9 miles = a marathon, right?

Or, that’s what it feels like today.  And I get to say that because I’ve run a few marathons.  And this is what my body feels like afterwards.  Two weeks ago I ran 7.5 miles and I had no problems.  Today the miles went well for the first few but the the pain set in.  Keep in mind, I still have this “hip” pain I have to get checked out.  But also my whole body ached when I was done.  Hypothyroidism for the win. *sarcasm*

So  the 9 miles started out painful, I warmed up and it was much better and the around mile four it settled back in.  Notmyfavorite.  My podcasts were screwball and I couldn’t get into this book on my IPOD.  So every footfall seemed like stabb.ing.pain. stabb.ing.pain.   My GU saved me.  And my “I can do anything for ten minutes”.  So here are my results but as you look them keep in mind I finished in 1:32 but my complete elapsed time was 1:46.  14 minutes of mostly stop lights and at least four minutes of…what direction should I go that will be the least painful?  And… seriously, this hurts…I have got to make an appt.  LOL  And it’s cold.  Also…here’s my splits.  Not bad, probably too fast for what I’m supposed to be running but whatever.  I was cold.  And I never follow the rules.


Have a great night and maybe next week we’ll hear from Michelle!  (her family has been sick…she is excused)

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  1. I don’t think so. Your seven miles from a few weeks ago were done like….ten minutes faster than mine at LEAST. And that was without all the stopping with lights and I have just accepted I have to stop and deal with the whole ~holy smokes I’m in pain~ thing. But maybe as my mileage goes up the pain will go down. I don’t know. I’m going to throw out three miles on the treadmill today and see if it helps. I don’t feel like dying today like I did all evening yesterday so right there I am happier.

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