Friday…yeah it’s just Friday

I have no alliteration.  It’s just Friday and I could throw a party right now.

So, where did we leave off. Let’s do a quick catch up.  Wednesday (we missed Thursday, I slept…yes all day, what about it?)  was my crazy busy day and my last running day was Tuesday.  While running I felt a tweak.  Just a tweak in my right foot, outer right edge.  In the morning on Wednesday my foot gave out under me.

I called my friend Ria to make sure I wasn’t crazy. It didn’t sound anything like plantar Fasciitis.  Nope, she said I probably just tweaked it.  So I spent the last two days resting it.  (More painful than anything else for sure).  I iced it, tennis ball rollered it and Adviled it.  Yes, those are all words.

It feels MUCH better today though still tweaks.  I’m going to elliptical today and tomorrow I have my long run which I am a little nervous about.  Must be done.

Miss Michelle has also been notably absent as she has been ill for a WEEK.  As has her entire family.  Sadness.  I am hoping she is better as we have a RACE ON SUNDAY.  I know, crazy talk.

Miss ANDREA and her family are volunteering at said race so we will totally say hello to them.

In case you’re wondering, yes, my hip still hurts.  But now it’s taking turns.  😉  ~Teresa