Virtual races and a little randomness.

There is a virtual 5k/Half Marathon for the Sandy Hook Memorial taking place today. It’s virtual so the pressure is not on to get it done today.  Link is available here: Sandy Hook Virtual 5k/Half Marathon

It’s been two years since Sherry Arnold was killed.  Her cousin at tells the horrifying tale and includes some great tips on how you can be safe when you are out running.  The annual virtual run for Sherry is on February 9th.  This is a great cause and a great reminder to everyone to run safe.

I ran yesterday morning (just my little mile that gets my heart rate going) and the rest of the day I didn’t stop going until 1:30am when I went to bed.  I may collapse today.  I missed two great days of training and the sad thing is, I really wanted to get them in.  But sometimes family has to take priority.  Damn those kids.  MT turned 16 yesterday and we really wanted to see what he wanted to do.  So we spent a lot of time with him.  I’m pretty sure he was sick of us.

On a side note:  We got him a Kindle Paperwhite and he was so freaking excited it makes me really happy.  How many sixteen year old boys get that excited over a reading device?  I can officially say we did that right with all three of our kids.  *thankGod*


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  1. LOL. It’s pretty cool. He is SO happy. And the extra cool thing? He hasn’t asked for $1 yet. But he’s downloaded a ton of free books. #lovethatboy

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