Walk of Shame

Earlier this week I week I went out for an unexpected run. My husband was sick and thus skipped his usual Tuesday visit to the gym. It was gorgeous out and I figured I should take advantage.

The first mile or so went great. I tried out a different route. I love checking out new neighborhoods and this one had such cute houses and yards. I was lost in thought, admiring the front porch decor of a gorgeous yellow ranch when it happened. I got a side stitch so painful it stopped me in my tracks.

I hate side stitches. Who doesn’t? I rarely get them. I slowed to a walk and tried all the tricks I have, even the whole breathing in threes bit. This pain was not going away. I slowly walked toward home, hoping I’d get my groove back. It never came back.

It was a long walk home. I felt like such a poser in my running clothes, complete with my GPS runner. Please, someone hand me a dog, a stroller filled with cute babies, even a chatty stranger….anything to give my walk a purpose! I felt like everyone was outside at that time, smirking at me….the girl dressed like a runner, walking instead. Even my GPS runner was confused as my MPH got slower and slower.

I haven’t run since. The sickness that kept my husband from the gym has infected me. I do plan to redeem myself soon. And I think I’ll count that walk as cross training…in case any of my neighbors ask.


One Reply to “Walk of Shame”

  1. I have often left my house completely dressed for the world’s best run only to get around the corner. I realize my legs are heavy and I’m sluggish. I just don’t have the heart for it today. I turn around and head home. It’s odd to Sean and MT to have me walking back in the door one minute after I left but there’s just no spirit to that run. I give it a rest day. Or three. Some runs are gonna be great and some runs are gonna bite.

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