Friday~Bus day.

I think every Friday I should post a quick recap of my ~riding the city bus to work~ experience.  Every single week it is a new and crazy fun time.  Or. not. But hey, it’s never boring.  That is for sure.

This week my hours got changed.  I have to be at work a half hour earlier so I checked for the right schedule and arranged my morning so I could be at the bus stop before my 8:18am pickup.  This meant I would then be at the transfer center to get my transfer bus at 8:33.  This is a close transfer.  We get there at 8:30 so I only have 3 minutes but it’s a quick jaunt across a small parking lot and this is a far less uncomfortable wait then the later bus.  The later pick up has me waiting for twenty minutes and it’s c.o.l.d.

Today, it’s all perfect.  Sean gave me a ride to the bus stop. (yay!)  I pull up at the transfer center and…

I see my transfer bus driving away…

four minutes early…

Meaning I now have 40 minutes to wait in the cold morning temps.  I don’t know what they were but it felt like about 20*.  Give or take…probably take.  It was so so so cold.

*remember, cold isn’t just cold to me.  Hypothyroid means I feel extreme temps colder and warmer than the average person.  It’s a good time.

When we have to wait in the cold the next bus will frequently pull up early (must be break time) and let us on the bus to stay warm.  They close the bus up, explain how to open the door and then they leave to go take their break.  This guy not only didn’t do that, he didn’t show up until one minute before leave time!  We were all wondering if we had the time wrong, if the bus was coming at all.  I was wondering what the heck I was going to do because my feet had reached DEFCON 1 at this point. No joke.  I can’t tell you how pickin’ cold it was.  Between the elderly man and woman standing there and the woman with the baby I was mad enough.  By the time I got on the bus I was so cold I burst into tears.  It was awful.  It is 9pm right now and my feet still hurt.

**sidenote** Sean just interrupted to complain about how loud I am and if I’m writing a book.  Maybe I am.  What do you know. I could write a book.  Geez. *sigh*  It’s kinda well known I type loud.  They tell me I’m an angry typist but really I’m just fast.  Gettin’ it done.  Sorry Babe.

Kudos to my supervisor at work who took one look at me and gave me her space heater for the day.  I may not have made it.  I had it on my feet all day long.

Here’s how bad it was. Sean and I stopped and bought cupcakes.  I came home and changed into sweats (never happens.  I wear the same clothes all day) and am now wearing my beloved sweatshirt, sitting in bed, after taking a nap (I took a nap!) and I may get up and think of food for my family.  I may never be warm again.


Denver is expecting more snow.

They won’t all be this long and ridiculous but every Friday something happens.  It’s crazy! I long to have a perfect bus riding experience.  It’s not hard for crying out loud.