Unmotivated? Or wise choice.

I really struggle with rest days.  I don’t usually schedule them because life inserts them automatically.  It’s really super helpful.  Saturday I ran the stairs, and Sunday I ran the 5k (ditching my long run though I wasn’t too worried).  This leaves today when I figured I would cover that missed long run.  Instead, I had doctor appts and errands all over town.

So here it is, it’s 10:42pm and I would really love to hop on the treadmill.  I’m a little tired and feelin’ the yawns start to hit.  I’ve been out of my Thyroid meds for three days (bad words to the pharmacist) which definitely affects my energy level.  Nevertheless,  I bet I could get a 3 miler done.  But I also know I’m a little sore from the stairs, my hangover from this weekends migraine has left me sick and I am just not sure I could tackle “renting” my dinner at this juncture.

On that note:  I ditched gluten free for the weekend and though it was totally worth it for the worlds most amazing cupcake (I do not have a photo as my camera died.  yes, I have another camera but I ate the cupcake) it was not worth it for the rest of the glutenous extravaganza I chose to partake.  Tomorrow, I make better choices.

I am going to give myself a break tonight on my LSD (long slow distance people.  yes, I do drugs but only the legal prescription kind and I try to make sure they belong to me).  No guilt.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully my legs declare their motivation and step up appropriately.

I heard from a little bird that tomorrow we may actually get to read a smart ass post from Michelle.  Are you holding your breath?  yeah…me either.  Where are you ‘Chelle?