Things I learned this week.

Gluten free cake, even without frosting, makes life better

Don’t pick up Gummi Bears off the floor when you own pets

Hot dogs cook faster when you plug the grill in

Don’t give your child your credit card to rent a Redbox even if he swears he’ll turn them in the next day.  ~The road to hell and all that…~

I am the only person at my job who knows the alphabet

If you get a bank alert that you changed something on your online account, and you may want to call the bank…don’t call the bank right away.  First call each person you are on an account with. RE: each of your children. Money says they did it (yes, it was 2am, teenagers don’t sleep) and you’ll just end up a little embarrassed if you go with the bank first.

Though I really already knew this, it will take 472 trips to the hardware store to finish a project, any project ~big or small~ that you are working on in your house.


My friend called me to tell me how sad she was that her friend’s mom died and she was only 47 years old. That’s how old she and I are. She said, “don’t you feel old now?”


I feel sad now. That her mom died so young. What a tragic loss.

People ask me all the time
“don’t you feel old”

No. Guess I should.



As I drove to work yesterday morning these thoughts went through my head:


is it really possible to hit every light?

the cold. it’s so cold.

I miss church. I wish I had gone more often.

I wish I had a radio.

I wish my car was clean

It’s so interesting to watch the world in their everydayness. 

Must go to work

Must meet a friend.

Must pick up groceries.

must pay that bill.

why is my car making that noise?

And my friend stopped eating and my friend stopped drinking and my friend is going to stop breathing.

And my friend is going to stop living.

and her little family will have suffered a loss so utterly deep they will struggle to breathe

and the world will keep turning.

and people will still run their errands.

and go to work

and pick up groceries.

and pay their bills.

and I’ll be forever and completely a different person and no one will know.

they’ll be lovely and pass on sympathy when they hear of the funeral

I’m so sorry for your loss.

how did she die?

so awful

and so young..

nothing wrong with these things. at all…

except clearly no one is in any way able to x ray  into my soul and see

that somehow my organs must be different

my bones

my tissue. the makeup that generally makes me who I am.

it must be different. because there is no way I can still be me. I don’t feel like me

I feel completely not me

I can tell because the change is happening already.

I don’t even know if she’s gone and it’s happening already.

I can feel it.

I am different.

and yes…in case anyone is wondering…if ever I needed a would be now.


Running quote


Run on….

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Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

I love Simon and Garfunkel. Love them.
I know I haven’t posted.

I’m not very good at this job.

I don’t follow the rules.

Regular posts.

Looking for advertisers.

Happiness all the time!

Food posts!

Okay…I think I’m fairly cheerful.

And I occasionally post a food idea when I come up with a good recipe.

But it’s the exception for sure.

I apologize for being a rule breaker.

Born a rebel.

art animated GIF


So just to be clear, If you stop by and read here, you’re going to get real life.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

film animated GIF

I love you, Clint.

You’re going to get the days my Celiac sucks and I’m itchy and throwing up and sore and migrained and it’s a rough day all around.

You’re going to get the days my boss yelled at me and I was sad…Some days are just going to be harder than others, right?

You’re going to get the days I fully intend to work out and instead painted my house for like three freaking weeks straight.

Yeah…it hasn’t been that long but it will be. It’s a lot of work…painting.

And you’re going to get the days when my workout is a mile and a half on the treadmill because my head hurts, my Celiac sucks and I’m itchy and don’t feel good. But hey…I got up and moved. And that’s something. And it’s pretty rare these days for it to kick in this bad anymore so I can’t really complain.

But you’re also going to get the Sweet List days.

And the posts of too much joy for my husband, my life, my run, my workouts, my yoga, my kids, that sweet boy who is my get the drift. So many things I post about that are happy.

cupcakes. I mean, really.  Total happy.

There’s going to be a  balance here because this is real life.

Right this moment my head doesn’t hurt, I’m sitting in bed writing a post, hangin’ with Sean as we watch NYPD Blue and it’s pretty awesome. I am nearly perfectly happy.

happy animated GIF


I love everything about this website and if Denver didn’t already have record breaking snow, I’d order just for their creativity.

I’ve heard this actually does help, so I’m giving it a try. I’m not sure I’ll be quite as crazy about it as this person though. I Drank Warm Honey Lemon Water Every Morning for a Year. Here’s What Happened.

Loving the Tweets from the Great Llama Escape

and these

I’m so easily amused.

The Oxford Dictionary has added the word Janky and I like it. It added several other words, but I don’t really care about those.  Janky, though…I could use that.


Finishing my posts, going to work, coming home to workout (I think this means run…it’s cold and I don’t think I want to go anywhere) and then…

wait for it…

paint. You guess it.

You guys are so smart!

Hungry for more miles. Get ready for the road ahead and make your half marathon training experience one to remember. #werunsf

Run on…(and if you’re cold…stay warm)

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Better get healthy first.

I’ve been tracking my food and my exercise for two weeks.  It helps watch what my migraine triggers are and keeps me away from the donuts.

Who am I kidding.

I’d eat all the donuts if I could.

I miss donuts.

But really…I tracked and exercised and tracked and exercised and it got me nowhere. I am exactly where I was two weeks ago.

This was a sad morning when I got on the scale.

Okay, it wasn’t really sad because I am pretty comfortable at my weight..I just wanted to see if I could have a little control, right?  Could I actually make a difference and tone up that last little bit.

So then I went to Boulder and the gluten monster sucked all my joy.

Spending the week throwing up,  wouldn’t you think I’d be a freakin’ size 2 by now?

no animated GIF


Your body goes into starvation mode so it clings to everything and won’t give it up.

disney animated GIF


I told Sean I was so tired of being sick I wasn’t going to eat anymore. It just wasn’t worth it.

I’ll be  the National Enquirer headline:

Woman stops eating~ GAINS TEN POUNDS!

So I was a little discouraged but it’s my only guess. I’m going to keep working on small meals that don’t upset my stomach and see if that helps me get back on track with the gluten issue.

Also, I may never eat out again.



I’m going to try and head to the gym after work.  Alex is sick with either the stomach flu or food poisoning.

I’ve been feeding him so I guess I secretly hope it’s stomach flu so I didn’t make him this sick.

But I also don’t want anyone else to have the stomach flu.

I admit I totally don’t know which I’d prefer.  I get it. That’s a little wrong. Still thinkin’ it though.

He’s been growing his hair out since he got out of the Marines on terminal leave in June.  So…8 months?  Wow. I didn’t realize it had been that long.  It’s long and dark and thick and gorgeous and even though I LOVE short hair, it’s really pretty hair.

Shoot. I was trying to find a picture but he’s very sneaky and the only pictures he’s in, he’s wearing his hat. He is trying to make it long enough for a  pony tail and it’s SOCLOSE. 

Until yesterday. When he cut it all off.

I didn’t even recognize him. And it looks like he lost ten pounds. So weird.

But he looks amazing with short hair (he’s very pretty. I have really really pretty kids) so I’ll take it.


Run on…


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Get your zen on…

Wondered where I’ve been?

I’ve been painting.  That usually takes any extra time from my life for a awhile. And in this case…well…I’m going to definitely juggle things. This is a big project.

I spent the weekend prepping the house.

I LOVE paint. It gives a home a completely new look for very little cost.

or in my case…a lot of cost because I have a lot to paint.

This is what happens when I get a wild hair to change things.

It’s been far too long, we were long overdue for a fix up into a new year.

I spent a lot of time on Houzz looking for good ideas and great paint colors.  In the end I think it definitely helped but I have to go onto the site with my eyes wide open.  I can easily get overwhelmed AND disheartened.  Who lives in these homes?

funny animated GIF

Sunday I painted most of the day but ended early enough to throw one little mile on the treadmill. :)

Monday came and hit me like a brick wall.

bad day animated GIF

It was just a really hard day and at the end of the day I got practically nothing done and held mostly nothing in.

That would be a Celiac thing for me.  When I accidentally ingest gluten, my stomach rebels for a little while and I’m still dealing with it from our Boulder weekend.

So I threw everything to the side and decided painting would be my zen.  I also called it exercise.

Does that count?  I’m making it count.

also…I have a pretty great husband. But I won’t brag. Anymore. Today.

Today my plan is little meals all day to see if my stomach can start to like me again.

Then I will try and finish the kitchen tonight and hopefully run to the gym for a little elliptical.

And maybe just reset my  brain for joy.

joy animated GIF


I did watch most of the Oscars, by the way…did you?

I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris and still thought…Dude.  Must be a lot of pressure because you do not seem relaxed. Even in your underwear.

However, the after party resulted in THIS:

And now I (the photographer in me) am very very happy.

Thank you Mark Seliger.


Oh…one more thing before I leave you with some zen for the day.

Gluten Dude, who is not my favorite person but he is a wealth of information and he’s coming from a good place,  is an incredible resource for Celiacs and gluten sensitivity patients.  He posted a ridiculous poem today on his blog/Pinterest/FB that basically said…~hey check this out.  I feel BETTER on Probiotics and Vitamin B-Complex~.  It’s hard to discuss bodily functions. It just really is. But when there are no resources for it, you really are grateful to find anything. So I guess we’ll take the ridiculous poem if that’s the way to get the info.

And anyone with these issues…it’s worth the try for sure.  Stop at the drugstore.


"Beauty is a light in the heart" ~ Kahlil Gibran #yoga

Get your zen on…yoga today. 

Health and happiness to you…and of course…joy~


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Snow soldiers.

Denver has been expecting a snowfall.

We got it yesterday. I put off my run but headed out anyway.

I’ve run in snow and frankly, it’s one of my very favorite times to run.

The world is quiet. The traffic is down. And the landings are soft.

I didn’t want to get totally stranded so I watched the weather and before it really started coming in I put on those shoes and hit the road.

I always have a lot going on so I tend to stall on the run. I know that sounds like the exact opposite of what someone who loves to run would do but my OCD brain must always fit in one more task. Just one more….one more.

Too many tasks.

So by the time I hit the road, the snow was actually just starting to fall in that “I’m in a movie” kind of way.

snow animated GIF

There were no sounds sans my music coming through.

I chose slower tunes to match my mood…and the weather.

The snow started fast and hit the trees first. The wind was strong.

As I ran under a tree, the music setting my pace, the world around me quiet, the strong breeze blew the snow off the tree and snowflakes fell soft  and  down onto me giving me my own private blizzard.

Within a mile or two it began to come down heavy with big giant  flakes that came at me hard and fast like they were snow soldiers in formation and their orders were to take me down.

But I wasn’t having it. I powered through and kept running.

This is the part of the story where I tell you I was fast. I was strong. I was invincible.

Best. run. ever.

Well, no. It was hard.

It’s been a long time of building up the running and healing so the new runs on the painful hills are just not that easy for me.

But I allowed myself the time to heal and I stopped when I needed to stop.

I walked when I needed to walk.

and I ran when I could run.

And at the end of the day…I got my five miles in.

It was good. It was better than good. Because I love to run in the snow. And I love to run.

And running for me is good, even when it’s bad. 

I knew this even when I was running yesterday. I thanked God for the opportunity.

I thanked God for the clear sidewalks

the healthy body

the ability to get the run done even though it was hard

and the gift of knowing this is what I need. 

It’s never about running fast, beating someone, it’s not even about a particular race.

It’s just about my run. 

I hope this day you are able to get a piece of what you need to help you power through this difficult winter.

Unless you’re in a warm climate, in which case we’re not speaking to you.

Long May You Run... My dad has this tattooed on his arm, I would love to get a version of it somewhere also...

Run on…


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We are gettin’ the snow Ya’ll.

It’s Friday.

We are about to get MASSIVE snow.



I am prepared.

Grocery shopping done.

We are going to hibernate in the house for the weekend.

I have one more stop to make after work and then we’re good.

We’re out of cheese.

excited animated GIF


Alex  can’t live without cheese. His world may end.

So I’ll be stopping at the store for that. Then I’m good.


Sean and I have a strict policy when we leave hotel rooms.

Crawl around on the floor. Look under everything.

Look in closets and drawers.

Under beds and chairs.

cracks and crevices.

This is a great policy and we’ve never left anything behind except MT’s pillow.

In our defense, it had a white pillow case and matched the bed and hello…it was MT. We figured the OCD kid had that under control.

I mean, we have to shower afterwards because we’ve crawled around on hotel floors but hey, we leave with all our stuff. 

This time, however, we were in a rush to leave and my brain had shut down completely.

I totally knew it wasn’t working and even recognized I was leaving the room without my usual check.

Alas, we left  an entire bag of clothes. Ridiculous.

At least it wasn’t just me.  Sean left stuff, too.

arrested development animated GIF


I KNOW.  I am CRAZY neurotic about hotel rooms but Sean is crazy neurotic about his stuff. The man  never loses anything.

So he’s going to Boulder after work to get all our things. ::shakeshead::  That’s no embarrassing at all.

I am hoping to zip home from work and super fast go for a run.

Don’t misunderstand. My run won’t BE superfast.  I just need to get on the road as quick as I can before any really horrible weather hits.

Worst case, I’ll treadmill. Thank the good Lord for the treadmill.

Then relax in my slippers and sweaters.


I did 30 minutes of yoga yesterday morning and just a quick two and half miles on the treadmill about 11pm last night.

I feel so bad for everyone’s weather. I hope you all are staying warm and dry.

And if you are in warm climate…


It’s really in your best interest to not share the weather update. Just a healthy suggestion.


Run on…






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Get your motivation on…

I love motivation posters. I mean…I love them.

I could post ten of them a day.

They make me happy.You know what I’m talking about.

The quotes that hit you deep in your soul to that part of you that says yes. this is truly why I run. this is it. This person spoke the words I have tried to come up with. I feel them every time I put my shoes on and head out the door. With every step on the road. With every beat of the song. With every hope in my heart. This is what I’m trying to say. Thank God someone was able to come up with the words.

These are the kinds of motivational posters that do that for me:

health, quotes, sayings, meaningful, inspiring, run, feet


Best RUN quote and why I run alone.


I’ve been running since I was about ten years old.  That’s like…35+ years,  People. That’s a long time.

I’m not motivated by competition. I’m not motivated by pain. I’m not motivated by shaming.

This doesn’t do it for me.

f I’m puking…I’m not running anymore. The joy is not in it. 


I don’t know how fierce I am. I just love to run. 

I am not your average runner.

I think the runners right now are fed on competition, strength, positive motivation and team building.

~All great things!~

They just don’t do it for me. I have to sink into my own own head. Probably why I’m not that fast! ha.

I’m not sure where I was going with this except…I really thought it was interesting the different posters and my endless search for the perfect motivation poster I want to grab each day.


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I decided to spend the day thinking about how I wanted to spend Lent.

Did I want to give something up?

Did I want to take something on?

Did I want to volunteer?

Or work on acts of kindness?

When I got home from work I had to hurry to get a run in before I met my darling friend Andrea, who I never see but should really just live next door to.

We do this every time. EVERY TIME>

We meet at TJMaxx at like…6 or so..

Walk around for about an hour….go to PFChangs about 7 or 7:30…thank you gluten free

Sit there far too long and close the place… (um…around 9:30 or 10 we’re really sorry!)

then she takes me back to my car and we sit in the parking lot and talk until ~no I’m not kidding 1:30 AM)

We have GOT to spend more time together.

What is the point of this?

I made sure to get my workout in.

This may seem like an obvious point, as this is a running blog. But in fact, it’s really really really important to me because

A: I’m getting older

B: I have an autoimmune disease

C: I feel as a mom I am setting an example to my kids

D: I do have a running blog

E: the best reason is that God blessed me with one body and I’m going to do my best to take care of it.

So every day I’m going to do some form of exercise. It may only be five minutes. It may be yoga, foam rolling, running, it doesn’t matter. But I’m going to make it a point to do something healthy for it every day.

I eat really healthy already and I don’t feel like giving something up. I just want to take this on.  In migraine land I don’t necessarily want to do a running streak. I always jinx myself. But I think I can safely do some form of exercise every day.  Something that says I care about myself enough to do this. 

Yesterday after work I ran 4.5 miles and this morning I did 30 minutes of yoga.  I ran out of time to get a run in but hopefully after work.


Run on…or yoga on…





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Ash Wednesday…it snuck up on me. Christmas is around the corner.

It’s Ash Wednesday and I really wanted to go to church today but I made plans with Andrea forgetting it was Ash Wednesday. I haven’t seen her in months (that’s how crazy our schedules are) and I really want to get her Christmas and birthday presents out of my house so I’m going to meet her for sure. That was said with love, I promise.

This does lead to the next question though…do you do anything for Lent?

Give something up?  The usual chocolate, sugar, caffeine, soda?

Take something on? the newest trend…random acts of kindness, daily prayers for people, volunteer once a week/month/year?

Or do you just admire it from afar because you don’t do Ash Wednesday~ That’s okay, too.

I haven’t given it two seconds thought. I’m terrible, I know. So today I’m going to focus on that if I can.

I don’t always do anything. My mother frequently reminds me I’m a heathen. But she does it with love and laughter so I forgive her.


I am super late to work so I’m going to make this short and sweet! 


Run on…


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Foam Rolling…the bad that feels so good.

I won’t make this 14 paragraphs about Celiac BUT~

I have been  itching  for days and I’m going slowly crazy.

scream animated GIF

#1 symptom when I get glutened is itching.

Followed by the obvious stomach issues and a migraine.

Most of that has passed and now I’m just itchy. I need to stop at the store on the way to work and get allergy meds because scratching myself like this while at work is highly inappropriate.


I did three miles on the treadmill last night.  My legs have been super sore and I’m trying to see what makes the Achilles happy.  This seemed to please them. This morning they are far less sore then they have been.

When Sean and I were in Boulder we picked up a new foam roller…

Not this one:


I’m not REALLY crazy.

No, I met the crazy in the middle. I chose this one:

GRID 2.0


Still bumpy. Still way painful.

Using a foam roller is tricky but if you do it right you’ve basically given yourself a massage and your body (your sore tired running legs) are pretty much happier for it.  Great for recovery and great for warming up your muscles before a run, too. I’ve been doing both. I usually follow a video like the following from Runner’s World to do it properly.  If you search Youtube you’ll find there’s many different videos on there you can choose from. This is just the one I grab when I’m in a hurry and I’m looking for a reminder.

Runner’s World Prep your muscles to Perform Their Best

If you’ve never foam rolled before you should know that it hurts.

pain animated GIF


But if you start out slow  you will definitely get stronger at it and anything you do is better than nothing.  Just remind yourself how good it is for you, like a deep tissue massage.

sad animated GIF

Just keep telling yourself that.



 Run on…


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Giant Celiac blunder…

In yesterday’s post I wrote the following crazy ass statement:

Beau Jo’s for dinner because we were too lazy to scrounge up something gluten free.

As soon as I realized I wrote this I edited it. But it was up for the majority of the day.

What a ridiculously thoughtless thing to  say.

As a Celiac, you don’t get to just be too lazy to scrounge up something gluten free, so I would never do that. That makes it sound like I’m that person who says I’m on a gluten free diet and then orders french fries.

For all I know, that’s what the Ted’s Montana Grill waiter thought of me the other night.

But what I should have said was that we were too lazy to look for someplace unique and interesting because we were in Boulder. So we just chose to go to Beau Jo’s where we know we can get gluten free.

I should have been far more careful with my words. I never want to give the impression I don’t take this very seriously.

source: The New Yorker


There’s so much controversy about Celiac.  This was a difficult weekend for Sean and I. I include Sean because meals became hard for both of us the moment they told me I was Celiac.  Now just going out to breakfast is work.  Breakfast on Saturday, I broke rules.  We went to a gluten free restaurant that was well known in Boulder. Great atmosphere, super busy and clearly very popular. I loved the whole idea of it. They were so busy, we chose the counter seats and I ended up getting right next to the kitchen. I had the best omelet ever and am determined to recreate it at home.

The potatoes I could live without.

But as I sat there looking at the kitchen I knew, there was no way that my breakfast was Celiac friendly. It was awful. My heart sunk.

I looked at Sean, he looked at the kitchen, he looked at me and he knew, too.

He would have left with me. He is great that way. But for the first time ever I just didn’t want to disrupt everyone’s life. I broke the rule. The food was “gluten free”. I said a prayer and hoped that God intervened on my behalf.

I suppose I was on the heels of the great sweet potato fries incident of Valentine’s Day 2015.  Okay, it was the night before, but you and I both know it will live on forever.  I am always trying to keep my head down, not make a fuss, don’t inconvenience people, etc. Celiac is the biggest inconvenience of them all.  It’s in.your.face.

And I always imagine I’m being secretly mocked for following a fad. I’m not a fad.  I’m trying very hard to just be healthy.

It’s possible that the entire gluten-free craze might have been avoided if celiac disease hadn’t been ignored for so long in our country. For most of the latter half of the 20thcentury, American physicians rarely researched or diagnosed celiac, unlike their European counterparts, and they considered the disease extremely rare. Even now that celiac is known to be one of the country’s most common autoimmune maladies, more than a million Americans are still walking around with undiagnosed celiac. They may suffer from unexplained symptoms; they’re at increased risk for a slew of diseases including thyroid disease, diabetes, and cancer; and the Mayo Clinic says they’re four times as likely to die prematurely as someone without celiac. Celiac afflicts 1 percent of our population, but the vast majority—as much as 83 percent—of that 1 percent are undiagnosed.

Compare this situation with that in Italy, where every child is screened for celiac disease before the age of 6. Gluten-free food is considered medicine and available in pharmacies, and restaurants offering gluten-free items are strictly regulated. Those with celiac get a food stipend as well as paid time off for medical appointments. Unsurprisingly, there’s no gluten-free craze in Italy.


Recognizing and respecting Celiac as an autoimmune disease and ending the mocking gluten free is something we all need to work on. Yes, there are people who are gluten free as a fad diet. Yes, they do us far more harm than good.

I do believe, however, we can safely say Celiac is practically a household word. Hey…I said practically.  So when someone says they are Celiac it should put whoever you are speaking to on the alert that this is not something you can take lightly. This person has a disease. They aren’t just trying to lose ten pounds. I think I can safely say I have that experience 75% of the time.  With success? I don’t know. I’m risking it each time I go out. I’m just livin’ on the edge of the sweet potato fries.

But someday if we all keep pushin’ our dreams…we’ll be livin’ like the Italians.  


OH my gosh YES to this! 19 Things Only People With Celiac will Understand

I usually get like 4 or 5 of these…but every single one of these except the last one. I’m it in my little community.



Run on…


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