Sweet Saturday.

Yeah Baby. It’s sweet list Saturday.

So let’s get started.

1.  I’m so happy for my pharmaceuticals.  I’d be lost without them.

2.  My co workers who reassured me my mole was NOT huge with a hair sticking out of it.  But they did laugh quite hard.

3. My sweet husband who is not only the kind of husband who would go to the store at ANY hour and get me cake but…he did.

4.  breakfast with my friend today!  I’m excited.  I’ll also probably be late because I’m doing this.

5.  Miss Michelle says she’s feeling a little better.  Being sick bites and I feel bad for her and her munchkins.

6. Foot pain is gone this morning.  *snoopydance*

7.  I noticed people and their kind manners all week. It was refreshing and heartwarming.  I appreciated it so much.

8.  Brushing my teeth in the morning. Oh my gosh.  Seriously.  I can’t WAIT to get to my toothbrush.  My mother used to say the entire French army marched through her mouth in wool socks.  Or something like that.  Yep.  That’s what it feels like.  TMI?

9.  My friend at work helped me with options so I may be able to make a doctor appt.  You have no idea the juggling it’s required.

10.  running in the morning when the sun comes up and the air is still brisk.  My all time favorite time of day.

11.  I have not had a headache in about a week I don’t think.  It feels pretty great.  I’m going to enjoy it.  Today’s doesn’t count. 😉

12.  New sweats.  The lightweight kind that already fit you and feel comfortable so you don’t have to break them in.  I love them.  I want another pair.

13.  Miss Michelle gets to buy a treadmill.  Her life just got so much easier.  🙂  I feel happy for her.