Rebuttal, Your Honor

I get to read the posts early.  One of the perks.  So I read Michelle’s last night and now  I’m here to offer my rebuttal.  I’ll begin with~ I don’t believe I looked at her with DISDAIN exactly.  More like…~shock and awe~.  LOL.  Like…You are SO not going to wear that on RACE DAY…are you?  Because, you can’t.  It’s completely against the RULES.

So thinking about it..I believe I’ve narrowed down the problem.  I don’t really see the big issue with wearing the t-shirt but would I ever do it?  No way.

Because I am a rule follower.  There is a time to be a rebel and this is not it.  If I were to do that, I would immediately be labeled “the newbie”.  That is the last thing this ~always feels out of place~ chick needs.

That girl is faster than me no matter what she’s wearing.  And me? I am definitely rockin’ the high end sportswear with my  TJ Maxx $15 running jacket and Old Navy capris.  And you can tell with my 5k 31:46. 😉  That outfit has definitely made me faster.  Too bad it doesn’t do anything for confidence.  I could try Michelle’s outfit, she doesn’t seem to be lacking in the confidence department.  But it really did kinda give me a headache.  So. many. colors.


6 Replies to “Rebuttal, Your Honor”

  1. I am a newbie….I’m allowed! But, now I just have to make a point. Twenty years from now, I’m still gonna rock the Race Day Tee Shirt.

  2. I think one reason I leave the race day shirt behind is so that I can wear it after the race – either that day or the next – especially if it’s a bigger race – I want to be the show off after the fact 😉

    PS You both have me cracking up!

  3. IF I wear the shirt…I will usually wear it that day after that race. With appropriately coordinated accessories. 😉

  4. Hey, I didn’t know what the color of the shirt would be….or I would have coordinated better. I’m guessing next weeks will be brown…since its a Super Bowl themed thing? (What is it with races and silly themes?) ill try and wear my clothing to coordinate and not hurt your eyes. 😉

    1. I like that you coordinate with accessories… 🙂 SuperBowl themed running event??? Guess you better wear white.. that goes with anything 😉

  5. Ha! Well…don’t accessories make the outfit? And with the Superbowl I’m AFRAID of what the colors will be. As for what color to wear…I would stick with black 😉 It goes with everything and it’s slimming! Nothing would go with these t shirts though. They are neon colored. We’re thinking a quilt when we’re done. A quilt of tech fabric… ~Teresa

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