Running on cold cold cold

Okay, so it was a gorgeous day here in Colorado.  And I am not kidding.  But I was freezing from the moment I woke up and I had a killer migraine.  So I huddled and drugged up and hoped I would feel better.  I cleaned and spent the day working on projects (oh my gosh, that dumb basket of leftover Christmas items that was forgotten finally got put away!) and here it was the end of the afternoon and I still had no motivation to go outside.  Ironically, I really really wanted to run.  I was just so COLD.

I finally just bundled up as warm as I could, grabbed my Ipod and phone and told Sean I was heading out.  He asked how far and I said, “I’m doing the loop. So I could do 2…I might do 4…it’s possible I could do 6 if I feel okay.”  I really wanted to do 6.  I must have bundled okay because I immediately felt great.  I ended up dropping my scarf and gloves and as I write this I realize I never went back and got them.  Sonofagun.    Fingerless gloves are hard to find and that scarf has gone with me for a lot of runs.  I’m attached.  *update* Montana has gone to get my scarf and gloves because he is awesomeness.  I love him.


I listened to “Wait wait don’t tell me” while I ran and ended up doing 5 miles.  Again, I have no patience so I really should have learned how to use the Garmin before running with it.  I think I did finally learn it tonight.  After I stopped for like…two freaking minutes (I was caught in my scarf, it was wrapped in my headphones, I bet it was cute to watch.  Like I was being attacked by a bee or something).  So my time for the first half was incredibly  slow. But then I figured it out and now I’m a pickin’ genius.  I’m a Garmin pickin’ genius.  I can push start, pause, resume and stop.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get a race report from Miss Michelle. She ran the RunDenver Series Superbowl 5k today.  I missed it as we are a one car family and my car had a prior commitment I didn’t know it had.