Valentines Day Recap

I got this for Valentines Day from my boys:


Last year I may have been offended. 🙂

Ive been away for a few days. My husband was sick.  My kids are sick. I got in a slow and ugly eight mile run. I crafted. I listened to a couple of friends who are going through some major stuff. I got a computer and printer up and running after sitting in their boxes for only six weeks or so. And oh yeah, my husband was sick.  (It bears mentioning more than once….it was that dramatic for him)

I was looking forward to a great running week.  I’m actually looking forward to a nine mile redemption run, complete with new running belt. The current seven day forecast wants to destroy that idea. Snow, cold, snow, cold, wind. Yeah….this is why I didn’t start running when I lived in Montana. I’m a little bummed.

So, this is how we started our day instead:


Time to give a bath now!


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  1. Oh my gosh you are motheroftheyear right there. Wow. Seriously?

    And that belt is awesome. I can totally see it with all the awesome race shirts you will get and wear at the races. They will TOTALLY match. 😉

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