A Mantra

The very first 5K race I ran was, as most are, a rough one.  I struggled with almost every step. My goal was to finish and I did at least  do that. Teresa ran that race with me and allowed me to stalk her the entire way. I would have walked at some point if not for her encouragement.

Saturday I ran my five miles at the same park of that first 5K. As I got towards mile four I found myself saying “Just ten minutes more.  You can do anything for ten minutes.” I say this often, along with, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming” a la Dory of Finding Nemo. Teresa told me this during that first 5K….not the Nemo quote, the ten minutes quote. This was around mile marker two, when I was shocked and dismayed to find we still had another mile to go.  She said, “You can do anything for ten minutes, right?”  I remember thinking, “Yeah, ummm, except RUN!”.

Fast forward 5 months and I’m using her words as my mantra.  Because now I know she’s right.  I can do anything for ten minutes, even run.


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  1. Of all the mantras I have tried to make work that is the one that does it for me. It’s only ten minutes. And now look at you…you keep running and I’m the one stopping 🙂

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