The last day. A grateful runner.

This is my last day to gather donations.  I’m a little sad I didn’t collect my minimum but grateful for everything I did receive and also grateful the charges I’ll pay will go for a good cause.

I don’t ever say “never”.  Whenever I do,  it backfires. So I’ll say I’ll work very hard to make better choices about running in the future.

But it is, after all, New York.

Totally worth it. (I hope…)


So two days of not working out.  Color me sad.

Okay, truth be told, I’m not that sad.  I’m not over running by any means ~don’t go all crazy ass on me~ I just took an extra day to hang out with the sweet man I’m married to while we stood in the kitchen and watched “The Voice” for freakin’ three hours.

adam levine animated GIF

I know. I KNOW.  That’s a long time right there. But hey…it was quality time with my husband.

He’s very cute.

adam levine animated GIF

Today of course, I must get moving.  This butt won’t lift itself (who are we kidding…what butt?)


My job is customer service.  I’m a bank teller (I like to say I’m “in banking”….sounds way more important, don’t you think? Ha.) and nearly every job I’ve ever had has been customer service.  I’d like to say that as a result of these jobs I’m pretty good at dealing with people from all walks of life.  I can put up with a lot before I really get beyond frustrated.

This is hard and sometimes I have to step away from a situation so I don’t get myself in trouble.  Starting every day with a new fresh perspective and reminding myself to respect even if I don’t agree.

There’s a lot of respecting. Some days are harder than others.  Today…it was a challenge.

Lord, I thank you for patience.
Hey. I have patience. I swear I do.

smile animated GIF


Monday we were hit with a huge hail storm. No joke…golf ball size hail and bigger.  Alex Michael was home and recorded some of it. Here’s the short version…sorry it’s so huge.  I can’t seem to “smaller” it.


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Run on…

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Long run done. And a peek at theboy…the kid never stands still.

Shaughnessy and I ran 12 miles today (how awesome is she?).  It didn’t even feel that long to me but man I’m tired.  Shaughnessy wasn’t supposed to  go that far but she does have a half marathon coming up so we figured if we took it slow we could get it done.  We allowed some walking…mostly if I was talking because I can’t run and talk at the same time.

movie animated GIF

I also couldn’t seem to be coordinated while running so we did over twelve miles but every time we stopped at a stop light I couldn’t seem to remember to stop/start the Garmin. As a result my mileage is short and I don’t have a total.  Shaughnessy does so I’ll post new when she sends it to me.  The run was split into two runs because my Garmin shut off.  Here’s the splits.



Edited for Shaughnessy’s info.  12.82 miles.  Holy smokes. At nearly 13 I’m feeling pretty good about yesterday’s run.


The goal was to keep the mile pace between 11 and 11:30.  Closer to 11:30 because you want to run your long run about 90 seconds  slower than your regular pace.  But it’s also important to run the pace your body is feeling. If you can talk and it’s an easy run, the pace is okay.  As soon as your breathing begins to struggle you are going too fast.

2. Running too Fast

The difference between running for fitness and training for a long-distance running race is one stays consistent week to week (fitness) and the latter builds and progresses throughout the season. Because of this progression, it is important to vary your effort level as you train. In other words, run at a pace that is easy and conversational. If you can talk while you’re running the long run, you’re at the right effort. If you can’t, you’re running too fast. Avoid trying to run the long runs by a pace or target time. This sets you up for the race pace training disaster where you feel great for about four to six weeks, then things start to crumble when your energy levels decline, your body aches, and performance begins to suffer. ~source

So we went a little speedy as I usually run at about a 10 minute pace.  On a short run I can do 9:30 but I’m sticking with 10 minutes for informational purposes.

Our 13:32…I was telling a story. ::sheepishgrin:: 

woman animated GIF


Yes, I got a migraine from running. But I think I kept it in check and tomorrow morning I’m calling my referred neurologist.  He must be good. His office is too busy to call me. ;)


I’m on my last four days of fundraising. I’m almost relieved to get to stop asking people for money. It’s embarrassing and awkward and at this point we are just grateful we only have to pay $1000.  The generosity of people that donated the $1620 is amazing.


Sunday brunch out with the entire family after the run.  Seriously fun!

teaser of theboy.


Look at how big he is!  His little curls are combed down but rest assured…still there


Photo: Speed drops, PRs become permanent, medals tarnish, photos fade. Your past is a nice place to visit in memory, but you can't live there. All you can really hold onto is today's run. Make it a good one, make sure you finish wanting to and being able to come back for another, and tomorrow's run will take care of itself. The running life is a pacing exercise, just as a run or race is. One day in the life of a runner is like one step in a marathon, a year is like a mile. Don't do anything in the short term that puts this long run at risk. All that lasts in running is the lasting.</p><br />
<p>- Joe Henderson </p><br />
<p>Join the #October100Miles Challenge --></p><br />
<p>Sign up here to get the finisher's buckle ->

Run on…and yes, run with purpose.


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Things are looking up…

But we’re not going to jinx it, now are we? Anything can happen so I’m a “take it one day…one step…at a time” girl.

Yesterday (late last night) I ran five miles on my treadmill…finishing at midnight:30.  So I suppose that’s today but we aren’t going there.

Today I went to the gym and did 4.30 miles of running hills on the treadmill.

Yeah, I know. It’s an uneven number. But the gym guy must have had big Friday night plans because he shut the place down at quarter till.

Can I just pause here to say running hills…not my favorite.

My plan was this:

1 Set: 90 seconds @ 6 percent grade and marathon pace
1-minute recovery @ flat jog
1 minute @ 7 percent grade and marathon pace
2-minute recovery @ flat jog


It says to do 6-10 sets.  I think I did 8 but I might have done 7.5.  Whatever I did, it worked out to 4.30 miles.  Here’s the thing…I start to get confused about where I am in the plan.  I have to stop and gasp and frankly, that takes time.  It’s not easy being a weakass runner.  I totally have to factor in more time to collapse.

funny animated GIF


I got most of it done. I was aiming for ten but that’s because I read it as “do ten sets”.  I totally blocked out the “6-10″. That would have been helpful and I wouldn’t have felt like such a quitter for not finishing.

I am really looking forward to next week though, when I get to go back and do it again.



Alex Michael and I were supposed to go to the gym and do our strength training workout but instead he got smarter.

He’s decided to get certified for personal training.  He’s a natural at it and it would be handy to maybe bring in some money while he goes to school.  Studying and getting certified while he’s here is just the smarter way to do it.

Well, he got his text book and figured out he has me going the wrong direction. So he’s studying up tonight and we’re headed out tomorrow to do a new plan.

Pretty sure it involved pushups.

sad animated GIF

Pretty sure I’m not thrilled about that.

watching animated GIF

Pretty sure there’s nothing I can do about it.  He’s very fierce.

scrubs animated GIF

That’s okay. I got this.  Even if it’s hard, it just makes me stronger, right?

yeah, I keep telling myself that.

Tune in tomorrow for the gym update.  Or watch the news for this headline.

“Woman dies at gym of freak push up accident”


<p>Truth!<br />

Run on…


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I love anything that makes me better…

That’s why I have Sean. 

But it’s also why I started strength training. I knew it was important for me to

A: maintain my weight at this time in my life when all that’s coming through the blogworld is the misery that is my future ~ peri/post menopause. #whatever

B: fight Osteoporosis

C: give me more energy

D: make me a stronger, better runner

D: manage my chronic illness and any more that may crop up #goodlordno

E: be able to lift the milk without gasping and stopping for breath between the car and the fridge.  

Of course as we all know…I don’t love it.  But my sweet Alex who is amazing at the strength training (the strength training?  I wonder if that’s like The Facebook…) and is finally able to get me in the gym.  Our schedules are totally opposite so it’s really difficult to connect with him.

But we’ve gone three times now…the first time was awhile ago so my brain forgot everything. This week though, we’ve gone twice.  The first time was pretty good.  I definitely felt a good workout.

Last night he and I went again and we learned a valuable lesson.

A: eat something. At some point during the day…beyond a protein bar. I had zero time yesterday.  And for anyone that suggests I did have time, please remember I can’t just grab a bagel.  Anything I eat has to be prepared. It’s okay. I learned my lesson.

B: drugs don’t help. I’ve had a pretty bad migraine for the last two days so I have definitely taken much drugs.

C: the migraine just sapped my energy completely.  I did less weight than the time before and was exhausted the entire time.  I have low blood pressure anyway so I have this weird issue where I’ll do a set and then go to sit up and pretty much start to pass out. It’s so nauseating. Alex is pretty patient about it.  I am hoping it maybe passes as I get stronger. #agirlcandream

I can’t wait to go again. And yet I can.
recovery animated GIF


I went from strength to the elliptical and only got two miles in before they closed but I’m calling it a workout.  :)

Sunday I did a ten mile long run and it felt really good.  TEN MILES.

im awesome animated GIF

I realize you’re all looking at the calendar and panicking for me…

reaction animated GIF

A few weeks ago I wasn’t sure I could run at all.  Ten miles is pretty freaking amazing.  I’ll take it. And my training plan may not be one for the books but I’m a very determined individual and I have faith if I continue on this track I can be strong and finish what I started with my friend.  ::wavesatMichelle::


I’m sitting in my kitchen with all three of my men and let me tell you…men and their inappropriate jokes oh my gosh.

I’m torn between laughing hysterically

laughing animated GIF

and being horrified and shocked at what these guys come up with.

shocked animated GIF

Good Lord it’s fun.



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Sweet List! <3

1.  Sean is home. That is all.


2.  theboy got a haircut. And I mean…cuteness overload.  I have no photographic evidence. the little dude is too fast for me.

3. I ran AND strength trained last week (with Alex’s help) and I am going to do it this week as weather permits.

workout animated GIF

My goal is to not have this experience when I do pushups.  Hope springs eternal.

4.  Finished my beautiful bedroom.  :)

girl code animated GIF

5.  It’s cool and rainy. I LOVE cool and rainy.

love animated GIF


6.  Today is the last day of summer.  I’m not looking forward to winter but I LOVE fall.

autumn animated GIF

fall animated GIF

animation animated GIF

7.  Waking up to the cool morning air and putting on my beloved  sweatshirt. #comfort

8.  Not needing meds in the morning.

happy birthday animated GIF

9.  That ache leftover from a good workout or a hard run.  Ten mile long run finished yesterday.  Go me.

comedy animated GIF

10.  Pumpkin. Anything pumpkin.

List of super awesome paleo pumpkin EVERYTHING.

11.  Messaged my doctor and he is all in for me to look at Botox for migraine control.  I’m definitely approaching with caution but still looking forward to new options.

samantha jones love it gif

12.  My landscaping guys are so awesome.  This weekend they fixed my sprinklers (thankyouthankyou) and they’re like ninjas.  They sneak in, do the work and sneak out.

bionic ninja ninjas gif

13.  Volunteering at Shaughnessy’s second sprint tri.  I was near the finish line directing the runners onto the course and through the finish.   Watching these people running at all speeds was so fun and exciting. I cheered for three hours.  Fabulous.


fall animated GIF

I leave you with that.

And of course…

Run on…


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Getting stronger…

So the cold kicked my butt yesterday.  I was beat tired.

Eliot visited us for the evening and I didn’t have the energy to post or anything.

Today though, I’m a new person.

I coasted the morning away just sitting in the house enjoying having everyone home and then Alex and I went to the gym where he proceeded to kick my butt in strength training. Holy smokes.

I’ll be honest. I don’t think I’ll ever love it but I definitely need it.

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

If you replace “diamonds” with cookies..I’m in.

Also, pretty sure I will be SO SORE tomorrow.  LOL.  Totally worth it.


I went on to elliptical two miles and run three.  I count that as five miles. 


Tomorrow morning Shaughnessy is doing another sprint tri and Sean and I are going to volunteer and enjoy the race.

She’s awesome for doing this and it’s clear she’s been bit by the racing bug.

~~~~~ | Yesssss Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise

Run on…


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I blame theboy

I have a cold.

So does Sean.

I blame theboy.

I feel mostly fine…just incredibly drained of energy and …

some icky dripping to make my throat raw.  Good times.


So this morning I did this:


and now I feel like this:

Pretty sad since it’s not even that far.  Geez.

Work and then…sleep.  Must sleep this cold off.

And vitamins. So many vitamins.



Yoga, Running, Pilates, Zumba... What about a walk? Just Do Something!

Run on…


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This guy.

I have my husband back. Life can resume.


Standing there with him was like finally being able to take a deep breath.  It was so right to have him with me.  While he was gone I just moved forward.  Forward motion.  Drive to work. Chat with people. Clean the house.  Get things done.

Now I can actually feel and breathe again.

When I have a migraine the light, the sound, everything hurts. Everything. Sometimes after working just hanging around the house, someone will turn off a radio or a light and it’s like…oh my gosh.  I had no idea how much that was affecting my head and causing pain. But the relief is so so great.

That’s what it felt like. Just going through the motions.


After settling in for a few minutes, we headed into the backyard to try and coax Malachi from under the deck. He came out, but it took a few minutes before he accepted it could really be Sean.  He’s been a happy puppy all day.

I’ve been kind of absent the last week or two.  It all started with a new duvet.

Lord help me when I buy something like that.  I am off on a project. Ours was just tired and needed a refresh.  Well I bought it but the color just didn’t want to work like I thought it would.  So…

I bought new carpet.

Yes, I know.  Overkill. But ours was BAD.  It was long overdue. …after 17 years it was beyond time for new carpet.  That took a good week to get figured out.  But if you’re getting new carpet, you should paint.

So paint I did.  At that point, it was clear the zen bedroom I have been reaching for the last year was finally coming together.  Before, it didn’t want to click in my head. But that darn duvet just tied it all in together.

So we were painting and moving every single thing we own out of the rooms and into the livingroom and garage.  We practically moved.  It was insane and

But oh my gosh so worth it.  I can cross it off the list of ~things that must be done to the house thankyouLord~.

And I’m glad Sean didn’t have to be here for it. It was so disrupting. He could just come home and it was done.

Here are some photos, but really…it doesn’t do it justice.  The room turned out so beautiful.  I got a ton of stuff on sale or clearanced which is awesome. Side note: Why can’t bedding be reasonably priced?

You can’t really see the colors unfortunately.  We keep the bedroom very dark.  It helps Sean sleep and my migraines dictate one room that I can go to for pure darkness. So the blinds are blackout shades.  The walls are a dark green on three walls and the fourth by the windows is a taupe/grey.  The carpeting throughout the house is a grey/beige color so it goes with anything.  the duvet is a dark grey.

On the walls behind the bed are “winter trees” of vinyl. That turned out SO cool.
In the corner is a handmade rocking chair that’s come through my family. And the desk the television is on is a library desk.  I bought it at a little antique store years ago. I love that desk.



I love this room so much. It turned out exactly what I wanted.  I’m going to add a few more touches but clean and crisp is the goal.


So on my last note:  I woke up with the worst most awful migraine ever.

I’m going to contact my doctor about trying Botox.  Botox is used more and more often for migraines.

How Botox Is Used to Treat Migraines

Botox to treat chronic migraines is given at intervals of about 12 weeks as multiple injections around the head and neck to try to dull future headache symptoms, the FDA says in a statement.

The FDA says it’s important that patients who suffer chronic migraines discuss with their doctors whether Botox is appropriate for them.

Allergan Inc., the maker of  Botox, says in a statement that the FDA’s approval applies to people with chronic migraine, which it defines as a “distinct and severe neurological disorder characterized by patients who have a history of migraine and suffer from headaches on 15 or more days per month with headaches lasting four hours a day or longer.”

The company says that when treating chronic migraine, qualified medical specialists administer 31 Botox injections into seven specific head and neck sites.

It says that Botox, when injected at labeled doses in recommended areas, is expected to produce results lasting up to three months depending on the individual patient.  ~source

I need to make sure my insurance covers the majority of it before I venture in. But I’m definitely researching. These last two migraines totally floored me. And today of all days.


Run on…


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Sweet List <3

I’m late with a sweet list but I’m throwing it out there anyway!

1.  Hot Tamales.  I just ate too many of them and now my stomach hurts. But I’m not holding that against them…I bear the responsibility.

2.  Audiobooks and podcasts on my iPod.  I don’t know what I’d do without my iPod.  NPR all the way Baby.

3.  NCIS.  I know, it’s been on forever. But when you’re hanging out at home and there’s not much on television, thank the LORD there’s an NCIS marathon. Really, does that show ever get old?

ncis animated GIF

4.  On that note:  Friends.  It’s my late night savior.

friends animated GIF

Bonus points if you know the next line…#easy

5.  Last month I hired a small neighborhood team to take care of my yard and it was totally the best decision I’ve ever made.  My yard looks so nice and green.  I haven’t wanted to spend the money before this but these guys are super affordable and I do not have the time to put into it.

6.  My boss told me last week they appreciate me and recognize my talents.  That’s pretty nice to hear.

love animated GIF

And that is totally how I feel about work. LOL

7.  Fall.  I LOVE fall.  It’s so beautiful outside right now and the air in the morning is so crisp and clean.  #favorite.


8.  I get to see my husband soon.

love animated GIF

I know, shouldn’t that be number one?  Um..when I get to see him it will be.  I’m forever skeptical. Ha.

unsure animated GIF

9.  I’ve been spring cleaning the house.  Don’t you love that ~getting rid of the clutter~ feeling?  It makes me so happy!  And yes…in answer to your question, I am always cleaning.

cleaning animated GIF

10.  A little donut shop opened up near us. I can’t have them of course but how awesome is that?  Fresh baked donuts on a Sunday morning.  Reminiscent of picking up donuts for the family after church.

television animated GIF

11.  I needed a work shirt and headed to Kohls to find something. They had a great clearance rack and I got three shirts!  Anyone else love the Kohl’s clearance rack at 60-80% off?

blonde animated GIF

12.  My sports doc is totally awesome and I’m pretty sure it’s a  huge contributor to healing me.  Thank heaven.

13.  Running is going really well.  I’m always cautious but it’s going so good.  #happiness

Run on…


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Some days apparently life is a challenge…to simply function.

I have so much to do and I can’t seem to write my name without getting it wrong. That is talent right there.

I was closing with a co-worker and since I knew a pain-in-the-butt task had to be done the next morning and I had a few seconds…I did it for her.

She said, “oh, Teresa. That’s so sweet!  I wouldn’t do that for you!”

what animated GIF

I had no idea what to say to that.

I tend to be helpful bordering on annoying.  Sometimes not even bordering.



My plan is to run six miles today but since I got about 4 1/2 minutes of sleep last night I may be crawling instead. Good preparation for the marathon I think, eh?

tired animated GIF


Also…fall/winter has arrived and it is COLD here.   Seriously…what happened to summer? It was here yesterday.

frozen animated GIF


I worked at my other branch on Wedndesday and our bank president is very chatty.  He’s the nicest man ever but once he gets started…oh man. I’m getting ready to clock out and leave when he comes to my desk and asks if I have a minute.

Yes. But only one.

NO really. Just one.

Watching the clock, Dude. Don’t get too settled.

Sure enough…an HOUR AND A HALF LATER…

really I like him a lot. But I’ve learned two very valuable lessons:

1.  Don’t make it a conversation. Any input you have leads him on another path. Stay mute. Nod accordingly.

2.  Let someone know where you’re going.  Safety is the number one rule here so if you tell someone where you’re going they can send an emergency “get her out of his office” phone call in about fifteen minutes.

Nicest man ever. I’m so lucky to be in a job with good people.  But precautions must be taken or my part time job becomes full time!


Run with your heart and your feet will follow, our favourite quote, read more about in this blog post!

Run on. And take care of you!


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