I would pack my flirty eyes…

  • One of my dearest and best friends just had a baby and named him Harrison. I SWOON. ❤
    Also…he weighed 6lbs 13oz which is totally my birthday (hello…6-13..I know, it’s a numbers thing) so he and I are bonded for life. Of course, he doesn’t know this nor does his mother probably get it but I get it and I was SO excited to get it I nearly leapt up with excitement! It’s entirely possible I actually did but hey. We all have our thing. I have a lot of energy. I was being energetic.
  • We’re preparing lists for traveling and my gosh the details to think about. As I type out lists and what-not I have minor panic attacks about what I’m forgetting because you know there must be something. I 100% forget my toothbrush every time.
    Image result for what am I forgetting to pack gif
    This little gif makes me so happy. I love Mr. Potato Head. I love toys. I wouldn’t pack angry eyes, though. I would pack my flirty eyes. My poor husband. I’m a flirt. I flirt with everyone because I don’t think of it as flirting. I thin of it as being charming and making witty conversation. Then maybe later it’ll come to me and I’ll go…hmm. It was probably flirty but I don’t discriminate. I do it with everyone!
    Image result for I'm a flirt gif
    this is actually very me.
  •  I went to Target today to pick up some travel items and I thought..oh yep. I definitely need that cute little toothpaste. Oh, Kleenex! Wet wipes. So handy. Travel Advil!! I ALWAYS have the need for band aids!! Yes! I’ve definitely needed…the the list goes on and on and on and eventually I thought…oh my gosh. The first step is admitting you have a problem. A love of miniature things. And I did not buy 87 tiny little things that I love. I just bought like..three. Thank the Lord. But I LOVE them. Travel size stuff is so fun.  (p.s. I bought a toothbrush and it’s already in the pile…wish me luck it actually makes it into the suitcase)
  • I’m not burying my head in the sand on the politics of the world right now. It’s a big part of why I’m feeling so completely out of control. Unfortunately, I feel completely out of control. So there’s that.
    Image result for I hate this gif
    I despise everything about the healthcare bill. Everything. And my dear friend (the one who lost her husband two months ago) just informed me her visa status, the one they just gave her …well they yanked it right back in Trump’s most recent “no new visa’s will be approved” game. She was told no visa for three years. She told me she cried for two straight days. My heart is so sad for her. And bitter. And even though I have been taught to never say the word hate unless I’m talking about yucky vegetables it’s definitely a struggle this week. This administration is testing my strength.
    Image result for don't test me gif
    Image result for don't test me gif
  • I have a ton of stuff to do today. It’s mostly condensed in a pretty tight place if I can be fast. If I can’t…ugh. What a long unorganized day. I’m working on about 4 hours of sleep and I cannot tell you how exhausted I am. I did a great 30 minute HIIT workout earlier today though and it felt amazing. I’m doing my best to get some kind of workout in so I don’t lose it. Also, I’m about to travel and this whole…workout environment is going to be a change. That’ll be a new thing…
    I have something to pick up in the morning down south so I’m going to start my morning with the incline. Wish me luck! Oh…don’t get excited. It’s the baby incline!
    Did the stairway to heaven climb this year with my brother. One of the best climbs of my life and the most physical!! Amazing!!
    Run on…

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Seek Ye First… there’s the lesson

My day started yesterday with my house flooding.

It ended with my water heating dying.

Everything in between was just as amazing including a spider (no, he wasn’t small) actually crawling across my keyboard.

Image result for it was a bad day gif

I was going to go for a run but insanity (life) intervened and I had to wait until evening. Evening came and it became one thing after another and then when my sanity was actually at risk the winds were 17mph.

I decided I better not.

Was I bummed?
Image result for understatement of the year gif

Was I messaging someone about the best kind of drink to have?

Hell I was sitting in the parking lot of the liquor store discussing the benefits of Rum and Coke with my brother in law via email. I can always count on his dark sense of humor to make me laugh. And also to guide me to the best alcohol. When I told him I was looking for alcohol, knowing me so well you would expect him to say …don’t do it …it’s not good for you. Instead he said, “I like Rum.” And we went from there.  I didn’t end up caving though because I didn’t have the emotional energy to google what was gluten free and what wasn’t.
In all fairness the liquor store parking lot was the same parking lot as the grocery store but I was still thinkin’ about it. I can’t be bothered to drink. It’s too damn much work and not nearly as much fun as people talk about.

I think I handle most stress pretty well. I know right now you’re thinking…sure you do.
Image result for sure you do gif
I’m a ~power through it~ kind of person. I may rant later but what are husbands and girlfriends for? I can usually laugh it off, make a joke here or there. Be practical and say this is what we do and we just have to get through it.


I have a lot going on. I carry a lot of emotion, spirituality and intelligence all bundled up in one hot passionate mess.

When I think about how much I have going on and how I’m handling it I want to think I should grow the hell up and what’s my problem. And the other part of me says I’ve just snapped. I handled it and I handled it and I handled it and now I’m just done and rather than scream at the world and tell people exactly what I’m thinking, I choose to have a complete meltdown and process it.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~Luke 6:38 NIV

(side note: my post has now been written twice and disappeared twice. Heavy sigh. Moving forward)

I took Skosh to the vet this morning where our wonderful doctor said, “he’s the picture of health! He looks WONDERFUL!” It was pretty great news. And then I gave him $200. ( I had to pick up meds for the dog, too, sadly)

On the way to the vet though, the cat was crazy ass on speed stressed and all over the place.  For lack of anything to do for him (he doesn’t like the cat carrier after last year’s injury that had him at the vet every 3 days for a month) I started singing the first song that came to me. It was a hymn my dad used to sing called Seek Ye First. Here is a random person singing it.

I sang it very quietly and he laid down and practically fell asleep. Also, hey God, are you trying to tell me something?
Image result for i am god gif
I did some strength training this morning. I’ll do more tonight and then I’ll run. Hopefully the wind goes home and doesn’t come back to stay. I don’t want it.
Image result for you weren't invited gif

After a day like yesterday running doesn’t always help. We like to think all of our problems are fixed by a good run.
Telling someone your problems and getting a lot of advice you really didn’t want and definitely didn’t ask for…that doesn’t help for sure.

What helps is time with real actual problem solving.  Talking to someone who makes a real honest legitimate effort to listen to you, to not judge you and to not offer unsolicited, mean spirited advice to you. Whether that is through a strong sane calm friend or therapy.    And I think learning to work within your emotional and spiritual limitations recognizing we all  have limitations. The point where we finally say we’re done and we aren’t going to not take care of ourselves anymore.
I believe there has to be a way to be a kind, generous person and also take care of yourself. To give and give lovingly with an unselfish heart.

Sometimes life is heavy. My usually joyful heart (ridiculously happy actually) is a little heavy right now. In a day or two I’ll be better. I get to see MT #thekidnotthestate

Remember…#bejoyful #bekind 

Just run | running quotes | | quotes for runners | | motivational quotes | | inspirational quotes | | quotes | #quotes #runningquotes #motivationalquotes https://www.runrilla.com/

Run on…

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At the beep the time will be…

  • Remember when you were a kid and you could call for the time and temperature? No?  huh. Okay, well ask your mother. She’ll tell you when SHE was a kid you used to be able to call on the phone for the time and temperature. It was VERY popular and kids loved to do it because calling on the phone was cool and we didn’t have anytone else to call. They still have one that’s in use as a 24 hour clock that called UTC which is “Coordinated Universal Time” (randomly mixed up initials, right?) and it’s the same time as Greenwich Mean Time. They said they still get on average 2000 calls a day and people use it during daylight savings and to synchronize clocks and watches and for the calibration of stopwatches and timers.
  • This is a great article on what to do if you lose your passport.
    It’s not something we ever think would happen to us, and in the case of the person in the article I thought..yeah..I would never do THAT…but nevertheless accidents happen and situations happen and I like the tips to handle exactly what to do if it does come up. I appreciated the organization of it.
    Image result for losing things gif
  • 11 Expensive Habits That Are A Total Waste Of Money I’m not sure they’re all great money savers but some of them are definitely worth making a concerted effort on.
  • 100 things to do in the Centennial State- I though this was a great list of things to do for Colorado but you could totally tailor it for your state and what a fun way to get through a summer!
  •  What Happened Today at the 2017 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Reading about these amazing women and how hard they worked for this race was really inspiring and though this kind of article doesn’t usually make me want to run (it usually just makes me incredibly proud of them) this one totally made me want to run. I’ll never be a world champion but to continue to show championship running and inspiration with the issues they have reminds me to get off my ass and out the door. From Gabe Grunewald (whose name reminds me of Harry Potter so I just love her more and more) who is undergoing chemotherapy to Alysia Montaño who is five months pregnant (seriously…five months pregnant!). Unbelievable. These women are so inspiring you really can’t say ~but I’m really tired. Damn it’s been a long day. I’m not really up to a run today~.
    Oh the irony…I specifically waited until this evening because I KNEW it would be a beautiful evening to run. And then I got so caught up in all I had to do and I was on a roll plus…my basement is trying to flood…so I didn’t run. and I really really wanted to! But no.
    I’m a little ashamed after that last awesome point.
    Image result for YOu should be ashamed gif
    To be fair..I’m stupid busy this week. I’ve been at the computer most of the day. Also doing laundry, doing the floors, and dealing with the ~I really want to flood~ basement.
    I ran Friday and Saturday for about 3.5 miles each and I loved both runs. I walked a bit with each but they were so great and I came home pretty much loving life. I did some strength training both days also so I no longer feel like a COMPLETE marshmallow but I still feel the need for lifting.
    This weather has been amazing and anytime the weather wants to stay down here in the 70’s I’m totally in thankyouverymuch. Tomorrow is going to be 84*. I won’t complain. It’s going to be in the mid 90’s in Virginia. I’m SUPER excited about that. I’ll add in that humidity and damn..life is good.
    Image result for sarcasm gif
    I think this is so true. Not just physical energy but emotional and spiritual energy, too.
    Just had a few thoughts this morning when I signed into my account and was  overwhelmed/stressed knowing how many msgs I have to reply to but then shortly followed with gratitude knowing that I am lucky to have you guys choosing ME as your stylist Surround yourself with people who push you towards greatness. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and lift your spirits. Surround yourself with positive people because THEY will make you feel good about yourself because they feel good about themselves. I solely believe that we run off our own energy and the people around us. "Most will say youre crazy to try. Find those who say youd be crazy not to." by thingsbytams
    Run on…


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Hot Tamales and my deep and abiding love for them.

Yesterday was so off I don’t even want to talk about it. My whole day was off.

Last night the wind and the rain was terrible and this morning my head is telling me just how bad it was. So I’m drugged up and healing.

It’s a high of like…76* today. Right now it’s 51*.

This is going to be a great running day

Yes,  I’m super drugged. But I don’t care.
Image result for I don't care gif

Here’s a fun little fact.

I inappropriately talk about my drug use. Drug use  being…prescribed medication for migraine use.

It’s my morbid sense of humor.

I don’t want to make light at all of the serious issues of drug abuse that is prevalent right now in the country. But I also know that I have to deal with my own situation and coping skills being what they are…this is my way.

I have been carefully monitored on medication for my migraines since I was in high school.  Truth be told I’ve been prescribed many different kinds, some at the same time. My doctors can tell by how quickly I go through it and my ridiculous level of honesty that I’m not an addict.

After years of being on meds I just short form my terminology. My husband will come home and he’ll ask if I’m ok…my answer will be “yes but I’m on drugs” or worse…”I’m a little stoned”. I KNOW. I recognize the inappropriate but again..they know me. They know what I’m talking about. They know it’s all talk.

He knows I’m on prescribed medication attempting to make a migraine go away. My kids know that, too. Anyone that knows me AT ALL knows this.

I find it truly amusing when someone who should know me gets concerned when they overhear me say it. Thinking perhaps…I’m not taking care of myself.

It’s okay. I’m taking very good care of myself.

Years of throwing up (thank you Celiac)….I also don’t have bulimia or any other kind of eating disorder. If you don’t know someone, for example, if you don’t talk to them or know them at all, you don’t get to comment because you aren’t in their life and you aren’t in their shoes.

Image result for you don't get to know me gif


When Catherine was here we stopped at Family Dollar to grab a soda and while we were there she paused at the dollar candy boxes. She’s working really hard to get in shape and lose weight (like the rest of us) and I told her…don’t do it. You’re doing so great. Don’t do it.

I’m sure she was offended but she walked away and I felt bad. It was rude and I should have minded my own business. But if she bought them she’d bring them into my house and then I’d be weak because I live for Hot Tamales.

What I really meant was (and I told her this later) don’t do it because I WILL WANT THE HOT TAMALES

And I did.

And 2am I was so damn craving those Hot Tamales. I wanted them and I still do. It’s stupid because  I can go weeks and weeks without wanting them but as soon as I give any time to looking at the box…I want them.

She told me she just wanted a couple of them but I’ll tell you right now I will eat the entire box of Hot Tamales depending on the day. Some days I just want a few and some days…I want them all.

Image result for I want them, I want them all gif
I blame her.
It’s possible I love Hot Tamales more than Sean.

no…not really.

But damn…it’s close. I really like them.


I’m going to run and maybe do a little strength training. Nothing crazy because of the headache but for sure get something done.
And I have a crazy long list of errands.

and just enjoy the cool day. SO much love for the day.

I've got 99 problems, but I'm going running to ignore them all for an hour.

Run on…


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Suppose Mary had any goats? No, huh. Just lambs? I could really use a goat.

I drove Catherine and Keith (Sister Catherine and her husband)across town Tuesday for an appointment.

On the way to the hospital Catherine got a call that one of her tenants (she owns some property and has two tenants on the property) had passed away at some point and was just discovered.

They provide section 8 housing for homeless vets and this is just another reason she is one of my favorite people. Meanwhile this guy is gone and so 47 phone calls need to be made (and taken…both of them suddenly got REALLY POPULAR) and they’re about to walk into a really complicated doctor visit.

Of course.
Image result for popular gif

Meanwhile they had to mention it to the doctor to explain the constantly ringing telephone…~don’t mind us..we had a death in the…area?~

It was a moment.  Thank God she can explain me away as the crazy relative.

While they were in the appointment I got bored and thought I’d take a walk.
Denver got to be 99* yesterday. Yep. 99*.

Image result for holy hot weather gif

Then I attempted a walk around the block of…a hospital complex. Yeah…I didn’t think that one through. They ended up waiting on me as I tried to find my way back. Where the hell did I go? I was thisclose to mapping my way home. That has to be a low moment, right? When you can’t actually find your way around the block? I resisted but it was close.

Keith has diabetes and also Cerebral Palsy which means he shakes constantly. It’s really unbelievable to watch his patience (though Catherine might argue with that) but I might snap from the craziness of it. I made far too many jokes while they were here, I mean, why would anyone hand him a bottle soda and expect the opening of that to go well? I’m sure he found me charming but I love him and  always have. They have been married for twenty four years I think? So…yeah…he knows my smart ass self pretty well. But because of the constant shaking, he burns like..4500 to 5000 calories a day. The guy is always eating. And keeping his diabetes numbers regulated? Ha.

Image result for no gif

There’s a lot going on with him.

So we’re at dinner at PF Chang’s and he has Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fried Rice. Just imagine that. With the shaking.
He finally asks for a spoon which they do not have. They brought him a serving spoon. It was…huge.

And they brought him a soup spoon. It looked…weird. Like a ceramic weird thing. Whatever. No.
Catherine looks at me and I crack up laughing because I know her.  She reaches into her bag and pulls out…a spoon.
yes…she had a spoon in her bag. Because everyone carries a spoon in their bag. I don’t even remember her reason for it but damn that was good timing. It was so awesome. Sean asks her what the hell else she’s got in that Hermione bag…

I mean…really.

Image result for Hermione bag gif

I have Morning Glory growing in my back yard. Otherwise known as bindweed. I prefer the first because it sounds like I maybe asked for it and it’s pretty. I can thank previous unfriendly neighbors for it. I don’t know how to get rid of it and I’m SO FRUSTRATED. Catherine suggested a goat.

Rent a goat.

This is a thing. You can actually rent a goat.

I looked it up. Rent a Goat is an actual business but unfortunately they are only in California. Also, since I looked them up this morning to this afternoon as I’m typing this…the webpage has disappeared. But the FB page is still there so take that as you will. So I went to the next one and they require you to get a herd of goats and my lawn is just not that big. I don’t need 100 goats. The next ad suggested I use Amazon because you can rent a goat on Amazon.


Crazy talk.

I will have to find something else I suspect but this was absolutely the most interesting thing I’ve looked up all week.

And I totally wish I could rent a goat. My life would love that. And I’m just asking for one little tiny baby goat. That’s not that much to ask for.
 baby goats GIF
Or two…maybe two.
I didn’t work out. I did get my long walk in but that was it. Then we spent the day running around at second hand stores (we have a mutual love of second hand stores) and ended the day at what is supposed to be the best Goodwill for the area and took us a crazy amount of time at rush hour to get there and WHOA the drive and WHOA the disappointment and WHOA the shower we all felt like we needed when we left the store. It was just…rough. It was a rough experience and I won’t go to that one again. I’m certain.

…but hey the other stores we had some good luck. It went well and we had a really good time. Plus, anything to avoid the 99*. Yish.

So by the end of the day my head was maybe a little tweaked and considering being difficult with me so I thought it best to not. Today I’ll wait until it’s cooler and try it. It’s blessed hot.

Someday we’ll get central air…when we win the lottery.

Later came and I spent a little time with my husband. Then my friend called and I get precious little time with her so I went for a walk and talked to her. I got my 3.5 miles in on the phone so hey..that’s not too shabby. Five miles done for the day and I at least got something to count.

The heat is painful for workouts I don’t enjoy it. This is an official protest.

I’m Not Trying To Building A Summer Body I’m trying to build a lifestyle. https://www.gymaholic.co

Run on…







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I have company today…

Sister Catherine and her sweet husband, Keith, are here. It is a long hot drive from Montana so I feel bad they have to be in my house with no air conditioning. NO AIR I NEED AIR.

My poor family. We just never bothered.

Image result for I need air gif

They’re only here for a day so I’m sure they will be thrilled to leave and head back home to the land of cool air.



Sort and sweet today. We have to run an errand and we’re headed out the door.

Yesterday I ran three miles (so optimistic. I really ran most of it but walked a fair share). And did 30 minutes of HIIT which was sweaty and hot but felt SO GOOD and I feel it today. I would do another one but I have company and nobody needs to see that.

Image result for I'll spare you that gif

Today I’m hoping to get a run in later. As I’m typing, Catherine is asking who I’m typing to and I’m thinking…yeah. Angry Typist. Sigh. I’m an angry typist.
Also…I’m running on about four hours of sleep. FOUR HOURS> Good times.

Meanwhile…I have to run. Love you!

Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! You Daily Health and Fitness Motivation provided by @fitpossiblecoach . Make sure you REPIN if you like seeing these quick quotes. This will help spread inspiration and motivation to more people searching! facebook.com/...

Run on…

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The rabbit hole of projects.

I’m working on a project for Alex and Megan’s wedding. Megan asked for photos of Alex ages 1-13. It’s harder than it sounds. Now I’m going through old photos and I’m sucked down the rabbit hole. So many photos  and oh the lessons I’ve learned.

I used to make multiple copies so I could send them to parents, scrapbook, etc. And when we lived overseas it was easier and cheaper to just get a copy of everything rather than just get a few (this was years ago…my kids were little and now I have a grandson, you do the math but don’t share because it’ll just hurt my delicate feelings). This has resulted in a RIDICULOUS amount of too many of just…everything.

My next project is to sort and recycle.

That is totally going to reduce the amount of photos I have. Then I can scan them into my computer and in a perfect world if I don’t scrap it…I can toss it.

Also…digital scrapping is totally up my alley. I have a LOT of photos. I’m not a fan but I’ve done it before and I’m thinking…I need to do this.

Actually, I’m excited to dive in.
Image result for I'm goin' in gif

I woke up on Sunday and immediately spent the day eating vanilla ice cream and Tostitos. One of those two things I don’t like.

If you know me, can you tell me which one?


Sunday was  only 80*. ONLY 80*!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Image result for I think I'll cry gif

update: turns out Sunday was like…87* Stupid weatherman. (not really. They have a hard job)
I put a free ad on Craigstlist to get rid of some tiles and vinyl flooring. Just leftover pieces. Good Lord this was an experience. I got inundated with like…30 emails in a few hours…and then nobody would respond! People…that’s how it works.
You answer the ad.
I respond to YOU.
Then you come and get the tile.
Come ON.
So I reposted it and trying again. Also…I’m getting a lot of this: I say “please email me, thanks!” and they say, “I’ll totally come get your tile! Call me!”
No. No I won’t call you. You need to work the email system. Thank you.

Also…take all the flooring or none of it. That’s the rule.

Image result for save me gif

I just ate a banana (not my favorite) with an individual packet of Justin’s vanilla almond butter (oh my gosh that’s delicious, I’ve never had the vanilla before…it’s killer good) and as I finished the packet I noticed the expiration date was early 2016. If I die…well…just yuck. And how sad to go out eating. Man…that is not how I want to go out. Eating.
Image result for that's just wrong gif
If you don’t hear from me after Monday…maybe shoot out a message alert. Someone look for the body.
Shaughnessy and Adam came over for dinner on Saturday and we ended up discussing all the amazing shows available to watch. There is no time…NO TIME. I would have to give up all life and spend 24 hours a day and then even still…I wouldn’t be able to see it all.

I love television.

Also, I love books.

There’s just no time.
Image result for no time gif
It’s Monday so I’m fixing Sean a quick lunch before he heads out the door. I, in my glutened ” brain fog” state of mind (that lasts far too long in my opinion) bought an apple pie for a family barbecue this weekend. He enjoyed it two days in a row. This morning he flipped the box and read the soy on it.

I poisoned him.

He’s been so sick.

I’m the meanest person ever and I feel really bad. I am really REALLY careful with labels so he just trusted me. It totally backfired on him. So wrong.
Image result for I trusted you gif

I am going out right now for a VERY hot run (I really want to run and I just can never seem to get out the door when it’s still cool out so…I’m heading out when it’s hot. The run will suck. It will be walking, I’m sure. But it must be done if I’ll ever plan on running again. Also, I have a nagging little pain in my right leg (very minor and very nagging) from the incline last week. I really want to stretch it out after my run.

Then I’m going to HIIT when I get home. I’ve lost track of any sense of muscles or abs or freakin’ anything really.

Sister Catherine and her husband, Keith are flying through town tonight so I’m going to pick up groceries for company and hopefully not randomly decide to paint a room.
Ah…if you don’t read me normally, you have no idea what that means but it doesn’t mean I have to spruce up my house for company.  It means once I start one thing I can’t be stopped. And it’s usually the wrong thing. Welcome to my messed up brain.
Not every run is a good run. Show up Anyway.

Run on…


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Yipes…missed Flag Day. Birthday hangover???

First of all let me say we as ~fighters for all things positive and peaceful and beautiful and right in the government~ do not in any way condone or support the terrible shooting that happened yesterday at the baseball field to the congressmen and their aides and we hope everyone recovers both physically and emotionally from this tragedy.
The Great Fire of London. It already has a name. Such a horrible nightmare. It was hard to look at the pictures, those poor people. I can’t imagine the nightmare and terror they all went through and the fear those parents were feeling that threw their children out windows. I hope these people that put them in this situation are prosecuted to the full extent and given life in the worst prisons.

And finally…just because 45’s birthday is today…we don’t claim him. We just don’t. He doesn’t deserve a beautiful amazing June birthday.

Image result for you are not cool gif
Is there another word for lucky? I mean besides blessed because geez that is so not my favorite word. You know, a word that I use to explain my life with Sean.


That would fit. It’s not nearly as cute and I don’t feel like I have to tilt my head and twinkle when I say it.

My life feels favored. Don’t get me wrong…it has not been perfect but whose life is perfect? Don’t go by Facebook because I do know a few people who for SURE have the most enviable life on social media and in real life…they have the most normal, the most average, the most completely ~I have problems like everyone else~ life that other people have and they only show the pretty things.

But I have Sean.

Sean who makes everything revolve around me on my birthday. It’s ridiculous how fun he makes it. He is hilarious and awesome and adventurous and fabulous and I love every minute of all of it.

Yesterday, on my birthday, we went to Manitou Springs to climb the Manitou Incline.

This incline is 2090 ft in .9 miles. There’s about 3000 steps. If you are fit and healthy and exercise regularly it seems you can do the incline between 45 minutes and an hour. I’d bet money Sean could have finished in that time. He was doing really really well and only stayed behind for me.

We all know I haven’t been at my best for the last few weeks but lets face it, I’m still getting in shape and I will always and forever deal with migraines from exertion. Stairs equal exertion. I’m just asking for it. But I really really wanted to do it. So I figured I’d

It did anyway.

I am so high maintenance. This is just another reason Sean is so great. He went really slow just to give me time to get my slow self up those damn steps. It took me an unbelievable hour and 45 minutes.

My God. I’ve given birth faster.
That is actually not true. But it FEELS true.

Granted…it was like…80* and very little shade. It was warm.
****Photo album****

See that peak at the very very top?? It’s not the top. It’s the false summit. Yep…You actually can’t see the top. Ha.

I wish there was a better photo of this so you could see he is balanced on this rock at the top of the incline…it was precarious. 
This is the beautiful house we passed on the way there and Sean told me he’d buy it for me because he loves me. So there’s that. There’s a creek that runs in front of it. It’s really lovely and I need the house. Just sayin’. And that’s a photo of us at the top. Still smiling. Somehow.

And as I climbed each step I could feel my heart pounding the blood into my head. It was so unfriendly.

It really did feel pretty good to reach the top but I was already planning my strategy for doing it better the next time.

Castle Rock mini incline a few more times…

many many squats

Keeping up the running

So much planning

And from there I can attempt another climb.

If I do all that, I feel stronger and healthier, and I still get the same results…I’ll consider it my fate.

I don’t ever feel like I need to climb in 30 minutes like a crazy person but I’d like to be average for sure.

Meanwhile..if you’re a migraine sufferer…check out this important page for information. I learned more about physical exertion migraines today than I ever have. Stairs. Who knew?

Image result for learned so much gif

The result, of course, is a pretty wicked migraine today…what I would totally rate as a solid 9 or a 10. I went to the dentist for a long ago scheduled cleaning and damn…I will never schedule any kind of dentist appointment during my beautiful birthday month again. How wrong is that. Let me hang upside down with a light in my eyes. That’s friendly.

The best part is all of this makes me sound all sickly and weak and I definitely don’t feel sickly and weak. I just feel like I’ve got a killer migraine today and I have to make better choices.

Image result for make better choices gif
Trust me. I’m still in kickass mode. Not weak. Not sickly. Just bummin’ about this damn migraine.

I think by the time you read this, I’ll be better. I medicated a lot and sleep will totally help. I long for a good run and a good workout where I feel my legs, my abs and my arms. STRENGTH PLEASE.

Also I want to go shopping at the second hand store and maybe hang with my girlfriend because I’m still in the middle of birthday week.

We are TOTALLY continuing the festivities.

Image result for birthday week gif


Motivational weight loss quotes, diet motivation. “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…one step at a time.” ~Joe Girard
Run on… 

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We went to bed ridiculously late last night and I was SO SAD…

It was 12:45 and I had already missed 45 MINUTES OF MY BIRTHDAY!

Time is flying and I am MISSING IT>

I need to take advantage of the “week” status.

Shaughnessy asked if we wanted to go hiking this coming weekend again and it dawned on me…ohhhh…

It’s Father’s Day weekend.

WHY do I always FORGET that?

Yes. Yes I am self absorbed about my birthday because I LOVE birthdays.
And then I asked Sean why he had to have Father’s Day so close to my birthday week, it’s really an inconvenience. My birthday week goes Tuesday to Tuesday and his big fat Sunday is smack in the middle DAMMIT.

He said, “I bet your dad was so excited to have you come so close to Father’s Day…what a gift”

deflate ….thinkin’ about my dad now… missin’ him…gettin’  brand new baby for Father’s day…huh…


I really…like…wow…



Nice try though. Stealer.
thief animated GIF


My stomach was ill this morning so I grabbed some plain Greek yogurt (I know what you’re thinking…just keep reading), PB2 and Agave to just have something in it and also have protein. Two things…A: a prime example of my brain not working because I should have had a banana with almond butter Also…yogurt when your stomach is sick??. it’s…whack. and 2: It tasted pretty good! This means I used way too much Agave because I don’t like yogurt and I don’t like peanut butter. sigh. Watching what I eat today is clearly going well from the start. It’s okay though…
it’s my birthday!

Image result for birthday gifs

  • We are going to hike Manitou (or drag our asses up the incline as far as we can before we give up and ditch it on the side path because….
    Image result for it's hard gif
  • We are going to get a fabulous cheeseburger even if we have to make it ourselves.
    Image result for I love food gif
  • Going Goodwill shopping at the giant Goodwill.  Because it’s awesome and we want to. And because of this, we are super busy and I have to go. So…
    I’ll talk to you tomorrow and let you know if  ANY of this HAPPENS…
    “ode to Wait Wait Don’t Tell me”
    Image result for have a great day gif

For more fitness motivation: in-pursuit-of-fitnessFor healthy...:

Run on…

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Birthday Week…

We returned theboy to his parents on Saturday after he stayed with us for three days and then came home rest because I’ve been Celiac ill  for two weeks and oh my gosh the ITCHING>
I mean, I’ve done a million other things, too, but oh does my stomach hate me. It just does. I finally yesterday took some more Glutenease and a heavier dose of probiotics and some prayer to see if that helped. And I slept. I’ve also definitely started restricting the FODMAPS foods which is new for me but I figure why not…better safe than sorry. Fortunately I don’t eat a lot of those anyway so it’s not much of a cut back but a few of them are definite summer foods. They are off the list just in case they are contributing to my misery. Summer fun only!
Sunday morning we got up early to go on a birthday hike with Shaughnessy and theboy. It was a GORGEOUS day for being out and we picked Bear Creek Trail at Lair o’ the Bear Park. 
When it’s that fabulous of a day you can bet you aren’t going to be alone but when we got there Morrison was PACKED with some random event we weren’t expecting. Cars were everywhere. It was crazy busy. People milling about, no parking available.What the hell? And then we saw them…the runners…

It was the Revel Rockies Marathon/Half Marathon!!!

If you can’t be IN a marathon the next best thing is to WATCH one!

We were beyond excited. Shaughnessy rolled her window down and waved and I yelled in my head because otherwise  would have scared everyone from the wrong side of the truck. It was the end of the race so it was VERY inspiring.

Shaughnessy and I both wanted to be there (she’s run the half before and said it was a really fun race). It looked SO beautiful. And we both wanted to go straight home and sign up for a race.
Running Humor #22: I am never running again. Oh, look, a race! - Nemo:


Bear crosses through Colorado race, stunning runners

The runners were running the Garden of the Gods 10k and the bear needed to cross the road…~there’s an obvious joke there but you know that’s so not my style~ he politely waited for an opening and took his chance. Only in Colorado.
Image result for whoa gif

photos from yesterday~ because I forced them all to let me take photos.

(well…theboy will always pose and loves selfies and loves to pose and loves to put his “I’m cool” fingers in my face…smart little thing)


This is the start of my birthday week! I love my birthday week. Shaughnessy and Adam gave me these vintage Pyrex bowls for my birthday/thank you gift for watching theboy and even though I told them no gifts she does know I have a weakness for pretty bowls. I also have no cupboard space so I acquire something, something has to go. It wasn’t too difficult of a decision this time but I see issues in the future due to my aforementioned weakness. These bowls are gorgeous. And I love pink.

it’s going to be 90* today (so unfriendly) so I’m going to try and run later tonight. Plus, oh the Celiac makes me exhausted. So I’m going to lift this morning, and I have many many errands to run. I’m going to run down to Castle Rock and do the incline (yay). Yes, even in the heat. Because we keep the work going even when it’s hard.And we encourage even when it’s hard.

motiv8ionteam compete competitor athlete fitness motivation motivationalquotes fitnessmotivation motivational motivationmonday motivated gymmotivation weightlossmotivation staymotivated bodybuildingmotivation goals:

 Run on…


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