New shoes, new spirit. Not in that order. Have a Sweet List today <3

It’s the weekend and I figured I’d do another sweet list. Because it’s been a difficult month for us and really…the world, right?  but there’s been a lot of joy, too. Might as well highlight that! 

1. I am completely caught up at work and have even started the backlog of 2013.  This made my boss very happy when she called me on Friday to say, “I got an email that you’re locked out. Why are you still here an hour and a half after work?”.  Because my sweet kids each thought the other got me.  Nope…I wasn’t mad. Just really tired.  And I met a lovely woman on the bus home.

2.  I spent a great evening out with Miss Andrea, her sweet daughter Tori and her friend Emily and of course my MT and his girlfriend Morgan. It was fun to all sit and chat.  We popped over to TJMaxx and we just basically relaxed.  Also…I love PFChangs.  And our waitress was amazing.

3. I bought new shoes.  I am working on an injury but I’m doing my best to work it out.  One of those was a big step for me…stepping out of my comfort zone and moving away from Brooks.  I bought New Balance and they are pretty.  New running shoes are a splurge for me. It was a big deal. I don’t usually do that. But I’ve been saving my paycheck so I figured I’d go for it.


The plus side of this is they are cheaper than my usual running shoe fave so hopefully they feel happy. Time will tell.

4.  My work has little candy dishes at every station. I know, it’s hell.  I am a fan of the little individual Starburst that comes with two in a pkg.  But I won’t eat the yellows or oranges. So they’ll just get dropped back in…hey…they’re still wrapped. This week…every single pkg I opened was two reds. Good Lord, I should’ve played the lottery. Now…it was probably a bum package. Nevertheless, I’ll take it. Best bum package ever.

5.  When friends come out of the woodwork just to say hey…after you have a bad week.  People really can be awesome.

johnny depp animated GIF

I’m certain he’s telling me “I love you” in this. I know you think he’s saying I’m crazy but hey…

don’t crush the dream.

6Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  It’s good for the soul.

7. Anne Lamott.  I like her page on FB and her posts hit you just right.

8.  Hangin’ with MT. 

9.  Yoga

10 Today it’s only 81*. It’s the small things, Folks.  And yes…you can always count on there to be a weather update on my Sweet List. I don’t know why. Runners are supremely in tune to the weather.

11.  It feels really good to be stepping up my training. Even though I’m currently stuck.  I’m stuck and stepping it up. You get it. I know you do.

12.  Find The Daily Love on Twitter.  I think, sometimes, it’s just what we need.

13.  MT dropped me off at work and asked if I wanted those packages mailed…um…yes please.  Okay, he says.  I need to pick up your dry cleaning anyway (I send in a super delicate blouse and some dress pants that want to make me drink for ironing them).  I just looked at him and said, “you are favorite child.”


I am not adding politics to this blog but I am going to say this…

The children. Ever the children.  In the Holy Land.  In Ukraine.  The undocumented immigrants.

My thoughts and prayers are constant.  They are innocent.


Peace be with you.

Nice word. Nice reminder that we are all spiritual souls having a human experience together. Not Quaker but a nice place to park it, to remember . . . that of God in each person.

Run on.  And find your peace.


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I am itching to run

It always happens when you can’t.  It’s all you think about.

But as suspected…my hamstring, which was tweaking on my run the other day, moved it’s little self down and started yelling at my calf.

I totally called that. Hence the need for the compression sleeve.

I’d be willing to bet money it’s going to shout at my Achilles and guess what?

It’s all connected to my ITband.

::shakes head::

I know. Sounds crazy. But it’s true.

Happens all the time.


So I’m going to stretch again this morning, do a little yoganess.  And ice it.

See how it goes on this day.

It still doesn’t feel great.

I’m trying to just rest it and give it a break but I’m antsy.


Yesterday after work I went shopping with Miss Norma.  She works with me…she is the guru at my work…I aspire to be her.  By the way…I’ve been married longer than she’s been alive.

We spent the a little time walkin’ around Nordstrom Rack (she needed to return shoes) and I needed a new workout shirt. For when I finally get to run again.  I didn’t spend that Christmas bonus. I kept it.

I know, right? I’ve been off running for one day and I’m already depressed.


We had a rough day yesterday. Just kind of hit from every angle.  But just when we reached our ~we’ve absolutely had it…~ moment.

Sean called.

It was just what we needed.

Although the boys said, what the hell? We didn’t talk to him.

A valid point.

But hey…he did call. Then he had to go. Sorry. ha.

Nevertheless…hoping for a much better day today.


Such a great link…I found it on Pinterest and no idea how to do the little Pinterest link.  Nevertheless…If you click it it’ll link you to it’s source, as per my usual.

The Most Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them


For more  Flickr Running Motivation Posters go to:

Run on… and if you can’t…wait a day or two.  It’s okay.  It’ll happen.

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How YOU doin’?

I got a quick run in last night.  It was actually early evening but my little town was already active.  ‘

I set out to run five miles and when I barely got to my turnaround I noticed the cops were blocking me by arresting someone.

Well fine.

So I flipped around early and headed back.

aint nobody got time for that animated GIF


Somewhere along the way my left hamstring started to twinge.

By the time I got home it had my attention and this morning…it hurts.

According to Runners World

Pain in the calf, as well as swelling, tenderness and muscle tightness, resulting from sudden overloading of the muscles during speedwork, hill running or running on uneven trails.

The only think I can think of that I did was hill running because you can bet there wasn’t any speedwork and there wasn’t any uneven trails.

I’m icing it, stretching it and I’m going to wear my compression sleeves.

I think the real issue here is my really tight muscles.  Maybe before I head out next time I’ll really really warm up.  Try and loosen up my muscles before I go.  I do foam roll after but warming up with some dynamic stretching is always important.


Nevertheless…I got my run done and it was awesome.

This morning I’m going to 24 hour Fitness to sign up for a personal trainer and to scope the place out for hot guys.

just checking to see who’s actually reading.


This has been my week.

Run on…escaping for a run can be the best thing for a clear mind.


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Just a day here. But still pretty awesome. Cause…life.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning and I have 5 miles on my schedule.  I got up about a half an hour too late to get out the door this morning.

This is just going to take some…tweaking now isn’t it?

I have to allow time in the mornings and this morning I didn’t.  But I’m still in recovery from my gluten experience so I’m exhausted all the time.  Like…all the time. I could lie down and sleep at the drop of a hat.

Someone please drop a hat cause I could use a nap.

I got up an hour ago and I’m freakin’ exhausted.

So I just have to remain vigilant in my eating and have patience with myself until I start to feel better.


 Yesterday was a rest/cross train day.  I wanted yoga and it seems everyone got to go but me. 

Instead, though, I went car shopping with my boys and let me tell you, it was a scream. We laughed our butts off. Drove all over Denver. Stopped at Good Times where I did not eat. And arrived home at the late hour of 11pm. Sans a new car.

Don’t get excited.  We aren’t buying a “new” car. We looked at a 1982 Jeep CJ7 for MT ( how awesome is that?) and a 1993 Suzuki pickup (I think?).  139,000 miles, crazy. But passed on both.

Contuing the search but still having fun.  We have a tight budget we’re sticking to.  We told MT he’d know when he saw it.

Meanwhile, Alex found HIS dream car and he’s workin’ the trade now.

Did I ever mention the impulse support group he used to be in? Grade school at it’s best. LOL


Adidas ad:

“A run begins the moment you forget you are running.”


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The long run that nearly killed me. wash, rinse, repeat.

Sunday we were expecting some serious heat. Like…95*.  Holy hotness Batman.

hoppip animated GIF

So I planned to get up early and get my long run out of the way.

It was my first, so only 7 miles.  Not to make 7 miles seem like nothing. It’s the farthest I’ve run since January I think. But still…it seems like nothing. I have friends who are up to 11 in their marathon training already.

I feel behind.  I always feel behind.

But remember, I’m going for conservative.  I can’t push my training or I’ll end up with an injury and I’m not going for that. It’s not worth it.

I got up at my usual 6am.

I know, you’re thinking…it’s 6am.  Isn’t that early for Sunday?  Not if you’re me and you have to allow time for the Celiac ritual.  We won’t go into the uncomfortable details but suffice it to say, I can’t just get up and run.  I never have been able to do that but now I have an explanation.

so I left the house at 8:15. It was warm.   Only 73*…I knew it would be toasty fast.  The run was supposed to be run at a 12 minute mile.  You’re supposed to run your long run purposely 1.5 to 2 minutes slower than your predicted race pace.

This is actually very difficult to do.

I purposely ran as slow as I could and managed an average of an 11 minute mile.  Ugh.  Not what I was going for.

I’ll try again next week.

By the time I was done, it was 80*. I could’ve sworn it was 90*.  No joke it was SO HOT.

But I came in and spent a good 30 minutes foam rolling and then ate what had to be the healthiest meal ever.


I skyped with Sean.  My sweet husband. I miss his face. That is all.


and finally…to cap off my day…

I got hit with my hardest migraine in I can’t remember how long.

house animated GIF

(you can just expect to see this one again, it’s so freakin’ accurate)

I’m assuming from the heat.

This happens often when I have a long run. I haven’t figured out how to combat this but I think I’m going to up my research into it or it’s going to be a miserable few months.

It started mild…I took my usual half a med.

Half an hour later I took the other half.

An hour later I realized it was critical and I upped my game and took the serious stuff.

An hour after than I was pretty sick and I had to take the anti nausea drug the doctor prescribed and an hour after that…I took the Dilaudid.

I crashed on the couch in the heat and prayed it would stop and thought to myself ~send a note to the doctor thanking her~.

As the routine predicts…I’m up at 3am. Wide awake. I hope I an grab another hour of sleep before work. But if not, at least I got a little.

And at least I got my workout in before it hit.


We are going to have a HOT WEEK.  I hope wherever you are you in air conditioning or the weather is beautiful. Maybe Alaska?

pretty animated GIF

I saw the Northern Lights once.  Years ago. So beautiful.

I wonder if I have an Alaska readers. :(

I’m guessing no.



Run on…and run pain free.


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Sweet List <3

1.  Let’s start with the most obvious.  MT is back from Thailand.  I believe Thailand is a beautiful country and has wonderful kind welcoming people.  Someday he’ll  visit it again and I’m certain have a much better,  different, more deserving experience.    Even though he’s a Christian himself,  the self declared Christians did him no favors this time.  Those people give good Christians a bad rep (Clearly they’re everywhere, right?). Perhaps next time he should hang with the Buddhists.

2. Andrea and I returned from a fabulous trip to the Virgin Islands (and how amazing is THAT?) and my house was spotless.  SPOTLESS.  It was actually too clean, I’m still looking for some things!

3. I guilted Alex Michael into hiking a fourteener with me. We climbed Mt Evans and it was unbelievable.  I loved nearly every minute of it. Poor guy.

4.  I’m going to be grateful for health insurance today.  I am most days to be sure. But some days they do make me crazy, those insurance companies…let’s be fair.  Alexander had a wisdom tooth that went wrong very quickly.  He got it taken care of and is recovering and even though he looks a little rough we’re both happy he didn’t have to worry about the cost.



5.  I finally got a training plan set up for the marathon.  Until now, I’ve been winging it. Right now it’s pretty conservative but I figure better conservative than too strong and no follow through.



6. Argo on Saturday morning TV.



 7.  When you get up at 2:30 in the morning because you can’t sleep and everyone else silently wanders out of their bedrooms because they weren’t sleeping either.  Everyone grabs something to munch on and we stand there and chat for awhile before silently wandering back to our respective rooms.



8.  Taking a little time to step back from the world and regroup.  Does wonders to quiet my mind.


9.  I did finally decide to get a new phone.  Mine is just not working right and everyone knows it. It bums me out. I love my little phone. But if it doesn’t work right, it does me no good. So I’ll have to up my game.



10.  All fruit popsicles on a super hot day.



11.  I have a date!  Miss Amanda, my nutritionist (I call her that, she has no clue I’ve hired her) is meeting me on Wednesday and we’re going to discuss the best way for me to eat for this marathon as carbs are a huge part of training.  Two emails in and she is already blowing me away with her questions and depth. I’m excited.  I love it when someone knows what they’re doing and I love it when I don’t have to figure it all out.



12.  Reliving St Thomas memories with MT of changing tires in my high heels.  Proving to Andrea and Cathy and I that sometimes women really are smarter than men.  #theresastorythere


13.  When MT lets me have the last four Mike N Ike’s because they’re all red. cartoon heart : brush drawing heart sketch

clipart source

Run on…in the heat, in the gym, in the mountains. Wherever you need to get your run on.



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Run Baby Run…

Good morning!

I’m getting my act in gear. I know you’re all wondering when that’s going to happen.  I’ve had a lot coming at me in the last week and I finally just took a step back and hibernated in my husband’s office, stopped talking to people, started my list making and checking things off.

If  I’m not organized it definitely contributes to my stress.

On yesterday’s post I talked about the things I’m insecure about.

Today I’ll say this.

  • I’m really really organized 95% of the time.
  • I’m very smart.  I’m not rocket scientist smart (you laugh but I really know a rocket scientist, she’s pretty awesome) but I’m common sense smart.  And this gives me a great amount of confidence. I thank my parents.
  • I have good skin!  I know this because whenever I would complain about my crooked fingernails my mother would say, “I’m sorry!  I gave you good skin, whatmoredoyouwant?”  Straight fingernails. That’s what.

*on that note I’ll say my skin broke out this week.  That NEVER happens.  Speaks to my stress level, you think?*

  • I have very little fear.  I have mentioned that before and I’m proud of that.  I’ll tackle anything. I may not be any good at it, but what the hell.
  • My legs are pretty kick ass to take the beating I give them and still keep moving forward and giving me what I ask.
  • And lastly, my body has been through a lot. But it’s still awesome because it is strong. It heals.


Yesterday I got a very painful massage on my legs which were trashed.  Then I took the puppy for a two mile run.  I have to look at my schedule to see what I’m supposed to do today because instead I’m making some little breakfast quiches.

I don’t love to cook but I LOVE fresh vegetables and I love it when everything turns out great.

So a little zucchini, red pepper, shredded chicken, onion (just a tad bit) and some carrots thrown into a muffin tin and quiched.



Let’s say a prayer to the cooking gods that it turns out.  I’ll keep you posted!


I get The Boy tonight.  Nice!

Never ever stop to walk no matter how many curveballs are thrown at you.

Run on…and enjoy those city streets!


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What’s your issue?

So…my son is home.  He’s home.  This week has been very very hard.  On so many levels, I can’t even really delve into. But what’s done is done and we have him back and now we can move forward.


When I first got to the Virgin Islands (I’ve been meaning to write about this since I was actually on the island) I was feeling really good about myself for the first time in a long time.

When you are daily dealing with issues having to do with your body you become extremely self aware.  And when you are daily dealing with issues having to do with your body everyone else seems to be aware also.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that eating well and working out on schedule as best I could had worked in my favor.  Go figure.  I felt good about myself.  My clothes fit.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Because I fluctuate so much,  sometimes my clothes will be too big, sometimes too small.  It’s a roller coaster of awkward.  If they are too big, I look bigger than I am in my pictures.  If they are too small, I look bigger than I am in the pictures…for other reasons.  And I am self conscious.

I don’t know why.  I could delve into my family history and say “when I was a kid my mom” or something along those lines. But really…does it matter?

My therapist would say yes.

I should get a therapist.

But I think the therapist would agree with the rest of the world that my body image was also encouraged by the environment of our society.

So on that note, I felt good that week.  first day. And maybe a half.

Then my real issue reared its ugly head.

I have the worst hair ever. It’s probably the reason I never seldom  take pictures of myself.

It’s not pretty. It’s far from pretty.

I tried it long for years but it is incredibly thin, like a toddler thin.  So I cut it really short. That seems to work okay and coloring it helps give it a little body.  If I don’t use product it is so straight and so flat and no…there’s nothing cute about it. It’s really bad.

The humidity just killed it.  So I just started pulling the front back in a baby clippie.

But the clippie, made for babies, wouldn’t stay in because my hair is so slick and fine it would slide out.

So I would curl my hair and use product in it (Andrea asked why I even bothered), and sometimes that gave it enough sticky that it would hold the clippie later when it crashed. Like…ten minutes later.

1 Corinthians 11:15 “but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.

Yeah…there’s no glory happening here. 

I’ve even tried it really short in one of those great super short cute cuts. It was not…flattering.

Let me tell you. This was a hard week.  Shallow of me?  Oh totally. I get it.  Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, all of the tragedy happening in the world and did you hear???

Tess has really bad hair!

Doesn’t mean I’m heartless. Just means I’m struggling.


Why the big issue all of a sudden?  Nope. Not all of a sudden. I’ve always cared the most about that.  It’s always been my dreaded issue.

My second would have to be my stomach.   Right??  I cannot be the only person who dreads their stomach. 

When my son was around 10 or 12 years old he caught me right after a run with my running shirt off and just a sports bra on.  I am fairly small but I have hip to hip stretch marks and all down my stomach I have a very large scar from emergency surgery from my second pregnancy.  There is nothing pretty about this stomach, it may be fairly flat, but yeah…it’s not going to see a bikini ever.

He looked at my stomach and said, “that’s your STOMACH? That would SUCK”.

Now, let’s give the kid a break.  He was pretty surprised and I don’t normally walk around without a shirt, clearly.  Also, it’s a LOT of scars and yay for him for being confident enough to be honest with me.

What am I saying. Little snot. I shut his little ass down fast.

That was a good ten years ago and I hear that comment in my head every time I see my stomach.

I don’t care about my stomach. and most days I think to myself…~nicely flat.  Strong abs are super important for running. Good job. ~

But I still hear the comment. Every time.

We are our own worst enemy.


I always wanted to be the mom that promoted healthy living. Taking good care of yourself.  Enjoy life through being active and don’t diet your life away.  Love food just for the sake of food.  Because it’s delicious. But in moderation and mixed with healthy choices. Cake for breakfast is awesome.

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Felt like the top of the world.

I am not a fourteener virgin anymore.

One down…52 to go?

Our day in pictures.

Okay, so this is our day… The captions are below the photos.

Colorado. It’s incredible.


The trail head was just above Summit Lake.


Really funky and incredible things growing and living along the trail.


The whole trail was a challenge. I mean it started at like 12,500 ft or something crazy like that. But this is where it REALLY started to go wrong. Wrong in a crazy fun way. We had to figure out how to climb this and it was sheer drop off on both sides.


These fabulous little rock piles guided us the entire way. The trail was all rocks, all the time.  When we got stuck, we looked for the piles of rocks and silently thanked the people that left them.


It was hard.  This was the trail.


Alex Michael would go ahead of me to find a good footing.  He was so awesome. 


We were hiking in the clouds. and that was a dropoff to nothing.  Not scary at all.


The BEST view ever.  Not the top…just an incredible view.


Resting at the top. Secretly cursing my ideas.  Okay, not so secretly.


The official top. 14,265 feet.  One of 53 “fourteeners” in Colorado.  I don’t think I’ll be one of the people that needs to join the club that climbs every one of them but I would like to climb a few. Maybe I’ll climb 13. :)


Alex got to fish at this incredible lake at the end of the day.  His reward for humoring me with the hike.

At the top of the mountain we found out we were not allowed nor advised to take the trail we had planned to take back down.
We definitely didn’t want to take the trail we took up, back down again. So we chose the road. We started walking.

Estimating about four miles it shouldn’t be too long but man it was cold. We turned down the first ride but after two miles we came to a pull out and I just popped over and asked the first guy I saw who had room in his car if they minded giving us a ride down.  He was super nice and said it would be no problem.

After dropping us off, the was so cool… he mentioned to me in passing he thought Alex and I were a couple. How cute is that? It wasn’t until he heard me say he was my son that he got it.  LOL. Poor Alex.

We had an amazing day. We worked super hard. We laughed our asses off. We earned a good rest.  We needed it. It’s been a super stressful few days with the MT saga and we both needed something that would take our minds off of it.

I love Colorado so much. I am a mountain girl at heart.


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My son is coming home.

Ever want to be two places at once?


Elephants, Chiang Mai, Thailand My love for elephants is endless. Looking forward to seeing these beautiful creatures in November!!!

Bangkok, Thailand it looks very clear but typically there is a constant pollution haze. Locals develop whats called the Bangkok cough its so bad. Loved Bangkok anyway, so much to see and do.

A little over a week ago I sent my son to Thailand.
We knew when we sent him that anything could happen. We are grateful to be able to change his flight and financially able to handle the situation. We wouldn’t have sent him at all if that were not the case.

Instead of staying three weeks, he’s coming home now.

In a country filled with kind amazing people, he happened to connect with the one person whose spirit is hateful and mean and unfortunately this person seems to have the power to control the corner of the world he is in.
This person he was faced with daily was not our friend Reggie.  This person is Thai. She’s a University Instructor.  She’s a person of authority.  It’s truly unbelievable the position she’s put MT and Reggie in and I just can’t leave him there and trust that he’d be okay.  And leaving him there puts Regina in a horrible position.  She’s apparently also been tormented by this person for the last SIX MONTHS.  Miss Regina just thought that having MT there, it wouldn’t happen to them. They’d be on their own more. It would be good for both of them.

So I’m bringing him home. He doesn’t need to be in that darkness anymore.

I feel so out of control.

I want to be there so much.

To just be able to stand up for him.

Best $300 I’ve ever spent.


Do you know what makes me most sad?

That his first International experience had to end this way.

That Thailand,  this beautiful amazing country,  has an ambassador as hateful and mean as this person.

And that this person claims to be a Christian …she is no representative of my God for sure. 
People who claim to be Christian but immediately follow it with hate are missing the message.

Totally missing God’s message.  Maybe you should read it again….just sayin’.

Be kind quotes religious god faith bible forgive kind


I didn’t run today. I expelled my energy in stress. :)

But tomorrow Alexander and I are going hiking. And we are pretty excited.

Well, I’m excited. I talked him into it. Ha.


hiking quotes | Tumblr

Hike on Friends.  And enjoy the light around you.


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