Why I hate the Diva races and why I’m running it anyway.

So today I did this:

Dear Tess,

Congratulations! You are now registered for Divas Half Marathon & 5K in San Francisco Bay. Please check the event’s official website for updates: http://www.runlikeadiva.com

View your complete registration details »


You are confirmed as a registrant for the 2013 Divas Half Marathon® or 5K in San Francisco Bay! Congratulations for making the commitment to participate in the Divas Half Marathon Series!

Every year my running group (Cupcakes…I know I know.  I had no input) tries to get together for a meetup somewhere in the country.  There are around 30 of us, give or take but I’m not sure anyone actually knows the real count as it fluctuates over the years.  People come and go.

This years meetup was chosen to be in San Francisco, CA. I love San Francisco.  My heart really IS there.  But the Diva races are not my style.  I did one once before in Vail, CO and was completely unimpressed with how the Diva people handled the entire race from set up to tear down and at the time vowed never to run another.

Then I registered and it all came rushing back.

There was NO way to register without telling them if I lived in SF or if I was traveling to the city.  How I was getting there (bus, car, train, flight).  How many were flying with me?  Where would I be staying?  What airline carrier would I be taking?  And you HAVE to have your name on your bib.  It’s mandatory.  Diva something (note to self, take a Sharpie).  I have to wonder if my friends all think I’m overreacting.

Well, there’s not a lot of psychoanalyzing to it  I’m my mother’s daughter. It’s not your business. You can have my name and address, my age and email, emergency contact and my money.  I cannot imagine a reason that would give you the right to DEMAND to know this information versus the other hundreds of races out there that either DON’T ASK or ASK NICELY.  Imagine that.  Ask nicely.  You would be surprised how happy I would be to supply you with information if you just said to me, “hey, could you fill this out for us?  It helps us do this…”.  Instead you have made it mandatory in order to simply register.

Add to this the obvious fact that as a woman I think we have worked really hard to change the image of women FROM ~pink boa wearing/hot men ogling/Diva~  to ~amazing/strong/pushing the limits of greatness women.  Come on Divas.  Get with the program.  Why perpetuate this stereotype.

I am doing this because there are about 15 to 20 women I seriously want to see that weekend.  And now…I am vowing until a change is made I am never running another Diva race.



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