Cupcakes and … well really, it doesn’t matter after cupcakes.

We had a busy day here so our little blog took the hit.   Sorry for the delay!

My darling friend S bought me gluten free cupcakes from Whole Foods and I almost died with happiness.  I’ll take a photo tomorrow but today, I ate one and a half NO JOKE.  I know, you aren’t really that surprised.  Yeah, I wasn’t either.  Montana totally walked in the door, took one look at them and announced they looked delicious and ate one.  Um…hello?  Gluten free?  Yep.  And delicious.  No love for Montana.  No. Love.

He totally owes me a cupcake.

(I’m having one for breakfast)

Sean and I went on a walk tonight.  Yesterday I rested, unintentionally.  So today my busy day consisted of a brisk walk with Sean and the puppy.  If I went at their normal pace, a leisurely stroll, we’d still be walking.  They love to just wander and enjoy the smells.  Well, Malachi enjoys the smells.  I think Sean just likes to wander.

***This is Malachi several years ago with his cast from surgery on his bum leg***malachi after surgery

***He’s better now, he runs with me and is usually fine.  Just feeling it today***

Me,   I’m goin’ somewhere.  I’m movin’. I love the feeling of moving and my legs ache to move faster.  So when we walk together, he has to speed up and I have to slow down.  We only did a little over two miles but Malachi was feeling it in his bum leg so we cut the walk short.

Michelle owes us a race report from the Superbowl 5k and I suspect she isn’t going to give us one.  They posted photos from it and…well…we all get veto rights and she’s vetoing hers.  She’s always beautiful so whatever, but suffice it to say she is not happy with her photo.  So we don’t get to see her colorful ensemble.  The photographers DID take 857 photos of her darling children, however, so maybe one or two of those will pop up in the next day or so.  Because damn, those kids are cute.

Now, because we were robbed of a good race photo AND a cute kid photo I am enclosing the gratuitous kid photo from my end.  Talk to you tomorrow with more running chat.  ~Teresa



2 Replies to “Cupcakes and … well really, it doesn’t matter after cupcakes.”

  1. I’ve been busy….shopping at Old Navy and serving Jury Duty and making a kissing booth. And I can’t figure out my camera. So, there’s that.
    And, hello? How cute is that picture of your little man? The toddler, not the dog…..although, he’s pretty cute too.

  2. Yeah, we are busy on this end, too.
    He is lookin’ pretty cute. I had to share the photo. Makes me want to snuggle him. (Glad you figured out the camera!)

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