Here comes the sun…

  • The Lord has given us a gift of sunshine this morning and Colorado is a gorgeous 50*! Could we be any luckier? Not that we suffer at all. Three days of bitter cold is nothing in the grand scheme and I have no room to complain. My sister Catherine and I were just talking about how I would not be a good farmer. I would fall apart faster than gluten free bread goes bad.

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  • I woke up this morning with a bruise on my lip. Yep. A bruise. The joy of Celiac

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It’s weird because it’s on my lip so it’s not black and blue, it’s more like an abrasion but I did ask Sean why the hell he beat me up in the middle of the night. And yes…I’m definitely tormenting him with that all day. Poor guy. He has no idea where it came from.

  • I was reading RunningofftheReeses (because she’s smart and funny and makes my day happier, you should check her out) and she posted this. It’s a speedy history lesson...History of World War One (in one take). It’s SO GREAT. And there are others, too. Learn.
  • I’m off to run errands and to run because it’s a beautiful beautiful day and I’ve been stuck on the computer ALL DAY. Ugh. Get out there and enjoy the day, People.
    Must. Run.
  • Exercise Motivation - Future YOU Says Thanks -   Seriously though two months ago I said I'd start today I just wish I followed through. it's okay though I still have plenty of time now and I've really made myself start and that's what matters :):
    Run on…and be kind…

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Didn’t your mother teach you anything?

First of all….a true moment of sadness. John Glenn passed away today, a true loss of an American hero. A man who braved  frontiers beyond our imagination to show us what was out past our world and past the stars.
I grew up in MT (thestatenotthekid) (for those of you who didn’t know why we named our youngest that) and I lived in a trailer on property just outside of Billings, where my sister lives now (with far more animals than people, I think.  Lambies and puppies and horses…oh my). I can remember we would all come home late in the dark bitter ice of the night and trudge through the snow up the deck stairs and with each moment I would be thinking how miserable the bitter cold moments were. How I can’t take the cold, I need to be warm, I just can’t wait to be warm, why can’t we just beam ourselves from the car to the house and yet the house will be cold there has to be a better way to do this it’s just so COLD. And then as we got to the door my dad would say, “I’ve gotta go check on the horses”.

My heart would fall. The thought of any of us being out in the cold was awful. It was at the very least in the teens and usually in the negatives as at night  the temperatures dropped much lower. If the water was frozen he’d have to figure out why the heater wasn’t working in the tank. I felt so bad for him.

Life in the trailer was like that. Sometimes the pipes froze. Heat tapes were a necessity. Life is just colder there.

Well here we are in Colorado and I broke the cardinal rule. What was I thinking? I did it the night before last but last night I was incredibly tired and had so much in my head the most important thing went right out.

Leave the faucets open to drip because it’s like…1*.

Yes Folks, my pipes froze.

We discovered it this morning when we woke up at 6 am to the carbon monoxide detector going off. It’s been that day!

Bet you’re jealous.

Right now my mom is reading this and saying, “oh Teresa.”
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Sorry Mom. I know. I’ll do better.
Still frozen. Jury is still out. We’re just waiting and taking turns breathing hot air on them. I’m really exhausted.
UPDATE:  Blow dryer stepped in and saved the day in 2.3 seconds. Whew.

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BTW…the carbon monoxide detector is actually defective according to the beeping pattern. Life just wanted to wake me up in a really REALLY rude way.

Note to self: replace the detector. I’ll put it on the list.


I went shopping with Andrea yesterday for Christmas. We did have lunch for at least an hour but I swear to the good Lord we were gone for eight hours. Eight full hours.

Did I finish? Hell no. I barely got started.

Christmas shopping is FUN. I’m just going to keep telling myself that.

I think I mentioned this before but I love this product. It’s a company called Farmacy and it’s so lovely. It feels so clean on my face. I have only used this one, but they offer a whole range of products to include lip balms, night creams, eye creams and so on. But my favorite it the Farmacy Invincible root cell anti-aging serum. It’s practically water. It’s light and feels great. I did have to sell my kid for it  (65$!!) but seriously after looking for so so so long for something to feel good on my skin it was a blessed relief. It’s kind of like my shampoo. The bottle is ridiculously expensive but the sucker will last me like…a year. So it seems to be worth it.
I’m off to run on the treadmill and finish my Christmas list. Are you guys done? Almost done? How behind am I really?

That far. Huh.

Okay then.

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Keep me posted. I need inspiration.

And maybe next year I’ll hire someone to do the shopping for me. Wouldn’t that be genius? Maybe that’s the business I would start. I’ll do your Christmas shopping for you.

shut up. I’d totally do it for other people. It’s my own shopping I’m not good at. Geeez. judge much?


I don’t have a list of reasons to run. I just have to run. I just always feel a compulsion to do it. I also have a constant pull to take care of all my other responsibilities before I do something frivolous and unnecessary. And as soon as I say frivolous and unnecessary my head immediately says it’s so necessary that I have to do it and it needs to take priority. I have to do it. It’s that circle of life I can’t ever seem to gain control of. I certainly don’t do it to fit into size 6 jeans (if I did, I would be fitting into size 6 jeans) and my sister will attest that I just had a highly inappropriate conversation with her this morning about weight gain and how awful it feels. She’s struggled with her weight her whole life and I’m pretty sure she wants to punch me in the face when I call her and talk about this. I feel myself having panic attacks though, when I get to these stages. And I live with a man. I can sense slowness approaching, sluggishness. A lack of mobility. I worry about depression. I just don’t know what will come next so I try to prepare. She’s awesome and lives in another state so even if she does want to punch me, she can’t. She has to live with me as an insensitive snot. I love you Catherine. Ten dollars says you haven’t read this far.

In August I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor just on the side of my uterus. This is the reason for most of my health issues. Apparently my blood work says I’m not in menopause and I’m not near entering menopause so my doctor is suggesting surgery. We’re exploring options but right now my internet investigation (otherwise known as googling) is bringing the possibility (remote) that the weight gain is from the fibroid. It’s significant enough that I’m up two definite sizes. If it’s not that, I’m out of ideas.

You don't get what you wish for. You get what you work for. |

Meanwhile…run on…


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The holiday chaos.

  • My kids laughed at me because I called them to ask what kind of cereal they like since I went shopping and bought four boxes of Kellogg’s and I obviously can’t eat it. #allthecereal
  • Alex Michael came over and finished my deck. Nope. Not kidding. My deck is finished and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I’ll show you pictures but I need to keep typing and ADHD. Just be patient. Oh man it’s pretty. #worththewait
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  • The weather is turning.  It’s 70* one day…17* the next and between standing outside in the cold with Alex and the weather turning I do have a smidge of a headache. Nothing truly tragic yet, just enough to demand my attention like a toddler wanting Goldfish.
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  • I swear the news JUST posted an article titled “Do you have a headache? You’re not alone. Temperature changes can impact Health”. Welcome to my life.
    One of the funniest Facebook pages out there is Colorado Memes. If you're from Colorado and not following them, you're missing out. The page, which has more than 49,000 likes, posts hilarious and too-...:
  • I’m incredibly behind on all Christmas present shopping and birthday shopping. Anyone else? Its like I can’t think. I need a booster shot of something. Brain power.
  • I managed to pick up a few things between Amazon and Target but items needed in relation to items picked up…not even close.
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  • I wrote a whole post and deleted it. That’s how on the ball I am. Yes, I’m a whole day behind on posting. I know.
    Image result for unprepared gif
  • It’s snowing and it’s 17*. I normally look forward to this but in this case my kid is outside in this and I am a typical protective mom and can’t stand to think of him cold. I want to think of him warm and snuggly watching Netflix.
  • I’ll leave you with this. Take this moment. Be grateful for the family you have.The family that loves you. That respects you. That listens and hears you. That honors you. That spends time with you and gives back to you. Do the same for them. Here is a picture of Theboy I forgot I had…

    Come on. Look at that little face! That’s a great picture.
    And here’s some pictures of the deck I promised because it’s beautiful and I’m SO grateful to my amazing family.
    img_0004 img_0007

    Picture of dog included. He doesn’t know why he’s in dog jail now.
    Isn’t it freakin’ beautiful??  Alexander did a beautiful job and he’s for hire so if anyone wants a kick ass deck just call me.
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    …And sometimes it’s ten o’clock at night. Hopefully not. Either way, get it done. You’ll feel better!!

  • Run on…

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Eat all the cereal.

This morning I’m praying for Standing Rock. This feels like a civil war and I am completely against my government. It makes me so sad and wears my soul down.  The weather is winter conditions, they’ve had snow and temperatures in the low twenties. Next week the temperatures are going to continue to drop into single digits but the protesters are digging in and say they are not going anywhere. Veterans for Standing Rock have already arrived and the rest will be there by the weekend and they are forming a human shield between the protesters and the police.

Matthew Crane, a 32-year-old Navy veteran who arrived three days ago, said the veterans joining the protest were “standing on the shoulders of Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi” with the their plans to shield protesters. ~source

source @RuthHHopkins 

I’m also praying for Tennessee and victims of the fires that tore the town of Gatlinburg apart.  The stories told, I cannot imagine being in such conditions. They stated they gave a news conference and it was clear inside the city of Gatlinburg and within minutes they had winds gusting up to 87 mph and the town was in the mix of it. They have lost 13 people so far and over 20 structures were taken in a matter of minutes. Those families.  This is tourist time and holiday season and really it could be an average Tuesday in the middle of summer is there really any one time that’s more convenient to lose everything in your life?
Kellogg’s dropped advertising with Breitbart saying the site does not “align with our values as a company”. Breitbart has now called for a boycott on Kellogg’s products. Ha. They sell Pop Tarts. Good luck with THAT. And they have said,

“The media organisation, previously run by US President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, said the move by Kellogg’s to cease advertising was “an escalation of war”.

NOW we’re at war. It wasn’t  when there were protests. And it wasn’t when the racists taunts were flying. It’s not with the millions of Americans who are bigoted and racist and xenophobic were telling us to “get over it”.

It’s when they lost the advertising money from the cereal company.

So there’s that.

Um…they’re building a replica of the Titanic. This one is going to remain permanently docked and used as a restaurant and hotel but apparently they have discussions in the works for one that will make the voyage only this time, not ill fated. I couldn’t watch the movie, it was too painful. Yes, you read that right. I’ve never seen the movie Titanic.  I don’t have any desire to. I am generally not a superstitious person beyond the occasional ~knock on wood~ moment after saying something that would truly be tragic if it happened but I don’t think I would want to attempt that voyage. It sounds eerie.

Hamilton Mixtape…it’s just so good. I’m listening on Spotify because I can.


On another note, my writing is right up there to 8th grade standards today so I guess I’m on my game. I’ll be honest and tell you it looks and feels exactly the same as yesterday’s writing but, and really when is there a better time to put this sentence in there, I’m no Hemingway. You know you wanted that. It was asking for it.

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I did the treadmill at 11 pm last night and it felt so good to get it done even though it was late. Then I slept like a rock. My right leg is always just a little more tight and sore than the other one so I need to stretch more but after I work out on the treadmill today I’ll  stretch it out hopefully encouraging the muscle to loosen up and lengthen it a little bit.

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Day one of streak complete! LOL

Fitness Matters #161: Don't stop until you're proud.:

Run on…and be kind.

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I write like a third grader. Like I don’t have enough issues.

  • First of all…it’s December which means SNOW! I love it when the blog snows. 
  • It’s come to my attention in a rather painful way, that I write like a third grader! I know you are laughing and are probably nodding emphatically in agreement because I finally figured it out and maybe now I’ll learn something but if it hasn’t taken by now, will it? Ever? In all fairness, some of it is up to sixth grade standards. Honestly, the worst part of this is that I write like I think so ostensibly I really am simple minded.  I wonder if my writing will improve or if I will just daily become more and more aware of my inadequacies. Probably the latter.  Weird little point of fact, the more I wrote that paragraph, the more feeble-minded I became. I went from grade 6 to grade 5 in a mere five sentences. You may now color me depressed AND confused. How’s THAT for a movie title for you? Depressed and Confused. This little game has way sucked up too much of my time. I will clearly be addicted to it. The funny part is this site is supposed to help you bring your writing down to a 7th grade level so the average internet user can clearly understand you. I’ll have to take a class to get UP to 7th grade. That’s so wrong. 

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  • I keep reading articles that tell me ~this business dealing that Trump has is a conflict of interest…how will he handle that?~ and ~that business dealing of Trump’s has caused a conflict of interest…he says no conflict~ and all I can think is…isn’t it all just one giant conflict of interest??? (check this out…this tiny little one paragraph/sentence whatever you want to call it…it’s 8th grade reading. ??what??)

Image result for conflict of interest gif

  • Sean and I read a story this morning about Buzz Aldrin becoming ill while visiting Antarctica. At the age of 86 he traveled to the South Pole but due to deteriorating health they evacuated him and they are reporting he is currently stable. I said, “that’s how I want to go…”.  He knows how much I love to travel and If I die while visiting exotic lands I will have lived the life I always hoped for. He didn’t go with that, though, instead he said, “you’re cold in Colorado. I don’t think so. I think you should not go to Antarctica”. Fine. He has no faith in my ability to adapt.
  • Cutest cookie recipe ever. NOT gluten free (just a heads up). I found it on HRG but as with all good recipes once it was grabbed from its source (follow the link) it continues to get passed around.

Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies  source

  • I went to Target yesterday to return something and to see if there was anything pretty for Christmas. Also, I’m always on the lookout for jeans. Forever and always. I’m shaped weird. A whopping $260 later (gasp) (doublegasp) I thought what the HELL did I buy? In my defense I was grocery shopping which took $100+ of it right off the bat.  I don’t usually grocery shop there because $$$$ but my cupboards have been stark and I was feeling neglectful as a partner who is supposed to be contributing to the household but currently has no outside job. Providing sustenance for the guy who trudges off to work each day so I can spend  frivolously at Target and DSW is not asking too much. Before I knew it I had run out of time and thus condensed errands. The rest of the bill is due to the lights for the Christmas tree (gracious, LED is expensive,  they better last longer than the standard one year) and I bought two pairs of jeans and a blouse. I am confident neither pair will work so that money will come back to me. The blouse is pretty, though, and I’m keepin’ it.  I don’t even want to talk about the Christmas cards. I took one look at them back at my house and I have to take at least one box back. You can refer to the next paragraph to know how I got sucked into glittery Christmas card buying joy. It really wasn’t as hard as one might expect.
  •  I had a LOVELY conversation with a tiny little Swedish woman who may have been around 97 years old. She was dressed like she had somewhere else to go besides Target and I felt the immediate need to change into something fancy. If anyone watches Gilmore Girls  she reminded me very much of Miss Celine.
    Miss Celine:
    She must have been 97 years old and bought like…7 boxes of the most expensive cards and all with lots of glitter and then told me all about how you have to be careful because some friends don’t like glitter (remember to read this in a heavy elderly adorable accent). She has friend who called her at Christmas and said she had just received her Christmas card and it was AWFUL. She said, “don’t ever send me a Christmas card with glitter again!” She said that was no problem. She was never sending her a Christmas card again! I laughed so hard. She was delightful and I hope I’m just like her. She loved EVERY card. Thought they were all SO CUTE> Look at all the glitter! Oh, That one says Merry Christmas! Look at the little fox! Seriously. Best 15 minutes of my day. I loved her.
  • I bought Dots yesterday and I only eat the red and pink ones. But I really have the munchies today (rather unusual) so I am moving on to the orange ones. Am I going to eat the yellow and green? Never. I’m never that desperate. Okay, rarely. Rarely that desperate. Side note: I’ve eaten too many Dots and my stomach hurts. #liveandlearn #foolmeonce
  • Yes. Wish I never stopped running all those years ago...but I'm making a come back and I'm not quitting this time!!:

Reading and writing and editing and cleaning and petting the dog and doing laundry and lather rinse repeat. Now I run.

I thought I might (ssshhhh) start a streak. So…

Anyone want to take bets?

Four days?


One? Don’t laugh. I’ve had one day streaks before and then hit with a migraine I just could not run through. So let’s see what we can do. I figured December 1st was a perfect day to start. If anyone wants to join in just let me know~! I’d like to point out my readers are mostly my family and they don’t run. But I figured I’d ask! They can always walk!

Run on and be kind…


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Christmas…joy to the world and can I see your credit card please?

Hey People…it’s 29* outside. Yeah. That’s COLD>

Now…it’s Colorado. So it’s been way colder. And I’m from Montana so I’m pretty sure it’s colder there and we have the sun keepin’ us super toasty and for that I’m sorry. I have no weather control. If I did, it would always be 50* in the morning and get no warmer than 75* in the afternoon, cooling down to a lovely 60* in the evening. The skies would be clear so we could see the stars and sometimes in the morning we’d have fog and some drizzle just for delight. Because I love that weather.

I know Mom, you don’t like that. But you’re in MT. You can have any weather you dream of. I’ll dream of fog and drizzle in the mornings that leads to brilliant Denver sunshine.

I’m going to run on the treadmill because this ice cold might make my head yell. The high is 39*. Pretty bad when the morning starts out 10* away from the high. Gosh, it is really pretty though. The sun is screamin’ beautiful and it’s clear as heck. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll wear a hat.
#decisionmakerisbroken #lovetorun #migrainessuck


I made Sean breakfast this morning. I am on just a little sleep and a not friendly migraine. It already feel better but it was rough in the night. We’ve taken Sean off gluten and dairy for the next two weeks so I made him some hash browns, eggs and sausage. It turns out I made him hash blacks, eggs over scrambled, and sausage. I can usually make breakfast. I am totally off today.


I spent the day at the the mall yesterday and the mall I was at (I’m in Denver…they have MALLS… )actually had a store for Teslas. A whole store with Teslas (the electric car that is so so fabulous but also cost as much as my house. I’m not kidding) in it. This was my first clue I should not be shopping there. When we first got to Denver many years ago we went to Cherry Creek Mall and just entering that place we felt like we needed to have our credit card scanned…we imagined a voice stopping us at the door. (read this in a very sexy woman’s voice) ~We’re sorry. Our sensors indicate you do not carry enough credit on your card. You are denied entry.  Please try again later. Thank you for visiting…Cherry Creek Mall Denver~.
rich lucille ball i love lucy baller credit card

But of course, that’s totally out of the realm of possibility, right? (nothing is at this point…I mean, we just elected Donald Trump. God help us). Well now I’m at Park Meadows Mall and there’s a Tesla store! The basic bare bones car is $75,000! Holy freaking cow. And yes. It’s amazing. Consumer Reports gave them a score of 103 out of 100 and then had to revamp their whole scoring system. They’re in a league of their own. Amazing.

I went on far too long about this. The gist is I went to another little store and bought my friend her Christmas and birthday presents and after that…everyone else gets Dollar Store gifts. Everybody? You can blame Monica Sue. They were too cute to pass up.

I actually don’t feel overwhelmed by Christmas this year and yet….I totally should be. NO CLUES what I’m doing. Just wingin’ it.

I was looking on Craigslist yesterday and found some GREAT barstools. I messaged the guy to buy them and he said they were totally still available. I asked how tall they were up to the SEAT. This is important. He said he was at work and didn’t know.
He said, “Someone else inquired about them this morning but didn’t get back to me yet. They wanted to know the same thing. I don’t have a tape measure but I’m 5′ 8 and they are a little under waste high.”
Okay, people make spelling errors, spell check on phones, etc. I’m totally going to not judge him on “waste” high. Probably. But um…WHAT? Okay…( please say in that incredulous ~I can’t believe he said that~ voice). How the hell is that even REMOTELY accurate??

He talked about using them at an island and they were also waste high. Hm. Waste was repeated. I will now judge him slightly.
Image result for why are you the way you are gif
So I inquire…are they counter height or bar height?  I’m looking for the magic number of 24″.  Stools that height just disappear on Craigslist. So frustrating. I joke that I’ll have my Marine son in VA measure himself. He’s 5’8″. He won’t think that’s weird at all.

He says he’s not a Marine but it should work fine.  (what?)
I think he drinks. Or, it’s Colorado, maybe he does something else.

Before I go to his house I AGAIN ask him to measure. His house is not close.

He replies, “2 feet is shorter than most chairs” (sigh)
I say, “No, it’s actually a standard counter height for stools but some are bar stool height so the seats are 29″ and that’s a little too high for my counter. And me. I’m short..LOL”.

He comes back and says to me, “My 26 inch bike rim was smaller than the height you wanted. I’m guessing it’s larger than 24 inches” (Dude, you’re killing me)

At that point I told him he obviously has someone else looking at them and he should go with them. He said no, but I said I really need the 24″ stools and unless he measures and finds that magic number I really appreciate his time and to have a great night. Sean said we should take a picture of Sean holding the tape measure and I said, “if I was a man he wouldn’t be freaking treating me like I’m 12 years old and I don’t know how to measure something. It’s stupid. I no longer want the damn stools”.

So there.

I’m not desperate. I have bar stools currently. I just want to update a few things. And that is my drama for the day. Bet that kept you on the edge of your seat!

The cold wind will hold me off…but otherwise running at 5am, cold or not…best feeling ever.

Run on…


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Veteran’s kick ass. Also…a Sweet List. Because we deserve one.

Today is a Sweet List but if you make it to number 13 (see? I let you skip…that’s the beauty of me and my brain..I tell you how to get to the good stuff) that’s where you get to read all the joy. ALL THE JOY.
Sweet List
. And man do I need one. This month has been ROUGH.

  1. running when I’m stressed.
  2. secret groups to remind us there is some sanity in the crazy.
  3. Family coming together for just any occasion at all. Yes, even board games. #missingMT
  4. having a vet who takes great care of Malachi. We always seem to be able to get in even when he is only in once a week. Side note: how is he only in once a week? I need to ask him that.
  5. I read The Oatmeal. He posted a joke comic about gluten. And instead of reading 8000 comments agreeing with him I read 8000 comments saying HEY NOW. That’s uncool. We’re Celiac and we don’t appreciate how this does not help our cause. Right there. Very cool. 8000 may have been an exaggeration.
  6. Pinterest~ what an incredible resource for every need. Gluten free recipes, workouts, Bible verses, posters for the blog, craft ideas for Theboy and decorating ideas. Everything. It’s my go to for everything. It sounds like I’m addicted but fortunately I’m not that type. I’m able to hop on, search for what I need, lose interest quickly upon finding it and hop off. It’s perfect for me. If you are the type that’s easily addicted perhaps you should not…
  7. Brilliant exciting new ideas that take forever to take off but are still exciting. Patience. Rumor is that it’s good for you.
  8. Runningoffthereeses and her ability to get inside my head while she travels. She finds the nooks and crannies of the churches and libraries and castles and I have found no more words to express my love for her blog but I am so grateful for her ability to capture her journey in so much detail.
  9. If my children could see the way I dance when I’m alone they would be horrified. And they might not think about me the same way. #exoticdancing #hipsgocrazy What am I talking about, my kids totally know this about me and are sufficiently embarrassed. They grew up telling me to stop dancing and please don’t ever sing again. Well I don’t sing but somehow the hips still move. Sorry Guys.
  10.  I bought this incredible oil for my face (oh the searching for something for my skin) and my nails and hands love it. Pure Argan Oil from Josie Maran. Sell your firstborn. It’s $48 for 1.7 oz. But since it’s oil.. a little goes a LONG way. I bought mine at Sephora in Penney’s. It wasn’t actually my first choice but they sent me home with three samples and this was awesome so I succumbed to the glory of the oil. I didn’t want just oil. Who knew purity would win me over? My skin just sucks up moisture. Thank you Celiac, Colorado, allergies, winter, etc. I’ve probably gone through more of it than I needed to as I’m still learning the magic and I also love it probably too much. I need to ration myself. When my hands are dry I just reach for it. Thus, my nails. ::swoon:: (p.s. they aren’t like…a half inch long or anything, they just seem stronger and they are there. That’s a big deal for this Celiac. And they don’t seem dry. Yay!)
  11. I get to have lunch with Andrea today and I haven’t seen her in forever. I have no doubt we will spend far too much time talking and far too little time getting done what needs to get done. That’s the best way to spend the afternoon, isn’t it?
  12. A little Christmas shopping today (yay me!). After I have lunch with Andrea, right? Yeah… It’s GivingTuesday…DONATE TODAY!!!  I donated. It’s a beautiful thing, People. It’s all that is good and right with the world.
  13. And finally… I read that the Veterans group Veterans for Standing Rock that is going to Standing Rock to help the protest…well…they’re full. They got SO MANY VETERANS there isn’t room!!  And they raised $560,000. Tell me THAT isn’t a freaking miracle of goodness right there.  Veterans for Standing Rock. RIGHT THERE> We are a proud military family and I am so excited and proud that the veterans are standing up and helping in this national time of crisis when our Native Americans have given and given and given. It’s time for us to have their backs and give to them. It’s Giving Tuesday. Choose a charity and give. This is the time. I’ve chosen this place. My heart has been calling me to be there for months and I’m trying not to put my family out, my animals out, anyone out. But I can give. I’ve give already but today I’m proudly giving to Veterans for Standing Rock in the names of all the veterans in my life. #standingRock #veteransforstandingrock #NoDAPL

Best Adventure Ever * Your Daily Brain Vitamin v4.12.16 * You'll never know unless you try. * Adventure | Just Do It | motivation | inspiration | quotes | quote of the day | #DBV:
Run on…best day ever…

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Christmas decorations need to stop being so pretty.

We spent the quiet weekend working in the house. Computer working.

No, we didn’t decorate. I am hoping to do that today.

Megan and Alex have successfully created a winter wonderland in their house with rooms out of a magazine and trees in multiple rooms. Candles flickering and yummy smells lingering that hint of the holidays. Their dog is on speed so that freaks me out (I’m a tad afraid of dogs. That’s a tad bit of an understatement but we’ll go with it). But sometimes he lays by the fire (oh did I mention the fire? yeah.) and it’s seriously like they stepped out of a movie. No cookies though.Warm cookies right out of the oven would have completed it. And hot chocolate. That sort of thing. But otherwise, perfect. Good thing I like them.
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This is not their house but picture an entire house like this. Yeah. You can come to therapy with me.

Interrupting to say my hot water with lemon tastes like coffee this morning. Sometimes the Keurig does that. I do not appreciate that and I’ve let all parties know this ~re: the Keurig~ but alas it continues.  Rude.

This is why I don’t do Parade of Homes. When I see other people’s homes it only tells me what I should or could be doing. It’s a vicious circle that inevitably leads to my head telling me therapy is a good idea. Unfortunately that has never worked so I just keep plugging along and figuring things out in my own whacked out way! I seem to be doing okay. Today I sold everything in the house and decided I needed to buy everything new because I wasn’t good enough and new things would prove my worth. Wait. no.

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Nevertheless I should go to Target because they have so many  shiny pretty things.  #alltheprettythings

Today I went for a five mile run and found my soul.

Yes. That’s it.



Every day I read more and more that President Elect Trump has crossed another boundary by having his children in meetings that clearly are conflicts of interest (resulting in his business benefiting days later), phone calls to world leaders on unclassified phones (oh the irony) and most recently he’s turned down daily intelligence briefings. I DON’T GET IT. I don’t get how he can just do what he wants. I just DON’T GET IT. 

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and spokesperson, said she “can’t discuss” how many briefings the president-elect has turned down, but she insisted that Trump is “engaged” and “brilliant.”

There are a lot of things I can say about Donald Trump but brilliant has never been one of them. Ever. I won’t call him names but that man is certainly not brilliant. I was watching The West Wing (yes, I realize this is television but a girl can dream) and just listening to the issues that come up as President are so intimidating and remembering and reading about Donald Trump I get such incredible anxiety because he is so incredibly unqualified to handle this. I totally believe Pence is going to be running this country while Trump is going to be sitting there enjoying his siesta and getting his portrait done. He has no clue what components make up nuclear weapons or what to do in nuclear crisis situations. And his entire working agenda is “what do I want?”. It has nothing to do with what is good for the people. Or what is right and good.

There is no sense of Reciprocity. And I’m pretty sure if he heard anyone mention The Golden Rule he would stop at Golden and look around for it. ‘Cause it’s shiny pretty.

This isn’t stressful at all.


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My anxiety level, which was sky high and had finally started to lower and move to ~let’s get something practical done~ has started moving right back up. I may have a small stroke.

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I don’t wear t shirts (well, to be fair I sleep in them) but if I did could I have the entire line of delicious long sleeved t shirts by Life is Good? I need them all please. All the shirts.

I love great products by good companies.
I clearly got distracted here. I meant to tell you guys that we went to Alex and Megan’s last night for pizza and game night. Yes, you heard that right. Pizza and game night. Alex bought a gluten free pizza (oh the joy!) and it was seriously yummy (I had the rest for breakfast~ thanks Alex~) and then a game. I don’t play games so I bowed out at the beginning thinking I could maybe jump in later but then felt awkward jumping in. It was a little late, in my defense. So I just watched. They played Apples to Apples which it turns out is really not that hard and pretty interesting. I do love words. And as long as I don’t have to do charades or draw pictures or sing or anything, I’ll probably try the game.

Flashbacks to when I was a kid and played games with friends who really weren’t friends.
reaction friends mean danny devito offended

Favorite decorating idea??  Easiest decorating idea??  Throw them at me people. I do love decorating. I was supposed to have the railings done on my deck but it’s still not. I have Christmas visions done of the beautiful railings covered in pine garland and Christmas lights and an outside tree lit up with snow on it. It sounds SO pretty.  I can do it next year I’m sure. I’m SO close but my kid is pretty busy and I know he wants to finish it.

Favorite Christmas gifts to give??  I just bought a gift for someone and it showed up today and the color is just not right. I’m a little disappointed. I may have to send it back.


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Run on…


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Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

The day before Thanksgiving (when I SHOULD have been writing this) I was instead doing something REALLY important. No. Wait. Let me try again. I was doing what I always do when I have a million things to do and am way way WAY too busy to do them.

I was cleaning. Let’s face it. You knew that was coming.

Well, if you’ve read my blog for at least a few months you knew that. Because that’s where my brain goes when I have a million things to do or company coming from out of town…or just anything at all happening I choose that moment to clean out closets, purge cupboards, paint rooms long needed, you get the gist. It all starts when I am facing said tragic situation for the umteenth time only THAT day I snap and decide it must be fixed it must it must and it will happen that day or the world will most certainly end! And thus I begin….a new project. Instead of shopping for Thanksgiving I cleaned my construction site of a spare bedroom and let me tell you…it needed it. I was having dreams of being overtaken by laundry (and I don’t even have laundry to do) so I knew it needed being taken care of.

To everyone’s surprise, people were great the late night before the holiday. They were nice, they were funny, we joked with each other and were polite. It was a really good time.

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Thanksgiving Day turned out really great. Everyone behaved and besides that they were happy which is of course, my dream. I LOVE days like that. Dinner turned out delicious, 99% gluten free,  and we all ate too much. Theboy made a Santa to go with his snowman and he is the cutest Santa ever. We were going to do his body but he lost interest. Typical man.

img_20161125_134216712  img_20161122_122159491_hdr  img_20161122_145706961

At the end of the night, Sean, though exhausted and beyond ready for bed (he doesn’t sleep much…chronic insomnia), agreed to a photo which clearly shows our unfiltered slightly filtered, grab the camera and just take the picture selves. The outtakes were not pretty. The actual picture is…well it’s there. We’re working on it. I slightly filtered it (re: took a lot of color out of it) because it was SO BRIGHT I was blind and frankly it was killing me. So whatever. He’s so cute. I don’t even care.



And also, Sean and I are finishing up The Office.  I saw an episode occasionally but never from the beginning and and I watched it completely. Beginning to end. It was amazing. So good. The end was just exactly right. The last episodes were so perfect, bringing in the beauty of the documentary. It was just exactly right.

On to Gilmore Girls. A year in the life. I’ll be available about four am.
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Oh…did I run those two days? Uh…no. Because I was freaking busy doing everything else thankyouverymuch.  And how am I watching so much television? Well I have my iPad so I travel throughout the house with it. Very convenient. This is not good for me. But today I will run because I can. And because I miss it.

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Run on…


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Anyone else panicked because THANKSGIVING…

  • I thought I’d be a little further along on my ~project I’m not telling you about but I SWEAR I will hopefully this week and guess what it’s not that exciting so talk about a build up to a let down~ but the wheels of freakin’ everything in my life turn so damn slowly. Is that just me? Everything is like molasses. What is UP with that? Oh, you need THAT? The website has been down for like…four days. Sorry. Maybe if you call. Oh we’re out for the holidays. Sorry. My kids are totally swamped so all those great wishes of “we’ll TOTALLY help you!” are mixed in with “yeah, we’re really busy (with like…life and who can blame them)” so…I just need to hire someone. I know. I say that a lot. Because I have no patience. They’re like “you have TIME!” and I’m like…~um…I don’t really want to wait anymore. Ever. Anymore.
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  • My grandson is a genius. I took him to the store to pick up lunch and he wanted chicken nuggets. Something I haven’t eaten since my kids were like…eight. We walk through the refrigeration section where they have 138 bags of chicken somethings and he leaps at one of the bags and says “that one that one that one!”. “Which one?” I ask. He says, the green one! It says GF. It says GLUTEN FREE”. You can bet I totally ate those little chicken nuggets.
  • We have Thanksgiving in three days and my house is a construction zone, I still need more groceries, my head is so bad I actually had to take a nap while Theboy was here today (don’t worry, it was like…twenty minutes and it was a ~I’mnotreallysleepingI’mjustsemiconscious~ nap) and I’m on day three of it. I’m also on drug three and I looked at the clock at 6:23 pm and said…I’m going to bed. Not because I’m old but because I have to sleep. I have to get this headache gone. Unfortunately for me, my headaches don’t go away with sleep. They just go away when they go away. Drugs, sleep, magic, they only go away when they go away. The magic is my favorite.
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  • I have Theboy again tomorrow and I have to figure out how to entertain the nearly six year old who may just be smarter than I am, doesn’t like television or music, wants to craft alldaylong and requires your constant attention. Also, I must go to the store for groceries. Also, I must clean my house. Also, I must de-construction my house. SO MUCH TO DO> And my biggest need… to run… because when I have a migraine for this long the need to run takes over.  I am definitely feeling discombobulated. Anyone else completely unprepared for this holiday???
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  • and now for your enjoyment…a silly little Facebook quiz I don’t feel like posting on Facebook but hey, whatever. I have a much smaller following on my blog so here you go.

    1. What is something I always say? 
    I need to go run. Then you sit down at the computer. (This is the gospel truth. Totally happens)
    2. What makes me happy?
    running. (yes)
    3. What makes me sad?
    not running (yes)
    4. How tall am I?
    5’2” (yes)
    5. How tall does the doctor think I am?
    5’4″ (yes, randomly. And yet I still trust my doctor)
    6. What’s my favorite thing to do?
    – running. (yes)
    7. What do I do when you’re not around?
    -blog naked (no)
    8. If I become famous, what will it be for?
    – I think you might make a scene at a Trump rally (probably not but maybe. Life is short)
    9. What is my favorite food?
    skittles (kinda…cheeseburgers. I die for cheeseburgers)
    10. What is my favorite restaurant?
    – PFChangs (can we go now?)
    11. Where is my favorite place to visit?
    – New York City (definitely but San Francisco always has my heart
    12. If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
    – Great Wall of China (for sure)
    13. How do I annoy you?
    -how do you not annoy me? I’m going to start this bathroom project. I’m going to sell all this stuff for practically nothing… (I totally do all of that. I only regret some of it
    14. What is my favorite movie?
    – Love Actually (I have a hundred favorite movies but that is definitely up there in the top ten. Five. Top Five. It’s so HAPPY)
    15. Who is my celebrity crush?
    -Johnny Depp. (Totally. Then he became a jerk. I need to find a new one. I’m a hard sell)
    16. You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
    – Andrea (yeah. That’s true. But really she caused the trouble. You know she did)
    And that is all. I hope you are all having a beautiful and relaxing Thanksgiving week!

  • Run on. Especially this week. 

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