Photographic evidence exists.


So Miss Michelle and I aren’t trying to avoid the cameras…well….she’s not.  But nevertheless, we still manage to successfully miss the cameraman.  That is talent.  I think in four races we’ve gotten one shot, maybe two. 

I have this thing about asking people to take my picture. It feels…gross.  So I just don’t.

But the results are there on the finishers page and we had a grand time even though Michelle felt like she was kind of dying, my race felt good.  With time I will hopefully just keep getting stronger.  I need my endurance for sure.  

After talking with Michelle, I know she is worried about this same thing.  Endurance.  She’s been so sick for so long and her cough is not getting better.  But time will heal and she needs to rest. rest. rest.  Pushing will not make things better.  Frankly, it will only prolong the healing process.

Can you hear me Michelle??