Keeping those boys in thoughts please…

    •  I generally keep these things to myself. Each voting year I choose the person I think will be the most qualified. I don’t vote Republican or Democrat…I vote qualified. But this year it just needs to be said. Hillary Clinton is highly qualified, far more prepared than Donald Trump who is not even prepared to run anything…I could rant and rave and quote statistics and prove my point the old fashioned way but I don’t feel like it. It’s all out there. #Imwithher 
    • This morning at 3am Mountain Time the Marines in California started the Crucible which is a miserable horrible terrible 54 hours of awful. They get approx 6-8 hours of sleep, 4MRE’s and they hike approx 48 miles while carrying 45 lbs. It’s the final test before they are Marines. I would rather not have known about this. It’s a mom thing. Interestingly, it’s apparently common to light a candle or leave your child’s bedroom light on to “guide them home” through those 54 hours. This is interesting because Sean and I have left MT’s light on since he left. It was kind of unspoken and it was dimmed but it was on. Just didn’t feel right to turn it off. We’re adding extra prayers today. Those boys. I do not envy these next days. Hoping Thursday comes soon.
    • I have been searching for my Softlips tubes for a good month or two to no avail. My sister has been helping me and we’ve gotten nowhere. Anybody that knows me knows I have a Softlips in every pocket. I have one in the car, in my purse, in the kitchen drawer and on my nightstand.  Must always have one. World’s driest lips. Softlips is the greatest. When Eos lip care came out (you know those giant egg things) they eliminated everyone else. I was getting really frustrated. I finally ordered them on Amazon yesterday and emailed the company. They emailed me back today and said,As you probably know the slim sticks were discontinued. But due to an overwhelming response from consumers, we have started shipping them again.We are pleased to let you know that SoftLips® Slim Stick Lip Protectants – Pearl, Cherry, Watermelon, Vanilla  and Raspberry should be back in stores around the end July. If you do not see in on the shelf please ask the pharmacist or store manager to order it in for you.

      I am beyond happy. And proof they are amazing…back by popular demand.

    • I attempted to make a doctor appt and after 15 minutes on the phone, countless private facts (name, address, emergency contact, last four…seriously??) I finally insisted she at least give me the doctor’s availability. She said she couldn’t get to the next screen without MORE information. I said no. She figured out how to override the screen (imagine that) and then told me the doctor I screened carefully for location, reviews, specialty, etc…is only available on Thursdays and her next available appt is in late October.

      On to the next doctor…
    • BrainHQ ~ brain training that works. This is a subscription I would be happy to pay for.

I skipped running Sunday and Monday. I’d like to say there was a grand plan in it but mostly it was incredibly windy (like SERIOUSLY windy) so I just wasn’t up to it in that unbelievable wind. But today I’m going to the gym if the weather contributes again. I will say, however, that I wasn’t down about not running because I have a long week of workouts ahead and I don’t want to be exhausted. So onward and upward starting today.

Motivational Workout Quotes | Sortrature:
Run on…unless you’re resting. Then rest on. Take care of you.

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Are you getting all your steps in?

What a great weekend….

  • Sean took Friday off to just hang with me and regroup and Saturday we spent the day wandering along a little stretch of stores in West Denver. Toy store, book store, cupcake store and lunch at a little Mexican place. If I were in prison getting my last meal it would be Mexican food.
  • Sunday we went to breakfast where I enjoyed a giant waffle with gallons of syrup…isn’t that what the little holes are for? Then off to run errands and let me tell you, THAT’S where the excitement starts. The day was so windy I was sure I’d end up in Kansas (but no ruby slippers…maybe I should go shoe shopping) if I went for a run so I figured I’d make today my rest day and run tomorrow. So much wind.
  • I’m sitting here at the counter and I’m wearing a little t shirt dress and sandals. I crossed my legs and as I did my heel on my shoe scraped the toe of my other foot. I have seriously sensitive (ridiculously sensitive) skin so when it hurt like no tomorrow I just walked it off and breathed carefully. Until my foot started sliding in my shoe and lo and behold I freaking CUT my toe with my heel. Blood all over my shoe, my toe, the floor. What the hell? I fixed it up, bandaged it, limped over to the chair and this band aid is already toast. I injured myself crossing my legs.

    Beat that for real talent.


Workouts for the week:

Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: 4 miles
~~~ Total: 24 miles for the week (still walking…just getting the miles in)

The new information hitting the world (stop the presses) is that the magic of the 10,000 steps a day is just.not.enough. So the big question we have now is ~not enough for what?

It’s important to evaluate the entire picture before blindly stating “10,000 steps a day!”. Your current fitness state is important to take into consideration. Are you trying to maintain your weight or is losing weight the ultimate goal? If you’re trying to maintain your weight then 10,000 steps may be fine. Losing weight, however, may actually require you to up your steps to 20,000 a day.

This can be intimidating when you consider that 10,000 is equal to approximately 5 miles. What you may not be considering is how much you already move around every day. Those steps add up if you remember to get up and move around rather than remaining stationary at your desk/on your couch/or in my case…sitting at the kitchen counter. I’ve finally started boosting my steps by making to sure get a walk in on top of my running miles. I’m not reaching 20,000 steps most days but I’m well over 10,000 and I think that’s an important step forward. No pun intended.

The Huffington Post has an article about the introduction of the 10,000 steps a day science, where it came from and why it doesn’t always work for your ultimate goal. How Many Steps Should You Really Walk? discusses the idea of the steps started with the Tokyo Olympics, 1964. The number seems almost arbitrary but nevertheless they focused on this number and it went from there.

The problem, which barely needs stating, is that circa-1964 Japan was markedly different from the circa-2015 U.S. “By all accounts, life in Japan in the 1960s was less calorie rich, less animal fat, and much less bound up in cars,” said Bestor. Data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations shows that the average per-capita food supply for Japanese people in 1964 was 2,632 calories, while the average for Americans in 2011 was 3,639. That’s a difference of about 1,000 calories — or, if you’re keeping track, about 20,000 steps for an average-size person. (Jean Buzby of the USDA said in an email that food supply is a commonly used rough proxy for food consumption.)

The best idea would be to evaluate your goals and increase your movements as necessary. I’ve definitely found more is better and I need to keep moving simply to maintain my energy level. I haven’t reached a losing weight stage but I figure baby steps.


For all my sisters struggling with weight issues: You've always been beautiful. Now you're just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster and stronger. Remember that.:
Run on…

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I skipped yesterday for Theboy

I got a run in yesterday morning with G and when she left I ran a bit more for a total of a little more than five miles.  It’s the little things, right? Baby steps to feeling healthy.

Then it was on to Theboy. I picked him up from preschool and we headed over to the theater for Finding Dory. That’s what he said he wanted. Plus, it was 96* outside. Just throwing that out there for you to ponder. We stopped for some frozen yogurt on the way, cheesecake and nutella of course.

He  asked for the gummi worms in there but he wasn’t thrilled about it (inability to make a decision…so many choices) and then when he ate one declared, “wow! That gummi worm was way better than I thought it would be!”.

I die.
bein’ goofy at the movies.

After the movie (which was great by the way) we headed over to Bass Pro Shop. Theboy was reluctant but I knew it would be worth it if he stuck with me and of course..


…because they have a gigantic fish tank in their store. And  a creek and ducks and everything. Now…you do have to explain about all the stuffed animals (really stuffed, not playtoys) and that gets a little tricky when you tell a kid that beaver is actually a dead beaver they stuffed so we could enjoy it. Hmmm. Maybe a different way to say that would be appropriate.

Suffice it to say it was a little rough but we were both easily distracted by the fish so I have successfully avoided another important conversation. #winning

::I interrupt this blogpost to say I was reading an article out loud to my husband an he fell asleep on the kitchen floor. Not sure what this says about me. But it was a really long article. Points? Also…apparently my kitchen floor is very comfortable::


We’re down a car right now (loaned ours out) so I had to come home to Aurora to get Sean from work and then back to Denver it is. It was a really long day in the end, running early, running some errands and then Theboy until very late. I came home and went to bed. I think it was 9 o’clock when I went to bed and that was an hour later than I wanted it to be.

So on that note I’ll share that I got my test results…

and I’m as confused as I was before…as is my doctor.

Everything is normal, hormones are normal, no menopause. But my estrogen is high (kind of the opposite of menopause) so now we’re all going…what the hell??
desperate housewives what the hell felicity huffman lynette scavo wtf

I know I know…I’m finding a real doctor who can interpret. My poor Celiac doctor does not specialize in this and she was doing it to help me out because she didn’t want me to wait until September. Unfortunately this is really outside of her scope so I need to let her get back to what she’s doing and move on.

I’ll make an appt and you guys just kind of…hang out and I’ll keep you posted.

It it hot. I realize that’s a recurring theme but…it’s hot. So I’ll run later when the Golden Orb of Pain has gone to bed.


King of Fitness | Personal Training | Bishops Stortford | Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you, EVERY single effort is changing your body from the inside. Never get discouraged!:

Run on…and stay cool…

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I’m slow and tired but it feels so good to run I do it anyway…

  • It’s July 20th so I’m sending love to Aurora today. It’s the fourth anniversary of the theater shooting. So many shootings it’s hard to keep up but when they happen in your neighborhood it’s so personal. Funny, when the Sandy Hook shootings happened, that seemed personal, too. Guess it doesn’t matter where it happens.
  • I’m so tired I fell asleep on the kitchen floor last night. Fortunately I had mopped it just the night before. You can always count on me to clean.
  • The loss of Garry Marshall hits hard. I love his movies completely. I’m a romantic. I admit it.
  • G wasn’t feeling super great yesterday so our morning run was cut short. We did 4.25 miles and called it good. I was probably grateful. Look how tired I was…(referring to the top of this post)
  • So today I woke up feeling somewhat better…headed out the door, got to the park and immediately crashed and burned. Poor G. She has SO MUCH ENERGY> I am definitely holding her back. She had to leave early again today so I stayed and ran three more miles to finish off with seven. And the last three felt much better than the first three. Figures. Because I had to warm up? Or because I didn’t have the pressure of feeling like I had to keep up with someone. I suspect both.
  • Yesterday I went to see a couple of friends and we were admiring friend B’s new truck. Men and their trucks. I’m from MT, I love trucks. You can deny the love of trucks all you want to but as soon as you need one you’re going down the line trying to think of who you know that has one. They’re awesome and pretty and why oh why do they have to be so awful to the environment? And why do the guys that drive them have to be such ~get out of the way I actually DO own this road~ jerks?  *obviously not ALL of them, Alex is pretty cool. But come ON. Moving on….he looks out the window and sees my Jeep and says, “just don’t get hit by a big truck”. Clearly deeply concerned for my well being.

    Something he doesn’t know here is that my son and his best friend did get hit by a very big truck. A Mack truck. It was a terrible TERRIBLE accident. We don’t talk about getting hit by trucks. And he wasn’t joking. Why wasn’t he joking? Because he’s one of THOSE guys that thinks what he drives is really the only thing that’s safe on the road. I’m over him.

  • this Reddit post. It’s the little things

    Always make time to run. Get outside, feel alive.:

    Run on….because it makes us happy…

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This is very TMI and if you’re a man you just shouldn’t read it at all. Just…no.

I considered carefully before posting about this but people write about everything and I only see medical stuff about this so I figure…what the hell, maybe a personal tale about this will open up the mystery. Not everyone’s experience is the same. I mean..this stuff is personal. It’s…like personal. I never talk about this stuff. But hey, if you can’t talk about ladybits and parts and such on your oh so public blog, where else can you talk about it. We’re all friends here, right? You’ll totally keep it to yourself? I knew you would. BFF’s to the end.

So a little background, I have spent my whole life having the world’s easiest cycle. I have had (90% of the time) virtually no PMS, the monthly what-in-God’s-name-is-happening-to-my-stomach-and-what-did-I-do-to-deserve-this-damn-you-Eve!– just doesn’t happen for me and here’s the kicker (ducking to avoid the rotten eggs most certainly being thrown at me), my cycle lasts…one day. Yes. I know. I understand I’m sorry. Please keep in mind a few things before you decide to hate me, not be my friend anymore and throw things.
A) I have no control.
B) I was very inconsistent  so I’d get a cycle in two weeks and then four weeks and then three weeks and…well you get the picture…it was always a surprise. Not the kind of party people want (in hindsight, probably the thyroid/Celiac).
C) I’ve had a lifetime (seriously since I was like…5 years old) of migraines. A lifetime. Which, according to my neurologist will probably not stop with menopause so I’m not sure the trade off was worth it.

Fast forward to every time I see my Celiac doctor and she runs hormone blood tests to see if I’m in menopause. Yep. I’m 49 years old. I know, I know. When I turned 40 all my friends FREAKED OUT. Like OH MY GOSH are you OKAY??  And I was like YES but I’m not sure YOU ARE.  Do you need therapy for MY turning 40? So the thought that I’m 49…well…I’m pretty close to just telling people I’m 51 because…hey…then I’ve skipped the whole drama, you know? What do I care? And then…damn. I look good for 51. I mean really. I could totally pass for 49. Just sayin’.

I don’t tell many people my age so you obviously would have no way of knowing because I’m so awesome and hip and cool you had no idea and that’s okay. THAT’S OKAY. But now we’re being honest and moving forward in our relationship. Recognizing that totally great people can be 49  51 and still be really fabulous to hang out with. I mean, let’s face it, my age is not something that’s going to suck the joy out of spending time with me. According to all of my friends, the joy sucker is that I don’t drink.

So here I am, of that age where all my eggs go to die a slow and agonizing death. This…sigh…menopause thing(sorry, it sounds like a dirty word). I’ve had zero symptoms of this event up to now except (EXCEPT) April was my last cycle for the last three months.

Yeah…I threw my doctor with that one, too. She said…”no hot flashes?”


“Never skipped a cycle before?”


“But you’re really really REALLY exausted ALL THE TIME”


“Yeah, that’s not usually a symptom”


See, I’ve done my research.

Also, I’ve had more than one doctor tell me I’m a medical mystery. So why not now, too?

Three days after my doctor appt my body said…yeah…it’s been long enough…let’s screw with her!

And thus disaster struck. 

My cycle started. I was fine. I prepared as I usually do and then I thought…I’ll head out to run my errands.


It’s okay…I know what you’re thinking…the foreshadowing!

It totally could have been much worse. But before I even got out the door (and thank GOD my husband was upstairs in the shower so I wasn’t humiliated by having this happen in front of anyone) I get that feeling. Ladies, Friends, you know what what I’m talking about. The feeling that says…nothing good is about to happen here. Get thyself to a restroom immediately.  And before I could even take a step, an unfortunate situation happened where I stood. WHERE I STOOD> It looked like a vicious crime scene happened in my kitchen. I’ve never in my LIFE had that happen.

It happened four more times that day. FOUR TIMES (you wouldn’t believe the laundry I had to do that day, seriously). To the amusement of my girlfriends who have totally normal cycles. I would call them names but I don’t do that. You can bet I’m muttering about them though.  I nearly had to get rid of my car. And how on earth do you do that? Is there even a way to CLEAN a car with a … shall we say… situation like that? I held my breath and hoped that would do it until I got home and apparently that and all the Hail Mary’s I was saying worked…barely. This continued for four more days. It was insane.

Through all of this I had no other symptoms to include no migraine…random, right? yeah I thought so, too. I cannot stress enough how out of character the whole thing was…enough to mention to my husband (who I never talk to about this) that things were definitely out of sorts even for people who have normal cycles and if it gets worse I may have to go in and be seen. He suggested I wisely not pass out while driving. Thank you. I’ll try not to. There is a significant amount of blood loss so I guarantee nothing.

I ended up picking up The Diva Cup at the store. Something I’ve wanted forever and it’s pretty much saved me.  If I only use it a few more times it’s totally worth it. It’s so much more comfortable and environmentally friendly is a complete win for me.

To be fair, it was NOT that easy for me to use. It just wasn’t. I’m still working on it. But I totally blame user error. There are a million videos out there to help you with it and the website itself has great customer service. My problem is I can still feel it about 50% of the time.  So that’s how I know I’m doing it wrong. But I know so many people that use it and love it, I know it’s just me. But I’ve only totally screwed up once so I think It’s saved me from the worst of disasters.

I know, you’re probably thinking…wow, this IS really personal. Why are you telling us this?  Well, I don’t get out much. I figure oversharing is totally in right now, I should do it, too. Because when anyone talks about menopause they always say, “Oh my GOSH the hot flashes!!!” and that’s all I ever hear. Okay, that’s the real one. So I figure maybe I’ll put it out there that there is more to it than that. That my experience is going a little different. Could be Celiac contributing. Could be the medical mystery of me. I’ve never been the normal one. But when I’m searching for anecdotes about how things are going, I want options.

This story has no end…I’m sorry. I am still awaiting a doctor talk (I think she sent me a message but I got locked out of my online site so I have to talk to technical support~ Oy the Poodles already! 



We run for ourselves!!!:

Run on…


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I live for pumpkin muffins.

  • forkids Source
    The end is a little cutesy (yick) but the beginning is totally my kids. The ones that don’t live here still get the mail, rifle through it, go to the fridge, open it only to be disappointed (I never have food) and hang out in the kitchen.
  • I ate my weight in gluten free pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting. Eh, it was really only four   five okay it was six muffins but those suckers were dense and I spent far too long writing this! (recipe: gluten free cake mix, can of pumpkin, half a cup of water)
  • I didn’t break the rules and run even though I really wanted to. #toomanyrestdays  My weekend was very boring. Except for the bar I went to on Friday. And the party I went to on Saturday. Geez. I’m a freakin’ rock star. The one thing I wanted to do this weekend, sit down and watch a movie with my husband, yeah, that didn’t get done. But I have no life so I’m going to watch that movie even if it’s at noon on Wednesday. I’m just going to do it. I can’t wait for the rest of my life for these things. Right?
  • I have things to do very early today so I can’t run this morning but I’m going to need to this evening for sure. I have some seriously built up energy. So for now…hope you enjoyed this short, sweet and super boring post. I had bigger and better things planned but time got away from me and I need to try and be on my game tomorrow. So tell me what YOU did this weekend and that’ll tide me over.

    Did you run any races? 
    Did you continue your streaks?
    Did you pass out from the heat? 
    Did you trail run and lose your keys and a rattlesnake possibly ate it?

    I actually know that three of those things happened so there you go. Tell me your weekend updates!

  • source
    Run on… it’s a beautiful Monday morning!


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So we partied too hard.

  • Sean and I went to see Andrea’s son Cory perform with his band last night and now I can’t hear anything. And I’m pretty sure I had flashbacks from when Jeanette blasted Pink Floyd when I was a kid. I liked it way better last night. But I like Cory better so that makes a difference. Don’t judge me. He’s SO talented and hugged us with all his hours of sweat and it was the cutest thing ever. He is the artist who is responsible for my beautiful tattoo…

    so I have special love for the boy. Also, he will be a boy to me until he is 40.

  • source
  • I had to have some touch up lasik on Thursday and thus could not type on the computer for a few days. I’ve had it done before and usually can type the first day but alas, not this time. This particular procedure turned out to be very painful. Very different from the first two and I didn’t appreciate that. I do like the results after two days however and I’m much better. Sorry to be AWOL. It was unexpected on my end, too.
  • Pokemon Go is hilarious. I want people to stop walking off ledges, be careful not to get robbed, and not stay out in parks late at night and don’t do it while you’re driving but they’re all getting exercise so hey…that is NOT a bad thing. I vote go.
  • 9 Things Runners Should Never Do
    I actually really like this article found in Women’s Running Magazine, usually I kind go…eh it’s hit and miss. But this is pretty good advice. I’ll condense.
    1. Carry your phone in your sports bra
    2.Choose unsafe running conditions
    3. Wear your sweaty running gear long after your run
    4. Wear your pony tail long after your run
    5. Run in hand-me-down gear (okay, this one is iffy. Use your judgement)
    6. Wear a regular bra on a run (just don’t)
    7. Skip strength training
    8. Avoid eating fat
    9. Compare yourself to others
  • I had some good running this week and if I could run today I would but strict instructions no running for a week. I’ll totally break that rule but not today. It’s still early. I may run tomorrow but for sure Monday I’m ITCHING to move. I’m also itching. ThankyouCeliac. Ha.
    4 miles Monday
    4 miles Tuesday plus walked another two
    4 miles Wednesday plus walked another two

  • source
    Run on… and enjoy those cool mornings…

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I am not crazy. Probably.

  • I went to bed ridiculously early last night (I’ve been doing that already but last night was beyond beyond early for me) and that was on the heels of my two hour nap. I planned this due to my 5am run with G that I figured could not happen again if my head didn’t cooperate. Damn the heat. And the torpedoes. Turns out at 4:45 my body was very very …weary… I was awake but just too tired and after so many days of migraine and no sleep I bailed on the morning run and opted to stay home.

    This was me this morning and Skosh (it actually could be Skosh) only I’m not as cute and he actually climbed up and slept on my back for about a half an hour. It was very cozy.
    I got up and walked Malachi instead. I mean, I was awake but I wasn’t up to running. It’s important to read the signs your body is telling you. Mine was telling me to rest. I listened. Sometimes it tells me I need mashed potatoes. I listen then, too. 😉
  • I just remembered I’m supposed to be somewhere right now. No pressure. I even have it on my calendar. Geez. Brain fog. One of my many symptoms of well…everything.
  • I went to the doctor yesterday (finally!) and my doctor visits are the very thing that keep me going through the rough times in between. I know that sounds strange but stick with me. Even though she’s kind of iffy at the in between months of support, the visits are very on point and I always feel like she’s listening and helping me. Here’s what we came up with.
    My thyroid number is perfect if, in fact, a little low now which puts me smack in hyperthyroid land. But since I travel a lot number wise she is leaving it there for now. My symptoms are so Hypothyroid perfect but my numbers aren’t, she suggested I make an appointment with my doctor. I said he left. She forgot and laughed. Then we discussed my doctor options and when I told her I had an appointment with a highly recommended doctor but I can’t get in until September she appointed herself temporary GP. She ran a panel of every blood test she could think of that I might have. They took six vials of blood (SIX! I nearly passed out. They didn’t even offer  me a cookie I couldn’t take! He felt bad) and ran about ten blood tests.
    The big question here is what’s making me so freaking tired? Everything else seems normal but the tired is crazy weird. The lack of energy, the sleeping all the time. So she’s helping me out so I don’t have to wait. She totally had my back and I definitely felt like she listened and cared and didn’t say, “numbers are good, go see your GP”. She could have but she’s good and she doesn’t.
    The best part of this little journey? Insurance turnover was June. I get to pay for all the blood tests. That shouldn’t cost a fortune. sigh.
    So now we wait for results. I’ll keep you posted! I have to go nap now.



Run on…some days it’s hard but it’s always worth it. Keep going.


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Here’s that better content I promised.

It’s been quite a week and producing any kind of words to describe it resulted in, well, the blank page. 

I’m sure you noticed.

Spending any time on the computer or social media is really overpowering with my side, your side, every side but this side and eventually you start to question’re thinking. You grasp tightly to the words that sound the most rational and you “hide” the ones that are definitely the most crazy. And of course, you begin to wonder why you ever thought you could be friends with…well…anybody.

It’s not that simple though, as much as this country likes to specialize in simplifying matters with loud insistent one sentence declarations.  There are too many complex issues involved to break it down like that. And everyone is offended by all the words.

Or maybe we’re making it too complex and it’s really is just simple. Yes. I think it might be that.

So rather than use my own words which will just, yes, offend someone (because it’s inevitable) I just figured I’d do what I did on Facebook and use someone else’s because some people are far more eloquent than I am and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Unfortunately, unless it’s on Youtube I don’t know how to post the video. I have to figure that out. So until I do, please enjoy this link. I’m sorry I don’t have popcorn but it’s worth the watch.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo on Lt Gov Dan Patrick critical words on the Black Lives Matter movement.


Now on to other things for now. We’ll have LOTS of time to be talking about this in the coming days, weeks and months,  mostly because we missed many chances to talk about it before.


  • Did you ever see someone wearing an item of clothing exactly like something you already own and you immediately decide..yeah. I gotta donate that. It happened. I was sad. Partly because I liked that and partly because…whoa, um…I totally have to donate that. You get the gist.
    meryl streep anne hathaway the devil wears prada miranda priestly krooooong
  •  We decided we have to get some kind of cooling system for the house. I’ve had a migraine for four days and just can’t take the heat anymore. I just don’t see us being able to afford it this year, not time or money wise. Next year is the soonest I’ll be able to even think about budgeting it in and frankly next year it’ll be tight. But if I sell my body I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get the nicest top-of-the-line window fan money can buy.
  • I finished The West Wing and now I think I need to start it again because I really missed so much since I didn’t watch it while I was listening to the podcast. I need to do it again. Plus…I miss The West Wing. It’s so good.  Though now I’m sucked into Newsroom and oh man…it is good.
  • I ran four miles last night but I had to wait until it wasn’t 100* and it was SO beautiful out. Finally some cooler air. I did stop a few times for traffic lights but other than that it wasn’t too horrible and I was blissfully pain-free while I ran.
  • I ran this morning with Miss G.  She has a 7k coming up in September which roughly converts to 4.3496 miles. Which is random and I don’t know why they did that but whatever.  Being the overachiever that she is she’s already panicked that she won’t be prepared. In case you don’t know…it’s currently July. I could tell her tales.

    She runs with a friend on Saturdays (remember how she cheats on me? so wrong) and they ran 4 miles once already so I’m not sure what the big deal is but when she ran last Saturday she had to…gasp…stop and walk due to a side stitch. Something I never get due to fabulous breathing. That’s right, I breathe beautifully when I run.

    I brag about it because it’s the one thing I actually figured out years ago (like when I was twelve) so kudos to me. And yes, I said kudos. Don’t judge me, I’m on very little sleep, migraine, migraine meds and….well, just don’t judge me. Anyway in order to alleviate her stress, we ran 4 miles today without stopping and now she feels much better. I could sleep for a week.
  • I swear that just now I typed two typos in the above paragraph and I never would have caught them if I hadn’t reread it. Lord knows what I’ve typed when I shoot this stuff out to you guys. I said “ones” instead of “once”. WHO DOES THAT? And then I said “alive” instead of “alleviate”. Cause that’s the same word. ?? I think I’m losing my mind. No seriously. I’m totally losing it. I’ve never made those mistakes before. Think it’s the migraine meds?

I know I promised you guys better content but apparently my sarcastic self will only produce this. I know you’re really impressed with me.

You’re welcome.





Run on…because you can. 

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A Baby Post. On the way to being a Grown UP post.

This is a baby post. I’ll post again later today. Just wanted to let you guys know I AM alive. I haven’t forgotten you and I swear this blog is still up and running. And so am I. Mostly. Man I’m sleeping this week a lot. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

  • MT called us. Yep. He called. He’s working on paperwork and so they called him and his friend (also working on paperwork) in and kept them for a couple of days. While they sit in an office staring at a wall for two days the boys used the phone to call home. Said it was “totally worth the pushups if they get caught”. Ha. Loved it.
  • Happiness is getting your plane ticket with credit card points.

    Snoopy won’t dance today but rest assured he is. And thank you, Charles Schulz, for this work I’ve totally borrowed. You are ever brilliant and give joy to many every day. 
  • I called my pest control guy, Frank, and he’s been with us for so long he’s long since retired and I’m actually worried he’s no longer with us. His brother has taken over and let’s just say customer service is not his specialty. One good phone call and he’s undone 15+ years of working with us. I called another company and we’re on for today. I have so many spiders and they are a new species of ugly. Like wow. Wow. I can’t wait for this guy to come and spray. My apologies to the Charlotte lovers of the world.
    As per the rules…there will be NO spider gifs. And Ya’ll know why. 🙂
  • You know when you call the doctor because your kid has a fever and then when you get there the fever is gone and you SWEAR he had a fever but the doctor just…looks at you?  I think I am freaking losing weight.

    I know, right?
    My doctor appt is next week. You just can’t make this up. I could be wrong but I’m not getting on the scale and I’m not trying on pants that make me sad so we’ll have to wait and see. Such a great moment when that happens though. Definitely questions my credibility though. That’s an awesome moment. ::smirk::

G and I only got together a few times this week because she had company from out of town and she’s been kind of sluggy when she runs. I know, SHE’S been sluggy. She’s been super busy and I think overworked. We’ve mostly been walking. By the time it’s cool enough for a run it’s 9:30 pm so I need a running partner who will run at night with me. It’s so frustrating when we go through this phase.

I just need to join a gym with air conditioning. I think I might call 24 Hour Fitness and see if I can get a weekend guest pass just so I can run in air conditioning for a little while. It’s so blessed hot I’m pretty sure it gave me a migraine yesterday. Extreme temps are one of my triggers and man it hit fast. I haven’t had one in forever so  it was due I just didn’t appreciate it.

I really want a good run.


I know I’ve been a little off. I certainly never intended to be THIS absent. I’m still here. If you are, thanks for hangin’ around.

Talk to you soon…


Run on…



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