Just Another Non Running Post

I’m not running again today. We are all still sick.  It is still cold and snowy, aka winter here. I’m a wimp, a wuss, not at all a tough “mother runner”.

Instead, we made home made snow cones today. And for now, it’s way more fun than running.



Yes, two out of three of us are still in our pajamas at 12:30. I am hoping to be healthy, dressed, and running tomorrow. For now, it’s happy hour at our place, free lemonade snow cones for all! (Bet you thought I was just feeding my kids yellow snow)



One Reply to “Just Another Non Running Post”

  1. LOL. I did wonder about the yellow snow.

    I was in my pajamas most of the day yesterday. It’s that kind of day.

    And I am treadmilling it Missy. It’s too darn chilly at this hour. But it was a beautiful day!

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