What’s up Wednesday!!

I KNOW.  You’re pretty freakin’ excited, right??


I know, you’re wondering…


Not much on this end.  Here was my crazy ass day.

I ran 5 miles and finished at 1am.

Okay, technically, that was yesterday.

It counts.

Up at 6…again before my alarm.  Took MT to school.  Sean to work

Came home and dressed for work.  Got MT’s homework.

Took it back to MT’s school.

Went to Atlanta Bread Company and picked up bagels for my work.  They were out of plain cream cheese so they just gave them to me.  Five stars Guys.  Five stars.

Stopped at Target to get a sweater for work. I forgot mine and work is freezing.  Also…I needed cream cheese.

Work.  and lunch for Sean.  Paying it forward I went back to Atlanta Bread Company and got him a sandwich.  Took it to his work.  Then home to eat mine and wait for 30 minutes.

MT’s school to pick him up.

Home again.

Off to get my nails done.

Home to get MT.

Back up to Muay Thai with MT.

Class is late to start so off to Jamba Juice.  (I ran into Payless…unsuccessfully)

More time to kill…into Ross for a duvet for the bed,  Unsuccessfully.

Back to Muay Thai.  (While I was there MT’s instructor told me I looked tired.  I’m sure I probably did though I didn’t feel tired.  Why do we feel the need to validate people when they tell us we look tired?  When he said that…all I could think about were the flaws my Korean friend pointed out…my lovely dark circles, my big fat ugly hairy mole…my God.  I bet I did look tired)

Home until 9pm when it’s time to pick up MT.

Multiple calls in the middle of this to Sean who is working late and not ready yet.

Still not ready.  It’s 11pm.  He’s still at work.  I have the car.  It’s a long night.  I would like to treadmill but you know as soon as I do…he’ll call.

Sometimes you just have to write things down so you know you really did all that today.

Update:  I called him at midnight and insisted he come home so I could go to bed.