Hiking the Canyon

Castlewood Canyon was our exercise of the day. I was supposed to do my 8 miles today and apparently Miss Michelle did hers because she rocks.  But I’m a wuss.  It’s super windy out and I didn’t want to run in the wind. I’m going to run tomorrow.  Instead it was SO beautiful we went hiking.  Castlewood Canyon is incredible for hiking and one of our favorite choices.

Unfortunately, when you first start out into the canyon the stairs are pure snow and ice which Sean and MT seem to handle with much more confidence than I do.  I have no grace at all about it and can barely make it down  (This is actually a photo of us going back up as I was too nervous to photograph it while heading down).  The slope isn’t as obvious in the photo and you can’t see the twists and turns but trust me…it’s ice and slick and it makes me nervous.

019Now here is where I get frustrated.  I’m all for chivalry and gallantry (redundancy much?).  But I also don’t want to be treated like I am less than just as capable as my son and husband.  What the hell?  So they are more confident and troop down there with no issues.  MT will come on back up and give me his hand and want to help me down and I’m thinking…um…did YOU get a hand to get down the stairs?  I can pickin’ get down the stairs just fine.  I am just taking the stairs a little slowly.  If I slip and break an ankle…I don’t get to run.  Period.  And…I don’t want to die.  So there.

I admit it.  Please open my door for me.  Please help me on with my coat.  By all means, be a gentleman.  But don’t expect that I can’t hike where you can.  I can.  It may take me longer.  But I’ll get there.

We hiked 2.89 miles and the Garmin made me do an out and back so I am not doing a photo promise.  Just trust me.  But it was good info.  And we worked hard.  Malachi ran the whole way.   Great day for sure.  ~Teresa



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