It’s all in your perspective I guess

I’m going to start this post with a brief history.  I’ve been seeing my amazing hairdresser for about eleven years.  I drive to Colorado Springs to see her.  However, with my schedule and her schedule (she only works three days a week now), our schedules are very difficult to mesh.  I had an appointment to see her on Saturday and we had a conflict.  With just one car, well, something had to give.  This was really only a big deal because my darling hairdresser, Anna, is going on maternity leave.  She won’t be back until April.  This was my last appointment for the next two months and with short greying hair…well, it’s not pretty.

In desperation (serious desperation, I NEVER cheat on Anna) I hopped over to a Supercuts (full disclosure, I met Anna at a Cost Cutters, but I quizzed her extensively and knew she would be amazing).  I told them I just needed a quick trim and the back brought up.  Let’s just bring it to an all one length bob eventually so I can deal with the next two months.

I’m sure you can read the foreshadowing.

She cut all my hair off.

And it was bad.  It was so so bad.  I actually stopped her from cutting.

Then I called Anna and left her a VM I didn’t INTEND to cry on (LOL, poor Anna, how she has to deal with my histrionics) and told her I was SO sorry I cheated on her.  She texted me back and said (remember, she’s very pregnant), “my last customer just told me she can tell I’ve gained all my pregnancy weight in my butt”.

Who says that to someone??  Seriously??

Anna is so darling I used to tell my husband he couldn’t come with me to get my haircut because Anna was too beautiful.  Sorry Dude.

So today I have to go to work with the bad hair.  I find a way to style it that doesn’t completely say ~ I just got my hair chopped off at Supercuts.  I thought.

*insert the information that I work in a 98% Korean bank. Lots of hairstylists and nail techs*

Lovely Korean woman comes in and after deciding she can come to me for her banking (some of our Korean clientele don’t enjoy me because, well, I’m not Korean.  If I spoke Korean they would like me more I’m certain~most are very nice) I make her deposit and praise to the heavens I don’t screw it up.  She decides we’re best friends now and it’s time for a come to Jesus meeting (no disrespect…I have no idea what religion she would be.  In my world, it’s a come to Jesus meeting).  She tells me my hair is BAD.  It’s BAD.  “You come to my shop I FIX IT”, she says.  She insists on some paper so she can write the info down as I process just how horrible I must look.  Then she tells me, all dripping with the sincerity of our new found friendship…she’ll also laser off the ugly mole from my face (I think I saw her shudder when she says it) and take care of those under eye circles.  Yes.  She will do that FOR ME.  I NEED to come see her.

Yeah.  This incredibly honest Korean woman just vocalized everything about me I dislike and reassured me it was, in fact, as horrible for the rest of the world to look at as it was for me.

Anna is fitting me in on Wednesday.  She’s gonna laser off my mole and I’m gonna liposuction her butt.


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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry you had a bad cut… but that is a funny story with the bank customer… never cheat on Anna again! 🙂

    1. I’m breaking the rules and answering this while logged in. Anna did fix me and I will not cheat on her again. My Asain customers are nothing if not brutally honest.

      1. Sadly I just noticed I wrote “Asian” wrong. This is what happens when you are not quite paying attention to what you write.

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