My gluten weekend.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in ~Ican’ttellyouhowlong~.  It’s frustrating because the world is outrageously expensive and the commissary saves me a ton of money.  I can get gluten free bread for nearly half the cost.  So I just can’t bring myself to spend $6 on a loaf of frozen gluten free bread that I can get at the commissary for $3.49. So I don’t.  But I can’t get to the commissary, either.  So I go without.  And I eat eggs.  And I scrounge for other things to eat. And finally, I run to the store for a last minute meal in a last ditch effort to feed my family and come home and eat a meal of gluten and it was, well, not my favorite.

I threw the whole thing up. My stomach was totally unhappy.  I’m sure it was just too much too soon.  I should have been more careful but I was starving. I’m not perfect in staying gluten free but I stay probably 99% most of the time.  It was just too much too soon.

Lesson learned.  Organize.  Grocery shop.  Plan. your. meals.

And always always always have things in the house to eat.