Diet Coke, my drug of choice

I gave up DIet Coke, in the name of running.  I’m a bit of an addict.  It was easy to give up while pregnant.  But I”ve yet to find anything else worthy of taking away my daily (twice, sometimes three times) diet coke break. But, I’ve noticed that my runs are much better on days I don’t imbibe.

So, I gave it up.  In the name of running. It’s gone pretty well.  I’m five days in.  Saturday, I tried to give in.  I had done my long run and was on my way to spend the evening with friends.  I felt I deserved a treat.  It was Saturday night, time to live it up, right? (I’m pretty sure my college aged self is in disbelief at my current lameness) So, I went through the McDonalds drive thru.  A sure thing to quench my thirst and feed my addiction.

Ah, but as you read, I’m still Diet Coke free.  Yep, because McD’s failed me.  I sat in line for far too long.  I would’ve gotten out of line, but I was really jonesing for that sweet taste of diet coke.  I almost kissed the sweet lady who handed it over. I pulled away with the forbidden fruit in my hands and took that first long delicious sip.

Aaaaaannnnnndddd… wasn’t diet.  It was a plain old disgusting, real sugar Coke.  This is a punishable offense.  What an awful trick to play on me.  Why would McDonalds do this to me? The big man upstairs is making me work hard to ruin my streak.

I could have turned around and demanded they fix their mistake.  I could have stopped at the convenience store and filled my own 44 oz plastic cup. I could have cried.

But, I was late for my date and a little bit lazy.  I licked my wounds and moved on with my evening. I was sad then.  but I’m glad someone was watching over me. Because today,  I am five days Diet Coke free, looking forward to day six.


**UPDATE: I fell off the wagon. But it was a diet Pepsi, which is DEFINITLEY not the same thing. Back on track tomorrow!

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  1. I love my Diet Pepsi. My preferred drink is caffeine free Diet Pepsi. But it’s not always attainable. But I don’t drink that much of it, I’m sure that sounds like an excuse, and always feel like I have given up so much that I really want to keep that.

    Now that everyone has started this damn ~healthy eating~ kick I’m feeling guiltier. Paleo, Gluten free/dairy free, whole30, vegetarian, vegan, seriously so many options. I’m just gluten free and sometimes not even that. 🙂

    I’ll still keep my Diet Pepsi. Those every once in a while treats are worth it.

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