That Dam Run.

No worries, that was the actual name of it!  The weather was perfect, my head felt good (it waited until tonight…so helpful) and all the runners were excited and had a lot of energy.  I felt really good and ran pretty strong the whole  time.  No foot pain! But Miss Michelle definitely struggled as she has a cough that sounds like bronchitis.  Yish I don’t know how she ran with that.  Here’s the great part….I only beat her by 4 seconds… with bronchitis.  yeah. 😉

Here’s our details…she ran next to me the entire way.

Capture3This was my favorite of the whole RunDenver Series.  It didn’t take place at Wash Park which is one of my least favorite places to run and it just felt really good.  Downside…total and utter chaos starting the half-marathon and the 5k.  Crazy.  Maybe they need more than 5 minutes between start times for those, especially since they have the same starting line.  There were so many half marathoners who didn’t have any idea their race was starting.

I only had trouble in the last…hm…. 1/4 mile.  Then I could totally feel my lungs shut down and I needed my inhaler. I came thisclose to walking for a second to get air.  But I was so close I opted to go with my mantra of “I can do anything for ten minutes”.  Which is funny because it pickin’ better not take me ten minutes to go 1/4 of a mile.  Time was good.  Race was good.  Company was good.

Miss Andrea and her cute family were volunteering at the race today and we MISSED them.  How wrong is that??  #notmyfavorite

I loved this race and look forward to next years for sure. And I’m a little bummed our series is over.