I think…I’m not sure…but I think I pulled a muscle.  It’s in a weird spot, sort of a lower abdomen kind of area.  Here’s the deal.  It’s hurt for about three weeks now but it doesn’t seem to be getting better and that’s my clue.  Because I can’t rest it, right?  And it feels like a muscle…every time I go to sit up ~holy smokes that hurts.  Why does this affect my LSD?   Every step I take.  Oh man.  It seems to hurt more on the treadmill than when I’m running outside.  Wow.

Last night I tried to run and I got one mile done before it yelled too loud.  Tonight I managed 3.11 miles. LOL.  I’m a rockstar alright.  So I’ve officially skipped this weeks LSD right there.  Yep.

This could take a few months to heal so I’m going to try to not push my luck with it.  And run outside as much as possible.

Any mention of snow is just rude…

I said…don’t mention snow.