After so many years of talking about headache this and migraine that, one day I decided I’d call it something else.  Malaria sounded FAR more interesting.  Today I have Malaria.  i.e. a migraine.  And oh man, it is a killer.

We got this beautiful *the angels are singing* copier/scanner/cookie maker/coffee maker at work.  Okay, it really doesn’t make cookies, but I swear it freakin’ looks like it should.  It does EVERYTHING.  I love it so much.  I wanted to send a thank you note to the powers that be at the main office thanking them for making my life so much easier. <that is not a joke.   About a week ago I began to hear it make a noise I didn’t think it should make.  We called the ~fix everything magical~ guy and he came and put some oil on the rollers.  I know, why the story?  The oil is burning and the smell is toxic.  Toxic.  Like working in a nail salon squared.  SO  bad.  This just was a recipe for disaster for my head.

So when I headed to the gym tonight I thought…with any luck a run will kick those endorphins in and this headache out.  That and the meds I took.  No. such. luck.  Every step I took pounded it into me.  I stopped every half mile to NOT throw up.  Three little miles to say I got a workout done.  But it wasn’t friendly.  And I think the math was wrong on the treadmill but my head hurt too much to argue about it.  I ran 3 miles at 6.2 and an incline of 1.5 and the treadmill said I ran an average mile of 10:20.  Um…really?  Man, I really DO suck at math.

I am volunteering tomorrow at the Fleet on the Street “Resolve 5k/10k”.  The weather is actually cooperating and I may not freeze to death but if you don’t hear from me again, could someone please run these races for me?  Yeah…I didn’t think so.  Whatever.


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