Sweatshirt sadness

This morning I popped out of bed and put on my red Old Navy tank top.  I bought it for Valentine’s Day.  I LOVE it.  But it was cold so I threw my lifeguard sweatshirt (I’m not a lifeguard, I just play one in my sweatshirt) on over it. When Sean got up he came into the kitchen and upon seeing my outfit he said, “uh oh…you’re lookin’ a little threadbare there. I can see red”.


Sure enough.  My beloved sweatshirt is so thin you can see right through it to my red tank top.  I am seriously so sad about this.  What will I wear to turn up the sexy now?

So to keep things plugging along…we can no longer wash it.  That should up its sexy value and keep it around for awhile longer.  ~Teresa