Sweet Saturday

I was totally feeling the “thankful” day after reading Ali on the Run.  She’s an amazing blogger who continues to run and workout while struggling with Crohn’s Disease.  Pretty kickass.  I wish she posted more. LOL  That was for you, Ria.  😉

The following is my Saturday Sweet List.  It’s made up of all things I find sweet or that make the sweet list from this week.  As expected, there are 13 things.  I didn’t tell Michelle I was doing this so I fully expect her to come up with 13 things…she can do Saturday Sweet or Thankful Thursday or What’s up Wednesday or whatever she wants.  (What’s up Wednesday is kind of awesome. We should do that).

Saturday Sweet List.

1.  My Starbucks refillable Cold Cup with straw.  I live with this filled with water.  Happiness.

2..  My supervisor who loaned me her space heater today.  So much love. She owns the sweet list.

3.  Bonne Maman Preserves jars.  When we finish them, we use them to drink out of.  Best glasses ever.  We go through a lot of preserves.  I think we have like…16.  And still counting.

4.  Yesterday during the blizzard I needed to make a killer turn across three lanes.  I never do this.  I was in an accident once because of this scenario.  As I was changing my plan (I didn’t even have my blinker on because I didn’t know what I wanted to do) all three lanes of cars came to a stop together, not even like one person had the idea first (it was kind of strange) and it was far enough back from my street that I wasn’t freaked at all.  I was able to totally turn with no fear and get all the way across.  I wish I could have done more than wave.  Those people rocked.

5.  I love to watch The Closer.  Kyra Sedgwick is awesome and hearing her say, “Thank you SO much” in that smart ass Southern tone is hilarious.  We quote her all the time…when the criminal says growling, “GO TO HELL” and she says, “You first!”.  hahaha. My favorite.  I could watch that over and over.  I have no life.

6.  I have lists and lists and lists.  I have lists to get through the day.  I have lists for my month and I have lists for my life. I have a funeral file  which totally freaks people out but it helps me feel better and more organized so maybe I’ll rename it, then we’ll all feel better.

7.  I have a running group of friends that is made up of about 25 women and they are the most amazing women you will ever put together.  We are normally on IVillage but IVillage has been broken.  We are hoping they will be fixed.  Eventually.

8.  I live for Softlips lip protectant.  It’s in every pocket.  Every drawer.  Every floor.  I should own stock.

9.  MT tested for his next level at Muay Thai today and succeeded with flying colors surprising none of us and impressing all of us.

10.  My husband is the smartest man I know.  The smartest.  He reads the most amazing books.  He teaches himself Calculus.  And … he watches Duck Dynasty.  When I tell people that they gasp with excitement so I’m assuming I’m the wrong one here.  I should give it a chance.

11.  I love television.  AND I love reading.  Last night MT was trying to watch television while he ate and it was too conflicting with the other TV

so I said, “you could read your book”.

He said, “people do that?”

I said, “hello, I do it all the time”.

He said, “I meant…normal people”.

12.  I spent yesterday taking my bedroom completely apart.  After reading Running off the Reese’s trip to India (she went for five weeks.  It was amazing reading about her daily adventures.  Seriously cool) I fell in love with one of the homes she stayed in.  It looked so Zen… I wanted that.  Sean loved it too.  So we ditched the bed and put our mattresses on the floor.
Bought new bedding and we are on our way. It’s pretty awesome already.

13.  Sean.  That’s really all I need to say there.


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  1. We love us some Duck Dynasty around here! I’m liking your husband more and more. I wonder if Patricia would enjoy some Duck Dynasty with us sometime?

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