So…the garage door fell.

I know. This has nothing to do with running. But that sums up my day yesterday.

Holy loud noises Batman.

batman animated GIF

So this morning I spent the first two hours calling the following:

1. the garage door company.  Two companies, multiple calls, no answer. Conspiracy?  I think so.

2.  Insurance company.

3.  Roofing company

4.  Direct TV (I know you’re jealous). That one was an AWESOME phone call that took nearly a half an hour.

Fun little note:  They will occasionally put interesting things on their bill you MIGHT want…and you have to tell them you DON’T want it by a certain date or they charge you.

Case in point: The NFL channel for $39.99 a month. No joke.  That’s insane.  Well, she says, you had it last year. Um. no. I didn’t.  You’ve found the one thing I’m 100% positive I did not.  Oh…the next representative tells me, last year we gave it to you for free.  but since it was on there last year, it automatically gets added this year unless you call us.

This is a joke, right?  Right?


5.  Pest control guy. Again. Good thing I love him.

And now I’m out of my workout time.  Sonofagun.

I’ll go to the gym later after work.  It’s not my favorite, especially on these days when I go in late. It’s so nice to get my workout done in the morning.

Run on …with no excuses. 


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I ate a bug.

it wasn’t good.

I had a super busy day so when I got home…I opted to just take the dog for a walk.

MT’s truck is in the shop for some fix up and he had to be across town today so I had to rent a car to get to work.

yes, that’s right. I spent more on the car today than I made. LOL

That’s a depressing thought.

sad animated GIF

But since life isn’t fair, I’ve moved on.


I heard from a friend tonight.  If only briefly it was good to hear from her.  I might have to put that on my next Sweet list.


Malachi and I headed out for a little walk that I attempted to run.  I went super slow and walked maybe a quarter of it.  Somewhere along the trail I ate a bug.  Flew right into my mouth.

I attempted to dodge said critter by throwing my head to the left nearly causing a wicked whiplash injury but to no avail. Said bug flew straight in…finding a demise for himself he certainly wasn’t expecting as he was just out for a jaunt along the marshlands.

You know how people always say, “it’s protein!”

yeah…it’s a bug.  Felt like a bug, tasted like a bug. It was a bug.

reactiongifs animated GIF

If that sucker had protein I’d be shocked. It was pretty small.



I contacted a trainer tonight. Alex thinks he’s a hack so now I’m skeptical.  I’m going to look a little more tomorrow and maybe find someone else.  I usually trust myself pretty well but Alex Michael is just not going for it.

It’s not that I have to only go with someone Alex approves of because that’s not the case. But he does know this particular fitness genre so I assume he’s going to have good instincts.

I’ll sleep on it.


Run on.  Because it makes sense.


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I’m gettin’ there. Slowly.

It’s getting cooler here.  The weather is so amazing.  It’s perfect for running.  And someday soon I hope to be doing that in the great outdoors.

Right now I’m sticking to treadmill to keep  myself healing.  At least, I hope I’m healing.

This morning I got right up and did some yoga.  I had an appt with my sports doc and he tortured me.

Then I came home and I ran four painfree miles on the treadmill.  Shutthefrontdoor that actually happened.

Tonight I walked the dog for two miles.

I’m moving my ass off but hoping I don’t screw it up at the same time.

black and white animated GIF


My head is unhappy with me so I’m keeping this short.


 Run on and lose your mind with the love of it.


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Sweet List <3

Sweet List!  It was a beautiful day.  Heart-ballons Clip Art

1.  Brunch with all the kids. Pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns and scrambled eggs. Life is better with breakfast.

Rose Flower Clip Art

2.  the farm!  I went to Nick’s Garden Center in Aurora and picked up hay bales!  Shut up they are so cute.

3.  Mexican food.  I’m hungry right now.

4.  Running.  Very low amounts to ease my poor leg away from the pain. But still running.

Flower 34 Clip Art

5.  James Lawn Care. No website. No FB page. Just two guys (father and son) who passed out fliers and I happened upon one of the fliers. They.are.awesome.

6.  Emailing with Sean.  Skyping is good, but I just like being able to throw out conversations to him whenever. Three weeks.

7.  Shaughnessy and her amazing life transformation.  Good Lord she is awesome.  Always has been.

8.  My friend added me to a  site on FB that’s a “virtual yard sale”.  It’s a combination of crazy admins and awesome deals both for selling and for buying.

Fiore Clip Art

9.  Grapes.  Red.  Sweet and delicious.

10.  I got a new phone.  That’s all.

11.  I see my sports doctor today.  I always feel better. :)

Funnyflower Clip Art

12.  Going to work at noon.

13.  Today is my virtual 5k with NPS Vacation Races.  I love this company and if I could run all of their races,  I would.

Run on and remember all your opportunities out there.

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It’s possible I’m psychic.

There’s a family history you know.

I mean…I predicted this outcome weeks ago.  Makes me feel pretty smart.

My calf didn’t hurt at all for the last two days and I ran those days.

But my achilles is killing me.  Shocking, I know.

Fortunately, I’ve been down this road before so I think I know what I’m doing.  I threw out some yoga and spent a good amount of time foam rolling and I think it likes me. Just a little.


This morning, Saturday,  very little achilles pain.   I did just a few quick minutes of yoga and foam rolling and then took the puppy for a walk. It’s warm and he’s not used to the morning walks.  We both were a little toasty.

I found a jaunt on our path I’d never seen before and “hiked” across the stream to a side street.  It was the best 30ft of my walk.

I miss hiking.

ryan animated GIF


Today my list is LONG.  I’m feeling pretty good though and going to the gym is definitely going to happen.

Sean gets home in like…22 days.

I’m pretty ready for that to happen.

Oh!  I bought this from a yard sale.

image 1

Is it not the CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen?  So I need to get some chairs for it and maybe some hay bales!!

I am a very cool grandma.

running motivation @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Walton @Carly Reni AJ @Molly Simon Simon Wheeler @Julie Forrest Forrest Butler

Run on…and the sooner the better.


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I’m not ready to call it progress…yet.

Here’s what I got done yesterday.

I RAN.  Yep.  I ran.

I went to the gym in the morning and started with two miles on the elliptical.  I did a few minutes of it backwards to work those muscles.  When I got off, my muscles were nice and warm so I hopped on the treadmill and very cautiously started moving.

Three miles later my leg still didn’t hurt. :)

time animated GIF

I came home and iced it and took Advil and went to work. Love this schedule SO much.


Today I had to cover for someone so I had to come in early and work at my main branch.  Plans foiled.

It was a little bit of a bummer because I woke up at 5am with the remnants of the killer migraine I had yesterday.  I always have to decompress before I really do anything..but I figured I had time.  So I talked to Sean and I cleaned the kitchen and I did all the stuff I usually do the night before but couldn’t because I was so sick.

Then I got called in and bam. There goes my workout time.  Man that went fast.

I’ll work on it tonight because I’m in way too good of a mood workout wise to skip a day.

dancing animated GIF


I started this post this morning at work and those damn customers keep demanding me to help them with their banking.



Off to workout. Let’s hope.  And if you’re feelin’ it a little prayer wouldn’t hurt either. :)

Photo: You either ran today or you didn't. </p><br />
<p> | #August100Miles

Run on…and find peace with yourself.

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Organizing my injury.

I’m blue.

I figure it will pass.  Sean is due home soon, though they stalled him for a few weeks.  But I definitely feel his absence.

MT is out of town for a few days on a Senior trip for school.  He is just like Sean so they both hibernate in their spaces but really just having his presence is comforting.

Alex is always coming and going.

I don’t get lonely too much anymore, I enjoy my quiet. But I have so much on my mind I can’t seem to relax.  I’m trying to concentrate on all the things I need to get done and move through those.

sad animated GIF


I created a list in Word of everything I need to do for my leg every day.  Icing and Advil and stretching and foam rolling…etc.

You get the idea.  It’s hard to get it all in!  But I’m trying to do at least one of each action a day.

movie animated GIF

movie animated GIF


I lost my kitchen remote control.

I know. How does that happen?

My theory is it got thrown away by accident. But Alex scoffed at that idea.

Three of us…three intelligent adults and it’s gone.

Whatever, I called the company, they directed me to Walmart and my life is better now because I bought a new remote AND I labeled them in the house so the identical remotes won’t be confused with each other.

Also, I have a friend who swears by Walmart clothes and seriously I got the cutest little shirt there for $12.  I almost always find something cute to wear when I go there…once every six months probably. At the most.

movie animated GIF


My work hours changed so I get a little more time in the morning to work out. It’s pretty awesome. I love going in at noon.  I got a ton of stuff done yesterday.

This morning I have a meeting and I told them I’d drop in and attend rather than be briefed later.  But I’m wearing my workout clothes. Just sayin’.


Motivation for working on you!

Run on…and take care of you.

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Sweet List! <3

It’s a Sweet List day.  :)  Three cartoon flowers Stock Vector - 9528282

1.  I ran this week! It only lasted a day and I think I’m back where I started but hey~ I ran. And it made me so happy

2.  We got to see Shaughnessy and theboy most of the week and it was awesome.  That boy gets smarter and cuter every time I see him. It’s this crazy phenomenon~

summer 12.10

This picture is years old but we came across it and hello…it’s so freakin’ cute. Ha.

3.  My kid got a job.

4.  My other kid has a job interview.


They are both so proactive!  So here’s a parenting clue…when they get a vehicle they will get jobs to make it as pretty as possible. In all fairness, Alex already had a job and is just looking to replace the military with a civilian job.

5.  I managed to get three doctors appointments done and done.  They are the evil doctors appts so yay me!

funny animated GIF

my doctors appt?  Not as entertaining as that.

6.  Andrew, Ash and the boys came and stayed a night with us and that is always fun! Those boys keep us on our toes.  Ethan …wow. That blonde hair and innocent Don’t believe the innocent face.  :)

7.  After ruining my curtains like…six months ago…I finally replaced them!

8.  I bought this:


I took one look at it and bought it immediately. Thank the LORD it wasn’t outrageously expensive because I was in love with it. It so reminded me of a table that was my grandmother’s.  Favorite find ever.

9.  Shaughnessy has been working out like a fiend and has signed herself up for a mini tri at the end of August. How much do I love that?  Check out how cute she is!

IMG_20140816_173906 IMG_20140816_173722


10.  My job has improved greatly in the last week and the changes we’re doing with my hours are hopefully going to be an improvement.  If I ever get to run again, I’ll run in the mornings for sure now!

running animated GIF

11.  Starburst mini unwrapped candies.


12.  I’ve made pretty good progress on my donations.  I have pretty awesome friends ~

friends animated GIF

13.  I got a new stove!  Whatever…It’s the wrong color?  It doesn’t match anything?

friends animated GIF

Well, yes, that is correct.  But I’m living with it because it’s BRAND NEW.  Can’t beat that with a stick!

Run on…and enjoy the day!


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Disappointment :(

I headed out this morning for a slow and careful five mile run.  I skipped yesterday wanting to rest my leg.  Two and half miles in…my leg pulled.

I walked home.

I’m trying pretty hard to not get stressed about this but I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be so I’m not sure what the problem is. But I’m going to keep doing it and hope it eventually works.


Yesterday was AM’s birthday.  We had a quiet day at home with just the family.  It was a nice night. But busy.



He got a present from a friend…it lets him listen to music and talk on the phone while on his motorcycle. So he hooked it up to see how it worked and…well…the phone rang.

This is Alex standing in the kitchen on the phone.




Also, he realized his keys were still in the helmet when he did this. I wonder how comfortable that was?  LOL


My darling co worker just brought me a package of the mini unwrapped Starburst. Oh my gosh.

They are amazing.

And addictive.

And delicious.

I love her.  She has my heart.

I am an easy sell.

Now my stomach hurts. Apparently the package was “share size”. Whatever.


running quotes to motivate

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. ~Les Brown


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So…I ran. Yep. That happened.

I lost track of how long it’s been but I got a 4 mile (pain free!) run in yesterday.

It was awesome.

My time wasn’t even that bad!  I averaged a 10:30 minute mile.  For me and my injury, that’s pretty speedy right there.

I was SO careful, I made sure to not go very fast and fully intended to simply stop and walk at the first indication of pain but it never happened!


We had family in town and that was cool.  The boy played and played to his hearts content!  I love to see kids playing the laughing cracks me UP.


This morning I’m having a yoga session with my computer and then heading to work.

Thyroid doctor appt today. I’m super interested in blood test results.

Also, I haven’t talked to her since my Celiac diagnosis so I’m interested in her reaction.


It’s Alex Michael’s birthday!  I love birthdays. Especially my kids.


This picture is a year old at least. But it’s still a favorite because hello…look how cute they are?


you're welcome @Michelle Flynn Flynn Flanagan @Rachel Lynne Resnik @Alisa Bobzien Bobzien Warren

Run on…at whatever speed you can but it’s still running.  Just do it.


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