A daughter’s appreciation.

Yesterday Andrea and I went to Hobby Lobby after lunch to pick up some frames and craft supplies for her kids.  As we were checking out, we realized some of the items didn’t have price tags.  A shoppers nightmare on a busy Saturday.  The young (teenage) clerk called for assistance and we waited a few minutes and then just ran over there herself to find the same items with price tags. We felt pretty terrible.  Who makes that rookie mistake?  When she came back, we were VERY appreciative.  She said these amazing words, “You’re welcome.  I learned good customer service from the best.  My mom.”  What an adorable girl.

I wanted to call her mom on the spot and tell her she said that and she was a great kid.

Gratuitous photo from https://www.facebook.com/MedicalLibrary simply because it’s beautiful.

book photo


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  1. I do too and teenagers especially. I was really impressed. I am loving reading the tweets about Ann Curry’s #26acts. Doing things for people just comes back to you in such a big way.

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