Retail Therapy.

I had a little Christmas Bonus from my work and I thought I’d stop and the mall and pick up something fun.  I’ve been feeling off lately and I know why and I can’t fix it so I figure I’ll keep powering through until I can fix it and while I wait for that to happen…

I’ll shop.

So I stopped at the mall in Aurora and popped into Sears.  I know, right?  Sears?  Well I went there for a reason but ended up picking up a pretty cute shirt.  From there I headed to…


Now…I know what you’re thinking. Really?  Of all the awesome places you could go, you went to old lady JCP?

Mmm.  Yep.   It was the underwear ad.  I really want nice pretty new underwear.  And yet, I didn’t get any.  Because I got stopped by this:

Nike Assemble Adjustable Strappy Wire-free Sports Bra  Source

Not the girl…the cute sports bra.

I got it in black.

I know you’re shocked. Just shocked.

I love a cute sports bra that is strappy and it’s really hard to find one.  They are usually $35.  This one was $28 at JCP so I bought it.  I know, it’s not that much difference but I thought it was worth it. We’ll see. I’m running in it tonight.

Why? You ask…

Because of the snow…


I want this:

Lily of France® La Technologie Wirefree Sports Bra 2111350   source

How cute is that???  Seriously cute.  I love it.

I also bought something similar to this tank at Old Navy.  It’s bright coral (really really bright) and the jury is still out if I’ll like it or not.  But it was $6.  That’s right folks.  $6.  I wish I could find it on the website but I searched and searched to no avail. 🙁

The verdict?  Not bad shopping at JCP.  I will definitely pop in there again.

Side note:  All the searching online for these items I bought made me find six more things I want.

Window shopping is #notmyfavorite


Update: I ran 3 miles last night about midnight.   I was tired so I stopped several times but kicked it up the last mile anyway.  Somehow that evens out, right?