My brain on NyQuil

I keep finding all these new Half Marathons to sign up for. They all look super fun. And I want to sign up while the fees are low. And they are all for such great causes. I get so caught up in the moment.

Then I come back down to earth. I have never ran a half marathon. I am not even sure I’ll enjoy it.  And it’s probably not completely good for the body to run so many back to back.

I have committed myself to a total of four so far. I should probably stop there until I have run at least one. They do look fun though. And I have always been one to jump in with both feet.

I think I would be signed up for thirteen by now if not for being sick for two long weeks. These two weeks have made me realize that maybe I am too busy for the kind of training needed. And maybe I should space things out a bit. I may not be cut out for this nonsense!

Surely  I’ll recover soon and can run again. Then I can find my mojo and start signing up for things again! They do look so fun….


PS This is how my brain works…..back and forth, optimistic and pessimistic. Is it as exhausting to follow as it is to be me? 🙂

One Reply to “My brain on NyQuil”

  1. Don’t all women think this way? Some of us are ~jump in with both feet~ kind of people and some of us are ~think it through very carefully and slowly and approach with caution~ kind of people. I’m a mix of both. But I think it’s okay to do one, find it amazing, and sign up for the rest.

    I suppose it’s possible you won’t love it.

    Geez. I’ve never heard of that happening before. Might be interesting. 😉

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