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative.[7][8] Ingress is also considered to be a location-based exergame.

Unlike many other MMOGs, the competition in Ingress is primarily between the two opposing factions rather than between individual players, and players never interact directly in the game or suffer any kind of damage other than temporarily running out of “XM”, the power that fuels all actions except movement and communication. The gameplay consists of capturing “portals” at places of cultural significance, such as public art, landmarks, monuments, etc., and linking them to create virtual triangular “control fields” over geographical areas. ~source

I totally understand this is confusing but suffice it to say, it’s a computer game, Sean travels on his bike a lot, on foot and in the car and he loves it. Shaughnessy and Adam play it, too. They all find it really interesting and engaging. I think anything that keeps them that interested obviously has some value and the fact that it includes learning with interacting and also exercise well, it all kind of combines to make the best scenario for me. I don’t mind if he plays it.
Here’s a randomly dumb story.
Image result for I love those gif
And just for the men that read the blog, it’s about underwear. Sorry about that. There’s a particular style I like and I can find it in two brands at two stores. No big deal. I’m very simple.  It’s the OCD in me. I stopped at the store the other day to pick some up and they have changed the sizing. If you know me, you know I don’t care about sizing, I wear whatever fits me.  I have size 11 in my closet and size 4 (well probably not a 4 anymore…ha! yeah…it’s been a long year). But now the new sizes are as follows:
size 5=S
size 6=M
size 7=L
size 8=XL
size 9=2XL
And that is as big as they go. Anyone else think that’s random? Also, the cut is way different, so I usually wear a size M and there was NO way they were fitting me anymore.
Image result for I need therapy gif
I just looked at them, shook my head and walked away. What genius thought they should resize underwear and make it SMALLER??  

Because women don’t already need therapy for body issues. Honestly.

Image result for I need therapy gif

I have to take my car in and get some minor work done. See, I’m hoping to not jinx that by saying it’s minor…I should just say “work done”. Hm. I’m finishing up here at home quick, then to the store, then back home quick and then I toyed with dropping the car and walking home.

Now to be clear….it’s six miles. That’s quite a walk. But in the grand scheme it’s not that bad and I can always take the bus. Oh! I should totally take the bus. Hm. I’ll think about it. I mean…city buses are an experience..personal space being invaded, possibly mugged, minor sexual assaults..hey now.

Just kidding Mom. Just the personal space thing.

So Sean has turned into me. He’s headed out the door this morning and I reassure him that I’ll take care of it. He hesitates and then kisses me goodbye. At the door he says goodbye again and then stops and turns and says…

“how are you going to take care of it?”
Ha. I said, “I just am. Go to work”.

Such a mom moment.
Incredible artwork by US Outdoor Store employee @kettmckenna with a message very dear to our hearts: always #packyourtrash adventure lovers! . . . #leavenotrace #art #sketch #mountains #johnmuir #hiking #quotes #humor #wonderlust #pnwonderland #upperleft #oregonexplored #oregon #pnw #usoutdoor #snowwaterland

The Writer's Ink. "Take a Risk" || God has something amazing for you! Take that risk! :)

Run on…

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Sweet List <3

  1. I found a site that lets me post little 💕 and teaches me shortcuts. I’m keyboard illiterate so it’s right up my alley. Prepare for emoji craziness.
  2. Cheesecake. Because why not. Yumbana Shoppe based here in Colorado is full of amazing deliciousness. Their cheesecakes are melt-in-your-mouth. I do not recommend their carrot cake as it taste rather like crumbly dirt…
    Image result for shudder gif
    but we don’t have to talk about that.
  3. Choosing new wallpaper and ringtones for my cellphone. #itsthelittlethings
  4. I just finished The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas on Audible.  It’s a YA book but the age and content are totally relevant and I was glued to my Nano until I finished it. It was really good and yes, I still own an iPod Nano and I still use it exclusively for my music and my podcasts. Don’t judge me.
    Image result for don't judge me gif
  5. Finishing up my scrapping projects. So close. I mean, not the whole thing but this one set. Hey now… 🙂
    Image result for Hey now gif
  6. I bought an actual real live plant that I’m in charge of keeping alive. I KNOW> Pretty crazy. Anyone that actually knows me knows that is a big deal because I do not have success with real live things. Except children. I managed to not screw that up. Thanks be to God.
    Image result for praise jesus gif
  7. Ted Talks. Anyone else watch Ted Talks and get sucked in to the next one and the next one and the next one? It’s the only thing I will do that with on the computer. It’s so wrong and yet it’s so good.
    Image result for it's so good gif
  8. Little pink bowl…how cute is this? Shaughnessy found it at a second hand store and she clearly knows me.
  9. Aura Cacia Nurturing Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil. Which is a mouthful for sure but it’s lovely stuff. My skin is so dry I am always reaching for some kind of moisturizer for my skin (welcome to Colorado and the land of no moisture) but oil is always a plus and almond oil is a bonus. Delicious. It’s so very light you don’t have an oily feeling, the scent is barely there. and it just feels amazing. Highly recommend.
  10. Challenging myself on those crazy hiking trails. That was just the best part of my week. It might also have been the worst part but we won’t talk about that.
    Barack Obama michelle obama hard oprah own GIF
  11. These cute picture frames from Shaped Expressions. I bought them for my kids bedroom doors, it’s a project I’m working on but I really love their options and that they’re small business on Etsy. Side note to small businesses, I didn’t love that they had really cute  items but I didn’t find them anywhere on Etsy which means they had to be buried deep and I never saw their website listed which means it also was not featured very prominently. Work harder, People. Show your work.
  12. Fairmount Cemetery in Denver. This is an old cemetery with beautiful grounds and when we drive past it we are reminded of how tempting it is to want to run or bike through it but there remains the age old questions…how respectful (or disrespectful) IS that? Well I popped onto the website and they say right on there please…enjoy our grounds.  Also, take one of our tours! They have tours and they are awesome. Also, you can take them at twilight. How great is that? You can make up your own kind of tour and ask them to create that. I love it. What a great experience. I’m totally going to check it out.
  13. I’m off to see Michelle this morning so that has to be on the Sweet List. I’m assuming it’s going to be injury free. We’re maybe climbin’ those stairs. Wish us luck.

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I have a love/hate relationship with hiking this trail. Mostly love. Well…

It’s Boston Marathon Day! And if your job lets you then it’s ~watch the marathon and wish you were running it while also witnessing Meb’s FINAL BOSTON RUN!~ I mean…damn. He’s so good. I could watch him run anytime and I am sad to see him retire.
Image result for sorry to see you go gif
My job ~self employed and run your own business Heyyy~ does not let me watch the marathon because NBC won’t let me. I don’t pay for that channel. Bastards. Yes. I’m bitter.
Image result for I'm bitter gif
On Easter Sunday we went hiking. The kids all went their separate directions so we chose to head to the mountains. Sean, as usual, picked a hike and then read the description to me so I could decide yay or nay. Well this was a day I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention so I just said…SURE. I’ll totally do five miles on a trail that some people rate moderate and some people rate difficult and it has a 2200ft elevation climb that starts at like…8000ft.

That sounds FUN.

Not moving for three months means I”m completely out of shape. I got a pedicure right before my surgery on February 2nd and my feet are still baby soft. It’s so wrong. Every step my poor toes just protested with pre-blister.

This trail was unbelievable. Technically it was four trails. We started on Gregory Canyon, then Ranger, then EM Greenman trail, then finally Saddlerock. 

It was definitely work.
It was technical. Which means there’s going to be rocks and obstacles, sometimes steep elevation and possibly scrambling or using your hands.
Yep, yep and yep. We did it all yesterday. Definitely technical. My knees are a little achy today but otherwise I’m pretty good. Sean is going down stairs funny. Ha. I was really careful to stretch a lot yesterday.

We could have taken any number of combinations of the trails to get us back to the bottom. We chose the most difficult I think which also happened to be the shortest. The trail that got us to the bottom was the one with the ladder. We were met by someone coming up and he saw us reading the map and immediately asked if he could help us. Well, no. We’re just reading the map. I did ask him how technical and steep the trail was and he “suggested” we really would be better off taking the “easier” trail down. This one was a bit more difficult.

Officially my first ladder…on a trail.

We were royally insulted and determined to prove our hiking prowess and pushed on. The bottom half of the hike was no harder than the first half which isn’t to say it was an escalator or anything. But we did it and we survived and I LOVE technical hikes. They take forever (like four hours for five miles plus at least a half hour at the top to look at the view) but still…it takes time.

A milder section of the trail…my terrible camera. Don’t worry, replacing it this week!

This was at the top…

It was amazing and crazy and seriously a lot of work. I need a little more time to built up my fitness to tackle this kind of trail. I spent a lot of time gasping and stopping. Sean, meanwhile, was his usual self and marched on with no issues like he does this every weekend. I was fully marathon trained and he had no time to run or workout or anything and we headed out to hike the Appalachian Trail for a week thinking..I’m going to totally fly past him.

No. That did not happen. I had to stop and gasp consistently as he flew up the inclines and I watched him. It was so rude.
Yesterday was a total flashback. Jerk. He is so freaking awesome. He hiked really really reeaaallly slow just so I could keep up with him. It was sweet. And annoying.
Image result for sweetly annoying gif

Sean took amazing photos but he forgets to share them with me so they are just for his own self I guess.

I don’t feel comfortable taking my really good camera while scrambling and such so I just take my phone and we keep it in the pack.
Getting a new phone is pretty damn important. I’m over these bad photos. I think they’re getting worse!
Michelle said she’d do the trail with me but who knows when that’s going to happen.

At the end of the day we treated ourselves to an amazing burger and sweet potato fries at Shine in Boulder. I die when I eat those burgers. They are so good. Totally worth it.


Takin’ it a little easy today after yesterday. I got zero sleep last night so I’m going to pick up groceries, make some appointments, run some errands and hopefully get a baby run in…if I’m up to it. As if I’m up to anything longer than a baby run!
Image result for laughter gif

Here’s what we’re NOT going to talk about today because we’re taking a news break. We’re all reading about it so we don’t need it here.
North Korea
The White House Easter egg hunt (eyeroll)
Sean Spicer
United Airlines
Nature of Love, Love of Nature

My favorite.
Run on…

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Short and Sweet

  • I was bumming pretty hard yesterday but I ended up having lunch with Shaughnessy and shopping with her and really…neither of those is a bad thing. I had a good time and I somewhat cheered up. That is all good.
    Image result for shopping gif
  • Sean hung out with me last night (he’s been super busy) and believe it or not, that’s really all I have to say. I was happy. Well, I have a ridiculous migraine and I can’t kick it but other than that I am pretty happy. He went to the store to pick me up some La Croix (remember it sounds like “enjoy”) and he came home with FOUR twelve packs.
    Image result for overdoing it gif
  • Being ADHD, Sean gets very hyper focused on what he’s working on. He’s been focused on work and his game which takes an intense amount of time and focus and the taxes took a back seat. I finally told him I was having bad dreams and he absolutely had to finish them or I might explode. I am so grateful.
    Image may contain: text
  • North Korea is actually telling US that Trump is making trouble with his aggressive tweets. sigh. We know. He bothers us, too. Try not reading them. That’s what we do. Just….close your eyes and move on.
    Image result for I can't look gif
  • On a fun note: I have been watching Life in Pieces which was a Netflix original and I think CBS picked it up? Fair warning: It’s clean. I KNOW. That’s because it’s on a regular prime time network! But it’s just ordinary comedy and I am in fact…laughing pretty damn hard. I enjoy it quite a lot, I’m not gonna lie.
    Image result for it's hilarious gif
  • It’s Easter weekend and with half the family leaving we figured we’d leave it low key and let Alex and Megan hang with Megan’s family and we’ll connect next weekend. I am a little bummed we don’t get to see them this weekend but it’s not like we don’t all live in Denver. Next weekend we’ll have a great time. I have BIG plans. BIG. HUGE.
    Image result for can't do it gif

Sean has plans this weekend, too, but what he doesn’t know is that we are definitely going hiking. If he read my blog he’d know what his plans were. Serves him right. It’s just too pretty outside to not do something fabulous and enjoy the weather and the sun.
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Run on…

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