Feeling on track again.

It was that kind of pretty awesome day.  I got to have lunch with Miss Andrea:

001We haven’t see each other in MONTHS and it was a great lunch of catch up.  We talked about our running and how she just kicked my ass with her 8 MILE LSD.  Holy smokes Chick.  We talked cross training (she’s swimming…more power to you), eating healthy and how she really wants to do something to work on her butt so it can be great.  I told her she had a great butt and if she did a slow walk around the restaurant I would follow her and take a poll asking all the guys what they thought. I was sure it would come back in her favor.  She didn’t jump on that train.  I totally don’t get it.

Miss Michelle texted me that she finished her 5 mile LSD and was going out for the evening to hang with friends.  I was feeling like a slacker.  But I love my early evening run so I changed my clothes, grabbed my pile of stuff (seriously…carry much?) and headed out the door.

002I headed out to run six miles and did a really good job. I felt really strong and steady for the first three miles.  Then I hit the wind, rain and hills.  At that point I wanted to be home in my livingroom curled up with a blanket but since I left my transporter home…I kept running.   I also stopped for some significant stop lights and at one stop the Garmin didn’t take my “resume”.  By the end it recorded that I ran 6.3 I think? But I am confident it was easily an even 6.5 miles.  I love this distance and it felt great.  I iced, stretched and threw on the compression socks.  And as I type this I realize my Hypothyroid brain completely forgot my foam roller. I seriously was thinking I was forgetting something and couldn’t pinpoint what.  That is awesome.  I have been touting that to everyone like it is law and I am the one that forgets.  I hope I don’t feel this tomorrow.



4 Replies to “Feeling on track again.”

  1. um…it’s there. you just can’t see it. 😉 It’s uh…under the headband. yep. Under the headband.

  2. Your pace still kicks my butt. On that note thanks for blogging about my bum, someday I will take you up on that poll. 🙂 Also I call a redo on both lunch and the photo.

  3. So not true on any of those points. You are getting SO strong. With the speedwork and the swimming? You are both going to leave me in the dust and I’ll be walking these miles. And we both know how fun THAT is.

    You have a great bum. Totally worth blogging about. Ask anyone 😉 And I’ll lunch with you anytime, even if you won’t have pie with me but I will always have last call on the photo because you are consistently beautiful in every photo and I…well…let’s just say did not look so good in that one. I chose the lesser of the two evils. LOL

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