Let’s talk supplements

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Back to our regularly scheduled program.

We frequently end up with so much information coming from all these directions (what the hell is overnight oats? and yuck…) we get sensory overload and I, for one, am no expert.  I think I’ve covered that before.  But I will tell you what supplements I take.  As I sit here freezing my bum off I wonder if they have a supplement that heats you up.  *sigh*  I will never be warm again. I am certain there are more I could be taking but I don’t just jump in and add things as they could screw with my Thyroid numbers and throw me into a tailspin.

With Hypothyroidism I have to limit any calcium intake for four hours either side of the meds I take for that.  So I don’t take any supplements until afternoon/evening.

Miss Andrea laughs because I take grocery store supplements.  Yes, I take grocery store supplements.  I spend so much money on vitamins and regular meds I can’t live at the Vitamin Cottage.  Grocery store will have to suffice.001

1.  Daily Multivitamin.  I get one geared for women with extra calcium. I don’t always get the same brand, unfortunately, I’m not always at the same store when I pick this one up.  This is rare that I got One A Day.  But I was desperate.   Again, it will suffice.  I have small bones and we all know vomiting (sorry!) is one of my things.  I need all the support I can get as I am a walking billboard for Osteoporosis.

2.  Fish Oil.  This is such an all around great supplement.  I don’t eat fish.  Sad really.  I should as that’s the best way to get your Omega-3’s.  Since I don’t I have to take this supplement.  It’s good for your heart, your brain, your bones, helps with menstrual cramps, dry eyes, blood pressure, weight loss, depression, the list is actually incredibly long…but suffice it to say, this is a good supplement.  Taken as directed it is smart.

3.  B-12. I take this for energy frankly.  Hypothyroidism drains me.  I figure I can use any help out there.  So I started taking it and I do think it works.  I have three of the five symptoms of a B12 deficiency but those are also hypothyroid symptoms so…I’m not sure it counts.

Overall lack of energy

Unusual mood changes~I don’t feel like I have this…maybe I should ask Sean *LOL*

Difficulty concentrating or remembering things

Tingling or numbness in hands or feet ~I do have this but I get it from my migraine medication. It’s the most common side effect.

Inflamed, red, cracked tongue *nope*

4.  Glucosamine/Chondroitin I take for my joints.  I took this for a long time to help keep my knees healthy for running.  I wasn’t sure it really helped but I figured it definitely didn’t hurt.  I stopped for a few years when I thought I was essentially throwing my money away.  Here’s the funny part of this story.  Malachi…our puppy…had surgery on his leg.  He was prescribed Glucosamine/Chondroitin.  The vet said…it may or may not help but it won’t hurt him.  We DEFINITELY notice a difference when he is off of the supplement.  His little leg clicks and he limps more in the cold.  It costs a fortune and it’s worth it for him.  I figure it’s worth it for me.  I started buying it again.  Healthy joints keep me running longer.

That’s it.  Thanks! ~Teresa