Saturday Sweet List

1:  I lived through the week

2:  Pharmaceuticals

3:  Miss Carrie at the emergency room. Nicest person ever.

4.  pie

5.  Pi Day.  Though I missed having pie on this all important day, it’s a sweet thing.

6.  Miss Michelle is feeling better.  Happy life.

7.  Road ID’s.  They are completely cool and motivate.

8.  Garage Door crisis repaired for a mere $233.  Hey…that’s a bargain.

9.  Emails from my sweet boy.  I love hearing from my kids.

10.  New running clothes.  I think shopping is in order. Not at Castle Rock. >yikes<

11.  TJ Maxx. It is a great little store.

12.  I’m thinking of spending my Christmas bonus on running shoes.  Still deciding.

13.  March is a fabulous month with a ton of “3”‘s in it.  The 1st, the 3rd, the 13th, the 30th and the 31st.  So many configurations of 13.  I love it.

2 Replies to “Saturday Sweet List”

  1. My mom introduced me to TJ Max yesterday. I bought a cute New Balance running skirt for thirteen dollars. 🙂

  2. Gasp. You’ve never been to TJ Maxx before? My gosh. You’ve been sheltered. This is a fabulous store. We have so much more shopping to do now. 😉

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