Death by chocolate.

My darling friend “S”, I work with her but we’ve been friends MUCH longer than co-workers, made some protein bars today and…let’s put it right out there, she tried to kill me.  It was pretty upsetting.  She INSISTED I have a bite* and when I did I just knew the flavor was not right.  When questioned by the authorities…okay, in all fairness,  Officer John was busy guarding…you know…the money and all…so when questioned by ME, she finally ‘fessed up there was CHOCOLATE in said protein bars.  She feigned innocence and ACTED very sorry but we all know the real truth.  *shakes head*  It was a close call.

Fine.  I wouldn’t have DIED.  But if I’m going to eat chocolate and get the migraine of all migraines it’s not gonna be from a PROTEIN BAR.   I would go out in style…

*no one was injured in the eating of this protein bar…nor did I get a migraine.  But it could have been BAD. Though the protein bar was delicious.  😉

Also, names were disguised to protect the very guilty ~Teresa



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