In case you aren’t counting…

That’s three I’ve officially registered for.

I know you’re thinking…so?

Three is my number of the day.

Three half marathon registrations…done.

Three days without running…done.

Wait.  That’s not good.  🙁

Day one was migraine day.

Day two was MT’s birthday.

Day three was the most miserable day ever.  To INCLUDE stabbing myself with mascara.  LOL.  Good times.

Let’s see what today is all about.  Sean and I are headed downtown with friends to a Jazz club. We’ve been trying to connect with them for a few weeks so it’ll be fun to get out.  Although we don’t socialize so….yeah. This could be good.

*For the record I know full well we were invited solely for the purpose of being their designated drivers.  It’s a good thing I love this friend. 🙂