Thursday is a bust and I’m sad

I really really wanted a run tonight.  I had Sir Eliot after work.  I like to give him as much of my focus as possible and frankly, he likes that too.  🙂  So I don’t get to run until after he heads home.  I was all ready to jump on the treadmill when MT headed to bed and I realized he would be attempting to sleep.  *Wednesday revisited*.  Clearly I couldn’t run as he wouldn’t be able to sleep.  How frustrating.

It was really just a lot of running around tonight that ended badly.  Errands gone awry, mistakes for dinner that didn’t need to be made, all things that had they been prevented I could have left Eliot with Sean and gone to the gym.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out and I’m stuck at a perfectly fine hour of the evening with a perfectly AWESOME treadmill and I CAN’T FREAKING RUN.

I’m a little bitter about this right now.  Sean said I could probably throw out my miles really quick but I’ve been trying to get MT to get to bed at a reasonable hour for WEEKS so I sure as hell am not going to be a contributing factor.  That would put me in the running for mom of the year for sure.

So once again I have a stellar week of running and a stellar week of training and I feel fabulous.  I’m pretty over this game.

I am not feeling very happy tonight. I feel like a giant failure and I’m sad.  And I’m pretty sure that’s redundant.