Saturday Sweet List.

Good morning!   Here’s our sweet list today.

1.  This:

Flight Held For Man Rushing To Dying Mother ➔

Everyday I am reminded of our humanity and the love and faith we have in each other.

2.  I’ve had a really hard week with my hypothyroidism.  My brain is not working great, I’m super tired, incredibly cold and generally feeling lousy.  But I’m thankful for my body and it’s ability to run even when I feel crummy.  Even if it’s just a mile I can throw it out as a reminder that someday I won’t be able to run, right?  And today is not that day. 

3.  I am thankful for Miss Regina and Mr Ryan who work at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts and William Smith (MT’s school) where Montana studies Muay Thai.  These people are so good to him, he goes to them for advice, workouts, and just to hang.  What a blessing to have them in our lives.

4.  Great movies.  This is going to be its own post.  I love great movies.   But mostly…I love great endings.  A movie that is awesome but ends way too cheesy?  Ugh.  What a waste of a good opportunity!  Give me a great ending please. Thankyouverymuch.

5.  Food and friends.  Best thing ever.  I should totally entertain more.  Or…ever.  But no one ever comes when I have events.  But if I did and they came…it would be so fun!  Because food and friends are awesome.  I’ve had several pie w/friends recently and let me tell you…there is just darn about nothing better.

6.  I love my new Nike sports bra.  Love it.

7.  This is random but at my job…you know… in banking…I get a sick little perverted joy out of counting money.  Seriously, I have done this job for like….three years now and you would think I would tire of it.  But no, hand me a pile of $9000 and my heart does a little leap.  I love to count moneyEven if it’s one dollar bills.

8.  Having a full refrigerator. I’m Thankful that Sean and God provide.  Although I do tell Sean frequently that my job is really the one that supports us and will be our retirement.  😉 *note to self…go grocery shopping (sigh)

9.  My treadmill. It’s gotten a lot of midnight use recently.  That baby is a rockstar.

10.  I am addicted to Dick Francis novels. I’ve read them since I was a teenager and my dad got my hooked on them.  Eventually I hope to own them all in hardback and audio.  Then my collection will be complete.  So thankful for audiobooks.

11.  I am thankful for the constant proof that the power of prayer works brilliantly.  And the comfort it provides when you ask for it and your friends so quickly offer it…cannot be measured.  I am blessed.  I can only hope I pass some of that comfort on.

12.  Sean’s work has stepped up a bit and things seem to be looking a little brighter in his world.  Not a lot…but we take what we can get and we are thankful!

13.  Really good blogs that entertain, motivate and teach me.  That’ll be a post, too.  A list of good blogs.   I’m so thankful for all these people that bare their lives to the world.