Dare I say it…

Not everyone is meant to be a runner.

Or maybe I should say not everyone has the heart of a runner.

I run.

But I don’t think everyone is meant to do it to find their joy.

THAT’S not what I’m supposed to say.

I’m supposed to encourage. I’m supposed to cheer. I’m supposed to say anyone can do it and be a better person for it.

Unfortunately I just don’t think that’s being completely honest.

Yesterday I was out on my morning run and it came to me in a quick moment.

It was cold.

It was  windy.

It was miserable.

I was slow.

My gloves were on..my gloves were off…

My headband was on…my headband was off…

Each time my headband had to go back on,  it flipped my earbuds out…because that is my life with headphones…

I do all that while I run.

The grace…was just not in her steps…

As I ran though..it felt like it was in my steps.

I felt light.

I felt strong

I felt sure.

I felt happy.

Not just any happy.

Not just ~cake for breakfast~ happy.

Not just ~time with theboy~ happy.

Not just ~Sean’s car is home when I get there~ happy.

It’s the happiest I ever feel…out when I’m running.

I don’t believe everyone knows this feeling.

I do believe anyone can run. And I do think it’s a quick and easy way to get into shape. Get some good shoes, head out the door, start slow …give yourself time and eventually you will be able to up your mileage and get the run done and you will be better for it. But I don’t think everyone loves it.

I’ve heard people say they finished the run, it was awful every minute they were out but they finished it.

They run to stay in shape but if they didn’t have to they definitely wouldn’t do it.

Shouldn’t it get easier? they ask…when will I stop hating it so much?  I do it but I don’t love it. I just know it’s good for me. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t run? Nope. I definitely don’t believe that. Sometimes you find your heart later. It takes a little longer but it’s so worth the wait when it shows up.

To all those people that run for the sake of health…I salute you.

Because running is hard.  It just is. Your muscles hurt. It’s exhausting. You can’t breathe.  Your legs feel heavy. And the general feeling of I can’t do this will totally take over you every step of the way and you have to push yourself to get the job done.

To not love it and to never love it and to never see or have that reward of loving it would make me tremendously sad.

So to all of you out there who are running for the sake of health…

I hope you are finding your joy and happiness in one of those fabulous other directions…

in your dance

in your cycling

in your singing

in your reading

in your writing

in your cooking

in your yoga

wherever you are able…I hope you are able to find the happiness I feel when I run.

I was passing through the room, 38 years ago, and something on the television caught my eye. I asked my dad ~what is this?~ and he told me it was the Boston Marathon.

And I became a runner.

Last evening I was driving home and I passed a man running down a hill near my house.

It was cold.

It was muddy.

It was rush hour on a busy street.

Ugh…exhaust fumes.

It’s so cold!

The mud…

I could have thought about all of those things and my first thought should have been joy that I already ran and wasn’t in his predicament.

It’s a true testament to runner love that my first thought was ~I’d like to be running right now~

I am a runner.

Love this verse and the following: "So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should.":

Run on…and find your passion…

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The treadmill is not a closet…

  • I started Monday with the most beautiful run and I got to watch the sunrise with its Rainbow  Sherbet colors just as I came around my favorite corner that brings me home. What a fantastic way to start the day. Since I woke up at oh dark thirty my body said it was bedtime at like…3pm. How really unfriendly.Truth be told it only needs me to head upstairs for laundry or something and I start to yawn. I figure I must be in a cycle or something that makes me sleep. I really do go in waves. I’m waving now for sure. Ha. #itsthelittlethings
  • I’ve always had a very strict rule about hanging wet laundry on my beloved treadmill to dry. It’s not a closet! I would declare indignantly to my children that would blow off my rule to hang dry their laundry. But last night I put my running jacket and capris on there for lack of room anywhere else. Do you suppose it’s okay because they’re in their natural habitat?  The running clothes that is. Not the children.
  • So remember the other day I told you about my cheesecake situation? I needed to measure the actual size of the cheesecake because that was a fairly important part of the story. So I got my sewing tape and measured the cheesecake with that.  That was Saturday, right? So today I open the fridge and sitting right there is my tape measure. Yep. A big ball of yellow tape measure jumbled in a ball. What the hell? My brain is so whack I apparently decided it belonged in the fridge. Now here’s the interesting thing…(I know you’re thinking that WAS the interesting thing but no) it’s been there for two days and not one of the three men I live with thought to ask…why is there a tape measure in the fridge? I’m thinking they’ve decided she’s lost her female mind and there’s no figuring how women think. Well take heart Gentlemen…I don’t get it either.

    ryan gosling confused celebrities

  • Miss Hollie walked tonight…our usual four miles. I would like to bump it to five but it’s so blessed cold by the time we get out there at 7pm we’re lucky to get our four in. And I start our walk/run with the first mile being a warm up walk and let me tell you it’s hard. Because I’m so cold I want it to be a run right away. I’m COLD. She’s always like…seriously? We’re running already? When I run her at mile two. LOL…I’m easing her in…Chick…come ON. We’re going to be so much warmer I promise. It doesn’t appear to phase her. She comes pretty bundled. I do not because I know we’re running. Hmm. Maybe that’s the key…the girl needs to be cold…
  • I didn’t do any strength today because we’re walking so tomorrow I plan to run and do strength and I’m going to attempt a few different squats. What is it they say??

    It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 for the rest of the world! Keep Going! fb.com/melissamissfit #motivation #fitness:

I notice a difference just because I feel better, I feel stronger, I’m running stronger and I’m sore the next day. That’s worth it every time.


How to overcome common exercise excuses  It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.  Give it 12 weeks.  Don’t quit and try to be patient, it won’t happen over night but it will be worth it once you get there.  Getting fit and healthy should be considered a long term commitment.:

Reasons you're not losing weight:

So true!!


Fitness  | Come get your fitness on at Powerhouse Gym in West Bloomfield, MI! Just call (248) 539-3370 or visit our website http://powerhousegym.com/westbloomfield/ for more information!:

These motivational posters can seem very big and out of reach…like Everest. But really they’re just putting one foot in front of the other.

Run on…


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Sweet List <3

  1. Oprah’s Master Class….I may have used this before but I like it so much. I watched Robert Duvall (I love him) and Dwayne Johnson (I love him, too) and they were both so good.
  2. Christmas Shopping with Andrea. I’d prefer small town shopping, craft show shopping or really just any kind of shopping over big mall shopping in high end Denver but Andrea makes it awesome.
  3. We had lunch at White Chocolate which I have to admit has a great salad and they have gluten free french fries. I’m pretty easy with where I eat as long as I can get gluten free but the french fries…oh man. I’m yours if you have french fries.
  4. Powering through my Christmas list. 
  5. Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter …from William Sonoma-a total splurge but oh my goodness. I could die it’s so good.  Now I want to make a quick bread so I can eat far too much of both.
  6. I cleaned my house. I had projects everywhere…
    happy excited celebration minions despicable me
    and I spent a crazy four hours just organizing, cleaning, and getting it all done and I swear I can totally breathe and think better now. It’s almost as good as running. Not quite…but almost.
  7. Sean and I paid it forward a few times this week when the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes it doesn’t and that’s just life. But sometimes it does and it makes your soul happy to take advantage.
    Pay it forward! #words #Inspirational #quotes MCA Now hiring. $80 per referral :) Work at home. Paid 500+ weekly. Health, dental and road side assistance. Click here to get started: https://www.tvcmatrix.com/garcili24:
  8. Getting all my workouts in and still feeling pretty good. Not superhuman just normal, strong and healthy. Loving that.
  9. Botox approved and received ~thankyouverymuch to the powers that be that pushed this through~ I feel better already and it’s been what…three days? Totally worth it.
  10. Planning a Thanksgiving dinner for about 27 people. Two main dishes, seven side dishes, four desserts….8 actual people…one of them only four years old…no one sees a problem with this. Does anyone know 19 people that will need a meal on Thursday? Yikes.
  11. Christmas decorations! I am excited.
  12. Montana gave me flowers. Randomly. And I love him. Because he’s kind and generous and sweet and way too sensitive for his own sweet good.
  13. I got up far too early this morning and ran a “long” run of four miles. Yep. That’s my long run! I’m taking it very very slow. And not only was it awesome but I kicked butt on the hills, only stopped at the mandatory stops (stoplights) and felt strong the whole time. It was pretty killer. It was a great run. Am I cured and feel amazing? No…but I feel very good right now and I’m taking it one run at a time. Then I came home and did my twenty minutes of strength training. Now my arms hurt. #strongissexy

Run on…

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Desserty is a word and I’m sure by Thanksgiving I’ll be ready to eat it all. Probably.

You really tore into that…

One little phrase. Isn’t that funny?

I’m that sensitive person that can totally blow off something someone says or it can tragically go the other way and it’s a crapshoot. Really…but dollars to donuts if it’s about me personally…if you’re laughing at me? I’ll wear it.  I’m sure there’s therapy for this. I’m sure it’s childhood influenced, right? A sibling or middle school bullying or all of the above.  And because of that I try to be very realistic and analyze without reacting. 

Most people just laugh at things like that and it’s funny.

But sometimes it just strikes so hard there’s no analyzing. It just hits and there’s no control. Like lead in your stomach (ha! stomach, no pun intended) it sits there and when I’m stressed I eat even less than when I’m not stressed.

I pride myself on the fact that though I can forget to eat, when I do remember I’m not shy. I do love food. And I have no shame about dessert.

>>this gif is my mission statement…you just have to add kindness.  Be kind.<<

Life is to be lived, enjoyed, celebrated and toasted with dessert. 

Why else would we be gifted with these culinary delights?

Skittles notwithstanding..no one would describe them as “culinary”

I ate about a third of a 5″ cheesecake (I shared a bite of it with theboy who did not enjoy it and flung part of the piece on the floor and at me…I did not enjoy that and ended up wearing it). I heard about that (sure it wasn’t you..uh huh). As I put the cheesecake back in the fridge I heard something to the effect of “you really tore into that” meaning…man, you ate the hell out of that thing.

Well, yes, I guess so. I don’t think I ate an abnormal amount of it. It’s pretty tiny. But I knew what I was doing. I’m pretty okay with it.  Or I was…and thus begins the bad feelings. Why do we do this to ourselves? Or am I the only one?

I no longer want anything delicious or desserty (it’s a word) or yummy or anything. Talk about a giant loss of appetite.Sad day.

Hopefully it all passes by Thursday because Thanksgiving is always full of delicious.


I’m getting ready to head out for a long run. Which is still pretty short but I’ll take it…ever grateful for the ability to run.

I’ve been incredibly careful about stretching and doing some extra yoga moves after I run but I’m still sore in my Achilles, my right hamstring and my right hip which makes me seem like a ridiculous mess but it’s really just one thing that works itself out in three different places. So I keep stretching and I do think it’s getting better.

I think the walking with Hollie is great cross training for it. I’m not over running.

So my workouts for the week looked like this:

Sunday: 3.26 miles running

Monday: 3.25 miles running (strength training 20 minutes)

Thursday: 4.03 miles walking/running

Friday: 3.25 miles running (strength training 20 minutes)

Saturday: 4.03 walking/running

Believe it or not…not the same running route…LOL.  Just randomly the same distance.


Run on…

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Stick around…at the end I talk about running.

  • I’m so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. As I sit here at my computer this quiet morning, the sunrise is peaking, there’s a blue hue to the color of the world and it’s changing little by little as the sun comes up. The snow that came last night was the best kind, the fluffy ~surely they came out of a can~ flakes. Just sitting on top of the deck looking like if you blew one good breath you’d clear a space for walking. And over in the distance is a shimmer of orange and pink…just thinking about showing itself.  I get this all to myself. Everyone is sleeping.  p.s. guess what’s on?  Yep..Harry Potter. My life is complete.
  • We’re trying to buy a new microwave. We’ve bought two used microwaves (fortunately I’m cheap so not much money) and both of them,  though in great condition,  sound like (to use one reviewers terminology) a jet engine taking off. I have issues with that. I want a quiet microwave. Is that too much to ask? So we were at Home Depot yesterday and I am standing there looking at microwaves and I get distracted. The refrigerators are AMAZING. Have you SEEN what they have in refrigerators now???  I want THAT…look at that middle drawer for all those most commonly reached snack items! I mean…they cost as much as a small car…yes they do.   Same with the oven…check that sucker out. We fell in love with the two door oven. I mean really. You can use the top one….or the handle can grab both doors which opens up the whole oven. It’s…genius.Whirlpool 24.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Monochromatic Stainless Steel          Samsung 30 in. 5.9 cu. ft. Flex Duo Double Oven Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Dual Door Oven in Stainless Steel
    I know that was random but SERIOUSLY…I have appliance envy. LOL
  • I’ve had several friends talk to me about this post the other day. It came up originally when someone mentioned Facebook  and a few particular friends who seem to be “those friends” that post the most unbelievable unrealistic ~my gosh how in the world are you living that life~ pictures and statuses.  Seriously…we have a lot of really wealthy people that live here. Don’t get excited. We have a lot of poor people, too. We all just love the mountains. But the class differences…it’s pretty sad. What I think is harder to watch, and maybe I put it wrong when I was writing it is that we all have those ~in another life I’d have this or if you’re me then you say, “that person is living my life”. But remembering it’s just pretend is what keeps you from being sad all the time about what you don’t have. Gratitude is something I always have but I think it’s a gift to be able to remember your blessings in today’s world. And if you really DO have a dream, then do everything in your power to follow that dream. DO IT> Because I can’t imagine having regrets. You have to be able to say you did everything you could to live the life that is truly yours.
    Looking for adventure on the road? You need these apps in your life... #spon #roadtrip:
  • Runner’s World posted this today and I think it’s SO SMART.  Prerun Yoga is really genius. I’m totally going to give it a try. I love to start my day with some basic yoga moves … I feel like one of those toy skeletons that gets snapped together with all the little pops and snaps. I don’t do it for a half an hour or anything but I do spend five or ten minutes just getting the kinks out. Since it feels so good I think pre run yoga would definitely help keep those injuries at bay…hello hip openers.
  • Yesterday I got my run in (3.25 miles)  before my appt and it was just turning a little breezy and cold but still good. I stopped more than I wanted to but I kicked the ass of a few hills  so I consider it a good run. Today I’m meeting Miss Hollie for our walk/run and she may not like me. We’ll have to see how it goes. I’m pretty excited we’re getting in two workouts this week in the daylight! I can see my watch and it helps with the timing. 

Less than a week until Thanksgiving…I hope you are ready but not making yourselves crazy. It’s just dinner after all. The important part is the hangin’ out together. And remember to be kind.

This was on Runner’s World today and I fully appreciate it this morning. Here’s your sign:



Run on…


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Five truths…some more popular than others…

  1. I love to run more than I like to do most anything else in the whole world. When I take a break from running and I have to start again, it hurts and it sucks and I dread starting.  But once I pick it up again it’s like being able to breathe. I can finally breathe. On days like that I swear I can’t even stand to be home. I don’t want to make dinner. I don’t want to pay the bills, write posts, answer questions or handle appointments. I just want to be on the street feeling the run. I swear my soul literally becomes lighter as I run. It must be a condition. 
  2. I love Angelina Jolie. I know a lot of people are passionately against her but whatever. I think she’s talented and brilliant and kind and whatever mistakes she’s made she’s apparently trying to fix her karma by being an incredible humanitarian. I love that if it’s a good kind generous basic obvious ~you should be supporting this~ cause, she’s supporting it…women’s rights, refugees, education, conservation…I could go on and on.I hopped over to Wikipedia to get a little information and make sure it was accurate and instead I ended up overwhelmed with everything she does.  I can’t even get my blog written most days. Could I be her in my next life?…
  3. As long as we’re being totally brutally honest here and everyone is judging me…I might as well throw this out there. I’m pretty over seeing the hateful mean posts from everyone tearing apart Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. This is a man who has struggled with addiction and his wife who is trying to support him. I don’t care who she is. I don’t care how she got famous. I don’t care how he got where he is. All I care about is that they are people and are both in pain. He’s in the hospital now having made some really bad decisions. And he’s the only person in the whole world who’s ever made bad decisions and ended up in the hospital. ::sarcasm:: He has years of rehab ahead of him and I can’t help but admire his wife who has chosen in compassion to stop the divorce and stand by him as he attempts to heal.  And this family gets to do this in full view of the public. Judgment and all. I was reading comments where people were saying how ridiculous it was the Khloe and Lamar story was being told when Paris had just happened… Who wants to hear about those idiots? But my God is compassionate and he finds their pain to real and valid and in need of His grace.

  4. I am beyond grateful for the gift of healthcare and the gift of Botox for my migraines...  today I have my first session since…I’ve lost track. I’m only a month behind but it’s been a rough four months..this go round. However…to be brutally honest I’m pretty freakin’ scared because it really hurts to have it done and since I know it hurts, I’m dreading it. Totally dreading it. And also looking forward to it. But mostly dreading it. I know, I suck.
  5. I’m so sad about the Syrian refugees and the shameful and disgusting way our country and our leaders have shown what a warm and friendly place we are ::sarcasm:: by voting to close up shop and not help those people who need somewhere to go. The irony is lost on no one that it is happening at this time of year, this giving time when we are historically supposed to be thinking of others, being generous and helping those less fortunate. My God would want me to provide help to someone in need. Would I open my home? Yes.  Absolutely. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not doing all we can for these people.

I get it. Random stuff that’s been on my mind. Had to clear the cobwebs out…..


Hollie and I walked and ran in a chilly breezy mix today. The walk/run was a mix and the chilly breeze was a mix. It was a gorgeous day out and we still managed to freeze our butts off. Or at least I did. Also, I walk really fast and she struggles with shorter legs so I’m certain I’m irritating.

No pot though…we walked early and school was just getting out so maybe they didn’t have time to light up…or maybe they had to do homework first? So many maybes. We’ll meet up again on Saturday.

I ended up spending the evening at my computer and I swear my butt is just…dead. I’m So tired of sitting. I need one of those standing desks. Where he hell would I put it? I used to stand at my teller desk all the time. I loved that. I miss it.

I also miss tellering. yep. In case anyone wondered. I miss my job. I miss math. I miss the people. Sad but true.


every day. Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise:

Run on…

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Not your average Thanksgiving post.

I know, you all are thinking…that’s okay. It’s not Thanksgiving.

Well you know how everyone posts their “month of Thanksgiving” one day at a time through the month of November?

Day one: I’m thankful for my husband

Day two: I’m thankful for my kids

And so on.

Mine would probably start out Day one: I’m thankful for cupcakes

I think I'll be doing a little procrastibaking prep work later, thanks to the delicious, delicious apples my trees keep dropping in my yard. :):

But anyway…

I was driving with my kid this morning and we were discussing those giant houses in the far reaches of Denver. He works in construction and finds himself working on the most beautiful of homes. I said a phrase I’ve said many times in my life but it’s seldom meant with anything but jest.

I said, “ugh. Those people are living my life”.

This led us to a more serious conversation where we question if we are truly happy with who we are and where we are. The dream, of course, is to be living in a cabin in the mountains away from people and taking in the serenity of nature and God.

This is Alex’s dream.

This is Sean’s dream.

I would take this part time. But I would be cold. Plus I’m a nomad and I need to travel and see the world. I want to travel and learn and experience.

Part of me says nothing is stopping you. If you aren’t happy then you need to go live your dream. No one wants someone who isn’t happy to stay. I think everyone needs to find their joy.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi. Click on this image to see the most sophisticated collection of inspirational quotes!:

The other part of me says maybe look around and recognize the joy you have surrounding you and would you really be happy being alone? 

Thanksgiving is about being grateful and recognizing what you have and what you would miss. Is it more important or less important? So are you really living the wrong life? Or are you just having a moment of envy?  I think it’s important to distinguish between those issues before you sink down into the depths of sad. Anyone can be envious. How deep does it go? If it’s really that important than I think it’s a dream and you need to follow it. I think we need to see how far our dreams can take us.

In a perfect world I’d own six houses, six cars and I could live in whichever house I want to. I could travel whenever I wanted. I could do and be anything. I’d have that college degree I wanted.  I could give money to anyone that needed it. We’re talking a perfect world? No one would need it. There wouldn’t be starving children, refugees, ISIS, or war. No homeless on the cold streets, our veterans would be well taken care of and there would be no need for battered women’s shelters. In a perfect world…everyone would be tolerant of everyone else and their beliefs, religions, choices. No one would be bullied or harassed or stalked. It wouldn’t be Stepford, it might be Utopia. Too perfect? I think it would be worth at least the effort.

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasstreet_art_january_2011_14 banksy london england » STREET ART UTOPIA:



Today I’m walking with Miss Hollie but I think I’ll try and go a little early so I can run a little. I also need to get my strength in today. I skipped two days in a row – day one was a migraine and day two was a LOT of errands and at the end of the day I almost felt productive.

I say almost because like most of us…I expect more out of myself.

Today my list is as long as it was yesterday.

But included is that workout…I’m feeling a little stressed. When I’m stressed I cry. I know, super helpful.

This is such a stressful time of year and we have to remember to take care of ourselves and not expect too much. Definitely don’t look around and think…how are THEY getting it done? I should be able to do it, too!

Just do what you can do and that’s what your limit is. 

Period. Just do it.

Make your list.

Chart your purchases.

Package your gifts.

The least stress the better.

9 Ways To Detox From Stress In Under 5 Minutes | Lovelyish:

Run on…


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Let’s talk Squats…

It snowed today. Let me rephrase. It’s snowing. We’re getting a big ass snowstorm.

It’s hitting hard.

They don’t know how hard. They’ll get back to us.  But I’m going on record as saying..it’s kind of big.

I had a doctor appt today and I headed out this morning to drive there (keep in mind I’ve been driving in snow my whole life) and when I turned a very VERY slow corner in my four wheel drive and spun a full 360* I decided to go home. Doctors appts can be rescheduled.

I was up most of the night with a really really awful migraine and just don’t feel good anyway so I don’t even feel bad about it.

Parts of the city aren’t that bad at all and other parts the roads are the worst. So…we’ll have to regroup in a few hours.


Yesterday it was cold COLD cold so I threw a quick 3 mile run (little over ) and called it good.

When I got home I did some strength for about twenty minutes before heading to Target to get some life saving groceries in case we’re stranded for days and days.

You know the kind…sweet potato fries, waffles, corn dogs, etc.

For those of you wondering…the sweet potato fries are for me. The rest are for the grown children I live with who love them SO MUCH and ask me to buy them. Alex eats corn dogs four at a time. Crazy. He also loves vegetables and lean meat and works out like a fiend. So I give him the occasional corn dog binge.


Let’s talk squats…

How to Squat Like a Pro

Like any other exercise, squatting is only beneficial when performed safely, with proper technique. If you have never squatted before, begin with the air squat (no added weight).

Squats are a Runner’s Best Friend

The basic squat movement is this:

  • Arms extended in front or overhead
  • Sink the hips down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, making a 90-degree angle. This depth is good for beginners.
  • If you have good mobility, deeper is better.
  • If it feels OK to you, then go ahead and squat until your bum is “below parallel.”
  • When standing back up, do not let your back cave in.
  • Keep your knees behind your toes, your weight on your heels, and your back straight while you squat. ~source

I’ve been squatting for years, I think it’s a hugely important exercise. But I have never gone deep enough to truly get the best benefit. When I go to the gym with Alex he makes me put my feet farther forward and go all the way down and I always fall backwards like an idiot. I think it’s because I just don’t have the strength yet.

I finally decided, after NOT going to the gym but instead working out in my own house with my own weights, that lighter weights and not stressing my body might (I emphasize might) be what I need to try. It seems to be working. I still occasionally stumble backwards but mostly I have it right.

But I’m not doing air squats, I’m carrying  a weight bar. And after my first set I have weights on it. So the balance sets me off. I think I just have to get stronger.

Squats are an important part of every runners routine. The glutes carry us up those hills, along the twenty six and through the finish line. We need them for distance and for speed. They help us work more than our glutes though, they work our hamstring, hips (oh my gosh our hips), quads, and calves. It’s a whole package with that quality move.

    <<<<<Alex has me doing this, which is super common and GREAT for you but for some reason even

WITH padding, the bar gives me crazy bruises where it sits. I’m guessing it’s the Celiac. I bruise really easy. So this is why I switched it up to a variation using handweights at home. It’s not going to give me the same benefit but I think it’ll be close enough. And as long as I mix it up with other squats I’m fine.

     <<<<< A nice variation…a little lunge and a squat. Works your core, too.


 <<<<< and here’s a killer move. I do not have the coordination but when I do, you will all know it happened. The one legged squat. The core strength to do this is pretty awesome. More planks please.


The stronger your legs and core, the better runner you are. Fact. Do them.


Remember that little race I ran in Leadville where I almost died? (yes, I exaggerate, geez, do you not KNOW me by now?)…well that stupid toenail FINALLY fell off! #runnerproblems

Do I feel badass? Nah. It’s not my first black toenail and it’s definitely not the first one that’s fallen off. I lose that particular toenail nearly every race over 20 miles. Seriously…it does not want to stick. But it took a LONG time. This race was only 15 but the elevation was killer.  I’m ready for a regular toenail and a regular pedicure that doesn’t scare Anna my nail girl.
p.s. Nope, it doesn’t hurt. Didn’t hurt when it turned black and didn’t hurt when it fell off. I didn’t even notice it actually. This one took it’s time turning black so I figured it was maybe just lightly bruised.


I was up all night with a migraine and super incredibly drugged so it took me seventeen times as long to post this.

Okay, maybe twice as long. But whatever. I feel awful.


But a good day to sleep things off.


running motivation

Run on…

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Sweet List <3

  1. Road Trips.  Andrea and I may take a quick road trip because we can. And we both have the bug.  Portland???  Telluride??? Friends in both places! ::feelin’GarthBrookshere:
  2. Cheetos. The crunchy kind? I’ve only had them twice and I’m hooked. I always thought they looked gross and full disclosure the puffy ones still do. bleah. But the crunchy ones…oh man. They are good.
  3. British accents. ::swoon:: Hey Babe…can you work on this? I’d appreciate it.
  4. Fountain sodas. There is nothing like crushed ice and a Diet Pepsi
  5. What to do with old Christmas cards and birthday cards and thank you cards? Send them to St. Judes.   Be sure to read the directions and rules. It’s a great program and super easy.

    Recycled Card Program History

    More than thirty years ago, wishing to show our donors appreciation for making St. Jude’s Ranch for Children possible, the idea was conceived to turn the previous year’s Christmas cards into “new” cards for the coming season. The recipients were so delighted when they received the unique “thank you,” that they requested to purchase the special cards. The program soon expanded to include all-occasion greeting cards.

    How It Works

    Operated by Kids’ Corp., a program designed to teach entrepreneurship skills, the children at the Ranch participate in making the new “green” cards by removing the front and attaching a new back. The result is a beautiful new card made by children and volunteers.

  6. Pumpkin cake with or without cream cheese frosting thankyouverymuch. Yum.
  7. running the hills and not dying completely. I mean…kind of dying by the third hill but making it on the first two. They were mean.  #dontjudge
    I don't love running, but it is the one thing that you can do anywhere...anytime.:
  8. We had a bike we bought last year that didn’t work for us. Put it on Craigslist three times. I finally sold it this weekend. What a relief. The guy was  nice. Doesn’t that make things extra great? I love it when people are nice.
    Favorite Reminder via Humans of Joy:
  9. Chatted up a friend today who I haven’t really talked to for awhile. She made a decision that was brave a month or so ago and I’m incredibly proud and happy for her. We decided we need to have a holiday party for our mutual friends. and because…why not?
    The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.:
  10. turkey, cheese and cranberry jalapeno jelly on sourdough panini for dinner. Life.is.good. (It’s okay…I had regular gluten free bread but it made my family pretty happy and it was totally delicious to look at.
  11. As a Christian the world has strong feelings about my beliefs. It warmed my heart to see the hashtags hitting Twitter today from the British Muslim community~ #notinmyname.  Good for them.
  12. candystore
  13. volunteering. Paying it forward. Doing good things. If you’ve been putting it off…don’t. And don’t do it because it’s the holidays. Do it because you can. My best friend’s daughter spends every birthday at 5am volunteering downtown Denver serving to the homeless. This is why she’s my best friend. Girl did something really right.

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It’s like I’m speaking a totally different language. Only…not

  • It’s 9:20 at night when I start this and my day has been the opposite of yesterday.  Incredibly non productive.  Also, I took some kind of vitamin or drug or liquid or food or something that makes my words not be understood by other humans.  Maybe I was drugged. Maybe THEY were drugged. The whole day was surreal. I wanted to leave town and live in a cave. Is that allowed? Can I do that? #cavedweller #introvertedandproud

  • I did manage to get my nails done this morning. They’ve been incredibly short and down to the quick since New York City (I suspect because I was sick, that always trashes them) so I managed to get them to a level that’s not ridiculously short and it’s only … short. Anna, my nail lady, was great and didn’t ridicule me for asking for my usual French manicure when I have zero nails to French. And really…it doesn’t look odd at all. I like it and I’m keepin’ it. #myway #ilovefrank
  • One of my friends posted today that she’s done Christmas shopping. Then posted photos of happy pictures shopping with her little daughter, dinner out and movie time with the family at home. Seriously.  #somuchworktodo  #overachiever #istilllikeher

  • Joann Sfar, a cartoonist in Paris who works for Charlie Hebdo,  posted a cartoon on her instagram telling people not to use the hashtag #prayforparis. She says there’s  enough religion in the world.  That she is an atheist is no surprise I suppose, that she wants everyone else to follow her belief system is.  I’ve found peace many times in prayer. It may not give everyone the same sense of calm but I believe it can provide a lot of people what they seek. And for those people far away, unable to do anything to help but change their Facebook colors and tweet support it gives them a feeling of solidarity with a country they feel needs it in a critical time of fear and sadness. #prayforparis #goodthoughtsforparis
  • My computer was completely messed up and no matter how we tweaked it, the results were the same. Sean rebuilt it (that sounds bad but he can do this in his sleep) and still the same result. After working on it a second time I finally looked at it and said, “do you suppose the mouse is jacked?”
    Suffice it to say, he did not look happy to find out…why yes, the mouse IS jacked. It’s not a very old mouse so that’s why we didn’t think to check it sooner.  Sorry Babe.  #notmybestmoment #didyoureboot #isthisthingon
    Image result for can you hear me now gif
  • My hair.  Remember that Friends episode when Phoebe cuts Monica’s hair? Monica’s hair looks way cuter than mine right now. #transitionhair #thankheavenitgrowsfast #neverleavingthehouse

le sigh.

  • I put my sports bra on backwards the other day. There’s just so many straps. And I was in a hurry. And I must have turned it wrong. Whatever.  But it was one of those really strappy ones with a thin racerback? I totally had an inside glimpse at the S&M lifestyle. File this under “Things I never want my husband to see” #sports #runnerproblems #imagirl
  • I did run Saturday night but it was more a run for a little while and then walk for a long while because I took the dog and he really wanted to take his time. Also it was super short because he’s a wuss and gets tired. Two miles is his max. This morning my Achilles were not thrilled but still okay. I am trying to give them the attention they need to stay okay and heal okay. I’m going to step up my stretching this week and if they don’t seem better I’ll go back to the acupuncturist and see if it helps.

    I realize I started this last night and am finishing it this morning but it’s just to keep Ya’ll on your toes. You seem to be doing great. Nice job! I have smart readers.


Run on…

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