5k in the bitter awful seriously what the hell cold

No really  it was seriously what the hell cold out there.  I am still cold.

So I started out the day thinking…man, it’s early and cold and didn’t I do this yesterday? (remember the volunteering gone wrong?). And yes, I did. I get a text and Michelle is already there.   She is ALWAYS early but this time she’s really early. So I grab a banana and head out the door.  *side note. I do not like bananas.

We were there an hour early.  Michelle was worried about parking.

Well, we started together and man, we both got HOT really fast (two shirts each will do that to you, rocket scientists we are).  I finally broke and just before mile two I had to stop and ditch a shirt.  yep.  I stripped in public. I was hot.  She kept going and I felt MUCH better.

About two and half miles in I began to really thank Denver for it’s brown cloud as my wheezing started. I stopped for 30 seconds to wheeze and then kicked it in again.  I finished with difficulty one minute behind Michelle at a lousy 31:46.  She finished at 30:40.  I know she is faster than that so she should have ditched me long before. She is going to have to run her own race.

This was a tough race.  It was only a 5k and I don’t run them a lot nor do I enjoy them.  I could blame a lot of things for a tough performance, I was up most of the night, my head has been pretty bad most of the weekend and I was clearly not dressed right.  But really, let’s just blame it on me.

Michelle took pity on my lack of breakfast and we went to Village Inn for pie and french fries.  She doesn’t have french fries because she thinks it’s weird but I think it’s awesome and I’m not the only one. I have at least one other friend that thinks it’s perfectly normal.  *justifyingweirdbehavior*  The Village Inn we went to was redone retro style and it had a BAR.  It was a very cool pie experience and we declared it tradition.