746 steps at Mother Cabrini Shrine

Some of you have heard me talk about the Mother Cabrini Shrine here in Denver and our love for “running the steps”.


Mother Cabrini was the first American citizen Saint.  She is the patron Saint of Immigrants.  You can read her entire story here and I think it’s really an interesting read.  This place is very spiritual as it includes several chapels, a meditation walk, a Rosary garden, the spring where they say the waters are healing waters, the Stairway of Prayer (373 stairs) leading to the Heart of Stones Mother Cabrini herself laid back in 1912 and the 22′ statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The last time we were here it was 10* and we were mostly alone.  Montana and I ran up the stairs, I said a quick prayer thanking God I survived the cold and ran back down.  Sean stayed up for a much longer while.  He loves the solitude and spirituality of this space.


This time, there was a family there with about 10 kids and I cannot tell you the chaos.  Oh the chaos.  And running and there were scooters involved.  My favorite part was the little girl who was yelling at her little brother (he kept trying to put his head between the bars surrounding the Sacred Heart),

“MaMAH!!  MaMAH!!  You can’t put your heads between the bars!!”

Over and over.  About five minutes after we get there we hear her say…,

“You can put your head between those bars…”, sweet little voice dripping with trouble.  Mmmhmm.  Sisters. You can’t turn your back on ’em. I’m tellin’ you now.

They leave and I say to Sean, “You can put your head between those bars”.  So he did.  Good Lord. Never let it be said fun can’t be had at the Shrine of Cabrini.  😉


I ran the stairs twice and I was winded but it was very worth it.  Today my calves hurt, thank the Lord for compression sleeves.  *note to self, buy more compression sleeves