Miss G is not in fact my child but she ACTS like it.

So Miss G is having some IT band issues. No panicking. She had those before she met me. They aren’t sympathy pains or anything. I was googling some good stretches and advice for her and sent her this~

I happened upon b-reddy.org while searching for good stretches for the IT band and I THINK he knows what he’s talking about. You can usually get a feel for it. So I think I’ll bookmark him. It’s always nice to have a good resource for these things.

One of the first things I found was that running in the same direction on a curved surface is really bad ~which I TOTALLY told her MONTHS ago and we swapped directions and it so freaked her out I didn’t make her do it again.

Well…now my own running is out of whack so Girl is going to have to adjust.


I didn’t realize it messed ME up that bad. I figured it was my own screwing up somehow. Now I’m certain that had an effect. Dammit.

I sent her that article.

She can’t stand doing cross training (yoga)

Stretching (boring)

or really anything that isn’t running

But running is SO AWESOME (her words) as she smiles big and I actually think I can feel her heart racing at just the though and halfway across the room.

Well if you want to KEEP running…you have to do the other stuff.

Are you twelve years old??

She laughed and said yes she’s a child. But she’ll do what I tell her so she can keep running.


I popped in to see her yesterday and Dr. O asked if I was there for an adjustment…


I didn’t know I could do that more than once a week and he said I could go every day if I wanted, especially since I’m having so many problems.

I am on board. I always feel better…so yep…I cheerfully got adjusted and definitely feel better.

That’s how I want all my doctor/chiropractor appointments to end.


Politics alert!

On a totally different note but I’m talking about it anyway…the Syrian refugees are so breaking my heart. This article was so great it reminds you there are great people out there and we can all help in little ways. Then we see the photos in the news and watch the videos and my heart breaks all over again.

I have taken this directly from the Today Show website because I’m late for work but these organizations are great resources to donate to and beyond getting on a plane and helping people actually get to another place…donating is what we can do. And frankly…watching, learning and not denying it’s happening. I think we can do that, too.

There are now 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Some are now living in desperate conditions in Hungary, from which they hope to enter the European Union.

It’s too late to help Aylan, but you can help other children like him by donating to these charities:

The UN Refugee Agency: Provides cash for medicine and food, stoves and fuel for heating, insulation for tents, thermal blankets and winter clothing.

Save the Children: Supplies food for Syrian kids and supports education in Syrian refugee camps.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders: MSF is operating three rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea that can carry hundreds of people to land.

Unicef: Delivers vaccines, winter clothes and food for children in Syria and neighboring countries. The agency is working to immunize more than 22 million children in the region following a polio outbreak.

International Rescue Committee: The group’s emergency team is in Greece, where nearly 1,000 people are arriving per day.

World Food Programme: The agency says it is struggling to meet the urgent food needs of millions of displaced Syrians.

Mercy Corps: Refugees are most in need of clean water, sanitation services, temporary shelter and food, the agency says.

Aylan Kurdi & Syria’s Child Victims of War: A new fund named after Aylan himself. Money goes to “Hand In Hand For Syria,” a U.K. based organization that works with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

CARE: Reaches Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen and those displaced inside Syria with food, hygiene items and emergency cash. It’s also helping refugees crossing into Serbia.


Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey. | Come to Body Morph Gym in Ferndale, MI for all of your fitness needs! Call (248) 544-4646 TODAY to schedule an appointment or visit our website www.bodymorph.net for more information!: Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey. | Come to Body Morph Gym in Ferndale, MI for all of your fitness needs! Call (248) 544-4646 TODAY to schedule an appointment or visit our website www.bodymorph.net for more information!


Run on…and take care of your IT band. Man that guy is tricky.

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Change is good. Right? I’m going to need some convincing.

I started my day with yoga and foam rolling…I took my Advil and did my calf raises…

I tried not to think about the ever present need to be ready for a marathon in not too many weeks.

We’re not thinking about that.

I went to work and work was…


It was that kind of day.

bad day animated GIF

One of my favorite police officers was there (who am I kidding, I love them all. Prepare to hear me say “one of my favorite police officers” about every one of them) and he overheard I was leaving at the end of next week and he said he won’t be here next week so again..I had to say goodbye to someone. This is really not my favorite part of this whole…leaving thing.

Then my last customer of the day came in and she is one of my customers. I really love her. She’s so sweet and she always comes to me. I told her I was leaving and she was SO nice and said it won’t be the same coming here. I’ve been at the bank for three years and coming in is like family…she always knows I’ll be here.

It was the nicest thing to hear and kind of reaffirmed that I do a good job. And yep…added to the sad. Ugh. I’m so going to miss my job.

sad animated GIF


After work I did my required ~must sleep. I just must.


I kept my nap to an HOUR and a HALF.

How’s THAT for progress??  Yep.  I might be getting BETTER.

Remember I’ve been known to come home and sleep for four hours….

Off I headed TO THE GYM. People…I am slightly active.

Only slightly because I got there pretty late and something about the stinking gym on base makes me crazy. I headed out about 9pm so I got there about 9:15 I think…I figured I’d get a quick 30 minute workout…. But at 9:30 they are announcing the closure at 10pm and at 9:40 they are turning off the televisions and the fans and at looking at you in the silence like…what’s your problem? We want to go home…

So I just get off the machines and leave and it infuriates me EVERY time.

Stupid 23 minute workout what the hell…

That does nothing for my OCD.

At MY work we have to be open and ACTIVE until closing time. We don’t get to shut the place down a half an hour before.

So ridiculous.

It’s possible I’m a LITTLE irritated about this.

30 rock animated GIF



9 months post operation for my Achilles. What a road its been. Turning a set back into a come back: 9 months post operation for my Achilles. What a road its been. Turning a set back into a come back


Run on…and don’t forget to stretch and cross train. SO IMPORTANT. Take care of you. 

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Why foam rolling is like carpet shampooing. It really is. Just work with me.

So part of my Achilles rehab is painful awful terrible must do it foam rolling.

let’s face it…no one likes it.

But if you keep at it the pain lessens and it becomes clear you are benefiting from the experience.

At night I head upstairs and get ready for bed and then grab the foam roller for the fun.

There’s one glitch…

I have no patience. So I roll and roll and roll and six minutes later I’ve foam rolled my legs and I’m ready for bed.


So years ago when we first bought our carpet shampooer I started that sucker up and shampooed the livingroom… in about six minutes.

See a pattern?

Sean looked at me like I was off slightly and then told me the shampooer had to go a lot slower. Sloowwerrr. Otherwise how do you get it clean? It’s not productive at all…Geez Woman.

You could see him looking at me like…”give it to me and I’ll do it”.

So he takes it from me and proceeds to move at a turtles pace (turtle power)  (I don’t like snails) and shampoos the entire carpet.


teenage mutant ninja turtles animated GIF

He’s in charge now.

He does all the shampooing.

My point is the carpet got way cleaner when he took his time, moved slowly over the carpet, recognized that going too fast would not get the stains out and wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

When he did it, it took at least four times longer.

so now when I foam roll I try to make it last 30 minutes.

It’s pretty excruciating. Not pain wise…patience wise.

But you know it’s way better for me and it’s dong a much better job.


The news just did a story on childhood obesity and eating healthy on a budget and I was ~no joke~ eating cake for breakfast.

I wasn’t so uncomfortable that I stopped eating the cake but hey…I noticed the story. LOL



Run on…


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Sweet List <3

This Sweet List covers two weekends because I’ve been unconscious for two weeks.

  1. Weekend movies: Never Been Kissed, Wedding Singer, Overboard~ there were more but really, it was a good movie weekend last weekend. 
  2. I got a hotel for Chicago. It took me seven hours. No I’m not kidding. I may need therapy for that experience. The race should be easy compared to this.
  3. I may have finally figured out how to organize my bags. And hopefully I won’t have 100 bags. But this seems like it might work. 
  4. I work with the best people. Hands down. The best. #friendsarefamilytoo
  5. I gave my notice. Because the majority of people I work with will no longer be there. Which means life at work is just not going to be the same. Time to move on. #noregrets
  6. I took a phone call this week about an unpaid bill (not my fault..it was on them) and ended up with a reference…um, yeah. I’ll take that.  
  7. I came home from work Friday and decided to rest even though I finally didn’t feel tired…I slept for four hours. Yes, four hours. I took a quick two hour “awake break” and went back to bed. ::yawn::   
  8. The cat came in after hours. You have no idea the small miracle that is. It wasn’t even 3am.

    Yeah..it doesn’t take much.  
  9. Nope. My brain still isn’t working 100% but at least for the most part I figure it out before a catastrophe happens. I think. I mean, I haven’t noticed a catastrophe…but would I? Hmm…
  10. I was at church this morning and was again approached multiple times about “that nice young man” that is my son. What did I do right in this world to get such great kids? I am much blessed.
    ~shut up. I know that’s not a sentence. Don’t I get excused for brain damage? I do English good.

  1. I spent the majority of yesterday cleaning everything in my upstairs. Organizing, sorting, donating, throwing away, cleaning bedroom, spare room, linen closet. Oh the relief on my brain. Then about 4pm (hmm…see a pattern?) I felt myself get a little tired so I hit the bed for a rest and woke up at 8pm. Clinging to the knowledge that I will get better soon. I WILL get better soon. #focusonthepositive  My upstairs is fabulously clean.
  2. Miss G has made the best most impressive progress with her running and I couldn’t be more proud of her in a completely non condescending way. It’s hard for her to put herself out there…she’s brave but afraid. (ha, Aren’t we all?) But she pushes through and I admire her so much for that. She’s my kind of girl.
  3. I spent yesterday watching a New Girl marathon. I have a new fun passion. That show is hilarious and I love it.

On a side note: I do read. I swear it. I’m currently reading The Kitchen Boy A Novel of the Last Tsar~ by Robert Alexander (coincidentally my grandfather’s name..random)

And that completes our Sweet List for the week! Have a wonderful Monday and as always….

Run on…

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Crossed Wires.

So…today was enlightening.

Not that I didn’t already have several examples of how my brain gets it’s wires crossed when my thyroid numbers are off…but it was damn funny finding these examples so right there in my face saying ~your deck of cards is not quite full.

I keep a white board calendar on my door with our rough schedule on it.

Here is a photo of a portion of August…>hint, it has nothing to do with anyone’s name< Points if you see the problem…


Best part?  NO ONE NOTICED. Clearly I’m not the only one off. ::hehe::

About two minutes after I spot this genius move…I head to the fridge to make scrambled eggs.

I have plenty…I have two dozen eggs in the fridge so I grab one and pull it out and…huh. It seems awfully light.



Yes Folks. I put an empty container in the refrigerator. I believe that was yesterday.

Or last week. I don’t remember. Does it matter? It’s empty and I’m not a teenager. So there’s no excuse beyond faulty wiring.



My co workers know that every single morning when I go to work I will approach  my computer, type in my user name and then pause…stare at the computer and say “what the hell is my password?” (I try to mutter it so I’m not irritating every single day).

It usually comes to me then. Apparently I can’t remember it until I say that. I swear every single morning…blank. No password. I use that password probably 87 times a day.

I do math good.


Achilles update: not feeling too bad.  I’m still pretty tired so I didn’t yoga today. But my Achilles are feeling pretty good and I’ll foam roll tonight before bed and maybe yoga, too.

I think the yoga seems to be helping more than the foam rolling but I don’t want to stop either.

Causes of Achilles tendinitis
Tight or fatigued calf muscles, which transfer too much of the burden of running to the Achilles, can be brought on by not stretching the calves properly, increasing mileage too quickly or simply overtraining. Excessive hill running or speedwork, both of which stress the Achilles more than other types of running, can also cause tendinitis. Inflexible running shoes, which force the Achilles to twist, cause some cases. Runners who overpronate (their feet rotate too far inward on impact) are most susceptible to Achilles tendinitis.
Prevention and treatment of Achilles tendinitis
If you start experiencing Achilles pain, stop running. Take aspirin or ibuprofen, and ice the area for 15 to 20 minutes several times a day until the inflammation subsides. Self-massage may also help.
Another great stretch for the Achilles is also the simplest. Stand on the balls of your feet on stairs, a curb or a low rung of a ladder, with your legs straight. Drop both heels down and hold for a count of 10. To increase the intensity of the stretch, keep one foot flat and lower the other heel. Then switch legs. ~source
I really just think I have incredibly tight muscles and it takes serious dedication to keep them from tightening up and causing injury. I thought I was stretching enough and apparently I was not. Also…I overpronate. So…there’s that.
If you aren’t connected to me on Facebook, then you might have missed the little announcement earlier this morning that the Fabulous Miss G ran FOUR MILES this morning without stopping and by herself!!  
I did kind of freak out. Because I’m so proud of how far she’s come and how strong she is. Girl is brave.
I was so bummed to not be able to run with her for this but she was just having so much fun I sat in the car (it’s really dark when we run so I’m there for moral support and company is safer) and watched her head around the park and after the second time she said she felt great and was going around again.
I know, right??
Well okay then… she just totally amazed me today.
There’s no stopping her now.
Girl is out of control.
Run on…



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Persistence and Prayer. That’s gonna do the trick. Right?

I told you I’d talk about running today and I do not tell a lie.

Okay…that was a lie.

Sometimes I lie.

But it’s really really rare and it’s only about really important things.

like you know…that baby is SO CUTE>

Things like that.

So I am, as previously mentioned, on a self imposed ~no running~ ban. It pretty much sucks but would suck more if my Achilles didn’t hurt with pretty much every step.

And if I didn’t have the cold from hell. Do you think that’s God’s way of easing my ~you can’t run~ pain? I mean, who wants to run with a cold anyway?

I pretty much don’t want to move. I just want to sleep. But I think I’m almost better per the cold.

Today I woke up feeling pretty horrible.  My whole body hurt and I had a really bad migraine.

I immediately felt a pull to yoga. So I did my morning routine (drugs, wake the kid, feed the dog) then pulled out the yoga mat and played. I felt immediately better. Afterwards I sat on the floor with my foam roller and rolled for about a half an hour. This afternoon I saw my chiropractor and tonight I’ll foam roll again.  I wanted to yoga again but I’m really tired. Tomorrow.

My achilles felt better all day and then tonight started acting up again.

Tomorrow will be better…


So persistence and prayer will heal me…I’m holding my breath.


Some people try to run through the pain. A lot of runners will push it much longer than they are supposed to. I’ve known runners to test an injury to the point of near permanent damage for the sake of one race. ONE RACE.

I don’t care how important that race is. Chicago, New York, Boston. Freaking International. I don’t care.

I love to run. If I never run another race again as long as I live I’ll be happy runner…

as long as I get to run.

We have to honor the pain and trust our bodies. 

Stop. Rest. Treat the injury accordingly.

And prevent the injury with proper stretching and cross training.

I definitely thought I was doing enough in retrospect I think I needed to add another day of yoga because I have naturally tight muscles.

It’s sad really.

Assess your own self and recognize your own weakness. You should be able to tell the tweaks and creaks over time. You should have two days of some cross training throughout the week. Even just twenty minutes of cross training. It’s healthy and helps your muscles to grow and learn a different strength.

helps balance your muscle groups. Cross-training helps strengthen your non-running muscles and rests your running muscles. You can focus on specific muscles, such as your inner thighs, that don’t get worked as much while running and may be weaker than your running muscles.~source


So I totally made French Toast in a Mug tonight and it was as delicious and easy as it sounds. Though mine did try to escape…and almost succeeded…it hit the spot (it totally just “grows” right out of the top like a chia pet, it’s hilarious). For someone who tends to not eat enough (I’ve been sick and really haven’t eaten anything for the last three days) and who is also Celiac…this was exactly what I needed. Bonus..it was sweet.

Ya’ll know I love sweet.

French Toast in a Mug - ready in 5 minutes!

I didn’t use a recipe, I just threw it together. But this is essentially the recipe I used minus the chocolate chips.  Yup. It was good.  Thanks to Princess Pinky Girl for the recipe and photo. Looks like she has some amazing recipes on there and a lot of them could be made gluten free. She’s probably shuddering at the thought but welcome to my life.


Meanwhile, I went to the park and met Miss G yesterday so she could run in the dark and not get shot by a *random people frequenting the park waving semi automatic weapons.

*This random fact may or may not be true but hey, why take a chance, right?

I hung out at the car and made sure she was okay every 12 minutes or so as she ran in circles. She did great! And it was SO brave of her to run alone for her first time EVER.

I’m so proud of her to make this step. This is not a condescending thing at all….she has really stepped far out of her comfort zone.


So tomorrow I go again and we’ll see how far she can go! She’s cruising pretty far and I’m super jealous for the running. The mornings are so beautiful.  Perfect running.


Run on…


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Looking outside ourselves. HONY readers got inspired.

As we have already figured out…I read. Pretty much anything that could possibly have words…yep.

book animated GIF

So I subscribe to a few things…and last week as I was wandering through the grocery store my email alerted me to a Bloglovin’ update.

I forgot I signed up for Bloglovin’. I  never actually read blogs through them but this time the headlines caught my eye.

Beauty Weekly: 15 Must Know Makeup Hacks, The Forgotten Step In Your Skincare Routine & other inspiring stories

The things that people are blogging about, well…women everywhere I think should feel pret.ty excited.

15 make up hacks

The Forgotten Step in your Skincare routine

and here’s my favorite part….

And other inspiring stories…

I was pretty uninspired.

Because I’ve just spent the last week reading Humans of New York Pakistan. 

If you haven’t seen this website or connected with them on FB you should stop and check it out right now.  I’ve been a fan for most of the time this guy has been on FB I’m proud to say. I hope I’ve hooked a lot of people on to this photographic treasure. But the stories, the journalism is beautiful. Now, if you read the comments it can seem like 50,000 people pandering to Brandon, the heart of HONY.  BUT… if you move past the obvious what you get is a lot of people who just want to be reminded there is good out there and they want to be a part of it. Not everyone gets to be a hero but judging by the amount of people that buy Starbucks for the guy behind in them in the drive through…people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to feel good about the world. So they do anything little they can and you know what?

I’ll take the little things for sure…

If you read HONY..you know he went to Pakistan. If you don’t read HONY…you should right now. RIGHT NOW. It’s amazing.

The whole series on Pakistan was amazing but this particular part was ~heart stopping mind numbing hold your breath sad beautiful heart breaking heart fulfilling hopeful tragic desperate and finally heroic. Heroic on every level.

Heroic because of Syeda Ghulam Fatima.  This woman has spent her life trying to free the workers of Pakistan  who find themselves virtual slaves to the brick kilns, which is the main method of construction in Pakistan. Laborers will go to the owners of the kilns for loans and when their debt is supposed to be paid off they are told it is in fact, now much higher. There is no escape. No matter the age, children are included in this slave labor. Workers are forced to labor for long hours and under terrible conditions.

There are over 20,000 brick kilns in the country, and conservative estimates put over one million men, women, and children working at these kilns in a condition of bonded labor. Fatima estimates that the number is closer to 4 million. ~source

HONY decided to profile Fatima and of COURSE the commenters wanted to help….because that’s what they do. So he started a fundraiser asking for $100,000 and yep…are we at all shocked that it currently stands at $2,300,000 (as of 8/22/15)? Potentially changing the entire face of the organization and savings who knows how many lives.

Heroes. All those people who just wanted to help and threw $10 on there, $20…whatever they could afford. Every dollar goes to free these people. Realistically we can’t all get on a plane and head to Pakistan to volunteer and save lives but this is tangible and this can help.

Read the page. Make your life better.

This is the link to a documentary about Fatima’s cause.  

And remember that even the little things help make our lives better. The little things lead to the big things.

Nice job, World. We may not have fixed the problem but I think maybe we put a little dent in it today.

abby animated GIF

(side note: did you know that silly little “ice bucket challenge” that drove everyone crazy last year created enough funding to do some key research for ALS?  Baby steps, People. Baby steps)

party hard animated GIF




Run on…and get inspired. 



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Technically I’m not dying…

I am sick. I am injured. My life is tragic right now.

I’ll recover but it’s a bummer. My migraine is gone though so I definitely am doing a ton better.

I can handle a cold, but a cold and a migraine is hard.

And the Achilles will just take a little time.

I’m taking a self imposed week off from running and I’m not going to stress.

Because I face head on what I’m afraid of and I can do anything. I am TOTALLY okay. This is me talking myself into it.

I just have to take good care of myself and hope these guys heal.

Lots of healing. I just wish I had more long runs under my belt.


I’m going to trust and have faith. If you read at all you know this usually works for me. Ha. And inside I’m only a little stressed.


I was talking to my friend last week. Someone who knows me well and knows I don’t share my personal info on FB or really with anyone.


I don’t talk about my politics at all…AT ALL.  I don’t even talk about it with my husband. Nope. Sorry Folks.

What I believe is my own business.  And yes, I’m sure everyone has a great reason why this is a bad idea and that’s fine. I’ll continue to keep what I believe to myself. Because religion and politics are hot topics and any time anyone brings these up (especially now, in this political climate) people get HOT MAD.

angry animated GIF

That may sound hardcore but I’m not really interested in debating. I’m perfecting capable of reading and researching and someone else throwing their beliefs at me is not going to change mine.  I will listen respectfully if someone is chatting about their beliefs but in my experience people aren’t doing that. They are usually fiercely trying to sway everyone in the room to their side.

So the other day I’m on the phone with my awesome friend (who really is awesome, just sayin’) and she is wicked smart, too, and we’re talking about something generic I don’t even remember what now. The news? Who knows what.

And it comes up… so I tell her for the fourteen thousandth time, “I mean, no one knows what I believe and I keep that to myself for a good reason”.

And right out of the blue she says to me (paraphrasing), “where DO you stand on such and such?”



pretty animated GIF

I mean…if I’m not going to talk to SEAN about it, I’m not talkin’ to anyone.

She then went on to give me a lesson that she felt was something I should know.

I took this as information she felt I needed because she thought she knew my line of thinking (always in a box. I’m always in a box) and assumed her place was to educate me. The interesting thing here was that her source for information was a podcast I not only listen to but it’s one of my all time never miss an episode podcasts so…yeah. I’ve already got that information. But thanks.

I think I must somehow come across as uneducated and misinformed. It was kind of disappointing.

When really I just keep things close to me.

It’s your personal choice what you choose to be vocal about. It’s your personal choice if you want to let the world in on your beliefs. My voice needs to be heard. I think that’s important.

But I get to decide on what and if and when.

And I’m not going to feel guilty for those choices.

On that note: I’ve used my voice today for an important public service. I’ve asked Skittles to please remove the Skittles Pox commercial. I think this really benefits everyone. I’m sure they’ll listen to me. My Skittle voice is quite loud.



You guys should run on…I’m going to rest for a bit.  Have a good run!

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I call do-over.

Today was our big day.

Miss G and I were signed up for the

Sleep Tight Colorado’s Fifth Annual 5K Pajama Jog


psst….it’s her first selfie!!  She’s never taken one before! Didn’t she do great?

When I chose this race I looked closely at the dates first…but I scoped out several of them to see if I could pick one that was not the smallest in town. Apparently I didn’t look very close. I figured if it was a little bigger (500-1000) I’d have better luck introducing her to the racing experience.  I didn’t have a ton of choices and I also thought if I chose one with a good charity involved she’d have a tougher time saying no. This one ended up having about 150 runners. So fail #1 right there. Nice job Tess.

Meanwhile..it worked like a charm, she was sucked in and off we went to run her first 5k.

Okay, I lied. She really was nervous and pretty much didn’t really want to do it. But I’ve talked her into facing head on what she’s afraid of.

jake gyllenhaal animated GIF

She rocks and totally faces her fears. I love that.

Unfortunately, I was the worst running partner ever. Ever. (side note: do you ever get the feeling I shouldn’t run races? Man…sometimes I have a run of rough luck…but then the good races come and it’s totally worth it)

  • I had a migraine from yesterday that just didn’t want to quit.
  • I woke up with…girl issues (let’s just leave it at that) (huh..that explains THAT migraine)
  • My boss gave me her cold (I’m pretty thrilled)
  • My achilles hurt the whole time I ran. Oh man they hurt. 
  • Let’s not forget my doctors visit where they determined my numbers were off the chart and this explained my constant need to be napping. And a general feeling of awful. 
  • Final piece of the pie joy would be…the heat. 

We run at 5am, it’s 50* at 5am and gorgeous. Today in Denver the heat was 90*. So by the time this race started at 9am it was 80*.  Now, I know that’s not really terrible for you rockstars in Texas and Arizona and other desert states where you live on the surface of the sun. But here in Colorado…Miss G and I are a little spoiled and the run was super unfriendly.

Have I mentioned I do not enjoy running in the heat and if it’s not fun, I just don’t want to do it. I know. I get it. Whatever.

But this was Gloria’s day and I was so determined to have a great time.

I blew it HORRIBLY.

We started out great but got there so early that by the time the race started we had already people watched our hearts out, admired all the kids, marveled at some of the skimpy costumes and decided it was far too hot to be running and we wished we’d done it by ourselves at 5am.

At this point my honesty was coming straight out.

Neither of us really wanted to be there but Miss Sound of Music was trying to be very positive.  I generally feel like I’m a positive person with a delightful twist of fun sarcasm to entertain everyone.

Not everyone gets me. Sadly.

Unfortunately this morning there was not a lot of delightful and not a lot of fun.

I needed a serious attitude adjustment.

child animated GIF

When we finally rounded the corner to finish the race I thought…huh…that was a bit faster than I expected it to be in that last mile…

Could be because the race was seriously short.

bachelorette animated GIF

Neither of us started our GPS on time so judging by what we could gather from others it appeared to be about 2.80 miles.

Based on that information…we declared this 5k…

Null and void.

And since there was no t shirt…we don’t even have proof we ran it. We’re in the clear.

We’ll try it again but we’re going for sometime in the fall. Miss G didn’t enjoy the experience so hopefully she’ll like the next one. If she doesn’t, no harm no foul. But at least she got to try it.

On the upside, they had a good turnout for sleeping bags for the homeless (about 150 runners…which is apparently the best turnout they’ve had since the races inception five years ago). I think it’s a great cause so I hope they are able to continue this race and see it grow.

So to end our exciting day with the Miss Gloria’s first 5k…I was a huge buzzkill. I didn’t feel good and I just wanted to be home in bed.

I hope she forgives me. It was rough.

I’m going to sleep now. Tomorrow is another day and I fully anticipate my common cold will be the gift that continues to give.

I know the feeling.

Strength or running…rest is still rest and even though we need it we never love it.

Run on…

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Be Brave

I was out on a run and listening to Jillian Michael’s Podcast.  She got a new producer a while ago and since I didn’t listen to her with any regularity (because I didn’t like the producer) I missed the transition. So I listen to it far more often now and today they discussed a Buzzfeed article

25 Small Actions that are Secretly Very Brave.

brave animated GIF

So today I am grabbing five of them and highlighting why they hit me as particularly significant to me. There are twenty five of them though…and I may grab another five in a few days and highlight those. I just think it’s a great article because I think we do things every day we’re afraid of and recognizing that is a wonderful way to learn and grow and become stronger. >These are out of order but they are on the list as 1,3,5,6 and 7.<

  1.   When you voice your opinion on something you really care about. ~ I think this one is really hard in today’s political climate and I’ll tell you right now I just don’t do it. I am not brave. I wish I was. If you are, you should be prepared for the fall out and have a plan on how to handle it. Some people are not going to like your opinion. That’s okay. They don’t have to. We don’t all have to agree. Opinions will differ and the earth will continue to turn.
  2. When you ask someone for help, even though your ego is begging you not to. ~I struggle with this one for sure and even yesterday needed help and worked on my computer for nearly two hours before I finally admitted defeat and called someone for help. Turned out there was no help…I had done it right. But I just didn’t want to be that person that couldn’t figure it out. I feel like I’m always that person. Especially in my family!
  3. When you face an uncomfortable issue you’ve been trying to avoid. ~ I’m facing an uncomfortable issue. I’ve been facing it for a while and I’ve been avoiding it like a turtle with his head in his shell. I finally have realized that I have complete control of the situation and I have to handle it. So I’m doing that very thing. And yes. I do feel brave. Scared. Sad. Maybe a little excited. And brave. Mostly I just have to remember my big rule…do what you’re afraid of. 
  4. When you make a list of all the things you’ve been putting off and check them off one by one. ~ Um. Yeah, I don’t usually have a problem with lists and getting things done. I’m a list kind of person. I’m definitely working that right now. And I feel my best when I have a HUGE list with BIG things on it and I cross those things off and get them done. Especially when the BIG things are the hard things I’ve been putting off.
  5. When you stick up for someone who’s being picked on.~ Okay, so…I do this. I stick up for people who are being picked on. I don’t know if it’s because I was bullied myself. If it’s because I am so empathetic. If it’s because I just recognize how wrong it is and want to make sure my own kids see the right example or if it’s because my parents were amazing and taught me to stand up for people. Or all of the above. But I absolutely cannot stand to see someone be bullied and here’s the weird thing….I stand alone most of the time. It’s kind of wrong. I make no friends when I do this. Bums me out. I always kind of thought that doing that would swing karma around my way and the bullies would lose their friends in a huge way and the wave of people would see how wrong they were and I’d get more friends when they saw me standing up for wrong…wait. That’s an after school special. Sorry. I got side tracked. Nevertheless…I can’t stand by and I won’t. I don’t do it for anything other than it’s wrong and I figure God is smiling on me and that’s all I care about.


Miss G and I ran a beautiful 3 solid miles this morning…just to prove to her she could do it. Because she was scared. But of course we finished our 5.5  I cut it short at that because I have Achilles issues. Sigh.

It was 47* and raining at 4:30. So I texted her and said…it’s raining. She said…we don’t run in the rain? I looked at Sean and said..I’ve created a monster. He said…not in 47*! She came back and said…5:30? Okay…that should help. Not.

5:30 came and it was 48*.  But it had stopped raining and was now beautiful. I’ll take it. :)

Run on…

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