Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because he knew that was the interstate that would take him to Colorado Springs.  He’s smarter than me.

I did not run because I went to Colorado Springs where Miss Anna SAVED me!!  Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I got my hair cut properly.  But not before I had my own misadventures on the way TO Colorado Springs.  As you read this, please try to remember I am, in fact, an intelligent person.

I ran out the door to get to my appt and for once I’m going to make it on time and probably early!  Something always makes me late when I see her.  Construction, an accident, the weather, whatever.  So I’m pretty excited.  But as I approach Monument (I’m about 10 minutes from my destination) my GAS LIGHT comes on!  Holy freaking cow how much does that creep me out.  I thought I had plenty of gas to get there and instead I’m OUT.  What if I wasn’t near Monument?  (don’t worry Mom, there’s like…six towns I could have gotten gas in so I was really safe the whole time).  So I pull over to get gas and when I leave I am on autopilot, heading home.  I hang a left which takes me down a seriously long road to the interstate only its…the interstate going the wrong direction.  Where is my interstate? (keep in mind I’m no longer early…I was on time and now that I’ve gone a half mile out of my way…I’m probably late).  It was STRAIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD.  Yes, People, straight across.  I didn’t even have to turn.  Good Lord.  I know you’re wondering…how does she get around during the day?  Like…in her house?  Can she turn those knobby things?  No.  I never could master that.  I had to switch to actual lever handles.

I got there, I was late.  She laughed at me.  And my hair when she saw how poorly it was cut.  Then she fixed it and all was right with the world again.

So…I haven’t heard from Miss Michelle today. *crickets*  Anyone take bets on how the run went?  🙁 I’m a little worried.  I think I’ll give her a shout tomorrow.

My work gave me $50 for a bonus for Christmas.  Periodically I think of something to spend it on.  Last week I bought Gap pants.  So cute!  $44.  Very few things will I spend money on but pants and shoes…that definitely ranks.

I have a killer headache and I must get to bed for my beauty sleep.  If I’m not careful this mole will take over my face…