Lessons #1

What have I learned this week? To take a rest day after my LSD. (For those non runners, I don’t mean the drug of choice in the early 70s, I mean Long Slow Distance run) Last week, after my five mile run, I did not take a rest day. It was gorgeous out. I felt great. I wanted to run a quick three miles. I made it two. Barely. My legs gave out. I spent the next 36 hours or so feeling run down. I had veered from my training plan and was paying for it.

Yesterday I did a six mile LSD. It went great. I felt a little sore afterwards, but was really pleased with myself. I only had to use the “mantra” a couple times around mile two. I know….mile two.

Today, I felt great. My heart wanted to run. Luckily, my schedule wouldn’t allow it and the windy weather would’ve stopped me if it had. I think I have learned my lesson. Rest days are good after a long run. Momentum busting? Yes. Necessary? Yes, indeed. Here’s hoping for a quick and easy three miles tomorrow.


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  1. I love to run the day after a long run but yes, only a few miles. Sort of a shake out run. But occasionally it does bite me.

    And occasionally we all have run down crummy weeks that wear us. I’m so sorry you felt so beat. I think you are kicking butt. Especially considering all you do with those little boys. Tomorrow…a race and the start of a new week. Getting stronger for sure.

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