Running Billboard

Let’s talk Race Day Tee Shirts. Love them? Hate them? They are, essentially what your entry fee is paying for. No, they aren’t especially cute. They rarely fit right. And also, they aren’t especially cute.

But, put it on and suddenly you’re part of a group. You’re a runner in a massive crowd of runners. I know, I know, they don’t all run. And we are all wearing a numbered bib which binds us together as well.  But, the shirts scream out “I am here and I am here to RUN!”

As you’re running, others can see that you’re one of the cool kids, because you’re wearing the cool kids Race Day Tee Shirt. And if its a charity run? You have become a running billboard. That is pretty much the easiest thing you could do for a charity. Especially if you wear it for future training runs.

After picking up my bib, I immediately put on the Race Day Tee Shirt, regardless of its size or cuteness. It’s a race. It sorta comes with the package. I love it. Especially since, honestly, I probably won’t wear it again until it comes time to paint my kitchen.

Teresa, on the other hand, shocked me a couple races back, with her utter disdain at my Race Day Tee Shirt wearing enthusiasm. In fact, she told me I couldn’t wear it until I had earned it, by finishing the race. (Oh, I’m finishing it all right!) Ummmm, I paid $35 in an entry fee to do what is usually a free activity, I’ve earned this shirt! She’s not alone though. Only 1/2 the crowd at any given race will rock the Race Day Tee Shirt. Most will, in fact, hike a mile back to their car to leave the shirt in the trunk. They are the real runners. The true cool kids in their fancy shoes and expensive hair bands.

But, they aren’t having nearly as much fun. At a charity event, they aren’t doing their part with free advertising. They may as well be out for a Sunday morning run at the park. And they certainly aren’t going to get in all those super flattering official race day pictures!

Race Day Tee Shirt 2013 #1
Race Day Tee Shirt 2013 #1

i just beat 2/3 of the too cool for a Race Day Tee Shirt runners in a 5k. I totally rocked the Neon Blue Polar Bear themed shirt.  I will never wear it again, but I am looking forward to our next post race pie and french fry date. Ill be the cool kid in the Race Day Tee Shirt who just PR’d again.  🙂


P.S. The feather boas and santa hats? Those are just ridiculous and should be kept in your trunk.  In fact, can I hike the mile back to your car for you?