Run with quiet feet.

Not. Apparently.

I have a mantra I keep on my treadmill that says, “run with quiet feet”.  I found it too many years ago to remember, typed it up and laminated it so it would always stay there to remind me to be light on my feet.  It also somehow reminds me of the quietness of the world around me when I run, if that makes sense.  I’m in my own world when I’m running and that mantra reminds me to centre myself.

I had a migraine earlier, mild but enough to make me pretty nauseous and I took some meds that put me out right during prime running time.  Then it was errands and hanging with the family.  I waited until they went to bed so they would all be asleep before I got on the treadmill (I didn’t want the running to keep them awake). Nothing wakes MT.  He sleeps through fire alarms. Not kidding. It terrifies me. So even though it’s not unusual for me to be on the treadmill at 11:30 at night, it’s not my favorite.

I did it anyway and figured it would be a good night for some speedwork.  Did a slow mile warm up.  Started my run.  In the middle of my second round of speediness my young boy comes out of his bedroom and says, “is this your idea of running with quiet feet?”  Um…no?

Sigh.  Guess I’m done running.

Here’s my sorry stats.