Celiac is not the end of Joy. We still get Mexican food, after all.

I live in a house with three grown men. I know I’ve told Ya’ll that.

My husband, Sean.

My two sons, Alex Michael (he’s 24) and Montana (he’s 18 in like…24 hours).

These guys love their gluten.

They are incredibly, unbelievably, supremely supportive of my Celiac diagnosis.

And living here…they are affected daily by this situation. Nevertheless, I hear this sort of thing a lot….

  • I love gluten…I could never give it up~

  • If I was diagnosed with Celiac, I don’t think I would change anything. I’d still eat it. I love gluten too much~

  • gluten is delicious. I don’t know how you do it~

You get the drift…
Well,  here’s how I do it.

1.  I personally think it helps that I’ve had Chronic Migraines.  Because it means I know how to live without and be okay with that.

2.  I also have Hypothyroidism (incredibly common with people with Celiac…they go very much hand in hand).  Again, many food issues.  So I it’s important to watch your nutrition.

and the most important of all…

3.  Attitude.  I live without caffeine, chocolate and alcohol… but really, I don’t even notice those things.  I’ve been without them for so long.  So just one more situation of nutrition adjustment is not a real surprise, it’s just like I said. An adjustment. You can get the diagnosis and curl up in a ball …

movie animated GIF

or you can start your research into how you can make this fit into your life with ease and simplicity, causing as little disruption to your family as possible. Attitude is everything. Your attitude will affect everyone around you.  Make the change a positive one. 

On a side note: I don’t actually love to cook, but I CAN cook and I think I’m pretty decent at it.  I had at one time planned on throwing some recipes on here and never got it done. I’m feeling pretty good now and may actually pull this off.

I made enchiladas last night and did not get any photos or anything. But I will try and start this week, because I am pretty good at throwing a fast gluten free meal together that I think makes everyone happy.


My sister Catherine is addicted to Pinterest.

She sent me this:

I've been hiding from exercise. I'm in the fitness protection program.

Everybody should have a Catherine in their life.

I died laughing when I read that…

Anyone else notice Mother Teresa has a sister, Catherine. No…you can’t make this up. No, my mom didn’t do that on purpose. I know this because there’s a Jeanette, too.  :)

love actually animated GIF


I did Yoga tonight and OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT>

I bought a new DVD a few weeks ago.  I picked up Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method- Yoga for the Warrior

I tried to link this and it didn’t like me. But it’s a great little youtube video to give you and idea.

I will try and review this tomorrow but a mini review this is as follows:

I love this DVD so much.

It’s 63 minutes. I started it late so I only did it for like….35 minutes or so but it was addictive and I wanted to go on.

It’s a great fun yoga workout and my legs feel it. SO awesome.

Yes, yes it is.

Yoga on…

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Two days without yoga makes one sad and kinda icky.

Somebody put grumpy juice in the water at my house and Sean and I want no part of it.

This morning was painful. Yikes.

So we just tiptoed around and hoped everyone just kept their grouchiness to themselves.

the muppets animated GIF


Yep…that’s about what they were like.

Good times.


My work hours have been virtually “on call” all week with each day being different.  Yesterday was an all day affair and I ended up running some work over to a co worker’s house at a late hour.

This exhausted self did not get yoga done in the morning (I got called in) and crashed mid typing in the evening (there was no way.  I was SO COLD.  I know, it was 70* and definitely no East Coast blizzard. My hypothyroid self should be ashamed. And yet….) and all of this resulted in…

no yoga. Nope.

None. For two whole days.

I am yogaless and sad.

I meant to do it this morning but ….

::insert excuse here::

hey now…that was rude.

tina fey animated GIF


Didn’t you read the part about the men I live with? They were so so grouchy.

When they get like that…I avoid them.

Well…my computer plug was downstairs. LOL

I had no power.

No power!

lord of the rings animated GIF

pain animated GIF


snk animated GIF


I might be a little out of control on the GIFs. But it’s like they were in my HEAD.

I will yoga tonight. Because I feel like a marshmallow and my achilles are making themselves known. and Ya’ll know the key to a healthy achilles is maintenance maintenance maintenance. 


These work hours are so frustrating I am OFFICIALLY going on strike RIGHT NOW>

In that OFFICIAL ~announcing it here but my boss is on maternity leave and really no one there even reads this blog so I’m probably just talkin’ big ~ way.  Ha.  Good thing I like my job.


Yoga on…running soon….do what you must. 




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Two years just fly by…sort of. And hey…don’t blink.

I’ve been writing for two years.

Feels like five.

I still like it.


A migraine decided to camp out last night so there was no post.

pain animated GIF

Wouldn’t you think I’d have emergency posts written for just this occasion?

Nope. I’m just not that good.

I keep thinking I’m going to GET that good but clearly I’m not that blogger.

You get me…

Average blogger.  Sigh.


Last week I had my eyes checked for my annual ~once every three years because it costs $120 and you have other things to pay for~ eye exam.  We finally agreed to tear duct plugs because I officially have the driest eyes on the planet.  Yes. That’s what they told me.

So they put these tiiiiny little plugs in and guess what…

yep. one of them started to come out and felt like it was slowly going to stab me in the eye like a wayward eyelash until I called them and begged it to be removed.

They fit me in after work and took a look at it and they said…let’s just push it farther down in there. We really think you need it.

This will just pinch a little.

Big fat liars.


it will feel like a needle is stabbing you in the eye and you will jump a foot in the air even WITH the numbing creme, thereby causing the doctor to scratch your eyeball resulting in you then bursting into tears and the doctor genuinely and finally feeling really really bad for you.

And you get drugs.

Steroid drops for your eye.

antiobiotics drops for your eye.

gel drops for your eye.

hurt animated GIF

And for good measure…a few other doctors to check and see if you’re feeling better.

I made a good impression today for sure.


The thing I’ve noticed the most is my “new” ability to find a rhythm in scheduling my world again.

I so missed that.

I used to clean, laundry, errand on all scheduled days. My calendar was scheduled within an inch of it’s life.

Somewhere along the way this stopped being as easy to do and became ~do what you can each day to get by.

*thank you Celiac*

These last few weeks I’ve been able to actually schedule again. For the first time in years.

My world has slowly been creeping back to normalcy and I’m afraid to say it out loud.

I don’t want to be loved for my clean house. But I like my house clean. If anyone out there understands that.

I’m sorry to all those moms out there who post those great little posters about fingerprints sticking around  because playing with the kids is more important. I totally understand and more power to you.

I hope I did my fair share of both.

But love me for my charm. ;)

kate animated GIF


I keep trying to convince people but unfortunately..they seem skeptical. Even my husband. Hmm.


Yoga on….with gratitude. 

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Sorry about the ice cream. But are you really that surprised?

It’s midnight.

The boys disappeared for the evening.

MT had to work.

Alex went to the fights.

Sean and I said…NICE.

We headed to the store and bought steaks and ice cream and came home to watch movies and hang out.

Halfway through the steak cooking process Alex came home.

Go figure. Fights don’t last as long we we thought.


I totally would have put money on that being a late into the night event.

Seriously…that boy can smell steak from a state away I think…good thing we bought extras.

Meanwhile, I totally ate half the ice cream.

sad animated GIF


Well there weren’t tears. But I did eat half the ice cream. I am absolutely not kidding about that. Sorry Babe.


We were headed out to go hiking today but Sean wasn’t feeling great so I opted to not torture him. We ended up staying home and … yes…watching movies.

Anyone else get totally and completely sucked into the movies that come up on the television?  Sean will tell me … uh…you know we own this.
Yes, I know that. But it was already on television!

But..you can watch it commercial free.

But I don’t have the patience to do that. Nope. nope.nope.

I know I’ve mentioned Philomena before but I cannot recommend it enough if you haven’t seen it.

Every time I watch it I’m again moved to tears by the force of a mother’s love and the connection between a parent and a child. It’s such a beautiful movie.

I ordered the book and I cannot wait to read it.


I was commenting on a blog today (Ali on the Run) and the blogger is a new bride-to-be. I mentioned that my very simple wedding included a cake my mom made and it was Duncan Hines Cherry Chip cake mix.  So SO good.

We try and make it every year for our anniversary.

As I mentioned it on the blog it dawned on me…I can’t have it anymore.

I usually don’t get truly sad by things I can’t have anymore as the list can be long…

And then…I remembered that.


I’m a little sad.

This is our 29th year married.

Maybe I can find a gluten free alternative.

It won’t be the same though.

sad animated GIF


I did get my yoga done and even though I’ve been doing it pretty much daily for a few weeks now, it’s still pretty freakin’ tough. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength or abs for sure. But after two weeks of steadily working it I can say I’ve gotten SO much stronger.  I felt like I should do it twice (or just finish the whole DVD, duh, creature of habit am I ).  It felt really good to work it so completely and actually feel like I’m getting somewhere. Tomorrow I want to see if I can do it twice or complete more of it.

Sean and I are planning to go hiking tomorrow OR a hop up to Shrine of Cabrini. I’m supposed to go see my friend, though, and she takes priority.


Yoga quotes

Yes, this is still my little running blog. But until I’m comfortably healed we’re going to be a running, hiking, yoga blog.


Yoga on…freely…


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Doesn’t everyone have a hot button?

I have a hot button.
I think everyone has one, I hope everyone has one?

Mine is what people think of me. I know…how old am I, right?

But to get more detailed…it’s more about people thinking I’m not smart.

I don’t care what people think about my running.

Or my training.

or my work (because I trust my work. I do my best and that’s all I can do. Seems to be good so far)

My kids mostly like me. ;)

Side trip of words here:

I used to be bothered by the seemingly long list of friends that would leave me in the dust on what appeared to be a whim.

This bothered me a lot. I must be a really really unlikable person.

My list is, after all, rather long.

Then I read this poster (I know, a Pinterest poster of all things) and suddenly my world was so much clearer.  It was like a weight was off my shoulders and I decided…I’d rather be that person.

The Story of a Girl & Life Quotes to Inspire via RainonaTinRoof.com

Detour over…we’re back on the road…

So if I could find the magic Pinterest poster that would solve this other dilemna, I would love it.

And yes, I know I spelled dilemna with an “n”. It’s my blog and I’m spelling it the original way if I want to.

But for now I have to learn how to not react when the button gets pushed.

I get it. It’s ridiculous.

I SEE that. I understand that.

But when put into the situation…

it’s not friendly.

My first memory of encountering this situation happened in high school.
I was a photographer for the school newspaper/yearbook. So I hung around with the writers all the time, too. One of them, her name was *Sharon (names changed to protect the obnoxious) and I had dated the same guy. I dated him first, she had just gone on a date with him the night before this conversation took place. She was asking me about him and what he talked to me about.

I told her we didn’t talk about anything in particular. It was just a date. I mean, he wasn’t really a super fascinating guy, just kind of ordinary. I thought that was interesting, as his dad had run for state representative and I think we all had kind of high expectations. Why, I don’t know.

She was one of our smartest students, like…valedictorian smart.  She said all he did all night was talk politics to her.

Another guy pipes up…his name was *Melvin (name also changed…also obnoxious).  He said the guy didn’t  talk politics to me because he knew I was too stupid to understand the conversation.

Then he walked away.

Information that is kind of pertinent to this is that Sharon had virtually never spoken to me before this conversation. I’m not even sure how she knew I dated him, unless it came up between them.

I remember a school counselor giving me math class options and being really irritated.  Rolling her eyes and suggesting this cake of a class which I did end up taking because it was the one she basically insisted on.

I remember hearing about Existentialism and how EVERYONE was taking it and loving it and I’d never even heard of it. No one had told me it was even an available class.

At this point, it just kind of snowballed into me and that was it. High school.




I’m pretty sensitive to this.

I don’t like to be corrected on those little things.  I don’t like my spelling corrected. My pronunciation corrected.

I’m careful enough that I would rather go to the computer and give exact information rather than give you an open opportunity to correct me in any way.

It’s a hot button.

Interestingly, I make mistakes on the blog and in emails and such all the time because I type too fast. Mistakes like “to” instead of “two”.  I just did that the other day and it still bothers me.  But it’s because I typed it out too fast.  Feel free to correct that. LOL

And the whacko way I write on the blog? Some things are capitalized? Some aren’t…

Punctuation MAY be there and maybe I choose not to.

It’s because I am totally typing it the way I’m thinking it. And I don’t want to change that because I think it changes the tone of how it reads.

I know how to properly capitalize and punctuate. I just don’t do it. Ha.

I know, way to drive people nuts.

I have no answer here. I have no magic solution. But here’s what I do have…a tiny little squeak of a plan guaranteed to maybe kind of work and maybe kind of not do anything but it’s a start.

I have decided that before the year is up I am going back to school.  again. for the third time.

Life intervenes, you know.

I don’t want to hear a degree isn’t important. 

It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Nobody looks at that anymore.

The people that say that usually have a degree…they get to say that.

If I go back and decide a class is enough. Two classes….a degree, whatever.  Apparently I still need something and I have to keep looking until I find it.

And I have to learn to work on those damn buttons.

"Sometimes painful things can teach us lessons that we didn't think we needed to know."



Yesterday when Sean got the mail, there was a letter from the insurance company.

We get a lot of mail from the insurance company so I wasn’t too excited. Usually it’s 8 pages explaining what they paid when, what they didn’t pay when and what I’m supposed to pay when.  I don’t understand most of it because they make it as confusing as possible. Then they add 5 pages of they disclosures and we’re good.

Yesterday, however, they sent this:


You may not be able to read it, but it says they are covering the Botox procedure for my migraines.

Commencing Snoopy dancing now:

snoopy animated GIF


Of course, the water bill came with it.

Did you know you can skip a month of the water bill and they won’t shut it off?

I won’t tell you how I found that out but over the lean years, that was good information to have. ::psstthanksmom:: LOL

reaction animated GIF


Now though…I might want to pay that. Just sayin’. ha


Sean and I are going to go hiking today…maybe. That’s our goal but it’s not looking as bright as cheerful as the weather indicated it would be.

I’m hanging up now so I can go do my yoga.


If we don’t yoga, we’ll maybe visit the Shrine of Cabrini. It’s so beautiful there and always serves to center me.

More yoga.


Keep moving… forward towards inner peace…


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I think I’ve been here before.

The first step is admitting you have a problem .

Have I had that title before? I totally think I have but how would I know? So I opted to skip it and ask those dedicated readers who have hung out here with me the longest.

You know who you are.

my sister.

my husband.

my mother.

hmmm…that might be it.

The few, the proud…

Wait…aren’t those the Marines?

Conley_T_06_21_14 (14)FB

Whatever…HE doesn’t read. He’s busy being 24.

Cute, right? You should see him now. His hair is WAY longer than mine.

I so digress…

THIS is why I started this conversation…

I think I’ve had the title before.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

Has that ever happened?  How would I know?

Seriously.  How would I know?

So on to admitting my problem:


Office supplies.

#Officemaxhasmyheart   #post-itsforever  #sharpiesrule   #minilegalpads

And now you see.  An intervention is clearly needed.

But oh man, the colors on those mini post-its. SO pretty

And the pop up post-its are perfect. Yellow with lines. Just like legal pads.

And the tiny little legal pads!!  Seriously!


Okay.  I must move on now.

I was driving to work this morning and saw a bumper sticker that said  Peace Love Bagels

Oh man, Right??

I LOVE a good bagel.

Until I got closer and realized it said Peace Love Beagles

Huh. That does make a little more sense.  I mean. ..

Bagels are pretty good but I’ve never known anyone to make a bumper sticker out of them.

I Love Bagels Rectangle Sticker

proven wrong once again…I suppose there is a bumper sticker for everything. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


You know when you’re driving down the road and you hear your car start making a noise….oh man. My car. It’s making a NOISEHOLYCRAP.

So you speed up to see if it’s your car and the noise speeds up and your stomach drops because it’s so SO your car. And you slow down JUST to make sure and the noise slows down and now you’re so certain and you are in absolute depression.

Your day is ruined. This is going to cost a fortune doesn’t it ALWAYS. What could it BE?

You creep forward in traffic and the turn signal allows you to go and as you turn left the noise turns right because hello…the person’s car that was making the noise was doing the exact same thing as you were.

Flow of traffic, genius. ::shakeshead::

Also…thanks God.

despicable me animated GIF


I had an appt this morning so now I have to go do my yoga because I didn’t get it done this morning and I can’t take a chance of missing it.




Move forward…balance joyfully…



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Amazing Grace

Before I say anything…this was the color of the world when I looked outside this morning.


I love that.


I started my day yesterday with yoga and actually got through the whole thing, yay me.

This is in contrast to Tuesday  when I got about 10 minutes into it and just didn’t have the energy.

tired animated GIF

I ran out of energy for everything that day.  I think I have a lot on my mind and it’s taking it’s toll on me physically as well as emotionally.

But yesterday felt SO good and strong and I continue to marvel at the difference yoga can make on my body by just doing 30 minutes a day.

Imagine if I actually went every single day.

To real actual yoga.

And not a crazy ass DVD with Bob Harper.

Hey now..I hear you all judgin’ because it’s Bob Harper.

jennifer lawrence animated GIF

I like Bob Harper because he’s as high energy as I am and that’s why I can do yoga.

The man keeps it moving.

I bought a Jillian yoga, too, because I imagine she could have the same impact. LOL.

I haven’t tried it yet because I’m just a creature of habit.

Also, pretty sure I couldn’t keep up.

the walking dead animated GIF


I stopped at Sephora yesterday after work. I’m in desperate need for a good moisturizer and they had given me a sample I really liked and thought I’d buy the real one. If you don’t remember,  finding a moisturizer is especially difficult because it needs to be gluten free and preferably cruelty free, also. Unfortunately they don’t carry the one I wanted  anymore so I picked what I hoped would be a good substitute.  Christmas bonus well spent and moved on through the line.  And what did I come across? This pretty little gem clearly set in front of me to give me a big fat message.

The first message was

Read me…


And the second message was of course:

buy me.

done and done.

I’ve always loved the philosophy brand and today it was a huge reminder why.

Here’s what the perfume says:

How you climb up the mountain is just as important as how you get down the mountain. and, so it is with life, which for many of us becomes one big gigantic test followed by one big gigantic lesson. in the end, it all comes down to one word. grace. it’s how you accept winning and losing, good luck and bad luck, the darkness and the light.

Anyone that knows ANYTHING about me knows that my favorite song in the world is Amazing Grace. And my grace has to be my second favorite word ever.

After Mesopotamia.

I mean, that’s a cool word.

Mesopotamia.    (Mess-ah-pah-tame-ee-ah) I gave you the Ducksters link because it’s just more fun. 

Say it. It has a great rhythm. The moment I heard it as a kid, I was hooked.


I could say it all day.

But grace.  Oh. It gives me a warm glow every time I hear it, read it or say it. So it’s definitely a close second.


I noticed yesterday I hadn’t taken any meds for my ~longest flu ever may finally be over~ illness.

Snoopy dance!

Peanuts animated GIF

So when I woke up this morning it didn’t take me nearly as long to realize…

my achilles didn’t hurt.


quiet animated GIF

 don’t tell the universe. 

we’re keeping it a secret for a few more days.


Yoga quote: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. #ReadyToSweat


Move yourself today.  You will be happier for it. 


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We are having the most MOST beautiful snow today.

It’s amazing with it’s big fluffy flakes and they just float to the ground like they don’t have a care in the world.

These days are the whole reason I love Colorado. It’s so beautiful.

Pikes Peak on a random snow day, isn’t it beautiful?


I’m going to the gym to elliptical a bit. Maybe lift, I don’t know.

I’m probably going to yoga later so I can get a good stretch in and definitely foam roll.

Don’t I sound ambitious??  Ha.

Who knows.

I am putting money on the fact that I left my Nook at the gym the last time I was there…oh…two weeks ago?

So I’m HOPING (praying…pleading with the Great One) that it’s there.  I am just so not myself after weeks of being back on Topamax that I’m completely absentminded.  It’s beyond frustrating because I usually figure it out in a few minutes but my Nook is something that wanders with me. I take it to every room, sometimes to the back of the couch cushions, under the couch, on the table under a stack of other books, on a bookshelf, so many places.


As I typed that it came to me and I walked right to it. I wish I could explain how long I’ve been looking for that damn thing. I just needed to write about it. How random does my brain work.

taylor swift animated GIF

I always tell my kids if you lose something look in the place you least expect it to be and then look again and again.

And also, walk away. Give it a few days. It’ll just come to you.

There it is.  Under Alex’s video games. Uh…random?  I have no clue how it got there but I’m grateful it is found…off to plug the thing in because yes…it’s dead. Sigh.

>Hey universe~ I’m also missing a tiny little gold band that is completely unimportant and probably mostly not valuable but for some reason sentimental to me so if you’re listening…<

Now I’m rethinking my morning.

It is snowing after all…  


On that note I shall take my leave.

Oh….but not before the haircut photo because I am finally remembering to post it.

See? I’m not totally avoiding it.

image (12)

Please note the complete lack of moisture in the grass behind me….except that little strip by the fence that landed in early December and won’t melt until next August.

And today…massive snow.

Love it.


I’m going to say this today. A reminder.

Be kind to each other please. Reciprocity. The Golden Rule.


Off to yoga.

Keep aiming to improve your body every single day! http://www.onesteptoweightloss.com/shakeology-results #ShakeologyResults @homeweightloss


Move forward…be it yoga, running, biking, walking, whatever your body needs today. 


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Having faith and keeping it.

I spent the day running errands and cleaning.

It was joyful.

Nope. Not kidding. It’s my perfect kind of day….catch up day.

I took returns to the store.

I grocery shopped.

I cleaned and repaired.

Hung photos.

Scoured bathrooms…


I yoga’d.

Yep. And it was good.

And when I was done…I foam rolled for a very long time.

My legs are trashed.

I picked up my meds (the pharmacy recording and I were developing a relationship)

I did not get to see my friend. 

I was beyond sad.

but I don’t always have control so I let it go and am trusting what is supposed to happen…will.


When injuries don’t heal … we lose faith.

When we do everything we’re supposed to do and we still wake up with pain…we lose faith.

It’s important to remember our faith and our regimen of healing because that will be the path to running again.

Even if it’s not a significant injury we who run can become very discouraged, sad, depressed…some people get short tempered and angry.

Powering through and trusting what you are supposed to do.

It will work.

Keep moving forward.

Take care of you.

and, of the two, worry doesn't get anything done. sooo...


And for good measure…

Great advice. I'm a master at second guessing and ruminating. Just need to let go and trust my intuition.


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Sweet List <3 and Martin Luther King Day

Part of this list was written yesterday so if the times are crossed, my apologies. I got a migraine and had to stop typing and go to bed. Rather immediately.  

1.  Ice cream with Theboy and the kids.  #chocolaterules


2.  Organizing my closet.  Yes, I do it periodically. It’s a constant effort to find the perfect way to do it.  So on that note, it’ll never be exactly right. There’s always going to be another way that’s better.  #ocdmuch

friends animated GIF

friends animated GIF

friends animated GIF


3.   All vehicles are back with their rightful owners and all is right with the world. Accidents suck.  #insurancerules #grownups

friends animated GIF

4. Senior pictures for MT.  We went downtown and shot at the Denver Public Library and all around the area. I love the whole area and it’s very MT so I thought it was a great spot.  I took a few instagrams to show what will absolutely not be his senior pictures because…hello….camera phone.


But it was fun anyway…

5.  I have a HUGE stack of books to read and an unbelievable list and it just keeps growing. I have a love/hate relationship with the list.

disney animated GIF

6.  I  get to see my friend today.

7.  This lotion. It’s  gluten free, it doesn’t cost a fortune, the bottle is HUGE, and it comes in four scents…unscented (it’s a scent ::whatever::), coconut and lemon, lavender and aloe, and citrus and mint.  I have the citrus and mint one because I love citrus. I don’t love mint, however, so I think the next time I’ll get the coconut and lemon. But the lotion has been great.  And 32oz of lotion at a great price is pretty amazing. $10.99 on their site. That’s seriously awesome.

8.  Wild.  A chronicle of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe.  So so good.  Stayed true to the movie and Reese Witherspoon was great.

9.  Mock me if you will, but the royals are on Instagram.  I love all the pomp and circumstance.   Also…Princess Kate is so freaking beautiful and nice,  and she was kind enough to give birth to the cutest little royal pumpkin pants ever. He is SO dear.  I could look at his little photos forever. I mean, that is a little face with attitude.

Prince George is the Cutest in These New Baby Pics!

10.  The Maroon 5 video for Sugar which, hello, I love. So sue me.  I’m a Maroon 5 fan. Gah. Look at all you are finding out about me today! The royals, Maroon 5…I can’t be stopped.


11.  I got yoga and a run in this morning. It felt SO good to do both. My legs are tired. tired. tired. And the wind was harsh. I coughed for a good hour after the run and my husband was thoroughly tired of me. He briefly considered divorce until he remembered what a freaking hassle that would be and if he just waited this out I’d probably (odds are good) just stop coughing.  Or…he’s googling how to dispose of the body as we speak. It’s definitely one or the other.

12.  Target brought their little bags of Gummy Bears back.  I’m still not downing sugar like a maniac but gummy bears are so mild they seem the perfect snack. Especially in these little packages. I’m so happy they have them again.

Haribo Gold Baren Gummi Bears 8 oz


13.  Martin Luther King Day.

Run on and be kind. 



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