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Have a great day and if you’re in a raining state, please be safe!

If you’re in a droughting (it’s a word) state…I’m praying for rain!

If you’re in Denver…could be worse, it’s kind of pretty here.  :)

Run on…

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Bolder Boulder Baby…

Monday I ran the Bolder Boulder and oh my gosh it was incredible as usual.

Sean and I do try to run it every year…

Last year we had to miss it because Erin from Make.Believe  got married and had the nerve to invite us. And of course we had the BEST weekend. Totally worth it.

We used to do it as a family. As the years have progressed, we’ve dropped off family members one by one.

Alex Michael doesn’t run unless he’s chasing a ball.


MT either.

lisa kudrow animated GIF

Shaughnessy runs, Adam, too. But the BB is REALLY REALLY expensive and she could run two races, maybe three for the cost of this one.

ridiculous animated GIF

It’s a great experience but I don’t blame her a bit, every year we complain about the price as we’re handing over our credit card because we love it so much.

I wonder if we’re brain washed?

I will say that this year the shirts were a bit of a disappointment.

Sean always buys the tech tee…yes folks for $50 you get a cotton t shirt. The price for the tech tee was $65. That’s right…$65. I think I registered May 2nd. I was still in the fairly inexpensive section. I could have got the tech tee for $60..what a bargain. ::sarcasm::

Here’s the t shirt breakdown:

BB prices


I’ll give more details on the review page…but for now we can all gasp at the cost and wonder how I’ll eat for the next month…gluten free mac and cheese? I don’t think so…

Meanwhile…when Sean’s t shirt shows up…it’s like…baby blue.

Pretty unfriendly for a $65 price tag.  bleah. He says he will not be wearing that. How upsetting is that?

I feel bad.

Here’s what’s worse…

Sean got sick. Yep. Sick. It’s been creeping up for a few days and at 3am the day of the race it was clear there was no 6.2 miles happening.

This is tragic.

I was sad. It’s been a lot of years since I ran it alone and what’s worse is when I did run it alone they always came to spectate so we could watch the events after together.

I was a bit lonely but definitely on auto pilot.

I headed out with my GPS to guide me because I wanted to make sure I didn’t head in the wrong direction once I got into Boulder.

My faithful GPS promptly guided me straight to the bad side of town and nowhere near where I needed to be. Gotta love Google Maps.

I used my wits…yep…still have some of those and they are FREE…and figured my own way out and found our usual parking in the Target parking lot, ran the three blocks to the race and lined up with my wave and 8 minutes to spare. Whew.


sidebar:: I did consider parking at the Boulder Marijuana Co and taking a selfie for my kids but I ran out of time. It would have been good though. They would have enjoyed that. Welcome to Colorado. sigh.

The Bolder Boulder is not an easy race. It’s run at altitude (it’s ok…I train at altitude and guess what? Aurora is actually higher than Boulder, WHO KNEW?) and it is HILLY.

So unfriendly.

Here’s the really REALLY unfriendly part.

I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 3am. I ran that sucker on three hours. I was tired. My legs were tired. My head was tired. I was SO tired.

And I noticed as the race went on…the later miles were super crowded…I actually found there were a few spots that were bottlenecked and I had to stop and walk. That never happens to me in this race…I was VERY surprised.


I finished pretty cheerfully and had no issues with the finish which is UPHILL (I cannot stand the finish and ALWAYS have to stop and gasp and wheeze halfway up the hill…how demoralizing) and it was very cool.  I definitely think running the whole race is a good sign. :)

Here’s my Garmin and the race’s splits…they are a little off but that is to be expected…

BB                Garminbb2

The first one is the BB official splits and the second one is my Garmin. I noticed as I ran my Garmin would hit the mile marker earlier and earlier before the BB mile marker.

But look at the finish?  Guess it caught up, huh?  Crazy.


GET THAT MOTIVATION! 20 Motivational Pictures & Quotes To Crank Up Your Workout Drive — Lean It UP Fitness


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Newsflash. I am afraid.

Bear with me. I know you’re thinking..Ugh. It’s one of THOSE posts.

What am I worth? 

I don’t usually hide the fact that I can be really hard on myself.

I don’t think it’s necessarily low self esteem though for lack of a better description, I use those words.

I prefer to think of it as sheer honesty. I feel like I’m really honest with myself and the world.

I don’t ever ask my husband if I look fat in something. I’m not blind. I know if I do. And duh. I don’t wear that. Ha. But I also know that right now I could totally lose ten pounds. 

But I know I’m not fat.

Though he and I often joke about my lack of a butt. :) I know he says it with love just to screw with me.

I always need to work out more. I definitely need to strength train. (it would help immensely with those ten pounds…) Ugh, these arms.  I am never working hard enough. 

I am mildly attractive. I am definitely not beautiful.

Do we even have to talk about the mole? LOL

I got my hair cut off in a VERY short SUPER short pixie cut.

I absolutely guarantee I am the only one that likes it. Ha. because I hear a lot of crickets when people see it…or my customers (brutally honest they are) say…”you cut your hair…it’s too short”

Well I like it so…guess that’s okay.

Love vs Conditions. I had to learn this one the hard way. But I did learn.

I have stretch marks I despise with every part of me. I have ever since the first one reared it’s ugly head. I do not see them as a “badge of honor”. Sorry moms everywhere. I can’t stand them. But my kids…they are a badge of honor. I love them so much. It hurts how much I love them. I am SO proud of them.

I still have the stretch marks. And now that I’m nearly 48 years old I find I’m probably just too old to get that ~always dreamed about~ surgery that I’d get if I won the lottery.

I used to be part of a HUGE (okay not HUGE) but PRETTY BIG running group, like 30 women. And not to brag TOO much but they are pretty awesome, there were teachers, lawyers, hell, I think there was an actual rocket scientist. Out of the 30 women…I was the only one (yes the only one…) without a college degree.  Pretty awesome, huh?

Did this bother me?

Oh hell yes it did.

I may have actually mentioned this before. (I have the worst memory)

I think I remember it coming up because I was talking about my teller job. I do not have a career…I have a part time job as a bank teller. I really like this job. I love the diversity (I have Korean, Thai, Chinese and Latino customers just to name a few). I also do a little bookkeeping. But hey…it’s not a career.

Every single person that finds out I am a bank teller says, “oh, I did that in college for a while”.

Awesome. That doesn’t make me feel thisbig at all (please put fingers really close together indicating a very tiny person).

I always wanted to go back to school but something held me back.

Being a parent.

Being a parent.

Being a parent.

Being afraid.

Being afraid.

Being afraid.

There. I said it.

There’s the real truth to this post. ~~~

My husband is really really REALLY smart.

He joined the Air Force and they knew how smart he was. They took that…added a little computer stuff to the computer stuff he already knew and he just ran with it. He is really REALLY smart.

I have an artist brain and also I’m very logical and I am detail oriented and I have common sense. This doesn’t do me a lot of good with Algebra.
I talk about Algebra a lot but in my head…am I really up to going back to school?

Am I smart enough to go back to school?

Can I handle it if I go back to school and I get marginal grades in a family where all three of my kids tested with high honors?

My sister went to school and she graduated with honors. Really…can I stand being that person? Being that person that just scrapes through because I’m just not smart enough?

I’m afraid that if I go back to school and I don’t do well it’ll be the proof everyone already knew but didn’t say out loud…that I’m really not smart enough.

I’m afraid of being the dumb one in the family.

I am afraid I’m the dumb one at work.

I’m afraid they already think that.

I’m afraid they already look down on me for it.

I have a rule not to run away from things I’m afraid of and I’ve been running away from this for years.

But something came to my attention recently that showed me it’s important to remind each other how valuable we are and that I am valuable to me. Even if I’m honest about all of my faults. and I get to be because I am in charge of me. 

Everyone chooses their own path. Some people choose to encourage themselves and some people choose to be honest. I’m honest.

I’m also honest enough to fight for my own truth.

I’m going back to school this fall. I think I said it before and life intervened (again…or was it fear?) but I’m really going to do it because I think it’s important not just to face my fears but also to remind those people that I love that they are worth it too. 

They are worth everything. 

They can do anything.

They can be anything. 

If I want to run on the Great Wall of China I just need to train, save, and book the ticket.

If I want to run an international marathon I just need to train, save and book the ticket.

If I want to go to college I just need to start.

I need to have the courage to start. And it’s going to be scary. And I may not get an A. And I may not get a B. And I may not be the smartest person in my family. But I’ll at least do it and that’s really all that matters because I’ll have done what I really wanted to do my whole life.

I’m nearly 48 years old…I can do anything. I have the whole world.  We don’t always get what we want. Sometimes, we come in second. Sometimes we come in last. Hey now…look at me. I found a way to link this up to running. Sometimes…we come in last and yet…we had the courage to get up off the couch and race and we are better people for it. Because at the end of the day we have the medal and we ran the race and our bodies and minds thank us.  Better to come in last than not run at all. 


Action overcomes fear. Courage is acting despite the fear, not without it. Act and soon the fear will be forgotten. You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Action is the beginning.


There…I tackled one fear. Don’t get excited…I’ve got a list of ’em. This could keep me in blog posts for a year.

Run on…


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This is Memorial Day.


This is the day we remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our military. 

Our family remembers Cpl Steele Meis. Alexander lost too many friends but we as a family knew Steele. He joined the Marines at the same time Alex Michael and Corey did and they went off to basic training the same day. Watching those three boys go was so hard. Meeting his parents, Holly and Chris, and hearing them talk about it and having the same fears as we did…it was so hard knowing how real it was. It was such a scary surreal day.

A little over two years later on March 17th, 2011,  Alex Michael called me at work to tell me Steele had been killed in Afghanistan and my heart broke into a million little pieces.

So many things happen to change our world. I found a friend, my Holly, and I lost her this year to cancer. I feel like this Memorial Day I need to remember Steele and Holly because losing Steele was so heartbreaking, so earth shattering, so life changing it allowed this cancer to eat away at Holly and she just didn’t have enough strength to fight it off.

In my mind this war took them both.

This Memorial Day I’ll be thinking of a lot of people…

Steele and Holly and what’s left of their family, close and extended. And even though it’s not Veteran’s Day I think I’ll add a few extra thoughts for those people who are just collateral damage and affected nonetheless.

My love and prayers to all those people and their families.

Remember the reason for Memorial Day.  Thank a gold-star family, remember a veteran in your life, honor the brave who paid the ultimate sacrifice. -


Run on…

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Alexander is SO over me.

As I’ve mentioned before, May is Celiac Awareness Month.

The link lists some fast facts that tell you a little bit about the disease.

It’s so important to make these Celiac conversations happen.

I’m sure you are ALL tired of hearing about it so this is my post of the month. I also have a bad memory so if there was another one, I’m really sorry.

Unfortunately it is in my face every moment of my life and every single thing I do is Celiac. I’ve made it just so much a part of me that I don’t stress or sweat about it so much anymore but making people aware still needs to be done. And sooner rather than later.  Otherwise people will continue to offer us croutons on our gluten free salad.
Why is that so important?
Are they just being nice? Yes of course.
But if they’re doing that, then what else are they doing?
Are they just taking the croutons off if they forget?
Are they cooking on the same pan?
Bringing things out on a shared plate?
Mixing up the pasta?
Forgetting to mark “Celiac” on the order so the chef doesn’t take me seriously when cooking my meal?
I make a really big deal about ordering. I over order. I make sure to explain I’m Celiac, I’m not on a fad diet, and I really really appreciate the extra care you take with my meal.

And I don’t care if you have to charge me a few dollars more for my gluten free dinner. It takes more work to prepare and it costs more. If you’re going to do it right, it’s worth the cost to me. I’m talking to you, P.F. Changs. 

Even when people grumble and growl and make us uncomfortable and make us feel like we’re imposing on their lives we need to find a way to let them know…the test is worth it.  This is true in my world. I feel like because I’M Celiac I want everyone ELSE to be Celiac. On the contrary, I want to make SURE you aren’t,  so everyone’s life is better. Educating family about this disease so they are more aware of their own health is the most important thing to me.  The longer a diagnosis is put off the higher the instance of added issues and symptoms.  When you have Celiac disease you have a higher chance of having other autoimmune diseases.

  • An estimated 1 in 133 Americans, or about 1% of the population, has celiac disease.~source
  • Celiac disease is hereditary, meaning that it runs in families. People with a first-degree relative with celiac disease (parent, child, sibling) have a 1 in 10 risk of developing celiac disease.~source

There are four tests for Celiac.

Yes, that’s right. Four. They REALLY want to be sure.

  1. Blood test
  2. biopsy (they consider this the gold standard)
  3. genetic test
  4. going truly gluten free for a certain length of time to see if you feel better

The blood test unfortunately can show up negative when in fact, you are positive.  And vice versa though that is not quite as common.

Doesn’t that sound SUPER helpful to the cause?

Alex Michael got tested because he had enough symptoms it was raising flags for both of us. Frankly he just wanted to take the nagging thoughts out of his head. He’ll say he wanted to take the nagging mom out of his head but I don’t nag. I usually will just say something to him and plant a suggestion. LOL.

He tested negative (yay) but of course…that just made me question the whole process…

glee animated GIF

Yesterday I called him to say I had this weird symptom and I know he has it too. Yup.  My friends, Mo and Ria both said they have it. Raynaud’s Syndrome. Alex has it pretty bad and has had it for years. We didn’t know what it was until Mo told me when I showed symptoms.  When it showed up for me I thought what the hell this has to be Celiac. So I did a little research. This is when your fingers (or toes, apparently) go numb and white with cold (or stress..random). Check this out…Alex’s totally do this. So weird…

Raynaud’s is commonly attached to an autoimmune (hello celiac) but also will pop on due to other causes.  If you smoked, if you have Carpal Tunnel, etc.  But this one jumped out at us. If you broke your wrist. Whoa hello did he. Alex Michael broke his wrist but good when he was in high school. So he could easily have developed this little gift from that. The gift that keeps on giving.

Or…he could have Celiac. LIFE ON THE EDGE.

Lesson of the day:

If you have a family member with Celiac…get tested.

There. I  am off my soapbox.

Thanks for listening!


Twenty nine years…he still makes me laugh SO hard. He is my favorite person. That’s not such a little thing.

But it is the little things…



Get to workout

Run on…

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This eating thing…I’ll never figure it out.

So after much reading and talking to Andrea who said “I know what causes that!” and “I know what causes that, too!” I have a little better plan going forward.

We both are a little bewildered still by the grapes reaction. It was SO fast and so hard and I actually had to step back and go upstairs to sleep. Thank the Lord I get up early because I had the time to sleep before getting ready for work.

It was profoundly unfriendly.

Back when my doctor was questioning the hypoglycemic thing I was trying to eat six little meals a day or every two to three hours. I honestly can’t remember if it helped or not. But now I’m trying that again because I am seriously over the crash.

The plan today is six meals a day and I might even (gasp) post it so I have some accountability. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.


My sweet husband gets home today and I.can’t.wait.

That is all I need to say about that. I miss his face.

love animated GIF

Oh yeah…MT is with him. I missed him, too. He’s a teenager and a boy. So he’s been gone and I haven’t had his eyerolling-grilled-cheese-eating-irritated-with-life-self-around. WHATEVER. LOL.

quote animated GIF

Fine, I missed him, too.


We’reinadrought we’reinadrought we’reinadrought

I’mgratefulforrain I’mgratefulforrain I’mgratefulforrain

Tiny little mantras I repeat over and over as I look once again at the weather pouring on my new deck that is actually turning gray in spots because it hasn’t been dry enough to get anything on it to protect it and I realize…this will be a wet morning run.

The bright side is that I love running in the rain so I decided to just do it and enjoy it. It’s the walking out the door INTO it that’s hard. Not the running in it that’s hard.

Surprise surprise I didn’t melt. Check one thing off…I’m not a bad witch.

What a world, what a world!!


Do you run in the rain?

Would you rather opt for a gym workout or does it depend on how much rain?

Do you stretch before and after?

dynamic and static stretching…making sure you take care of yourself. I think we need a reminder post. If only for me. 

BodyRock Daily Motivation ... (34 Pictures) |

"Running in the rain makes me feel that I can handle the whole world." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote


Run on…


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Waking up this morning was Bittersweet

My husband wasn’t with me. That’s pretty sad.

But I felt pretty good and that’s really rare.

Maybe I’m allergic to him?

will animated GIF

LOL…sorry Baby. I did miss you making me laugh this morning.

came down stairs…totally felt good!

Took my meds.

Fed the animals that were absolutely going to DIE without food right NOW the poor starving things.

EditingAndLayout animated GIF


Sat down to answer the billion emails and messages (why the hell was I so popular this morning? That never happens) and have a handful of grapes and…


I was yawning and crashing in five minutes.

Um…I woke up no joke…twenty minutes ago.

It had to be the grapes.

Nutritionist out there please??



What the hell?


Running after work, it’s supposed to not be a rainy soggy horribly wet day. Just a little wet. :)

winnie the pooh animated GIF


We love the rain and are grateful for the moisture.

I’m reminding myself there…


Run on…and have a beautiful day…

waking up with no pain and feeling good. It’s the little things.


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I was maybe a LITTLE tired.

Graduation weekend was SO good. We were super busy but we tried very hard to not stress.

It worked AWESOME>

britney spears animated GIF


black and white animated GIF


funny animated GIF

I exaggerate slightly.

Sean and MT worked hard on the deck to finish it because the weather just did NOT want to cooperate in the previous days. So it was still being worked on right up to and through the party.

Yes, I said through the party.

Chill out. These are friends we’re talking about. Not the President or anything.

He’d have stopped for the President.

Well I thought my poor mom was going to have a stroke right there. >sorry Mom< but really, we weren’t  out to impress anyone, just have a good time. All of these people know us SO well, we’ve been friends for many many years. So we had lots of food, root beer floats ~hello I don’t know how to do those~ and wayyy too much cake.

Is that possible?

No, I didn’t think so either.

So here it is three days later and 90% of the food is gone but the cake.

Turns out my son, the graduate, didn’t like the cake.

scrubs animated GIF

This may be the biggest tragedy of all and it explains the leftovers. Because when we have cake…it gets eaten.

I am counting the party as a resounding success.

Great fun and super glad it’s done.

humor animated GIF


Seriously…I slept immediately after saying goodbye to family. 

It’s possible I was a little tired. It’s three days later and I’m starting to not be as tired. Lots of water.


Yesterday I threw out a quick 3.25 miles.  I will admit the tired is hangin’ on but the miles were still pretty fast. I had to stop a couple times and probably will for the next week or two before I get my groove back but it felt good to just go for a run with nothing to do but run. I came back and did some yoga and some stretching because somehow I knew Dr. O would know if I didn’t. Sean’s brother was in town on his way through to MT but he’s super easy so I didn’t have to do anything.

Sean, MT and Andrew left this morning for a memorial service and Alex is going to come hang with me for the next few days. Meanwhile I get to just run, yoga and eat what I want. 

Wait…isn’t that what I already do? 😉

running motivation @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Walton @Carly Reni AJ @Molly Simon Simon Wheeler @Julie Forrest Forrest Butler

Run on…like right now. do it. 


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Don’t run with scissors…

Or down the stairs in flip flops on slippery floors while carrying too many boxes…HELLO!!

Several months ago Michelle told me she was running Colfax on a team to support the elementary school her kids attend. She was running it with a friend and I didn’t feel like running it again.

Time passed and I asked how training was going and she said she hated it but whatever and her training partner was injured so I junped in to run it with her.

I’ll do anything, Ya’ll know that.

The day before the race I got a text from  Michelle that said she’d had an accident.

She fell down the stairs at her mom’s house…newly polished wood stairs …running in flip flops…while carrying things…

What lesson did we learn here, Children?

lesson animated GIF


She fell…

She’s okay but she hit really hard on her back and it was bad.

The next morning she wanted to run so we gave it a shot.  Girl is a trooper.

Off we went and made it through the first mile without TOO much pain..just the warm up …our cut off was the zoo. We didn’t want to run halfway and ditch so we gave ourselves the zoo. That was three miles. At the zoo she said she didn’t think she could do it. It was pretty painful. Who could blame her?  I’m sure we got some strange looks leaving the zoo with everyone else but hangin’ a left instead of a right like who could possibly be THAT LOST…

but hey…it worked for us. And whoa the muscles in her back were NOT happy when she stopped to walk to the car and that was only after three miles can you imagine thirteen?  Yikes.

Did we plan to bail? 

No. Nor do I ever go into a race half assed and thinking I just don’t care. I figure I’ll do the best I can and whatever my body has I’ll give. 

Did we want to bail?

No. We discussed it for three miles.  How does it feel? Think it’ll loosen up enough? Uphill any better than downhill? Is EVERY step painful? I mean…thirteen miles is a long time when you have a back injury.

Do we regret bailing?


Do we take it lightly?


Do we take good care of ourselves?


Did she go to the doctor?

No. She pulled the same muscle in her back in January, she thinks that’s the same injury. She said if it doesn’t feel better in the next few days she’ll go but for now it’s just a pulled muscle. I wouldn’t have gone to the doctor either so I don’t blame her.

We start training for Chicago in a few weeks and she has two little boys at home with her. Priorities, right?

Could I have kept running? I suppose, but I didn’t care enough. Sorry Folks.

I have friends who wouldn’t DREAM of not finishing a race but I guess I’m not them.

Newsflash…sometimes I don’t finish books either.

I KNOW> I’m out of control.

If I don’t like it…I don’t finish it. ***Crazy talk***

Some races have my heart and some races I’m in it for the company.

I also knew my chiropractor ~ Dr.O~ would be super happy I wasn’t running and guess what…

he was.

happy animated GIF

Okay. He probably wasn’t THAT relieved. And he’d be THRILLED to see the GIF I used for him. LOL

He told me today he was very relieved I only technically ran a 5k. LOL

I will say my legs were itching to run a little farther that day but they were okay with not going the distance, too.


So no Colfax this year. And if you recall from two years ago…Michelle and I are starting to wonder if maybe we shouldn’t run Colfax? Is it trying to tell us something?  We’re getting the clue.


It’s been a busy but fun weekend…

Per Colfax…

Trust yourself.  Learn to pay attention to your inner voice

Run on…and follow your own path.


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Graduation party joy!

Sorry for the break, Folks!

It’s been a super busy weekend so I’m taking a little break. But here’s some photos, just a few, to tease you with what we’ve been doing….

036 034 038 039  IMG_20150515_184028   IMG_20150515_183910

So…we were so busy and so swept up in crazy we didn’t get any pictures with me with the kid. Nor did we get any pictures with his grandma or his sister or his aunt or anything.

So that’s on the agenda tomorrow. Take pictures with the family.

I’m a giant slacker.

But we had a REALLY good time and the party went great and Sean finished the deck and people had SUCH a good time with the BEST grilled cheese bar EVER and we had root beer floats and fruit salad and CAKE CAKE CAKE and oh man. It was fun.


Colfax with Celiac fun.  No worries. I got this.

Pray for me.



This is going to be Michelle and I tomorrow….

Run on… :)



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