So little sleep. So much training. Be smarter.

I couldn’t sleep the night before last. I was awake until like…nearly 4 am so I was on FB being a smart ass and we all know how helpful THAT is. When I finally stopped reading my book AND being on FB I fell asleep.

When I woke up I realized I broke FB.

I think I had 427 notifications.

Holy Jiminy. That’s alot.


Through a fun twist of unfriendly I also have had no thyroid meds for the last week so I’m very sluggish anyway. The result is me in a daze all of Friday. I got a lot done but…very slowly.

I got my meds in the mail and the result was this:

dancing excited snoopy oh yeah woo

I then slept a whopping four and a half hours last night and at 4:30 am I woke up and stared at the ceiling. What the heck? I took more meds today and hey….in a few days I might start to feel normal again!

Image result for lies gif

Whatever, a girl can dream.

Image result for a girl can dream gif

Well…he IS pretty cute.

Image result for Prince Harry gif


I’m off to walk the dog and if the temps and my need to run hangs in I’m going to get that done. If not, I’ll run later. Sean and I need to ADVENTURE NOW (we don’t know what that means but we’ll do something wildly fun today and I’m totally going to start ripping apart my bathroom.

Sean is really happy about that.

He loves it when I start a renovation project and since we really only have one bathroom this shouldn’t be inconvenient at all.

Image result for this is so great gif

Periodically I stop and remind him he loves me madly. He TOTALLY forgets. I just don’t know how that happens.

I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m sure you’ll love that!


I just stood up and my back snap crackled popped which reminded me to say this:

Remember to do your yoga. Even just ten minutes of some morning yoga stretches makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in how you feel for the day and really helps loosen up your tight muscles and take out those kinks.

Moderation is key in running. Some people get very excited about starting workout programs or training programs or even weight loss programs and decide

~running every day! All the running! Three miles! Five miles! 8 miles! Every day! I’ll be so healthy!~ 

This is the quickest way to get injured and not really the best direction you want to take if you are looking for healthy.

Presuming you’ve checked with your doctor before starting any new workout regimen…the next step to starting a running program would be the following:

Running three to five days a week with cross training one to two times a week. Ideally yoga would be at least once a week and would work as your cross training. It’s amazing for runners as it lengthens those short tight runners muscles and it also adds strength training. Don’t be fooled. Yoga is difficult as heck.

And ideally….take a rest day. The Lord did and he worked way harder than you do.

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Run on…

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I can’t imagine life without my GPS. I’m lost WITH it.

When Michelle and I messaged each other to meet she said, “Want to just meet at Bluff Lake in Stapleton?”

It sounded so…normal. Like it’s the regular place we meet.  We usually meet in Stapleton so I didn’t bother to look it up, I just waited until I was leaving and then I Google mapped it. Unfortunately Google brought up Bluff Lake TRAIL which is a lovely place but it goes around the entire nature center. So…yeah. I ended up taking this really strange back road direction and ended up driving past the trail, Google was telling me I was there (technically I was…I could see it over the fence) and I had no idea where Michelle was because this place did not look familiar.

So I called her. She said…”are you at the nature center?”.

Well, no. But now I’ll Google that. I got there a mere six minutes later and I said “um. We’ve never been here before”. She cheerfully agreed on that without realizing this is IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  No wonder I was lost. I mean, sure, I was lost because I’m ME but also because I kept looking for something that looked familiar!
Image result for I've been so lost gif

We walked our little hearts out at the nature area. It had miles of trails and some of them were even completed and in the park. We, naturally, took the road less traveled and it totally made all the difference. We didn’t know where the hell we were.  It was perfect until the 20 mph winds started, and the rain threatened…but hey…we were ready to go get lunch anyway.

At this point Michelle delicately says, “do you…I mean…can you…?”

I laughed and said…”oh I have no clue how to get there. Nope. No idea.”
Image result for no clue gif

Image result for no clue gif

I followed her.

Then we lunched for two hours on sweet potato fries and Chipotle mayo. That’s just happiness right there.

She would not allow a photo and inquired about a leftover from the NYCM. Um…sure. It’s only two years old? Three? I’ve lost track.


This is the photo I could find. She made fun of my hat the whole time. Whatever it was awesome and I was running the New York City Marathon. That’s an experience I was making the most of. And she’s one to talk…the running outfits she puts together? Sheesh. And she wears the RACE DAY shirt ON race day.

I don’t even know why she’s my friend.
Image result for you're outta here gif


So I put in six with G yesterday morning, probably two or three with Michelle and I walked the dog  in the evening.

I ended the day with 24,675 steps. Can’t beat that with a stick.


I met G again this morning (it’s SO gorgeous out at 5am. I cannot tell you) and unfortunately we had to cut our run short at 2.8 miles so now I’ll probably try and run later. I don’t have time right now,  I have another doctor appt. I KNOW> There is a lot going on right now. I’m super crazy.

Image result for busy gif

I am going to meet my friend Norma in the afternoon and snuggle her little bundle of sweetness (Margaux the baby mermaid) for a while and maybe work on getting in some more awesome steps.  I don’t think I can possible top 24,675 (oh yeah, I’m definitely going for 25,000 before bed. No brainer). But dang would that be tempting. I think I mentioned before that my friend, Ria at Motivational Mom is crazy with her steps. That is a normal amount for her. And I thought I was busy.

I hopped over to her FB page and she had posted this awesome commercial by Nike.

I just don’t think you’re ever too old. 

On with my challenge. Do something every day that’s a little bit of adventure. Tomorrow will not really be much fun. But after, I plan on fulfulling my evil plan to steal that tiny little darling and bring her home….I refuse to share. She must be mine.

Sigh. I bet they won’t give her up. So rude…


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Run on…adventure away…

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Off to see the wizard…

  • I think I have pink eye. Because why not.  I did a little research and I’m pretty sure it’s viral so I’m going to let it try and run it’s course for a few days. But it’s not very friendly and I don’t appreciate it. I’m super drippy so I thought it was allergies but it’s gotten worse and now I might as well just walk around with Kleenex in my pocket all day and never touch another living soul. Pink Eye is like the plague. Also, so bright. The world. So bright. I’m a vampire. I’m a drippy eyed vampire.

music video justin timberlake jt sexy back

  • Guess who I get to see today???  THIS GIRL!
    This picture is three years old. Also…I still have that jacket and wear it far too much considering how obnoxious it is. If I could get it in black I’d be SO IN. Of course, the object is to be seen. Still. Great jacket, better in black. Everything is. Maybe we’ll take a new picture!
  • My run yesterday was 5.8 miles and today it was…the same. Why? We always do the same route. We are wild. But we’re getting our runs in and I won’t always be able to so for’s run as much and as often as possible and adventure, too. Must adventure.
  • This is just a friendly reminder to always get your stretches in after you run. You don’t want to do it before you run because your muscles are cold and you could cause injury. Dynamic stretching before is okay but static stretching is only for after your run. It’s a pain, I know, to click a link and read something else but doing it right is important and will go a long way to preventing injuries.


Run on…

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Sweet List <3

  1.  New shoes. Pretty pretty new shoes.
  2. When you give Malachi a bone and he walks around with it for like…a half an hour…bewildered. He doesn’t quite know what to do with it.
  3. I’ve been craving cupcakes for like..four days. I bet you can’t imagine what I’m going for today…
  4. Fall is thinking about showing up and I’ve decided to let it. I’m just that kind of person. Kindness all around. Welcoming to everyone.
  5. Spending the weekend with Sean I managed to irritate him in every way possible. Time well spent. He calls it love
    toy toy story annoying movie disney
  6. Meb running the Olympic marathon and finishing in style. Always a class act. Could we love him anymore?
  7. Galen Rupp coming in third in the men’s Olympic marathon (only his second marathon ever…).  Jared Ward is no slouch for sure coming in sixth…I mean…seriously. 
  8. Sean and I went to see Don’t Think Twice. It was great. It was funny. It was emotional and it was totally worth it. (limited release, it’s an indie film..but if you get the chance it’s really good)
  9. I had jury duty this morning. I got excused after four hours. I entertained myself by interrupting the guy next to me every time he got back into his book and also fidgeting as much as possible. Only one of these things could really be controlled. Also, see #5.  #doingmypart  #justpassingtime
  10. Theboy’s first day of kindergarten. I’m so ridiculously happy for him. I LOVE SCHOOL!
  11. I really wanted a run last night but it was late and dark so I peer pressured Sean into going with me. I ditched his normal routes of quiet residential streets and instead opted for my usual city streets. This is what it’s actually like:

    Then you add in that it was uphill and super crazy ass windy. He had an awesome time and looks forward to tonight. He loves me.
  12. The overcast afternoon sky bringing cool showers. I could live outside in this.
  13. And I just remembered that I hopped on over to Pottermore and took the sorting hat quiz to see which house I’m in and I’m in Gryffindor. Now…rumor has it this is the worst house to be in but I like it so bite me.

I had a pretty debilitating migraine today so it took me the whole day to write this. I pretty much just wanted to sleep and sleep. And eat french fries. Of course, I always want french fries. But I am finished now and getting this out because it’s Monday and Sweet Lists should always come out on Monday.

Run on…


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Adventures and pictures and wisdom, oh my. Possibly light on the wisdom.

I’m watching the men’s marathon in the Olympics. I know. I should be going to church but no.I decided to watch the marathon.

Oh my Lord that race was incredible.

I’m a heathen today. Judge not and all that jazz.


Sean and I went to the Shrine of Cabrini yesterday and I could have spent the whole day sitting on the bench in the meditation garden. It was such a lovely day and the crowds were non existent. But there was a wedding and we got to see a tater tot ring bearer in a three piece tux. I made plans to steal him.
Sean and I always go into the chapel and light candles for family and say prayers. Yesterday I went to the notebook and read some of the guests requests for prayers. Most are in Spanish but some are English and I figure I can say an extra prayer, you know? Any extra help and all that.

I began turning through the book and scrolling the written requests.  I happened on a short prayer in very shaken and scribbled print. It  simply and desperately said he drinks too much and he needs help at work. It was so powerful I immediately started crying and said a prayer.

That one is sticking with me.


I will say that driving to these places is always an adventure. And no, it’s not just because my husband is driving. Why is people choose to go 30mph in a 40mph zone? And if ALL the traffic is consistently going 55mph and the speed limit is 65mph you KNOW there’s a cop within two miles of you…somewhere. And if I’m up ahead and I see a posse of cars really really far behind me…I do a self check. Cop? School zone? construction? Fire truck? What am I missing? How is it all of these cars are a full city block behind me and going slow and I’m up here? Something must be wrong. It’s unsettling when you can’t figure it out.

From Cabrini we went to Red Rocks where we found a great hiking trail and spent a good portion of the day exploring that and then we met Alex and Megan for dinner at The Morrison Inn in…Morrison. I know, shocking. It’s a Mexican restaurant and Sean an I like to go there. It’s not awesome but it’s good and they people are always REALLY nice. The most important thing is…I don’t get sick when I eat there. So there’s that.

We managed to get a good probably 6 or 7 miles in by the end of the day, a day well spent workin’ our butts off, eating good food and enjoying family. The best.
can you imagine how pretty this would be with a good camera?  I know…

Can you imagine how pretty this would….wait. He’s already pretty. 😉  Nevermind.


Check this guy out:

People Are Thirsting Hard After This Grandpa And His Subway Pole Tricks

This guy is 68 years old. Seriously.


I’m off to play now. Sean is working and studying and I have to get dog food and then do something that challenges me. It’s my goal. I’ll keep you posted. I do have information but I haven’t decided when or where or how to share it. Not to be cryptic but I don’t have all of it yet so I’m waiting until more comes through.

Meanwhile…challenging myself.

OH and…holy cow the Pikes Peak Ascent looks AMAZING. I wanna.

Run on…

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Sometimes the computer wins…and other vitally important information.

Yesterday I slept. Several times…by several I mean three.

Add that to a decent night’s sleep and I finally am feeling somewhat human. I woke up this morning at 4:15 with no alarm. I don’t know what to do with all this sleep.

I ended up getting over 21,000 steps in yesterday…an average day for my friend Ria…I’d love for that to be my average day. How do people do that? They probably don’t take three naps. Hm.


I had my migraine Botox yesterday and as usual they are a great office with just really genuine nice people. My doctor is charming and kind and knows how difficult this is for me. He hands me  started right away with the pain infliction. The fun part is when he tries to make it better by clustering as much and as quickly as possible.

I pass out.

It’s a good time.

He knew I did that but I think he forgot? So…yeah. It threw him off his game. I usually leave with maybe a bruise or two on the side of my head (I can feel them in my hairline) but today oh man…it hurts. Everywhere. And he wouldn’t let me leave the waiting room for a while to ensure I didn’t pass out while driving.

I could have told him I wouldn’t. Nobody is inflicting pain on me while I’m driving. It’s my go to reaction when I’m in pain.

He made me promise I wouldn’t face plant on his floor.


Now I’m trying to figure out how to disable the touchpad on my computer since Windows 10 was installed. I already had it disabled so…what the hell? I am a little grumbly about this. But I will not let it defeat me!


The moon is wonderful right now. Have you seen it? It’s CRAZY brilliant. Check it out. It’s seriously take your breath away huge and bright and it lights the sky a personal moonbeam just guiding you home with a path to the promises of sweet dreams.


Run on…and be kind…

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I’m running on last week’s energy. I’m almost out.

It’s my dad’s birthday.

This is quite the week, huh?

Yeah, I think so, too.

So today I’m going to maybe…find a cupcake. I’d eat a piece of chocolate pie in his honor but…chocolate is the devil in my world so I’ll stick with vanilla and blow him a kiss.

I’m going to watch The Magnificent Seven.

I’m going to take a photograph.

I’m going to listen to the hymns he used to play on his guitar.

I’m going to tell him he was amazing and wonderful and I loved him with a fierce and powerful love.

I’m going to tell him he could be an ass. It’s okay. He knows it.

And I’m going to miss him. I started that a while ago.


My awesome Botox doctor got a cancellation and I got called in to make up my appt from last week so that’s the other thing I’m doing today.It’s quite the relief to not have to worry about that and it was SO nice of them to fit me in like that. I feel a bit high maintenance right now. I am in genuine appreciation mode.

You would think sleeping six hours would fix me but…no. I need a good six more hours to even THINK about feeling like my bones don’t hurt with sheer exhaustion. I’m hoping the pain of the tired will distract from the pain of the thirty odd shots being injected into my skull.

I realize I’m reaching but it’s really all I can do.

I met G with a run at 5am (you know, 5am isn’t bad, it’s the getting up at 4:15 that’s rough…)  and it was amazing because the air is cool and wonderful and it’s dark as can be. The moon is rich and full and bright orange. It’s incredible. Fall is thinking about coming and Colorado is beautiful in the fall. It’s still 90* during the day but oh it’s so lovely at night and early in the morning. It’s my favorite.

We walked a lot this morning. After that last paragraph, are you surprised?

No, I didn’t think so.


I came home and grabbed Malachi to give him a quick walk. So if nothing else I’m getting my steps in. I would kind of like a nap so maybe another run later would be in order. I would love to up my running mileage. These last few weeks put a huge damper on my running plans.


This sums up my brain. And I laughed so hard when I read it because my co worker, Norma, used to say this to me all th time.
I cannot brain today... I has the dumb:

And then when I was grabbing it, I found these…because I have no life and they are hilarious.
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day 28 Pics:                   Maybe....:

phantom of the opera funny - Google Search:


I get it. I went a little cat crazy. It’s the tired. I found them ridiculously hilarious.

Run on…

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Saying goodbye to MT.

When MT was born, he was quiet and beautiful, thoughtful and sweet and had the biggest brown eyes you’d ever seen.

In other words, he was completely his father’s child.

We used to say he had no use for me but to clothe and feed him. All the love was for his Papa.

I have most likely said it too much in his young life but he’s just a bit OCD, he likes things done a certain way and can’t really concentrate until they are. We can’t even say we raised him this way. This boy was born this way. It was totally nature.

So it was almost destiny he’d be a military man what with the whole family history thing and the discipline of the military calling to him.


As he got older and spent more time with me he started to like me more. Don’t get excited, it didn’t happen overnight. It took a LONG time. I mean…he liked me but I mean…DAD. It was all about DAD.


He grew up, he went to school….


he earned his stripes and now he’s left home. Again.
He has to leave for more schooling so he’s gone for at least the next five months.

Somewhere along the way he decided to like me and I really miss him. Having him home for these ten days just reminded me what a good friend he is. We had a good time.

This was a rough morning. His flight was very early. He’d been up late. Beyond late. Lots of friends over. Things didn’t go smooth. His usual organization wasn’t in gear plus…he’s been sick. Getting to the airport was tricky. We ended up in an interesting place in the airport by accident. Sean and MT ditched the car to bail into the nearest building and try and gate it while I attempted to find a way out of wherever I was.

Unfortunately, where I was wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

Did you follow that?

So there were gated arms stopping me from getting out everywhere I looked. There were deserted roads that weren’t even finished yet and they definitely didn’t look like the average airport traveler should be driving on them and I expected any moment to find security tracking me down. I called for help while getting yelled at by bus drivers who were REALLY rude (it’s not like I MEANT to be there, geez) and finally a very nice lady was able to send a security guy down to get me out and he escorted me OUT of the airport rather unceremoniously. I was grateful he didn’t have me arrested and thanked him for his help and apologized for causing trouble.

Except I still have a husband in there so…um…can I go back in? And please don’t arrest me.

Back in I go. MT has missed his flight so he had to get on another flight and he managed to do just that for a mere $45 that will actually be a direct flight rather than the jumping around he was on before. Bonus! Would be totally worth it except for the unbelievable amount of stress we’d dealt with.

We kissed goodbye and sent him on his way and I cried a lot which is random because I’m not usually known for that but today I did.


Because…this face.

I got two and a half miles in last night and my first mile was slow and tired and I wondered why I was even running. It was hot and I just have zero energy this week. I wonder why.

But mile two kicked right in and I took two minutes off my mile so in case you’re wondering I definitely need that “warm up mile” only for me it’s usually a “warm up two or three miles”.

Then I got three hours of sleep so I’ll probably try and sleep a bit before running errands and running tonight.

With MT gone, a semblance of our normalcy will return.

Totally not worth it.


run on…

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Eureka!..really? Huh.

We’ve been busy this weekend and tomorrow that youngest child of mind goes back to the Golden State otherwise known as “Eureka! I have found it!”. No joke, that’s the state motto for California. Pretty sad Guys. Pretty sad. You should work on that.

Friday was…eventful. I had a small situation where I ended up in the emergency room (all is well, I’m totally fine) but hey, now I have a doctor appt so that’s a perk.

It’s been a really fun weekend of not going anywhere but everyone came to us and that’s not a bad thing. We had Alex’s birthday party on Friday and on Sunday all the kids came over to hang with MT before he leaves.

It was a great day and I wanted a group photo and I got thoroughly and completely voted down. I believe the words were “he’s not dying. He’s coming back. We can take a picture then”.

Ugh. Fine. You all look DARLING what the hell??

Let me just tell you I better freakin’ get that photo when MT gets back.


I’m going to attempt to venture out today and…gasp…run. It’s finally cooling down and I think I’m safe enough to make it.  I hope I didn’t just jinx it. I’ll let you know.


This has been THE weekend for running in the Olympics and we have done a great job. Although we don’t take credit for Usain Bolt our love for him knows no bounds. He’s amazing and we tell him every chance we get.


I missed the end of the women’s marathon (surprisingly no one would text me the results when I was in church, how wrong is that?) but the USA totally showed up. We came in 6th, 7th and 9th. The fact that the entire team placed in the top ten is amazing. In 2012 they placed 10th, 11th and Desi Linden had to drop so this was a huge HUGE improvement. Clearly showing they can still make a showing and are contenders not to be dismissed lightly.


Run on..even when it sucks. When it’s hot, when it’s cold, when it’s wet and when you’re tired. Must keep moving…


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I went back in time. I surprised a few people. #bebrave

Wednesday MT #thekidnothestate asked me if I would go shooting with him.

I said sure.


Like it was

So guess what we did on Thursday?

ep. We went shooting.

Because I have to do what I’m afraid of.

When I was little…so SO many years ago….my dad took me shooting with him to the range. It was really just me tagging along with him wherever he went but that was something we did. I really don’t think he knew what to do with me. He didn’t give me a lot of instruction and frankly didn’t have a ton of patience for my little self and his giant .357 revolver. So I sucked it up and did it without complaining even if it did kick so hard it felt like it would leap out of my hands.

I haven’t been since I was so little, and I knew why. Because I knew it would make me think of him. Losing him was so hard. I didn’t want to go there. This is the week of his birthday.  His favorite movie, The Magnificent Seven has been remade and is coming out this fall. So the theaters are filled with previews and it’s all very much on my mind.  And as much as I try and avoid comparisons (I mean, everyone gets tired of them, right? I’ve heard that. I always loved it but some people do tire of it so out of respect in case he does…) he is so much a part of my middle child, that Alex Michael.

This seemed like a perfect time to tackle this giant ~in my face~ fear.

When we pulled up to the range there was a man in front with graying hair and beard wearing a black cowboy hat. He was leaning on a fence…jeans, shirt tucked in…big belt with his buckle right out there. Cowboy boots.

I mean…geez.

That’s not freaky or anything.
(you should know, my dad LIVED in a black hat. No clue where this hat came from. He was being wild that day..)

Then we walked in the building and the smell…the smell… just took my breath.  It’s a working man’s sweat with a little dirty cigarette smoke mixed in with that distinct taste of gunpowder that hangs around in the air. I think my dad figured out where to buy it in a bottle because he always smelled that way. It smelled just like him. This is about when I started to forget what I was there for and just kind of live in the perimeter. I was on the outside watching what was happening..physically there virtually just an observer.

We checked in, got our completely ineffective ear protection, and headed out to the line.  We flipped an imaginary coin and I decided to go first. Face it head on, right? We were using Alex Michael’s .45.  MT #thekidnothestate had spent an hour with me the day before just learning the weapon over and over and over until it was familiar. I expected it to be mean and have a kick. Plus my hands are small.

Still…I fired it and right away...I was twelve again. Just right there. Back on the line with .22 shells in my ears for ear protection (no, that doesn’t work, don’t do that) and standing there aiming for the target with the weapon that’s bigger than I am and the noise that breaks my ears and quite literally shakes my insides…vibrating me to my entire core.  My lungs, my heart, my bones, everything vibrates and almost screams with the noise of it. And I take a deep breath and I prepare to go again.

MT told me to relax and I couldn’t because I had started crying. The gun isn’t freaking me out.

The experience is.

He let me wipe my tears on his t shirt because I just never seem to have a kleenex when I need one and guys wear nice soft t shirts. This boy is a gentleman.

Experience done.

Moving on now. I can do hard things.


When we went to fire Alex’s .30-06 rifle I already knew that sucker would totally kick my ass. So I opted to not.
MT did though. And had a good time. He likes to fidget and fuss and clean everything and make sure it’s all safe and good and waiting for the next time Alex wants them.

A huge thank you to MT taking so much time to do this with me and to be so nice about it. And a thank you to Alex for the loan of his weapons.
***Only paper targets were injured in today’s activities. ***


Run on…

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