I am a really bad blogger

I don’t have any freaking idea what I’m doing.

ryan gosling animated GIF

I love to write so I decided to blog.

But I don’t know what a widget is (I don’t care how many times you try to explain it).

I don’t know what SEO is. I don’t comment on 25 different blogs to get people to read me. I do comment on two or three and it’s because I totally want to give input.  I would love comments to just have a “like” button!!  Sometimes people are just so good with a comment..funny, smart, spot on…I just want to like it.

Thank you Facebook for changing our lives.

Every once in a while I pop onto a blog that is teaching me to be a better blogger.

More from your Blog is a great little blog that teaches you so much…if you have a clue what he’s talking about.

I am just truly technologically ignorant when it comes to this.

So I write. And I post. And I accept that this is a good place to be.


I found the greatest water bottle EVER.

It’s a Copco and I found it at the base exchange but you can buy them so many different places. I just told the someone (Sean? My  brain stopped working years ago) the other day that I just wanted a water bottle that LOOKS like a water bottle. They are so much more comfortable to use! And voila! God answered my prayers.

I found the one I bought on Amazon and it’s an outrageous price but if you get another color it’s very reasonable.

I have no explanation.


I have given up running.

Yes. That’s sarcasm. Or…a really really bad dream.

I just made a choice about what’s going to save my sanity right now and running was ditched at the altar.

It’s only a few more days. If I don’t have time, I’m not going to stress about it.  I feel much better.

Except for the migraine which is threatening to kill me…LOL But otherwise…I’m able to take a deep breath.

House is clean

Shopping is getting done

Dinner groceries for Christmas day is purchased.

I just have to finish shopping. No big deal.


Next year I vow to be ready. READY.

world animated GIF


I bought Christmas cards. I chose photos, ordered them at midnight on Walgreens, and zipped on by to pick them up.

The picture I chose of Shaughnessy and Adam came out way too dark. I was so sad…frustrated…mad…I threw them away.

It’s possible I overreacted but I so wouldn’t have been happy if I sent them out.

Note to self:  have photos taken.

I tried to post photos here and my blog is not allowing it today for some reason so I’ll try again later.


meanwhile have a GREAT holiday Monday :)

 Run on…

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Some things don’t come together the way you expected.

Here’s a little backstory.

Months ago we decided to stop using our credit union debit cards.  We switched to our credit card (it has a very low limit, easy to manage) so we could limit any financial stress associated with so many bank breaches.  I am not alone. Most of my co workers have done this and many customers, too.

The key, of course, is to be very strict with paying it biweekly/monthly so you don’t get stuck with a high balance and no way out of the credit card situation.

In this case, we get miles and points for using it. As you can imagine, we have built up quite a few points due to the fact that gas, groceries, every day sundries and even some bills all go on it.

So I decided for Christmas for my husband, I would take him somewhere. He only ever travels for work and it’s just never fun that way.

Hopping online to the CC site and check it out. I can get a great deal on flights with my points.


Where’s the glitch, you ask?  And why…praytell, are you TALKING about it on your blog?

Because my printer wouldn’t work. It was out of ink AND it wouldn’t connect. So frustrating.

Ink replaced…plugged the computer in directly…I should be set.


It still didn’t print very well.  The ink was acting like it was out…

So I email MT and ask him if he had definitely changed both of them. Then I walked away in that ADHD way I have….and started laundry. And did the dishwasher. And wrapped presents.

And Sean came home. And sat at the counter and checked out all the papers on the counter. To include the itinerary that was mostly readable but just not pretty.

He says he didn’t see the destination or the date but the excitement is gone and severe disappointment has taken over.

sad animated GIF


Yes. This is how I feel.  Even though he continues to tell me it’s okay…it doesn’t feel okay. 


Sorry this post is sad. I just didn’t have anywhere else to put it.

I know this isn’t a post full of Christmas joy…but I’m working on it :)

I don’t want to “keep it simple”. I love Christmas.

I want decorations up at Thanksgiving.

Lights on the house.

TWO trees…one in the family room and maybe one on the deck with garland around the railing…how pretty would that be??

Christmas shopping done and lots of little presents with BEAUTIFUL wrapping and bows bows bows!

Cookie baking day!  Delicious yummies spread around the kitchen while we watch the best Christmas movies!

Charlie Brown Christmas.  

It’s a Wonderful Life

Love Actually

The Family Stone

Oh I could go on and on.

That’s what I want.

In lieu of time constraints and life’s circumstances…the holiday will not be perfect. But then…when is anything perfect?  Life isn’t magazine/sitcom perfect.  We think that’s okay.  Because we’re so grateful to have our family and to have everyone home.


My list is endless. All my accomplishments today are all results of that first running step I took almost 2 years ago :)


Run on. And find your peace this week.  It’s there.


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Running in 30* in a Santa hat is TOTALLY celebrating the season. Isn’t it? ~convince me~

I got all my packages mailed!  I know, it’s like December 19th.  Crazy, right? I have never mailed packages this late before. But I got it done and considering the circumstances I’m pretty freakin’ happy~

So much to do.

new girl animated GIF


whatever. I have it all under control.


Miss Michelle and I are running a race today.  The Santa Stampede 5k/10k is today and we are heading out to run it. Out is the appropriate word as that sucker is freaking 20 miles across town. Ironically, I could run that. Ha. Just sayin’.

It’s far.

Sean says he’s going too. Although I did give him an out, explaining it’s 6am, 30*, and …you have to run.

He’s thinkin’ about it. LOL

On the bright side… they give us a Santa hat!

Lord help us…


Running taught me how to meditate without even knowing what i was doing.  That's the thing about running: Your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are the moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is. - Kara Goucher @quote

Gotta run…


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While you were sleeping…

Christmas SNUCK UP ON YOU.

Yep. It’s here.  It’s a mere six days away. Six days. Do you know what that means?

It means you probably can’t get anything shipped…unless you prime it.

And don’t we love Amazon prime?

Though I have to admit I feel SO bad for Amazon employees. I figure they are all looking like this right now:

This Revolving-Door Adventure


Today I’m going to say I’m thankful. I know, it’s Friday, Whatever.

I’m SO thankful we have a new roof and gutters.

Truth be told it’s the gutters. Ours were so bad and have been leaking (even though they’ve been replaced) for at least a year or two.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about someone slipping on my porch from the ice!

cute animated GIF


It’s Friday. My last day of my week at my office across town and I’m so bummed. I’ve had such a good time.

I mean, I’m exhausted…

tired animated GIF


But it’s so fun and I am loving my work crew. And I’m learning so much…

smart animated GIF


I know…I used this one before. But I like it so much! Expect to see it again…

I look SO awesome with these dark circles under my eyes I’ve come up with the perfect disguise.


ha! I just kissed my husband goodbye and told him to have a good week. Genius.


I’m going to the gym tonight come hell or HIGH WATER.

That actually could happen but I hope I make it to the gym.

Wildman Mud Run. We have downhills, bogs, ponds & rivers. Register now http://www.wildcorewildman.com/ #mudrun

Gotta run…




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Made it to another day.

My day today:

Gym day.

I did two miles on the elliptical and then I did LEG DAY!!  Whoo Hoo! Leg day!

fans animated GIF

Woke up with a migraine that had to be an eight on the scale of one to ten.

Like…I’m nauseated and kind of want to throw up…hurt.

moments animated GIF

Me, too, Aaron. Me, too. 

Only….no award for me.

Forgot my briefcase (yay me).

Grabbed an avocado for lunch.

Yes, an avocado.  You know if you cut it in half lengthwise it’s already in a bowl…scoop it out and LUNCH. AND it’s a superfood. So there.

I know, it really qualifies as a snack but I was super busy and that’s what I had time for.

Be thankful, usually it’s Skittles.

Spent five hours with my head in numbers learning learning learning.


On the way home I stopped at Target. My head was so bad I couldn’t breathe right. And the cold hit it hard.

Since I ran out the door without any of these…

I bought a coat. And a hat. And gloves.  Wore them out of the store with the tags still on.

Must have been channeling my inner Minnie Pearl

I almost always have a coat in the car but remember how I raced out to work?  Yeah. me, too.


I’m so glad I got my workout done because I came home, took the impressive ~holy smokes I only have three left~ good meds and went to bed.  Here’s how bad it was…

it didn’t work.

I got up a few hours later and took a Benadryl. The migraine sufferers secret weapon. Makes you sleep.

Not gonna lie. There was praying involved.

I feel human today. Not great but not awful.

Off to play with numbers.


I’m so getting things in the mail today or else. PROMISE!

tina fey animated GIF


For Christmas I want to be migraineless…

it’s a word.


the plan is to go to the gym tonight after work but with my head being so bad yesterday I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back today so one step at a time!


Run on…


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My day was successful. I didn’t work out.

I know I know. That’s just conflicting information. For me a successful day is getting out the door.

But I took the day off from work yesterday …

ferris buellers day off animated GIF


And prepared for the upcoming holidays.

I didn’t have to have the day off so it was bonus time.  I got my nails done (in my world that’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. My poor nails), lunched with this guy>>>



…. and shopped for last minute things that need to be mailed.

Then last night I stayed up incredibly late wrapping EVERYTHING and boxing things up to mail.


Today I will stop and pick a few last minute things up and I will be done with all extended family.

LOL…did you think I was done with everyone?

Silly you.


lady gaga animated GIF


but I’m way way way closer and now I don’t have to stress.

ferris buellers day off animated GIF

I always get it done and it usually requires a marathon day like yesterday to finish.

fun animated GIF


I’m heading out to the gym right now to elliptical. Maybe stair a little bit and then lift if I can do the time.

Because today I have to take care of me. Tonight…I’ll stress some more. But only low key.

ferris buellers day off animated GIF

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, Ferris. Life wouldn’t be the same without Bueller, his day off, and his words of wisdom.  

I do have a pretty wicked migraine today but I’m hoping drugs will knock that sucker right out.


Running motivation quote gift for runner by JenniferDareDesigns, $10.00

Gotta run…


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My winter run.

It’s no secret I had a hard week.  Work stress, kids, migraines, my sore achilles. Sometimes it all takes over. The migraines will sometimes keep me from running and I get very down when I can’t run. After attempting to move through it, I finally decided this weekend I would run.

Saturday…was a fail.

But today I woke up and it was snowing.

snow animated GIF

I dearly love to run in the snow.  I had planned all day to head out but different things kept me in.

Finally I got the chance and took it.

The sun was already setting, but the clouds were so bright it lit my path.

I wore a favorite sweatshirt of mine ~a gift from MT~ mittens, a hat and my blinkie.

I hit play on my iPod as I left the house and hit the street.

As my usual runs go, especially my later runs, I was in a very busy area, lots of traffic.   Lights were bright, people had Christmas decorations on and my music was playing quietly.  My run immediately feel good. Smooth and right.  I have traffic lights, muddy trails and inclines that feel like more than inclines. But still I moved confidently forward.

As I turned around to come back I realized how good this run really felt. The cars going by sounded like white noise as they whooshed past me and the water splashed around them. I ran slow to account for the slippery walk in front of me and to just relish in the time by myself.  My music was slower and quieter. Like my running.

I felt strong. I felt relaxed. I felt happy.

I love my neighborhood runs. I may not live in the most glamorous city or the most high end neighborhood, but if I was told I would never travel again or I couldn’t finish my marathon goals and could only run these neighborhood streets for the rest of my life I believe I would still die happy.

Chariots of Fire: Eric and Jennie Liddell | "And when I run I feel His pleasure!"

Fast or slow…run on. For the pure joy of the run.

Music list that I’m not linking because I don’t feel like it, I’m going on an impromptu date with my husband instead.

Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band

Live and Die by the Avett Brothers

Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards

Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel

Heartache Tonight by the Eagles

Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn

A Great Day for Freedom by Pink Floyd

Carry On by Fun


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Sweet List! <3

Happy ten days before Christmas!!     

1.  Benched.  Hilarious.  I spent the morning laughing at it.

2.  White chili and cornbread…all gluten free.  I love it. And I love it more the next day. SO GOOD> and um…so HOT.  #notenoughmilk


3My phone is finally fixed!  two phones down…a new case and a new “phone”.  I’m using a case now. yes.  because I learned my lesson?  No…I already knew this would happen. But after the second tragic accident in a week…I figured I’d try to save my family from financial ruin. 

4. We were finally able to get my Jeep worked on, now that we have two cars and I could get a ride to work. So…they didn’t do everything (truth be told the first place was awful and I had to take it to a second place) but a lot got done and the rest is getting done this weekend. Hopefully.   Smiley  But we’re way farther than we were a week ago.

5.  I got a great package in the mail from my  friend Lorie!  A beautiful ornament which I love.  I love ornaments. Could I please have three Christmas trees?  #notenoughroomforallthejoy




6.  I also got a box of COOKIES.  My friend Kat, who is the kindest person ever, had them sent from a gluten free bakery in her town.  I mean…does life get any better than that? Not only gluten free cookies but I didn’t have to bake them!  Yeah. #lifeisgood #cookeisaregood #friendsrock


7.  I made good progress on shopping today.  I mean…I’m not done. But I’m hoping to get packages in the mail on Monday!  #Christmaswish

tumblr animated GIF  (man, that sounds like a lot of work…)

8.  Can I just tell you how awesome people have been while I was out shopping? SO NICE.  I didn’t encounter any Grinches.

how the grinch stole christmas animated GIF


9.  Hangin’ out with my little Boy Wonder (secret…I used to call MT that. He was and is a boy wonder) when they had car trouble.  He needed a snack. First the cereal bar. then…with a mouthful of crackers…he declared when he finished that he’d need the granola bar. That was a hungry boy. Also…must touch everything. #curiousgeorge

IMG_20141212_210254  image (3)  image (2)

10.   A secret elf has been cleaning my house.Smiley     I think it’s Sean. He unloads the dishwasher, does the laundry…just general everyday straightening and such.  #lovethatman

11.  My head doesn’t have me in bed at 6pm tonight! Yep. It’s been a rough week. But I’m hoping I can do the treadmill for a little while so I’ll feel more normal. #Imissrunning

movie animated GIF


Princess Bride for the win.

12.  Christmas is = to packages in the mail.  Even if I buy them…I get so excited when there are packages!

#easilyamused #kindofanerd

13.  I got my 31 Gifts package in the mail from Miss Erin.  She not only sells these great little products (seriously, so cute…) but she writes a blog and she rocks at teaching ESOL.  Because she’s kind and lovely and creative and students just flock to her.  She faithfully reads my blog and likes it (“liking” promotes it to other people, too) and she’s even nice about it!  She’s never once said to me, “um…that was really boring. Like…what the heck, Tess?”  I love her. She’s also like…twenty years younger than me. Fun fact: I’ve been married longer than she’s been alive. Oh…and she’s a doctor. Girl has a PhD.  #sojealous

And now I’ve stolen her photo.


Daily dose of runspo: Be your own hero. Get the job done.

Oh man. Is he in my head or what?

Runners…run on.  And love it. 

 source for Christmas decorations


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Fulfillment and joy. Not the holiday kind.

21 Ways Jim And Pam Ruined All Other Relationships For You

And because they made you believe in soul mates again.


You have to appreciate a good love story. And this one is great in it’s simplicity.

Love The Office.


 Sean and I were talking tonight about fulfillment.  Things that would give you a sense of achievement. They range, for me, from a simple task to Mount Everest. Yes, Seriously. 

robin scherbatsky animated GIF

  1. I want to climb Mt Everest.
  2. I want to go to college
  3. I want to do a pullup.  If I can do one, I’d like to do ten but hey…we’re not going to be greedy now.
  4. I want to be that person that has dinner on the table every night…whether you eat it or not, I did my job.
  5. I want to get all the tasks done so I don’t feel guilty if I see you putting laundry in.
  6. I want to be able to do the splits.
  7. I want to see more of the world. THAT list is way too long.
  8. I want to watch all the classic movies.
  9. I want to watch all the award winning television shows that I’ve just been too busy or blind to see.
  10. There’s no time to read every book I want to read. But I want that.
  11. I want to run an ultramarathon (shout out to you, Michelle!)
  12. I  want to get in such good shape I no longer question what I’m not doing that I could or should be to get in better shape.
  13. I want to dance. A lot.  And learn the proper way to do it.
  14. I want to sing.
  15. I want to go on a mission trip.
  16. I want to volunteer.  Somewhere that I’m actually needed.
  17. I want my blog to be just popular enough that I can feel justified in my insanity but not so popular that people are internet mean.  I would like the Goldilocks of blogs. Yes, Please.
  18. I want to write a book. Hm…doesn’t everybody?
  19. years ago I told Alex I would run 13 marathons. I don’t know if I’m going to but I want to try. Just finished #5 with NY
  20. I want to run an international marathon
  21. I want to run on the Great Wall of China…the marathon is pretty killer so maybe the 10k!  LOL
  22. I want to remember each friend and why I love them and send them notes and packages to pass on the love
  23. I want to finish my scrapbooks
  24. I want to finish the projects I started and never seem to have time
  25. I want everyone in my family to be happy and fulfilled.

I ask a lot…

I know this is a realistic/out of my mind list. But it took me about a minute and a half to type up so it’s really just all the things I want in life.

Note: This is a partial list.  I can’t finish it right now but I’ll be thinking about it.


Run on…


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This has been a really long work week and a really long home week. But we’re powering through.

We had the car in the shop and I’m pretty sure I could buy a new car for what we are spending to get it fixed.



It’s still not done and I’ll be taking it somewhere tomorrow to start the next round.

It’s possible I’m grouchy about it.

I did rant/cry/yell and then I moved on by being productive. I painted, I hung pictures, I cleaned and I painted some more.

I do enjoy being productive and it definitely gets my mind off the money we basically threw up today.


My shoulder is incredibly sore. Possibly computer work? Ha…probably. More accurate there.  how’s that?

I took my lint roller to my sweater today and when I hit the spot on my shoulder it felt SO GOOD>

What is wrong with this picture?

The poor man’s massage.  Yes Sir, right there.  Just…move that lint roller a little more to the left…

I just want to warn you, before you make the same mistake I did…

Don’t google “massage GIF”.  You’ll see a lot of breasts.  And cats. Randomly.


::notetheabsenceofaGIF::  >it’s ok. It’s in your own best interest<


My goal is to get up and run tomorrow morning.  If I plan on being successful at this, I need to go to bed.

So here I go.

RUNNING FOR DUMMIES: A Dummies Guide to Waking up Early to Work Out  I don't care about the getting up early part (yet) but this is a great motivational running blog!


.I’ve created a program that has helped people just like you see incredible results…and have fun doing it

Run on…




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