After the day I had…

I needed my run.  I had missed my LSD (long slow distance) and knew I wanted to make it up today so I asked Sean to help me figure out how to fit everything in.  He is the best at helping me get my time in.  He has left work on many days to help me out and today was no exception.  I got my run in and he did the running around with the boy.  He really does most of the running around in the evenings, way more than his fair share.

I dressed for cold (23*~feels like 15*…damn, I’m excited) and headed out.  I was going for 7 miles but was hoping for maybe 8.  I got 7.5 in and that was good.  I figured it was better to not push it.  The sun set pretty early in the run so I stayed on all the main high traffic roads.  Lots of stop lights but otherwise it felt good.  The hills didn’t bother me and I felt really strong.


I came home and foam rolled! (yay…) and Tomorrow….a new run. I’m already looking forward to it.