My leg hurts and I blame the bus.

So MT (my son, not the state) got his braces on today (serious pain right now…)so our little one car family had to do some juggling.  I take the bus to work on those days. Except…I can never pull it off!  The bus at my bus stop hates me.  The bus driver is the grouchiest meanest most unfriendly man on the planet.  And…he’s at LEAST 10 minutes early to the bus stop every time and he doesn’t wait.  So I get there as early as possible and I still miss him.

My right calf has been a little sore since Sunday so I thought I would rest it.  When I decided to take the bus, I chose boots.  The easier to run in my dear, versus heels.  Well, my calf did NOT like that and now it’s incredibly sore AND I missed the bus.  So I’m resting again for the sake of sanity.  I’m also icing and wearing compression socks.  Anything to heal.  Damn bus.

Meanwhile, I broke my little camera so I bought a new one and it should be here tomorrow!  I’m pretty excited and I will take a photo of something ridiculous.  Mostly because I want to play with it.

I felt a little better today.  Still have a headache though not as bad.   I grabbed some Qdoba which I’m certain is not gluten free but I had a salad and it’s mostly good. I needed something green. Tomorrow, high hopes for groceries.  My refrigerator glows it’s so empty and that is so not friendly.