When you royally screw up as a parent.

Yesterday was Shaughnessy’s birthday party and I totally broke her heart.

It was only for a minute but I don’t think I can ever do that again.

It was a calculated move and it backfired on me.

We have a thing with Shaughnessy. She does NOT like to know what her gift is early. She likes to be surprised. So we carry it out until the last second.

Well, truly the only thing on her list this year was a telescope. It’s her current passion. She has it on her Pinterest wish list and Adam and I batted it around for awhile back and forth before he generously offered to let us get it for her. It really did feel like more of a “everyone got this” gift because it’s what everyone wanted to do. It’s all she wanted.

She opened a myriad of other gifts before she got to our gifts,  but we had left the main gift, the telescope, in the car. It was HUGE. I mean…huge. It’s 34 pounds so add packaging to that. It’s 35″ high so imagine packaging with that. It was very large. I wrapped it but nevertheless she would know as soon as she saw it and I wanted her to enjoy everything else and then get to it.

She opened all the gifts and when she got to ours there was a box with boots. Theboy grabbed it and I made a joke he should be careful because that was breakable. I mean…it was a smaller box but maybe it was a small telescope, you know? She opened it and out came…boots.

And her face. Oh man.

She had no interest in boots. None. Zero. Zilch.

All the gifts were lovely. I’m sure the boots were nice but all she wanted was the telescope. Oh her face. I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my head. She tried to cover but I could tell. Of course, she didn’t know there was another gift right? But that moment of sad was so there. I’ll never do that again. 

Next time that giant box is coming straight through the front door first thing.

I immediately sent Sean out to the car. I couldn’t get the box in the house fast enough. I wished I could beam it in.

Yes, the night was saved but she confirmed her heart had fallen. And I felt like the meanest person in the world.

Moms don’t do that.

So I won’t be doing that ever again. I can’t tell you how awful it felt. She had a bad day anyway so it was just all of it piled on top of that and it obviously got so much better but what a terrible moment.

It all ended well, she loves the telescope. That sucker is waaayyyy bigger than any of us expected it to be. Holy smokes. She’s headed to the mountains today to look at the planets and play with it and life just doesn’t get much better than that, now does it?

Lessons learned. Funny. My kid is 29 years old and I’m still learning parenting lessons.

I need more fingers for the number of times I’ve screwed up. Sad but true. Sheesh. Fingers. I think you can safely say can count my screw ups with an abacus. Many many times over.

But not on purpose and that’s what counts. On the bright side I got caught up in a Reddit thread of terrible things parents have said and done to their kids and now that I’m thoroughly depressed I can honestly say I’m not nearly that terrible and my kids know I am madly in love with them.

Be a better parent and learn.

Love your face, Shaughnessy Lynn. Bonus Theboy in the background.




Um…it’s 81* in Colorado today. Anyone else wondering where Fall/winter is? I mean..I’m not rushing it but it’s so weird. yeah yeah. Global warming. But still, so weird.

I’m going to go run later because HOT (yes, I’m a wuss) and of course, groceries. And so SO much to do for next week’s Halloween madness. Not the least of which is costume making, Car decorating, Snack producing and so so much more. Good Lord you’d think I had little kids again.



I have bits and pieces of Sean today. He’s taking a class, working and just over extending himself in general but occasionally I get to see him. It’s my favorite. 🙂

I am off to the store…food for tomorrow you know.


Really REALLY interesting article on NPR.

Leading Psychosis Expert To His Students: To Avoid Risk, Hold Off On Pot Til 30


Okay…on that note, have a beautiful Saturday. I know it’s 3 o’clock. I’ve been busy. Don’t judge me.

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run on…

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It took a week or two but my brain is finally working. Yeah, I know that’s scary.

I make no secret of the fact that I love Michelle Obama. Brilliance aside, she can seriously wear a gown like no one else. We are going to miss her so much. I loved this article so much and yes…I realize it’s a bit off color but it was so hilarious in it’s adoration of her I had to post it. And the comments were just as awesome.

And the following Huff Post article not only talks about that gown (so gorgeous) but also highlights some of her best state dinner gowns since coming to the White House. Have I gushed too much?

This is another article but I swear it’s not the same one so it’s worth the read. MORE DRESSES>  Oh to have her wardrobe.

Michelle Obama Drops Jaws In A Chainmail Versace Gown At Her Last State Dinner

Huffington Post‘s Jamie Feldman wrote about T Magazine’s current “Greats” issue  (a must read) which includes a beautifully spoken quote by Chimananda Adichie:

“Her dresses and workouts. Her carriage and curves. Toned arms and long slender fingers. Even her favored kitten heels, for women who cannot fathom wearing shoes in the halfway house between flats and high heels, have earned a certain respect because of her. No public figure better embodies that mantra of full female selfhood: Wear what you like.” ~source

Wear what you like.

Truer words were never spoken.

I am done gushing now. Moving on.


A quick recap on our life. I know, how bored are you?

Seven weeks ago I ripped the wallpaper off our bathroom for what we jokingly thought would be a quick week and maybe (maybe) $800 worth of renovations to  the world’s smallest bathroom that we weren’t really planning on doing much to.

Seven weeks later, Sean is deeply embroiled in a seriously taxing program at work that is taking 12 hours a day of his time at least. He wakes at 4 or 5am, works until he goes to work. Then comes home and works some more. I did get the bathroom painted but in the process of all of this the following things have happened:

  • The old toilet accidentally broke resulting in the need for a new toilet which originally was unnecessary.
  • We bought a cabinet/sink combo brand new on Craigslist and the sink accidentally broke. Turns out you can’t buy that sink by itself. This is resulting in us having to buy the whole combo again. And now I have to find someone who will buy this cabinet…that can’t have a sink.
  • We bought a light after MUCH searching that we both really liked. He finally got it installed last night and the third globe (we had a three globe light already on there) doesn’t fit. No space. So today…off I go to find another light. And I’ll have to ship this one back.
  • The floor should have been easy…it was not. It’s just vinyl flooring but it took an entire miserable day.

I’m so sorry I started this stupid project and I vow never again to do it. Never again. If I ever suggest anything like it you guys need to yell at me.


I spent the day today running around trying to get costume stuff for my son and it turns out they no longer make the pattern for the costume he wants. Also, it’s not available anywhere online. No problem. I’m not worried.

Image result for panic gif

I really wanted to go hiking today again but I may not have time so I’m going to walk the dog this morning (I promised and even though he’s a dog I think he reads my mind) and I’m off to the hardware store. Worst case I’ll run later tonight. It’s gorgeous in the evening here.


I was telling a friend yesterday that I was frustrated because I never see my husband, I never talk to anyone, I am not working and I’m pretty sure my brain cells are dropping off and I’m slowly losing my mind. She is writing a book, starting a business, working full time and inventing an app. Clearly FAR more proactive than I am. I wouldn’t even know how to start that. She kindly offered to have me be her test case for her book. For only a $1500 investment and if I don’t have it she can take it in trade. I can clean her house.


It was really kind of her. But no.

She didn’t offer blindly. She is in a lot of pain and is having a huge party on Saturday. I told her I like to clean and I’d be happy to do her floor for her.

I think people get the wrong idea about me.

I like to clean. (I mean…seriously. I really enjoy it. It’s weird).

I don’t want to do it for a living.

I want to clean my own house. And I’d totally do a friend’s house because I assume I get to talk to them while I’m doing it.

I’m good with people but I don’t want to do retail.

One of my friends suggested home care…random as hell. I told a family member I thought it sounded like an easy out and she said, “I hope you don’t think home care is EASY”.

My God. How do these people think I FUNCTION every day? I’m so…stupid.

Task today…go to the college. Okay, maybe tomorrow. I freaking have a LOT TO DO>


I told Sean last night in tears I think I’m depressed.

This morning as I lay in bed I thought…maybe I am depressed. Five minutes later I got up. I can’t stay in bed. Maybe I’m not depressed. I can’t stay in bed. Must move all the time. Maybe I’m depressed for other people!

I think that’s it. I’m depressed thinking about the world and other people.

You know, if I could write my own life, here is what I would do.

  • I would have an organizing business where I could go to people’s homes and help them get rid of all those bins and extraneous things that make them crazy. People hoard because they are overwhelmed. Things like that don’t overwhelm me. It excites me. I know almost instantly if something should be kept or not. I am a great decision maker. I love eliminating chaos. 
  • I would volunteer somewhere productive. Digging ditches. Building something. Handing out water. Cleaning up the trauma of just…anything. Getting my hands dirty. Being actually helpful. Not holding babies in orphanages for a photo op and not just sending money. I know how helpful donations are but I want to actually show up.
  • I would write a book. I’ve always wanted to write a book.

That’s it. That’s what I would do.


My mom and I were texting about the Whole30 diet and she sends me this text “I guess I have heard that fairy causes bloat”.
Well then. Huh. Fairies. Interesting.

I am actually feeling VERY clear minded today.  I’ve been feeling really brain foggy the last week.  If I was glutened…maybe it’s clearing up?  Thank the good Lord. And that is a prayer.

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It’s the Best Ice Cream Shop.

Imagine you live in the BEST TOWN EVER.
Image result for This is the best ever gif

And your town has what is most certainly the most amazing ice cream shop.

People all over the city admire this ice cream shop for it’s well known delicious creaminess.

And this little ice cream shop has a one of a kind flavor of ice cream they invented that leaves you feeling ohhh soo good and it’s creamy and delicious and you really really like it and YOU NEED this ice cream flavor but it’s, again, the ONLY ice cream shop that has it.

People notice.

Your little ice cream shop has suddenly become the most popular place in town. Walking to the ice cream shop used to be a quick ten minute joy and now…now it has lines around the block. Everyone knows about your ice cream shop. Shops around town want to have the flavor but they can’t. They’ve asked for it but the application process is long and tedious. So customers flock to yours and stand in line for hours. That’s how good it is. It’s worth the wait.

But oh the traffic. And the wait. And people are cranky. And it’s just not the same anymore. The magic seems to be…different.

We live in Colorado. One of the most beautiful states we have and in 2012 Colorado Amendment 64 passed and Marijuana was legalized.

We have the most beautiful amazing state and everyone is flocking to us so they, too, can partake of the riches we legally produce.  Am I that super grouchy Coloradan who says “don’t move here?”. No, twenty years ago we were transplants, too. But you know how before a lot of people moved here because we have art, culture, beautiful mountains to climb and great restaurants with amazing food? Now we have legal marijuana. We are nirvana. We have a LOT of people that have moved here since Amendment 64 passed in 2012. According to The Denver Post The population of Colorado in 2011 and 2012 was at 5.1 million. However, upon the passion of the amendment we grew to 5.2 million in 2013, 5.3 million in 2014 and in 2015 5.4 million. The second fastest growing state in the United States. I’d like to know what’s going on in North Dakota because they’re first. Hey….that’s a lot of people! So before you get all upset with me about not welcoming everyone with open arms, remember those people are on the roads, in the schools, in the grocery stores, climbing the mountains. It’s a lot of people.

Would I prefer it wasn’t legal? Probably. Is it because I’m an old fashioned Pollyanna who has no fun and I prefer everyone go to church? Nope. I mean, I like church but diversity is a good thing. People should celebrate their spirituality any way they choose.

I’m sure your asking at this point…what’s my stick-up-my-butt problem? My kids tell me all the time (eye roll Mom) “You DO know it’s legal now, right?”

Yes, yes I do. Please PLEASE stop being so condescending to me.

  • I would love to drive down the street and not see people smoking it while their driving. I see this so regularly I don’t even know how they can drive. And the smoke filled car is so blinding, how can they see the road?
  • I would love for the jokes about my amazing state to not be there. It’s such a great state. We have so much to offer. Why is that all we’re ever going to be known for. Colorado=marijuana. Admit it, that’s what you think.
  • People are continuously suggesting it to me as an option for my migraines. This is a legitimate option that I have totally considered. I am not blowing them off. But at this time I am not interested. If at a a later time I become interested I will look into it again but I just don’t think so right now. Just because the ice cream flavor is amazing to 95% of the world, 5% is completely turned off at even the suggestion and that’s okay and needs to be respected and not judged.
  • I would love to be able to go on a run and not smell it every.single.time. You would think with the fresh Colorado air I would smell…fresh Colorado mountain air, right? Nope. I’m smelling weed. Easily recognizable it makes me nauseous (I get it, the irony) and it’s frustrating for taking the joy out of the run. I run through it and hope it passes quickly. No matter the time of day or night, or the place. You can be counted on to smell it. Parking lot, passing backyards of homes, parks, you name it, someone is there smoking.

I’m not old and grouchy about weed. I just don’t want to play at your party. And I don’t want my state associated only with this one thing. We have a lot more to offer. I do appreciate the revenue and I totally appreciate the medical uses.

At this point though, I think the more realistic approach is to just legalize it everywhere so people don’t have to flock to our ice cream store. They can just get it at their own. And maybe, just maybe, the new and different will wear off a little and people won’t be so…~must smoke it every chance I get~EVERYWHERE. That would be great. Man that smell is gross.

I get it. I’m not popular. It’s okay. I never have been. I embrace the different. God still loves me.
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Yesterday I took the day and went hiking at Matthews/Winters Park at Red Rocks. Sean and I went a few weeks ago and I loved it. I think it would be great to run it but I have no actual strength and I wasn’t sure I could go that far so I just planned to hike it. Small children passed me* so I probably made a wise choice.

Actually it is a moderate trail and keeps you on your toes. I would say 50% of the people on the trail were running which did two things. One: it sent my self esteem the rest of the way down. And two: encouraged me to get my ass in gear and dress appropriately the next time I come out so I can run, too. It’s my favorite kind and I really like it. Twice now I haven’t completed it though because I don’t know how far it goes. I should…it’s not that hard. I just don’t bother to look. So I just did four miles. I’ll go back maybe tomorrow and give it another try. It was definitely worth it. Okay, I just looked it up and it’s 4.8 miles roundtrip so I don’t have that much further to go. I just don’t take chances like that. I had a lot to do yesterday.

*this is a lie. I didn’t see any kids yesterday except a baby being carried. Oh. Well technically her mom did pass me.

I did a quick strength training workout so I could say I did and ran too many errands.

For your enjoyment…this Buzzfeed of Kids who were Just Too Damn Smart


I’m just going to head out for a run in my little neighborhood this morning. Nothing new and exciting. Pretty sure Sean gave me a cold. I’d say I got it from wherever but I haven’t associated with society in like a week so I blame Sean.  Or I have the world’s worst allergy attack.  The cough appears to be starting today. I’m going to run before it hits.
Maybe I”ll just lie down first.

Just for a minute…

But I definitely won’t close my eyes…

Train on the good days. Train even harder on the bad days.:

Run on…


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Things that make me Happy.

Peeves and Things was a hard list to write because I like things. But Things that make me happy…that’s easier. Lots of things make me happy.

  1. I love reading FB quizzes about people. You know those “fill me in” things? Have you ever been in love? Have you ever run in the rain? Have you ever been drunk? Those silly questions but when you have like…thirty questions then you learn who people are.
    Image result for It's like I don't even know you gif
  2. Finding great furniture pieces on Craigslist for a fraction of their cost. I love a deal. And I love beautiful furniture. I could own six houses just so I could decorate six different ways.
    philosopher's stone black and white gif
  3. Pictures of people. Family pictures. Pictures with my kids.
    I need new pictures. 
  4. Spontaneous adventures…no matter the time of day. I LOVE nighttime and sunrise.
    It's all good baby baby GIF - AllGood BiggieSmalls babybaby GIFs
  5. Running at 5am. Running at 8pm. Running. I know you’re shocked.
  6. Organizing. Sorting. sigh…it’s all so lovely. Give me a mess and let me find my way. Why won’t people just pay me to do that?
  7. A really really really good book. Also…anything and everything and all things Harry Potter.
    happy birthday with harry celebrate
    harry potter alan rickman always snape severus snape
  8. Fall wardrobes...boots and sweaters. So cute.
  9. Randomly finding toys in the grass, the strawberry patch, out in the yard. Buried so deep they could be from Eliot or they could be from MT or Alex. Every toy I find makes me smile.
  10. When my kids are happy.
    *side note, right now at this moment all three of my kids are out of town. How weird is that??  It’s weird.
    Remove the word "someday" in your vocabulary to "today", and see how your world starts to change.:
    yeah…I liked this one, too. Sticks with me.

    Run on…this is the real deal, People.

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Peeves and Things.

  1. People that don’t text or message you back I mean you and I both know you don’t have anything better to do than answer me so what is your problem?
    Image result for I rule the world gif
  2. Walking on a crummy floor in my bare feet ~what am I STEPPING ON? I swear I just swept like ten minutes ago…every single day. This is why I live in socks.
  3. Food in the sink in any way shape or form. I have food issues. I know this. I also know I need therapy. Stop telling me. And stop sending me all those referrals. Geez Mom.
  4. Gluten free jokes. Especially after I’ve spent like…four days virtually living in the restroom or on the couch next to the restroom for no apparent reason except that I’m Celiac but hey that gluten free joke was HILARIOUS. Loved it!I can’t wait to read more.
  5. Cold feet. Like…~holy cow there’s no way to get any colder where are my socks maybe I need a heating pad~ cold feet. Then three days later I find seven socks in the bottom of the bed. Seven. Explain that.
  6. When you head out for a run and for whatever reason (migraine drugs, that bag of chips you ate, it’s Tuesday, you gained 15 lbs from that bag of chips you ate) you slog your slow butt through a sad and painful two mile walk/run when just last week you had the best five mile run EVER YOU CAN FLY RUNNINGISTHEBEST I am SO RUNNING A MARATHON. Hm. Maybe I’ll schedule that for um…later.
    Image result for such a loser gif
  7. When you’re running and your sock skooches down into your running shoes?  I know, this sounds so amateur but you know happens even with the best socks and it happens sometimes at the end of the pretty runs and your thinking but I’m SO CLOSE and it’s the PRETTY RUN and I’m almost there I’m ALMOST THERE JUST A LITTLE WAYS MORE I’M ALMOST…screw it that sucker is driving me crazy. So you stop and fix your sock because sanity.
  8. When that one family member, you know the one…she’s the stray. The holdout. The one that seems normal in a group of crazy…posts something on Facebook and realization dawns that she’s just like all the rest. Down the rabbit hole you go. Dammit. Now I’m sucked in. I WAS SO CLOSE TO ESCAPING. So you hide her and hope she doesn’t notice for awhile. Maybe the crazy will wear off (you’re whispering now…it’s maybe wearing off on you).
    shocked horrified mr. bean mr bean terrified
  9. The milk box. Getting milk delivered, what a luxury. But can’t a handsome young man (hey, I don’t discriminate, I’d take a lovely young woman) just bring it to my door and hand it to me with a smile? Why do I have to go out in the cold and lift up the UNKNOWN??  Do you know what LIVES in MILK BOXES????? Well if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you. Hmpph.
    Image result for well if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you gif
  10. When my house is cluttered and I can’t think. I sometimes don’t even realize I can’t think and I’ll walk around in a fog just wondering what the hell is wrong with me until I snap and I figure it out and I clean up the clutter. The whole time I have this chaos in my head.
    world chaos

    Image result for run strong inspiration
    Run on…

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Halloween is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and I need help!


Shaughnessy, Adam and Eliot are having a Halloween/birthday party for Shaughnessy’s birthday. It’s a costume party. What should Sean and I go as? It may be only my second costume EVER. So many costume choices out there. NOTHING SCARY.
WARNING: Just a tiny little political rant ahead… but I have politely noted it so you can skip it completely.
I just watched an interview  with an actual slightly off kilter (I’m being polite) woman who is vehemently voting for Donald Trump even after his remarks last week. Why am I bringing this up?

Because she is…and I quote… “I am a STRONG Pro life Christian woman and I would never talk like that. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I been married to the same man for 32 years. I have four children that whom I love and adore….”

Here’s the difference between her and I. I’m pro choice because it’s no one’s business what I do with my body or any one else’s. And that goes for men, too. Do I personally want to make that choice? Nope. But if I need to for some emergency terrible awful horrible reason I sure as hell want the option.

Virtually no other difference! I’m a Christian woman who doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs and I’ve been married to the same man for 30 years. I have three children who I love and adore. Good Lord I need a vice because if I am even remotely like this chick I am FREAKED OUT> Chick. stop talking now. You’re giving normal everyday ~God loving saved by Grace~Christians a bad name.
Image result for saved by grace

I can’t imagine anyone who loves a woman voting for this man. At this point even talking about it bears the question how can you hear the tape and think, “Oh he’d TOTALLY make a good President”.

Yep. Totally.

politics joe biden malarky
No big deal. Just one more thing to add to the tally of insane things. Sure.

Also, Jerry Falwell Jr. should be ashamed. Seriously.
I am off to run and Hammer and Chisel and something entertaining. I don’t know what. And run errands because I ALWAYS run errands. ALWAYS.  I live to run errands.

I was invited to do a race in the next few weeks and I am woefully unprepared for it. We’ll see. It would be fun. I miss racing. But I also don’t want to break anyone’s racing spirit. Especially my own!! LOL.

I’ll keep you posted on that.
Slow down and enjoy yourself a little more. Don't be so serious. Life is not a race. -Christiane Lemieux Quote #quote #quotes:


Run on…


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • I got to start my Friday with my annual ~every nine year~ mammogram. I was right on time. When I walked into the office it was the spa experience I’ve never had. Cucumber water, bowls of snacks,  a lovely soft scent embraced the room and two darling women in (cute) matching shirts greeted me warmly. It was an odd experience for a doctors office.  I got there about 9:15 am for a 9:30 am appt so I could fill out forms. They offered me a free manicure kit for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  When I finished, I walked out of the doctors office at 9:36 am. That’s right. I was done in six minutes. Impressive. Pretty shocking I can get a mammogram that fast but an oil change takes an afternoon. The entire experience was so pleasant and as I walked out they reminded me they look forward to seeing me next year. Ahhh.  Make it pleasant and I’ll come back. Interesting.
  • Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with the whole family and Megan’s family. I bought myself a new camera lens which was a complete splurge and Sean is really excited since it’s for his camera and he thinks that means he gets to use it.   Muahahhahha. No. Okay, I might but only if he’s nice to me.
    Saturday Night Live snl sasheer zamata black jeopardy i bought it
    Unfortunately…I got ahead of myself and when I put the photos on my computer it somehow didn’t save them. I saw them land. I saw them. But they didn’t stick. I’m absolutely positive it’s user error but those very few photos are gone. Dammit. Serves me right for not sharing. They teach us that in kindergarten. I should have learned better.
  • I was migraine free for all of Sunday which was pretty wonderful but I did have a strong Celiac weekend which left me chained to the restroom and carrying a low grade fever (100*).  Even if you don’t ingest gluten, Celiac will still leave you with symptoms and I’m guessing that’s the situation I had here. It happens. I’m coming out of it now.

Image result for thank God gif

  • It’s 78* today so I’m going for a walk to regroup this morning and then hopefully a run tonight just to run. Sean is home (randomly) so I don’t strength train when he’s home.
    If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This:
    Run on…

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There was so much about this day.

As you have come to expect from me…I wrote this yesterday. I’m charming and delightful but my schedule is never on par with anyone else’s. It’s so wrong.  Just from now on understand I’m a day behind..

Image result for very unfriendly gif

It rained all night. It rained all day. It’s been cold and overcast and  dreary which of course…is my favorite kind of day.

There’s a smattering of red and gold leaves that cover the wet black streets like expensive wallpaper for suburbia.

It is undeniably fall. 

I went to the funeral of a twenty year old boy today.

I am calling him a boy because my son is nineteen and a Marine and he’s still a boy.

Still a boy.
His name was Joshua Davis. I’m intentionally leaving out his last name but I have to say, isn’t that the most beautiful name? Can you not imagine his parents holding their tiny little 7 pound boy in their arms and declaring him Joshua Davis as they plan and hope for everything he could possibly be with that strong beautiful name?

He took his own life. What an incredible loss. What an incredible understatement.


He left a fiance and a young 3 month old son named Finley. And much sadness. This was a hard day.

I came home to find….I’m sure you’re thinking~ um…relevance in the face of that last paragraph?~the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life in my garage. It was…mostly dead. I forced myself to take a photo of it to send to my husband who did confirm…that was one big ass spider.

I will not be sharing it with you and as time allows I will be deleting all of THOSE photos. ::shudder::

Taking a cue from my sister who had a similar incident this week, I put a quarter near it (declaring the quarter then gone and lost forever) for size comparison. Yep. Mostly dead it was the size of the quarter. It was big and fat and I called him George because well, he was big enough he needed a name. Sean said…Hairy. His name should be Hairy.

Did I mention he was gross?

I walk my puppy, Malachi (shut up, he is too a puppy. They absolutely have 11 year old puppies. It’s totally a thing) either in the morning or at night over at the park nearby I would say 80% of the time. For sure Sean or I do it. I like to run in the morning and then come right home and walk him which would put me in the park about 7:30.

This morning, in my little family park down the street, they found a dead man with a gun. No further details but um…that would certainly curtail any morning glory you might be thinking of basking in out there as the sun rises.

Quite sad really.

And thus I will end with this. It’s October 6th. I lost my dad 9 years ago today so I decided to celebrate my dad today by going to see The Magnificent 7 which is a remake of his all time favorite movie.

It was a great movie though I do wish the heroine wore more clothes. You can imagine Sean did not find fault with that like I did.
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It's All Good

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When the refrigerator door is closed…the light is really really off.

This was my morning.

For when you just need a little more motivation::

I had a pretty wicked migraine when I went to bed so I went really early but I woke up early…like 2am. I stayed in bed nursing my migraine for another hour until I heard Sean get up. When he came back to bed he said, “the power’s out“.
Huh.I never even noticed. 
He said he got up to go downstairs and get a drink and thought…
~wow. She really didn’t leave any lights on….that’s SO unlike her~
I  died laughing as he’s describing this because I’m afraid of the dark so I’m notorious for leaving a billion lights on. Yes. A billion. That’s an accurate number. The family room and the living room both have dimmed lights, the kitchen has a light left on and possibly one down by the bathroom. I don’t want to be surprised if I am going downstairs and I don’t want to die by tripping on something or stepping on something.

I finally just got up at 4am and headed downstairs. This was when I determined I absolutely could not survive in a post apocalyptic world.

I need my electricity. I get it. I’m spoiled. Don’t judge me.

Damn it was dark.

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I lit many many candles and chatted with MT (he’s two hours ahead so he’s always texting me at ridiculously early hours) and I got on my computer (moment of thanks for good computer batteries).
asian blessed asian people grateful aishwarya rai
A few more drugs, a few more hours, a quick nap this morning and I am a thousand percent better.

And the power came back on. Also. The sun came up.
Bound to happen.
Rumor has it,  it happens at least once a day.

I watched a ridiculous amount of vlogs and looked at many many photography websites before I decided that I could conceivably get nothing done for the rest of my life if I did this every day. I don’t usually get sucked in but I do love photography. It was easy to get sucked in.

And there’s a certain amount of ~that person’s life on social media looks so perfect, what did I do with my life? Those people are like…25 years old and seem to have the ideal life what did I do wrong? How did I take this turn that left me here? and so on… And you really really have to remember what people post on social media is pretend. They can post what they want. They can filter what they want. And life in 2016 is far different than life in 1986.

Every generation grows. New technology runs the world. We learn more about ourselves as a people and our ability to learn about ourselves improves our individual relationships. Though we sometimes feel like we are struggling and the world is getting worse, we are getting smarter. We are a wiser people.

So what would I do different? Knowing what I knew then, I wouldn’t do anything different. Life was the way it was. It was pretty good.
Fall in Colorado. That’s really all I need to say. Going for a run later but first…Hammer and Chisel. And yes, I’m doing it wrong.
You’re supposed to do 60 days of Hammer and Chisel according to their schedule and their Beachbody diet and Shakeology. I am only doing the workouts and I’m not doing them on their schedule. But at least I’m doing it. Strength as often as I can which is a lot. And it’s hard.

I shouldn’t mention I’m eating french fries as we speak. But it’s okay..just a few.

In the middle of the night I came across these and I got a chuckle out of them.

America, you might call this an election, but the rest of the world is viewing it as your I.Q. test. And it's not looking good. Vote for Bernie Sanders.:

And then I found this.

Funny 2016 Election Memes: Season Finale:

This is an important month. Scary and important.
This is not the time to run away from voting. This is the time to get out and vote.
When you get up tomorrow, really get at 'em. Sign up for theSkimm to get a daily email newsletter full of the news you need to know. It's free. It's awesome. It's easier to be smarter.:
Truth be told...   And they'll try to take it away given the chance....:
4 Simple Rules: Never miss a Monday, Never go 3 days without exercise, workout at least 3 days a week, and never give up.:
Basic rules.

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We are totally a team. He works 10x harder than I do.

This Guy Takes The Most Epic Photos Of Maine Coon Cats You’ve Ever Seen

I know you’re thinking…really? More cat stuff? She’s gone round the bend. But really I just completely appreciate great photography and beautiful cats. Especially when you put them together. I mean, I do enjoy the smart ass attitude of a cat (hmm. I wonder why) but oh the photography. He captures their attitude SO well. It’s something to be appreciated.

The Winners of The World’s Best Photo Contest

Seriously SERIOUSLY incredibly photos. Yes, there’s a theme apparently to today’s post. It’s not on purpose.

Sean and I worked diligently on the bathroom yesterday.  We slaved away with the intention to not stop until it was done.

That was an outright lie.

Sean did 99.97% of the work.

I’m did nothing but offer an occasional opinion and avoid him at all costs. It was in my best interests.

He did great with only the occasional shouts and mutterings.

This is officially the last project I sign him up for.

Shut up. I know I said that before but this time…I totally mean it.
i promise you have my word movie the rock michael bay

Poor guy. Why do I do this to him?

I know you’re thinking..how on earth do you not have the bathroom done by now?

Well, Sean has been working overtime at his actual job so he has no time. We’ve been weekending it only and some weekends there just really isn’t time so it’s been far far too long and we’re very anxious to get it done.

He’s done an amazing job. I can’t stress that enough. With very little cursing.
UPDATE: More cursing…
He went to install the toilet and…something broke. So now…a new toilet.
Well you know what they say. Plan “x” amount for construction and then add at least 20%.

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I’ve been doing Hammer and Chisel and it’s…well it’s hard.
If you guys recall…Hammer is the guy (Sagi…serious all muscle and he’s very cheesy) and Chisel is the girl (August…I like her way better). August does these crazy hard workouts and wow do my legs pay attention.

I’ve said this before but just a reminder, the one thing I’ve noticed is I have more pain from working out than I used to. Muscle aches, lasting DOMS and things just affect me a lot harsher and longer than before the Celiac. That doesn’t mean I can’t work out, I think it means I have to take it slower. So when August has us do one legged squats with weights just right away BAM…set after set and then Bulgarian jump squats…yeah. I have to limit what I do. Just because I CAN do it, doesn’t mean I should do it. I’m thinking ahead to what I’m going to feel tomorrow and the next day. It’s much smarter for me to restrict my strength rather than go ALL IN and I think I’ll get much better results.

We’ll see. I’ve noticed when I go all in I tend to actually get physically sick and that gets me right fat back to square one.
Gorgeous morning here but super windy so three miles on the treadmill and some Hammer and Chisel.

Just Chisel. Thank heaven.When it’s Hammer…well…
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not the workout…just Hammer.
There is no other reason to workout and lose weight than for yourself and your long-term health. | www.onesavvylife.com:
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