Bringin’ the sexy back.

I got my run in and I kept it short, sweet and slow to baby my leg.  It was still fairly ticked off but I was kind and foam rolled, stretched and compression socked it.  I cannot stress enough the sexiness of the ointment scent I put on and then my compression sleeve over it~ but only on the one leg because, well, both legs I think would overwhelm Sean too much.  Can you imagine if there was a compression sleeve on BOTH legs?  Equally?  He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off me.  *swoon*
005Include in that the Aurora Staff lifeguard sweatshirt my daughter gave me~ too many years ago to remember properly~ that I try not to wear in public in case someone actually expects me to save their life.  I’m not a lifeguard, but I play one in my living room every day and I bet my husband would pay good sweet money to never see THAT thing again.  It’s incredibly comfortable and I’m going to have to make a choice when it is time to write my will.  They should start kissing up now.

Random thought number 1:

My darling mom sends me books at her leisure.  Sometimes BOXES of books (I suspect she’s cleaning her house) and sometimes just one.  She’s always read them and she puts little sticky notes inside the books with notes about each one.  At first I would toss the notes and read the book.  But pretty quickly I discovered these were my favorite parts of the book. Reading her notes.  I would open it up and see what she had written to me.  Seriously, nothing special right?  But I love them anyway.007

This book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford was, in fact, a good read. 🙂  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Not a heavy read, but interesting and Sean and I had a good discussion about what it must have been like to be Japanese in America after Pearl Harbor.


Lunch tomorrow with a friend… and more miles! ~Teresa