What’s up Wednesday.

Here’s what’s up.  Workout Fail.

I had tons of energy, it was a beautiful Colorado day and I had three hours all to myself. 

My head hurt.  I went to bed.  Great sadness.  Ah well.  These things happen.

I did run my mile this morning so at least I can say I ran today.  Even if it was just a mile. 

Sometimes it just is going to work that way.  I know Miss Michelle is dealing with the same kind of issues…her cough is kicking her butt and killing her #runtheworld spirit.  We just have to remember it’s temporary and move on.  It’s just one day. 

On another note:  I’m starting to see a trend with our What’s up Wednesdays.  LOL. 

I thought I would participate in the March “RUN EVERY DAY” Challenge

I can’t guarantee I can run every day, even just a little mile.  But I usually do well in these challenges so I”ll give it a shot.  I remember not being able to run early on the first few days from my foot and this darn migraine but so far so good on catching up.  So I’m not beating myself up about it.  I’m just moving forward.

***Miss Kat asked for photos of the new bedroom. Unfortunately, we’re not done with it and it’s a work in progress.  So it currently looks like a  college dorm room…or a glorified college dorm room (we have carpet. And…window coverings.  And the paint doesn’t look like prison grey).  But when I get it done and pull it together I may post photos.  I already really like it.  We splurged a bit this weekend and bought a new tv.  I KNOW! I can totally hear you all now and I don’t want to talk about it. (#eyeroll)  Zen and televisions don’t mix.  But Sean and I love to watch television in that room and it is super helpful when someone is on the treadmill downstairs.  We have been wanting it for a long time.  I found a good deal at Best Buy and we got a 32″ (holy smokes it’s bigger than I thought it would be) Toshiba and it’s soooo pretty. We all three hang out up there now, just watching tv and chillin’. 

I thought I would use my Christmas bonus to pick up some new sheets or a duvet but I haven’t had time.  Maybe this weekend. 

Here is a photo of a bedroom we are kind of going for.  I couldn’t find the one we loved but this is close.  Just a little warmer all around.  Clean lines. 



By the way, if you want to read someone REALLY interesting, runningoffthereeses is great.  She actually knows what she’s doing and everything. I’m just writing my thoughts down.  And frequently it’s so random I’m sure it comes across as chaos.