Sweet List <3

1.  The Family Dollar across the street. We totally thought it would be the worst thing for our neighborhood and instead we pop over there all the time!  It’s like a small town grocery, they always seem to have the thing we need.

None animated GIF

2.  We got our roof done.  Now…I hesitate to put this on my Sweetlist because the roofers were…well…in a hurry.  They didn’t leave a good impression on us. But we did get it done and that’s all I care about…today.  Tomorrow I’ll deal with the aftermath.

3.  We are spring cleaning (shut up. I know it’s fall) and have stuff on Craigslist.  Selling=winning

reaction animated GIF

4.  I got my new shoes in the mail today and wore them around while I ran a few errands. I know you aren’t supposed to but I do to see if my legs like them.  Those suckers are so pink.

morning animated GIF

5.  I spent today doing virtually nothing until the evening when I ran seventeen errands (I exaggerate but it was a lot) AND made dinner. Ha.  

friends animated GIF

6.  It is so beautiful here this weekend.  I’m grateful for Colorado’s break in the winter freeze.  We are getting snow tomorrow but for now I’m happy. It was perfect today.

7.  MT got his braces off and could NOT be prettier.  I mean, he’s seventeen so he still gives me attitude but he’s cute so I try to overlook it.

He has always looked so much like Sean it’s strange to look at this picture and see my dad in him.

8. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to return some curtain rods. I shouldn’t be allowed in that store.  Of course I didn’t leave empty handed. So much cooking joy.  I left with Anchor Hocking 6″ pie plates in thanksgiving colors.  Individual pie! How freaking cute is THAT?  I actually really love cooking and baking and preparing. But I have no room for all the stuff that makes it way easier.  So I just don’t.  Bed Bath and Beyond reminds me of all the joy I’m missing. LOL

Product Image 1

9.  I am SO excited for the holidays this year! No explanation. Just excited about the decorations and the baking and the family time and the general over all JOY. 

10.  Michelle and I are already planning our races for 2015!  Ha. I’ve totally sucked her in.  :)

Ultimate Running Motivation » I Love Running Magazine

11.  Target used to sell Gummi Bears in little individual packages.


They clearanced them out and I was sad. They TOTALLY brought them back.  #nowImhappy

12.  Asparagus. Random, I know. We are talking about a Brussel Sprout recipe for Thanksgiving and all I can think about is Asparagus.  I love it so much.

love animated GIF

I also think pizza is delicious and yes we’re having that on Thanksgiving, too.  Life is good.

13.  I got my Run for God Devotions book in the mail!  I’m pretty excited.

stephen colbert animated GIF


"Today I will run for the pure, absolute joy." #Runner. This is something far too many runners forget to do. Sometimes you just need to leave the watch at home and ignore your splits and your mileage & do it for the pure bliss that accompanies you on a run. Just do it for you.

Run on…










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It’s my face.


OH man.  I hear this all the time.  ALL THE TIME>

My co worker asked why I was mad…in a fierce whisper because she thought someone had ticked me off.  Uh…no.  I’m just filing stuff. I didn’t know I had to be “on” while I was filing.  ::confused::

Yesterday another co worker said, “Teresa is all ways irritated about somethin'”.

I have no idea what he was talking about.

But in all fairness he curses like a sailor and I throw paper clips at him every time he says a sexist comment.  That COULD be what he’s talking about. ;)


Going for a run this morning. I have a billion errands to run and we have a birthday dinner at my cute daughters house so this is a busy day.

Oh…did I mention that yesterday strange men came to my house and asked me “what color you want your gutters? same color?”

Um. Who are you?

Apparently they are the roofers and the roofing guy forgot to call and say, “Hey Teresa!  We’re gonna do your roof on Thursday!”

So. yeah. THAT was unexpected.


My shoes come today.  I am trying not to get excited :)

How’d I do?

I had to return the extremely bright pink ones (I was so SO disappointed, I know you can read that in my “voice”) because they screwed with my leg pretty bad in a little two mile treadmill run.  My achilles still haven’t recovered. Ridiculous.

But I went back to Brooks Adrenaline’s and GUESS WHAT?? Yep.

They only had them in extremely bright pink. LOL


Apparently the universe wants me to have bright shoes.

Wish they were orange. I really like orange.

The sacrifices we make…


Off to Runner’s World What to Wear feature to figure out the best option for my run this morning. It’s 33*.

I have to switch up some of their suggestions because Denver is not your average town.  At a mile high we’re warmer than your average destination. But it’s still pretty handy. :)


Check out this fun playlist…perfect for the holidays.

Holiday Running Playlist.jpg



Don't let the weather keep you from getting your sweat on!  @espnW

This is a new kind of motivation. It’s called bossy. LOL

Run on… and enjoy the crisp cool air. 

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I am average.


Middle of the road.




I have always known this.  It’s not a newsflash to me.   Don’t we all wish we were better than average?

       1. I’m a bank teller. Though I usually joke I’m “in banking”.   I lost count at the number of friends who have commented they also were bank tellers…when they were in college.

movie animated GIF

       2. I never finished college and now that I’m older the pull to finish waffles between ~must finish now!~ and ~it’s going to be so much work…do I really need it?~

yep. I know college is overrated. The people that say that have degrees. Just sayin’.

       3.  I run.  Nobody else does THAT.

tom hiddleston animated GIF

     4.  I run marathons. Like…every other person who runs.  In 2013 there were  583,502 marathon finishers.



     5.  I write a blog.  I KNOW.  That’s a total new one.  ;)


Hmm. Where was I going with this?

confused animated GIF


Oh yeah.

I read so many blogs written by twenty-somethings and as much as I love them,  there never seems to be a blog written by a forty something who is just an average runner.  Guess that’s me.  Seriously it would be awesome to read about a dedicated strong runner who is not exceptional. She doesn’t run  7 and 8 minute miles.   Just normal miles.  Is that normal? Maybe I need to up my game. Maybe I’m below average. Yikes. That’s not a pleasant thought.  

So here I am. Representing the Average People.  ::maybe?::

the office animated GIF

I should rename the blog.

The Average Runner. 

Check this out.  This is how I roll.  I did a search and there are a few blogs out there titling their average runner status.

The Average Woman’s Running Blog

Tales from an Average Runner

Then there’s this one:

It’s kind of hilarious.

Romance for Athletes

I have to admit..I was laughing.  So yeah…I might read it again. It provided some mild entertainment. 

Diary of an Average Runner

And here is a perfect example of how the bar for average seems to have definitely been moved up.  This girl, who ran an ultra, was in a marathon and someone offered to pace her.  She was stressing to them that an 8:30 average was a little fast for her to hold a conversation WHILE she ran.  It would be enough for her to run that for FOUR HOURS>  

I would be dead at mile 1.  pfft. 8:30 mile. That’s insane.

Starting to think I’m not average.

Now I’m depressed.

depressed animated GIF

I love Charlie Brown…

Here’s my thought.  (one of them? So many I am convoluted today)

Be strong. Be your own runner.  Be your own athlete.

We hear this all the time but it’s said for a reason.

Try to remember you are good enough. You are strong enough. You are capable and frankly you are setting a good example. Keep up the good work.

And if you get a wild hair, write about it.

Not average, awesome!

love it

Run on…it’s a good day for a run.  Unless you’re in Buffalo. :( (good thoughts for everyone there)

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Anyone ever do an ultra?


If you were going to run an ultramarathon, what distance would you choose? *an ultra is technically anything farther than 26.2 miles

I’ve kind of always wanted to do one. But I don’t like to do things that are popular so…kind of not, too.  Although I do that marathon thing  so I guess I’m sucked into the trend. #dontspreaditaround

why animated GIF

The 50k appears to be the most popular, there are a billion of them. And I’m in the freaking running capital of the world here.

We have some of the most kickass ultras and they are much farther than 50k. I mean, the whole world knows about the  Leadville Trail 100.  My friend’s dad has done it a couple of times.

It’s an incredible race that has to be completed in under 30 hours (less than half complete it in that time limit) and of course, you must run 100 miles.  Through the mountains of Colorado. At serious SERIOUS altitude.

Now…I think that would be freakin’ cool. But there’s no way I could complete it in the 30 hours so I just wouldn’t even want to attempt it.  I’ll admire from afar and put it on my list of things I’d love to do but my body says I don’t think so. #nobostonhere

One of my friends, okay, it’s Michelle, is trying to talk me into doing an ultra. She’s thinking I’d be pretty well trained because of my current fitness level.

I would probably choose the 50k because it is so easy to find.  And also, hello, it’s already freaking 30 miles. LOL

I may do it. I may wait until next fall or spring of 2016. I’m already on board for two races in 2015 and I don’t want to screw those up but I also think a marathon in 2015 would be good to keep the training up.  And I have a lot more work to do to upgrade my fitness and be ready for that task.  It does sound like my kind of thing though.


Crazy, but on that same note, my friend Kat forwarded me this Runner’s World article about an ultra runner (clearly far more talented than I could ever hope to be) here in Boulder who was bit by a rattlesnake. Her story is SO unbelievable. Some people are just gifted with strong.

Read the article. But beware it’s a little graphic.


My friend Erin has started writing a blog. It’s called Make.Believe. And since she’s an incredibly talented teacher, (she’s currently teaching ESOL), and she’s fluent in Russian. Hello…total envy.  And she has really good taste. In pretty much everything.

She’s a runner, a teacher,  she knits (you lose me there) and she posts pictures of her cute outfits and her cute dog!  I love her dog. He’s SO pretty.  I told her how impressed I was she was posting photos of herself!  I am so self conscious I never do. She said she was trying very hard and putting herself out there. It’s scary!

In honor of Miss Erin, here is my outfit today for work.




Run on…and brave new worlds.


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Rookie Move

  • An estimated 1 in 133 Americans, or about 1% of the population, has celiac disease
  • It is estimated that 83% of Americans who have celiac disease are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions.
  • 5-22% of celiac patients have an immediate family member (1st degree relative) who also has celiac.
  • A 100% gluten-free diet is the only existing treatment for celiac today.
  • 1 in 22 first-degree family members (parent, child, sibling) and 1 in 39 second-degree family members (aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandparent, grandchild and half-sibling) are at risk for celiac disease. Your risk may double if your brother or sister has celiac disease.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:


Bloating and gas



Itchy skin rash

Tingling or numbness

Pale mouth sores

joint pain




discolored teeth



Sean and I went to breakfast after his appointment this morning.  We found a darling new restaurant called Three Little Griddles.  I found it on Find Me Gluten Free. It’s a handy little app I’ve used many times, especially handy in New York.

This place is so great.  It’s a family run breakfast/lunch/brunch place and it’s darling.  Really small (that would be the downside because apparently it’s packed with a wait time on the weekends) but cute.  Waiter was SO nice.  Menu is awesome.

I ordered French Toast.  I could die I was so excited to get gluten free French Toast. I haven’t made it myself nor had it since I was diagnosed.  I did specify that I needed gluten free. 

When it came it looked so decadently gluten filled I was nervous to eat it.  But I did anyway.  I ate about 1/3 of it. Then I thought of the syrup.

Holy smokes. Was it gluten free? Why didn’t I ask??  I called the waiter over and inquired about the syrup. He said he’d check but he was sure it was.  A few minutes later he came back to reassure me it was gluten free and that’s when I knew.

I just had a bad feeling.

I asked if the gluten free French Toast was prepared on a different surface or the same as regular French Toast and pancakes.

He said the same surface. 

How could I have been so stupid?  What were my mistakes?  Pretty basic rookie stuff.

  1. Greet the waiter and then state very clearly that “I’m Celiac” and ask if every precaution could please be made?
  2. Question where and how the food is prepared based on the next information.
  3. When I order, make sure all ingredients are gluten free. 

Remember we are still in the “gluten free trendy” diet phase.  So people will order their meal gluten free and promptly ask for a cinnamon roll to go with it (this place is famous for their cinnamon rolls. Often sold out very early). Though that’s simply an example, it leads to the next issue. If I’m simply ordering gluten free they don’t know how serious I really am.

I have to give an actual medical diagnosis to be taken seriously.  I have to share with the world, “so, I’m Celiac.  Can you take extra care on that preparation to avoid cross contamination? Thanks!”

I don’t love that. I don’t like walking around shouting my diagnosis from the rooftops. But unfortunately it really does touch every part of your life.

Anyone that chooses to go gluten free to lose weight should be embarrassed to order that incredible French Toast.

I sent it back with the waiter.  Sad.day.

I’m not sure I’ve ever known in advance without a shadow of a doubt I have been glutened but here it is. I know it now. So frustrating, something so basic that could have been controlled.

They were so nice and even took it off our bill for us. Reassured me if I had TOLD them I was Celiac, they would ensure it was very safe for me.  I guess that’s a good thing.

I’d go back.

It was still counted as a bad morning. My fault. I know better.


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Definitely not Elsa

So I ran outside today.

It was the first time I put the shoes to the pavement (or treadmill) since the marathon.

I gave myself a full week off and then I got sick. Ha. Life, right?

So I finally felt pretty good today and talked myself into winter running.


A little backstory.

Last year when I was running my 13 half marathons…I was struggling.

To find the energy…to feel good enough…to just get it done.

I didn’t run nearly as much as I should as we headed into winter. It felt harder than usual. Colder than usual. I had way more aches and pains than usual.

I actually ditched a race that was SO cold I thought I’d never recover if I ran it.

Now in all fairness it was like…-7* or something crazy like that but still…I felt completely unprepared to deal with those temps.


Back to this morning, I was pretty ready to go even knowing what I was heading into…whaaaat???

shocked animated GIF

mean girls animated GIF

I headed out and finished six fabulous miles. It was 14*.

frozen animated GIF

It was gorgeous and snowing giant fluffy flakes.

and it was cold.

Yes I would have preferred it to be even ten degrees warmer (am I greedy if I ask for 15?) but I did it and felt pretty awesome.

Score one for the Celiac.

excited animated GIF


What I wore to run in the cold…

NYC Marathon Favorite™ Long Sleeve

In particular, this was my New York City Marathon running shirt and it’s awesome. That is all.



Very similar to this one only slightly more fitted and a black hood.  I got it at Walmart clearanced for $9.95 and I love it. I’ve worn it to death.  Running gear does not have to be expensive.  You can get great deals at Walmart and Target and I’ve totally bought running clothes at thrift stores.  Utilize your resources.

Don’t scrimp on shoes.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Under Armour UA Mesh II Skull Cap

similar to this one…but it says “Colder Boulder” on it from a race a few years ago

Run Mitt, Black, dynamic

  • iPod (c’mon, you thought I’d go without?…also, you don’t need a photo of that. Self explanatory :) )
  • neck gaitor


And it goes without saying I had my running shoes on.  The New Balance.  They hurt.  Shopping for new shoes now. I think I’ll go back to my Brooks. They never steered me wrong.

After I changed my clothes it occurred to me I should have taken a photo but because it was after the fact, this is what you get. Sorry!


I spent the day having an Amazon Prime Parenthood marathon.


Yeah, it's cold.  Run anyway.



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Things that make me anxious.

I missed yesterday…I couldn’t log in and it was giving me a head-ick.  (That is a MTism from when he was like…three. LOL)
Here you go and I’m sorry for the GIF-mania.  I was out of control!

1.  Spiders

You are so not getting any kind of a photo for this. Sorry. ::shudder::

2.  Being lost


except that I’m the mom.  And I can’t find my way out of a paper bag. Thank GOD (and I’m serious with that) they invented GPS.  #lovethesmartphone

3.  Being late

the lord of the rings animated GIF

4.  A messy disorganized house.  Good Lord you should see it right now.

None animated GIF

I’m trying very hard to simply tackle one thing at a time. It’s working out GREAT. ::chewingnails::

5.  The thought I might be paying a bill late

money animated GIF

stress animated GIF

6.  Hate mail.  I call it that when someone tells me off via mail, email or FB posts.   So stressful to me.  Too many bad experiences. The irony is I love email and use it primarily for contact with people.  I still stress.

black and white animated GIF

7.  procrastinating

nicolas cage animated GIF

It really doesn’t.  Walk away and come back to it in a half hour.  After you’ve done laundry or something productive….see #4

8.  Work and relationships:
work animated GIF

work animated GIF

9.  The phone ringing. I have to answer a ringing phone. Pretty sure that’s an OCD thing. (none of these other things are, clearly..LOL)

The Comeback HBO animated GIF

Ha. That’s me.  Sorry…gotta go. Phone’s ringing! (but I’ll call you back, it just might be my kid)

10.  People that bully. Whether they are kids or grown adults, I will say the grown adults tick me off more. Apparently it’s ok if you’re a grown up?  It’s called ~telling it like it is and if you don’t like it well you don’t have to be my friend.  I’m a grown up and I can do what I want~. Well I don’t like it.  I have no patience for it but am seriously anxious because I know I have to deal with it if I see it. I will work myself sick.

seinfeld animated GIF

like animated GIF

I have never been that person that doesn’t care what people think.

please animated GIF

Nope.  The cool train didn’t even slow down for me.


I bet there ten things more I could add but I’ll cut it off now. Suffice it to say I’m a worrier.

*anxiety about my kids is simply understood and we should consider that on the list but everyone knows it.


Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. – Romans 5:1

Do it

profound, right?  I think so too.

Run on…even if you suck.

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Ten songs I love but are not necessarily my favorites though some of them truly are.

I get a lot of questions about what kind of music I like.  That’s a difficult question to answer so I’ll just post some of my “favorites for life” and some of what I’m currently listening to non stop.
1.  Amazing Grace ~ Il Divo.  I would like this played at my funeral please.   It’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

2.  One Day ~ Matisyahu.  I don’t even know where I first heard this song but I love it so much.  It has feel good and hope in it.

3.  Carry On ~ Fun. This  makes me run stronger. 

4.  It’s a Beautiful Life ~ Fisher.  A bad reality show’s commercial brought this pretty little song to my world.  I like the song a lot.

5.  A Heart in New York ~ Simon and Garfunkel (I already loved this song….years and years before I went to New York).

6. Scarborough Fair ~Simon and Garfunkel. Their songs have my heart.

7.  Murder in the City ~ The Avett Brothers>  I loved this song the instant I heard it.  I love the whole tone of The Avett Brothers.

8.  Let the River Run ~Knightsbridge.  Probably the only eighties song I like. (NOT a fan of the eighties.  Sorry to anyone who loves it more than pizza). 

9.  I and Love and You ~ The Avett Brothers.  Same as above.

10.  Blessed Assurance ~an old gospel hymn my dad used to sing while he played his guitar. I have it from Alan Jackson. Really good memories and a beautiful song. ~Frances J. Crosby



Fulfill Our Dreams- Mumford Print


Run on…love your music.

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11 facts about the military I took from other sourced sites but they’re still pretty interesting.

1.   At 65, the USAF is the youngest of the five military branches.

The other branches’ respective ages:

  • Army: 237 years old (June 14)
  • Navy: 236 years old (Oct. 13)
  • Marine Corps: 236 years old (Nov. 10)
  • Coast Guard: 222 years old (Aug. 4)

2.  The top fighter jet ace in the U.S. Air Force is Joseph C. McConnell.

An “ace” is a pilot who has shot down five or more enemy aircraft. The top jet ace in U.S. Air Force history is Joseph C. McConnell, a “triple ace” who shot down sixteen MiG fighters during the Korean War. He did this over a four-month period in 1953—including downing three MiGs on his last mission before returning to the United States. For his actions in combat, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star. In 1954, he was killed while test piloting an F-86H fighter-bomber. His record as top jet ace still stands.

3Chuck Norris didn’t join the Air Force. The Air Force joined Chuck Norris.

Carlos Ray Norris enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1958 and served in South Korea as an Air Policeman. There, he developed an interest in martial arts, and earned the nickname Chuck.

Today, the Air Police career field of which he was a part is known as Security Forces, and qualified airmen are trained in both military policing and airbase ground defense. Their pipeline is held at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, and the U.S. Army’s Camp Bullis in Bexar County, Texas. 22% of Air Force casualties in Iraq were Security Forces airmen.

4. The first retired Marine to ever receive an honorary promotion was in a Stanley Kubrick movie.

In Full Metal Jacket, actor Tim Colceri is famous for his helicopter scene wherein he says over machine gun fire, “Anyone who runs is a VC. Anyone who stands still is a well-disciplined VC.” He would have been even more famous in the part for which he was originally cast—as the strict and unrelenting senior drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. That role, however, went to R. Lee Ermey, who had been hired for the film as a technical advisor.

Ermey, a former Marine drill sergeant and Vietnam veteran, filmed a tense 20-minute reel of himself in character dressing down and squaring away the movie’s extras, without repeating himself, all while being pelted with tennis balls and oranges. When director Stanley Kubrick saw the video, he recast Ermey for the role on the spot.

Hartman became perhaps the most famous gunnery sergeant in the history of the Corps. Ermey, however, retired as a Staff Sergeant. In 2002, the Marine Corps granted him an honorary promotion in accordance with the rank for which he is most associated. He is the first retiree in the history of the Marines to receive such an honor.

5  From the Halls of Montezuma…

The Marines’ Hymn famously begins, “From the Halls of Montezuma…” This refers to the Battle of Chapultepec in 1847, in which U.S. Marines conquered Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, and subsequently occupied the city as part of the Mexican-American War. The battle is also famous (according to Marine tradition) for the establishment of the “blood stripe,” a red stripe sewn into the trousers of the uniform commemorating the Marines killed at Chapultepec.

 …To the shores of Tripoli

In 1801, the United States decided to do something about piracy in the Mediterranean, and President Jefferson sent in the Navy. In 1805, the Marines finished the job. The Battle of Derne, on the shores of Tripoli during the First Barbary War, was the decisive action of the war, and the first overseas land battle fought by the United States military.

In 2011, the U.S. Marine Corps returned to Libya as part of Operation Odyssey Dawn.

6.  The Army = Wyoming + Vermont

As of 2010, there were approximately 562,000 active duty soldiers, 205,000 reserve soldiers, and 362,000 soldiers in the National Guard for a total of 1,129,000 members of the U.S. Army. For comparison, that’s about the size of the total population of Swaziland, so they should think twice before annoying the United States.

7.  A majority of presidents wore the uniform.

Twenty-four presidents served in the Army, to include the various state militias, which supported the Army during the American Revolution and the Civil War. (Excluding the militias, you lose Captain Abraham Lincoln and Brigadier General Chester A. Arthur, among others, on your Fantasy Army team). Of them, 23 were officers, with Private James Buchanan earning distinction as the only enlisted man to ever be elected president. Teddy Roosevelt is the only president to have been awarded the Medal of Honor, albeit posthumously. (Notably, Roosevelt even volunteered for service in World War I—ten years after having served as president.) There’s even some overlap in service: That guy holding the flag in that painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware? James Monroe. William McKinley’s commander in the 23rd Ohio Infantry? Rutherford B. Hayes.

If all of the presidents came back as zombies and put on a uniform, George Washington would be the highest-ranking member of the armed forces, having been posthumously promoted to General of the Armies of the United States in 1976. His second-in-command would be General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower. (Trivia: Ike was born David Dwight Eisenhower.)

8. All submariners are volunteers.

Most attack submarines in the U.S. Navy are 33-feet wide, and about the length of a football field. Ballistic missile submarines are the length of the Washington Monument. Submarines stay submerged for months at a time. There are no windows, there is no night and day, you have fifteen square feet of living space and no privacy—and there’s a nuclear reactor right behind you. (They don’t just let anyone in a submarine. All submariners are volunteers, and have passed rigorous psychological and physical tests. Claustrophobics need not apply.) Those serving on submarines are among the most highly trained personnel in the military.

9How does the Navy name its ships?

In 1819, the United States Congress placed the Secretary of the Navy in charge of naming ships—a power he or she still enjoys. Generally, names are compiled by the Naval Historical Center based on the suggestions of the public, sailors, and retirees, and from naval history. The Chief of Naval Operations formally signs and recommends the list to the Secretary. Ships named for individuals are christened by “the eldest living female descendent” of that individual. Commissioned ships are prefixed with USS, which stands for United States Ship. Though the convention had been in use since the late eighteenth century, it was not standardized or formalized until 1907, by Teddy Roosevelt.

10.  The Coast Guard by the numbers:

According to the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Resource Center, on an average day, the Coast Guard conducts 109 searches and rescues, saves ten lives, seizes 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine worth $9,589,000.00, and investigates six vessel casualties.

11The Coast Guard doesn’t belong to the Department of Defense.

The United States Coast Guard is the only branch of military service that doesn’t belong to the Defense Department. Rather, it is an arm of the Department of Homeland Security. Before the establishment of the DHS in 2002, it belonged to the Department of Transportation. Before that, it belonged to the Treasury Department. During a declared war, the Department of Defense can take operational control of the Coast Guard.

source for #1

Source for #2-11

Happy Veteran’s Day to Sean, Alex Michael, Corey Joe, Daddy, Bill, my brother in law Andrew, my friend Nicky, her husband Paul and of course, my friend Kristen. Of course, also to Holly and Chris Meis in sweet honor of their boy Steele.




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My very selfish ten.

1.  Manicures. I have terrible nails. Terrible. And the Celiac really just destroys them. So I get a manicure as often as I can to keep my nails and hands in good condition.

parks and recreation animated GIF

2.  I drive very far (from Denver to Colorado Springs) to get my hair done from my friend, Miss Anna.  She’s been doing my hair for twelve years I think?  and as she moved farther South, I followed her. She’s awesome.

toy story animated GIF

3.  Pedicures.  I don’t get them often but they are so worth it.

marie antoinette animated GIF

4.  Good shoes.  You might see a foot theme here.  I joke about buying shoes all the time but I work very hard to not buy cheap shoes so I don’t buy very often.   I am naturally on my feet morning to late late night and if my shoes aren’t comfortable then it feeds into my running and working the next day.

5.  Quality shampoo/conditioner.  This is a tough one.  I have a really nice set right now, it isn’t awesome but it’s good.  But now everything has to be gluten free so tack on some dollar signs there.  I need to venture out and try a few others and see what I think.  But I have naturally terrible hair so I need to take care of it.

andrew garfield animated GIF

The same is true for the opposite.

6.  Make up.  I try to mix it up so the unimportant stuff is simply gluten/cruelty free but still inexpensive. But the higher quality needs to be a base/concealer.  It’s a little tricky to find one that has everything (including sunscreen) but I figure I can spend a little more on that and scrimp with Wet ‘n Wild on the other things.  Softlips.  I go through so much it’s my cheap indulgence.

7.  Cupcakes. If I come across a really good gluten free cupcake, budget to the wind. I must have it.

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8.  Traveling. I am the worst. I love it so much. I’ll throw everything out the window and announce I’m totally going on a trip to do this or that.  Sean has never minded this and usually encourages it. Though he’d probably like to go along sometimes. Ha.  Bad timing, always.

9.  Books.  Audio and regular. I don’t even think twice.  I love books so much. When Sean and I first got married and survived on $12 I remember him telling me (after I expressed my need for a book and lack of funding) that we can always always afford a new book and he encouraged that as much as possible.  We continued that with our kids.  ~I have to run to the bookstore~ became…~the family goes and expect to lose your budgeting mind.~ #worthit

books animated GIF

book animated GIF

10.  Races.  I don’t do a lot but if I want to do one….I just do. I don’t question the timing, the cost (within reason) or the training involved. I usually decide in the half second from when I saw the webpage or a friend asked me. I’m totally in.  Because….running.

::sigh:: yeah.

And still we pay for the pleasure.


Wildman Mud Run. We have downhills, bogs, ponds & rivers. Register now http://www.wildcorewildman.com/ #mudrun

Run on…and I hope you get a downhill along the way.


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