Competitive…who me?

imageLast week I ran my first seven miler. I was super nervous beforehand. Why? It’s not as if anyone was watching me. I had nothing to prove. No one would know if I had to walk or even if I cut the run short. I’ve learned something about myself since starting this running adventure. I am competitive. months ago I’d have told you I didn’t have a competitive bone in me. And that was mostly true. im usually fairly laid back and go with the flow. I enjoy watching sports and cheering for a team, but I’m not overly concerned with the outcome of the game. I’ve never competed in sports, academics, or beauty pageants. My extra curricular activities were always solo adventures: piano, dance, and art. I didn’t care to compete, with others or myself. I just never had a reason to compete. But now I run. And I run to be better than yesterday. So, I get a little competitive with myself (and the old man in jeans at last week’s race…I can’t get beat by someone in jeans!). So, seven miles made me nervous. I knew I had to do it. I would have disappointed myself if not. And not only did I want to run the full seven, but I wanted to run it well. That itty bitty competitive bone is growing with each mile. And I think it’s pretty proud of me. I rocked that seven miles and the rest day that followed. This week I am looking at eight miles. Bring it!


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  1. You know, there are a few websites dedicated to people who run in jeans. You should have snapped his photo. Made him famous! (Not to make fun…but to marvel at those who run no matter what. That IS dedication)

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