Race Day Jitters

I raced on Sunday, all by myself.  I didn’t even bring my ipod with me. It was a rough time.  I struggled the first two miles of the 5K. I just couldn’t get my mind into it.

I was, instead, thinking about my oldest, Lincoln. He was supposed to race in the kids fun run.  He had talked of nothing but it all week. He practiced “racing” in the living room everyday, making sure he always beat his little brother. But once we lined up for the race, he broke down. He got stage fright. While all the other kids took off running, mine, hand in hand with me, ran ten feet and stopped, crying and saying he didn’t want to run.

Of course I didn’t make him finish. That would’ve been a huge fight. I scooped him up and walked him to the side. And he cried. He was disappointed in himself. I completely understand. I was just like him. It bums me out because I know all that I missed out on growing up.

So, I was worried about him the entire race But as I rounded that last corner, there he was, cheering me on. So, I finished strong and with a much better time than I had planned on running. And I’m hoping that the smile I had as I finished the race meant something to him. And maybe next time, he’ll finish strong and happy too.

On a different note, I totally rocked the Race Day Tee Shirt. As soon as I gain enough technology education, I’ll get that photo up for all to admire! Right now, it refuses to show up right side up…..I wouldn’t want to confuse your eyes.            (done~ it’s a great picture. ~T)



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  1. As soon as I saw this picture I knew what it was from. What a bittersweet picture. Poor baby. You are such a good mom. You do a great job.

    And you are much better at the 5k’s than I am. See you on Sunday, right? Did I mention Miss S wants to do one in March?? 😉

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