Where’s my internet? I’m lost without it

  • My internet has been screwy all day. In and out I can’t count on it to be reliable. It disappears and I have to tell you I rely on it completely. I use it to read like..everything. To watch television and to watch my classes and the result of no internet is I have nothing to do but stare at the wall. I am feeling bereft.
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  • I love carbonation. Fizzy stuff for the win. But I have my standards and my limitations are Root Beer and Dr Pepper (oh my gosh NO), orange and grape flavors they’re just syrup. Well I got desperate and yesterday I started drinking the Root Beer. Bleah. With enough ice and it gets watered down it’s almost … maybe… drinkable. Really…barely but I needed carbonation. Fizzy water. Just anything. First chance I got I went to the store and bought some La Croix  and yes, I get it, it’s supposed to be trendy and pretentious and fancy but really it’s just water  and in my gluten free world there’s not a lot of stuff I can have issue free and I like it so yeah. There you go.
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  •  La Croix is pronounced  La-Croy~rhymes with enjoy~ for those of you who don’t know and I was one of them but now we do.  It’s named after the original area (in Wisconsin) where it was bottled. “La” comes from the city of La Crosse, and “Croix” refers to the St. Croix River that flows between Wisconsin and Minnesota.~source          #fancy
    ****Don’t say I never taught you anything.***
    Amy Poehler's Smart Girls funny lol parks and recreation parks and rec GIF
  • Random note that won’t matter to you if you don’t live in Denver but how do you pronounce Buena Vista? Here you go.  Stop pronouncing it wrong, that’s an order. I had issues with this but Andrea is from Leadville which is basically Buena Vista and what she says rules so now I don’t have issues anymore.  If you don’t want to watch the video…it’s Byoona Vista…NOT Bwayna Vista. This is like when I moved to Florida and they don’t have bedroom Suites there they have bedroom “suits” but they still spell it “suites” so it totally messes with me because…duh…that’s pronounced “sweet”. #therapy
  • I am pretty nervous about trumpcare and I am praying about it.  Anyone else?
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  • day four of not being able to exercise in any way shape or form. It’s really a miracle I’m still functioning as a human being.
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    For those of you able to actually exercise by running or hiking or what have you…please enjoy this public service announcement and know that in my head, my imagination and my dreams I am on the trails and the streets.
  • "Come to the woods for here is rest." John Muir Quote:
    Run on…


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My busy crazy I-do-too-much day.

In case you were thinking I got away with it my leg is in fieryhellpaindammit. 

That was all day. All.day.

It was a gorgeous spring day so I put on a little black jersey dress with some little black boots thinking that would be most comfortable while also attempting to be somewhat dressed up. Suppose the lime green bandage wrapped around my left leg took away from the whole “look” I had going on?

the little kid at the grocery store seemed to really like it….he laughed his little three year old butt off.

I’d like to also point out my leg is now swollen again, but just my left leg so now I walk in circles.
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Look at this day! It was stupid crazy.

Three returns:

Office Depot
Home Depot
Bed Bath and Beyond
and then I needed to look for the following items:
mirror for the bathroom
mirror for the livingroom
wooden tray for the kitchen I’ll probably return it
window covering for the kitchen
letters for the wall in the kitchen  Not sure I love them…kind of up in the air
clock for the bathroom – who knew THAT would be hard
small plant for the kitchen
tupperware for some storage
rug for the back deck
gummies for a gift

I had the WORST time and eventually had to compromise.
I ended up ACTUALLY going to…
Office Depot
Bed Bath and Beyond
Home Goods (I don’t know why I keep going here..I get nothing and it’s frustrating)
TJ Maxx
Cost Plus
Even though some of those stops were just two minute stops, I was so freaking tired I just wanted to come home and sleep. My leg hurt and I was beat. Talk about over doing. Truth be told it was probably more frustration with not being able to find what I was looking for.

That was more than anyone needed to know.

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In Political News:

I’m incredibly encouraged by all the banks and cities that are leaving the DAPL.  I know it’s just a small percentage but I think every step forward is a voice that says we are against this and we’re not alone, a lot of money is against this.

I’m frustrated they are bringing Ivanka Trump into the West Wing. Someone made the comment she’s 45’s eyes and ears and translator of a sort. I had actually had the same thought so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. That doesn’t mean I love it.

This article by the Wall Street Journal makes a serious point about Trump’s lack of credibility and how we don’t even believe him when he speaks anymore and how wrong is that for our president.

A President’s Credibility


Continuing on with my healing process and I’m on day three of not whining totally whining.

I’m really sorry. I’ll work on that.

Here’s your motivation. Please go running and or hiking for me.

If you havent done so yet this spring, head outside for a quiet, solitary hike. The dirt has answers, just listen. (I can't wait for spring! Montana winters are beautiful, but too long by four months!):

Run on…


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Yesterday was the first day of Spring…Hello!

What an incredible day..it was so beautiful!

I of course was stuck in my house sitting on a stool at my kitchen counter practicing how I’m going to someday die on my couch because I can’t do anything adventurous anymore but that’s okay because I had the door open and the breeze was comin’ in and I cleaned my kitchen and dusted everything and washed the windows and thought…

I love Spring!!
“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” - Great Expectations by Charles Dickens #charlesdickens #fanart:


When Sean and I went to the running store yesterday to buy my friend some running stuff I fell in love with this mug.

I don’t even drink coffee but damn I had to have it. I have this same magnet on my car. I think I may have a problem. I don’t usually spend money unwisely. The lack of storage space and the haunting thought that my kids will have to go through all my stuff freaks me out. So I keep my stuff to a minumum. But this was so cute!

I almost died today. I was eating my lunch while watching Mike Birbiglia’s comedy show on Netflix and I started laughing so hard I totally sucked my lunch in and choking and I thought…this is it. I’m choking to death while laughing.

I panicked and while panicking and choking and hacking while laughing over the kitchen sink I thought…well hell…

this would not be a bad way to go except no one would actually know it was while watching Mike Birbiglia. But really. Dying by laughing. I’m okay with that. I always wanted to go doing something fabulous and what is more fabulous than laughing to death. 

Better than this guy anyway…

I laughed a little too hard... :/:


The PA that saw me in the emergency room for my stitches gave me this speech about taking care and resting my leg and no running and elevation and so on and so forth and Sean and I were like..okay okay. Whatever. Totally thinking…the second we’re out the door it’s EVEREST.

Not really but I figured I was safe to WALK.

This afternoon I looked down and had managed to bleed right through my stinkin’ bandages again.


So I rested it and elevated it and I promise I am not running or walking or going anywhere except in my head and I can’t promise anything there.

So ridiculous.
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I really think I’ll be better tomorrow so I’m going to run some errands and watch one of my business classes and buy food for my kitchen and buy a few pretty things to finish some updates and yay…try and feel normal while wearing a giant green bandage on my leg. That’s normal, right?

Image result for sure gif

Hang in there with me, Guys. I promise I’ll be normal soon. Well, Sean says I’m never “normal” but I’m strange in a kooky feisty kind of weird way. That’s not illegal or anything. So it’s totally worth hanging around. Mostly.

The Writer's Ink. "Take a Risk" || God has something amazing for you! Take that risk! :) www.thewritersink.com.au:

Run on…

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Warning…blood ahead.

So this was our weekend...
Friday MT, Allie and I went to Shaughnessy and Adam’s house for an impromptu dinner because MT’s days home were numbered. We thought we would make the most of our last couple of days together. I managed to get this:

So fabulous.
Saturday we had a barbecue with everybody to celebrate Megan’s birthday party and mourn MT leaving. I’m pretty tired of him leaving to VA but I’m REALLY glad he pops in to visit. I joked with him about the $600 plane ticket but he knows I was only kidding because I would pay twice that to see him. I love Cheeseburgers. Have I mentioned I love cheeseburgers? Yeah. Also…cheesecake. SO GOOD>

No photos from that day. If there were no photos…did it happen?

Sunday, no fun day. We all got up and took MT to the airport. Insert sadness here.

So…love to MT and we miss his cute face. (Shout out to Miss Allie, too…it’s hard to say goodbye. Sean and I have done it too many times)
We took Theboy home and headed to Golden to visit The Runner’s High which has to be the greatest running store. Total five stars…
They have a ton of great Colorado stuff (and let me tell you that’s hard to find) and they were incredibly nice. I went in search of some gifts for a friend and they did not disappoint. We left there and figured as long as we were in Golden….let’s go hiking! Sean had looked before and found a trail about 30 minutes away called Beaver Brook/Chavez Trail Loop.  I asked Sean four times and he kept getting it just one word off on the name. Five times a charm…Sorry Michelle…there’s your link.

It was really REALLY pretty. There were some drop offs. It had some kind of steep downhills and we only made it a little less than halfway before….
This happened…

I slipped on a down hill and when I fell my shin hit a rock that was basically sticking straight up and asking for me to fall on it and my leg twisted backward in a fun new way I am positive I will feel in the morning.  I know you’re thinking, “what is WRONG with her?”

I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW

Sean managed to stop the bleeding with pressure.   I sat for a minute to process what happened and then I stood up, announced that it hurt like hell  and we immediately turned back as we figured that was the shorter way out. Yep.

When we got home I got in the shower thinking…I should clean this cut…and instead I found half the skin off my leg and I discovered a small cavern on my shin.  By some fluke we found the greatest urgent care in the world called On point Urgent Care and they took care of us remarkably fast and totally appreciated my sarcasm and amazing sense of humor. That is, as you know, a prerequesite. Four stitches later, it’s amazing I can even walk really, and instructions to come back in five days to have them taken out I stood up and the whole bandage soaked itself in blood.  Back to the beginning… she re-bandaged it and then said no running…no exercise, ice your leg, elevate!! and all of this for ten days…

She got very mean. Stern. Bossy.



Stupid leg.

Pause here to send love to Sean because he is so great at taking care of me. Seriously…he stepped right up and was awesome when I was bleeding on the trail (that sucker was crazy bleeding) and he was totally on it.  He put his hand on the wound to stop the bleeding and then he wisely thought to remind me to be careful heading back as I may fall again and something worse could happen and now he has blood on himself, evidence…that is never good. He was constantly thinking like that. Totally on with the whole situation. He was really calm when he realized I was perhaps going to bleed out on his kitchen floor if he didn’t drag my pathetic ass to the urgent care for stitches and afterwards he controlled himself and did not roll his eyes and say no when I begged and pleaded for him to make me a cheeseburger. That is true love. And…at no point did he say, “my GOD woman…is there no way for you to stay UPRIGHT?” (psst…I fell last week in the kitchen and have two giant bruises on my legs…even the urgent care people noticed and laughed).

Worst running/hiking injury?? 

Have you ever had stitches?  I’ve had stitches twice now. Once was in my finger. So random. But it’s true. A nail ripped my finger open. 

So…sending running and hiking love to everyone. And maybe some grace, too.

545947528841c9cb610e150c (450×675):

Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees:
Run on…


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Facebook…love it or hate it.

30 Architects who failed at the one job they had

ABC Network modern family ty burrell phil dunphy you had one job GIF


What is Facebook for? I really like Facebook but I see it’s downsides, too, and I’m realistic about it’s issues. I’ve just learned how best to manage it. I know how to unfollow people, unfriend, block even. I know how to message them and how to understand what’s on your page. I mean, learning how it works and learning how to manage your own page is a major part of liking or not liking it. From there you can decide whether or not you like the network for what it is. If not handled correctly though, I can see that it would not be a friendly platform. 

The list of things people join Facebook for:

  • to connect with friends
  • to reconnect with old friends
  • to socialize
  • to arrange meet ups
  • to coordinate with groups
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The list of things people actually do on Facebook:

  • sharing photos of babies and kids
  • sharing photos of pets
  • sharing photos of food
  • show pictures of themselves partying
  • vaguebooking
  • post selfies
  • post offensive and obnoxious selfies
  • post too many selfies
  • selling products
  • amusing statuses
  • post passive aggressive comments to people and then hashtag it
  • complaining about moments we’ve had throughout the day
  • bragging about accomplishments
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The list of things people can’t stand that other people do on Facebook:

  • See above except for “amusing statuses” because that’s always good.
    Image result for selfies gif

Here’s my thought, use Facebook wisely, like you are actually talking in person to a friend. Think before you post. Is what you’re posting necessary? Will it do anyone any good? Will it do anyone any harm? Will feelings be hurt? Is what your posting only glorifying you and if so, what’s the point of it? As soon as people get all mean and dramatic I invite them to leave. Life is short and I”m happy. Don’t rain on my happiness. I’m one of those people that think Facebook should be for the following things:

  • babies and kids in moderation
  • funny statuses, because we all need a laugh
  • pets in moderation
  • Happy statuses in moderation (we probably don’t need to know how blessed you are ever single morning. But hey…I won’t judge)
  • politics and news because..good Lord people have you seen what’s happening? We have to keep vigilant or we are going to lose this damn fight.
  • Calls to action (family emergency, prayers, etc)
  • general ~I love you guys~ statuses because who doesn’t love those.
  • pretty awesome videos.
  • Buzzfeed lists…duh (and things along those lines. To entertain us)


Never Mind The Emojis: ‘Monopoly’ Welcomes The T-Rex, Duck And Penguin

 90s dinosaurs land before time GIF

Name that movie. Flashback to my kids whole childhood. They loved this movie.

I have so much to do today I’m hoping to get some yoga in later and some foam rolling. I would love a hike or something tomorrow though. My kids are all coming over in the afternoon so we’ll see what we have time for.

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My friend the artist.

I’m lucky to have artists everywhere in my life. My best friend Andrea, an art lover forever,  has created a piece of art for me that is so beautifully me and such a gift I can’t even tell you. The beauty of this is that Andrea just recently discovered a personal love for creating her own art after a lifetime of other people’s and her own expression is so unique and perfectly her, I’m really happy to be on the receiving end of an original.
This photo does not do this justice, but here it is…it’s really so beautiful. The colors are incredible and the 13 is raised and textured.  A reminder…the number 13 is my lucky number. I was the thirteenth grandchild, born on the thirteenth to a grandmother born in the year 1913. My son was born on the 13th, my daughter married on the 13th. We love the number and Andrea knows this well.


I spent the day working on my friend/client’s kitchen. She has a terrible schedule and can only meet on Wednesdays so we connect then. We’re also friends, that’s the beauty of start up businesses, right? I’ve found that even as I work with her I find myself second guessing my own work. When you do a job like this you have to work with the client and not just go in and run over their system. Some people tend to just hang back and take your “suggestions” as gold and I feel like maybe some of the changes we’ve made may not be successful. They’re changes that would never work in my kitchen but maybe they work in hers. How do you trust if someone is just going along with you or if they really think something will work? She is TOTALLY someone who would just go along with you. She’s done it before. I’ve started a business so now I have to learn how to tell the difference.
Yes it is. Never let me down yet...:
Building a business is a huge amount of work. It’s growing at a snails pace but I know it’s going to do well, I have faith.

I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can. The Passion of an #entrepreneur:

YOUR POWER IS SIMPLY YOU! Yes! You are the power and when you are aligned with your unique self accepting of your uniqueness your power is unbeatable. Want to discover this power within you? Contact me for a free Skype intuitive coaching call to see how we can work together to help you to manifest this power with you. Shamala ModernMedicineWoman #modernmedicinewoman #shamalatan #intuitivecoach Drop me an email to arrange for a Skype coaching call to see if we can work together to help you to live your purpose assist@shamalatan.com:
We have a LOT going on with this presidency right now. I know it’s really exhausting and it’s hard to keep up with it all but I really want us to remember it’s ONLY what…60 days into the presidency?… and we have so much to worry about. I just don’t think we can relax and rest on our laurels. We need to keep the pressure on all of the important points. Health care, the environment, Russia, the tax returns (they may seem small but I think they are not), women’s issues, everything we are dealing with every day, we need to keep up the pressure.

I stand for this and I'm glad I do cos it helps me be a better guy when I'm hurting. Treat people how you want to be treated and be kind and respectful. When I'm a dad that's what I want my kids to believe to:
I got up this morning with a million things to do…determined to make sure I got a workout I dressed out and headed out for my WALK and as I walked out the door it dawned on me…

I can run now. I totally forgot.

Image result for forgot gif
Image result for I'm a genius gif

I was so disappointed but I was really late so I just walked. It seemed easier than running back inside and changing up my plans.

Tomorrow I’ll try again…


Funny running quotes and Running definitions Motivation for runners Gift for runners www.worrylessdesign.co.uk:
Run on…

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All the news that’s fit to print…and some that’s probably not.

  • I get to run!!  Don’t get too excited…see the next bullet…
  • I had my “final” follow up appt yesterday for my surgery and surprise surprise, I’m high maintenance. I still apparently have stitches inside me that refuse to dissolve like they are supposed to and thus have created a lovely infection. Nice, huh? And now I’m on antibiotics.
    Image result for high maintenance gif
  • Also because of the above situation I still don’t get to do anything except run. Two more weeks. She originally said another month and I think she felt bad and finally said two weeks. I’m practicing patience.
  • MT and I went to Runner’s Roost here in Aurora to pick up a pair of shoes for him. He’s got a pair in VA but he needed a replacement. I’ve got current Brooks Adrenaline’s but mine are getting on the edge of replacement so I need some new ones. The downside is the Adrenaline 15’s and 16’s did not get great reviews…not by magazine standards or runner standards. I see they have several of them on sale there so I figure it’s worth some questions…who better to ask than the running store guys, right? So I ask Running Store Guy One and he says he hasn’t ever really worn those shoes so he doesn’t know anything about them. Well, okay. So I ask Running Store Guy Two and he seems to be kind of the manager on duty sort of guy and he says he also doesn’t really know much about it…kind of hesitating. I tell him I had read several reviews and they had suggested the 15’s and the 16’s had not been the greatest versions… he said…ready?? in his opinion reviewers were really blow-holes who didn’t know anything so he thinks they are probably great shoes.

    Because…why? Because of that great wise and knowledgeable experience you just shared with me? Geez. I reluctantly paid for MT’s shoes and we left. MT said had he heard him we’d have left his shoes behind, too. It was a disappointing experience.
    Image result for like you know anything gif

  • I answered an ad on Craigstlist for a very angry divorced guy wanting to sell his refrigerator. We’re kind of half heartedly trying to get ahead of ours dying so I randomly scan for a new one. This guy very pointedly said he’s divorced now. It’s a brand new $2600 refrigerator and he just wants it gone. Any offer just throw it out there..you never know! It’s pretty much my dream fridge so I figured…might as well keep dreaming. So I told him $500…which is seriously about all I’ll pay for anything on Craigslist. He came back and said…well..I paid x for it so how about $1200? I politely declined and told him to have a nice night. He politely replied.
    Then a few minutes later he said, “how about you send me ur picture?”.
    Well now…that was just uncalled for. Here we were done talking and you had to go getting all creepy. No thank you and I don’t want “ur” fridge anymore either. 

    We blocked him on my phone and I ate cake while I thought about how gross that guy was. I’ve been buying and selling on Craigslist for more years than I can remember and on local yard sales, too and that’s officially the first time I’ve ever had anything like that happen. It was disappointing.
    Kimberley Tanny over at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts teaches self defense seminars every month or two. Keep an eye out for one coming up soon, especially in light of the attack on the young woman in Seattle who was recently attacked when she went on a run. She had stopped in a public restroom and fought off her attacker with might and ferocity and we love her. She is a mighty hero and she had recently taken a self defense class and said it came back to her while she was fighting him off.

DO IT AFRAID. How else will you get to the other side of what your heart desires and the legacy you want to live and leave?:
Run on…

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It’s Pi Day…

Are you having pie? I need to bake a pie but I don’t know what kind. Maybe I’ll just buy one…damn that’s tempting. Either way…it’s Pi day and celebrations must be had.

On that note, I have my final follow up appointment today and  that means I’ll be cleared to run.  Could this BE a better day? (I’m channeling Chandler there)
Image result for could we be having any more fun  chandler gif

Seattle Jogger Attacked in Public Bathroom Fights Back
This is a terrifying prospect. It happens in the middle of the day when you just stop to use a public restroom. We’re doing the best we can to be safe but sometimes the worst happens anyway. This amazing woman fought back and kicked ass. I’m so incredibly proud and impressed by her. They set the bar. So glad she’s ok and big thanks to the person who came and helped. Note: check out her Garmin activity. Ridiculous crazy.

Boaty McBoatface is Preparing for it’s First Mission and as much as I’m happy they chose to actually name this little guy Boaty McBoatface (the consolation vessel) they could at least have painted a face on it. Just sayin’. He has big important work to do and I love him. He is sweet and wonderful and has personality!

source: An artist’s impression of Boaty McBoatface in the Antarctic. Photograph: NERC/PA

Do you guys remember the Grout Doctor saga from last week? The whole “my calendar is off and I don’t know who I called” thing? I did get in touch with this gentleman and he came today to work on my bathroom and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I SO wish I had done it years ago. I am so happy now! I have an older house (1982) and it’s had grout and caulking issues since we moved in twenty years ago. It felt so good to have it all cleaned up beautifully.

Isn’t that incredible and white and shiny and pretty? Not bad for an older bathroom. Someday in the next few years we’ll rip it out and make it all shiny and pretty and updated but for now it’s pretty great and really reasonable! Nicest guy ever. If you’re local…Dean from the Grout Doctor…I highly recommend.


When your computer battery dies and all your windows don’t “restore”. Back to day one. What was I reading three days ago?  Dammit.

Image result for frustrating gif
I didn’t get out today, I had Dean in my house working and I was working the rest of the day but tomorrow we’ll see…my need to go hiking/running is FIERCE!!
At the end of the day….. twinkle eyes:

 Run on…

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Here’s something interesting…

First of all…Happy March 13th. The 13th of the month is always the best day and I don’t recognize it enough for you guys but today…there you go.

This political nightmare is bringing so much chaos to the forefront of everybody’s life that the influx of information is like nothing we’ve ever seen before and more people than ever are learning about how policies and government works. The downside to this, however, is the lack of research. Sometimes when we’re gasping about some tragic thing the new administration has done, it’s actually something every new administration does. We’re just on the train of looking for evil and nothing they can do is right. We need to save our energy for real and critical issues.
Like Sean Spicer wearing his flag pin upside down…

It takes so little.


Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace takes flight, with stores open and busy; here’s a look (photos)
We’ve been watching this building project from the whispers and we are SO PROUD of AURORA for the development of small business and quality business. I can’t wait to check it out and shop there. What an amazing endeavor and a beautiful example of what can be done with big empty space that is usually discarded, closed and left abandoned.

Michelle and I headed over to Bear Creek Trail Park in Lakewood  on Saturday to try the route that is a possible upcoming what-the- hell-are-we-thinking ultra run for the fall. We walked and we walked and we walked. It was a lot of walking. Because I can’t run yet until this Wednesday when my doctor clears me! As you can see I’m not at all excited. Also, I am seriously out of shape. But look how pretty it is!!

We walked A LOT (eight miles!) and I was pretty certain we were hopelessly lost and would never ever EVER find our way out of the mass of trails that reminded me of suburbia but in fact, it is a large circle (of sorts) and it turns out to eventually take you back home to your vehicle. I had serious doubts and it took us a ridiculous amount of time but really it was only a few hours. I gave up hope and Michelle said “we just have to go into these woods and we’ll come out by the cars” and finally I said, “um, I think that’s what happened to Little Red Riding Hood so…no. Nothing good happens in the woods”.

She got a new name. I call her Red now. By the way, we NEVER magically came out of the woods and found the car. ::shakeshead::

Michelle recently started the Get Outside Colorado Kids blog because it’s beautiful in Colorado and we have so much hiking available to us it’s just a shame to not take advantage of it and also, kids don’t spend nearly enough time outside.  So she grabbed her kids and took off. Either that, or she’s trying to make her husband crazy by driving across town every day. One of those things.

You can find her blog here…: Get outside colorado kids
he’s also on Facebook here: Get Outside Colorado Kids

You don’t have to have little kids to enjoy the blog because she reviews the trails on there and I like that for sure. Plus I went hiking with her and rumor has it I’m a grown up. Don’t tell.

I missed this last week and it’s so good I feel I would be remiss in not sharing it and giving it the love it so deserves.

But I found it while watching this one:


Sean and I went to Boulder yesterday so we could hike to our hearts content but the 22 mph winds that Michelle predicted with her magical weather app powers actually did, in fact, come true. She is magic. So we went to lunch at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. They are 100% gluten free and 99.999 percent soy free and they have a relaxed ~hang out and have a beer~ kind of atmosphere. Totally zen. I loved it. We’ve actually been there once before (you’d think we’d remember where it was…duh…13th street) and left with funky ~maybe it’s pretentious? vibes) but since then we’ve totally revisited our idea of that and decided no…this place is absolutely not that. Ha. No. And we love it. Live and learn and visit Shine.

And now I leave you with this last moment…

John Muir More:
See this Instagram photo by @wearewildness • 826 likes:
Run on…and be wild…


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Daily reading that feeds my anxiety. I need balance.

I was trying to find online marketing information for my business and one website proclaimed “Be Delightful Online”. My first thought was…I’m in, finally the website that understands me!  My second thought was ~damn…that sounds like work.~

Perhaps…a bit of a conflict. Maybe I just need a nap and tomorrow I can be delightful again. Yes. I’ll try again tomorrow for delight.

I came across this image which is not anything to do with organizing but can I just GO HERE?

It looks so beautiful…I want to run there right now.


Cely, from Running off the Reeses, wrote yesterday about how much anxiety she’s under right now due to the political pressures we’re dealing with every single day coming from so many sides. I cannot tell you how this resonates with me. My day is like a political marathon. Every morning when I wake up I start my day with The Skimm. This is my warm up. I read the condensed version of what our current administration has decided they are going to destroy in our country since yesterday (and sometimes while I slept), what the GOP’s think of it, who’s yelling about it, the smiling Paul Ryan invariably bobbing his head about it creepily, how much of the country will be damaged and what it will cost our most vulnerable in ways far more painful than just currency. Then I start clicking on the links.

The links take me to all the stories that’ll tell me the gory details so I can learn what the story really is and try to become better educated about the whole thing. There are a hundred issues I need to be concerned about and every single day I need to worry about them all. Which ones do I call my senators about? Is he even listening to me? I can tell you that mine is not. Cory Gardner of Colorado is absolutely not listening. So do I still call? Do I still let him know? It feels so completely pointless. These are the things we’re talking about in the midst of the anxiety and the powerless feelings. By the middle of the afternoon I’ve read probably twenty or thirty news stories/articles/linked essays and follow ups. I don’t feel any more educated. I feel more hopeless.

Yesterday I read this:

KING: The Democratic Party seems to have no earthly idea why it is so damn unpopular and then I got depressed because I didn’t get any tangible things to do to make changes. So we just have to sit back and watch it all go to hell?

By the end of the day I’ve finished on the computer and I’m working on the next days post and on the next days work stuff but sometimes it’s so overwhelming I have to just step away. Those are the days I’m really late to put up a post. You’re welcome.

The anxiety of what is going to happen is overwhelming. My friend’s niece asked if I get really angry and sometimes I do, yes. Usually though, anxiety and sadness overwhelm me and mostly powerless. I don’t do well with powerless. I just want to not look at it anymore. The thought of not looking at it and pretending it’s not happening seems terrifying and I face things I’m afraid of pretty head on so…back I go and I start again. 

It’s a vicious cycle.

I recognize that I am one small person.

I don’t have a great voice. I am not running for office or making great change. I am not a dynamic person who will change the world. I am a normal person who just wants to help keep us from going so far down we’ll never find our way back.

I need to volunteer somewhere where I can do something that’s at least contributing to the cause so I feel like I’m doing something. This daily turnstyle is twisting me like a meat grinder.

Cely also posted a video with a song and after I clicked and listened that led me to the vortex of youtube videos and there I was and hour later still looking at videos. I think I’ve finally escaped but damn…that’s a hole I never dive into so I must be off my game.
Check these out:

  • America’s First Writer’s Museum is opening in Chicago. There’s a museum I LOVE the idea of. My kid and I could do that when I go run the marathon in Chicago if THAT EVER GETS TO HAPPEN. sigh. We won’t talk about history. Moving on.
  • 12 Things About Being A Woman That Women Won’t Tell You Now…this article is a little rough. It’s in Esquire so keep that in mind hence the language. But it’s just really a smart article.

  • Shaughnessy, my kid, my first child and only daughter, wrote an essay called

    A day’s story of womanhood in four parts for #adaywithoutwomen and damn, it’s really great.  Oh wait. I’m not actually surprised. You should totally read it. And then you should totally tell me how amazing she is. Okay, you don’t have to. I already know.


It’s gorgeous today and it’s Friday so why wouldn’t I do something outside??  Totally going out to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather and walk to remind my legs I can. I’m so close you guys.  I’m THISCLOSE to getting to run. Tomorrow Michelle and I are hiking…

Yesterday my kid (MT, the kid not the state) came back from VA for a very short visit (ten days) and I am excited to see him for at least an hour. Who are we kidding…he’s here for his girlfriend.

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." #treehugger…:

Run on…


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