Valentine’s Day WEEK!

In my house we celebrate things for a full week.  Because we love joy.

Full disclosure, it’s usually only the things I like that we celebrate for a week.  I LOVE birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is pretty good, Christmas gets it’s own freaking season…that might be it.  You can get back to me if you think of anything I might be missing.

SO…’Chelle and I ran the RunDenver series Valentine’s Day 5k today.  It was freezing freaking cold and we ran our little butts off.  Neither of us really “raced”, we just ran the 3.1 and both of us did awesome on our time.  I came in just over 30 minutes at 30:13 and if you know me at ALL (hello, are you reading this blog??) I think that time is pretty awesome.  30:13.  It was meant to be.  Michelle can tell you what she ran because it’s her time to tell (btw…I’m not that person.  If someone finds out my time and wants to share, just share.  But some people really want to own that information and share it themselves.  I think that’s totally okay, too.)
We both felt great after the run and I could totally have pushed myself to come in under 30.  Maybe next time…

I’m pretty sure my photo will be really attractive as I was reaching into my breast pocket to turn off my IPOD.  Mmhmm.

I love the red shirt!  It’s really cute for Valentine’s Day and I am totally keeping it.

Yes, Michelle wore hers today.  *shudder*  She actually said she “matched”.  Um…no.

We went to Village Inn for pie and it was a horrible experience which is another post but we ended up at IHOP  and they made up for it in a big way.  Thanks IHOP!

I’m sorry for this randomness.  Once again my head is pretty bad tonight and I’m on some meds creating thoughts without clarity.