The perfect RP.

Running partner.

What does it take to make the perfect RP?

My  RP (running partner) must:

  • be tolerant and non judgmental of my headphones
  • be able to keep the conversation to a minimum as I have no air to breathe, let alone converse.  Keeping this in mind…I can talk, but it can be work if it goes on for awhile.
  • be willing to ditch the other person if they feel stronger/or stick with them for solidarity.
  • not place judgements no matter how you run. You have always done a great job.
  • have a great attitude.

Michelle totally fits this whole criteria.  I could not be luckier.  She always just pushes through and gets the job done and always with a GREAT attitude.  I’m pretty lucky.



4 Replies to “The perfect RP.”

  1. Awwww. Except that time I wimped out from talking too much, but there was pie afterwards. I’m glad you haven’t written about your perfect blogging partner, I would not make that list.

  2. Considering blogging was your idea…yeah, it’s been a rough few weeks. But you are super busy with your sick kids and your sick husband and your sick you. Give it time. You’ll come back.

    I seriously do not have the air to talk. But I LOVE to listen. Especially when I don’t get to see you much. Then we have to catch up! Totally worth the gasping.

  3. Oh no! I still contend that my idea was for YOU to blog, not me. If you didn’t blog, then I would write about the whole year, after the fact 🙂 you know, when the kids are grown and I have perspective.

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