what is your limit?

It snowed this weekend and it was BITTER cold. Like…not friendly and seriously cold.

I ended up just doing some yoga which always helps my legs anyway and was way friendlier than going outside. I toyed with running on the treadmill but again, I have this whole…houseful of people (i.e. Sean and MT so…two) and everyone agrees the atmosphere is way different when people are in the house. Even if they leave you alone. So I just did yoga. I don’t know the difference. Don’t ask me to explain…although I do yoga in my bedroom with the door closed and the treadmill is in the family room and that’s just right out there so…there’s that.

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I was REALLY excited to run after church because the Colorado sun was OUT (you can sing that…sing and shout it) it was so dang pretty. But apparently the clean sidewalks I witnessed all the way home were just mean teasers because Sean took Malachi to the park and he said all the sidewalks in that direction were totally covered.

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I had a mean ass migraine from days of rotten sleep that finally caught up with me so I went to bed. I had the kind of day you really don’t want to think about so I thought…this is the perfect time to go to bed. Thirty minutes or three hours. Let’s see what your body needs.

Three hours it is.

Even after that my body was still exhausted…

Another hour? Okay!

So I slept another hour. No shame here….

Pretty happy about all of that.

I’m up late but it’s quiet. I get to work in the quiet (my favorite), focus a little and maybe be productive. Something that has not happened all week. So frustrating.

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This morning the weather says the high today is 24*.

I don’t even want to talk about that.

Treadmill it is.

I have four miles on the schedule. There’s a schedule I haven’t bothered to share with you guys yet. It’s in my head. I’ll do it. I swear.

Bright side…migraines gone.

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I tried to buy a used (brand new…BRAND NEW) refrigerator on Craigslist and the logistics of getting two of my three family members together to meet and load it and bring it to my house while maintaining a cheerful demeanor even discussing the possibility (we haven’t even gotten to actually doing it yet) was so overwhelming it was a lesson I should have learned years ago. -Do we have straps? How about a ramp? We need a ramp. Maybe we should rent a truck. (We own, between the three of us, THREE trucks) We should use MY truck. But you’re working late? Well why can’t you wait for me??-  Cheerful being the key word. I mean, they’ll do it but by the time they’re done I will be in tears.  and they will most definitely be tired and grouchy.  It’s fun.

I decided I do in fact have a limit and my limit is it’s worth the money to pay someone else to just bring the damn thing to my door. Yes, I am getting the fridge for less than half the cost. Yes, it’s brand new. Yes, it’s a friggin’ steal. But is it worth the hassle? Is it worth putting out two or three of my family? They don’t have time. They’re all overworked like I am. Asking people to do things for me is wrong and I shouldn’t be doing it.  I’m way late in learning this lesson. I’ve even been told and I still didn’t get it. Truth be told, I just forgot. But I have remembered and I get it now. I’m needy. I grew up in a time of “help your neighbor/help your family” because that’s how you got things done. Especially when you’re trying to save money, right? And I’ve never had any qualms asking for help when I don’t know how to do something. My reasoning being…I’m more than willing to help someone else out and I have. But this generation just goes to the computer and youtubes it. Do it yourself. DIY.

I’m there. I’m good. I get it. Took me long enough, right?

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I’m cancelling the refrigerator guy this morning and I’m stopping at the refrigerator store this afternoon to buy it new. To me, this was a difficult and slightly embarrassing lesson to learn and one that was overdue. Sort of like…hey, people don’t really use email anymore. They really only use text. You should step it up. So I’ll use text. For the record..I do text but man, long text conversations are just not my thing.  Just no. I don’t have time for that.

On the bright side, I’ll probably get a new fridge in the next week (I’ll keep you posted). I know you’re excited. Fun fact. Your refrigerator has a lifespan of 14 years. I’ve had mine for 21. Also fun…I hate spending that kind of money so I may get to the store and say…nope. And leave until I’m more comfortable…LOL

Been a long weekend.


Run on…

Revel it is…

We decided…about five minutes after posting my last blog post….to run the Revel Half Marathon.

Full disclosure we have totally been known to ditch a race or change our minds based on the weather, our training, wild ass plans to head out of town, etc. Neither of us has registered yet but we both have the weekend off and I have wanted to run the race for a few years.  She’s talking herself into it.

We’re mixing up our training with hiking so yeah…it’s totally under control.

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This morning I had 47 things to do and 12 minutes to do them and I’m making time for me. So I dressed to run and headed towards the door only to be met with…

Um…no..Dude. This MY run. We’re going to go LATER. Right now I have to run by myself. I only have a half an hour. Just enough for a quickie. I don’t have time…

he was persistent. Did i ever tell you I’m a sucker for those pretty little puppy eyes?




I WOULD leave him but then when I’m running I think…what if I don’t take him and something happens. He’s twelve years old. This may have been his last day to run  and I blew him off! Worst puppy mom EVER.

I get it. I may have slightly been conned by the cuteness but …

Malachi and I had a nice run this morning.

I had a very short time to do it so we cut it short and just ran about a mile. He not happy about the shortcut so he walked the second half in protest resulting in a 40 minute- half hour walk. Damn puppy.

It’s supposed to be pretty gorgeous so I’m going to run when I get off work.

Here’s a dilemma. You have two choices…
1. you have so much work you  work a little overtime every day for four days so you can have your day off Friday

2. You leave work on time every day and come in on your off Friday…

What would YOU do?

I chose option B…I’m still trying to decide if it was the better option but I”m so tired of working late I just wanted to go home.

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we’ll see how it goes tomorrow…dentist day, running day, work day. Gonna be a long day.



Monday I ran 3.5 miles and walked the dog. It was cold.
twenty pushups
twenty squats

Tuesday I just ran 2.5 miles because I was pretty sure I had the flu.
twenty pushups

Wednesday I didn’t have any time so I was a slacker. Does it count that I’m certain I got in 10,000 steps running all over the church and up and down the stairs? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Today I started the day with the puppy. We’ll see about the rest of the day but I’m pretty set on running after work…#savemyself

Motivation Comes And Goes You need to learn to build habits. https://www.gymaholic.co https://www.musclesaurus.com https://www.musclesaurus.com

Run on…

I’m running. you?

Michelle decided she wanted to run the Revel Half marathon. I had already decided on a half marathon because I figure I’ve been out of the race game long enough I need to not jump in with both feet, head first, and maybe let’s do an ultra!!!

In case you haven’t learned, I tend to OVER do. I’m teaching myself to not do that.

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So half marathon it is. Now we have to decide…Revel, Steamboat, Slacker (I LOVE Slacker) or Georgetown to Idaho Springs. 

I have run three of these and I love two of them. I’ve never run Revel. She ran Revel and did not enjoy it. So the dilemma.

The conundrum.


She says Revel but I think she says that because she thinks that’s the one I want to do but I only want to do Revel if it’s the marathon. Otherwise I’m just not invested. I’ll run anything.

Plus if we do Steamboat we get to go out of town…somewhere gorgeous. And she’ll go camping but I’m so not going camping.

I’m still tweaking my training. I generally like to run A LOT but my time is limited and my body is angry so I’m going to say running is 3 to 4 days a week at the most and the other days will be cross training with yoga and strength. I’ll get more detailed with it in the days to come.

For now I’m happy to have a semi plan. Revel and Steamboat are both on June 3rd so the training doesn’t change. I mean, I should probably register (ha!) but other than that I’m okay to move forward. And now that I’ve said that, anyone that knows me pretty much knows that guarantees something will happen so I won’t get to run it but I obliviously move forward anyway. Because positive action Baby.

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#myworkoutwas I ran 3.5 miles this morning and my lungs are very unhappy with me. I’ve been coughing all morning. Spring? Cold air? Too early? Who the hell knows but I sound like a good time and I also sound like I’ve had a good time…with several packs of cigarettes.

Hopefully it passes.

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (20)

I love this quote.

Rise and shine! Time for a run with my baby! Green lakes here we come! ‍♀️‍♀️

Run on…


Sweet List!

1.   It’s February. and do you know what that means? That’s right. ❣
Valentine’s Day!! The perfect way to begin the month is with a Sweet List.

2.       Snow. We love it. Please send just a little more, please God, thanks! Yeah, I said that and then my dog and cat would not come back in. so right now my door is cracked open and my heat is on. You’re welcome, fellow Coloradon’s, I’m helping to heat the state. #ashamed #mycatwillstraightupfreeze #truestorymydogmighttoo #heskindofold 

3.       Watching ER after so many years, no surprise- it holds up.

4.       Walking Barr Lake with Michelle

5.       Thrift store shopping. I love it. I found the greatest pair of shoes (Franco Sarto for $6) and a beautiful handbag (Minchi ::swoon:: for $6) Best deal ever.

6. The Superb Owl- This story is hilarious because it is me. I type too fast. I would totally google the Superb Owl. And then be delighted with the results.
Also reddit can be counted on to have an awesome say on the matter.

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7. Firecracker Chicken. It is really as good as everyone says it is. MT ate it. MT loved it. It was amazing. I thank my friend Vanessa for this amazing dish that is gluten and soy free and is spicy but not too hot.

8.  pretzel yogurt crisps– these suckers are incredible. tiny and crispy and not too sweet. I LOVED them. So good.

9. When things work. #havefaith 

10. I’m getting my hair done today.  The last time totally made me cry because I have stupid Celiac hair which is thin and mouse brown and boring and I can’t do anything with it but I’m going to be happy about it this time. That’s me trying to cheerleader my way through this. Can’t you tell???

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I’m off on a run and also to run the dog because it’s not 12*.

Have a beautiful day!

Stay tuned..we’ve figured out what we’re going to do …now we have to make a plan. This was much harder than it’s ever been. I have theories about that but for now…

Makin’ a plan….

Always make time to run. Get outside, feel alive.

Run on…

Barr Lake hiking (okay not really hiking more like a really really long walk)

Saturday morning I met Michelle at her house so we could venture on out to Barr Lake for our “hike without a hike”. Saturday’s hike was just walking the entire way around Barr lake, which is 9 miles.

We met at 8am and drove over there in one car because it’s a state park so there’s an entry fee. After years of not having cash, I make carrying it a priority. Only Saturday I found myself cashless and I felt like that person that always “forgets their wallet” when they go out to lunch. I can’t believe she puts up with me.

It was cold. Like seriously, People…it was cold. I don’t remember the temp but I think the high was like 50* or thereabouts so you can imagine at 8am it was probably like 28*? I was totally invested in running because I would warm up faster but Michelle was anti running. I think she knew we had nine miles to go and we needed to conserve out energy. She probably wasn’t really dressed for it, now that I think about it.  My legs get weary of walking and I need to try different muscles occasionally. Also..cold.

Michelle had two reasons to want to do the hike. She’s always wanted to walk the entire length of it but with two little boys it’s a bit too far. It’s kind of nice to check that box and say you did it. The second reason is the eagles.
Per the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website:

In 1977, this area was recognized as a valuable wildlife habitat and Barr Lake became a state park. Half of the lake was set aside as a wildlife refuge.
A pair of Bald Eagles has been observed in the refuge every year since 1986. Since that time, they have survived storms, the loss of a nesting tree, and even the disappearance of the male. After 3 years of failed attempts to raise young, the Bald Eagle pair was finally successful in 1989. As of 2005, the Barr Lake
eagle have produced 32 young. Twenty-nine of these survived to fledge. 

An eagle nest may be added to and reused for as long as 20 years, or a pair may use another nest site. With continued protection of their habitat, we can look forward to the presence of these birds and their young for many years to

The best viewing of the eagles’ nest is from the Gazebo, only a 1.3-mile walk south of the Nature Center into the wildlife refuge. The nest is approximately a quarter mile from the Gazebo and is easily seen with binoculars. The
Nature Center loans binoculars and features a display about eagles. The Nature Center is open Wednesday-Sunday. Call 303-659-6005 for specific

A few tips for eagle viewing:
• Bring binoculars or a spotting
scope for viewing the nest.
• Viewing is usually best during the
morning or evening hours, especially
on warm days when heat
waves can interfere with your
ability to see.
• The eagles are sensitive to
human activity. Please stay on
designated trails in the wildlife
refuge. Pets are not permitted

Unfortunately, we did not see eagles. The boardwalks, though, were gorgeous. I am a lover of boardwalks and will walk any and all I come across. That includes bridges, too. I love the whole experience of it.

At one point the trail goes right next to train tracks. Like…thisclose…
I love trains and had no problem with that. It was cool. I also promised Michelle I would not hop the train like I have always wanted to do and it’s on my bucket list of -things that are completely unreasonable but wouldn’t it be cool if you weren’t going to like…die or go to jail or something?-

The website shows you the amazing boardwalks and the gazebo.

We had a great time and my quads are like…whaat??

It felt amazing.

Sunday I had a pretty important meeting at work so I dealt with that and came home to sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well (I know, right? Worse than usual) and I think it’s a new Celiac thing. So I ended up spending about an hour last night doing yoga. I felt the stretch and strength was in order after the walk.

I’m getting out of work a little early today so I am hoping a short run this afternoon is in order. I’m aiming for 3-4 miles…I could really use it.


I straight up laughed out loud at this because that is my life. People be fast…I am slow.

Hilarious running memes for people who love and hate running!  #imslow

Run on…

extreme decorating.

I had a terrible computer unfriendly day and in  absolute frustration I broke down in tears, closed my computer with force (just a little force) and walked it off.

Except it’s like 20* outside and I was still in my work clothes so I walked it off by pacing back and forth from my kitchen to my living room in my heels. I really didn’t get that much exercise today since I have a ton of work to do so this was it and somehow I got 5000 steps in. Sean closed his office door and put his headphones in. It was either steps in the living room or throw the computer against the wall. I was pretty done with it.

It occurred to me I should write a blog (I know you guys are thinking…wait….you already write a blog. And it’s pretty iffy. Don’t quit your day job). Welll but THIS one would be  like…Hey. “I’m middle age- I use a computer and in my next life I want to be Sheryl Sandberg. Is the num lock on?”

I would rock this blog.

Someone was just asking on a Facebook for-sale post today if anyone had an old T-Mobile phone, flip or otherwise because they really just need a phone. I thought…oh yeah! I have my little red bar phone that I love so much! I should purge and get rid of it. I don’t need it. I should give it to someone who could really….

but wait… what if they bring those back and man I really love it. It’s a great little phone. I think mayyybe I’ll  keep it a little while longer. That’s coming from me…the organizing nut.

And there you have a perfect example of me and computers. I’m pretty forward thinking…totally willing to embrace technology but I love my old computer, too. It works just how I like it, it knows all my tricks and habits…

And does it come in red?

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That would be good, too…

I just sneezed eight times. EIGHT TIMES> What the hell, People?

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I’m pretty battered from my fall and I’m not up to doing anything. I’m not even up to yoga. I am hoping tomorrow the pain will finally be less. My bruises are many. They are very light in color  but swollen and painful. None of them seems worse than the other except the one on my hip which hurts if I stand up. or if I sit down. or if I switch positions. or maybe if I bend over to pick something up…or if I stretch to reach for something. sometimes I put my jacket on…

you get the drift. Everything hurts.

It works out well because I have five projects due and three days to do them so I don’t really have time anyway.

I really am hoping for time tomorrow. It’s been kind of nice out and tomorrow has a high of 58*! If I can sneak out of work early (i.e. the time I’m supposed to leave) I could totally get a good run in. That is the goal, People. That is the goal.

Start in the morning with a good yoga session and run the pup in the afternoon and then myself. This CAN be done. I have faith. Let’s hope my hip holds out.

I sound old.

I am not. I just fell off a stool and hit fourteen things on the way down.

Extreme decorating.

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I’m off to bed. Lots going on here…anyone else?

Hey Michelle…are we running a race or what?

You don't miss it until your body wont let you do it... run while you can!

Run on…

so we had a blizzard

I started Friday with 30 minutes of yoga and then a two mile run.

I met Miss Andrea and we spent the day together just getting in trouble. We went to lunch at Etai’s where I missed Miss Michelle because that’s our place to meet (::swoon::) and I’m pretty sure they glutened the hell out of me. Note to self, stop ordering what I order when I’m there. Stick with simple. They have amazing reviews so I’m clearly doing something wrong.

We went to Goodwill looking for a simple piece of art for my church and I left with a great chair…

My dad had a desk chair similar to this and I just loved it. This one spins like a top and rolls beautifully. I love it. Best find ever. The guy gave me $5 off of it so I got it for $15. Such a deal.

No art though.

Saturday I was supposed to march with Andrea (last minute plans because I really wanted to march but I didn’t want to go alone) but she is leaving town again and has a million things to do so she bailed at the last minute. And by the last minute- I mean an hour and a half after we should have been there- she said, “sorry!”

I still love her.

I  imposed on Shaughnessy for a computer problem I’ve been working on for my job and she was going to do it after the march but theboy got sick so we did it Saturday instead. I have been purposely not asking her for help  but I found myself truly stuck with this and after reading many pages of code I just drew a blank. I asked Sean and he is so busy at work he looked at it and couldn’t get his brain to transition over to what I was doing from what he was looking at so he said he’d have to work on it later…translation “when he gets time” and I really have a deadline on this. So I went to Shaughnessy. It took her five minutes and of course once she showed me the sentence that walked her through it I realized I had missed the three easy steps and gone straight to hey…do it the hard way.  After days of reading instructions it’s possible I just blanked because there was no excuse. The first part had been so easy. I was disappointed.  I really didn’t want to ask for help. Doing it myself is much more satisfying and you don’t put anyone else out and you don’t feel like an idiot.

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I really do read.

I am of an era where neighbors ask for a cup of sugar and friends come over and share too much. I welcomed this life, mostly, and felt like the world was my friend. I have never been afraid or ashamed to ask for help and once watched my husband bring a pressed wood desk the size of a closet up three flights of stairs by himself because God forbid asking for help (I was very pregnant). This seemed very asinine to me. He could have seriously hurt  himself but his feelings were more important than the physical pain he would incur from pulling and pushing this box. I don’t get it. Because of this mentality, I am more than happy to help other people and offer my assistance whether they want it or not.

I once watched a young mom struggle to carry two very unhappy, wiggling and cumbersome children into a school program. It was dark and cold and a very long walk into the school. They insisted on being carried. She was alone. I offered to help her and she said no but she was definitely struggling, having so much trouble. I offered again…and felt bad so I offered a third time. One of my family members made the joke that I was the boy scout helping the little old lady cross the street only she didn’t want to be across the street. I’m just that helpful. It was so embarrassing, my cheeks flooded and I still remember it and think of it often. I’m generous to a fault and it’s embarrassing. People don’t find it kind, they find it annoying.

I don’t think I can undo this person. But I can tweak it a little. I am always a work in progress.

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Sunday I worked on the computer in my own little house. We had a blizzard so church was cancelled.   I put some new curtains up  and as I was hanging the middle section I popped up on the stool between the wall and the table (about a 3 ft space) and felt my leg give out beneath me. It was tired from  the day before and it was tired from climbing the stool. Also, I was wearing slippers. Yeah, that might have been the root cause.

Well…it all gave out.

Stool went flying.

I went flying.

phone went flying (I was talking to Catherine)

I hit stool, table, wall, floor (porcelain tile floor)…you name it. I have the bruises to prove it. It was bad.

I actually thought as I went flying…”legs!”

Ya’ll know what I mean by that.

Sean came tearing downstairs probably expecting blood and unconscious wife…it sounded that bad. It was a small little space for that much activity. Fortunately I make a lot of noise but I’m a survivor.

I have bruises on my legs, my back, my hip…I’m walking carefully today.

I skipped yoga this morning but I’ll do it later. SO MUCH SNOW

I’m whining….there really wasn’t that much. Like 7″..

The gist is my garage door moved extra slow this morning…that should tell you how I’m moving. It was so cold even my garage didn’t want to open.

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Run on…

Guess what today is?

It’s my blog anniversary. Yep. I’ve been writing this blog for five years.

Five years. Some of those years have had a LOT of posts and some haven’t had quite as much…::cough cough thelastthreemonths::

But I’m still here and I’m just as interesting as I’ve always been!

I’m very sorry.

I love to write. I’m not particularly gifted at it but  I find  my fingers are constantly looking to be typing something. Inspiration comes at me the most when when I’m running and when I’m sitting in church which is totally okay. I checked with God and he cleared it. My priest rolls his eyes and everyone in the back row with me nods in appreciation.

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Writing. Sometimes it’s profound, sometimes it’s about those really cute shoes you saw and how you want to justify buying them or maybe…oh hell just buy them. Life is short. Also, eat cake. Sometimes insight  is given and sometimes you just shake your head and close the post because nothing on the page was interesting. We’ve all been there as readers and as writers. Writing is so personal. Whatever words you choose to use, they’re yours and I know that mine are mine. When I go back and read past posts I smile, I laugh, I cringe, I cry. It’s my history of the last five years.

Image result for cringe gif

In the last five years my son finished his deployment and his duty in the Marines and came home. My other son joined the Marines and left. I lost Holly, the friend I made through tragedy. Her son joined the Marines with mine and hers didn’t come back. My grief for her loss was so heavy I contacted her and we began a close friendship of messages. Two years later I lost her from cancer which most certainly took over her body due to the weakened state of profound grief.
I watched my daughter and her husband become even more amazing, though I always knew this was possible.  She’s just that great.  My daughter worked in the governor’s office (I loved to tell people that) and then she went bigger and better and I asked if I could still say she worked in the governor’s office. She said no.

Image result for kids are the greatest gif

Theboy is no longer a little toddler, he’s SEVEN.  I know, how crazy is that? He’s practically driving and has mastered the art of the sass and the eye roll. My first Marine son is married and going to college.  My last kid is thisclose to turning 21.
When I started this blog I ran 13 half marathons in 2013. I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac which answered many years of questions and I’ve had surgery. I’ve had a job I loved and I quit a job I loved. I started my own business and I closed my own business. I have another job I love and now…I am finally ready to run another race.

Image result for it's about time gif

Running has and always will be my favorite thing. I don’t have option B. I just want to be running. When I’m out of shape I just trudge through it looking for the brilliant light that says you’re there…you’re finally in the sweet spot. There are times it comes along slower than others but it always shows up like the most faithful of friends and it is just for me.
My mom always says in her next life she’ll be…-insert whatever she’s thinking of at the moment~. It usually has to do with being taller and skinnier.  I joke about that often, in my next life I’m going to be brilliant, a rocket scientist. A size 2 rocket scientist. Hey, it’s my fantasy.  I’m always grateful God gave me running. No matter how fast or slow I’m moving… in my next life I am for sure…a runner

A rocket scientist size 2 runner.

consider this. • f. scott fitzgerald

Run on…


hey. don’t look now but we might actually do something. or we might not.

Michelle and I are toying with a race.

I know. She said she was over running but she changed her mind and women have that prerogative, remember? So we’re thinkin’ about it.

Maybe a half. Maybe a full. Maybe we’ll run around the block and maybe we’ll just go hiking. Honest to God we’ve discussed all four in the last week.

We’re not traveling, we’re just looking at the Revel or Steamboat. I ran Steamboat as a marathon and hated it with all the passion I have in me but it could be a one off and if I gave it another try it might not be terrible. I will pretty much do anything for Michelle so this is anything.

I really want to run Revel but she ran the half already and didn’t love the downhill of it. We both are trying to decide on our options so we’re giving ourselves the next week to run ponder and message each other about the pros and cons and see if we want to even plan or just keep going with the status quo which consists of #allthehiking whenever we possibly can.

I will most certainly run a race this year and I have wanted to do the Revel for several years so it’s really a matter of deciding on the half or the full and if I even have the time. We all know time is a big factor in my life.

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Having MT home is great. We love having him around us because we know it’s short term. He always has plans and of course someday he’ll leave us and it’s good to have him hanging out as long as he can.
He’s not a morning person, this should be noted. I like to give him his space.  Sometimes he’s not an after work person either. I like to give him his space then, too.
Working out is critical for him so he makes sure to do it nearly every day. I have to harass him to take a rest day. But he’s not the most cheerful about it as he’s heading out into the cold… you may see a pattern here.

I joke with Sean that I love him 97% of the time.
I don’t think it’s a safe bet to play with percentages…that guy is a little moody. On the bright side, it’s progress when he admits it and says things like, “I’m not a morning person, okay?”

Image result for not a morning person gif

It is MUCH harder to stay gluten free and I absolutely feel like I’ve taken in the nasty little disaster multiple times. I’m achy and sore and headachy and have other delightful symptoms you do not  need to hear about but your imaginations can work overtime because CELIAC. Something is just going to have to change but I haven’t figured it out yet.


Meanwhile, it was 3 degrees this morning and to celebrate we froze the kitchen pipe.

Image result for celebration gif

On the bright side my “on this day” status on Facebook show’s last years’ status was the following:

This morning the dog carefully walked to the corner of the room, went behind the rocker and threw up.
The cat thought about it, waited ten minutes, and joined him in solidarity.
I toyed with it and offered but Sean said no.

So this year is totally looking better.


yesterday I thought about running outside. For about 2.3 minutes when I ran outside. Then instead of continuing down the street I gracefully turned and went around the block like I totally planned it the whole time. 

ice baby ice.

I don’t want to die…I will die if I run on the ice. Anyone that knows me knows this. I can’t walk across the room. I went to HomeGoods the other day to return something and while i was there I thought..huh..I’ll look at curtains for the kitchen. So I head over there and they seem to have a few extra items in their “get rid of” area. Two  curtain rods with  clearance stickers were resting against each other and one failed the other causing a mass casualty. One slid into my leg in slow motion.

No worries, right? It weighs like 1.5 pounds. Oh my gosh. It hurt SO BAD> I nearly asked for a restroom so I could investigate because it hurt SO BAD>

I ended up leaving and when I got home discovered a little cut on my leg and a nasty bruise. That was a week ago. The cut is gone, the bruise is there. My life.  This box was so light it’s embarrassing to tell this story except to say that’s the reason I don’t run on ice. That and those darn hiking accidents.

Treadmill it is.

Three miles on the treadmill and 30 minutes of MUCH needed yoga.
Today it’s very cold so I suspect the same but maybe…maybe if I escape work fast enough the sun will melt the ice (thank you Colorado) and I can run outside just a bit. We’ll see.

Don't let the weather keep you from getting your sweat on!  @espnW

Run on…

I suppose we needed the moisture. Isn’t that what they say?

I bought new jeans and I was so excited by how comfortable they are I immediately headed out for a second pair. They’re a lovely straight leg, size eight, but the problem is they have enough stretch that a second person can share the jeans with me after about 15 minutes.  I’m not kidding when I say holy wow there’s a lot of stretch in these jeans. A ridiculous amount.  My logical self said, “self…buy the size 6’s.”. I looked it up and it looks like they have 3% Elastane. What is Elastane? Whatever it is it’s very stretchy.  So I logically bought the size 6’s but don’t worry. My brain wasn’t in any way allowing myself to actually THINK I wear a size 6. Pretty dead on a size 10 still. Stupid sizing.

Well. The size 6’s? yeah…they … kind of fit  but… not. They fit  but did not then stretch out to be magic size 8’s. They just fit. So they kind of feel tight. Uncomfortably tight. I wore them an entire day…still tight.

In case you’re wondering, yep. Same style. Just in the 6’s. So frustrating. The 8’s?…SO BIG.

I give up. Mom jeans it is.

Image result for jeans gif
Sometimes I write small notes to keep track of  interesting little facts (i.e. things that happen to me that aren’t actually interesting but I don’t have a life so you get to hear about them anyway) that I might want to tell you about later. I found this written down on a slip of paper…”I had to use scissors to open my juice”. I have no idea what this means. I don’t drink juice. Why would I use scissors to open the mythological juice that I don’t drink? Is this a Celiac thing? I really have no idea at all. But it was apparently worth noting…

It’s been two days. I still have no clue. The puzzle hater in me hopes I figure it out soon.

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I’ve started every morning with yoga for a half an hour and this is especially good for my head and shoulder. Not dandruff, just headaches and shoulder aches. I sleep stupid. But oh the yoga stretches feel SO GOOD.

I need to expand my yogaing. There’s a term for that but I’m not looking it up. I have a pretty basic routine that keeps me very busy for 30 minutes but I’d like to add some different moves without actually getting into crow post. I don’t really have any interest in crow post.  I will straight up hurt myself doing that. Can’t you see me totally tipping forward? Me, too. Thanksthough…

You want yoga as well? :p

I ran yesterday for a quick two miles and it was divine…DIVINE. This was on the heels of my yoga so my day was pretty freaking great. I haven’t been sleeping and I’ve had some things on my mind so I really needed to get out and get running.

Today I headed right out of work while I was still light out so I could get another run in and it RAINED.

I will run in snow but rain in 40 degrees is just not even funny,

So no.

Just yoga today.

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Run on…